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Rolling Stock Optimized for Productivity

Optimized Performance for our Customers Railway operators are demanding safer and more cost competitive rolling stock than ever before. For locomotives, these demands often translate into improved crashworthiness, more power and greater fuel efficiency. For freight vehicles, competitive advantage typically means higher axle loads, higher gross to tare ratios and longer trains. For passenger cars in both light and heavy rail applications, crashworthiness, speed, capacity and comfort are important expectations to be met.



Sound Engineering Concepts

Commercial Technical Balance

Develop and Deliver Superior Solutions

Why WorleyParsons for Rolling Stock? In order to meet these demands, WorleyParsons proceeds by identifying and managing the relationships between user and operational requirements, commercial considerations, regulations and engineering standards to achieve safe and cost effective solutions for our customers. WorleyParsons has extensive experience in all aspects of locomotive, freight, and passenger rolling stock; from performance analysis through innovative design to project management and delivery, as well as in related professional services. Our successful project execution results from a deep appreciation of the fundamental importance of considering rolling stock as one component of a highly integrated logistics system. Our team’s expertise is grounded in sound engineering concepts and broad rolling stock and associated industry knowledge, ensuring projects are delivered within customer-specified economic constraints and objectives. We combine our thorough understanding of engineering and procurement with our practical knowledge and experience of railway operations to develop and deliver superior solutions. Our Rolling Stock offering comprises: • Project management and procurement • Consulting services • Safety management • Rolling stock engineering and design • Testing and commissioning • Asset management and valuation, and condition assessment • Comprehensive analysis and investigation (dynamic simulation, incident investigation, failure analysis)

Rolling Stock Optimized for Productivity


The Challenge It is difficult to rationalise conflicting demands when seeking optimal project outcomes for price, performance, delivery and other parameters of a rolling stock project. A thorough understanding of all viable options, and in particular, the operational continuity costs and risks spanning the full asset lifecycle, is imperative for a rolling stock operator in making the right investment decision for its business.

Challenges throughout project life-cycle Understanding performance requirements and project constraints

Identifying and capturing technology opportunities whilst managing implementation risk

Asset fails to meet performance requirements

Time to market requirements not achieved

Asset reliability and efficiency Cost of ownership Operations and maintenance considerations Rolling Stock investment and procurement decisions



Our Response WorleyParsons analyzes logistics and engineering options that meet operational and other use requirements, identifies and quantifies constraints, and models commercial outcomes to specify the optimal rolling stock solution, including procurement model recommendations. Integrated logistics simulation and other advanced transport economic and engineering tools are utilized to devise optimal solutions for our customers, and to enable them to make informed decisions.

Progressive risk mitigation Develop comprehensive Basis of Design with engagement and sign-off by all stakeholders Performance forecasting Technical risk management

Integrated logistics simulation Integrated approvals and execution planning Program management

Rolling Stock costing models Ownership and outsourcing analysis Procurement from low cost countries Project portfolio managment

Rolling Stock Optimized for Productivity


A phased approach Our phased approach to project development and delivery is a global discipline proven to progressively mitigate risk and provide delivery assurance. WorleyParsons experience covers all five phases of the asset lifecycle. 1










SERVICES • Options/scoping studies

• Preferred option selection

• Procurement strategies

• Master planning • Site selection and permitting • Pre-feasibility study

• FEED • HSE and IR strategies

• Detailed engineering • Mobilisation

• Brownfield projects • Portfolio management



• Approvals management


• Liability management


• Restoration

• Water solutions

• Environmental management • Completions

ROLLING STOCK • Asset management

• Project management

• Reliability and integrity

• Project controls

• Business improvement

• Feasibility studies • Basis of design

• Bankable feasibility studies

• Concept studies

• Preferred option selection

• Technical specifications

• Interfaces management

• Detailed design

• Testing

• Manufacturing documentation

• Commissioning

• Supply chain logistics • Business case development • Transport modal comparative studies • Project execution optioneering • Risk assessment • Stakeholder engagement


