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edar Rapids / ˈsiːdər ˈræpɨdz/ is the second largest city in Iowa and is the county seat of Linn County. The city lies on both banks of the Cedar River, 20 miles (32 km) north of Iowa City and 100 miles (160 km) east of Des Moines, the state’s capital and largest city. Until massive flooding in 2008, the city’s government was headquartered in the Veterans Memorial Building, near the Linn County Courthouse and jail on Mays Island in the Cedar River; Cedar Rapids was one of a few cities in the world, along with Paris, France, with governmental offices on a municipal island. A flourishing center for arts and culture in Eastern Iowa, the city is home to the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library, the Paramount Theatre, Theatre Cedar Rapids, the African-American Historical Museum and Cultural Center of Iowa, and the Iowa Cultural Corridor 

Alliance. Cedar Rapids is an economic hub of the state, located in the core of the Interstate 380 Cedar Rapids/Iowa City Technology Corridor of Linn, Benton, Jones, Johnson, and Washington counties. As of the 2010 United States Census, the city population was 126,326. The estimated population of the three-county Metropolitan Statistical Area, which includes the nearby cities of Marion and Hiawatha, was 255,452 in 2008. Cedar Rapids has been residence to famous figures for the United States, including American Gothic painter Grant Wood, journalist and historian William L. Shirer, writer and photographer Carl Van Vechten, and aerodynamics pioneer Dr. Alexander Lippisch. In the 1990s and 2000s, Hollywood would feature several Cedar Rapidians including actors Bobby Driscoll, Ashton Kutcher, Elijah Wood, and Ron Livingston. The area has also produced a number of professional athletes

such as Ryan Sweeney, Trent Green, Zach Johnson, and Kurt Warner. The city is also the setting for a musical, The Pajama Game and the comedy film Cedar Rapids. Cedar Rapids is nicknamed the “City of Five Seasons”, for the “fifth season”, which is time to enjoy the other four. The symbol of the five seasons is the Tree of Five Seasons sculpture in downtown along the north river bank. The name “Five Seasons” and representations of the sculpture appear throughout the city in many forms. History The location of presentday Cedar Rapids was in the territory of the Fox and Sac tribes. The first permanent settler, Osgood Shepherd, arrived in 1838. When Cedar Rapids was first established in 1838, William Stone named the town Columbus. In 1841 it was resurveyed and renamed by N.B. Brown and his associates. They named the town Cedar Rapids for the rapids in the Cedar River at

About My County the site, and the river itself was named for the large number of red cedar trees that grew along its banks. Cedar Rapids was incorporated on January 15, 1849. Cedar Rapids annexed the community of Kingston in 1870. The economic growth of Cedar Rapids increased in 1871 upon the founding of the Sinclair meatpacking company. In 1960, the Census Bureau reported Cedar Rapids’ population as 98.6% white and 1.2% black. Flood of 2008 During the Iowa flood of 2008, the Cedar River reached a record high of 31.12 feet (9.49 m) on June 13, 2008, the previous record was 20 feet (6.1 m) surpassing the 500year flood plain. 1,126 city blocks were flooded, or more than 10 square miles (26 km2), 561 city blocks were severely damaged, on both banks of the Cedar River. This is 14% of the city’s total area. There were a total of 7,749 flooded properties that had to be evacuated, 5,900 were

homes, and 310 were city facilities including the City Hall, Central Fire Station, Main Public Library, Ground Transportation Center, Public Works building, and Animal Control building. It is estimated 1300 or more properties are to be demolished in the Cedar Rapids area because of the flood. Geography The city is divided into four quadrants, used in addressing. 1st Avenue (U.S. Route 151 Business) divides the north and south sides of the city, and the Cedar River divides east and west. Mays Island, in the middle of the river, is the only area of the city where addresses have no quadrant. Areas outside of the city limit that use the “Cedar Rapids” city name on their mailing address also do not use the quadrants. Except in the downtown area, 1st Avenue and the Cedar River tend to run diagonally instead of along the cardinal directions. Due to the curving of 1st Avenue, there are some ar-

eas in western Cedar Rapids where NW addresses are actually south of SW addresses. Cedar Rapids is divided into fourteen ZIP Codes. Mays Island and the downtown area are covered by 52401. The northeast quadrant is covered by 52402 and 52411. The southeast quadrant is covered by 52403. The southwest quadrant is covered by 52404. The northwest quadrant is covered by 52405. Post office boxes are covered by ZIP codes 52406, 52407, 52408, 52409, and 52410. Several other ZIP codes are for specific business (Aegon USA, Rockwell Collins, etc.). According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 72.07 square miles (186.66 km2), of which, 70.8 square miles (183.37 km2) is land and 1.27 square miles (3.29 km2) is water. Neighborhoods Czech Village is located along 16th Avenue SW, which is south of the Cedar River. It is home to such Czech-related business

About My County es as The Czech Cottage, Sykora Bakery, Al’s Blue Toad, and Deda and Babi’s Antiques. The National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library is one of the major tourist attractions in Cedar Rapids, and the nearby Bohemian National Cemetery may also be of interest to visitors. The National Czech & Slovak Museum’s main building was located directly on the river and was badly damaged by the 2008 floods. As of late 2010, the board of directors of the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library is pursuing a plan to move and then elevate its flood-damaged museum building. There is a temporary location open in Czech Village that people may visit as the main site is in the process of recovery. The Cedar Rapids Czech Heritage Foundation is one of many local organizations working to promote and preserve Czech heritage in Cedar Rapids. They support and sponsor many programs and events throughout the year. One of 

these programs is the Miss Czech-Slovak Iowa pageant. Two Miss Czech-Slovak US queens can claim this community as home: Lisa Volesky and Stasia Krivanek. Olga Drahozal is the famed band leader of the Czech Plus Polka Band, a performing group that frequents the Kosek Band Stand. She, along with Bessie Duggena and Leona Poduška, taught Czech School (Česká škola) at Wilson Middle School. In 2003, the African-American Historical Museum and Cultural Center of Iowa opened its doors. Cedar Rapids is also home to the historic 26 acre (105,000 m²) Brucemore Estate, on which sits a 21-room mansion, and the Masonic Library and Museum. There are twelve active neighborhood associations in Cedar Rapids. The neighborhoods nearest downtown include Wellington Heights and Oakhill Jackson in the southeast quadrant and Moundview in the northeast quadrant. Also farther north in the

northeast quadrant is the Kenwood Park which was independent until it was incorporated into the Cedar Rapids city limits and Noelridge Park neighborhood. The boundaries of Kenwood are 32nd Street to Oakland Road to Old Marion Road to C Avenue to 40th Street then 1st Avenue between 40th street and 32nd Street. In addition to the neighborhood associations in Cedar Rapids, there are many informal, unofficial neighborhoods, such as Bowman Woods, Vernon Heights, Stoney Point, New Bohemia (NewBo) and Wilderness Estates. In 2009, Cedar Rapids was rated one of the “Top 10 cities to Grow Up In” in the United States, partly due to a low crime rate and a good public school system. Demographics The Cedar Rapids Metropolitan Statistical Area consists of Linn, Benton, and Jones counties. The MSA had a 2000 census population of 237,230, with an estimated 2008 population of 255,452; Linn County

About My County was the only county in the MSA before the MSA was redefined after the 2000 census. As a growing job center, Cedar Rapids pulls commuters from nearby Marion and Hiawatha. Other towns that have become bedroom communities include Ely, Swisher, Shueyville, Palo, Atkins, Fairfax, Walford, Robins and Bertram. Based on the 2010 American Community Survey 1 Year Estimates, the median income for a household in the city was $51,186, and the median income for a family was $63,265. Males had a median income of $40,413 versus $26,402 for females. The per capita income for the city is $26,370. About 6.3% of families and 11.7% of the population were below the poverty line, including 15.5% of those under the age of 18 and 4.3% of those 65 or older. 2010 census As of the census of 2010, there were 126,326 people, 53,236 households, and 30,931 families residing in the city. The population

density was 1,784.3 people per square mile (688.9/ km²). There were 57,217 housing units at an average density of 808.2 per square mile (312.0/km²). The racial makeup of the city was 87.98% White, 5.58% African American, 0.31% Native American, 2.21% Asian, 0.12% Pacific Islander, 0.93% from other races, and 2.87% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 3.31% of the population. There were 53,236 households of which 28.9% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 42.8% were married couples living together, 11.0% had a female householder with no husband present, and 41.9% were non-families. 32.5% of all households were made up of individuals and 10.3% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size was 2.31 and the average family size was 2.95. Age spread: 23.5% under the age of 18, 11.2% from 18 to 24, 27.4% from 25 to 44, 24.8% from 45 to 64,

and 13.1% who were 65 years of age or older. The median age was 35.3 years. For every 100 females there were 96.6 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there were 94.4 males. 2000 census In the 2000 census, Cedar Rapids was 91.9% nonHispanic white, with well over half of the population claiming a specific ethnic European ancestry, such as Germans (35.5%), Irish (17.1%), English (9.4%), Czechs (7.8%), Norwegians (5.1%), and French from either France or Canada (3.2%). The city also has a growing minority population: for example, in the three-year period from 2006 to 2008, the U.S. Census Bureau estimated that 4.9% of the Cedar Rapids population identified as African Americans, up from 3.7% in the 2000 census. Muslim heritage Cedar Rapids has played an important role in Muslim culture in the United States. The National Muslim Cemetery on 12 acres 

