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MOTOROLA AWARDS Digital Communications





Digital Communications


National Wireless wins Motorola Awards

End of

FINANCIAL YEAR Pictured: Ross Keir, Don Chapman, Devran Roberts, Martin Chappell (Motorola), Peter Beurle and Steve Crutchfield (Motorola).

End of financial year is a busy time for all businesses and no business can afford to have downtime due to communication systems failures.

Now is the time to review your communications requirements - replace, upgrade or expand your system or book in for a service to ensure your system is running optimally.

National Wireless are pleased to announce that at the 2010 Motorola Channel Partners’ Conference held at the Crown Promenade in Melbourne, we were named 2009 Zeon Digital Partner of the Year. We are honoured to receive this award and feel it represents the strong focus we have placed on digital technology in the last 18 months. Investing heavily in staff training and specialised equipment has enabled us to offer the highest level of sales and service across the full range of digital communications products. In addition several of our staff were recognised for their individual achievements:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers for your support and we look forward to continuing these productive relationships during the 2010 / 2011 financial year.

• 2009 Outstanding Sales Achievement Zeon Digital – Ross Keir

Staff Profile

It is an exciting time for National Wireless as we head into the second half of this year. In October it will be 5 years since we bought Comutel in NSW and expanded the National Wireless brand into this industrious region.

• 2009 Outstanding Sales Achievement Australia Two Way Radio – Devran Roberts

• 2009 Customer Service Award Vertex – Don Chapman We are extremely proud of all our staff and would like to congratulate Devran, Ross, Don and the Queensland office support staff on these hard earned awards.

LOOK!! Adrienne Sands

Adrienne joined National Wireless when we opened in Mount Thorley 5 years ago. She now has 10 years industry experience and is an invaluable asset to National Wireless and our Hunter Valley region customers. Adrienne believes wholeheartedly that customer satisfaction is key to success and enjoys the strong rapport she has built with her customers and the local community over the years. There are big changes afoot in our industry and Adrienne looks forward to the challenge of migrating our customers in the valley from analog to digital technology.

Keep your eyes on the web from the 1st of July 2010 when National Wireless launches our new and improved website. We are currently working hard on streamlining the content and improving the look and feel - to give you the best online experience possible. We want our website to be the best in the industry, so log on, take a look and tell us what you think!

Even when she isn’t working Adrienne has a radio in hand as she and her husband hit the outdoors in their caravan.

Digital Communications

AND YOUR BUSINESS Over the last 18 months many Australian businesses have migrated their two way radio communications from analog to digital and are now reaping the benefits of dramatically improved audio quality, along with a whole host of other features that will ensure YOUR business is at the forefront of efficiency and safety. Digital Radio cancels background noise and is clear even when the signal is weak. Enjoy effortless crystal ystal clear communications where analog radio would have left you straining to communicate effectively. • Integrated Emergency Features - keep your workers safe with best practise OH&S features • Telephone interconnect - save time and money by connecting employees to crucial phone calls in the field • Cost saving infrastructure - increased capacity and spectrum efficiency • Data communications - text messaging - avoid verbal orders • GPS - know where your human and capital assets are at all times • Backward compatibility - selected models are backward compatible with analog systems allowing you to migrate your system to digital over time me me National Wireless has digital radio solutions, from Motorola and Sepura, suitable for ALL business scenarios, big and small. Whether you have 3 vehicles on the road, a five star hotel or a large minee site – we have a solution for YOUR business.

To experience the truly revolutionary audio differencee call 1300 852 929 for a FREE TRIAL

Motorola INDOOR & OUTDOOR The Motorola portfolio of indoor and outdoor wireless network solutions offers the ability to reach and connect people at high speeds in real time under virtually any conditions - open, obstructed and even non-line of sight situations; indoor, perimeter and outdoor locations.

These network solutions offer you the added confidence and flexibility you need to create unique productivity. Motorola have recently added to their portfolio and now have a complete range of indoor and outdoor wireless solutions for business: • Point-to-Point solutions • Point-to-Multipoint solutions • Mesh Wide Area Network solutions

• Network Design & Management System • Wireless Switches • Wireless Access Points • Wireless LAN Network Management • Wireless LAN Security

Prevention is ALWAYS better than the cure Can your company afford production down time due to an entirely preventable communications failure? If you answered NO . . . then you need to consider preventative maintenance on your two way radios and wireless IP networks immediately! Regardless of your industry, down time due to communication failure is NOT an option. You probably have regular maintenance programs for mechanical equipment and are not aware this approach should also be adopted for two way radios and repeaters and Wireless IP infrastructure. There are many components in radio systems which have to be tuned to work together. Over time subtle variances can occur which may result in reduced performance. Performing regular preventative maintenance at least annually can ensure equipment is working to it’s optimum, and reduce the probability of a complete communications failure. Companies make significant investments in communications infrastructure and all too often we are called in to fix equipment that has failed due to lack of maintenance. It can cost you in lost productivity, frustrated staff and the cost of call outs. It is also a potentially dangerous situation if your system fails in an emergency scenario. By far our most common fault is simply battery backup failure. National Wireless have invested in the latest high tech service equipment for our workshops nationally and are proud to offer the highest levels of expertise to our customers.

• Expert Service • Custom Installations • Engineered Solutions

Disclaimer: Preventative maintenance includes tuning RF equipment to manufacturer’s specification, cleaning and testing of batteries/power connection and testing of antenna. A maintenance report is provided for each radio/repeater.

