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WorleyParsons Select Infrastructure & Environment Select is the specialist frontend division within WorleyParsons, focused on project viability assessment and development concept selection. Select supports decision making on critical planning issues that enhance our customer’s ultimate business objectives. WorleyParsons operates in all five phases of an asset’s lifecycle with our tailored business lines, Select, Deliver and Improve responding to our customers’ individual needs in each project phase. Select brings real world experience into the front-end value adding phases to maximise investment return and underlying confidence. Deliver converts the highest potential value option identified by the Select division into a fully defined and successfully executed project. Improve supports and enhances customers’ assets throughout the operating lifecycle. Select, through its focus on the critical early phases of projects:

Technological and commercial

independence Cost estimates for projects from

20k-20b total installed cost

Adds technical definition to reduce technical risk

Optimizes the opportunity and maximizes the inherent value

Creates the business case and assesses the probable life cycle costs

Assists the customer in securing the necessary approvals and prepares for the Deliver business line

Through Select, we advise asset owners, operators, investors, financial institutions and governments on the best path forward by combining the niche specialist skills required within the front-end of projects with WorleyParsons’ extensive, practical experience in total project delivery and plant operation. Infrastructure & Environment Select utilizes a global database of major capital projects to enable customers to make strategic investment decisions with accurate and reliable planning data, significantly increasing their confidence that the critical planning decisions will underpin their ultimate business objectives.

2,500+ studies per year

Our specialists have a thorough understanding of the business value chain including market analysis, financial modelling, technology selection, greenfield site selection, approvals management, route selection, new plant configuration and the development of the detailed project realization methodologies. The combination of strategic front-end planning skills integrated with extensive project execution capabilities, together with WorleyParsons’ technological and commercial neutrality, differentiates Infrastructure & Environment Select in the consulting market as a market leader.

WorleyParsons’ Project Phases 1 IDENTIFY Conceptual design Business model development

2 EVALUATE Pre-feasibility studies Cost estimating Contract planning

3 DEFINE Feasibility studies Preliminary Engineering (FEED) Cost estimating Execution planning

4 EXECUTE Detailed Engineering EPCM PMC

5 OPERATE Brownfield projects Portfolio delivery Asset management Business improvement Operations and maintenance support

WorleyParsons’ experience covers all five phases of the asset lifecycle. In each of these phases we understand the critical issues and apply our specialist business lines, Select, Deliver and Improve to enable our customers to achieve their business objectives. Our phased approach enables consistent project delivery worldwide and WorleyParsons' project systems are fully aligned to this process.

Services Technical Development Through the course of a Select study, specialist engineering staff add technical definition to the development concepts identified within the initial framing workshops. Traditionally this technical definition is constrained by the lack of data available on which to base a design. Select makes use of the extensive database of current design projects and archives of existing facilities to gain the analogues from which to quickly assemble the concepts for screening. Technology selection studies are undertaken from the company’s stated position of technology neutrality, to provide our customers the information they require to compare the ‘tried and tested’ with the risk weighted ‘new and emerging’.

Value Adding Phases 1 and 2 (Identify and Evaluate) are recognized as the value adding phases. It is within these phases that the opportunity to find the up-side of the development cases is found. Select works best by forming an integrated team with the customer’s staff bringing technical development in line with operational know how to identify theareas of value enhancement. Select makes use of formalized Value Improving Practices to ensure our customers achieve the maximum possible front-end loading within the constraints of the development schedule and budget.

Business Model Creation Select assists in the creation of the required Business Models in a number of ways. Firstly, by the creation of the Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) estimates using proprietary in-house tools designed to quickly assemble building block style estimates validated from past projects using up-to-date base rates. Secondly, Select typically works with our customers to build the ongoing Operating Expenditure (OPEX) models to enable the life cycle cost comparisons between competing development options to take place. Lastly, Select can provide risk based Net Present Value modelling using the EcoNomics™ DELTΔ tool. This modelling can include additional externalities (such as carbon taxes) for customers seeking to future proof their businesses by analyzing a broader range of possible futures.