About My County (49,000 m2) of land donated by Haj. Yahya William Aossey in 1948 is said to be the first exclusively Muslim cemetery in North America. Graves in the cemetery face Mecca. The Mother Mosque of America, dedicated on June 16, 1934, is the longest standing mosque in North America and the second oldest after the 1929 mosque built in Ross, North Dakota. In 1972, another mosque was built and the original mosque was sold and fell into disrepair before being purchased in 1990 by the Islamic Council of Iowa and renovated. It is on the National Register of Historic Places. The Iowa flood of 2008 extensively damaged the basement, destroying many historic documents. Muslim presence in the area dates to 1895 when the first immigrants arrived from the Beqaa Valley in today’s Lebanon and Syria. Islamic Services of America (I.S.A.) was established in Cedar Rapids in 1975 and provides Halal Certification and supervision throughout the world. 

Economy Cedar Rapids is one of the largest cities in the world for corn processing. The grain processing industry is Cedar Rapids’ most important sector, directly providing 4,000 jobs that pay on average $85,000, and also providing 8,000 indirectly. Fortune 500 company Rockwell Collins is based in Cedar Rapids, and Aegon has its United States headquarters there. A large Quaker Oats mill, one of the four that merged in 1901 to form Quaker Oats, dominates the north side of downtown. Other large companies that have facilities in Cedar Rapids include Archer Daniels Midland, Cargill, General Mills, Toyota Financial Services and Nordstrom. Newspaperarchive, based in Cedar Rapids, is the largest newspaper archive in North America with a repository of more than 150 million pages assembled over 250 years; it was taken offline for two days by the 2008 flood. Top employers

According to Cedar Rapids’ 2011 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, the top employers in the area are: 1 Rockwell Collins 8,700 2 Aegon 3,872 3 St. Luke’s Hospital 3,184 4 Cedar Rapids Community School District 2,936 5 Hy-Vee 2,599 6 Mercy Medical Center 2,312 7 Whirlpool 2,225 8 Kirkwood Community College 1,895 9 City of Cedar Rapids 1,31110 Quaker Oats Company 1,018

About My County Arts and culture Cedar Rapids is home to Orchestra Iowa, the Paramount Theatre, Theatre Cedar Rapids, and Brucemore, a National Trust Historic Site, among others. Cedar Rapids is also home to the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, The Cedar Rapids Ceramics Center, Legion Art’s CSPS Hall, the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library, the African American Historical Museum, Kirkwood Community College’s Iowa Hall Gallery, and the legendary Grant Wood Studio at 5 Turner Alley. These Cedar Rapids venues have recently hosted world class and award nominated exhibitions, including the works of Andy Warhol, Grant Wood, and the Iowa Biennial, among others. The Cedar Rapids Museum of Art houses the largest collection of Grant Wood paintings in the world. The 1920s Paramount Theatre is home to the Orchestra Iowa and the Cedar Rapids Area Theatre Organ Society. Concerts and events such as high school grad-

uations, sporting events, exhibitions, and political rallies are held in the U.S. Cellular Center, formerly known as The Five Seasons Center. Many arts centers in Cedar Rapids sustained severe damage during the June 2008 flood. Among those severely damaged are the Paramount Theatre, Theatre Cedar Rapids, the National Czech & Slovak Museum, and the African American Historical Museum. Two Wurlitzer organs were damaged, located at the Paramount Theatre and Theatre Cedar Rapids. The Cedar Rapids Museum of Art suffered minor damage. It is expected to cost $25 million to repair the Paramount; Theatre Cedar Rapids reopened in February 2010. Sports Cedar Rapids is home of the minor-league baseball team Cedar Rapids Kernels, a member of the Midwest League since 1962. The Kernels are a Class-A affiliate of the Minnesota Twins. The ice hockey team Cedar Rapids RoughRiders

are a member of the USHL and were once Clark Cup Champions. Cedar Rapids Titans are a professional football team that plays in the Indoor Football League. There is also a junior hockey league, the Cedar Rapids Hockey Association, with mini-mitehigh school teams. Sports facilities include Veterans Memorial Stadium for baseball, Kingston Stadium for football and track, the Cedar Rapids Ice Arena for hockey, Hawkeye Downs Speedway, a halfmile paved racetrack featuring weekly racing and national and regional touring series as well as a motocross arena, and the U.S. Cellular Center (formerly the Five Seasons Center) for basketball. This arena also hosts the Iowa High School volleyball championships, home of the Cedar Rapids Rollergirls (roller derby) and many concerts Cedar Rapids is also home to the high competitive “metro” athletic teams, representing Jefferson, Washington, Kennedy, Linn-Mar, Xavier, and 

About My County Prairie high schools. Cedar Rapids is also the birthplace of NASCAR Nationwide’s 2008 RAYBESTO’s Rookie of the Year Landon Cassill. Parks and recreation Cedar Rapids has over 3,360 acres (13.6 km2) of city owned property for undeveloped green space and recreational use. There are 74 formally named parks or recreational facilities. These include baseball and softball fields, allweather basketball courts, two frisbee golf courses, sand volleyball courts, the Tuma Soccer Complex, a BMX dirt track, an offleash dog exercise area, the Old MacDonald’s Farm (a children’s zoo), 10 splash pads, and many parks that have pavilions, picnicking areas and restroom facilities. The various trail systems in Cedar Rapids have a total of 24 miles (39 km) for walking, running or bicycling. The YMCA has had a local chapter since since 1868. It has many facilities including Camp Wapsie. 10

Government From April 6, 1908, to December 31, 2005, Cedar Rapids used the city commission form of government. It was one of the few larger American cities remaining to operate under this model. Under this form of government, the council was made up of a public safety commissioner, a streets commissioner, a fi nance commissioner, a parks commissioner, and a mayor. The council members worked on a full-time basis, served two-year terms, and were considered department heads. Don Canney, the longest serving mayor in city history, served for twenty-two years under this system. The last mayor of Cedar Rapids under this form of government was Paul Pate. In 2005 the Cedar Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce spearheaded a movement to change from the commission form of government. A panel was appointed by Mayor Pate and the City Council to study the issue, and recommend-

ed that voters be presented with three options: Stay with the current commission form of government. Adopt a “strong mayor form” where the council would be part-time, the mayor would be full-time, and a city manager would run the day to day affairs of the city. Adopt a “weak mayor form” of government, in this form the mayor and council would both work on a part-time basis. A fulltime city manager would run the day-to-day operations of the city. On June 14, 2005, voters went to the polls to decide whether to adopt a new form of government or continue with the commission form. 28,818 of the 83,514 registered voters (29.72%) cast ballots on the issue. 68.80% of the voters decided to adopt a new form of government. Elections were held on November 8, 2005 and 30 candidates ran. Kay Halloran, a retired attorney and state legislator, became the first mayor elected under the new sys-

About My County tem. Several members of the city council were elected outright; however, the remaining races were close enough to require a runoff election, which took place in December. Cedar Rapids now has an Iowa “Home Rule” charter which establishes a weak mayor system with a parttime City Council and Mayor both on four-year terms. The eight-member Council is divided into five districts. One council member is elected from each district and the remaining three members are elected on an at-large basis. The mayor’s salary is $30,000 and each member’s is $15,000. The Council and Mayor hired Jim Prosser as City Manager in the summer of 2006. Prior to hiring Prosser, James Flitz, formerly the City Attorney, served as interim City Manager. Department directors report to the City Manager, who has authority over employment, except in the case of the Police and Fire Chiefs, which require Council approval. The first meeting of the