Call National Wireless on 1300 852 929 for fixed price service details - just mention this ad!

Wireless Network for Flight Training Adelaide (FTA) is a residential College located at Parafield Airport, South Australia. FTA provides professional airline pilot training for many of the world’s leading airlines. Present and past customers include Qantas, Cathay Pacific Airways, China Airlines, Emirates, Dragonair, JAL Express, Air China, Vietnam Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, South African Airways, British Airways and many more. Flight Training Adelaide’s campus is designed to accommodate up to 200 students in residence at any given time. The design was based on a master plan to build a world class, fully integrated flying training facility. The spacious grounds incorporate purpose built training and operations areas, a learning resource centre, offices, aircraft maintenance, hard-stand aircraft parking areas, residential accommodation, prayer room, dining and recreational facilities. In 2009 FTA decided to upgrade and expand its wireless networking capabilities from the existing single, entry level access point; to a professionally designed and installed mesh network which would allow access to FTA’s internal networks and the internet from all training and accommodation locations on their campus at Parafield Airport. FTA approached National Wireless to survey their site and review their network requirements. Subsequently we designed and installed a professional network, suitable for business critical functions, utilising Tropos 5210 nodes positioned strategically across the site. The new network now provides enhanced coverage, capacity and reliability.

On completion of this project, Pine Pienaar FTA’s CEO said: “I am delighted that this project is now completed. We have made a very large investment to ensure our customers have got access to Internet whenever they are on campus. With over 95% of FTA students being from overseas, Internet is key for them to be able to communicate with family and friends.” This also allows FTA to convey Standard Operating Procedures and Daily Flight Programs directly onto student laptops. This is the first step for FTA towards the ultimate goal of providing a full Computer Based Training solution to all its customers. As we have done for Flight Training Adelaide, National Wireless can engineer an indoor or outdoor wireless broadband solution for every business no matter how large or small. Utilising the latest equipment from Tropos and Motorola we can provide: • Point-to-Point solutions

• Network Design & Management System

• Wireless LAN Network Management

• Point-to-Multipoint solutions

• Wireless Switches

• Wireless LAN Security

• Mesh Wide Area Network solutions

• Wireless Access Points

1300 852 929

Call us today on to discuss how National Wireless can help your business maximise its potential through secure, reliable wireless broadband technology.

To find out more information – or to purchase any of our stocked items



call National Wireless on 1300 852 932 Motorola DP3400 P3400 450-520MHzz

Sepura STP8080 806-870MHz

Sepura STP8280 806-870MHz

• Single Charger • Backward compatible patible with analog systems stems • Submersible - IP57 rated • Enhanced battery ery life

• Antenna, High Capacity Battery, Charger & Belt Clip • GPS • Accelerometer – Optional Man Down Alarm • Lone Worker • Outstanding Colour Display – visibility in all conditions • Full key pad

• Antenna, High Capacity Battery, Charger & Belt Clip • GPS • Accelerometer – Optional Man Down Alarm • Lone Worker • Monochrome Display – visibility in all conditions • Hot key activationn

$1009 +GSTT

$1499 +GST

$999 +GST

Motorola GP339 P339 450-520MHzz

Motorola GP328+ 450-520MHzz

Vertex VX829 450-520MHz

• • • • •

• • • •

• Single Charger • Max 512 Channel / 32 Groups • 5-Tone • Display & Keypad • Submersible – IP57 Rated

LiIon Batt Single Charger 255 Channel 5-Tone Display & Keypad ad

Stubby Antennaa Single Charger 4 Channel Light weight

$1318 +GSTT

$843 +GST

$731 +GST

Motorola GP328 P328 450-520MHzz

Vertex VX231 31 450-520MHzz


• • • • •

• • • •

STOCK UP, SAVE Limited time only, save in this financial year!

Single Charger 4 Channel Durable Reliable Easy to use

Single Charger 16 Channel VHF & UHF Capable able Lone Worker

RECYCLE: Return five batteries – any brand, make or model

$700 +GST

$395 +GST

Motorola DM3400 450-512MHz MHz

Motorola GM339 450-520MHz MHz

• • • •

• • • • •

Mounting Brackets Power Leads ds 32 Channel Backward compatible with analogg systems

$746 +GST 163 Main North Rd Nailsworth SA 5083 T (08) 8269 5311 F 1300 85 2932

81 Doggett St Newstead QLD 4006 T (07) 3252 5599 F 1300 85 2932

Mounting Brackets rackets Power Leadss 255 Channell 5-Tone Lone Workerr

$966 +GST 5/8 Channel Road Mayfield West NSW 2304 T (02) 4967 5800 F 1300 85 2932

Piercefield Rd (cnr Whybrow Rd) Mt Thorley NSW 2330 T (02) 6574 6677 F 1300 85 2932

STOCK UP: Purchase five new genuine Motorola batteries SAVE: Receive a sixth battery of the same model FREE!!

Call 1300 852 929 to take advantage of this great offer! Offer valid from 17th May 2010 – 30th June 2010. Five batteries purchased must be the same model. Free battery will be the same model as those purchased. Customer must pay cost of returning batteries to National Wireless.

W@W Magazine Winter 2010 Edition  

W@W Magazine Winter 2010 Edition

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