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Metropolitan Rail & Transit Capability and Experience

Corporate Overview WorleyParsons is a leading global provider of professional services to the resources & energy sectors, and the complex process industries. Our services cover the full asset spectrum both in size and lifecycle - from the creation of new assets to services that sustain and enhance operating assets. Our business has been built by working closely with our customers through longterm relationships, anticipating their needs, and delivering inventive solutions through streamlined, proprietary project delivery systems. Strong growth continues to characterize our performance both through organic development and through strategic acquisition as we strive to provide tailored services wherever our customers need us.

EcoNomics™ is our enterprise-wide framework that ensures profitable integration of environmental, social and financial sustainability into our customers’ projects and operating assets. It is a seamless extension of our established project delivery capability, providing customers with competitive business advantage by enhancing project risk management and improving sustainability performance. We are committed to working with our customers to turn their sustainability objectives, commitments and opportunities into profitable business outcomes.

Zero Harm is our corporate vision for health, safety & the environment (HSE). We are committed to our vision; it applies to all of our operations, at all times, in all locations, and at all levels of responsibility. We will actively work to align our expectations and behaviours with those required to achieve our vision through a dedication to continuous improvement. The launch of our integrity management framework, OneWayTM, enables us to further align and consolidate our global systems and procedures and continue to work with our personnel to reinforce a culture that underpins our drive to achieve our corporate differentiator of industry leadership in HSE performance.

Overview Mass transit systems transform modern cities, provide clean, safe, and cheap mobility to citizens and facilitate commerce and economics. Well designed mass transit systems enliven urban centres. Cities become harder to access when increased car ownership is coupled with population growth, which can stifle commerce and degrade quality of life. On a purely functional level through facilitating mobility, mass transit systems can act as catalysts for economic development and inward investment. At the same time they present the public face of a city to its visitors and prospective businesses. When implemented well, mass transit systems generate a positive image of the city’s quality of life as well as enormous advantages over road traffic in terms of sustainability and safety. However, delivering mass transit systems is not easy. Many diverse and complex issues need to be addressed in order to arrive at econonomically viable, robust business cases for projects. It is also essential that the delivery team remains open and flexible in order to adapt the solution to local circumstances, reflecting community values and stakeholder preferences gathered over the long-term. Definition of appropriate solutions for mass transit problems needs to be specific for particular circumstances in order to be effective. The WorleyParsons Urban Rail Team achieves this by bringing together specialists in all aspects of mass transit systems and capitalising on our outstanding sector experience. Our specialists are skilled in a wide range of inter-related fields, and have strong leadership which is essential for the necessary understanding and overview of a very complex delivery process. These requirements are well aligned to WorleyParsons core values of multidisciplinary sophistication, transparency and agility. Cutting across the traditional boundaries between disciplines, our team has experience in the core areas of metropolitan and Light Rail Transit (LRT) systems: planning; alignment; systems; vehicles; signalling/train control; operations and maintenance; stations and depots; finance; land use and property; safety and quality; and institutional development. With direct involvement in planning, design, specification, procurement, testing, commissioning and operation of mass transit systems across the continents, WorleyParsons brings unrivalled project experience.

40+ metropolitan and LRT projects completed

Rail projects completed on


different continents

Business Lines Providing services across the lifecycle of a project, WorleyParsons has the specific skills to deliver projects in every phase.

Select Select is our front end capability where we advise asset owners, operators, investors, financial institutions and governments on rail management, strategy analyses, pre-feasibility screening studies, feasibility studies and conceptual designs. We combine the niche specialist skills required at the front end of projects with our extensive, practical experience in total project delivery and asset operation to provide our customers with the necessary information and project definition to determine whether or not to take a project to the next phase.

Deliver Deliver is where WorleyParsons converts the highest potential value options identified in the early phases of a project into fully defined, safe and successfully executed projects, realizing maximum value for our customers. Through this capability we offer Project Management Contracting (PMC), Engineering Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) services, or individual components of the EPCM service to meet our customers’ needs from small to mega projects. All rail projects are delivered with a strong commitment to Health, Safety and the Environment. We believe all injuries, illnesses, accidents and environmental incidents are preventable.

Improve Improve is a specialist service of WorleyParsons, focused on assisting customers to transform their existing operations to achieve new levels of efficiency and effectiveness. As many of our rail staff have worked in operating railways and rail maintenance organizations, we understand the importance to our customers of debottlenecking processes, maximizing the life of existing assets, replacing when necessary, and the need to extend to meet market demands. We understand the core railway values of safety and avoiding disruption to the operating railway during the execution of Improve activities and plan accordingly.