Project Planning The forming of the Decision Support Package (DSP) is the closing phase of Select’s work and provides the beginning foundation for the Deliver phase. The DSP contains all required information upon which the decision to proceed with the project is made. The project execution planning skills of the broader WorleyParsons organization are made available through Select, giving our customers access to detailed planning engineers, senior procurement staff and field construction personnel. This enables Select to provide services such as Execution Strategy formation, long lead item identification and construction logistics planning by expert staff in these fields.

Sub-Sector Overview Transport WorleyParsons Select is a leading provider of transportation consultancy and advisory services to both the private and public sectors. Our capability covers all aspects of the transportation sector including rail, maritime (ports and harbors), roads, highways and intermodal transport. Our services include preparing feasibility studies, constructing and optimizing business models, identifying and analyzing development alternatives, reviewing and commenting on proposed plans, and facilitating cross discipline teams from multiple firms. We also provide our customers with technical solutions on every aspect of a transport system including market analysis, demand forecasting, network geometry, route selection, infrastructure design, terminal layouts, operations planning, organization, staffing and training, technology, traffic control systems, vehicles, and rolling stock.

Water & Wastewater WorleyParsons’ water professionals have a broad range of expertise in the identification, planning and implementation of robust and efficient solutions. They cover all engineering disciplines delivering complete water and wastewater projects to our customers. Our experience and expertise covers all aspects of the water cycle, including: water resources; desalination; groundwater; surface water; stormwater; integrated water cycle management plans; rainwater harvesting; potable water treatment; municipal and industrial wastewater treatment; recycling and re-use; appropriate schemes for irrigation; process; non-potable and indirect potable use; and biosolids management.

Coastal & Marine Our coastal and marine team provide solutions to a wide range of customers from public infrastructure developers through to the transport, minerals and hydrocarbons industries. Our diverse skills have been successfully applied to some of the world’s most challenging projects. WorleyParsons’ expertise ranges from coastal engineering and science, including metocean data gathering and modelling, coastal protection, environmental assessments through to the concept development, detailed design, construction and operations of port facilities.

Environment The Environment subsector of WorleyParsons works closely with our customers to meet environmental requirements and provide solutions to environmental challenges. Our award winning team of environmental consultants provides leading-edge technical expertise, a strong history of successful regulatory and approvals delivery. Our customers include multinational conglomerates, financial institutions, resource companies and major government bodies. Our approach can incorporate the EcoNomics™ initiative of WorleyParsons, profitably embedding financial, social, and environmental sustainability across the asset life cycle.

Master Planning WorleyParsons is a leading provider of master planning services to customers in the government, residential, commercial, industrial and resource sectors. Our key strength lies in our capability to assemble in-house multi-disciplinary teams led by experienced master planners capable of integrating all required aspects demanding consideration within the critical early planning stage of the project development cycle. Current WorleyParsons experience in the delivery of major infrastructure projects enables our planners to have access to proven and up-to-date solutions to project challenges. Using an integrated team approach allows us to efficiently complete the early planning phase, shortening the time taken to compile the required regulatory submissions. Our master planning capabilities are complemented by our in-house depth and capability to deliver planned solutions on a fast tracked schedule. Our core master planning skills assist our customers in the following areas: •

Site analysis – opportunities and constraints mapping

Identification of utilities, transport, construction and operational requirements

Arrangement and integration of compatible land uses consistent with the requirements of all relevant stakeholders

Preparation of front end and other data gathering studies to provide input to the master plan

Optimization of project layouts

Comprehensive documentation and mapping of project inputs and outcomes

Integration with the environmental planning and management process

Our master planning capability is complemented by our Geomatics capabilities, enabling the assembly of multicriteria maps for information display and interrogation. By combining the master planning division with our front end estimating group, Select can efficiently screen multiple development options to quickly derive the optimal solution. With the addition of EcoNomics™ trained engineers, customers can include sustainability considerations early in the project development process to assist in future proofing their business.

Projects to the value of



centers of excellence

Project: King Abdullah Economic City - Millennium Seaport Customer: Emaar Properties Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE EXECUTE OPERATE

Saudi Arabia

EMAAR Properties, the world’s largest real estate company, is developing the King Abdullah Economic City near Rabigh, north of Jeddah, in what has been described as the biggest project of its kind in the Gulf region. Central to this mega project is the creation of a new 2.6 million square-meter millennium seaport (similar in size to ports such as Rotterdam allowing the world’s largest super vessels to drop anchor). The port will have a designated area for light industry and logistics, and serve as a natural platform for onward movement of goods to Europe, Africa, Asia and beyond. WorleyParsons Select division performed the initial master planning for the port concept, then estimated the construction cost and set up an economic model to determine the Iinternal Rate of Return (IRR), Net Present Value (NVP) and various revenue senarios.

