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Foreign Freight Forwarders: Get the Trusted Helping Hands for Ease-of-Doing-Business in Overseas Logistics, or Transportation, started out as just animals and people slowly moving products from one place to another. In today’s world, supply chains are faster and more compels, necessitating the need for a middleman. For companies which involved into International export and import business, seeking help of foreign freight forwarders is a must.

What Does Foreign Freight Forwarders Do? •

The services of foreign freight forwarders can vary between different companies but the main function of the foreign freight forwarders is to act as an intermediary between the client who is hiring them and various transportation services that are involved in getting the product overseas to the customer, including carriers, customs and handlers.

What are the Benefits of using Foreign Freight Forwarders? •


Using a foreign freight forwarder whether directly or via your transport and logistics company can save a lot of time and allows you to concentrate on other areas of the business. Using the knowledge and skills of an expert provides peace of mind that your goods will arrive at the correct destination on time and avoids any disruption to your company’s production or services

What Services Does a Foreign Freight Forwarder Provides • • • • •


In addition to organizing the transportation of goods their portfolio of services often includes Customs Clearance Documentation such as Bills of Landing, Airway Bills Insurance Inventory Management

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Licensed Foreign Freight Forwarders in Pennsylvania  
Licensed Foreign Freight Forwarders in Pennsylvania  

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