WorleyParsons’ Project Phases 1 IDENTIFY Conceptual design Business model development

2 EVALUATE Pre-feasibility studies Cost estimating Contract planning

3 DEFINE Feasibility studies Preliminary Engineering (FEED) Cost estimating Execution planning

4 EXECUTE Detailed Engineering EPCM PMC

5 OPERATE Brownfield projects Portfolio delivery Asset management Business improvement Operations and maintenance support

WorleyParsons’ experience covers all five phases of the asset lifecycle. In each of these phases we understand the critical issues and apply our specialist business lines, Select, Deliver and Improve to enable our customers to achieve their business objectives. Our phased approach enables consistent project delivery worldwide and WorleyParsons' project systems are fully aligned to this process.

Capabilities Rolling Stock WorleyParsons has a variety of professional engineers that are able to provide our customers with real world passenger rail industry knowledge that is safe, efficient and reliable. Our services and expertise include passenger rolling stock and locomotive engineering, project management, and related professional services assist customers who are seeking to procure new vehicles, or refurbish or modify existing passenger vehicle designs. Our global capabilities deliver costs savings, improved designs and increased benefits to our customers.

Rail Infrastructure WorleyParsons has a long history of offering specialized services to manufactures, owners, and financial companies who have an interest in rolling stock for urban railways. Our services cover management and technical services for all general civil works; structural analysis and detailed design of above and below ground structures; foundation engineering; deep excavation, retaining systems and slope stability; tunnelling; and transport planning, and engineering. Our additional services of advanced analysis, master planning, and our environmental and social team support our customers in minimizing negative impacts to the region, creating transit oriented developments, and coordinate public outreach and input during the entire project life cycle for rail infrastructure.

Electrification and Signaling WorleyParsons has over 100 years of experience in Electrification and Signaling. Our capabilities range from specialist consultation in design and commissioning works, to ongoing service and maintenance throughout the lifecycle of the asset. WorleyParsons provide services from a network of offices in major capital cities and regional locations to integrate specialist skills from experienced teams in civil, structural, mechanical and electrical, and geotechnical professionals and managers. This cross utilisation of resources strengthens our delivery capability to industrial and commercial sectors globally.

Evans & Peck Operating as a separate business to the WorleyParsons Group, Evans & Peck provides independent advice, strategic planning and economic justification services to our customers. These services include financing strategies, project delivery methods, delivering key infrastructure and choosing suitable industry partners. In addition, Evans & Peck draws upon the extensive technical, construction management and specialist resources of our parent company through the association with WorleyParsons to bridge the communication between engineers, bankers and elected officials in order to shape projects that maximize public good at the lowest cost.

Feasibility Studies Linking communities, economies, workplaces, services and opportunities is something that only transport can do. Defining the right system is the key to growth, re-generation and social connectivity. Understanding which economic, social, environmental and political problems can be solved and how opportunities can be created by an appropriate use of metropolitan rail and light rail transit as part of a transport system requires a special kind of vision. Whether tackling a congested traditional city centre or planning for future developments in urban settings, a broad understanding of the issues and some practical assistance can make the difference between a never-ending struggle and a key to unlock myriad benefits. WorleyParsons understands communities, how and why people travel using rail and how to get them to travel in a more sustainable manner. We recognize that finding synergies between communities and economies can be the key to developing a rail transport system that will further stimulate economic growth while reducing emissions, congestion and nuisances such as noise and visual intrusion. WorleyParsons’ transport, rail and planning professionals work with the appropriate authorities, operators, consumer groups and other interested parties to assess the particular needs in each situation, gather and analyze data, help define appropriate transport solutions, provide ideas and guidance on funding, project management, operations, revenue streams and partnerships. Every situation is different. Sometimes tried and tested simple solutions are appropriate; in others situations something innovative and eyecatching may be needed to encourage a new way of living. In delivering pre-feasibility and feasibility studies for our customers, we aim to deliver solutions that are technically viable, inherently safe, provide maximum benefit to the community, are able to cope with future demand and are cost effective. We also have the expertise to conduct option identification and demand analysis studies.