• Procurement

• Transport economics


• Preliminary design

• Operations and maintenance

• Performamce simulation modelling

• Cost estimates

• Quality inspections and management

• Project execution plan

• Technical support

• Risk management

• Execution strategy

• Contractor selection

• Approvals

• Incident investigation

• Regulatory compliance and track access

• Engineering support

• Asset life extension

The Rolling Stock Service Response Rolling Stock Group



• • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • •

Vehicle Concept & Detailed Design Design Review Life Extension Engineering Vehicle Refurbishment Rolling Stock Component Design and Development System Design and Analysis Maintenance and Servicing Facilities Development Remedial Engineering Authoring and Validation of Standards Technical Specifications, Scopes of Work, Basis of Design

Project Management • • • • • • • • • • •

Procurement Quality Assurance Risk Management Interfaces Management Regulatory Compliance Banker’s and Lender’s Engineer Asset Management Independent Performance Auditing Rail Safety Owner’s Engineer Independent Certification

Investigation • • • •

Incidents Component and Systems Failure Condition Assessment Expert Analysis and Reporting

Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Studies Concept Development Advisory Services Due Diligence Supply Chain Logistics Market Analysis Business Plan Development Business Case Assessment Strategic Planning Whole-of-Life Costing Analysis Asset Valuation

Simulation and Modelling • • • • • • •

Train Performance Vehicle Dynamic Performance Longitudinal In-train Forces Train Un-loader Forces Operations Timetabling Performance Benchmarking

On-Site Independent QA • • • • •

Inspection Testing Commissioning Type Testing Engineering Support

Rolling Stock Optimized for Productivity




Rolling Stock Optimized for Productivity


Our experience

 re Wagon Fleet O Procurement

Phase 1 Light Rail Vehicles – Structural Integrity Study

Business Case and New Wagon Fleet Acquisition

WorleyParsons had the lead role in the successful delivery and start-up of Fortescue Metals Group Pilbara iron ore operations, including mine site, port and rail network.

The MTRC is refurbishing its 69 Phase 1 Light Rail Vehicles, originally commissioned in 1988, to retain their operability, maintainability, reliability and safety performance targets for a further 25 years.

WorleyParsons played a lead role in the development of the Business Case for intermodal services between Brisbane and Cairns.

WorleyParsons was engaged to assess the residual life of the car bodies and to recommend modifications necessary for the life objective to be met.

• Using specifically developed modelling tools to identify an optimal fleet to match the proposed traffic task • Quantification of rolling stock capital and operating costs • Development of locomotive and wagon Technical Specifications • Preparation of concept and detailed wagon designs • Evaluation of Tenders • Project management • Regulatory compliance

Fortescue Metals Group Pilbara, Western Australia

Engaged to procure a mix of wagon types, including: • 976 ore wagons • 12 tank wagons • 25 ballast wagons This was achieved by: • Developing cost effective strategies for procurement of wagons • Carrying out Front End Engineering investigations including preliminary designs • Preparing Expression of Interest (EOI) documents and Technical Specifications • Managing procurement process • Supervising wagon building in China and implementing independent QA • Preparation of Safety Accreditation and Track Access casework • Performing interface engineering, including ECP brakes.



Mass Transit Rail Corporatin (MTRC) Tuen Mun, Hong Kong

The Structural Integrity Study of the car bodies was completed through a program of work that included: • Structural inspection • Static testing • Track testing • Finite element analysis; and • Fatigue assessment life WorleyParsons was subsequently re-engaged to perform additional work on these vehicles as an extension to the original project.

