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Seychelles Exchange your wedding vows in the Seychelles and be blessed with one of the world’s most perfect settings on your special day


et your loved one whisk you away to the romantic Seychelles in the Indian Ocean to get married on the world’s most stunningly beautiful islands – you will think you have landed in Paradise, in a land of perpetual summer. You will feel like a film star hiding from the prying eyes of the Paparazzi on these ‘Robinson Crusoe’ islands which are a poet and novelists dream – after all, Ian Fleming found the inspiration for the James Bond novel, For Your Eyes Only after staying on the islands. It is sure to inspire you, too! Situated just five degrees south of the Equator and 1000 miles off the African coastline, the 115 granite and coral islands of the Seychelles are scattered over a secluded corner of the Indian Ocean like sparkling emeralds and are the perfect choice for unforgettable weddings, blessings and honeymoons. 3

Why the Seychelles?


If you are looking for a totally romantic, tranquil tropical setting to say, ‘I do’, look no further. Here you can enjoy a blissful ceremony in a pristine, natural sanctuary accompanied by the sounds of swaying palms and the gentle lapping of the crystal ocean on the white sandy beach. Sounds idyllic? It is!

The Seychelles remained uninhabited until the late 18th century. Since then they have managed to cocoon their unique life forms and unique eco-systems as well as their sense of belonging to a bygone age – they remain lush and natural, with little sign of the ravages of tourism that has spoilt so many of the world’s beauty spots.

The islands of the Seychelles boast some of the rarest species of flora and fauna on earth, as well as some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet, framed by granite boulders. The Seychelles are a mix of coral and granite islands – which are actually the highest peaks of the submerged remnants of the super continent Gondwanaland, and represent the most ancient mid-ocean islands in the world – a lasting legacy to the earth’s beginnings. It seems a fitting tribute that they should be the place marking the beginning of so many marriages.

A total of 16 islands, including 12 island getaways with only a single lodge per island, provide an authentic tropical island experience and offer a range of accommodation choices, from the homely comforts of rustic beachside bungalows to the pampered privacy and luxury of fivestar resorts.

One thing’s for sure, a wedding or honeymoon in the Seychelles promises to be a heavenly experience. Did you know that, according to legend, the Vallee de Mai, one of the Seychelles’ two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, could be the original site of the biblical Garden of Eden?

Getting married in the Seychelles The stunning Seychelles provides many romantic locations for weddings and blessing ceremonies – from palm-fringed white sandy beaches to magnificent catamaran yachts gliding through the ocean. Most of the fourand five-star hotels have designated wedding locations within the hotel grounds.The majority of weddings in the Seychelles are civil and performed by a registrar, though religious ceremonies and renewal of vows can be arranged on request. For a civil marriage in the Seychelles you will need the following documentation: • Passports and birth certificates • Document to show that there is no impediment to marriage or lawful hindrance • Divorce papers (decree nisi absolute) if applicable • Previous marriage certificate and death certificate, if widowed The law also says: • You need to be aged 18 years and older • Give at least 11 days notice to publish the banns before a marriage • The couple needs to stay at least three days in the Seychelles before their marriage • Weddings are not performed in public places • For religious ceremonies couples need to give three months notice prior to marriage

Honeymoon bliss!

Book it!

Whether or not you choose to marry in the Seychelles, it is a destination with the wowfactor for an unforgettable honeymoon.

Seychelles Travel – the leading Seychelles Specialists for weddings and honeymoons in the Seychelles, (www.seychelles-travel., offer a fabulous choice of exotic locations. Should you wish for a wedding location that has not been listed in its brochure, Seychelles Travel will endeavour to make this possible. They can also arrange for wedding guests to stay in the same hotel as the couple or, if preferred, at nearby hotels. Celebrations can be arranged both for the eve of the ceremony and afterwards. ¢

Take time to explore the lush islands and share the warmth of the tiny island communities and discover the innocence and simplicity of island life in the Seychelles – enjoy mountain hikes and nature trails or island hopping by plane, boat or helicopter to discover each island’s individual character. Try your hand at diving and snorkelling and discover the enchantment of the Seychelles marine parks, where an aquarium awaits you in the form of colourful reef fish, octopus and turtles. Or enjoy the thrills and spills of all kinds of water-sports, including sailing, water-skiing, parachute rides, jet skis and banana rides – best place for these activities is Beau Vallon bay. You can even play a round of golf at the nine-hole Seychelles Golf Club on Mahe, or at the spectacular new 18-hole championship course at Praslin’s Liguria Resort. Or simply spend lazy days on a deserted sandy beach under a shady palm and discover the secrets of total relaxation. After nightfall there’s still plenty to do – indulge in the unique atmosphere of local clubs and bars, where you can dance until the small hours and even join in with the local dances such as the Sega and Moutya. Or test lady luck at casinos on Mahe and Praslin.

