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Water Resources CONSULTING

Consulting Overview “Our Consultants combine proven project experience and leading edge skills with innovative and creative thinking to give our customers a competitive advantage.”

WorleyParsons Consulting is a globally connected specialist consulting group, drawing on world-class expertise across many industries. We focus on understanding our customers’ business challenges, enabling us to bring a unique set of front-end and technical consulting services to bear throughout the project lifecycle. We draw on our proven, global project delivery experience and knowledge of multiple industries to identify innovative solutions during asset planning and for operational and project level support.

Global Network We work from 165 offices in 43 countries around the world. Our world-renowned consultants are engaged with the broader WorleyParsons business, leveraging from its proven project delivery record. Our global network of experts develop solutions in the Hydrocarbons, Power, Minerals, Metals, Chemicals, Infrastructure and Environment industries and deliver them locally to our customers.

Tradition WorleyParsons has a long tradition of providing world-class consulting services to our customers. This core consulting strength, created from the original company (Wholohan Grill and Partners), is the foundation and has been greatly enhanced by the companies that have joined WorleyParsons as part of our growth over the last 40 years.

Commitment Our organization is driven by a commitment to four enduring principles: • build and sustain long-term relationships with our customers by consistently delivering on our promises • continually enhance our knowledge and expertise to support our customers’ challenges • provide an outstanding home for the best people to work and nurture their talents • develop and maintain thought-leadership in all of our markets.

Veréna Preston Global Director WorleyParsons Consulting


asset integrity solutions

Water Resources Consulting Increasingly our customers are seeking innovative and strategic solutions to address their water issues; escalating competition, regulatory requirements and physical and economic water stress is putting more importance on attaining the right water resources solution. Customer-driven solutions We work closely with our customers to appraise, evaluate and design complete lifecycle water solutions that will solve the most challenging and complex water issues. Breadth of experience Our consultants have a broad range of experience from sourcing and resource management, to treatment and reuse. This allows us to review a wide range of water resources options and understand water re-use and efficiency potential, providing our customers with project efficiency and robust designs that meet schedule requirements. Total Water Management Our Total Water Management solutions provide our customers with the expertise for complete endto-end water management throughout the project lifecycle. Our consultants understand the value of water and design optimum water management systems that optimize project value.

Stuart Atkinson Managing Consultant Water Resources (Hydrology)

Phil Burris Managing Consultant Water Resources (Hydrogeology)


Expertise across the entire water-cycle WorleyParsons has the expertise to manage all water resources across the full industrial and infrastructure water-cycle. The inter-connected nature of the hydrological cycle means that activities directly affecting one user or element, may indirectly impact another. Our consultants are able to identify and determine optimum and longterm water resources solutions that are efficient and inclusive of all stakeholder requirements.

Hydrocarbons • • • • •

Water source identification and assessment Water management plans Treatment and disposal options for produced water Re-injection studies Drainage, diversion, hydrology and groundwater management

rainfall evaporation

processing water

inf salt lake

reinjection produced water


asset integrity solutions

Minerals, Metals & Chemicals


• • • •

• • • •

Water supply options assessment Tailings water management Dewatering and groundwater control Geochemistry and mine water management

Desalination Water and wastewater treatment Hydroelectric power Drainage, hydrology and flood risk assessment



irrigation evaporation

processing water


municipal wastewater desalination water treatment supply

water runoff




aquifier storage & recovery

brackish water


Across all sectors Water efficiency Water accounting Water risk management


The challenge Water resources management is no longer a one-off activity to find a water source and to maintain its supply. The industrial water-cycle now allows a host of opportunities to be explored and requires more advanced catchment management techniques, innovative water treatment and recycling methods, footprint reduction initiatives and efficiency. Finding an optimum water supply that meets current requirements, and is sustainable over the long-term, requires a detailed understanding of hydrology and catchment processes, as well as an understanding of the constraints and opportunities for water re-use and recycling alternatives. Customers must make accurate, reliable and informed water resources decisions that will apply for decades to come.

Today’s and Tomorrow’s Challenges Identifying and selecting a water source

Understanding the economic value of water

Managing stakeholder concerns Regulatory uncertainty

Water security Competing demands for water

Water efficiency – measurements, metrics and reporting

Managing cumulative effects


asset integrity solutions

Our response To meet global water demands, WorleyParsons provides customers with the expertise, experience and vision to create sustaining solutions for their business. Our services cover the full project lifecycle, offering customers an end-to-end water resources solution. Our consultants work closely with our multidiscipline engineering teams to provide the seamless integration of solutions throughout the life of the project. This helps our customers to make informed business decisions and ensures water efficiency.

