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ENCAP Australia Pty Ltd

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Sustainable Cleaning Solutions for Carpet & Upholstery

ROCKET RADICAL RINSE POWDERED ENCAPSULATION CLEANER, BOOSTER, PRE-SPRAY & EXTRACTION RINSE Product Features: • Powdered encapsulating pre-spray, extraction rinse, booster & cleaner • 1 x 4 kilo container = 1 to 3 cases of liquid products • Class leading low dilution rates ½ to 1 scoop to 5 litres • Incredibly economical – clean up to 10,000 sq. mts. per container • Superior cleaning strength. Excellent boosting ability • Boost any product with only ½ scoop per 4 litres • 100% active ingredients. No Fillers • Mixes easily in water • No soap, no sticky residue or harsh ingredients • Excellent encapsulation properties • Exclusive AFT – Active Film Technology • Oxy and citrus for high-performance carpet & upholstery cleaning • Very, very light citrus scent, suitable for cleaning in populated areas • Built-in descaling ingredients, good for equipment • Oxy helps remove organic discolorations • No spills or freezing issues


399 per 4 kilo container

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Each case contains 4 x 3.8litre bottles

Each case contains 4 x 3.8litre bottles It’s OMEGA with enzymes. OMEGAZYME features positive chemotaxis: Although these enzymes actively seek out/hunt their food sources, proteins, fats, oils, cellulose, starch and urea, it’s worth noting that not all enzymes are the same. OmegaZyme has naturally occurring non- engineered species that work best in a temperature range of 5 – 50 degrees Celsius. Every attempt has been made to deliver ultimate performance out of all our cleaners and spotters. Omegazyme is just another unique weapon for you to use and enjoy. Think of it as Omega on steroids

• Highly effective on heavily soiled carpets • Eliminates/removes greasy soils • Super concentrated • As little as 100 mls : 5 litres • T2H Hybrid Polymers • No crystallizing dust or crunchy carpets • No sticky Polymer Residue to cause rapid soiling • ProFresh signature scent • Use for encapping and HWE extraction pre-spray on carpet and upholstery




per case

399 per case



Each case contains 12 x 1L bottles

Each case contains 12 x 1 litre bottles

Surround NO-Rinse encapsulating Spotter is truly the easiest and most effective general spotter you can get! Anyone can get fast and professional results the first time they use this amazing product. • • • • • • •

The strongest general spotter you can buy No rinsing needed. Outstanding cleaning strength Proprietary anti-resoiling agents Removes most ink blends and toners Removes most petroleum based spots Easiest, most effective encapsulant spotter on the market

Simply apply Surround No rinse Spotter directly to your carpet covering the spot. Gently agitate and wipe with a white terry type cloth and watch the spot transfer to the cloth. No need to rinse! Surround dries to a polymer film that encapsulates any remaining soil that will easily be vacuumed out on the next vacuum cycle. Surround will not change the hand or texture of your carpet and will not promote rapid resoiling. In fact it’s just the opposite. Surround will help prevent or eliminate wicking and will per case help your carpets to stay cleaner longer.



Revive It Oxy Spotter is a powerful Hydrogen Peroxide carpet and upholstery spotter for organic stains such as coffee, tea & urine. A truly remarkable ready- to- use spot and stain remover that uses hydrogen peroxide, unique solvents and a designer surfactant system. It easily rinses and does not contain butyl or caustic bleaches plus it is completely biodegradable.


295 per case


SURROUND ODOUR FREE Each case contains 4 x 3.8L bottles

Each case contains 4 x 3.8 litre bottles Product Features: • New SSHP Hydrogen Peroxide = longer life and much less affected by heat and time • It’s Hydrogen Peroxide in a Citrus Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Solution • NEW T3H Dustless, Soil Encapsulating Polymers • Powerful cleaning in Lower Dilution Rates 200 mls : 5 litres • Removes Dry, Oily & Organic Soils • Removes Many Organic Stains & Odours • Contains a wonderful, light citrus scent • Use for encapping and HWE pre-spray for carpet and upholstery • Shelf life in sealed bottle at room temperature up to 2 years • pH is 6-7


With Surround Free you too can experience the joy of nothing. Nothing to smell, nothing to get complaints about, nothing but clean carpets Surround Free is great for nursing homes, hospitals, schools, residential homes or anywhere that a totally odour free experience is wanted. Can you imagine not getting complaints from certain customers or employees about the smell. “Well it cleaned pretty good, but that smell” Comments like that will be a thing of the past When you need to have it clean fast and without any irritation, our VOC Free encap effectively cleans sensitive environments with as little as 100 mls per 5 litres. First, Surround Free is completely odourless. You could clean a restaurant full of dining patrons and not get one complaint regarding smell. Surround Free is also very economical; twice the power, twice the value of other products.

