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Ports Improve Realizing Asset Potential

What is Improve WorleyParsons’ Improve supports our customers to operate, maintain and realise their assets for optimal long term performance, in areas such as: safety, sustaining capital spend and the efficient and effective use of resources. WorleyParsons Improve is a comprehensive approach to provide our customers with solutions for all aspects of the commercial operations, maintenance of assets and effective use of resources. We share each customer’s goal of profitable sustainability long-term sustainable profits for the customer’s entire business. Under our most mature Improve relationships, we embed our staff and systems in joint teams with asset owners to manage portfolios of sustaining capital projects.

Improve is: Integrated multi-disciplinary teams that can react to business strategies Management of existing assets for long term productivity and safety Profitability for continued growth and efficiencies Reliable technical support for sustained performance Optimized solutions through planning and delivering the right projects in the right order Value engineering using a collaborative approach to deliver all stakeholder needs Environmental responsibilities for compliance, legislation and decommissioning



Challenges of Ports Improve Operating companies face ongoing challenges: Safety and Environmental Compliance These requirements are linked to the rehabilitation capital budgets available for asset integrity and reliability. Our asset management programme will help you to make the correct short and long term financial decisions.

Aging Infrastructure All facilities have a finite design life, but with our sound technical advice and planning, your port infrastructure will remain at optimum productivity for your business needs.

Commissioning New Operations Maintenance with least disruption to the live, operating, port facility is critical for gaining confidence in new business plans, expansion and long term asset investments.

Demanding Locations We have developed and delivered innovative engineering solutions to support varied port facilities in remote, inhospitable locations with challenging infrastructure logistics.

Minimizing Expenditure In the present financial climate, confidence in knowing where to save money in port infrastructure, through a comprehensive inspection and maintenance program can offer short term savings which can contribute to a long term development plan.

Shortage of Experienced and Qualified Personnel We have experienced, qualified engineers, in our multi-disciplinary team with a diverse range of commercial and practical port experience, who can be integrated into your team to assist with operating the facility.

Ports Improve Realizing Asset Potential




Business Processes

Maintenance Systems












Integrated Asset Management

Reliability Engineering

Performance Measurement



Integrity and Compliance




















Our Ports Improve teams provide technical solutions to operators of marine infrastructure. We provide cost effective and practical assessment of the Port assets. Our certified engineer-divers understand the structural significance of observed degradation and damage. This technical accuracy leads the development of to an optimum asset management plan and defining the correct rehabilitation strategy. WorleyParsons Integrated Asset Management (IAM) capability brings together the local expertise, global experience, analytical tools and management systems needed to balance throughput, risks, downtime and sustaining capital expenditure. IAM delivers a balanced approach to operating, maintaining and enhancing production facilities.



Value Improving Practices (VIPs) Value Improving Practices (VIPs) are bespoke activities/techniques that focus on improving the overall use of capital on projects. Effective implementation of VIPs will improve the project’s return on investment. Value Realization from Asset Management to Improve Although some VIPs can continue to be applied throughout the life of a project, the majority of VIPs have the greatest impact when applied early in the project, particularly during the maintenance of a port facility. Typical VIPs that WorleyParsons can offer to Port Operators are: 1. Material throughput and growth simulation to match shiploader rates 2. Vessel downtime simulation related to material throughput, tidal windows and vessel traffic in navigable waterways 3. Contaminated land and remediation studies as part of future expansion planning 4. Implementing current safety and environmental regulations applicable to the existing facility 5. Change of use of the port for new business 6. P lanning and trade-off studies to identify options, commissioning and investment strategies 7. Dredging and infrastructure upgrades to accommodate larger vessels 8. Diving inspections with engineers linked with asset management planning Select 1 IDENTIFY >> 2 EVALUATE • • • • •

Conceptual design Business model development Pre-feasibility studies Cost estimating Contract planning



3 DEFINE >> 4 EXECUTE • Feasibility studies • Preliminary Engineering (FEED) • Cost estimating

• Execution planning • Detailed Engineering • EPCM • PMC

5 OPERATE • • • • •

Brownfield projects Portfolio delivery Asset Management Business improvement Operations and maintenance support

WorleyParsons’ experience covers all five phases of the asset lifecycle. In each of these phases we understand the critical issues and apply our specialist business lines, Select, Deliver and Improve to enable our customers to achieve their business objectives. Our phased approach enables consistent project delivery worldwide and the WorleyParsons project systems are fully aligned to support this process.

Ports Improve Realizing Asset Potential


Working together to Improve ... The Challenge Port infrastructure is invariably located in a challenging environment that can impact reliability, operability and terminal performance.

Our Response WorleyParsons has technical processes evolved from our global experience to optimize the operation of marine assets.

In particular, operating terminals require innovative approaches to inspection and maintenance to minimize interruptions and downtime.