Council was held on January 3, 2006. Under Iowa law, municipal elections are non-partisan. Education Cedar Rapids is home to two four-year colleges: Coe College and Mount Mercy University. The University of Iowa also has an evening MBA facility there. Kirkwood Community College is the area’s only two-year college, while Kaplan University (formerly Hamilton College) and Upper Iowa University also have campuses there. Cornell College in Mount Vernon and the University of Iowa’s main campus in Iowa City are both within 30 miles (48 km) of Cedar Rapids. The Cedar Rapids Community School District is the largest school district in the metropolitan area with an enrollment of 17,263 in the 2006–2007 school year. The district contains 24 elementary schools, six middle schools, and four high schools: Jefferson, Washington, Kennedy, and Metro High School(an alternative high school). Two neighboring school dis-

tricts draw students from within the Cedar Rapids city limits. The Linn-Mar Community School District serves part of the northeast quadrant of the city and has seven elementary schools inside the city limits. The College Community School District serves part of the southwest quadrant of Cedar Rapids as well as neighboring rural portions of Linn, Benton and Johnson counties. Located in a central campus off Interstate 380 are College Community’s four elementary schools, Prairie Creek Intermediate, Prairie Point Middle School & Ninth Grade Academy, and Prairie High School. The Cedar Rapids Metro Catholic Education System, which is affiliated with the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Dubuque, consists of six elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school (Xavier). The Cedar Rapids Catholic Education System and Cedar Rapids Community School District are synonymous with each other in the Cedar Rapids Public 11

About My County and Parochial School System. The city hosts several private schools, including Cedar Valley Christian School, Trinity Lutheran School, and Isaac Newton Christian Academy. Media Radio Cedar Rapids’ radio market, which consists of Linn County, is ranked 211th by Arbitron with 172,000 listeners aged 12 and older. Clear Channel Communications owns four stations in the Cedar Rapids area, including WMT 600 AM, a news/talk station that has broadcast since 1922. Clear Channel also owns KKSYFM 96.5, a modern country music station; KMJM 1360 AM, a classic country station; and KOSY-FM 95.7 FM, a simulcast of WMT. Cumulus Media owns four stations in Cedar Rapids: KDAT 104.5 FM (adult contemporary), KHAK 98.1 FM (country music), and KRNA 94.1 FM (active rock). Cumulus also operates KRQN 107.1 under a Lease Management Agreement. KRQN broadcasts 12

a (contemporary hits) format. Three other stations in Cedar Rapids are independently owned: KZIA 102.9 FM (contemporary hits), KGYM 1600 AM (sports radio), and KMRY 1450 AM/93.1 FM (Classic). Several stations from Waterloo and Iowa City also figure into ratings in Cedar Rapids. These stations include KFMW 107.9 FM, otherwise known as Rock 108 with an active rock format and KOKZ 105.7 FM which has a classic hits format. Both stations are located in Waterloo. Clear Channel owned KKRQ 100.7 FM and its classic rock format is the Iowa City station that is typically highly rated in Cedar Rapids. The only non-commercial station licensed to Cedar Rapids is KCCK-FM 88.3 FM, a jazz station licensed to Kirkwood Community College. KXGM-FM 89.1 is a non-commercial contemporary Christian music station licensed to neighboring Hiawatha. NPR stations from Cedar Falls (KUNI (FM) 90.9 FM) and

Iowa City (KSUI 91.7 FM and WSUI 910 AM) reach Cedar Rapids. Television The Cedar Rapids-Waterloo-Iowa City-Dubuque media market consists of 21 eastern Iowa counties: Allamakee, Benton, Black Hawk, Bremer, Buchanan, Butler, Cedar, Chickasaw, Clayton, Delaware, Dubuque, Fayette, Grundy, Iowa, Johnson, Jones, Keokuk, Linn, Tama, Washington, and Winneshiek. It is ranked 88th by Nielsen Media Research for the 2008–2009 television season with 346,330 television households. Cedar Rapids is home to four network-affiliated stations: KGAN channel 2 (CBS), KCRG channel 9 (ABC), KFXA channel 28 (Fox), and KPXR-TV channel 48 (ION). NBC affiliate KWWL channel 7 is based in Waterloo but maintains a newsroom inside the Alliant Energy tower in downtown Cedar Rapids. Other stations in the market are KWKB channel 20 (CW/MyNetwork TV), licensed to Iowa

About My County City; KWWF channel 22 (RTN), licensed to Waterloo; and KFXB-TV channel 40 (CTN), licensed to Dubuque. Public television is provided by Iowa Public Television, which has two stations in the area: KIIN channel 12 in Iowa City and KRIN channel 32 in Waterloo. Mediacom and local company ImOn Communications provide cable television service to Cedar Rapids. Print The Gazette is the primary daily newspaper for Cedar Rapids. The Cedar Rapids Gazette won a Pulitzer Prize in 1936, under editor Verne Marshall and primarily due to his efforts and articles, for its campaign against corruption and misgovernment in the State of Iowa. Film Cedar Rapids is an American comedy film about a naive insurance agent Ed Helms who is sent to represent his company at a regional conference in big town Cedar Rapids. Although the film is set in Cedar Rapids, it was ac-

tually mostly shot in Ann Arbor, Michigan, although exterior shots were done in Cedar Rapids. Infrastructure Transportation Cedar Rapids is served by The Eastern Iowa Airport (formerly known as the Cedar Rapids Airport), a regional airport that connects with other regional and international airports. Cedar Rapids Transit and private bus lines also connect at the airport. Interstate 380, part of the Avenue of the Saints, runs north-south through Cedar Rapids. U.S. Highways 30, 151, and 218 and Iowa Highway 13 and Iowa Highway 100 also serve the city. Cedar Rapids is served by four major railroads. They are the Union Pacific, the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Railway (Crandic), the Canadian National, and the Iowa Northern Railway Company [IANR]. The Iowa Northern Railway has its headquarters in the historic Paramount Theater Building. The Crandic and the Iowa Interstate Rail-

road also are headquartered in Cedar Rapids. The Iowa Interstate reaches the city via the Crandic tracks, running a daily train from Iowa City, Iowa to Cedar Rapids. Cedar Rapids is linked to other Midwestern cities by the Burlington Trailways bus hub at the Eastern Iowa Airport. The city is also served by Cedar Rapids Transit, consisting of an extensive bus system and taxis. Cedar Rapids Transit operates scheduled bus service throughout the city and to Marion and Hiawatha. A series of enclosed pedestrian skywalks connect several downtown buildings. Health care There are two hospitals in Cedar Rapids, St. Luke’s and Mercy Medical Center. Notable people Adrian Arrington (born 1985) American football player Michael Boddicker, Musician (distant cousin of Mike Boddicker, MLB player) Mike Boddicker, Major League Baseball pitcher 13

About My County (distant cousin of Michael Boddicker, musician) Robert Bruggeman, American football player Landon Cassill, NASCAR racer Priyanka Chopra, actress and Miss World 2000 Arthur A. Collins (1909– 1987) inventor and founder of Collins Radio Company Marvin D. Cone, artist Paul Conrad, cartoonist Joshua Coyne Jim Cummins, NBC News correspondent, graduate of Regis High School in 1963 Geof Darrow, comic book artist Michael Daugherty, classical composer Tommy D. Daugherty, musician/composer Walter Donald Douglas, co-founder of Penick & Ford Starch Company, died on the RMS Titanic Tim DeBoom, Ironman World Champion Don DeFore, actor and president of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Bobby Driscoll, former child actor Cal Eldred, baseball play14

er John Ely, a member of the Iowa General Assembly who was instrumental in abolishing capital punishment in Iowa Michael Emerson, actor, grew up in Toledo, Iowa Paul Engle, poet Terry Farrell, actress Kent Ferguson, Gold Medal Olympics Diver Ben Ford, baseball player Salvatore Giunta US Army, first living recipient of the Medal of Honor since the Vietnam War. Ed Gorman, writer Trent Green, American football player George Greene, Iowa Supreme Court Justice Beulah Gundling, American synchronized swimmer, aquatic artist, choreographer and author John Hench, Disney animator and Imagineer Bourke B. Hickenlooper (1896–1971) lieutenant governor, 29th Governor of Iowa, 4 term U.S. Senator David Hilker, musician Fred Jackson, NFL player for Buffalo Bills Zach Johnson (born 1976)