Water Resources Consulting Solutions Groundwater and surface water exploration Water source assessment

Water accounting and water trading Water risk assessment EcoNomics™ Assessment

Integrated stakeholder engagement and approvals management Regulatory risk assessment Sustainable water supply modeling Climate change management Water resource planning and sustainable yields optimization Surface and groundwater monitoring and modeling Water system optimization Compliance reporting Cumulative effects modeling, monitoring and compliance reporting Surface water and groundwater impact assessments Water management frameworks


Our service response Complete water-cycle solutions WorleyParsons provides customers with water resources solutions that cover the full water-cycle. Our world-class technical specialists in hydrogeology, hydrology and water resources management are supported by our strategic planning and assessment capabilities, helping customers evaluate the impact of different water strategies on critical decisions early in the project lifecycle. This ensures the technical, financial and economic viability of a project; lowering our customers’ business risk and cost.

Integrated water resource management Water resource management is often associated with interdependent environmental, social, economic and technology contexts. Our core team of water resource specialists works closely with our design, construction, delivery and asset protection engineers, providing customers with an integrated offering and an unmatched depth of experience. Services range from initial technical appraisals and asset condition assessments, through to the design and project management of groundwater and surface water investigations. Our comprehensive advice on water efficiency, increased rate-of-return and water treatment and system selection allows customers to make the right decisions, and ensures that the best concept and design outcomes are developed.

Water valuation and sustainability By applying our two decades of experience in water economics and valuation, coupled with our sustainability tools, we’re able to ensure the sustainable management of our customers’ water needs and position them for long-term resilience of operations and future assets. Our EcoNomics™ Assessment process models and validates options with regard to sustainability and financial drivers, providing customers with an understanding of the total economic value of water. This helps them to make robust tradeoff decisions and investment strategies. We also provide expert services that consider energy intensity and carbon emissions, in terms of water system selection, to give our customers a clear appraisal of all available options.


asset integrity solutions

waterRIDE™ waterRIDE™ FLOOD Manager is a full-featured proprietary floodplain management system developed by WorleyParsons. It is designed to enhance customers’ understanding and communication of hydraulic modeling, as well as facilitate advanced decision-making by providing derived flood intelligence through the seamless integration of modeling results with Geographic Information System (GIS) datasets. It can be used by customers for surface water management to increase operational efficiencies and can be an effective communication tool. waterRIDE™ is publically available software.

Cumulative effects management WorleyParsons has developed and implemented numerical modeling tools and management frameworks that help customers manage potential cumulative environmental effects. By putting a clear strategy in place, customers are able to mitigate community concerns and regulatory uncertainty surrounding water resources for their large-scale developments. While models vary for geographic regions, the methodology for developing these tools remains consistent and can be applied world-wide. The lessons learned from our experiences in Canada have been applied to projects around the world in order to help our customers manage the cumulative environmental effects and to support regulatory approvals.

Water Resources Consulting for the resource sector By working closely with some of our leading resource and energy customers, we have established ways of de-risking their existing operations and new ventures. This has been in response to current and emerging businesscritical water resource uncertainties around water stress, competition, license to operate, and importantly, costs. We provide customers with a unique insight to integrated water resources solutions by combining the specialization of a worldclass water consultancy with WorleyParsons’ strong project delivery capabilities.


Relationship based on performance and trust CUSTOMER: FORTESCUE METALS GROUP LOCATION: WESTERN AUSTRALIA Our Water Resources consultants have been assisting Fortescue Metals Group (FMG) to manage and resolve their complex water resources issues over the past 10 years, as they have grown to be one of the largest producers of iron ore in Australia.

WorleyParsons’ Role WorleyParsons has undertaken studies to support the development of FMG’s key mining infrastructure and water management strategies for a number of projects. WorleyParsons continues to provide FMG ongoing support to their mining operations.

Key Achievements • Projects delivered on time and on budget • Developed an Abstraction License Tracking Tool to track annual borefield abstraction and prevent breaches in allocated water volumes, trigger water levels and quality (2007-2009) • Optimized the detailed design for the port and mine site drainage systems resulting in significant cost savings and increased efficiency for FMG (2011-2013) • Undertook pit-lake hydro-geochemical modeling in order to support mine closure planning (2012) • Drilled deep artesian water bores to support approval applications needed to secure the water supply for a proposed mine site (2012) • Flood modeling (2D) across two of FMG’s mine operations to assist with mine planning, surface water management and approvals (2004- 2013) • Detailed design of river diversions and flood protection measures at the port and mine sites to minimize risk of interruptions to iron ore production (2009-2013) • Concept and detailed design of bridge culvert and waterway crossings for over 260km of railway (2004-2006) • Dewatering system design, monitoring and compliance reporting during the construction of FMG’s train unloader at Port Hedland (2007-2008)


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Khazzan Tight Gas Development CUSTOMER: BP LOCATION: OMAN WorleyParsons Water Resources consultants have worked with BP on one of the largest standalone unconventional gas projects in the world. The facility, located in a remote, hyper-arid location, has virtually no existing infrastructure. BP required a long-term water resources strategy that would meet their needs throughout the development’s lifecycle.