Maximize terminal operational life, availability and efficiency

Minimize maintenance expenditure levels

Optimal maintenance management planning to identify criticality of different components. ‘Critical’ vs ‘run-to-fail’

Maintain and improve vessel and terminal safety

Operational safety assessment and analysis Berth operational audits

Accommodate change of use, such as vessel parameters

Marine terminal future planning and support technical

Comply with tightening regulatory environment and labour relations


Planned condition assessments that identify potential problems before they affect throughput


Regulatory risk assessment

your local, regional & global operations Improve draws on our Port Operations experience and best practices worldwide to bring our customers new ways of doing business We listen, to understand your strategic needs, and the needs of the various stakeholders WorleyParsons Improve is aligned with the priorities of the Port Operator Our commitment to a long term partnership brings a shared culture of trust and flexible solutions, aligned with your priorities for schedule and commercial operations

Ports Improve Realizing Asset Potential


Project Model ImproveDevelopment Terminal Throughput Container Terminal Assets • Pavement usage and lifespan • TOS • Container handling equipment - traffic routes and future expansion • Accomodate larger vessels and cranes at marine structures

RoRo / Ferry & Break Bulk Terminal Assets • Quay wall fendering/ mooring systems • Civil infrastructure • Warehousing • Pavement • Terminal planning • Passenger terminal



Future Development Sites • Terminal expansion/ reclamation • Dredging new navigation channels • New marine structures • New civil infrastructure

Bulk Terminal Assets • Rail assets (rolling stock, tracks, cardumper ...) • Conveying systems • Stacker / reclaimer equipment • Ship (un) loader • Marine structures: berth, dolphins, mooring hooks, ship (un) loader foundations

Liquid Berth Terminal Assets (LNG, Oil, Chemicals) • Tank farm • Loading arms • Headers jetty lines, pumping platform • Jetty infrastructure

Our Ports Improve Response

Coastal Assets • Breakwater condition asessments and repair • Sea level rise, storm intensity, basin calming assessments • Maintenance dredging and sedimentation • Navigational safety

• Equipment inspection assessment and improvement • Terminal planning layout • Civil infrastructure • Life cycle costing • Stress and finite elements analysis • Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) strategies • Risk Based Inspection strategies (RBI) • Materials management • Fitness for purpose assessments

• Cost management • Operational readiness • Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) • Mooring systems, layout and assessment • Materials technology • Downtime assessment • Berth Vetting • Dynamic simulation • Environmental monitoring • Oil spill response readiness

Ports Improve Realizing Asset Potential


Marine Improve Portfolio Vancouver Wharves Customer KinderMorgan Canada Terminals Limited Partnership Location  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada phase

Marine Terminal Audit, Inspection and Maintenance Program For the past 24 years, WorleyParsons has been retained on an ongoing basis to carry out the detailed audit, condition inspection, engineering evaluation, and development and execution of the maintenance program for the marine structures and materials handling equipment at Vancouver Wharves in North Vancouver, BC.

Our Services The marine facilities include five deep-sea berths of varying construction types, able to receive Panamax vessels, and a railcar barge ramp. We have carried out detailed audits and inspections of the marine infrastructure each year and then developed and implemented the annual maintenance program based on the identified priorities. The materials handling equipment includes shiploaders and unloaders, cranes, stacker/reclaimers, dumpers and other associated upland equipment. This equipment handles potash, fertilizers, sulphur, concentrates and break-bulk cargoes. WorleyParsons has inspected this equipment each year including the execution of legislated load tests, and then developed and implemented an annual maintenance program. Our extensive knowledge of the terminal systems has also allowed us to provide innovative solutions on numerous projects upgrading the facilities throughput.

Customer Challenges • Maintain operations and shipping even during construction of repairs • Extensive permitting requirements • Limited capital funds • Aging infrastructure



Key Achievements • Deferred a $35M capital expenditure on a new wharf through the implementation of a comprehensive inspection and maintenance program resulting in a savings of over $20M over the remaining life span of the wharf • Reduced operational downtime at the facility, resulting in increased throughput and reduced demurrage costs • Improved materials handling equipment efficiency and terminal throughput in numerous projects, including the redesign of two shiploaders • Facilitated the permitting process for multiple projects by drawing on the expertise of our multidiscipline team

Lessons Learnt • A comprehensive inspection and maintenance program can result in significant savings over the life of the asset • Reduced operational downtime can result in increased throughput and reduced costs • An experienced multi-discipline team is key to creating innovative solutions across multiple sub-projects

Load testing at Vancouver Wharves

Ports Improve Realizing Asset Potential


Wharf Inspection – Maintenance Plan Development Customer Roads and Maritime Services Location  Sydney, Australia phase

Marine Structures Audit, Inspection, Asset Management and Maintenance Program Roads and Maritime Services own and operate over 110 marine structures in Sydney Harbour and other regional ports, which include 47 ferry wharves including, Circular Quay and Manly, 17 charter vessel wharves, King Street Wharf, and various other wharves, jetties and boat ramps.

