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Bringing New Empowerment to Customer Communications

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1. So, what do I get with On-Hold 2 TM

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2. Upgrade to the Latest Script Styles

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2.1 Conventional

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2.2 Fast Facts

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2.3 Corporate Commentary

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2.4 Client Interview

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2.5 Radio Commercial

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2.6 Simulated Radio Station

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3. Selection of Music Genre

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4. A Range of All Digital Equipment

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5. About Telemallaudio

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6. A Message from the Director

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1. So, what do I get with On-Hold 2 TM ? Updates : On-Hold 2 TM offers two scheduled productions per year, based upon your requirements. (Additional updates, if required, may be implemented at any time on a pay as you go basis) Selected Script Styles : Script variations are used to capture attention, create interest, call to action and stimulate response. Selected Music Genre : Music acts as a background to your messages. The genre is selected which best reflects your business. Appropriate music between messages fulfils its purpose to enhance the overall production. A Unique Production : Complete, individual audio works with selected voice talent and music is utilised to bring the chosen script style to life. Productions are recordings and one recording may be edited into an agreed number of updates for a year – or each update may have its own production – the choice is based upon client needs. Service Fees : Annual charges are flexible to cover the variables above. There are options for a solution built to a budget or designed to a specification - both promote quality to bring your hold time to life.

Grade of Service Guarantee : • Two updates per year - may be implemented per schedule or as required • Fresh voices for each update, with contemporary mix of male and female voices • Each update is sound checked by our studios after upload / delivery to your system • Full Copyright is provided with 24 Hour Technical Support via our service hotline • Choice of script combinations - see over the page for production examples • Choice of music genre - see over the page for more information


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2. Upgrade to the Latest Script Styles Why ? - Because you value your callers ! Your On-Hold script is your product – it speaks for you, represents you and communicates on your behalf. There are two types of script styles - Traditional & New

Traditional Script Style : The ‘Conventional’ script product was developed by Telemallaudio in 1986 and it became the most common On Hold message format in the world.

2.1 Conventional - developed in 1986 : still the most common style New Script Styles: Much has been learned since then – Telemallaudio brings you the latest releases in customer-centric script styles :

2.2 Fast Facts - quick : attention grabbing

2.3 Corporate Commentary – professional: sharp: engaging

2.4 Client Interview

– personal: human: credible

2.5 Radio Commercial

– professional: edgy: targeted

2.6 Simulated Radio Station 4

– vibrant: captivating

2.1 Conventional The Traditional Script Style : • 6 to 12 minute cycles

• Periodic production updates

• Between 8 and 16 short paragraphs

• Male & Female voice artists

• One topic per paragraph

• Scripts are usually conversational

• Short music interludes between each

• Representative of client image / brand

Benefits of the Conventional Script Style : • Has stood the test of time and has good technique for capturing listener attention • High content variation mitigates boredom • Suited for many styles of presentation – informative; instructional; promotional; educational; humorous; invitational


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2.2 Fast Facts An All New Script Style : • Short, verbal bullet points - a succinct style, ideal for calls to action • Presented with easy to understand technique • Often used as a quick top or tail follow up to other messages • Ideal mixed with other messages to add variety for the listener

Benefits of the Fast Facts Style : • Ideal when hold times are short – or a quick point is to be made • Can bring immediate attention to important info – without the detail • Great as advisories when the web may be better than the phone • Useful for other message reinforcement; statements; brand; slogans.


2.3 Corporate Commentary An All New Script Style : • Interview style with two professional voice artists • The interviewer and the other representing your organisation • A smooth, expert presentation of topics of interest

Benefits of the Corporate Commentary Style : • Ideal to manage FAQ’s about your organisation • Well received by callers on hold due to the anticipation it generates • Very personalised and good for customer relationship reinforcement • Particularly suited for news and event presentation • High ROI potential as calls to action are one to one • A very descriptive way to present with humour, seriousness, etc • Productions can be edited into segments for periodic change


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2.4 Client Interview An All New Script Style : • Professional interview - usually one of your senior personnel • The interview is a recording of prepared questions • Divided into short segments for insertion into your On Hold format • Interviews can be with your CEO, a recognised expert, a satisfied client, or other identity within your industry, community or company