399 per case


399 per case


WASTE AWAY STAIN & ODOUR REMOVER A ready to use stain and odour remover that enlists natural bio-enzymatic technology combined with natural plantbased cleaners to digest and eliminate organic material, stains, and odours caused by urine, vomit and faeces. Waste Away can also be used for carpet and underlay and other malodorous areas such as, upholstered furniture, drains, laundry, garbage disposal, sports equipment and automobile carpet and upholstery.

Each case contains 4 x 3.8litre bottles Product Features: • The performance of a solvent-based product without the odour or cost • Water-based protector, safe for most carpet and upholstery • Meets all current VOC regulations • Technology (meets the goal of the US EPA 2010/2015 PFOA Stewardship Program) • Best-in-Class performance meets or exceeds current industry soil and stain protection offerings • Treated surfaces are easier to clean and stay cleaner noticeably longer • ProFresh scent smells fantastic! • Will not damage spray equipment or rubber like solvent-based protectors • May be applied to a wet or dry carpet • Does not contain silicone yet provides excellent beading properties • pH 5 - 6


$ $

399 per case

per 4 litre bottle

Available in 4 litre or 500ml bottles 4 x 3.8 litre bottles or $15 per 500ml bottle

SURROUND PROFRESH $69 PER 3.8 LITRE BOTTLE. • • • • • • • • • •

Renders many volatile odors undetectable Same scent as Surround OMEGA Unique high-end fragrance freshens all environments No cheap perfume smell No tacky residue Use on hard or soft surfaces Non-ionic, safe for stain resist carpet and fabric Mixes well into carpet cleaning solutions Spray and mist to freshen rooms and fabrics pH 6.5-7.5

ACCI NO RINSE SPOTTER The most unique spot cleaner for your clients to use on their carpets and upholstery. It’s ready to use encap spotter that is safe and effective on any water soluble spill or general soil build up around the home or business. It’s a simple matter of spray and wipe off with any clean cloth. No more carpets or upholstery loaded up with sticky residues that cause rapid re-soiling. No bleaching The best marketing tool you could ever have to keep your clients coming back for more. Sell these with absolute confidence for $29.00 Retail. You buy for $12.50 Great profits and great marketing make this product a must have in your tool kit. Available in a box of 20 trigger spray bottle for only $250. That means your return is $580 = a profit of $330!!!

KERALUX LEATHER CARE At last an easy to apply, effective and fast working leather conditioner like no other. The high quality Keralux® Leather Care Lotion is perfect for semi-aniline and pigmented leather. Keralux® Care Lotion AP can be perfectly absorbed. It optimally re-fattens and moisturizes the leather. The additional sun protection helps to prevent early fading. Enriched with antioxidants, it contributes to a long life of the leather. No more streaks or buffing after application. With LCK you simply wipe on and let it be absorbed into the leather restoring the natural patina. Available in 1 litre bottles $119.00 each



$69.00 per case of 6 This Plus encapsulation pad is fortified with tough pig bristle and offers more scrubbing action than standard pads. Available in 17” and 19”, Revive Plus does not shed the pad’s fibres. You will get great coverage of up to 1000 sqmts per pad depending on the carpet type. The open weave also creates more foaming action with encap detergents which assists with chemical penetration. Perfect for level loop pile commercial carpet.

$234.00 Per Case of 6 The NEW 4/8 improves on the original ProCotton carpet cleaning bonnet. This 19”pad is 100% cotton, 1” thick and is excellent at removing lots of soil, reducing drying times and helps to solve wicking issues. This heavy cleaning & finishing bonnet gives you longer run times before pad changes due to the ProCotton`s thickness over single layer terry-type cotton pads. Because it is a true two-sided pad (no bleed through), this means fewer pads changes. Now cleans better and is more durable and is oversized for more usable cleaning surface area.

ENCAP Australia Pty Ltd 11/13 Gibbens Road, West Gosford NSW 2250

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ENCAP Australia - Sustainable Cleaning Solutions for Carpet & Upholstery  

ENCAP Australia - Sustainable Cleaning Solutions for Carpet & Upholstery. Cleaning products: Rocket Radical rinse, Omega Zyme, Waster away S...

ENCAP Australia - Sustainable Cleaning Solutions for Carpet & Upholstery  

ENCAP Australia - Sustainable Cleaning Solutions for Carpet & Upholstery. Cleaning products: Rocket Radical rinse, Omega Zyme, Waster away S...