American professional golfer on the PGA Tour and the 2007 Masters champion Larry N. Jordan (born 1952), publisher, journalist, and author, launched the weekly Cedar Rapids Press-American as a 15year-old student. Danielle Kahle (born 1989) American figure skater Aaron Kampman (born 1979) 2 time All-Pro and Pro Bowl American football player Charles Kemme, Distinguished Service Cross recipient Bruce Kimm, baseball player, coach, and manager Ashton Kutcher, actor Alexander Lippisch (1894– 1976) aerodynamics pioneer and aircraft designer Ron Livingston, actor, grew up in Marion, Iowa Conger Metcalf, artist John O. Miner, U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Dow Mossman, author George Nissen (1914– 2010) National AAU Champion, 1935, 36, 37, developer of the modern trampoline

About My County Wes Obermueller, baseball player Bob Parsons, Founder of Parsons Technology and Go Daddy Arthur D. Pennington, known as Art “Superman” Pennington was a Negro League baseball star Ann Royer, painter, sculptor William L. Shirer, journalist and author Riley Smith, actor Denise Stapley, winner of the CBS show Survivor: Philippines is from Cedar Rapids. Ryan Sweeney, baseball player, Chicago Cubs Kellen Sweeney, baseball player, Toronto Blue Jays Paul Tibbets, pilot of the B29 Enola Gay that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. Lived in Cedar Rapids until 1927. Carl Van Vechten, novelist and photographer Dedric Ward, American football player Kurt Warner (born 1971) American football quarterback, played in 3 Super Bowls, won Super Bowl XXXIV as Super Bowl MVP

Brooks Wheelan (Born 1986) stand-up comedian, current featured player on Saturday Night Live Elijah Wood, actor, best known for The Lord of the Rings film trilogy Grant Wood Famous painter Wright Brothers Orville (1871–1948) and Wilbur (1867–1912) aviation pioneers, resided in Cedar Rapids in their youth Ray Cheetany (born 1977) All American football player at University of Nevada Las Vegas and Founder of - The Sports Social Network




Lodging Days Inn Toledo403 Highway 30 West · Toledo 641-484-5678 AmericInn Lodge and Suites Anamosa101 Harley Avenue · Anamosa 319-462-4119 Best Western Cooper’s Mill Hotel & Restaurant 100 F Ave. N.W. · Cedar Rapids 319-366-5323 Cobblestone Inn and Suites1202 W. 11th St. · Vinton 319-472-2220 Comfort Inn North5055 Rockwell Dr. · Cedar Rapids 319-393-8247 Country Inn & Suites by Carlson Cedar Rapids Airport9100 Atlantic Dr. S.W. · Cedar Rapids 319-363-3789 Days Inn & Suites Cedar Rapids2215 Blairs Ferry Rd. · Cedar Rapids 319-378-3948 Fairfield Inn Cedar Rapids605 32nd Ave. S.W. · Cedar Rapids 319-364-2000 Hampton Inn of Cedar Rapids 3265 6th St. S.W. · Cedar Rapids 319-364-8144 Heartland Inn Cedar Rapids3315 Southgate Ct. S.W. · Cedar Rapids 319-362-9012 Holiday Inn Express Cedar Rapids1230 Collins Rd. · Cedar Rapids 319-294-9407 Howard Johnson Cedar Rapids616 33rd Ave. S.W. · Cedar Rapids 18

319-366-2475 Marriott Cedar Rapids 1200 Collins Rd. N.E. · Cedar Rapids 319-393-6600 Motel 63325 Southgate Ct. · Cedar Rapids 319-366-7523 Ramada Limited Cedar Rapids4011 16th Ave. S.W. · Cedar Rapids 319-396-5000 Super 8 Motel Anamosa 100 Grant Wood Dr. · Anamosa 319-462-3888 Super 8 Motel Cedar Rapids West 720 33rd Ave. S.W. · Cedar Rapids 319-362-6002 Super 8 Motel-Toledo 207 Highway 30 West · Toledo 641-484-5888 Days Inn Cedar Rapids3245 S. Gate Pl. S.W. · Cedar Rapids 319-365-4339 Cedar Rapids Conference Center2501 Williams Blvd. S.W. · Cedar Rapids 319-365-9441 Microtel Inn & Suites3500 Dyer Avenue · Marion 319-373-7400 AmericInn Cedar Rapids8910 6th St. S.W. · Cedar Rapids 319-632-1800 Baymont Inn & Suites Cedar Rapids1220 Park Pl. · Cedar Rapids 319-378-8000 Best Western Longbranch Hotel 90 Twixt Town Rd. N.E. · Cedar Rapids 319-377-6386

Lodging Collins Inn Hotel Suites Cedar Rapids2025 Werner Ave., N.E. · Cedar Rapids 319-378-8888 Comfort Inn South390 33rd Ave. S.W. · Cedar Rapids 319-363-7934 Crowne Plaza Five Seasons 350 First Ave. N.E. · Cedar Rapids 319-363-8161 Econo Lodge Cedar Rapids622 33rd Ave. S.W. · Cedar Rapids 319-363-8888 Hampton Inn and Suites Cedar Rapids 1130 Park Pl. N.E. · Cedar Rapids 319-832-1130 Hawthorn Cedar Rapids 4444 Czech Ln. N.E. · Cedar Rapids 319-294-8700 Holiday Inn Express & Suites Cedar Rapids3320 Southgate Ct. S.W. · Cedar Rapids 319-399-5025 Homewood Suites Cedar Rapids1140 Park Pl. N.E. · Cedar Rapids 319-378-1140 Mainstay Suites Cedar Rapids5145 Rockwell Dr. · Cedar Rapids 319-363-7829 Microtel Inn and Suites5500 Dyer Avenue · Marion 319-373-7400 Quality Inn & Suites Cedar Rapids4747 1st Ave. S.E. · Cedar Rapids 319-393-8800 Residence Inn Cedar Rapids1900 Dodge Rd. N.E. · Cedar Rapids

319-395-0111 Super 8 Motel Cedar Rapids East 400 33rd Ave. S.W. · Cedar Rapids 319-363-1755 Super 8 Motel Urbana 5369 Hutton Drive · Urbana 319-443-8888 The Hotel at Kirkwood Center7725 Kirkwood Blvd. S.W. · Cedar Rapids 319-848-8700 The Lion & The Lamb B & B 913 2nd Avenue · Vinton 319-472-5086



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Schools / Facts / Climate JOHN F KENNEDY HIGH SCHOOL 4545 WENIG RD NE 319-558-2251 Serves 1,748 students. Student/teacher ratio: 18 THOMAS JEFFERSON HIGH SCHOOL 1243 20TH ST SW 319-558-2435 Serves 1,614 students. Student/teacher ratio: 17.6 GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL 2205 FOREST DR SE 319-558-2161 Serves 1,539 students. Student/teacher ratio: 16.9 PRAIRIE HIGH SCHOOL 401 76TH AVE SW 319-848-5340 Serves 1,102 students. Student/teacher ratio: 14.8 METRO HIGH SCHOOL 1212 7TH ST SE 319-558-2193 A Non-traditional School Serves 543 students. Student/teacher ratio: 18.7

Cedar Rapids Almanac

Category Value Nearest Large City 203 miles W of Milwaukee, Wisconsin County Linn Metro Area Cedar Rapids Standard Zip Codes 52401, 52402, 52403, 52404,


52405, 52411 P.O. Box Zip Codes 52406, 52407, 52408, 52409, 52410 Company Zip Codes 52497, 52498, 52499 Phone Area Codes 319 Time Zone Central (-6 hours from GMT) Daylight Savings The city observes Daylight Saving Time. Latitude 42.008 Longitude -91.643 Cedar Rapids Climate Nearest Weather Stations Notes: Temp ranges are avg daily min and max for the month Precipitation is rainfall (and rainfall equiv of snowfall)

Distance 21.3 miles Jan Temp 9 to 26 F Apr Temp 37 to 61 F Jul Temp 62 to 84 F Oct Temp 40 to 63 F Annual Precip 34.2 inches

Moving List Two Months Before Sort and purge.