Benefits of the Client Interview Style : • Puts a voice to your company which is personal and very engaging • Brings great variety, normalises and humanises your business • The one to one interview style greatly enhances credibility • Presents a range of topics through genuine conversation • Achieves high information retention with the listener • Brings unique and exclusive elements to the On Hold environment


2.5 Radio Commercial An All New Script Style : • A radio commercial production formatted for use On Hold • Can be on any topic about your organisation or industry & often recorded with top and tail introducing the commercial • Generally used to enhance variety within conventional productions • Sound effects and voice talent bring character roles to life • Most used when you have a range of products and pricing variations or where productions have a defined life for specific campaigns

Benefits of the Radio Commercial Style : • Brings bright spots and variations to conventional productions • Great at capturing attention with strong call to action capability • Can draw attention to key offers within a broad range of products • Elevates your corporate status in the eyes of your customer • Has high emotional value for distracting waiting customers and creating interest • Can have immediate effect to change the tone of your On Hold presentation – can jump from humour, to facts, to informative, to lively and buoyant etc


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2.6 Simulated Radio Station An All New Script Style : • A multiple voice talent production acting out your live radio station • Your organisation remains topical, but the production is freestyle • Music & voices updated frequently to keep current, based upon your needs • Customers and your personnel can feature in productions as phone-in or in-studio

Benefits of the Simulated Radio Station Style : • Simulated Radio offers the ultimate in emotional value and caller interest • Brings great entertainment and character to your On Hold • Inherently encourages customers to act now with its live call to action appeal • A great way to manage Call Centre Hold environments where queue times vary.


3. Selection of Music Genre Music to characterise your business will have a profound effect on ‘caller’ experience and their understanding of what you represent. What’s your music style ? What does your company represent ? Many options are available to bring your character and defining image to life. Here are just a few examples from our extensive library :


Adult Contemporary






Rock 11

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4. A Range of All Digital Equipment Given the vast array of new and previously installed phone systems - some dating back decades, it’s comforting to know that Telemallaudio can provide a professional on-hold solution for your system, regardless of its age, brand or model. By utilising state-of-the-art digital hardware, the pitfalls of older non-digital on-hold systems are avoided and the sophisticated features of all digital technology can be applied to your needs. With a wide selection of models, from basic to fully featured, the ideal device will be selected to suit not only your individual needs, but your budget as well.


5. About Telemallaudio There is no other company in the On-Hold industry with more history, experience and technical expertise, servicing so many major corporations in Australia. Telemallaudio founded the messages on hold industry in 1986 and in 2010 has released a whole new range of script styles . Telemallaudio provides On-Hold solutions to thousands of organisations, including over 800 National Corporations. Telemallaudio still set the industry standards for production quality, scripting, voice selection, music variety, equipment, technical expertise and quality client management.

Telemallaudio has done the hard yards, with over 617,000 hours of industry experience at February 2010. The company employs specialist technical resources from the communication industry, have unparalleled competencies in customer support and - the most important thing of all - it has a product that works as it should, in each client’s best interests and in the best interests of their callers.


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6. A Message from the Director The following excerpt from David Bonnin, the founder of Telemallaudio, sums it up nicely : ”It is interesting to note that when you put someone on hold you are being pretty inconsiderate to a fellow human being and prospective customer. So I would like it on record that in starting the message on hold industry, I did not set out to provide a solution for poor customer service ! “ “The reality is that in 1986, the idea of messages on hold was to bring novelty and corporate information together to make the inevitable ‘wait’ more useful – I had little understanding at the time of the psychology of voice announcements and no appreciation of the value this idea would bring to industry and government. “ “It has since transpired that recorded voice announcements have become a vital part of customer communications - to such an extent that the customer experience is now recognized as the make or break for success in customer retention, sales, and revenue growth. ” “Telemallaudio is building on hard won experience gained over the years and continues to develop, refine and implement market leading On-Hold strategies and levels of customer service, second to none anywhere in the world. “ “Telemallaudio will continue to nurture its internal culture of customer service above all else, bringing a breath of fresh air to an otherwise staid marketplace. “ “By selecting Telemallaudio, you’ve taken the first step towards consistent caller satisfaction. Let us help your business to stand out from your competitors - after all, that’s exactly what we do ! ”


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