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Geotechnical CONSULTING

Consulting Overview “Our Consultants combine proven project experience and leading edge skills with innovative thinking to give our customers a competitive advantage.”

WorleyParsons Consulting is a globally connected specialist consulting group, drawing on world-class expertise across many industries. We focus on understanding our customers’ business challenges, enabling us to bring a unique set of front-end and technical consulting services to bear throughout the project lifecycle. We draw on our proven, global project delivery experience and knowledge of multiple industries to identify innovative solutions during asset planning and for operational and project level support.

Global Network We work from 165 offices in 43 countries around the world. Our world-renowned consultants are engaged with the broader WorleyParsons business, leveraging from its proven project delivery record. Our global network of experts develop solutions in the Hydrocarbons, Power, Minerals, Metals, Chemicals, Infrastructure and Environment industries and deliver them locally to our customers.

Tradition WorleyParsons has a long tradition of providing world-class consulting services to our customers. This core consulting strength, created from the original company (Wholohan Grill and Partners), is the foundation and has been greatly enhanced by the companies that have joined WorleyParsons as part of our growth over the last 40 years.

Commitment Our organization is driven by a commitment to four enduring principles:

Veréna Preston Global Director WorleyParsons Consulting


asset integrity solutions

• build and sustain long-term relationships with our customers by consistently delivering on our promises • continually enhance our knowledge and expertise to support our customers’ challenges • provide an outstanding home for the best people to work and nurture their talents • develop and maintain thought-leadership in all of our markets.

Why WorleyParsons for Geotechnical Consulting Unplanned changes in response to unexpected site conditions can represent one of the most significant cost and schedule risks to our customers’ developments. For successful project completion, customers need to understand the site conditions of their developments and the associated risks. Our geotechnical consultants offer a unique combination of extensive global resources and world-recognized geotechnical expertise to mitigate the unique challenges faced by our customers. Total lifecycle expertise WorleyParsons expertise spans across the full project lifecycle through feasibility, design, construction and operations. This allows us to recognize opportunities and risks early, and influence early phase decision-making to optimize the geotechnical outcome. Integrated approach Through integrated teams we provide customers with a single interface that delivers efficiency and clarity of accountability within the technical (engineering and geotechnical) team. Teams from various disciplines allow for everyday face-to-face interaction, effective communication, quick decision-making and sharing of ideas as we strive for efficiency and innovation.

Brad Fuge Global Director Geosciences

Unrivalled industry knowledge Our consultants are involved in the most diverse projects globally, and possess unrivalled industry knowledge and experience across key areas such as onshore, nearshore and offshore site characterization and geotechnical engineering, management of tailings, design of roads, railway, tunnels, ports and pipelines, and advanced numerical analysis.


Services throughout the project lifecycle


Stabilizing (post operational) site features Geotechnical solutions, slopes and finished landforms Final data presentation for hand back or future use Rehabilitation/remediation


Geotechnica Engineerin Geop

Monitoring and Management Managing site changes New data collection and interpretation Data re-interpretation

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asset integrity solutions


al Engineering ng Geology physics

Data collection - Geotechnical, geological, geohydrological, geophysical and environmental data - Geospatial and topographical data Early phase data interpretation Identification and prioritization of site related risk - Geohazards Data presentation, reports, maps


Data analysis and interpretation - Geotechnical design and design input Construction support On-site support - Design confirmation - Technical decision-making Data presentation and data delivery

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The challenge WorleyParsons recognize that our customers face an increasing number of challenges. Driven by a highly competitive operating environment our customers are under increasing pressure to develop quickly, efficiently and sustainably. Continual innovation and flexibility is required to deal with the geotechnical risks inherent in the ground.

Today’s and Tomorrow’s Challenges Understanding site conditions Limited site data

Managing costs and quality from progressive field data collection

Processing and interpretation of field data

Design optimization based on site data

Construction support: managing unexpected changes

Operational support: managing ongoing challenges


asset integrity solutions

Our response To meet these demands, our team strives to deliver optimal geotechnical solutions to the world’s most challenging geotechnical problems. This is achieved by using a truly integrated and streamlined approach with our customers to identify project requirements, undertake complex geotechnical studies and provide comprehensive specialist advice.