Seychelles weather Blessed with an idyllic year-round climate, the Seychelles is lucky enough to be situated outside the cyclone belt and boasts an equatorial tropical climate influenced by monsoons. The temperature is pleasant all year round and varies between 24 and 30°C with humidity around 80 per cent. Whatever time of year you visit the Seychelles you are sure to enjoy endless hours of sunshine with gentle breezes keeping the temperature comfortable. 5

La Digue

Mahe Beau Vallon beach

It’s a Fact Population

Seychelles islands at a glance There are two categories of islands: the granite ‘Inner’ that cluster around the principal islands of Mahe, Praslin and La Digue are the popular cultural focal point of the Seychelles and boast verdant peaks, virgin forests and immaculate beaches; the Outer – are a sparkling array of flat, coralline islands extending westwards towards the coast of Africa, including Aldabra, the world’s largest raised coral atoll, which remain miniature worlds and are mostly uninhabited.


La Digue

Mahe is the most popular of the Seychelles islands. It’s a fertile granite island with forests, soaring peaks and over 65 stunning beaches. North Mahe is home to the famous water sport hot spot, Beau Vallon beach, and discreetly features a range of hotels of all sizes and guesthouses and villas. In contrast, South Mahe has some of the island’s prettiest beaches and villages. Victoria is one of the world’s tiniest capitals, with traditional architecture, original charm and character and a busy market and shopping. The cathedral clock in Victoria chimes twice on the hour, just in case you missed it the first time!

Famous for its incredible sculptured granite boulder formations on Source d’Argent beaches and authentic islandstyle accommodation, La Digue measures approximately three miles by two miles and is the third largest island in the Seychelles. Main mode of transport on the island is Ox carts and bicycles.

Praslin Praslin is home to the heavenly Vallee de Mai UNESCO World Heritage Site, where the famous coco de mer grows wild in abundance. It possesses some of the Seychelles’ most striking beaches such as Anse Lazio, widely acclaimed to be the most beautiful beach on earth, plus an 18-hole golf course. Praslin also has a rich assortment of hotels and guesthouses steeped in Creole hospitality. 6

Other islands There are smaller, more remote islands that also offer accommodation and facilities for weddings and blessings as well as secluded honeymoons, including Bird, Cerf, Chauve Souris, Cousine, Denis, Desroches, Fregate, North, Silhouette, Round island Praslin and Sainte Anne, Before you make your choice, you need to know your priorities and do your homework. However, you can be sure of a stunning location with gorgeous tropical weather and memories that will last a lifetime.

The population of the Seychelles is approximately 80,000, most living on the main islands of Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. The Seychellois (as they are known) are a mix of European, African and Asiatic races. Most are of African decent, originally being brought to the islands by the French colonials.

Languages Creole is the main language used by Seychellois, however, most speak English and French.

Religion Most islanders are Roman Catholic.

Currency The Seychelles Rupee (SR) is the local currency. £1 = 19 Rs.

Entry Requirements No visa and no vaccination – except people coming from Africa. An airport tax of $40 per person is payable from all visitors leaving the Seychelles.

Souvenirs Works by local artists ranging from rustic to refined, working with stained glass, coconut shells, coral, bamboo, metal and pottery.

Getting there Air Seychelles operates scheduled flights. Qatar Airways and Emirates fly to and from the Seychelles with connecting flights through Dubai and Doha. Other operating airlines include Air France, Kenya Airways and Condor. 7


Sensational Seychelles Wendy and Carl’s Robinson Crusoe wedding



hen Wendy Gaisford met Carl Luke from Redhill, Surrey at a bar called Settle Down, she never dreamed they would do just that! The couple chose a beach wedding in Praslin, to say ‘I do’ before ‘settling down’ into blissful married life together!

