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Pit to Port Integrated Project Delivery

Results for our customers The efficient delivery of an integrated logistic supply chain from mine to ship comprising ore processing, materials handling, transport and port assets is critical to achieving the market return on investment and time to market for otherwise stranded commodities.



Why choose WorleyParsons for pit to port projects? WorleyParsons provides full pit to port development services spanning preliminary concept, feasibility definition, project delivery and transition to operation. Our range of capabilities and experience can be utilized by customers embarking on any or all phases of a pit to port development. Our approach is differentiated through the derivation of a fundamentally sound concept that integrates engineering, logistics and execution planning. This has proven to deliver value through preliminary and definitive feasibly studies and delivery. Utilising our experienced people in the application of global business and knowledge systems, we apply our lessons learnt from each project phase, as well as from other projects, to continually inform and improve our service delivery across the total project lifecycle, regardless of the project location.

Sound Engineering Concept

Construction Logistics

Execution Planning

Pit to Port Capability & Experience


The challenge WorleyParsons understands that pit to port developments involve a myriad of technical and nontechnical challenges, particularly in establishing both the feasibility and bankability of candidate options. Requisite financing and approvals can only be obtained for soundly engineered concept solutions. Expansive worksites require innovative resource and logistics planning, and consideration of key yard equipment sourcing is needed to minimise lead-times that can impact schedule outcomes and time to market for commodity sales.


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Challenges through-out project life-cycle Resource recovery Commodity processing Export logistics chain

ROI / NPV Availability of capital

Development eligibility Schedule for approvals Social licence to operate

Program schedule Extensive worksite area Equipment lead-times Securing construction resources

Asset availability Cost of ownership expansion capacity



Our response WorleyParsons responds to these challenges by deploying our project advisory and engineering consultants to analyse a range of feasible project solutions, and select for development that offering optimum value. We apply our core engineering expertise in commodity processing, materials handling, transport and ports to define and onward detail the concept. By further augmenting these with project enabling capabilities including master planning, approvals management and construction logistics planning we provide the foundation for unrivalled delivery assurance.

Progressive risk mitigation Sound engineering concepts Logistic chain optimisation modelling Route selection

Comparative whole of lifecycle cost analysis Global estimating database

Regulatory risk assessment Integrated approvals planning

Execution planning Global supply chain Construction logistics

Sustaining capital projects Project portfolio management

Pit to Port Capability & Experience



DEFINE 1 IDENTIFY 2 EVALUATE 4 EXECUTE Our phased approach to project 3development and delivery is a global proven to progressively mitigate risk Customer Goalsdiscipline WORLEYPARSONS’ EXPERIENCE COVERS andFIVE provide delivery assurance. ALL PHASES OF THE ASSET LIFECYCLE Establish preliminary scope and business strategy


Establish development options and execution strategy


Finalize scope and execution plan


Select concept


Detail and construct asset



Operate, maintain and improve asset



Our Services Customer Goals preliminary • Establish Options/scoping scope and business studies strategy • Business case

• Establish Preferred development option options and execution selection

strategy • Master planning

scope • Finalize FEED

and • Detail Detailed engineering

• Operate, Brownfieldmaintain projects

• Cost estimate

• Procurement

• Portfolio management

and execution plan

construct asset

and improve asset

• Bankable feasibility • Mobilisation • Asset management • Site selection andSelect concept study Sanction Start-up • EPCM • Reliability and integrity permitting • HSE and IR strategies • PMC • Business improvement • Our RiskServices assessment • Pre-feasibility study • Project execution plan • Project controls • Operations and • Stakeholder engagement • Simulation modelling • • EIS/EA maintenance • Options evaluation Scope development Detailed • Brownfield projects • Concept Studies • •HVE/HVPD • Execution strategy • • Approvals management • Support • Establish single Preliminary design Engineering Portfolio delivery • Opportunity • Environmental • Water solutions option assessment and development • Cost estimating • EPCM Asset management management • •Liability management • Procurement strategies

• Cost estimating • Contract planning

selection of alternatives • Business model development

• Execution planning


• Commissioning

• Business improvement • Operations and maintenance support

• Restoration

• Completions


Select Brings real world experience into the front-end, value adding phases to maximize investment return and underlying confidence




Converts the highest potential value options identified at the Select phase, into fully defined and successfully executed projects

Supports and improves customers’ assets throughout operating lifecycle

Profitably embeds environmental, social and financial sustainability into project delivery across the asset lifecycle

Customers can work with our technical consultants and project advisory specialists to identify all candidate project solutions and procurement strategies, together with the identification of associated risks that have the potential to impact development, delivery and operations over the life of mine. Initial scoping studies will consider the potential for access to existing infrastructure or alternative greenfield route selection, assess regulatory risk and provide comparative whole of lifecycle cost analysis for different concept solutions in order to establish the business case.