Go through every room of your house and decide what you’d like to keep and what you can get rid of. Think about whether any items will require special packing or extra insurance coverage. Related: Where to Donate Your Old Goods Research.

Start investigating moving company options. Do not rely Station CEDAR RAPon a quote over the phone; reIDS NO 1 quest an on-site estimate. Get Distance 3.6 miles an estimate in writing from Jan Temp 12 to 28 F each company, and make sure Apr Temp 39 to 62 F it has a USDOT (U.S. DepartJul Temp 64 to 85 F ment of Transportation) numOct Temp 43 to 64 F ber on it. Annual Precip 36.6 inches Related: 12 Steps to Hiring a Mover Station ANAMOSA 1 Create a moving binder. WNW Distance 19.2 miles Use this binder to keep track Jan Temp 7 to 27 F of everything—all your estiApr Temp 36 to 60 F mates, your receipts, and an inJul Temp 61 to 84 F ventory of all the items you’re Oct Temp 38 to 63 F moving. Annual Precip 35.3 inches Organize school records. Station VINTON

Go to your children’s school and arrange for their records to be transferred to their new school district.

you use most infrequently, such as the waffle iron and croquet set. While packing, note items of special value that might require additional insurance from Six Weeks Before your moving company. Make sure to declare, in writing, any Order supplies. items valued over $100 per pound, such as a computer. Order boxes and other supLabel. plies such as tape, Bubble Wrap, and permanent markers. Clearly label and number Don’t forget to order specialty each box with its contents and containers, such as dish barrels the room it’s destined for. This or wardrobe boxes. will help you to keep an invenRelated: Where to Buy Mov- tory of your belongings. Pack ing Supplies and label “essentials” boxes of Use it or lose it. items you’ll need right away. Separate valuables. Start using up things that you don’t want to move, like frozen or perishable foods and cleaning supplies. Take measurements.

Add items such as jewelry and important files to a safe box that you’ll personally transport to your new home. Make sure to put the mover’s estimate in this box. You’ll need it for reference on moving day. Do a change of address. Go to your local post office and fill out a change-of-address form, or do it online at But in case there are stragglers, it’s always wise to ask a close neighbor to look out for mail after you’ve moved. Check in with him or her two weeks after the move, and again two weeks after that.

Check room dimensions at your new home, if possible, and make sure larger pieces of furniture will fit through the door. One Month Before Choose your mover and confirm the arrangements. Select a company and get written confirmation of your moving date, costs, and other details. Begin packing. Start packing the things that


Notify important parties. Alert the following of your move: banks, brokerage firms, your employer’s human resources department, magazine and newspapers you subscribe to, and credit card, insurance, and utility companies. Forward medical records. Arrange for medical records to be sent to any new healthcare providers or obtain copies of them yourself. Ask for referrals. Two Weeks Before Arrange to be off from work on moving day. Notify your office that you plan to supervise the move and therefore need the day off. Tune up. Take your car to a garage, and ask the mechanic to consider what services might be needed if you’re moving to a new climate. Clean out your safe-deposit box.

Reconfirm the arrange- for payment and tip. If the ments. staff has done a good job, 10 to 15 percent of the total fee is One Week Before a good tip. If your move was especially difficult, you might Refill prescriptions. tip each mover up to $100. Don’t forget that refreshments Stock up on prescriptions are always appreciated. you’ll need during the next couple of weeks. Moving Day Pack your suitcases. Verify. Aim to finish your general packing a few days before Make sure that the moving your moving date. Then pack truck that shows up is from the suitcases for everyone in the company you hired: The USfamily with enough clothes to DOT number painted on its wear for a few days. side should match the number on the estimate you were givA Few Days Before en. Scams are not unheard-of. Take inventory. Defrost the freezer. Before the movers leave, If your refrigerator is moving sign the bill of lading/invenwith you, make sure to empty, tory list and keep a copy. clean, and defrost it at least 24 hours before moving day. Double-check the details.

Reconfirm the moving company’s arrival time and other specifics and make sure you have prepared exact, written directions to your new home for the staff. Include contact If you’ll be changing banks, information, such as your cell remove the contents of your phone number. safe-deposit box and put them Plan for the payment. in the safe box that you’ll take with you on moving day. If you haven’t already arContact the moving com- ranged to pay your mover with pany. a credit card, get a money order, cashier’s check, or cash



Restaurant Guide 319-351-2370 · Bennigan’s Grill & Tavern Houlihan’s Coralville · 1000 25th Avenue Dubuque · 1801 Grey319-625-2366 · hound Park Dr. Brown Bottle 563-585-5233 · Iowa City · 115 E. WashPretzel Maker ington St. 322 Westdale Mall 319-351-6704 · 319-390-0333 Chili’s Grill & Bar Pretzel Maker 4444 1st Avenue NorthCoralville · 2651 2nd Street east Chili’s Grill & Bar 319-395-9666 1250 Collins Road NorthPretzel Maker east Coralville · 1000 25th Decker Hotel Restaurant Avenue Maquoketa · 128 N. Main 319-625-2888 St. Pretzel Maker 563-652-6654 Dubuque · 555 JFK Road Granite City Food & 563-582-2118 Brewery Pretzel Maker Waterloo · 2060 Cross4755 1st Avenue Southeast roads Blvd. 319-395-7500 · 319-287-5458 Ground Round Grill & Ruby Tuesday’s Bar 217 Collins Road NorthWaterloo · 50 John F Keneast nedy Rd. 319-294-4888 563-556-3540 · Ruby Tuesday’s Ground Round Grill & 2215 Edgewood Dr. S.W. Bar 319-390-3408 Waterloo · 1425 E. San The Class Act 7725 Kirkwood Blvd. Marnan Dr. 319-233-8616 · S.W. Ground Round Grill & 319-848-8777 · Bar The Hungry Hobo Iowa City · 830 S. River- Marion · 2160 Edgewood side Dr. Rd. S.W. 26

319-396-6365 The Hungry Hobo Iowa City · 517 S. Riverside Dr. 319-337-5270 The Hungry Hobo Marion · Collins Square Road 319-377-2160 Vine Tavern Coralville · 39 2nd Street 319-338-7770 Vine Tavern Iowa City · 529 S. Gilbert St. 319-354-8767 Vinny Vanucchi’s Little Italy Dubuque · 180 Main Street 563-588-9600 · Zazza’s Restaurant 525 33rd Avenue Southwest 319-366-8671 · Zins Restaurant 227 Second Avenue Southeast 319-363-9467 · A&W Restaurant Waterloo · 2775 Crossroads Blvd. 319-236-0505 · A&W Restaurant 1136 Ellis Blvd. N.W. 319-365-4179 · A&W Restaurant

Restaurant Guide 9125 Atlantic Dr. S.W. 319-632-4649 · A&W Restaurant Coralville · 1451 Coral Ridge Ave. 319-625-2855 · Applebee’s Cedar Falls · 6301 University Ave. 319-266-1814 · Applebee’s 2645 Edgewood Road Southwest 319-396-6767 · Applebee’s 303 Collins Road Northeast 319-378-8646 · Applebee’s Coralville · 200 12th Avenue 319-358-1986 · Applebee’s Dubuque · 1395 Associates Drive 563-583-3131 · Applebee’s Waterloo · 2780 Crossroads Blvd. 319-287-4700 · Applebee’s Waverly · 2500 4th St. S.W. 319-352-9240 · Country Kitchen 3130 16th Avenue Southwest

319-365-1249 · Country Kitchen Dubuque · 3187 University Ave. 563-556-8405 · Country Kitchen Marion · 699 7th Avenue 319-377-8627 · IHOP 2545 Edgewood Road Southwest 319-390-0077 · IHOP Dubuque · 1785 John F Kennedy Rd. 563-584-0077 · IHOP Waterloo · 2009 Crossroads Blvd. 319-287-4467 · Joey’s Seafood & Grill Dubuque · 2515 N.W. Arterial Extension 563-588-1197 · Old Country Buffet Coralville · 1451 Coralridge Ave. 319-625-2360 · Perkins 3310 Southgate Court 319-365-0545 · Perkins 315 Collins Road Northeast 319-393-0202 · Perkins Coralville · 819 1st Av-

enue 319-351-1260 · Perkins Dubuque · 3500 Dodge Street 563-557-9262 · Perkins Waterloo · 3280 University Ave. 319-235-6595 · Village Inn Iowa City · #9 Sturgis Drive 319-351-1094 · Village Inn 229 Collins Road 319-378-9320 · Village Inn Coralville · 2800 Commerce Dr. 319-545-6445 · Village Inn Dubuque · 1940 John F Kennedy Rd. 563-556-0893 · Village Inn Cedar Falls · 6301 University Ave. 319-277-5551 · Village Inn Waterloo · 212 West Ridgeway 319-291-2010 · Formosa Iowa City · 221 E. College St. 319-338-8880 · 27