Finding ‘the one’ Wnedy says: Ironically, we met in a bar called Settle Down in High Street Kensington. It was pure luck that we met that night as I was supposed to be going to a beer festival at Olympia in London but my two friends cancelled at the last minute, so I had to ask Dan, a work friend, if he would meet up. He said that he would love to, but his best friend Carl was visiting him for the weekend, so he came along too and we all ended up in the local pub near work as the directors had arranged a night out. After being in the pub for about 30 mins, Carl arrived and I immediately knew that I wanted to get to know this guy better! At the end of the night, on the tube

home, Carl said he really liked me. I said that I liked him too and I got off the tube. I didn’t know whether I would see him again. About two months later I received a joke email from Carl at work, and we then started to communicate by e-mail and eventually started dating. Carl was the first guy that had made me feel the way he did. He made me feel special and safe the first time we met. It may not have been love but it certainly quickly developed into that.

The proposal It was Valentine’s Day and Carl had just taken me out for the most romantic meal ever. The evening had already been so special that I didn’t think the night could get any better. We were sitting by the side of the Thames with the view of the Thames Barrier/Canary Wharf in the background outside our old flat in Woolwich Dockyard. We looked at the view and talked about the lovely evening we had just had, and then he got down on one knee

and asked me to marry him! Of course I said yes but he made me laugh because instead of putting the engagement ring on my finger he just handed me the box. He did end up putting the ring on my finger, though, so all ended well. It was totally unexpected!

Location, Location We knew that we wanted a luxury beach wedding in a remote location. Our first choice was the Maldives, however, you cannot have a legally recognised wedding there, you can only renew your vows. We therefore Googled luxury beach weddings on the Internet and soon discovered you could get married in the Seychelles and it would be legally recognised, and you would return with a formalised legal wedding certificate. It was important for us that the ceremony was legal as we were asking family and friends to spend a lot of time, money and effort coming to the Seychelles, and we wanted them to witness the ‘real thing’ regarding the ceremony. > 9


Planning the big day We chose to get married abroad because quite a few of our friends have recently got married in the UK and the weddings all seem to have been really expensive for what you get. We wanted to have a beach wedding in paradise to remember for the rest of our lives, and we wanted to combine it with a luxury honeymoon. We also wanted to guarantee good weather on our special day. We heard that getting married abroad was a lot cheaper than getting married in the UK, which we found hard to believe, but once we started to look into it we soon discovered that it was true. Our wedding package cost £189, which included the registrars’ fees, the license, all the paperwork, a wedding cake for two, canapés for two, a bottle of champagne, breakfast on the beach the following morning and a private lobster candlelit dinner for two on the rocks. We ended up paying more than this on the day because we had 13 guests – so we bought a larger cake, more canapés, champagne and we had an evening BBQ/buffet by the lake in the hotel in the evening. The whole day with a three-course evening meal and drinks for 15 people cost around £1500.


Making the arrangements Our travel agent, Seychelles Travel, arranged everything for us (from booking the registrar and photographer, arranging the bouquet, sorting out food menu and providing all the information we could have required). They were amazing. Everything was made so simple – for example they emailed photos of the available bouquets to me so that I could choose the flowers in advance. They could not have been more helpful. We didn’t need to worry about anything, as we knew they had it all under control. When we got to the hotel, The Lemuria Resort on Praslin, we had our own wedding co-ordinator, who again took the stress out of everything. She showed us all of the possible wedding locations and even arranged a back-up plan for the ceremony and the evening reception in case it rained. The service was faultless.

Getting the look As I was getting married in the Seychelles I wanted a light dress that would travel well (with a 10-hour flight I worried about the dress creasing). As a result I actually bought a Ronald Joyce Ivory Bridesmaid Dress in Satin, which was perfect for the hot climate and did not crease! I bought the dress from Bell’amoré bridal shop in Bexleyheath as they

offered a great selection of dresses suitable for a wedding abroad. The theme of our wedding was a relaxed beach wedding. We wanted to keep it as informal as possible, which is why we did not ask the best man, maid of honour, ushers or bridesmaids to wear any specific outfits. We were also conscious of how hot it was going to be out there and we did not want people to be uncomfortable wearing formal outfits. I wore a mother of pearl and Swarovski crystal headband that was tailor-made by Sarah Roberts (www.bespoketiarasbysarahroberts. Carl bought me the wedding necklace (a simple round diamond necklace from Madisons in Hatton Garden) as a wedding gift. My maid of honour did my hair and makeup – this was the best decision I could have made because we had trial runs before the big day and I was happy knowing that on the day I would have the look I wanted.