Neutral providing unbiased advice


of railway corridors investigated

Project: South West Rail Link (SWRL) Customer: Transport Infrastructure Development Corporation Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE EXECUTE OPERATE


During the project design, several different revisions of track layouts were investigated. Most layouts required modeling and design for signal works to meet short time schedules. SWRL involves the construction and operation of a twin track passenger railway, approximately 13.2 km long, in the South West region of Sydney. WorleyParsons was commissioned as technical adviser on signalling, train operations and train control works for conceptual, preliminary and reference design. With our sub consultant Westinghouse Rail Systems we provided design and documentation of the signaling system, train operational modeling, train control works and design of the interfaces to the existing RailCorp train control system. WorleyParsons produced a signalling functional specification and had it signed off in a timely manner.

Project: Cockburn Coast District Transport Plan Customer: Department of Planning and Infrastructure EXECUTE OPERATE Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE


WorleyParsons worked as part of a multi-disciplinary consultant team to develop a District Structure Plan for the Cockburn Coast area south of Fremantle. The project area is predicted to accommodate a population of approximately 12,500 people with a significant additional workforce. The high density, mixed use nature of the development and a highly congested surrounding road network required the development of an innovative transit solution to cater for the development. WorleyParsons role included: review of existing transport networks and future options; micro-simulation traffic modeling; assessment of public transport options; public transport patronage modeling; and preparation of a comprehensive report outlining the proposed transport outcomes of the plan. Project: Light Rail Train Almaty Kazakhstan Customer: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) EXECUTE OPERATE Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE


WorleyParsons was engaged by the EBRD to assess the technical feasibility of an electric Light Rail Train (LRT) line along an initial 14.2km route. The proposed LRT initial line is expected to form the backbone of improved public transport services for Almaty, reducing traffic congestion. The study included: Stakeholder consultation; environmental and social impact assessment; transport model forecast update; assessment of technical feasibility in terms of alignment, operations including rolling stock, depot/workshop, electrical and mechanical, ticketing systems, tariff structures and route licensing; project cost estimates; economic evaluation; project implementation and operating arrangements. Project: Penrith Stabling Project Customer: RailCorp Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE



WorleyParsons was engaged by RailCorp to provide a strategic review and design of alternatives to stable the fleet at Penrith or at a Greenfield site. A major issue in the re-design was the elimination of occupational health and safety risks associated with the current operation. Alternative designs were developed and costed to 30% accuracy. The work included: stabling yards; risk assessment of current operations; elimination of risks; civil works; optimisation of operating procedures; evaluation of an alternative Greenfield site; phasing to allow construction under continued operations; preparation of a risk report and hazard log; review of redundant infrastructure; identification of heritage items; and upgrade to current standards.


Project Execution

As one of the world’s largest firms engaged in providing full spectrum engineering design, PMC and EPCM, we service customers involved in urban transit, metro rail, light rail transit and new rail corridors. Many factors are involved in the successful implementation of mass transit systems. They require a broad based understanding as well as careful and experienced management. Expertise is needed in a wide range of fields, not only in all aspects of the engineering, but also institutional knowledge and development, land use planning, transport planning, urban design, architecture, finance, procurement, safety, risk, operations and maintenance. Our engineering design and project managers have experience around the world and have delivered state of the art railways in some of the world’s most challenging physical and climatic environments as well as complex urban environments. Our PMC and EPCM capabilities include project management, detailed design, progress assessment, customer contract management, reporting, procurement, quality inspections, change management, construction administration and commercial contract administration. As the project leader we take a holistic view of the project to ensure it is sustained and that the inputs from different specialist disciplines are integrated with synergy. The WorleyParsons Project Management Process (WPMP) is the basis of all of our project management activities and ensures consist execution across projects. It fully integrates all aspects of project delivery including: project execution plans; scheduling; budgeting; risk assessment and management; health and safety plans; and environment strategies providing our customers with peace of mind that all critical processes required to deliver a successful project are followed and documented. WorleyParsons can provide overall management for an entire program or provide management for initial phases of the work. Our philosophy as a Project Manager and EPCM contractor is to form a working partnership to achieve customer goals in a cost-effective manner. This philosophy produces a quality program that is safe, cost effective, technically sound, environmentally compliant and completed in the minimum timeframe. For projects that are delivered in other formats, such as design and construct or construct only, we provide customers with full technical support and construction phase services.




months from start to finish to complete new rail corridors

Project: Line 4 and Line 4A Metro of Santiago Customer: Metro S.A. Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE EXECUTE OPERATE