Restaurant Guide Takanami Circle KFC 563-690-1719 · Waterloo · 3115 Kimball Iowa City · 219 Iowa Avenue Panera Bread Avenue 319-351-5125 · Iowa City · 1646 Syca319-233-9302 · Dickey’s Barbecue Pit more St. KFC 319-248-0007 · Waterloo · 200 Broadway 5300 Northeast Edgewood 319-234-8745 · Road Panera Bread 319-373-1728 · Waterloo · 1818 La Porte KFC Famous Dave’s Road 1334 Edgewood Rd. S.W. 319-433-3003 · 319-396-7744 · Cedar Falls · 6222 University Ave. Buffalo Wild Wings KFC 1100 Blairs Ferry Road 3917 Center Point Road 319-266-0200 · Houlihan’s 319-378-8886 · 319-393-2123 · Dubuque · 1801 GreyBuffalo Wild Wings KFC hound Park Dr. 2210 Edgewood Road 1435 First Avenue South563-585-5233 · Southwest east Old Country Buffet 319-396-9464 · 319-366-2438 · Coralville · 1451 CoralBuffalo Wild Wings KFC ridge Ave. Coralville · 2500 Corridor Marion · 1925 7th Avenue 319-625-2360 · Way 319-377-6384 · Panera Bread 319-338-9464 · KFC Cedar Falls · 6403 UniBuffalo Wild Wings Coralville · 626 First Avversity Ave. Iowa City · 201 S. Clinton enue 319-553-0250 · St. 319-351-5028 · Panera Bread 319-887-9464 · KFC 5010 Council Street Chick-fil-A Iowa City · 130 Highway 319-393-2100 · 2600 Edgewood Road 1 West Panera Bread Southwest 319-351-6180 · 2665 Edgewood Road 319-396-1272 · KFC Washington · 120 E. JefSouthwest Famous Dave’s 319-654-9452 · Cedar Falls · 6222 Uniferson St. Panera Bread versity Ave. 319-653-3145 · Coralville · 1451 Coral 319-266-0200 · KFC Ridge Rd. KFC Fairfield · 605 W. BurlingCedar Falls · 6104 Uniton Ave. 319-341-9252 · Panera Bread versity Ave. 641-470-1497 · Dubuque · 3423 Kennedy 319-266-8551 · KFC 28

Restaurant Guide Dubuque · 1725 John F 319-378-3086 · Cedar Falls · 6018 UniKennedy Rd. Starbucks Coffee versity Ave. 563-556-3767 · 3400 Edgewood Road 319-266-3627 · KFC 319-396-5005 · Arby’s Dubuque · 1957 Central Starbucks Coffee Waterloo · 3657 Kimball Avenue 1030 Blaires Ferry Rd. Avenue N.E. 563-582-7267 · 319-233-4147 · Caribou Coffee 319-393-1600 · Arby’s Coralville · 2445 2nd Starbucks Coffee Dubuque · 10 Main Street Street Coralville · 1451 Coral 563-557-0531 · 319-354-2297 · Ridge Ave. Arby’s Java Lounge 319-354-4486 · Dubuque · 1755 John F Williamsburg · 523 Court Starbucks Coffee Kennedy Rd. Street Dubuque · 2515 N.W. Ar563-582-8629 · 319-668-2263 terial Extension Arby’s 563-582-3186 · Starbucks Coffee Coralville · 801 1st AvCedar Falls · 6421 UniStarbucks Coffee enue versity Ave. Dubuque · 2395 N.W. 319-351-2729 · 319-277-7140 · Arterian Arby’s Starbucks Coffee 563-584-2218 · Coralville · 1451 Coral 4804 First Avenue NorthStarbucks Coffee Ridge Ave. east Dubuque · 400 S. Locust 319-625-2333 · 319-373-6925 · St. Arby’s Starbucks Coffee 563-583-6148 · Iowa City · 3 Highway 1 2615 Blairs Ferry Rd. Starbucks Coffee West Iowa City · 228 S. Clinton N.E. 319-887-1041 · 319-393-2612 · St. Arby’s Starbucks Coffee 319-338-4788 · Williamsburg · 335 E. 3500 Williams Blvd. S.W. Starbucks Coffee Evans St. 319-396-0074 · Marion · 3600 US-151 319-668-9338 · Starbucks Coffee East Arby’s 235 Collins Road 5050 Edgewood Road 319-377-4803 · Northeast Starbucks Coffee 319-393-7447 · 319-378-0762 · Waterloo · 1501 FlamArby’s Starbucks Coffee mang Drive 1417 First Avenue South4444 1st Avenue North319-232-1456 · east east Arby’s 319-366-2566 · 29

Restaurant Guide Arby’s 1333 Edgewood Road Southwest 319-366-5357 · Burger King Waterloo · 102 Tower Park Drive 319-287-4246 · Burger King Waterloo · 109 Jefferson Street 319-235-7910 · Burger King Cedar Falls · 1210 College Square Mall 319-266-1087 · Burger King Fairfield · 1210 W. Burlington 641-469-6428 · Burger King Waterloo · 1215 Ansborough 319-234-6669 · Burger King Dubuque · 1350 John F Kennedy Rd. 563-556-3621 · Burger King Iowa City · 1445 Boyrum Street 319-337-4578 · Burger King 159 Collins Road Northeast 319-393-1666 · Burger King 30

Waterloo · 1925 Laporte St. Road 319-588-3115 · 319-232-6552 · Hardee’s Burger King 1519 6th Street Southwest 319-363-7710 · Independence · 200 First St. W. Hardee’s 319-334-3536 · 1981 Blairs Ferry Road Burger King 319-395-9168 · Manchester · 200 West Hardee’s Main 3214 1st Avenue North319-927-8004 · east Burger King 319-362-7826 · Marion · 2449 7th Avenue Hardee’s 319-377-0787 · 324 Edgewood Road Burger King 319-396-2849 · Dubuque · 250 South LoHardee’s cust 35 Miller Avenue 563-557-5151 · 319-364-3899 · Burger King Hardee’s 2505 Blairs Ferry Road Coralville · 107 2nd Street 319-354-4275 · 319-378-9951 · Burger King Hardee’s 3030 Mount Vernon Road Dubuque · 2100 Twin Val319-365-7179 · ley Dr. Burger King 319-557-7515 · 390 Edgewood Road Hardee’s 319-369-0810 · Dubuque · 2196 UniverBurger King sity 395 33rd Avenue South319-588-3115 · west Hardee’s 319-366-6918 · Dubuque · 420 Rhomberg Burger King 319-582-5603 · Coralville · 550 First AvHardee’s enue Dubuque · 4860 Asbury 319-341-9408 · Road Hardee’s 563-584-0180 · Anamosa · 1304 E. Third Hardee’s

Restaurant Guide Cedar Falls · 2515 Main Manchester · 205 West 319-377-6384 · Main KFC Street 563-927-5888 · Coralville · 626 First AvMcDonald’s Hardee’s enue Cedar Falls · 610 W. 1st Toledo · Junctions 63 and St. 319-351-5028 · 30 KFC McDonald’s Iowa City · 130 Highway 1530 First Avenue North515-484-4926 · Hardee’s 1 West east Waterloo · 3110 Univer319-351-6180 · McDonald’s sity Ave. KFC 2615 Williams Blvd. S.W. 319-235-1287 · Washington · 120 E. JefMcDonald’s Hardee’s ferson St. 5200 Edgewood Road Waterloo · 805 Franklin 319-653-3145 · Northeast KFC McDonald’s 319-236-2595 · KFC Fairfield · 605 W. Burling5725 Drycreek Lane Cedar Falls · 6104 Uniton Ave. Northeast versity Ave. 641-470-1497 · McDonald’s 319-266-8551 · KFC 610 33rd Avenue SouthKFC Dubuque · 1725 John F west Waterloo · 3115 Kimball Kennedy Rd. McDonald’s Avenue 563-556-3767 · 8905 Runway Court 319-233-9302 · KFC Southwest KFC Dubuque · 1957 Central McDonald’s Waterloo · 200 Broadway Avenue Coralville · 2794 Com319-234-8745 · 563-582-7267 · merce Dr. KFC Long John Silvers McDonald’s 1334 Edgewood Rd. S.W. 2630 Williams Blvd. S.W. Coralville · 618 1st Av319-396-7744 · 319-365-5353 · enue KFC Long John Silvers McDonald’s 3917 Center Point Road 3801 1st Avenue SouthDubuque · 1915 John F 319-393-2123 · east Kennedy Rd. 319-364-1200 · KFC McDonald’s 1435 First Avenue SouthLong John Silvers Dubuque · 2060 Holliday east Dubuque · 1500 John F Drive 319-366-2438 · Kennedy McDonald’s KFC 563-556-1557 · Dubuque · 2250 Flint Hill Marion · 1925 7th Avenue McDonald’s Drive 31