Groom and bridesmaids Carl wore a 100 per cent beige/stone linen suit from M&S and a casual cotton shirt from the Levi Store. He wanted to wear something that would not be too hot but would still be fairly formal. He looked great in it. > 11


...And the guests More people came than we expected and we were overwhelmed by this! In the end 13 family and friends came with us, which was amazing considering how far away the wedding was, and how expensive the trip cost them (approx £2K each for seven nights half-board in the hotel). They all stayed with us in the same hotel for a week (we arrived on the Saturday before the wedding on the Wednesday). A few of the guests we invited were put off by either the length of the flight (12 hours with Air Seychelles, which included a touch down in Milan) or the cost of the holiday, however we also told people not to feel obliged to come as we were going to have a reception in Surrey when we got back. Sadly, one person I would have liked to come was a good friend of mine (a second mum almost) Eve who bought half of my dress. She really wanted to be at my wedding but she would not have coped with the flight – this is a sad consequence of getting married abroad but I was thinking of her on the day, as she was of me!

Fine details We had local flowers called Frangipani – I could have had red roses or any other flowers flown in but I wanted to immerse myself in the culture of the country and the surroundings. The cake was described as a sponge cake with fruit. It was delicious but it was unlike anything we have ever seen before. People loved it though. Seychelles Travel arranged for a local photographer to take the photos. We did not know what to expect as we knew nothing about him and had not met until the day. However, he did an excellent job and within three days he gave us a wedding album containing 40 photos and a CD with all of the pictures on. We could not have asked for better pictures! The best photo was a group shot of everyone who went to the Seychelles, and when we look at this picture it reminds us not only of our special day, but also of the most amazing week’s holiday we have ever had with our family and closest friends.

The ceremony The ceremony took place under a gazebo just in front of the beach. It lasted 15 minutes. We were married by a local registrar and my father gave me away. We were surprised at how short it was but the ceremony was


beautiful. I particularly liked the vows as they were worded slightly differently to those recited in UK weddings, but they hit more of a personal note with me. They seemed simpler yet had more meaning.

What a reception Our reception was held by one of the lakes in the hotel and was an open-air buffet. Our first dance was Eric Clapton’s You Look Wonderful Tonight, however, this was by default. We had not intended to do a first dance and got talked into it. The hotel provided the entertainment, The local duo – one man played the keyboard and another sung – had a selection of international music, which was limited and when we said that we needed a first dance we made a few suggestions and this was one they knew. As it happens we really liked the song and we kept it as our first dance at the UK reception. We booked The Local Duo for two-three hours but they played for four hours, they were amazing. They played as many international requests as they could. They played local music and showed us how to dance to it. Everyone was up dancing and having a great time. We also had a friend who wanted to sing and play a guitar, but the local duo did not have a guitar. However, when we mentioned this to them one of the guys went home to get his guitar! Amazing service. >

On budget? The wedding and honeymoon cost £16,000. Our original budget was £15,000 so we went a bit over, however, that was due to the decision to go with a BBQ/buffet as an evening reception which, cost approx £800. Anyhow, £16,000 for a wedding in the Seychelles and the incredible honeymoon we had afterwards we feel was value for money. After all it is a once in a lifetime experience.

Honeymoon The day after we got married we went to another island Mahe for three nights. We then went to South Africa for 11 nights and went to Cape Town, The Winelands and a Private Nature Reserve. It was incredible!

Further information Seychelles Travel Tel: +44 (0)1202 877 330 ¢

Calling all Real Brides Tell us about your Real Wedding and you could be featured in Brides Abroad magazine. All weddings used will win a bottle of Champagne. Email: 13

14 15


Sunset Beach Hotel

The Sunset Beach Hotel is situated on a beautiful beach with pristine golden beach on the North West cost of Mahe. It enjoys wonderful views of the Indian Ocean, the spectacular bay of Beau Vallon and the mysterious islands of Silhouette and L’ Ile du Nord. This is a long-established and stylishly-refurbished boutique retreat offers peace and privacy on a beautiful rock promontory shaded with large trees in an idyllic cove setting. The magnificent ‘Sunset on the Rocks’ bar and restaurant overlooking the ocean undoubtedly provide the best Sunset views in Seychelles. Winner of World Travel Awards’ Seychelles’ Best Boutique Hotel in two consecutive years (2007, 2008).