ARA WorleyParsons, in joint venture with Ingendesa, participated in Santiago Metro’s largest project in the last 20 years, which connects the districts of Providencia, Puente Alto and La Cisterna, covering a total route of 32 km. ARA WorleyParsons participation in Line 4 which involved the detailed engineering of 4.5km of tunnels and four underground stations: Tobalaba; Vicente Valdés; and Vicuña Mackenna of which three are transfer stations with Lines 1, 5 and 4A respectively. ARA WorleyParsons and with Ingendesa also completed Line 4A. This line comprises five surface stations: Santa Julia; La Granja; Santa Rosa; San Ramón and La Cisterna. The detailed engineering for both lines included the design of stations and tunnels, modification of potable water and sewerage services, cadastre of public services, traffic deviations and road modifications.

Project: Perth South West Metropolitan Railway Customer: Public Transport Authority (PTA) of WA EXECUTE OPERATE Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE


Western Australia’s PTA is introducing 72km of dual electrified track railway from Perth to Mandurah. WorleyParsons has had a number of key roles in the AUD 1.1 billion South West Metropolitan Railway Project. We provided: hydrogeological and geotechnical investigation; technical and contract review services for the city tunnel and approach/departure components; and design management overseeing the preparation of design documentation, contract preparation and tender of key packages including trackworks, signals, communications and bridge works. We also undertook the detailed design of rolling stock cleaning facilities in Mandurah.

Project: Design and Construction of Windermere Station Customer: Passenger Rail Association of South Africa (PRASA) EXECUTE OPERATE Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE

South Africa

As the lead consultant in the consortium WorleyParsons, in association with Superway Construction, was appointed by PRASA to undertake the Design and Construction of the Windermere Passenger Rail Station in Cape Town. The project involved the design and construction of an elevated Greenfield station on an active railway line utilising a fast track process to expedite delivery within the 2010 transport objective targets. The preliminary and final design of the structural, mechanical, civil and electrical engineering aspects were conducted by WorleyParsons on this impressive project.

Project: Dubai Metro Customer: WS Atkins Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE




WorleyParsons provided key geotechnical engineering support to the detailed design phase of a major station box for the Dubai Metro. Our team undertook soil-structure interaction analysis of an underground metro station subjected to temporary and permanent loading conditions. The processes modeled included top-down construction methods adopted for the station box using 1.2m thick diaphragm walls. Excavation extended to 20m below ground level. Barette piles were recommended and adopted to limit bending moments in the large spanning base slab due to groundwater uplift pressures.

United Arab Emirates

Rolling Stock WorleyParsons differentiates itself by being able to provide customers in metropolitan rail and light rail transit businesses with a diverse team of professional engineers and industry practitioners with real-world passenger rail industry experience and knowledge.


km of railway projects

Providers of metropolitan rail and light rail passenger services depend upon having rolling stock that is safe, efficient, reliable and pleasing to passengers. Our capability to service the rail industry is truly global, enabling us to offer customers local rail expertise, with support from world class specialists located in other countries, to deliver costs savings, improved designs and other benefits. We commence a passenger rolling stock project by working with our customers and gaining a fundamental appreciation of the transport task, operating environment, interfaces, and project economics, before proceeding further. For each engagement, we structure project teams to meet our customerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s needs. The teams are led by senior professionals acknowledged in the rail industry for their capabilities, competence and integrity. They have at their disposal, extensive information databases, together with specially developed computer software to deliver superior outcomes. WorleyParsons engineers use modeling techniques to perform: finite element analyses; fatigue assessments; vehicle and train dynamic simulations; dynamic event (discrete and continuous processes) assessments; evaluation of fuel and energy conservation options; and other specialist modelling services. Our rail engineers have extensive expertise and experience in passenger rolling stock and locomotive engineering, project management, and related professional services, to assist customers who are seeking to procure new vehicles, or refurbish or modify existing passenger vehicle designs. With our knowledge of rail operations we develop cost effective asset management strategies. Many of our senior engineers have been managers in operating railways and now use that experience and knowledge to provide innovative designs and advice to customers. Once a project moves into the construction phase, we are often called-upon to provide production support services such as: quality assurance; inspection; testing; commissioning; failure modes, effects and criticality analyses (FMECA); reliability engineering; and railway safety accreditation and regulatory compliance documentation.