Restaurant Guide McDonald’s Avenue Dubuque · 3430 Dodge McDonald’s Street Dubuque · 620 Iowa Street Waterloo · 3658 Kimball 563-583-4422 · McDonald’s Avenue Quiznos Sub Fairfield · 1005 East HarMcDonald’s Iowa City · 3560 E. Ct. St. rison Waterloo · 3695 Univer319-339-0011 · McDonald’s sity Ave. Quiznos Sub Independence · 1811 1st McDonald’s 455 Edgewood Road St. W. Waverly · 110 20th St. Northwest McDonald’s N.W. 319-396-2600 · Iowa City · 1861 Lower McDonald’s Quiznos Sub Muscatine Rd. Williamsburg · I-80 & Dubuque · 4840 Asbury McDonald’s Hwy. 149 Road Panda Express 563-556-6466 · Iowa City · 2440 Mormon Trek Blvd. 4444 1st Avenue NorthQuiznos Sub McDonald’s east 4850 1st Avenue NorthIowa City · 804 S. River319-378-3994 · east side Dr. Panda Express 319-373-5222 · McDonald’s Coralville · 1451 Coral Quiznos Sub Maquoketa · 1000 W. Platt Ridge Ave. 5300 Edgewood Road St. 319-358-9699 · Northeast McDonald’s Quiznos Sub 319-393-0222 · Marion · 100 6th Avenue Coralville · 1451 Coral Quiznos Sub McDonald’s Ridge Ave. 600 Blairs Ferry Rd. N.E. Oelwein · One 1st Ave. 319-341-8000 · 319-294-8524 · S.E. Quiznos Sub Quiznos Sub McDonald’s 200 1st Avenue Northeast Iowa City · 767 Mormon Vinton · 310 K Avenue Trek Blvd. 319-364-8296 · South Quiznos Sub 319-358-9533 · Iowa City · 201 S. Clinton McDonald’s Subway Washington · 200 W. St. Anamosa · 306 South Elm 319-887-2343 · Madison St. Street McDonald’s Quiznos Sub 319-462-5775 · Waterloo · 1709 Laporte Waterloo · 207 Tower Subway Road Park Drive 425 West US Highway 30 McDonald’s 319-287-4433 · 712-775-2800 · Waterloo · 2222 Logan Quiznos Sub Subway 32

Restaurant Guide 319-366-0123 · Cedar Falls · 525 Brandilynn Blvd. Taco Bell 319-277-7496 · Coralville · 213 1st AvSubway enue Cedar Falls · 1525 W. 1st 319-354-1236 · St. Taco Bell Dubuque · 3300 Hillcrest 319-268-4225 · Subway Road Cedar Falls · 314 BrandiTaco Bell lynn Blvd. Iowa City · 901 Highway 319-266-2399 · 6 East Subway 319-354-6737 · Cedar Falls · 6822 UniTaco Bell versity Ave. Marion · 750 Marion Bou319-268-1774 · levard Subway 319-377-8747 · Coralville · 1451 Coral Taco Bell Ridge Ave. Waterloo · 1819 La Porte 319-625-3011 · Road Taco Bell 319-232-0401 · Cedar Falls · 6023 UniTaco John’s versity Ave. Cedar Falls · 6210 Uni319-277-4399 · versity Ave. Taco Bell 319-277-6658 · 2621 Blairs Ferry Rd. Taco John’s N.E. 4401 1st Avenue South319-294-4449 · east Taco Bell 319-393-6101 · 4444 1st Avenue NorthTaco John’s 226 Edgewood Road east 319-393-7089 · Northwest 319-396-2025 · Taco Bell 555 Southwest 33rd AvTaco John’s enue Coralville · 204 2nd Street 319-362-8965 · 319-354-5965 · Taco Bell Taco John’s 624 1st Avenue Northeast Dubuque · 17 East 20th

Street 563-582-0088 · Taco John’s Dubuque · 2258 Flint Hill Drive 563-583-3642 · Taco John’s Fairfield · 703 W. Burlington Ave. 641-472-7833 · Taco John’s Iowa Falls · 904 Washington Ave. 641-648-2660 · Taco John’s Maquoketa · 1306 43rd Street 563-652-0048 · Taco John’s Waterloo · 1620 Laporte Road 319-233-3651 · Taco John’s Waterloo · 600 Broadway Street 319-233-3476 · Taco John’s Waverly · 617 W. Bremer Ave. 319-352-5055 · Taco Time 2725 Edgewood Pkwy. S.W. Wendy’s Cedar Falls · Blackhawk Village Center 319-277-1765 · 33

Restaurant Guide Wendy’s Wendy’s Iowa City · 1480 First 1852 42nd Street Northeast Avenue 319-393-1619 · 319-337-7911 · Wendy’s Wendy’s 190 Collins Road Waterloo · 1815 La Porte 319-373-4188 · Road Wendy’s 319-236-2290 · 1316 1st Avenue NorthCarlos O’Kelly’s east Cedar Falls · 6507 Uni319-366-6020 · versity Ave. Wendy’s 319-227-1121 · 3925 Blairsferry Road Carlos O’Kelly’s 319-832-2910 · 2635 Edgewood Road Wendy’s Southwest 362 33rd Avenue South319-396-6222 · west Carlos O’Kelly’s 319-362-3966 · Dubuque · 1355 AssociWendy’s ates Drive 2735 Edgewood 563-583-0088 · 319-654-0375 · Carlos O’Kelly’s Wendy’s Iowa City · 1411 S. WaterCoralville · 2804 Comfront merce Dr. 319-354-5800 · 319-545-3095 · Carlos O’Kelly’s Marion · 3320 Armar Wendy’s Dubuque · 1255 East 16th Drive Street 319-373-1451 · 563-584-0288 · Carlos O’Kelly’s Wendy’s Waterloo · 1331 FlamDubuque · 810 Wacker mang Drive 319-236-8730 · Drive 563-556-6477 · Panchero’s Wendy’s Iowa City · 32 S. Clinton Iowa City · 840 S. RiverSt. side Dr. 319-338-6311 · 319-338-4282 · Panchero’s 34

Iowa City · 965 S. Riverside Dr. 319-887-2600 · Panchero’s Cedar Falls · 6421 University Ave. 319-277-1054 · Panchero’s 4862 1st Avenue Northeast 319-373-8407 · Panchero’s 2315 Edgewood Road Southwest 319-396-7900 · Panchero’s Coralville · 901 25th Avenue 319-248-3256 · Panchero’s Dubuque · 4840 Asbury Road 563-582-4999 · Taco Bell Cedar Falls · 6023 University Ave. 319-277-4399 · Taco Bell 2621 Blairs Ferry Rd. N.E. 319-294-4449 · Taco Bell 4444 1st Avenue Northeast 319-393-7089 · Taco Bell 555 Southwest 33rd Av-

Restaurant Guide enue 319-362-8965 · Taco Bell 624 1st Avenue Northeast 319-366-0123 · Taco Bell Coralville · 213 1st Avenue 319-354-1236 · Taco Bell Dubuque · 3300 Hillcrest Road Taco Bell Iowa City · 901 Highway 6 East 319-354-6737 · Taco Bell Marion · 750 Marion Boulevard 319-377-8747 · Taco Bell Waterloo · 1819 La Porte Road 319-232-0401 · Taco John’s Cedar Falls · 6210 University Ave. 319-277-6658 · Taco John’s 4401 1st Avenue Southeast 319-393-6101 · Taco John’s 226 Edgewood Road Northwest 319-396-2025 · Taco John’s