Accommodation 29 recently renovated guest rooms consisting of Deluxe and Junior Suites, and Luxury Villas. The two luxury two-bedroom villas enjoy wide panoramic views of the bay from a private garden. Each room or villa has its own mini-bar, airconditioning, direct-dial telephone, en-suite bath and shower, tea and coffee making facilities and a safe deposit box.

Book it! Seychelles Travel Tel: +44 (0)1202 877330

Village du Pecheur

This tropical, boutique-style hotel with its whitewashed walls and thatched roof is well appointed and attractively design to reflect its cool and relaxed atmosphere. Village Du Pecheur offers a warm and homely welcome and is very well located for guests to make maximum benefit of their stay on Praslin, the island famous for the Vallee de Mai, home of the Coco de Mer. The focal point of this boutique hotel is the Coco de Mer lounge, bar and restaurant, where the floor is sand, so guests, even though wearing evening dress code, can enjoy the ambiance of barefoot chic.

Accommodation The hotel has Twelve Ocean View rooms with Two Junior Suites and Two Luxury Suites.

Book it! Seychelles Travel Tel: +44 (0)1202 877330 17

Constance Ephelia Resort The stunning new Ephélia Resort Seychelles, part of the Constance group, is situated within lush, tropical grounds on two of the most beautiful beaches on Mahé Island, overlooking the national marine park of Port Launay. The resort offers a superb setting for dream weddings and honeymoons. Nature trails abound, including one that evokes the legend of the lovely Ephélia, for whom many of the amazing rock formations were allegedly designed and is the namesake of the resort.

Accommodation The resort features 184 spacious airconditioned Junior and Senior Suites and Family and Spa Villas, many villas enjoy magnificent sea views and private plunge pools. The luxurious accommodation has all the mod cons you could need, including complimentary WIFI, LCD TV and Mac mini (iPod connection, CD and DVD).

Spa A superb Spa de Constance offers couples the ultimate pampering experience within its Shiseido Pavilion and luxurious treatment rooms. There is also a yoga pavilion, sauna, thermal pool, jet pool and salon.

Facilities There is an impressive range of five restaurants serving international cuisine with a host of dining options – from buffet to haute cuisine. The resort also features five bars ranging from pool and seaside locations to the more sophisticated Cyann bar. There are five shops, four swimming pool, a gymnasium, four tennis courts, squash court, and a choice of non-motorised water sports, including pedaloes, windsurfing, kayaks and fishing. Diving with PADI centre, tennis lesson and yoga sessions are also available at extra cost.

Book it! Seychelles Travel Tel: +44 (0)1202 877330 EpheliaResort


Constance Lemuria Resort A truly stunning resort offering luxury living within a private and exclusive retreat, Lemuria is perfect for discerning couples in search of stunning beaches, romantic settings and elegant surroundings. The Lemuria Resort of Praslin is a masterpiece of architecture and sophisticated design. Palm thatched and sea facing, the suites are crafted from wood, marble, stone and pink granite, providing a graceful space of intimacy and harmony with nature. The hotel’s magnificent setting on the world renowned Anse Georgette beach offers superb views of glorious white beaches that gently slope into the crystal waters where the some of the best snorkelling on Praslin can be found. Junior Suites offer deluxe accommodation; the larger Senior Suites provide an additional lounge with adjoining en suite. The opulent Luxury villas afford a private swimming pool, second en suite bedroom and personal attendant. Picturesque dining locations complement the refined cuisine. Lemuria Resort of Praslin

offers a delicate blend of Syechellois flavours and traditional French recipes.

Transfer time Mahe to Praslin by air, plus a 10-minute road transfer from Praslin Airport.

Accommodation Eighty-eight Junior Suites, eight Senior suites, eight Luxury Villas and one Presidential Villa all with en-suite bathrooms, Jacuzzi bath and separate shower, bathroom, mini-bar, safe and terrace or balcony.

Facilities Restaurants, bars, lounge areas, boutiques, hair salon, children’s club, library, 18-hole championship golf course, swimming pools, spa, gymnasium, sauna, Jacuzzi, steam baths, tennis courts, PADI dive centre, pedallos, kayaks, windsurfers, sail boats, catamarans and excursions.