Services: • Options/scoping studies • Business case • Procurement strategies • Risk assessment

Evaluate A key tenet of the whole-of-project lifecycle approach to pit to port projects is our practice of involving key members of our planning, engineering, delivery and operational asset teams so as to fully inform our earlyphase advisory and consulting work. This ensures that each candidate project solution is developed in consideration of both knowledge and risk stemming from all project phases.

Services: • Preferred option selection • Master planning • Site selection and permitting

Selection framework

• Pre-feasibility study

Through framing workshops with key stakeholders, we apply our EcoNomics™ rationale and proprietary analytical tools, including comparative dynamic supplychain simulation, to quantify and monetise current and future risks to operational sustainability, establishing a rational basis for comparison of options and selection of the preferred solution.

• Simulation modelling • Execution strategy • Water solutions

Integrating the Solution Preliminary considerations such as environmental and geotechnical investigations inform the development of an integrated master plan, which is incorporated into a pre-feasibility study as the formal deliverable. As part of this decision support package, sufficient engineering and costing detail is developed to enable the selection and sanctioning of the preferred option. Pit to Port Capability & Experience


Define The essential risk-mitigation action prior to project execution is to perform the further degree of engineering and associated cost definition necessary for financial closure.

Services: • FEED • Cost estimate

Engineering true cost It is possible to identify and engineer-out significant delivery risks through the front-end loading of engineering activity in the form of a Front End Engineering Design (FEED).

• Bankable feasibility study • HSE and IR strategies • Project execution plan

Sanctioning the project


WorleyParsons has established estimating norms that align the level of engineering progressed at FEED to the tolerance of cost estimate demanded by major companies and financial institutions. Critical schedule considerations include the mapping of the regulatory approvals process onto the project master schedule and the applicability of modularisation as a means of reducing site-based activity.

• Approvals management


Your headline Forown our pit tosub port projects, we document a Bankable Feasibility Study incorporating these key elements of risk assessment, cost estimate and preliminary master program schedule as the basis to achieve financial closure.

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Services: • Detailed engineering • Procurement • Mobilisation • EPCM • PMC • Project controls • HVE/HVPD • Environmental management

Execute WorleyParsons executes pit to port projects normally as the Project Management Contractor (PMC) or alternatively through the provision of full Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) services, often forming an integrated project management office with our customers. Proven, tailored systems Our pit to port project teams consistently apply the WorleyParsons Project Management Process (WPMP). WPMP comprises a flexible suite of project control and delivery systems, which can be integrated with our customers existing or preferred business systems at project mobilisation. We deploy WPMP in combination with our OneWay™ Integrity Management System, which fully integrates health, safety and environment management requirements as an enabler for us to establish a cohesive HSE culture and aligned behaviours across all project participants, including construction contractors.

Evolved construction logistics Pit to port projects are invariably executed across an extensive worksite involving remote locations, making innovative construction logistics planning essential. Regardless of the location, through workshare, we link our technical centres of excellence with our high-value engineering centres, global procurement supply chain and delivery support group to provide a cohesive high-value delivery service on-site, coordinated through one of our network of over 150 local execution centres.

Pit to Port Capability & Experience


Operate Efficiency and flexibility in the logistics supply chain is essential to accommodate fluctuations in market demand, pricing and throughput over the life of mine. Availability, reliability, operability and maintainability are all essential elements addressed throughout engineering, procurement and construction, driving down the cost of ownership over the life of Pit to port assets.

Delivering ongoing value Once the assets are delivered and operational, WorleyParsons provides a core service offering focused on maintenance and efficiency improvements, including the further delivery of major facility upgrade projects. Our portfolio management and production support services sustain our customers’ assets, as well as the profitability of their operations, through the identification, analysis, and implementation of a portfolio of improvement projects, selected on the basis of their return on investment.

Services: • Brownfield projects • Portfolio management • Asset management • Reliability and integrity • Business improvement • Operations and maintenance • Support • Liability management • Restoration



Pit to Port Capability & Experience




Pit to Port Capability & Experience



Conceptual Engineering; Front-End Engineering Design, Detailed Design, EPCM - Engineering Procurement & Construction Management, Commissioning/Start-Up, Asset Sustainment The Pilbara Iron Ore and Infrastructure Project involved the development of a 45mtpa iron ore mining operation in the Chichester Ranges, a 256 km heavy haul railway (including the design and procurement of rolling stock), a port facility at Port Hedland accommodating 270,000 DWT iron ore tankers and all associated materials handling infrastructure.