Pacific National Queensland, Australia

Work undertaken by WorleyParsons includes:

An outcome of the project was the development and use of the first narrow gauge, articulated intermodal wagons in the world. The trains have successfully operated since commissioning. A second build of the original design is now under way.

 thiopia-Djibouti Railway E – Assessment of Rolling Stock, and Servicing & Maintenance Facilities Citadel Capital Ethiopia & Djibouti

WorleyParsons was engaged to assess the quantity and appropriate Rolling Stock, Servicing Facilities, and Workshops needed for re-establishment of an operating railway between Addis Ababa and Djibouti. Inspection and assessment was carried out of the existing rolling stock, servicing facilities, maintenance facilities, and workshops at several locations along the Ethiopia-Djibouti railway line. These locations included Djibouti, Dira Dawa, Awash, and Addis Ababa. Following the several on-site inspections and assessments a comprehensive report, which included cost estimates, was produced and incorporated in the overall Pre-feasibility report prepared by WorleyParsons and submitted to the customer.

Coal Wagon Procurement Whitehaven Coal New South Wales, Australia

WorleyParsons was appointed to oversee the procurement of 86 hopper type wagons, for coal, each of 120 gross tonnes, for operation between Whitehaven’s mines and the export terminals at Newcastle. Services provided by WorleyParsons included: • Preparation of Expression of Interest and Technical Specification documents • Project management of delivery and testing of wagons • QA auditing, during the manufacture of the wagons by the Australian manufacturer, to ensure compliance with the Technical Specification • Preparation of Safety Accreditation and Track Access compliance submissions • Preparation of a rational engineering case to ARTC, which was accepted, to allow longer and heavier trains than was usual The wagons are now successfully operating for Whitehaven Coal, meeting all customer requirements. Technical innovation afforded Whitehaven Coal a competitive advantage in its operations.

Intermodal Wagon Fleet Recapitalization Optimization Toll New Zealand New Zealand

As part of a review of its intermodal wagon fleet, Toll New Zealand engaged WorleyParsons to determine the optimum fleet configuration that would minimize whole of life costs. The project considered: • Freight Task (including container type and weight) • Different wagon types and configurations (e.g. articulated, two-slot, three-slot) • Operating environment and constraints • Axle loads • Technical risk • Obsolescence owing to containerization trends • Procurement options • Capital and operating costs Various wagon types and train operating scenarios were developed. These scenarios were assessed using a computer model to generate whole of life cost outcomes.

Rolling Stock Optimized for Productivity


Our experience

 upply Chain Study – S Narrow Gauge Ore Wagons

Comeng Train Refurbishment

Standard Gauge Container Wagon Design

BHP Billiton sought to almost double ore concentrate production from its mine in North Queensland.

WorleyParsons was engaged by Alstom to assistance with the refurbishment program of Hillside’s fleet of Comeng Trains.

WorleyParsons was engaged to provide pre-feasibility recommendations (including operational and capital expenditure estimates together with risk assessments) for all mining expansion activities, including extension to existing rail and road operations, redevelopment of all mining equipment, workshops and staff amenities.

The objectives of the project were to:

Southern Shorthaul Railroad (SSR) engaged WorleyParsons to design a specialised two-slot (40’) container wagon for operation on the standard gauge in Australia.

BHP Billiton North Queensland, Australia

A simulation model of the existing supply chain was developed incorporating external factors such as weather events, derailments, operational delays and shipping variations to reflect the current operations. The recommendations from this report (which included the use of new, efficient wagons) were provided to BHP Billiton to enable it to seek the approval of its Board to move to the next stage of project development.



Alstom Melbourne, Australia

• Provide a fresh new look • Make design changes for disabled passengers to meet Disability requirements • Improve passenger comfort • Provide passenger information systems • Improve passenger loading • Reduce station dwell times WorleyParsons provided the detailed design and related engineering services for the refurbishment, including: • Crashworthiness • New seats and layout • Floor coverings • Stanchions • Refurbished drivers cabs • Emergency lighting • Passenger information displays • Destination indicators • Closed circuit TV and passenger duress call system • Technical support • A full set of detailed design drawings for modifying the trains.