Geotechnical Consulting Solutions Geology-based approach Local knowledge

Optimized/targeted investigation plan (staged to support project timelines)

Graphical and GIS based data synthesis and outputs

Integrated geotechnical and design teams Global design expertise

Improved access to technical experts Single project lifecycle team

Presence through long-term Improve relationships (supports continuity of knowledge)


Our service response Understanding site conditions When site data is limited, WorleyParsons uses a geology-based approach and local knowledge to gain a better understanding of the site conditions. Our approach: •

Uses geology to understand the macro environmental conditions

Brings local knowledge from adjacent projects and/or the construction phase to support prioritization of risk

Builds knowledge through the project lifecycle to increase confidence in the decision-making process

Uses our extensive experience to support early phase decision-making

Managing costs and quality from progressive field data WorleyParsons provides customers with an optimized and targeted Service

investigation plan to support project schedule, manage costs and Our magnien denist, con custi temporehenis aut fuga. Ehendiae erit, ensure the quality of progressive field data. voluptat aut utet quisqua tiatusd aecearum consequam ipicidenda nos Our approach: poressi nimolent voluptiati recabor erspidus comnihi lluptas pellaut pa quiduntio cullo in rerunda diti cum qui consed explitat • Uses del our minimpore, diverse experience in investigation, design qui autemol uptatenet iusdae voluptinis aut et quo ipsam ini dolor arit, and construction nam, sinvellique liandipis volores dolorum, quaepra tenihil in remporem • Implements a phased approach to manage cash flow limits fugia corit a nonectorum iduci iur • Provides risk-based prioritization of scope •

Uses our in-field technical expertise to achieve required outcomes

Processing and interpretation of field data The use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and drafting techniques makes data accessible to the engineering team. At WorleyParsons, we use our local knowledge to refine the interpretation of data and present it in an easy-to-understand format.


asset integrity solutions

Design optimization based on site data WorleyParsons geotechnical consultants are integrated into design teams to offer a parallel delivery of site investigation and design. This ensures an alignment of priorities, and provides access to industry experts with comprehensive knowledge and experience. Our approach: •

Has geotechnical and design experts in the same office, providing daily updates

Allows for progressive delivery

Reduces the need for detailed reporting

Construction support: managing unexpected changes WorleyParsons provides customers with a single project lifecycle team to ensure improved access to technical experts during the construction phase. Our approach: •

Brings understanding from site studies into the construction phase through close links and embedment of key personnel within the project team

Improves the ability to rapidly respond to construction needs

Creates a full learning circle (investigation, design, construction) so design processes are continually improved through previous construction experience

Operational support: managing ongoing challenges Through long-term relationships, WorleyParsons geotechnical consultants gain expert knowledge of our customers’ projects to help manage their ongoing project challenges. Our approach: •

Creates excellent communication between site personnel and technical experts

Provides confidence in the relationship to support early recognition and management of operating risks

Provides efficiency through a detailed knowledge of the site and site systems


Team of experts WorleyParsons’ Geotechnical Consulting group comprises qualified and experienced individuals with over 600 years of accumulated experience in geotechnical consulting. Our consultants deliver integrated, innovative and cost-effective solutions to customers through informed problem solving. Our approach is to work with customers and other disciplines to identify project requirements, prepare project briefs, undertake geotechnical studies and follow up with specialist advice. We work on projects around the world in mining, oil and gas (onshore and offshore), infrastructure, research, education, defense, building and remediation for the private and public sector.


asset integrity solutions



Background Anadarko in Mozambique are planning one of the largest LNG projects in the world. WorleyParsons’ Houston INTECSEA office was involved in the supervision of early offshore geotechnical site investigations and realized that onshore investigations were also needed. After consultation with Anadarko, WorleyParsons was commissioned to execute this work and to help set up local laboratory testing facilities to accelerate the testing schedule.

Our Services Pre-FEED and FEED geotechnical investigations and studies for the proposed on-shore LNG facility.

Key Achievements •

Effectively assisted Geopractica and Fugro to optimize on drilling, insitu testing and sampling techniques in thick alluvial, estuarine and lagoonal sediments in order to improve the quality of data

No reportable injuries during the drilling work undertaken by WorleyParsons and Geomechanics


asset integrity solutions

Source: Daniele Befera (


Global experience 10

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3 1, 6 5

1. Roy Hill Project – Iron Ore

2.Tonkolili Project – Iron Ore

3. Serra do Facão Hydro Power Plant

Hancock Prospecting Western Australia

African Minerals Sierra Leone

Serra do Facão Energia Brazil

Field site investigation and mapping services throughout feasibility and design.

Geotechnical services.

Geotechnical and water resources services.