Our services The project was delivered as an Integrated Project Management Office (PMO) with FMG, with WorleyParsons providing 98% of the Project Management Team

Customer challenges FMG was a start-up project, with an ambitious schedule for completion based on the need to ship iron-ore and generate revenue. Challenges included:

• Demonstrating project feasibility so as to achieve financial closure and sanction project execution • Complex project resourcing logistics due to the remoteness and extent of the project site • The requirement to secure a large number of approvals as project enablers in satisfaction of environmental, statutory, heritage and indigenous requirements • Cyclone George causing a 3 month disruption to schedule



Key Achievements First major iron ore/ infrastructure start-up project in a generation Built faster and at lower relative cost than any similar global project Injected over $1.5 billion into Australian economy Industry recognition: Australian National Mining Award, WorleyParsons Project Manager of the Year Environmental mapping and analysis integrated with design to assist and speed up regulatory approvals and reduce costs for waterways structures. Set a new standard in the design and procurement of the heaviest axle-load rolling stock, supported by WorleyParsons in-country supervision of manufacturing in China. Innovative application of a range of contracting and procurement regimes, including incentivisation, appropriately tailored for each workpackage. Record delivery schedule, with zero industrial lost time for a construction effort involving approximately eight million on-site hours.

Lessons learnt • Integrated team – Owner involvement as a player • Experienced key people • Alignment and planning

• Structured HSE program • Incentivised contracting • Clarity of scope and reporting

• Communication

Pit to Port Capability & Experience


Global experience

1. La Guajira Thermal Coal

3. Tonkolili - Iron Ore

5. Mbalam - Iron Ore Sundance Resources

CCX Columbia

African Minerals Limited (AML)

Project Managing Contractor; Feasibility Studies

Concept Study, Definitive Feasibility Study, EIS; FEED • 45 mtpa magnetite concentrate operation • 200 km heavy haul railway • Port Facility

2. S11D (Serra Sul) Iron Ore Vale Procurement Services for Stockyard Machines

4. Nimba - Iron Ore Societe des Mines de Fer de Guinea Conceptual Design Study

Scoping Study; Definitive Feasibly Study • 35 mtpa iron ore mine site • 517 km heavy haul railway • Port facility for 250,000 DWT bulk carriers

6. Raz Az Zawr Minerals Industrial City Phosphate Ma’aden (Saudi Arabian Mining Company) Project Management Contractor • Phosphate mine site • Chemicals complex • 1,800 km rail link • Port town site and infrastructure





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2 8 9 7

7. Oakajee Port and Rail – Iron Ore

8. Roy Hill – Iron Ore


Pre-Feasibility Study; Project Management Contractor for Delivery

Definitive Feasibility Study; Project Management Contractor • 45mtpa rail and port facilities • 530km heavy haul railway • Port facility for 210,000 DWT bulk carriers Port landside and stockyard facilities

Roy Hill Iron Ore Pty Ltd

• Heavy haul railway • Materials handling and overland conveyors • Port development • All supporting infrastructure

9. Pilbara Iron Ore and Infrastructure – Iron Ore Fortescue Metals Group Concept Study; Definitive Feasibility Study; FEED; EPCM • 45 mtpa mining operation • 256km heavy haul railway • Port Facility for 270,000 DWT bulk carriers


10. Alpha Coal - Coal Hancock/GVK WorleyParsons Ausenco JV. Project Management Contractor; Environmental Management

Pit to Port Capability & Experience


Our differentiators Differentiator 4 Outstanding operational and corporate performance

Differentiator 1 Combined empowerment and technically capable people

Differentiator 5 Focus on long term contracts and asset-based services

Differentiator 2 Industry leadership in health, safety and environmental performance Differentiator 6 Success in project delivery - large and small

Differentiator 3 Economics™ – delivering profitable sustainability Differentiator 7 Comprehensive geographic presence



Corporate overview WorleyParsons is a leading global provider of professional services to the resources and energy sectors, and the complex process industries. We cover the full asset spectrum, both in size and lifecycle, from the creation of new assets, to services that sustain and improve operating assets Our business has been built by working closely with our customers through long-term relationships, anticipating their needs, and delivering inventive solutions through streamlined, proprietary project delivery systems. Strong growth continues to characterize our performance both


Zero harm is our corporate vision for health, safety & the environment (HSE). We are committed to our vision; it applies to all of our operations, at all times, in all locations, and at all levels of responsibility We will actively work to align our expectations and behaviours with those required to achieve our vision through a dedication to continuous improvement. Zero harm is our corporate vision for health, safety & the environment (HSE)


Economics™ is our range of services and technologies that profitably embed environmental, social and financial sustainability into project delivery, across the asset lifecycle. It is a seamless extension of our established project delivery capability in the key areas of assessment, efficiency, and treatment & mitigation. We are committed to working with our customers to turn their sustainability objectives into good business practice.


Pit to Port Capability & Experience

Pit to Port Capability and Experience  

WorleyParsons provides full pit to port development services spanning preliminary concept, feasibility definition, project delivery and tran...