Southern Short Haul Railroad Victoria, Australia

The design was completed from concept to completion of manufacturing documentation in 16 weeks, and is now in production at the customer’s Bendigo facility. The design established a new industry benchmark for freestanding intermodal rolling stock performance for the specified axle load.

Fleet Expansion Project Great Southern Railroad South Australia, Australia

Due to growth in premium passenger demand, GSR embarked on a fleet expansion program, to increase its capacity, by supplementing the rolling stock used, at that time, on north south transcontinental service “The Ghan”. Major challenges included: • The refurbishment needed to provide a very high level of comfort, with attention to function and form, and to redefine the available space, whilst incorporating modern fixtures and fittings • Module size was severely constrained by the car body structures already being substantially complete • Little of the original design documentation was available and car geometry varied considerably

Intermodal Wagon Logistics Review – Asset Profile Development TasRail Tasmania, Australia

TasRail has undertaken a major recapitalization initiative that includes procurement of new locomotives and wagons. WorleyParsons was engaged to provide TasRail with a range of professional services associated with this programme, including the initial phase of reviewing the intermodal wagon fleet to identify the optimal vehicle profile to meet future freight task expectations. Issues considered during the review included: • Existing freight movements • Train operating plans • Projected new traffic • Specific concerns, such as Centre of Gravity of loaded containers

WorleyParsons was commissioned to provide design and engineering services to complete this complex refurbishment of existing nonoperational rolling stock.

As a result of the review, recommendations were made regarding the procurement of new two-slot (40’) wagons, and the refurbishment of selected wagons from the existing fleet.

The completed project meets all user expectations and is now a world class travel experience operating through the heart of the Australian Outback.

Following acceptance of WorleyParsons’ recommendations TasRail re-engaged WorleyParsons to provide additional services in connection with procurement of the wagons.

Engine Failure Investigation

Confidential Customer Tasmania, Australia

After a catastrophic locomotive engine failure had occurred, WorleyParsons was engaged by the customer to investigate the root cause of failure and to make recommendations leading to reduction of the risk of recurrence. Detailed investigations were conducted including: • Maintenance process mapping • Tribology • Fracture analysis • Metallurgy • Chemistry The failure mode and root cause of failure were established. Valuable information was established to enable the asset owner to modify maintenance processes to prevent future failures of that kind.

Rolling Stock Optimized for Productivity


Our experience

 locity Diesel Multiple V Unit Facilities and Stabling Project V/Line Passenger Pty Ltd Victoria, Australia

When V/Line Passenger expanded its rolling stock fleet to include new Vlocity diesel multiple-unit train-sets, upgrading of various stabling yards, servicing facilities and maintenance workshops was needed to enable maintenance and stabling of the new rolling stock. WorleyParsons was engaged to provide the project management, detailed engineering, and construction management for the facilities and stabling yards. At the time of the project each Vlocity unit consisted of two semi-permanently connected carriages, with capability of travelling at speeds of up to 160 km/h. Later a programme was implemented by V/Line Passenger to convert Vlocity train-sets to 3-car units by procuring and adding intermediate cars. The work scope included the design layout and installation of fuelling, sanding and servicing systems.



Locomotive Traction Motor Reliability Study

Hunter Valley Coal Wagon Fleet Acquisition

WorleyParsons was engaged by ALSTOM NZ to provide a structured analytical approach to investigate the systemic failures of the GE and EMD locomotive traction motors.

Pacific National is a major coal haulage operator in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales. A strategy to improve its competitiveness in the marketplace by reducing rolling stock acquisition costs was implemented.

Alstom New Zealand Auckland, New Zealand

WorleyParsons provided: • Expertise in locomotive and traction motor engineering, and failure analysis techniques • Data gathering capability through use of interviews, data capture using problem specific inspection sheets and procedures, and interrogation and statistical analysis of relevant historical information • Detailed test procedures to test failure mode hypotheses • FEA of traction motor frame, end cover and shaft structures to determine modal response • Review of third party investigations and reports • Review of workshop maintenance procedures From the range of failure hypotheses tested, the most significant cause of the failures was identified, and a repair scheme devised and implemented resulting in significant reliability improvement.