Book it! Seychelles Travel Tel: +44 (0)1202 877330 LemuriaResort 19


Desroches Island

If you are looking for a blissful Robinson Crusoe location, the delightful Desroches Island resort is the perfect tropical retreat for indulging in romance, adventure and pampered relaxation – perfect for an unforgettable wedding and dream honeymoon. Blessed with miles of unblemished beaches, Desroches Island is located 230 km south-west of Mahe, which forms part of the Amirantes Archipelago, regarded as some of the most pristine, untouched islands in the world. Nature lovers will be in heaven in the lush resort, which is surrounded by a tropical forest and is sanctuary to abundant birdlife, nesting turtles and giant tortoises. The crystal waters lapping its shores are teeming with rich and diverse marine life and there are spectacular snorkelling opportunities by the reefs, which are easily accessible around the island. The resort’s fully equipped scuba dive centre offers PADI courses for those wanting to explore the 14 classified dive sites. You can also experience big game fishing offshore with expert guidance – or alternatively you can take to the waves on a leisurely catamaran cruise, kayak or windsurfer.

Accommodation Guest accommodation is in luxurious beach suites and beach villas, which blend naturally into the lush landscape. The Suites are set in tropical gardens along the west-facing beach, just a few metres from the ocean. Each air-conditioned suite offers privacy with its own veranda, lounge area, flat-screen TV and spacious bathrooms with an outdoor shower. The exclusive Beach Villas are luxurious with contemporary décor and are set on the north-west facing beaches surrounded by lush foliage. One-bedroom Beach Villas are intimate and ideal for couples, with their own living area and private plunge-pools. The three-bedroom Luxury Beach Villas offer a private experience for families and friends. The Presidential Villa offers all the facilities plus a fourth bedroom and 100m of beach frontage.

Wedding Package Your unforgettable wedding can take place on the beach or in your own private villa. The Dream Wedding Package includes a romantic ceremony, followed by a Sunset Cruise. It includes registrars’ fees, flight, wedding cake, decorated wedding setting, local palm and flower bouquet, buttonhole, his and hers de-stressing spa treatment, snacks and canapés, special turndown with French champagne and a gift plus special breakfast on your room terrace next day. Further options can be added to the package: photographer, hair and make-up, specialised flower arrangements, multi-tiered wedding cake, wedding dress hire, live entertainment, and personalised gifting. .

Honeymoon Packages The Honeymoon Package includes a 40 per cent discount on the bride’s accommodation rates (minimum four nights stay) plus a 30-minute complimentary couples massage and private candlelit dinner.

Book it! Seychelles Travel Tel: +44 (0)1202 877330 21

La Reserve

Set in the private bay of Anse Petite Cour on the north-west of Praslin, in one of the Seychelles Marine National Parks, the beautiful La Reserve offers a tranquil seclusion that few hotels can rival. It’s paradise for romantic couples seeking intimate luxury. The privately-owned resort, set in a 200 acre estate of tropical landscaped gardens, with its own exclusive beach flanked by statuesque giant boulders and protected by a reef, has recently re-opened after an extensive refurbishment. The Marine Park offers an ideal opportunity for swimming, snorkelling and exploring the colourful and exotic marine life, which is found here in abundance.


Facilities The dining choice is extensive and varied, with the highlight being the Jetty Restaurant where guests can watch the lights of anchored yachts in the bay and the fish darting below to the sound of lapping waves. The resort also has one of the most unique and biggest swimming pools on the islands where guests can swim up to the bar. A seemingly free - flowing river surrounds the reception and shop area. Catamaran excursions are available neighbouring islands.

Wedding package Wedding planners at the hotel can coordinate weddings according to individual budgets with a choice of wines and spirits, flowers, wedding cakes, musicians and photography. Details on application.


Honeymoon packages

La Reserve boasts 40 rooms in colonial -style villas, all overlooking the clear blue waters of the Marine Park, and within a few steps of the sandy beach. The villas are scattered among the lush gardens and exotic vegetation and feature Seychellois décor with king size four-poster beds and all the modern amenities including satellite TV and air conditioning. Eight superior rooms are positioned on the hillside or directly onto the beach.

Stay five nights and pay for four nights – get a night free! Plus a special seafood dinner and a bottle of sparkling wine on arrival for halfboard couples.