10,000+ wagons in service

Project: MTR Tuen Mun Phase 1 Light Rail Vehicles (LVRs) – Structural Integrity Study Customer: United Group Rail Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE EXECUTE OPERATE Hong Kong As part of MTRC’s refurbishment program for the Tuen Mun Phase 1 LRVs, WorleyParsons were engaged to assess the residual life of the car bodies, through a program of testing, finite element analysis and fatigue assessment. The Mass Transit Railway Corporation (MTRC) is refurbishing the 69 Phase 1 LRVs, originally commissioned in 1988, to retain their operability, maintainability, reliability and safety for a further 25 years of service. WorleyParsons completed a Structural Integrity study of the car bodies, with a program of work that included structural inspection, static and track testing, finite element analysis and fatigue assessment.

Project: Nowergup Railcar Maintenance Depot Customer: Public Transport Authority (PTA) of Western Australia EXECUTE OPERATE Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE


This project involved the construction of an Inspection and Maintenance Depot to be located in Perth’s northern suburbs. The building comprises 10t gantry and bogie turntable, external carwash building, roof and bogie cleaning building, internal car cleaning platform, driver’s sign on building, workshop, store with 10t gantry, and amenities. WorleyParsons provided architectural, structural and civil engineering design and documentation for the project. Following initial schematic layouts from a previous consultant, engineering preliminary layouts were prepared by WorleyParsons for preliminary approval prior to final CAD documentation.

Project: Locomotive Traction Motor Reliability Study Customer: Alstom Power EXECUTE OPERATE Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE


WorleyParsons was engaged by ALSTOM NZ to provide a structured analytical approach to investigate the systemic failures of locomotive traction motors. The solution methodology utilized Kepner-Tregoe decision making framework techniques designed to validate causal hypotheses. WorleyParsons provided: expertise in locomotive and traction motor issues, and failure analysis techniques; data gathering, interrogation and statistical analysis of relevant information in historical databases; detailed test procedures to test failure mode hypotheses; FEA of traction motor structure to determine weak points; review of third party investigations and reports; and a review of work shop maintenance procedures. From the hypotheses tested, the most significant cause of the failures was identified, and a repair strategy devised. Project: Comeng Train Refurbishment Customer: Alstom EXECUTE Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE


Alstom was engaged to engineer and carry out a refurbishment program on Hillside’s fleet of Comeng Trains. The objectives of the project were to: provide a fresh new look; provide facilities for disabled passengers to meet Disability Discrimination Act requirements; improve passenger comfort; provide passenger information systems; improve passenger loading; and reduce station dwell times. WorleyParsons provided the detailed design services for the refurbishment, including: new seats and layout; floor coverings; stanchions; refurbished drivers cabs; emergency lighting; passenger information displays; destination indicators; closed circuit TV and passenger duress call system; and a full set of detailed design drawings and technical support.


Rail Infrastructure WorleyParsons is committed to assisting railway operators in efficiently constructing new rail infrastructure facilities including stations, deep excavation and tunnels to increase productivity of existing operations and improving patronage satisfaction. Construction of infrastructure for passenger rail requires a full delivery approach from concept development and inception through to detailed design and construction implementation. WorleyParsons draws upon an experienced team of civil, structural, mechanical and electrical, and geotechnical professionals and managers in providing these services. Our services cover management and technical services for all general civil works; structural analysis and detailed design of above and below ground structures; foundation engineering; deep excavation, retaining systems and slope stability; tunnelling; and transport planning, and engineering. WorleyParsons provides the full range of services to select, design, construct and manage deep excavation and tunnelling projects. From pipe jacking or horizontal directional drilling projects for services and pipelines, through to major civil infrastructure railway tunnelling projects, our expertise extends from soft soil through to hard rock terrains and includes: investigations and laboratory testing; top-down, bottom-up, multiplate and bored tunnel design; route and concept selection; interaction with adjacent structures, services and infrastructure; ground movement prediction and mitigation; dewatering, recharge and groundwater management; instrumentation selection, installation, monitoring and interpretation; and construction advice and supervision. Understanding how the site ground conditions influence earthquake motions is a critical component in the design process. WorleyParsons undertakes seismic response analysis using the latest tools and techniques to identify geohazards such as liquefaction, slope and excavation instability, and then assesses the foundation response. Working closely with our advanced analysis structural engineers and analysts, we are able to perform non-linear dynamic finite element analysis to directly assess the interaction between the ground and the structure. Our staff includes a team specializing in the application of PLAXIS, ABAQUS and FLAC software to a wide range of 2D and 3D soil-structure interaction problems.