Project: Taman Subang Ria Mixed Use Development Customer: Sime Darby Properties Plc EXECUTE OPERATE Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE


WorleyParsons Select provided site planning services for this 20 acre brownfields mining site in Subang Jaya. The site plan included six blocks of signature retail facilities, small office suites, fitness centres, restaurants, a hotel and four blocks of serviced apartments. A water based central park was included adding value to the development and the local community. WorleyParsons’ engineers also utilised the former mining pond for flood control as part of an integrated stormwater management system.

Project: Australian Marine Complex (AMC) Master Planning Customer: AMC Management (WA) Pty Ltd/Landcorp EXECUTE OPERATE Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE


The Common User Facility (CUF) was developed to facilitate the fabrication, assembly and load-out of units for local, national and international projects. WorleyParsons’ Select division was engaged by AMC to undertake master planning for three separate phased developments of the CUF to enable expansion of the facility to suit an increasing range of potential users. The study included development of structural solutions to meet the anticipated user requirements, and construction cost estimates for the solutions. Contract strategies and programs were also developed to assess both the traditional and fast-tracked project delivery options.

Project: Ma’aden Master Planning Customer: Ma’aden Saudi Arabian Mining Company EXECUTE OPERATE Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE WorleyParsons Select prepared an industrial master plan for the Ma’aden industrial area on the Arabian Gulf in Saudi Arabia. The project area encompasses a large phosphate complex processing phosphate ore, an aluminium refinery, 1,800MW power station and aluminum smelter. WorleyParsons was responsible for the preparation of a master plan optimizing the layout of industry on the site and identifying strategic infrastructure corridors for common user and private infrastructure access. The project site also include a worker’s village and over 1,500Ha for downstream industry.

Saudi Arabia

Supply Chain & Simulation Solutions WorleyParsons simulation expertise is used to assess, debottleneck and optimize systems including logistics and supply chains, materials handling and storage, and multi‑modal and scheduled systems. Achieving target production levels and schedules is a key business driver for our customers. However, dynamically changing conditions such as maintenance, random events such as late arrivals, equipment breakdowns or severe weather conditions, and unforeseen process interactions, all contribute to less than optimal performance. WorleyParsons Select division uses Dynamic System Simulation to model a prototype or existing real world system to replicate, understand and improve the system’s behaviour. Testing a system’s response to ‘what-if’ scenarios in a virtual environment enables our customers to see the implications of the change before real world implementation. This provides customers with greater certainty that the proposed change will have the desired result, adds justification to business cases and reduces the likelihood of unforseen issues after implementation of the change. Select uses Dynamic System Simulation for our customers in a diverse range of applications including: •

Supply chain logistics, including pit-to-port export systems and inbound/outbound product supply chains to/from mines, process plants, refineries and construction sites

System planning, including capacity assessment, storage and equipment sizing, equipment and manpower resources, transport fleets, maintenance scheduling

Port capacity assessments

Intermodal terminals

Scheduled systems such as construction logistics and passenger transit systems

Whilst Dynamic System Simulation is applicable through all stages of a project, from feasibility studies to detailed design, it is when it is used as an upfront design tool that significant savings in initial capital expenditure and ongoing operating costs can be realised. It is also ideally suited to Brownfield operations, including process and plant upgrades, throughput expansions, and debottlenecking.


years trade growth simulated at Port of Mackay


throughput increase simulated at Aughinish Alumina Refinery


years of Monte Carlo simulation for Woodside Browse LNG production

Project: Pilbara Iron Ore and Infrastructure Project Customer: Fortescue Metals Group Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE EXECUTE OPERATE


WorleyParsons Select division developed an overall simulation model of the mine-to-rail-to-port iron ore export system. The objectives of the modelling included determining optimal stockpile numbers, sizes and configuration at both the crushing/screening plant and port stockyard, stockpile management/operating rules to match production with sales, rail system capacity and achievable system throughput for a range of operating conditions and ‘what if’ scenarios. The model showed some key constraints to the proposed system and, through analysis of a range of KPIs, provided support for a modification of the proposed stockyard management system, and definition of rail delivery capacity.

