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Merry Christmas Management and staff at National Wireless would like to wish you the very best for a relaxing and enjoyable Christmas and New Year. We look forward to returning with recharged batteries and working with you in 2011. National Wireless will remain open between Christmas and New Year – excluding public holidays. Please call us on

1300 852 929 if you require our assistance during this time.


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Adelaide Branch Profile Over the next four issues of Wireless @ Work we are going introduce you to the teams in each of our four offices. National Wireless was founded 16 years ago in Nailsworth, a suburb in the inner North of Adelaide. 16 years on and the Adelaide branch continues to thrive. We have 10 employees and are open Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.00pm. Collectively we have 109 years of experience in the radio / electronics industry – with that amount of experience there isn’t a problem we can’t solve. Just think about the value we can add to your business with that much experience! Our state manager Darren Toy comes from a long history of corporate management and has a technical radio background. If you call our office you will no doubt know Rachel Tassone our service administrator – it is Rachel who keeps the cogs turning here in Adelaide. Our two account managers, Ben Turner and Darren Fischer, both have decades of experience in two-way radio and wireless networks and are experts in the latest technology. Chris Oakley and Eddie Sankey are our experienced and qualified technicians. We also have a specialist in wireless technology, a call centre specialist cleaning up our database and the National Marketing Coordinator based here, servicing the company and our customers nationally. Adelaide specialises in designing systems, installing them and providing ongoing maintenance. We are equipped with the latest high tech test equipment and can provide service and maintenance as required.

Call us on 08 8269 5311 and get to know us better.

Just call and mention Wireless@Work 24 when you book your FREE digital two way radio demonstration “experience the digital difference” and go in the draw to win a premium quality Kathmandu Camping Package valued at over $3000!

Call 1300 852 929 and mention this offer to go into the draw. Entries close COB Thursday 31st March 2011. Only one entry permitted per demo booked. Customer must call and book a FREE digital demonstration. Following the demonstration one entry will go in the draw.

National Wireless Staff Member tops NSW in Tafe Cert III in Electronics National Wireless were delighted to learn, earlier this year, that one of our NSW Radio Technicians, Tod Myers, won the State Medal for Certificate 3 in Electronics. Tod consistently scored the highest across the three year duration of the course. This course is required to become a radio technician in NSW. We are delighted to have such a top caliber tech on staff – congratulations Tod.

ACMA 400MHz Spectrum Review Earlier this year the regulator of radio frequency spectrum in Australia, ACMA, announced the results of a review into the 400MHz radio spectrum. This is the most widely used two-way radio spectrum in Australia. Some of the objectives of this review included: • Achieve more efficient use of the spectrum • Allow use of a broader range of technologies – specifically digital radio technologies The results of the review include a reduction in channel bandwidths – mainly achieved by a mandatory reduction channel bandwidth in the 400MHz band to 12.5KHz and updates to the assignment and coordination rules. In the 450–470 MHz band, the 9.5 MHz frequency split precluded the use of TETRA. The ACMA’s decision to change to a 10 MHz split will increase the range of technologies available for use in the band. Some users in the 403-430 MHz band and 450-470 MHz will be forced to relocate; this could be as simple as reprogramming equipment or may require the replacement of existing equipment. Licence taxes in high density markets are to be tripled – this can be substantially offset by most users by reducing bandwidth via the uptake of digital technologies. Those that have been affected should have already been notified by the ACMA.



Important Notice

It is important to keep track of your accessories’ lifespan In the field, genuine Motorola accessories take a beating! They are dropped, pulled, stretched, shaken, twisted, drowned, burnt, run over and we’re sure it doesn’t stop there! To subject accessories to these conditions, Motorola developed Accelerated Life Testing (ALT) to ensure superior and long lasting accessory products which will keep your total communication system operating at its optimum. Like all tools however, accessories facing the wear and tear of everyday use need to be regularly maintained and replaced at timely intervals. A regular, structured program of accessory maintenance and replacement means your team is equipped with accessories which are reliable and safe to use, and that your entire communication system will perform better. The list below gives estimates for these popular accessories that were derived following Motorola’s rigorous ALT programme. • • • • •

Batteries 1-2 years Remote speaker microphones 2-3 years Ear pieces 2-3 years Chargers 5-7 years Carrying accessories 2-3 years

About Accelerated Life Testing ALT is conducted for all genuine Motorola accessories in certified laboratories to give users peace of mind that they are investing in hardy accessories that will perform in countless situations. Motorola accessories undergo a whole range of testing. Below are examples of the ALT tests which simulate five years of hard use: • Water resistance tests - simulating blowing rain onto the accessory.

If you have any questions regarding the implications of these changes for your business please give us a call on

• Extreme temperature tests (shock tests) – simulating freezing temperatures and then the sudden transfer to extreme heat.

1300 852 929

• Rusting and corrosion tests – simulating salt and fog which surrounds an accessory to test rust corrosion.

• Vibration capsules – simulating rough handling and transportation vibration.

• Cable durability and reliability test: – Cable Cyclical bending tests – automated machines which simulate rugged use. – Cable tensile pull tests – simulating unexpected pulls and the effect of harsh environments on cables and antennas. • Solar radiation tests – exposing accessories to a radiation chamber to ensure no surface discolouration is experienced.

