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HIV and AIDS Quiz Show

IN T his a c ti v it y the young people

are challenged to explore the impact of HIV and AIDS. time required: 30 minutes

Mat er ial s N eed ed

INT E ND E D F O R G R A D E S 6 - 8

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» a large chalkboard » chalk » eraser » a copy of the Resource entitled “Trivia Questions and Answers,” found on page 3

Activity Steps W r it e e a c h of the possible trivia responses (found below) randomly on the chalkboard.

» 33 million » women and children » sub-Saharan Africa » virus » HIV-infected bodily fluid » individual » volume » values

» 2.5 million » 3 million » immune » stigma » 15 million » ill » silence » men and children

» 60 million » 6,000 » 1,000 » North America » Europe » Asia » vaccine

Di v ide t he pa rtic ipa nt s into two groups. Appoint or have someone volunteer to act as

quiz show host.

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P r o v ide t h e h o s t with a copy of the resource found on page 3. Explain that when the host

asks a question, the first team to make a buzzer noise must approach the chalkboard and circle or check the word they think is the correct answer to the question. If they are correct, their team gains a point. If they are incorrect, erase the circle or the check and deduct a point from their team. C o ntin ue t h i s pr o c ess until all the questions have been asked and answered. Then an-

nounce and congratulate the winning team. Initi at e a dis c u ssio n on the statistics by asking the following questions:

» What do you think and feel when you hear statistics like these? » Were you surprised by any of these facts about HIV and AIDS? » How many of you were aware of these realities before today?


» Consider the number of people infected with HIV and AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa. What does that tell you about how serious this issue is? Is it serious enough to compel you to take action? Why or why not? C o n c l ud e t h e ac ti v it y by discussing ways in which the participants can better educate themselves about the AIDS pandemic and how they can get involved in the movement to eradicate the disease.

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Resource | Trivia Questions and Answers Note to Host: Answers are indicated in parentheses.

» As of 2008, how many people worldwide are living with HIV and AIDS? (33 million) » How many children are infected with HIV and AIDS in the world today? (3 million) » How many people die of AIDS each year? (2.5 million) » Where do the majority of people with HIV live? (sub-Saharan Africa) » Which group of people is most impacted by HIV and AIDS? (women and children) » What does the “I” stand for in AIDS? (immune) » What does the “V” stand for in HIV? (virus) » What word bests describes the phrase “a stain, criticism, or blame on one’s reputation”? (stigma) » How is HIV transmitted? (HIV-infected bodily fluid) » How many children are orphaned each day due to AIDS? (6,000) » How many AIDS orphans are there worldwide? (15 million) » To date, how many people have contracted the disease? (60 million) (The statistics on this resource are from the Joint United Nations Program on AIDS.) Resource: Permission to reproduce is granted. © 2008 by World Vision Resources.

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HIV and AIDS Quiz Show - A Teaching Activity  
HIV and AIDS Quiz Show - A Teaching Activity  

In this activity, the participants are challenged to explore the impact of HIV and AIDS.