Pacific National New South Wales, Australia

WorleyParsons was engaged to provide a range of professional services in connection with procurement of the new coal wagons. Work undertaken by WorleyParsons included: • Risk assessment and management • Tender technical evaluation • Front end engineering • Interfaces engineering • Development of wagon Technical Specifications • Wagon design review, preliminary and detailed • Independent QA and on-site management (at QiqiHaer and Dalian, PRC) of quality during wagon manufacture With ongoing production, WorleyParsons continues to provide on-site quality inspection and assurance services to the project.

 ew Wagon Fleet N Acquisition

QR National (now Aurizon) Western Australia, Australia QR National was awarded the contract for the haulage of magnetite into Geraldton Port, Western Australia from a new mine of Karara Mining Limited (KML). WorleyParsons was engaged by QR National for various stages of the project, including provision of services for: • Pre-award project healthcheck review to ensure that key risks were being managed adequately and appropriately • Assistance in the selection of a preferred manufacturer • On-site management (at Xuzhou, PRC) of quality control and assurance activities during wagon manufacture • Assistance with acceptance of completed wagons on arrival in Western Australia.

Saudi Landbridge Railway Tarabot Consortium Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Double-Stack Intermodal Wagon TOLL Rail Victoria, Australia

This project is one of international significance with the objective of linking the east and west coasts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by rail. WorleyParsons provided engineering consulting and advisory services to the Tarabot Consortium for preparation and submission of its proposal. WorleyParsons role encapsulated all technical aspects, including rolling stock and associated maintenance and servicing facilities, of constructing a railway in both a greenfield and brownfield environment to a level of detail necessary to produce a conceptual design and preliminary costing and scheduling.

WorleyParsons was engaged by TOLL Rail to specify, project manage, design, procure and commission a new special purpose wagon, to carry containers ranging from 20’ to 53’ in length between Melbourne and Perth. Features of the design include: • High gross to tare ratio for the wagon • Low deck height • Ease of fabrication • Assured fatigue life • Ability to carry long containers suspended over “well” section • Spring park brake The first wagon was introduced into service 40 weeks after the initial concept discussion took place.

Rolling Stock Optimized for Productivity


Our experience

Crew Car

Pacific National Queensland, Australia The crew car allows resting locomotive crew to travel with their train on Pacific National’s Mt Isa line resources trains in Queensland. The crew cars were converted from existing passenger cars. WorleyParsons was engaged to provide a range of professional services including: • Concept design • Front end engineering • Detailed design • Equipment selection • Interface compliance plan • System verification • Production engineering support Two cars have been completed and are in service with all of the project objectives having been met.

Prototype Instrumented Ore Car Pair (IOCP)

Narrow Gauge Locomotive Procurement

WorleyParsons was commissioned by Fortescue Metals Group to design, build and commission a prototype Instrumented Ore Car Pair (IOCP) for use in research and development leading towards improved train reliability on the customer’s 40 tonne axle load – 40,000 tonne train Pilbara iron ore operations.

Sayga Flour Mills is one of the largest flour milling operations in Africa. To improve the reliability of grain deliveries to its mills in Sudan, Sayga engaged WorleyParsons to provide professional services in the acquisition of four, narrow gauge locomotives for operation on the 16.5 tonne axle load line between Port Sudan and Khartoum.

The Instrumented Ore Car Pair was the key to meeting these requirements on FMG’s heavy haul railway.

The locomotives were manufactured at the China Southern Rail facility at Ziyang, PRC.

WorleyParsons designed and equipped the IOCP with transducers, data logger and communications apparatus to measure, record, and transmit a range of continually varying parameters. The data logged is accessed remotely.