Project: Saudi Landbridge Customer: Tarabot Consortium Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE



Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Landbridge Project is an internationally significant project with the objective of linking by rail the east and west coasts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). WorleyParsons’ role covered all technical aspects of constructing a railway in a Greenfield and Brownfield environment to a level of detail necessary to produce a conceptual design. Select undertook railway operational modelling for the entire length of this project – a key input to the ultimate CAPEX and OPEX estimates. WorleyParsons provided input from disciplines including: geotechnical; hydrology; civil earthworks; bridge engineering; rail track design; signalling and communications; risk assessment; estimating; and construction methodology. Project: Alumina Refinery Dynamic Simulation Modeling Customer: Aughinish Alumina Ltd EXECUTE OPERATE Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE


Aughinish Alumina Refinery wanted to increase throughput from 1.5 Mtpa to 1.85 Mtpa. By modeling various material handling processes Select was able to determine optimal ship unloading rates and bauxite storage requirements for the increased plant throughput. A Monte Carlo type dynamic simulation model was developed which was capable of simulating many years of alumina production covering a large range of variables from ship types and sizes to planned and unplanned outages for all components in the bauxite handling process. Outputs from the model were used in the decision making process by comparing the capital costs of a range of upgrades with the resulting demurrage costs. Project: Browse Offshore LNG Customer: Woodside Energy Limited EXECUTE Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE


Select completed studies for siting, concept design and costing for a new LNG plant and export infrastructure situated offshore, Australia. The proposed development required application of state-of-the-art techniques to quantify the vessel and structure interaction, assess berth operability and the quantification of wave transformation to derive design criteria. These key studies were integral to the modelling of the overall port facility including the number and orientation of berths, number and size of storage tanks and rate of loading of tanks and ships.


Watercycle Management WorleyParsons experience and expertise covers the complete watercycle from resource identification through transportation, use, re-use and sustainable environmental discharge. WorleyParsons’ team of experienced water professionals has the capability to identify and deliver the optimum solution to a broad range of water needs across a wide range of mining, resource, power, industrial and urban developments. Our water professionals also provide a key capability for our EcoNomics™ initiative that provides customers with a full analysis of the environmental, social and financial sustainability of their projects. Our Select team works collaboratively with customers in the critical early stages of a project providing planning, project identification, options analysis, business case development, conceptual designs, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies. WorleyParsons proprietary decision support software, WaterRIDE, has been developed and refined by practising water resource engineers over many years. WaterRIDE provides animation, data retrieval and analysis to assist in: •

Pipeline and network route planning

Flood modelling

Water supply modelling

Emergency response planning

Sewer modelling

Our services cover all aspects of the watercycle and are provided: •

To stand alone industrial and commercial customers

To municipal style water and wastewater projects for both the public sector and private sector providers

As part of an integrated infrastructure service for owners and developers, including comprehensive infrastructure solutions for: •

Industrial parks and similar large developments

Resource and energy developments, in challenging locations around the world from remote mining projects in desert areas to resource developments inside the arctic circle


years water & wastewater experience

1,000+ surface water projects

4,000+ groundwater projects

Project: Perth Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plant Customer: Water Corporation of Western Australia Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE EXECUTE OPERATE


This is the first large seawater desalination plant in Australia producing potable water and is one of the world’s largest using reverse osmosis technology. WorleyParsons Select division was initially engaged by Water Corporation to undertake a feasibility study covering the following aspects: Project delivery and ownership; technology; power supply; plant location; seawater and hydrodynamic studies; product water quality; environmental impacts; and site independent specific water costs. WorleyParsons subsequently untook the major engineering role as part of the Multiplex/Degremont team that executed this project. WorleyParsons is now involved in a second major desalination project being undertaken by Water Corporation.