Underground stations delivered

Strongest tunnel engineering group in Brazil with worldwide reach

Project: Singapore Circle Line 4 & 5 Customer: Singapore Land Transport Authority Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE EXECUTE OPERATE


The project included four underground stations and 3.4km of twin bored tunnels. The Circle Line is a fully underground orbital line linking all radial rail lines leading to the city. Lines 4 & 5 consist of the complete construction of four underground stations and approximately 3.4km of twin bored tunnels including cross-over points, emergency siding facilities and permanent emergency escape shafts. WorleyParsons provided construction management services, and engineering and technical staff comprised of project engineers and technical officers for the supervision of the construction of the underground stations, bored tunnels and all ancillary civil works. Services provided by WorleyParsons included advanced safety auditing, construction supervision, independent technical advice on geotechnical and tunnelling issues, quality management, and risk assessment and management. Project: Southern Cross Station Redevelopment (SCSR) Project Customer: Southern Cross Station Authority (SCSA) EXECUTE OPERATE Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE


The Southern Cross Station Redevelopment Project was a joint venture between the state of Victoria and Civic Nexus/LCPL. The SCSA was set up to operate the station during construction and facilitate the coordination between all stakeholders including the construction contractor, the future operator and various train operators. WorleyParsons provided project management skills and practices to assist the SCSA in delivering the SCSR project for the State Government of Victoria. WorleyParsons also provided project management services for the signaling maintenance depot.

Project: Line 1 East and Track 3 Maipu Line Detailed Engineering Customer: METRO S.A EXECUTE OPERATE Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE


In an effort to modernize and keep pace with Chileâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s growth, the transport system was reorganized, leading to plans to double the size of Santiagoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s METRO. This was achieved through a series of projects to extend subway lines and link feeder services. ARA WorleyParsons provided detailed engineering and inspection during construction for two of the METRO extension projects. Services included detailed engineering for the station tunnels and intersecting station, interior station facilities, lighting and power to tunnels and stations, station equipment, treatment and surface renewal, traffic modifications, modification to potable water services, sewage system and coordination with public services. Project: Design of Underground Stations (Park, Rosebank, Sandton) Customer: Bombela Civil Joint Venture (BCJV) EXECUTE OPERATE Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE As part of the ongoing national transport development and the onset of the 2010 International World Cup activities WorleyParsons, in association with WS Atkins International, was appointed to undertake the preliminary and detailed design of the South-North section of the Gautrain passenger rail system. The rail system connects the main cities of Johannesburg and Pretoria and the International airport located midway between the two conurbations. A total of 55km of high speed rail on standard gauge is under construction including both above and below ground sections. WorleyParsons scope included preliminary and final design of the structural, mechanical and electrical engineering aspects of this world class project.

South Africa

Electrification & Signaling WorleyParsons brings you the reliability that comes from more than a 100 years of experience in electricity generation, transmission and distribution within the rail and energy industry. By combining our rail and overhead systems experience with our power capability we offer customers not only traditional electrification services but also provide services to create generation stations, transmission lines and sub stations for Greenfield projects where lack of adequate power sources is an issue. We not only understand project types, we know the technology and how to apply it to projects. WorleyParsons provides overhead systems engineering services as part of an integrated rail infrastructure capability that includes traction power distribution, track and signaling design, structural design, and earthing and bonding. We deliver effective and economical overhead wiring solutions for train and tram projects, in conjunction with substation design and power distribution studies. Our overhead systems specialists work with our track and signaling engineers, civil engineers and electrical engineers to deliver an optimal solution for each project. We pay particular attention to addressing the inherent risks associated with design and construction interface issues that can be encountered during project delivery. Within the electricity Industry our confidence comes from more than 17,000 circuit miles of overhead high voltage, underground, extra high voltage transmission and distribution. Our projects cover more than 40,000MVA of new Greenfield upgraded and retrofit substations including many with gasinsulated switchgear. WorleyParsons power operations have been instrumental in supplying over 150,000 Megawatts of generating capacity worldwide. The level of signaling services that WorleyParsons can provide ranges from specialist consultation in design and commissioning works as well as throughout the lifecycle of the asset. We have the experience and technical expertise to provide design services for the latest and pre-existing signaling technology. Specialised services include detailed cost estimates, signal sighting and site visits, signal and construction staging methodologies, signal arrangement plans, control tables, operational requirements for signaling, train control, asset protection and communication systems and design reports.