Activities undertaken by WorleyParsons included:

Fortescue Metals Group Limited Pilbara, Western Australia

The IOCP is treated as any other ore car pair in service, and it is alternately located at various positions in a train to ascertain position sensitivity in respect of in-train longitudinal forces. It acquires data for the whole of the operating cycle.



Sayga Flour Mills Sudan

• Site QA audits during manufacture • Final acceptance • Testing and commissioning The locomotives have since been successfully operated in the challenging Sudan environment, improving reliability whilst reducing maintenance and fuel costs.

 tandard Gauge S Locomotive Procurement Whitehaven Coal New South Wales, Australia

Whitehaven Coal is the largest and most established coal producer in the Northwest New South Wales Gunnedah Basin operating at five separate locations. WorleyParsons was appointed to arrange and oversee the delivery of three new locomotives for operations between Whitehaven’s mines and the Port of Newcastle. Services and expertise provided by WorleyParsons included: • Preparation of Expression of Interest (EOI) and Technical Specification documents • Project management of delivery • Testing of the locomotives • Modelling of train configuration and tractive capability of AC traction locomotive • Compliance inspection during manufacture of the locomotives • Preparation of Safety Accreditation and Track Access applications

Waratah EMU PPP Project

EDI Rail New South Wales, Australia

Cairns Tilt Train – Electric and Diesel EDI Rail/QR Queensland, Australia

EDI Rail engaged WorleyParsons for several insourced roles on the Waratah EMU PPP project team. WorleyParsons’ staff undertook the following roles and responsibilities: • Lead Engineer – Fire Engineering • Lead Engineer – Bogie, Traction and Access Systems • Preparation of Technical Specifications, Calculations, and Testing & Commissioning documents • Undertaking of train and systems type testing, and preparation of test reports • Liaison with suppliers, customer & regulatory body • On-site technical support during manufacturing, testing and commissioning phases.

EDI Rail engaged WorleyParsons to perform structural analyses on the Queensland Rail Tilt train which operates between Brisbane and Cairns. WorleyParsons’ tasks included: • Model generation • Finite Element Analysis • Fatigue analysis for life expectancy estimation.

Locomotive performance was tested through the use of instrumented drawbar testing using equipment that was designed and manufactured by WorleyParsons.

Rolling Stock Optimized for Productivity


Our differentiators Differentiator 4

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Outstanding operational and corporate performance

Committed, empowered and technically capable people

Differentiator 5 Focus on long term contracts and asset-based services Differentiator 2 Industry leadership in health, safety and environmental performance

Differentiator 6 Success in project delivery - large and small

Differentiator 3 Economics™ – delivering profitable sustainability

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Corporate overview WorleyParsons is a leading global provider of professional services to the resources and energy sectors, and the complex process industries. We cover the full asset spectrum, both in size and lifecycle, from the creation of new assets, to services that sustain and improve operating assets Our business has been built by working closely with our customers through long-term relationships, anticipating their needs, and delivering inventive solutions through streamlined, proprietary project delivery systems. Strong growth continues to characterise our performance both through organic development and through strategic acquisition as we strive to provide tailored services wherever our customers need us.


Zero Harm is our corporate vision for health, safety and the environment (HSE). We are committed to our vision and apply it to all operations, at all times, in all locations, and at all levels of responsibility. We will actively work to align our expectations and behaviors to achieve Zero Harm in our dedication to continuous improvement. These expectations are reflected in our integrity management framework, OneWay™, and linked to our global systems and procedures.


EcoNomics™ provides our customers with the systems, technologies and expertise to optimize and balance financial, social, and environmental outcomes, improving sustainability performance while enhancing profit and long-term viability. WorleyParsons’ vision is to be a leader in sustainability by helping our customers capture new markets and business opportunities created by the new energy economy. Rolling Stock Optimized for Productivity


Rolling Stock Optimized for Productivity

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Railway operators are demanding safer and more cost competitive rolling stock than ever before. For locomotives, these demands often transla...

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