Our Services Working collaboratively with BP, our consultants selected the best water source option, tested, modeled and designed a full abstraction system, including a water re-use and recycling unit, and developed the water treatment plan. WorleyParsons continued to support BP with license applications, stakeholder discussions, borefield designs and modeling for different water management scenarios.

Key Achievements • The project was executed as a combined water engineering and resource team to achieve demanding, innovative and holistic water solutions across BP’s business lines • Fast-tracked the water resources appraisal and selection process, keeping the project on time and on schedule • WorleyParsons selected water systems that represented the optimum for efficiency, reliability, sustainability, cost and engineering factors required by BP • The demonstration of a full economic and hydrological rationale for alternative water sources (e.g. brackish water)


asset integrity solutions



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Global experience




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1. Tonkolili Iron Ore Project – Water Resources African Minerals Ltd Sierra Leone Hydrological investigations; water balance calculations; probable maximum flood estimates; hydraulic modeling; surface and groundwater investigations.


2. Dampier to Bunbury 3. Australia Pacific Gas Pipeline Waterway LNG Environmental Crossing Designs Impact Statement – Groundwater Epic Energy/Alinta Component Energy Western Australia Hydrological investigations; scour assessments; geotechnical investigations; water supply strategy for hydrotesting; hydraulic testing of water supply bores; pipeline design.

asset integrity solutions



4. PNG Gas – Waterways Design Exxon Mobil Corporation Papua New Guinea

Waterways design of river crossings for gas pipeline; catchment Assessment of baseline analysis; hyrdological conditions; risk mapping; and 1D/2D hydraulic regional-scale cumulative analysis; waterway effects modeling; regional crossing design; scour monitoring network assessments; flood design; pre-feasibility modeling. work for aquifer injection and reverse osmosis (RO) reject disposal. Origin Energy Australia

5. Regional Groundwater Quality Study of Athabasca Oil Sands Area and Groundwater Management Framework Alberta Environment Canada Regional groundwater monitoring network covering more than 54,000 km2; interim groundwater management framework.

6. High River Flood Management Master Plan

7. Hydrological Studies 8. Shymanivske Iron for a Shale Gas Ore Mine Feasibility Development Study

Town of High River Canada

Confidential Morocco

Black Iron Inc. Ukraine

Siting study; Flood Management Master Plan (FMMP) and additional studies to support its preparation.

Water resources assessment to identify potential sources of water and a review of their availability and suitability.

Water Management Basis of Design that ensured the design of the mine facilities and water system considered all water interactions for the project.

10. Yeristova Iron Ore Mine Expansion

11. Khazzan Tight Gas 12. Water Resources Development - Flood Study of Basins Adjacent to a Gold Ferrexpo Poltava Mining Risk Assessment Mine BP Ukraine Water resources management plan providing expert advice to optimize the dewatering network in real time, and establish targets for water treatment and re-use.

Oman Detailed modeling that provided results which facilitated the appropriate design of infrastructure to account for specific local flood behavior.

Minera Barrick Misquichilca Peru

Drain design and planning of the waste dump surface water management system. Geotechnical and hydrological studies of the drainage basins to assist in predicting changes to the affected watersheds.

9. Kumba Iron Ore Water Stewardship Anglo American South Africa Engineering and costing of multiple upgrades and improvements to infrastructure in order to support safe mining activities, minimize water consumption and supply excess water to the local Municipality.

13. Koodaideri Mine Site Flood Study and Impact Assessment

14. Flinders Pilbara Iron Ore Project, Groundwater Rio Tinto Iron Ore (RTIO) Investigations and Mine Dewatering Western Australia System Design Hydrological and 1D/2D hydraulic modeling; river diversion design; flood mapping; detailed design of flood protection measures and drainage systems; input into mine planning.

Flinders Mining Pty Ltd Western Australia Groundwater investigations and modeling; mine dewatering systems design; operational water supplies identification; approvals support; impact assessments; license applications; operating strategies.


Australia & New Zealand Stuart Atkinson

Canada Rob Medley

Managing Consultant Level 7, QV1 Building, 250 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000 Ph: +61 8 9278 8111

Principal Consultant 10201 Southport Road SW Calgary AB T2W 4X9 Ph: +1 403 258 8000

Europe Philip Burris

US Ken Burris

Managing Consultant Level 1, Parkview, Great West Road, Middx Brentford, London TW8 9AZ Ph: +44 20 326 5128

Principal Consultant 15600 John F Kennedy Boulevard Houston TX 77032 Ph: +1 281 987 0800

Middle East Nicola O’Hara

Latin America Marcelo Labrin

Principal Consultant Mezzanine Floor, Office 6 Giga Building, Sheikh Sayed Road (Near Oasis Centre) Ph: +971 4 339 7342

Principal Consultant Av. Jose Pedro Alessandri 1495 NuĂąoa, CP, Santiago CP 778-0125 Ph: +56 2 2863 3831

Africa Colin Batchelor Principal Consultant Cnr of Corobay and Aramist Avenue, Menlyn, Pretoria Tshwane 0181 Ph: +27 012 745 2000

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