More than

40,000 MVA of substations

150,000 Megawatts of generating capacity

Project: Gautrain High Speed Rail Customer: Bombela Consortium Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE EXECUTE OPERATE

South Africa

Selected as a Top 100 global project, Gautrain is acknowledged for the contribution made to the infrastructure sector by KPMG International and with the Infrastructure Journal. As a rail project, Gautrain is acknowledged as a leader in the field, together with similar infrastructure initiatives such as the Canada Line Rapid Transit, Gotthard Base Tunnel, London Crossrail and Guanghzou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Link. Furthermore, Gautrain is recognised as the largest Public-Private Partnership Project in Africa and the largest rail infrastructure project under construction in the world. The Design of the MV Network comprised the following work: Design of 30km of medium voltage cables, two bulk intake points from different supply authorities: MV protection: Step Down Transformers; 5 MVA Generator Back up; and LV distribution boards including power factor correction. Project: Electrical System Capacity of the Suburban Network Customer: MainCo EXECUTE OPERATE Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE


As part of its preparations for the 2006 Commonwealth Games, MainCo engaged WorleyParsons to assess the electrical capacity of the Melbourne suburban train network. During the Games, the intent was to operate an enhanced timetable which effectively expanded the peak hour timetables for this period. The electrical load generated by such a timetable potentially placed parts of the electrical system under stress. WorleyParsons was engaged to undertake this assessment. The system components in the assessment included supply elements as well as traction power distribution and traction power delivery.

Project: Growth Area Station Project Customer: Victorian State Government EXECUTE Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE



The Growth Area Stations Project forms a significant portion of the Victoria Transport Plan providing four new stations as part of Melbourneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s metropolitan passenger rail system. The stations are located in key growth areas at Cardinia Road (near Pakenham), Caroline Springs, Lynbrook and Williams Landing. WorleyParsons carried out overhead design for the project, including the preparation of technical specifications and detailed design (layout plans, cross sections, dropper charts, support structures).

Project: Orlando Station Customer: PRASA Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE




In preparation for the 2010 World Cup, the Passenger Rail Association of South Africa embarked on a program to upgrade the existing rail infrastructure. Part of this program included the design and construction of a new station in Gauteng Province. The design work for this project included the following: bulk supply to the station; station electrification works; overhead track equipment; and signaling. The end result was a station designed and constructed to world class standards and prepared in time for the 2010 World Cup.

South Africa

Evans & Peck The worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s accelerating demand for infrastructure of all kinds, including mass transit systems, has created a high demand for project funding, resources, and people who are experienced in the management, planning, development and operation of these often complex assets. From determining the best financing strategy, to selecting the most appropriate project delivery methods, choosing suitable industry partners and delivering key infrastructure, the challenge for organizations is to do everything smarter over the entire life of a project. Evans & Peck is an international infrastructure-based advisory company that has supported governments and private organizations in the conception, development and delivery of major projects and programs. The value of these projects over the last five years is in excess of AUD 150 billion. During 2009 Evans & Peck was acquired by the WorleyParsons Group and, although part of the WorleyParsons Group, Evans & Peck continues to operate as a separate business, allowing us to provide independent advice and services to our customers. In addition, through the association with WorleyParsons, Evans & Peck can draw upon the extensive technical, construction management and specialist resources of our parent company. Whether working with board members, senior managers, project teams or sitebased personnel, our people have the experience and managerial, commercial and technical skills to improve a businessâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; performance and project outcomes. We provide bespoke strategies and solutions to complex, difficult and unique problems. Our diverse combination of skills, together with our collaborative approach to customers, our intellect, commonsense and real world experience provides our customers with the foundation for successful projects, programs and operations within the transport industry and the larger infrastructure sector.

Stand Alone

business within the WorleyParsons Group, providing advisory services to the transport industry

Value of projects over the last five years in excess of AUD


Project: Sydney Metro Customer: Sydney Metro Authority Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE EXECUTE OPERATE


Evans & Peck facilitated the risk assessment of the Project Cost Plan and in particular identified the level of State Government funding required for the Civil/ Tunnelling D+C component of the project. Evans & Peck was engaged by the NSW Ministry of Transport to develop the project packaging and procurement strategy for Stage 1 of a new Sydney Metro. This resulted in tenders for a D+C Civil/Tunnelling contract, and a PPP DBOM Concession for Metro Stations development, rail systems and rolling stock design and delivery, and operations and maintenance over a 30 year concession period. The total capital value of the two contract packages was AUD 5 billion.