Book it! Seychelles Travel Tel: +44 (0)1202 877330


With tropical charm and intimate romance, couples seeking an idyllic honeymoon resort need look no further than L’Archipel, a retreat set on the white sandy shores of Praslin in one of the most beautiful bays in the Seychelles. Simply find a hammock and allow yourself to be rocked by the warm breeze. Set in an amphitheatre of coconut trees and flowers in a vast private estate, L’Archipel is a stunning hotel with 30 spacious rooms and suites, all with verandas and panoramic ocean views. From here you can rent a car and visit the stunning Vallee de Mai to see nature as it was a million years ago.

Accommodation The resort offers seven large suites and 23 bedrooms. Each is named after an island, and has air conditioning, ceiling fan, safe, TV, dressing room, en-suite and all have their own unique view of the Indian Ocean.

Facilities L’Archipel is renowned for serving some of the finest fresh food in the Seychelles – if you would like a particular dish you are encouraged to ask for it. You can occupy yourself swimming in or lounging around the infinity-edge swimming pool or take to the crystal waters for a swim, go deep sea

fishing with the experts, windsurfing or hire a boat and spend a few hours alone on a small island, just five minutes away – just the two of you!

Wedding Package Weddings are held on the sundeck or on the beach from Monday to Friday. The resort’s wedding package includes decoration of the ceremony location, one-tier wedding cake and a bottle of sparkling wine. Optional extras include champagne breakfast served in-room, a bottle of champagne to toast, bridal bouquet, photographer and candlelit dinner for two. Wedding couples getting married at the hotel and staying for five consecutive nights or more after the wedding benefit from the Honeymoon Package. Offer valid Nov 1st 2010-October 31st 2011.

Honeymoon Packages This includes 50 per cent discount on accommodation for the bride, room upgrade subject to availability, welcome cocktails on arrival and a special candlelit dinner.

Book it! Seychelles Travel Tel: +44 (0)1202 877330 Larchipelhotel 23

Villa d’Or

Idyllically situated in a very secluded area, yet within walking distance of restaurants, shops, the casino and tourist attractions, Les Villas d’Or comprises 10 luxury villas, all designed for high standard comfort, absolute privacy and total tranquillity. Set to blend with nature on the very beautiful Cote d’Or beach on Praslin island, the hotel is principally conceived for self-catering. However breakfast and dinner are also provided on request.

Accommodation The villas D’Or comprise two double bedroom villas and eight single bedroom villas with main reception area and a service building. The villas provide a spacious lounge, with private veranda overlooking the ocean, plus king-size beds, en-suite bathroom, air conditioning and ceiling fans, fully equipped kitchenette with microwave, colour TV and VCR, daily maid service, linen and towels.

Facilities The on-site management will ensure every need is catered for and can organise excursions and bookings for diving, big game fishing, golf, restaurants, car rental and bicycle hire. 24

Wedding package Set in the resort’s tropical gardens, weddings at Les Villas d’Or include decorated wedding venue, one-tier wedding cake and a bottle of sparkling wine. Optional services include champagne, hot/cold canapés and alcoholic/non-alcoholic punch. A minimum stay of three nights is required at this resort.

Honeymoon packages The Honeymoon Package includes a 10 per cent discount of accommodation rates, plus a bottle of sparkling wine. Honeymooners Package is applicable for stays of four consecutive nights or more after the wedding takes place and may be combined with a Wedding Package.

Book it! Seychelles Travel Tel: +44 (0)1202 877330

Coco de Mer & Black Parrot Suites The Coco de Mer palm tree is both rare and beautiful, yet occurs in abundance in the tropical forest surrounding the hotel that takes its name. Coco de Mer and Black Parrot Suites offers tropical luxury blended beautifully with nature and first-class facilities. Situated in a prime position on the island of Praslin, the four-star hotel is in a breathtaking location in 200 acres of lush vegetation by a stunning private beach. The hotel provides an intimate hideaway for romantic weddings and honeymoons.

Accommodation Make your stay extra special by booking into the junior suite wing; the Black Parrot Suites perched adjacent to the Coco de Mer on an imposing granite rock outcrop. These offer every creature comfort, sublime views and access to the private Black Parrot Bar. Alternatively, Standard and Superior rooms are open, airy, contemporary and comfortable with balconies or terraces and all mod-cons.

Facilities The Hibiscus Restaurant offers everything from a full English breakfast to international and Creole cuisine, themed buffets and barbecues. The Mango Terrace Bar and

Grill offer a la carte lunch and dinner menus, and the Coconut Bar serves cool cocktails. Two magnificent pools, one in the unique shape of a Coco de Mer, overlook the Indian Ocean, and if you want to explore the island you can use the hotel’s bicycles to access the many private sandy coves.

