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International Shipping Container Options for Shipping Your Automobiles Summary: If you have specific requirements for shipping an automobile along with your household goods, it is significant that you check with the services of international shipping company. A lot has been talked about shipping containers and overseas shipping solutions in some way or the other. But, do you agree on the fact that most of the household owners and even in some of the cases the import and export companies are confused about the services offered by international shipping companies. More specifications are also needed in case you are opting for auto shipping services. It is because different cargo and freight movement companies have their own auto shipping norms on the basis of which they charge the shipping quotes. At times you may find that the shipping container costs add to the auto shipping and you have huge shipping bills to pay at the end. In this context, you need to discuss about the container shipping services being offered by the cargo and freight service forwarders. Let’s take brief viewing of different types of shipping containers which you can choose in overseas shipping. Knowing the basics about shipping containers, you’d be able to make better judgment when shipping your car along with household goods. Corrugated Cardboard Boxes or Barrels Corrugated Cardboard Boxes or Barrels are used for international shipping of fragile items. Here it is important to note that you wrap delicate items in bubble wrap and fill the empty space inside the container with soft material so that they can easily absorb the jerks. With this kind of packing, you’d feel confident that all the delicate items are safe and in one piece. For this purpose, you can go for professional movers and packers. Pallets and Shrink Wrapping This kind of container shipping becomes necessary when you want to pack many boxes essential for long distance journey. Pallets and shrink wrapping will prevent the stray box falling from the pallet during ship to port transfers and vice versa. Make sure that you discuss the prices for Pallets container shipping with the overseas shipping company as the shipping prices may vary quite significantly. 20 or 40 Foot Shipping Containers Household goods as well as commercial cargo are shipped overseas either in the standard 02 or 40 foot containers. The 20 foot containers provide 1,050 cubic feet of capacity, whereas 40 foot containers have 2,200 cubic feet space. If you are opting for auto shipping services, then it is recommended that you go for shipping container service. The price quote will be different for 20 foot container and 40 foot container and quite naturally, 20 foot container price quote is less. Depending upon the size of your vehicle, you can hire either a 20 foot container or a 40 foot container. Less than Full (LCL) Container Shipping Less than Full (LCL) Container shipping service will be idea for you, if you are shipping a small car. You need to check with auto shipping company about the shipping quote for this purpose. Usually, less than full (LCL) Container Shipping is an affordable option

than full container shipping service, because you don’t need to pay the complete container cost to the international shipping china company. Main keyword: auto shipping, overseas shipping, international shipping

International Shipping Container Options for Shipping Your Automobiles