Project: Sunrise Oil Sands Project - Water Treating for Energy Island Customer: Husky Energy EXECUTE OPERATE Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE


A sustainable approach to water cycle management is critical to the viability of major oil sands projects. Using a unique approach to integrated water management, Select defined water treatment solutions for this large 300,000 bpd project. The water treatment strategy recommended replacement of the conventional approach with ceramic membrane de-oiling and falling film evaporation using mechanical vapour compression (MVC) for high-pressure drum boiler feedwater. This process included innovative management of MVC blowdown for optimal water recycling and waste disposal, chemistry issues relating to volatile silica, polymerization of organics, and deep well disposal of concentrated waste streams. Project: Kwinana Industrial Area Water Planning Study Customer: Kwinana Industries Council EXECUTE OPERATE Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE


The Kwinana Industrial Area Water Planning Study was conducted for an association of major industries in the Kwinana Industrial Area (KIA). The planning study assessed: all water sources within a 20km radius (scheme water, seawater including desalination option, groundwater, drainage and reclaimed wastewater); the application of a no-treatment, desalination, and partial softening treatment options; and disposal via ocean discharge, land disposal, or on-site storage/evaporation. The financial analysis compared total water cycle management options to identify the preferred water source, treatment and wastewater disposal generically applicable to industries of the KIA. The study recommended preferred water sources for industrial cooling applications to progress regulatory approval processes within national water reform requirements. Project: Water Resources and Management Study Customer: United Nations, Nexen, Government of Yemen EXECUTE OPERATE Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE WorleyParsons achieved a major breakthrough in water exploration in the Yemeni desert by unravelling the subtle secrets of structurally-controlled groundwater resources. A comprehensive investigation by WorleyParsons in the Hadramout region of south western Yemen succeeded in discovering previously untapped groundwater resources. The program included rehabilitation of existing measurement infrastructure and installation of new infrastructure, groundwater and surface water modelling, water quality sampling and analysis, remote sensing, geophysical investigations for identification of water resources, drilling and water well installations, pumping tests and geographic information systems.


Site Selection & Approvals Management By combining our global environmental science and engineering capability with real world experience gained from large scale developments, WorleyParsons provides customers with practical solutions that consider the full spectrum of project constraints and opportunities. Select provides an integrated site selection and approvals management service to assist customers with regulatory approvals, environmental, social and health impact assessments and ultimately selecting the optimal project site. Regulatory approvals for major developments are often complex and may pre‑determine the rate of progress of a proposed development. Therefore, identification and timing of approvals is critical to ensure the project meets all statutory requirements and covers all aspects necessary for project completion. WorleyParsons Select team is experienced in liaising with Statutory Authorities and has extensive knowledge of environmental, dangerous goods, and occupational health & safety legislation as well as pipeline, petroleum and development legislation. Site selection is clearly more than regulatory approval. During the early project phases WorleyParsons also assists our customers to identify the constraints and opportunities associated with a range of project siting options. From our extensive experience and database of delivering major infrastructure projects, Select can rapidly narrow down options for more quantitative analysis considering: •

Environmental regulatory constraints

Construction supply chain

Process requirements

Supply of construction and operational materials and feedstock

Export options and facilities including alignment and port optimisation across the full spectrum of transport modes

Cost and schedule implications

Given the broad range of skills provided by WorleyParsons, Select teams are able to offer a fully in-house solution.


Environmental Impact Assessment projects worldwide

Site selection for projects with CAPEX greater than


Project: Browse LNG Development Customer: Woodside LNG Limited Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE EXECUTE OPERATE


Woodside and its partners have extensive gas reserves in the Browse Basin off Western Australia’s Kimberley coast and plan to use these as the basis of a new LNG production hub in this region. Select provided strategic analysis of the costs and environmental benefits of engineering design options for a range of LNG development senarios in a sensitive environment. The project included a fully-integrated environmental analysis of the engineering design process including dredging, site selection, effluent management and non-indigenous species management. It included a detailed economic analysis to identify the most socially and environmentally beneficial engineering design approaches for each stage of the project.