For more information on accessory life spans and the latest technologies, contact National Wireless on 1300 852


TETRA TErrestrial Trunked RAdio or TETRA is a European Telecommunications Standards Institute or ETSI standard, the first in 1995. It is a specialist two-way radio specification specifically designed for use by government agencies, emergency services, rail transportation staff, transport services and the military. It is also suitable for use in a variety of commercial and industrial settings. TETRA works in a very similar way to GSM, the main differences being, the handsets have a longer range and there is more bandwidth allocated for data.

Some key features and benefits of TETRA include: • Instant, private and secure communications • Superior crystal clear digital audio quality – No more confusion caused by static filled analog communications – No annoying background noise • Communicate a uniform message to all staff immediately – Single push to talk button – Make one to many calls • Improved safety for employees and customers – Emergency features for lone workers • Text Messaging capabilities – Pre programmed or free form – Increased accountability – Clear precise communications with recorded send and receipt

National Wireless offer a flexible range of Tetra compliant products from Motorola, Sepura and Damm.

• Guaranteed priority access to your network – Maintain reliable communications even in disaster scenarios that can cause phone networks to crash • Secure communications maintain privacy – Digital radio communications cannot be intercepted by scanners • Connect workers to calls out in the field – Telephone interconnect allows calls to be directed to radio handsets. • Rapid deployment (transportable) network solutions are available for disaster relief and temporary capacity provision.

1300 852 929

Call us on for more information on how a TETRA solution could benefit your business.

CASE STUDY Gold Coast Freight

“ We’ve been in the freight business for 13 years and honestly, I don’t know how we survived. The Zeon Digital system has really altered the way we do business, especially in relation to our customer service.” Interview with director of Gold Coast Freight, Garry Cupitt.

Competition in the freight business is fierce, with new organisations constantly joining the industry and existing businesses expanding. In such a flourishing market, superior customer service is one of the few ways in which freight companies can distinguish themselves. In fact it’s essential for survival. For Gold Coast Freight which picks up and delivers as far south as northern NSW, the notion of excellent customer service has always been a high priority. To offer such customer service, having a first-class communications system is mandatory.

Why Zeon Digital? “I didn’t even consider that Motorola had any competition. The Zeon Digital system has everything I was after.”

Garry Cupitt, director of Gold Coast Freight, one of the top two carriers in the Gold Coast area, says he’s absolutely delighted with the improvements the Zeon Digital system has made to his business. “With Motorola being the market leader, or what I considered to be the market leader, we didn’t need to look any further. Don Chapman from National Wireless explained how the product would work, how it would be the best for the business, and what he said turned out to be exactly right.” “I didn’t even consider that Motorola had any competition. The Zeon Digital system has everything I was after.” “It’s improved our customer service tenfold. It’s just so much better than before. The drivers have instant communications and they love the radios.” Garry reiterates that in operating such a tight ship he knew he had to do something. And improving the efficiency of the business through the installation of the Zeon Digital system has been nothing short of amazing. “Often we are absolutely flat out here and it’s unavoidable that sometimes we have to ring customers back. That has to happen instantly because they don’t want to be kept waiting. With the mobile unit, we call up the truck on the radio and we can give the customer an answer in 10-15 seconds as to how long the freight will be.” “It’s fair to say that there is just no comparison with the old system of mobile phones.” After experiencing the Zeon Digital system for 12 months, Garry is glad he took the plunge. “We’re keeping our customers happy with excellent communications. Our drivers have been really positive, really good and seem less stressed.” “It’s made it easier on everybody. If there’s a problem we just get straight on the radio. Everyone is so pleased with the system we now have in place,” says Garry.

CASE STUDY: Gold Coast Freight

To find out more information – or to purchase any of our stocked items



call National Wireless on 1300 852 929 Motorola DP3400 P3400 450-520MHzz

Sepura STP8080 806-870MHz

Sepura STP8280 806-870MHz

• Single Charger • Backward compatible patible with analog systems stems • Submersible - IP57 rated • Enhanced battery ery life

• Antenna, High Capacity Battery, Charger & Belt Clip • GPS • Accelerometer – Optional Man Down Alarm • Lone Worker • Outstanding Colour Displayy – visibility in all conditions o onditio ondition ons ns • Full key pad

• Antenna, High Capacity Battery, Charger & Belt Clip • GPS • Accelerometer – Optional Man Down Alarm • Lone Worker • Monochrome Display – visibility in all conditions onditioonnss ondition • Hot key activation

Motorola GP339 P339 450-520MHzz

Motorola GP328 P328 450-520MHzz

Vertex VX231 31 450-520MHzz

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LiIon Batt Single Charger 255 Channel 5-Tone Display & Keypad ad

Single Charger 4 Channel Durable Reliable Easy to use

Single Charger 16 Channel VHF & UHF Capable able Lone Worker

Motorola DM3400 450-512MHz MHz

Motorola GM339 450-520MHz MHz


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Mounting Brackets Power Leads ds 32 Channel Backward compatible with analogg systems

Mounting Brackets rackets Power Leadss 255 Channell 5-Tone Lone Workerr

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FREE!! Call 1300 852 929 to take advantage of this great offer! The ten batteries purchased must be the same model. Free battery will be the same model as those purchased. Customer must pay cost of returning batteries to National Wireless.

W@W Magazine - Summer 2010-2011 Edition  

W@W Magazine - Summer 2010-2011 Edition