Met project schedule

Optimized site studies and supported the early • identification of risk

Mobilized global geotechnical experts to Africa Engaged local labor to progress site work despite customs restraints Optimized the design outcomes

Continuous support to the EPCM construction team


asset integrity solutions

Preliminary and detailed design solution part of an integrated team Identified and negated geotechnical risks Continuous support to the construction team

4. Marina Bay Penta-Ocean Construction for Land Transport Authority (LTA) Singapore Geotechnical, structural and project engineering services analysis. •

Robust alternative design to the retaining system, meeting technical and budgetary expectations


5. Southern Seawater Desalination Plant Water Corporation Western Australia Design of all engineering elements. •

Improved the placement of ground anchors supporting the diaphragm wall

Significant cost savings

Delivered successfully in an alliance framework

6. Pluto LNG Woodside Western Australia Field site investigation and mapping services. •

7. Kashagan Full Field 8. Plant Scherer – Units 1-4 SCR, FGD & Development Baghouse Projects Shell Caspian Sea Kazakhstan Southern Company USA Geotechnical design.

• Managed geotechnical risk in variable hard rock and soft mud, avoiding • construction delays Continuous support to the EPCM construction team

11. Kipoi Copper Project Tiger Resources Limited Democratic Republic of Congo

Utilized remote, global expertise to support the design team Geotechnical solutions integrated into overall design for a holistic solution

12. Pharsalus Gold Project

Geotechnical services and detailed design. •

Delivered successfully in an alliance framework, collaborating between in-house and customer consultants

13. BP Khazzan Project

9. Coastal GasLink Pipeline Project

10. Eureka Weather Station Civil Upgrades

TransCanada Canada

Public Works and Government Services Canada Nunavut

Geohazard assessment. •

Year round intrusive and non-intrusive geotechnical investigations in remote locations in northern BC delivered on schedule and budget

14. PNG Oil Export System PL2

Pre-FEED design, site investigation and FEED design. •

Geotechnical drilling program delivered ahead of schedule, on budget and with zero HSE incidents

15. Queensland Curtis LNG Project – Upstream Development of Coal Seam Gas Project

Azimuth Resources Ltd/ BP Exploration (Epsilon) OilSearch Troy Resources Ltd Ltd Papua New Guinea Republic of Guyana Oman Geotechnical engineering Queensland Gas Site investigation, Tailings storage facility FEED geotechnical and services. Company geotechnical conceptual design engineering geological • Zero HSE incidents Australia design, construction leading to detailed support. • 10/10 customer Geotechnical studies. specifications and cost design. • Non-standard feedback: • Mitigated extremely estimate for a tailings • Completed design testing procedures “...the geotechnical reactive soils storage facility, water in a remote and to reduce the risk of report was one storage facility and heap • Identified and challenging poorly understood of the most leach facility. utilized local gravel environment ground conditions comprehensive materials • Construction reports that they • Economic and • Significant savings considerations have seen...” value-add approach to the project for specific site to detailed design schedule and cost conditions and requirements project development


Australia & New Zealand David Haskins

Asia & China John Poh

Principal Consultant Level 7, 250 St Georges Terrace Perth WA 6000, Australia Ph: +61 8 9278 8111

Principal Consultant 12th Floor, Unit 05 111 Somerset Road Singapore 238164 Ph: +656 735 8444

Canada Nicolas Payne

Middle East Dharma Mazumdar

Principal Consultant Suite 500 151 Canada Olympic Road Canada Olympic Park Calgary AB T3B 6B7, Canada Ph: +1 403 247 0200

Principal Consultant Level 13, DAfir Tower Najda Street Abu Dhabi, UAE Ph: +971 2 495 1201

US Wade Anundson Principal Consultant 2GA, 2675 Morgantown Road Cumru Township, Reading PA 19607 Ph: +1 610 855 2000

Europe & Africa Kwokcheung Law Principal Consultant Parkview, Great West Road Middlesex, Brentford London TW8 9AZ Ph: +44 20 8326 5288

For further information about our global capability

Sub-Saharan Africa Mark Richter Principal Consultant 6 The Boulevard Westway Office Park Spine Road, Westville Durban 3630 Ph: +27 31 254 5700

Latin America Ciro Humes Principal Consultant Avenida Alfredo Egydio de Souza Aranha, 100 Bloco C Chacara Santo Antonio Sao Paulo SP CEP: 04726-170 Ph: +55 11 5696 8686

Geotechnical Consulting  

Geotechnical Consulting strives to deliver optimal geotechnical solutions to the world’s most challenging geotechnical problems. This is ach...

Geotechnical Consulting  

Geotechnical Consulting strives to deliver optimal geotechnical solutions to the world’s most challenging geotechnical problems. This is ach...