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1992 Telemall joined forces with BP to market to their many locations the benefits of Messages On Hold. In the early 90’s the digital revolution had not eventuated and so cassettes were the modern recording medium. This flyer was used in the BP promotions campaign to great effect. The actual flyer folded into a box which housed the promotional cassette.

This was a very successful project and BP are still a customer - 18 years later.

1994 – 1997 As Telemall grew it needed to keep pushing market awareness for its On Hold service.

1994 – 1997 The flyer here is a good example of a number of articulations of the business and was used to great effect for a number of years.

1994 – 1997 When you read the promotional material – such as this, you can see the same themes running through them all – the big benefits to be gained from enhancing the relationship between businesses and their telephone customers.

1994 – 1997

1997 – 2000 The digital age arrived and so printed material about revolutionary devices became essential – this one is if the first flash memory digital system commercially available

1997 – 2000 This particular device was extremely robust and reliable, and a terrific low cost entry product for Telemall – sadly as often happens, it was imported hardware.

2002 – 2008 Recorded Audio Services And then came the press button age. Call-centres’ proliferated and so too did technologies to make telephone receptionists redundant. This lead to a great demand for recorded audio – and who better to satisfy this requirement than Telemall.

2002 – 2008 Recorded Audio Services Sadly wait times increased rather than decreased as the experts predicted. Nevertheless, these technologies are here to stay and Telemall tokk advantage of promoting itself in this space.

2002 – 2008 Message On Hold As the internet grew in popularity it offered fantastic opportunity for Telemall to optimise more sophisticated digital technology.

2002 – 2008 Message On Hold This brochure was the next step in sharpening the look of the company as well as showcasing the new On Line technologies available for On Hold Message delivery.

2002 – 2008 Foreground / Background Music Telemall invested many hundreds of thousands of dollars in building its own exclusive music library – which it could use with control of copyright. This meant Telemall could thenceforth offer background music for purposes other than On Hold – such as for point of sale/in store uses. This area of Telemall’s business continues to grow from this early time.

2002 – 2008 Music On Hold Telemall had complete focus on Message On Hold until the turn of the century. Thereafter it became necessary to acknowledge that not every business had the On Hold circumstances which warranted the use of messaging – yet callers to business could not just be left without audio On Hold – thinking they have been cut-off.

2002 – 2008 Music On Hold So Music On Hold became an important product offer and this is the first series of brochures offering this alternative.

Telemallaudio - Flyers  

Telemallaudio - Flyers