Project: Environmental Constraints and Agency Regulatory Analysis Customer: Venessia Petroleum Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE EXECUTE OPERATE

Mozambique & Malawi

Select prepared an environmental constraints/opportunities analysis for an oil product pipeline from Beira, Mozambique to Nsanje, Malawi Africa. Potential environmental issues were identified and mapped using geomatic technology, and included endangered species, critical habitats, game reserves, cultural resources, and socioeconomic aspects, such as villages, larger towns and cities. Physical features important for routing were also identified and included geology, seismicity, slope grades, unstable soils and river crossings. This analysis provided information on possible routing problems and was a key input to evaluating alternatives and assessing the need to avoid or reduce impacts to the environment. Project: Concentrating Solar Plant Site Selection Study Customer: Confidential EXECUTE OPERATE Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE

United Sates

The customer sought a location to develop a concentrating solar power (CSP) plant to augment its renewable generation capacity in compliance with California’s Renewable Portoflio Standard and engaged WorleyParsons Select division to conduct site evaluation and selection services for locating the CSP plant in California. The scope of work included high-level site screening, constraints analysis, site selection, technology evaluation and selection, preliminary engineering, permitting studies, and preliminary cost estimates. On this project, WorleyParsons was able to offer a value‑added approach of integrated environmental, GIS and renewable power engineering services.

Project: Wheatstone Development Customer: Chevron Australia Pty Ltd (CAPL) EXECUTE OPERATE Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE Select undertook site development studies for a proposed plant to be situated on the mainland of Western Australia. The plan was to process gas from the Wheatstone and Lago gas fields, located on the North West Shelf. A number of alternative locations on the coast were investigated at a desktop study level, with comparative cost estimates produced for various site development options. WorleyParsons’ Select capabilities across the supporting infrastructure, hydrocarbons and specialist (eg geotechnical, metoscan) areas were instrumental in delivering efficient solutions for this world scale project.


EcoNomicsTM Assessment


WorleyParsons provides customers with strategic decision making support by quantifying the environmental, social and economic sustainability of project options across the asset life-cycle. EcoNomics™ Assessment is a unique process which establishes global best practice for integrating sustainability into project decision-making. By quantitatively examining a full range of financial, environmental and social issues relevant to the project, real economic optimization can be identified, which maximizes profit while ensuring enhanced long-term sustainability. We work closely with our customers in a formal framing workshop to agree on the key project objectives, identify project options, and determine the financial and external assets to be assessed and risks to be evaluated. EcoNomicsTM Assessment incorporates elements of life-cycle analysis, risk assessment, cost benefit analysis and decision theory throught WorleyParsons DELTΔTM software. All elements of interest are quantified physically, monetized, and reduced to a clear NPV ranking through the use of comprehensive sensitivity analysis. DELTΔTM can accommodate a full range of financial parameters, social issues (health, safety, heritage and cultural value) and a full range of environmental factors (water, biodiversity, air and water emissions, greenhouse gases). The inter-relationships between all factors are examined in a common unit (money) to identify optimal choices over a wide range of possible future conditions.

common metric for comparing all solutions - money


Proportion of Instances (n=100) Best Outcome Makeup 2.7% Opt-3A

8.8% Opt-2A

88.5% Opt-4A

in environmental, social and financial value added from approved decision making


EcoNomicsTM assessments completed on projects worldwide

Identifying the best option over all possible combinations of variables Option comparision on full EcoNomic NPV over the asset life cycle.

Project: Treated Wastewater Disposal Project Options Assessment Customer: Water Corporation of Western Australia Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE EXECUTE OPERATE The analysis allowed the Water Corporation to not only select the most sustainable project option at each site, but to better evaluate the dynamics and parameters affecting the balance of social and environmental outcomes as a basis for informed policy decision making. The Water Corporation approached WorleyParsons to assist in assessing project options for the disposal of treated wastewater from regional plants. The Corporation was facing increasing pressure to pursue disposal methods with high financial cost. Select provided EcoNomics™ Assessments of the full environmental, social, and financial costs and benefits of a number of technical options at five exemplar sites. placed on key external resources, notably carbon and water.


Our Vision

WorleyParsons will be the preferred global provider of technical, project and operational support services to our customers, using the distinctive WorleyParsons culture to create value for them and prosperity for our people. Leadership


• Committed, empowered and rewarded people • EcoNomics™ – Delivering profitable sustainability • Integrity in all aspects of business • Energy and excitement • Minimum bureaucracy

• Smallest assignment to world-scale developments • Local capability with global leverage • Responsive to customer preferences • Optimum solutions customized to needs



• Rapport with all stakeholders • Open and respectful • Collaborative approach to business

• Zero harm • Results for our customers and other stakeholders • World-class resources, capability and experience

For further information about our global capability email:

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