Our Services • Asset Audits. Audit of all structures to document structural condition, structural adequacy, public safety and disability access. • Asset Management Software Tool. Development of a bespoke Wharf Inspection and Maintenance Management tool to manage, repair and maintenance contracts by others. This tool enables real time documentation of wharf inspection findings; scheduling of future asset inspections; scheduling of planned works based on works priority and budget estimates; issuing and management of work tasks with contractors; and contractor invoicing management. • Maintenance Works Scheduling. Findings from asset audits and ongoing inspections are fed into the Asset Management Software to allow scheduling of future maintenance works based on priority within an annual works budget of $5M. • Capital Works Programming. Findings from asset audits were fed into the $300M Ferry Wharf Upgrade Program. • Asset Maintenance Plan Development. Maintenance Plans were developed for key structures to document wharf use; passenger accessibility; structural capacity; asset register; durability limitations; and inspection program. • Ongoing Inspections. WorleyParsons undertakes ongoing wharf inspections in accordance with the Maintenance Works Schedule and Management tool. 12


Customer Challenges Roads and Maritime Services requires ongoing scheduled maintenance for their wharves and maritime structures around Sydney Harbour and along the NSW coastline to ensure continued safe operation.

Key Achievements • A work and inspection schedule was developed for the customer to document and budget all issues requiring actions; a Generic Maintenance Specification was established. • Innovation of the bespoke Asset Management Software Tool has enabled the customer and WorleyParsons to manage efficiently all aspects of the maintenance contract.

Lautoka Port Conversion Customer AMEX Resources Ltd Location  Lautoka, Viti Levu Island, Fiji phase

Customer Challenges

Detailed Design for Rehabilitation of Existing Port for Change of Business Use. Amex Resources Ltd acquired a “Future Development site” within the established operational Lautoka Port bulk terminal. The berth required rehabilitation of existing port infrastructure and new works to accommodate the minerals handling berth for Handymax vessels.

Our Services

Amex Resources Ltd required a cost effective berth, with minimum construction time for quick start-up for commercial operations.

Key Achievements Facility is proceeding towards construction.

• Optimised Detailed Design of quay wall, scour protection, reclamations and pavements. • Construction Options to identify the optimum construction methods and execution strategy.

Rehabilitation of Wharves & Berths at Jebel Ali Customer Dutco Balfour Beattie Location  Dubai, United Arab Emirates phase

Detailed Design for Rehabilitation of Berths WorleyParsons provided engineering support to the contractor for the rehabilitation of eight berths within the Jebel Ali Port for DP World.

Our Services • • • • •

Optimised Detailed Design of new fendering Design review of existing fenders Review of work methodology Site monitoring during consutruction Identifying, developing and delivering the optimum construction execution strategy.

Customer Challenges All berths were required to be operational during the construction phase.

Key Achievements WorleyParsons ensured the timely delivery of the different aspects of the project and kept all berths operational during construction.

Ports Improve Realizing Asset Potential


Our differentiators Differentiator 4 We can help you save money through strategic planning of infrastructure investments Differentiator 1 Our comprehensive geographic presence enables our team to support you in remote locations Differentiator 5 We are here for the long term and to support you in your future business strategies Differentiator 2 Our diver – engineers are an integral part of Ports Improve and asset management Differentiator 6 We know Improve because we design, deliver and maintain ports all over the world Differentiator 3 We know Ports- we have operational experience and we can deliver improvements in a live facility

Corporate overview WorleyParsons is a leading global provider of professional services to the resources and energy sectors, and the complex process industries. We cover the full asset spectrum, both in size and lifecycle, from the creation of new assets, to services that sustain and improve operating assets Our business has been built by working closely with our customers through long-term relationships, anticipating their needs, and delivering inventive solutions through streamlined, proprietary project delivery systems. Strong growth continues to characterise our performance both through organic development and through strategic acquisition as we strive to provide tailored services wherever our customers need us.


EcoNomics™ provides our customers with the systems, technologies and expertise to optimize and balance financial, social, and environmental outcomes, improving sustainability performance while enhancing profit and long-term viability. WorleyParsons’ vision is to be a leader in sustainability by helping our customers capture new markets and business opportunities created by the new energy economy. 15


Zero Harm is our corporate vision for health, safety and the environment (HSE). We are committed to our vision and apply it to all operations, at all times, in all locations, and at all levels of responsibility. We will actively work to align our expectations and behaviors to achieve Zero Harm in our dedication to continuous improvement. These expectations are reflected in our integrity management framework, OneWay™, and linked to our global systems and procedures.

For further information please contact: Jan MatthĂŠ Global Director, Ports & Marine Terminals Tel: +1 778 945 5435 Email:

Ports Improve Realizing Asset Potential

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WorleyParsons’ Improve supports our customers to operate, maintain and realise their assets for optimal long term performance, in areas such...