Project: Sydney Metropolitan Area Rail Infrastructure Projects Customer: Transport Construction Authority (TCA) Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE EXECUTE OPERATE


Evans & Peck has extensive and ongoing experience of working with the TCA, in the development and delivery of large scale infrastructure projects. The projects are part of the AUD 12 billion rail infrastructure development program being managed by TCA on behalf of Transport NSW. Projects include: Epping to Chatswood Rail Link – procurement and post-contract commercial and technical support; South West Rail Link – procurement and pre-contract commercial support; Cronulla Line Duplication – support for conversion of the project from a D+C contract into an Alliance; Clearways Program – project management and commercial support; Chatswood Transport Interchange – commercial and contractual support; Other project support – operational readiness management, cost estimating and project planning. Project: Rail Car Depot Relocation Project & Rail Revitalisation Project Customer: South Australia Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure (SA DTEI) EXECUTE OPERATE Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE


Evans & Peck was engaged to assist SA DTEI in setting up the procurement systems for the delivery of AUD 1.2 billion of rail projects, as well as providing expert advice and drafting the documentation for implementation of the accreditation of the new South Australian Infrastructure Corporation. Evans & Peck’s Scope of Work included: Refinement of the Report for Tender documentation prepared by DTEI; development of detailed technical specifications for the scope of works to be undertaken in the project; preparation of commercial documentation for the contract agreements and subsequent work packages to be tendered; documentation of the safety management system; and advice on the implementation of the management framework processes. Project: Sydney Metropolitan Area Rail Infrastructure Projects Customer: Novo Rail Alliance EXECUTE OPERATE Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE Novo Rail is an alliance between RailCorp and three industry partners. Its objective is to develop and deliver AUD 1 billion of rail infrastructure enhancements across the Sydney Metropolitan rail network. During the bid process Evans & Peck provided support in the development of submission documents, contributed significantly during the customer evaluation workshops and provided experienced resources to assist in the design of the organizational framework proposed for the alliance. The rapid ramp up of activities at Novo Rail meant that Evans & Peck resources temporarily filled a number of organizational roles, in addition to providing strategic management support in the business systems and transformation areas needed to establish the alliance.


Capabilities WorleyParsons is able to deliver innovative rail strategies and solutions to successfully meets our customersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; needs in all facets of the rail industry.

Access and Regulation WorleyParsons Rail provides a specialist service to rail access providers and regulators, focusing on maintenance and capital costs, which are essential components of the access charge applicable to the networks. The industry benefits through the establishment of transparent access regimes encouraging utilization of the networks and bringing confidence to the users, while ensuring access providers receive fair compensation.

Rail Infrastructure and Asset Management Our integrated design capability for rail infrastructure ensures optimization and coordination through the concept, definition, detailed design and construction management phases of the project. Which results in capital and operating cost savings and construction efficiencies. WorleyParsons Rail offers whole of life asset management, fleet configuration control, fleet life maximisation, management of systemic fleet defects maintenance analysis and planning.

Rolling Stock Engineering and Project Management With unrivalled experience in rolling stock engineering, the WorleyParsons Rail team has been responsible for the design and project management of 80% of the new wagons commissioned in Australia over the last ten years. WorleyParsons provides overall management for an entire program or can provide management for initial phases of work. Our philosophy as a Program Manager and EPCM contractor is to form a working partnership to accomplish customer goals in a cost-effective manner.

Rail Business Consulting and Management WorleyParsons Rail provides a rail business consulting service involving operations, cost modeling, business case development and analysis, ownerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s engineers / lenderâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s engineers, tender and contract management, performance benchmarking, railway and terminal operations simulation, strategic and master planning.

Our Vision

WorleyParsons will be the preferred global provider of technical, project and operational support services to our customers, using the distinctive WorleyParsons’ culture to create value for them and prosperity for our people. Leadership


• Committed, empowered and rewarded people • EcoNomics™ – Delivering profitable sustainability • Integrity in all aspects of business • Energy and excitement • Minimum bureaucracy

• Smallest assignment to world scale developments • Local capability with global leverage • Responsive to customer preferences • Optimum solutions customized to needs



• Rapport with all stakeholders • Open and respectful • Collaborative approach to business

• Zero harm • Results for our customers and employees • Creating wealth for our shareholders • World-class resources, capability and experience

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