Wedding package Couples can say ‘I do’ in two stunning settings, decorated with fresh flowers and palm leaves. At the Coco de Mer ceremonies can be held on the Sunset Pavilion, or the Black Parrot Suites guests can choose to have their ceremony under a thatched gazebo on the pool terrace. Bride and groom also have a choice of three themes for their wedding: traditional, tropical and ocean. The hotel wedding planners can also organise your bouquet and buttonhole, wedding cake, champagne and sparkling wines, photographer, hairdresser, two witnesses and music CDs to play during the ceremony.

Book it! Seychelles Travel Tel: +44 (0)1202 877330 25

Denis Island

This privately-owned, croissant-shaped coral island, framed by powder-soft white sandy beaches and lapped by the turquoise waters of Denis’s sheltered lagoon is the perfect couples retreat. Perched on the north-easterly edge of the Seychelles, the island resort is set in 375 acres of lush vegetation and offers unrivalled swimming and snorkelling opportunities, with exotic marine life off the house reef just metres from the shore. Whilst on land, the lush and densely forested interior echoes with the trills and calls of numerous species of land and seabirds.

Accommodation With just 25 cottages and villas, the resort offers boutique chic in a totally natural environment. The island offers a safe haven and has a no-keys policy, however a safety deposit box is available at reception.

Facilities The restaurant, bar and lounge are found in the impressive main building, located on the seafront. The restaurant, with its outside terrace, offers a diverse and refined culinary experience using homegrown ingredients and seafood from the surrounding ocean. There’s also tennis, billiards, a swimming pool and a library. A range of spa treatments and massages are also available within the privacy of the cottages or in the dedicated massage sala. 26

Wedding package Your wedding on Denis Private Island can take place at a choice of locations around the resort and includes decorated wedding venue, one tier wedding cake, one bottle of champagne, registrar fees and a romantic candlelit dinner on the beach. You need to stay a minimum of three nights at the resort.

Honeymoon packages (Valid Nov 1st-Dec 19th 2010; Jan 4th- April 16th 2011 and May 11th -31st Oct 2011) In addition to the discounted rates, honeymooners booking a minimum of three consecutive nights will receive a private candlelit dinner, a bottle of champagne, one sundowner cocktail per person and canapés during their stay and a surprise Denis Private Island gift. The offer is applicable for couples married less than nine-months prior to arrival. The wedding date must be advised at the time of booking and wedding certificate must be sent to Denis Private Island prior to a client’s arrival. Honeymooners benefits may be combined with Wedding Package.

Book it! Seychelles Travel Tel: +44 (0)1202 877330

Indian Ocean Lodge

Indian Ocean Lodge is a small, boutiquestyle hotel set in lush tropical gardens in a superb setting in Grand Anse, on the west coast of Praslin, beside a pristine white sandy beach overlooking Grande Anse Bay and nearby islands. The pretty resort offers loving couples their own piece of paradise in the Seychelles, with friendly service, excellent cuisine and attention to detail ensuring they have only the most wonderful memories.

Accommodation 32 spacious guest rooms are housed in eight separate units. Each guest room offers a king-size four-poster bed for a truly romantic stay, plus air-conditioning, a ceiling fan, coffee and tea facilities, IDD telephone, safe, hair dryer and TV.

Facilities The imposing main building houses the reception area, an informal restaurant, which serves both local and international cuisine, and bar. A pool deck provides superb swimming and sunbathing facilities.

Honeymoon offers (Valid year-round excluding Dec 20th - Jan 3rd and April 17th-30th) In addition to the discounted rates, honeymooners booked for a minimum of three nights will receive as follows: For bookings on B&B Basis: flowers, cocktail on one evening and a surprise local gift. For bookings on HB Basis: A bottle of sparkling wine, a surprise local gift, flowers, a cocktail on one evening and a complimentary upgrade to an intimate dinner on one evening. Offer applicable for honeymooners married up to nine-months prior to arrival. Wedding date to be advised at the time of booking and wedding certificate must be presented upon check-in at the hotel.

Book it! Seychelles Travel Tel: +44 1202 877330 IndianOceanLodge 27

Tel: +44 (0)1202 877330

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