Coralville · 204 2nd Street Boston’s The Gourmet 319-354-5965 · Pizza Taco John’s Coralville · 2451 Second Dubuque · 17 East 20th Street Street 319-688-9688 · 563-582-0088 · Breadeaux Pizza Taco John’s Fairfield · 53 E. Broadway Dubuque · 2258 Flint Hill Ave. Drive 641-472-7055 · Breadeaux Pizza 563-583-3642 · Manchester · 112 North Taco John’s Fairfield · 703 W. BurlingMadison ton Ave. 563-927-5252 · Breadeaux Pizza 641-472-7833 · Taco John’s Washington · 100 West Iowa Falls · 904 WashingMain ton Ave. 319-653-6594 · 641-648-2660 · Buck’s Pizza Taco John’s 588 Boyson Road NorthMaquoketa · 1306 43rd east 319-294-0101 · Street 563-652-0048 · Chuck E. Cheese’s Taco John’s Cedar Falls · 5911 UniverWaterloo · 1620 Laporte sity Ave. Road 319-277-2933 · 319-233-3651 · Chuck E. Cheese’s Taco John’s 170 Collins Road, NorthWaterloo · 600 Broadway east Street 319-373-1228 · 319-233-3476 · CiCi’s Pizza Taco John’s 2315 Edgewood Road Waverly · 617 W. Bremer Southwest Ave. 319-396-6666 · 319-352-5055 · CiCi’s Pizza Taco Time Dubuque · 2556 N.W. 2725 Edgewood Pkwy. Arterial S.W. 563-556-5300 · 35

Restaurant Guide Domino’s Pizza Rd. E. 34 Godfather’s Pizza Waterloo · 1946 Schukei Cedar Falls · 6826 Uni319-462-6776 · versity Ave. Godfather’s Pizza Road 319-277-3030 · Cedar Falls · 1621 W. 1st 319-233-3000 · Domino’s Pizza St. Godfather’s Pizza 319-277-7777 · Waverly · 1022 West Waterloo · 1451 Ansborough Ave. Godfather’s Pizza Bremer 319-291-3030 · 2825 Sixth Street South319-352-6626 · Domino’s Pizza west Gumby’s Pizza Waverly · 501 Bremer 319-364-8187 · Iowa City · 702 S. Gilbert Avenue Godfather’s Pizza St. 319-483-9444 · 2833 Blairs Ferry Road 319-354-8629 · Domino’s Pizza 319-378-9921 · Happy Joe’s Godfather’s Pizza Cedar Falls · 4116 Univer2210 16th Avenue Southwest Dubuque · 2150 Twin Valsity Ave. 319-266-7595 · 319-366-3030 · ley Dr. Domino’s Pizza 563-583-8011 · Happy Joe’s 4105 Center Point Rd. Godfather’s Pizza 3419 16th Avenue SouthN.E. Dubuque · 3300 Asbury west 319-393-3030 · Road 319-396-0626 · 563-690-2200 · Domino’s Pizza Happy Joe’s Marion · 1396 7th Avenue Godfather’s Pizza 5070 Lindale Drive North319-377-0030 · Iowa City · 531 Highway east Domino’s Pizza 1 West 319-393-0017 · Iowa City · 529 S. River319-354-3312 · Happy Joe’s side Dr. Godfather’s Pizza Dubuque · 1099 Univer319-338-0030 · Maquoketa · 916 West sity Drive Domino’s Pizza Platt 563-556-0823 · Dubuque · 2013 Central 563-652-5200 · Happy Joe’s Avenue Godfather’s Pizza Dubuque · 855 Century 563-556-2300 · Urbana · I-380 Exit 41 Drive 563-556-0820 · Domino’s Pizza Truck Stop Dubuque · 3412 Pennsyl319-443-2555 · Happy Joe’s vania Ave. Godfather’s Pizza Maquoketa · 603 Myatt 563-557-3030 · Waterloo · 3811 UniverDrive Godfather’s Pizza sity Ave. 563-652-6721 · Anamosa · 23485 County 319-235-7104 · Happy Joe’s 36

Restaurant Guide Monticello · 601 South Papa John’s S.E. Main Iowa City · 307 S. Gilbert 319-366-4642 · 319-465-5477 · St. Papa Murphy’s L . May Eatery 319-358-8282 408 Edgewood Road Papa John’s Northwest Dubuque · 1072 Main Street Dubuque · 3301 Pennsyl319-390-3896 · 563-556-0505 · vania Ave. Paul Revere’s Pizza Little Caesars Pizza 563-582-7272 Anamosa · 301 South Elm Dubuque · 1675 John F Papa Murphy’s Street Kennedy Rd. Cedar Falls · 5925 Uni319-462-3555 · 563-588-2118 · versity Ave. Paul Revere’s Pizza Little Caesars in K-Mart 1935 51st Street Northeast 319-291-8636 · Dubuque · 2600 Dodge Papa Murphy’s 319-378-1003 · Street Waterloo · 3005 Kimball Paul Revere’s Pizza 563-588-1632 · Avenue 47 Kirkwood Blvd. S.W. 319-236-1234 · Old Chicago/Rock Bottom 319-399-1500 · Restaurant Papa Murphy’s Paul Revere’s Pizza Coralville · 75 2nd Street Dubuque · 1555 John F Iowa City · 325 E. Market 319-248-1220 · Kennedy Rd. St. Papa John’s 563-582-1234 · 319-354-1552 · Cedar Falls · 1322 W. 1st Papa Murphy’s Paul Revere’s Pizza St. Iowa City · 2300 MuscaWashington · 111 E. 2nd 319-277-7722 tine Ave. St. Papa John’s 319-338-3808 · 319-653-7676 · Waterloo · 1608 UniverPapa Murphy’s Paul Revere’s Pizza Marion · 2300 7th Avenue Williamsburg · 513 Court sity Ave. 319-291-7722 319-447-9646 · Street Papa John’s Papa Murphy’s 319-668-1333 · 3358 Center Point Rd. 3335 Center Point Rd. Pizza Hut N.E. N.E. Iowa Falls · 705 S. Oak 319-393-0990 319-366-4252 St. 641-648-4628 · Papa John’s Papa Murphy’s Marion · 2840 7th Avenue 560 Boyson Road North Pizza Hut 319-373-7722 East Grundy Center · 602 G Papa John’s 319-294-8170 · Avenue Coralville · 89 2nd Street Papa Murphy’s 319-824-5443 · 319-887-2727 3219 Mount Vernon Rd. Pizza Hut 37

Restaurant Guide Cedar Falls · 1612 W. 1st 319-396-7777 · enue St. Pizza Hut 319-354-2211 · 319-266-1300 · 1640 Edgewood Road Pizza Hut Pizza Hut Southwest Fairfield · Highway 34 Cedar Falls · 6130 Uni319-396-9360 · West 515-472-6197 · versity Ave. Pizza Hut Oelwein · 809 East Pizza Hut 319-277-3661 · Pizza Hut Charles Manchester · 1129 E. Waterloo · 1130 Ansbor319-283-2915 · Main St. ough Ave. Pizza Hut 563-927-5949 · 319-234-5583 · 3301 J Street Pizza Hut Pizza Hut 319-365-0411 · Maquoketa · Highway 61 Waterloo · 2825 CrossPizza Hut North roads Blvd. 223 Collins Road North563-652-5193 · 319-233-0120 · east Pizza Hut 319-395-7602 · Dubuque · 2075 John F Pizza Hut Waterloo · 714 Laporte Pizza Hut Kennedy Rd. Road 3307 Mount Vernon Rd. 563-583-6464 · 319-233-5600 · S.E. Pizza Hut Pizza Hut 319-365-5548 · Dubuque · 1098 UniverWaverly · 1203 W. Bremer Pizza Hut sity Ave. Marion · 1300 7th Avenue 563-582-8900 · 319-352-5591 · 319-373-2100 · Pizza Hut Pizza Hut Pizza Hut Dubuque · 320 East 20th Vinton · 303 North K AvIowa City · 2439 2nd Street 563-557-1920 · enue Street 319-472-5283 · 319-354-4333 · Pizza Pit Pizza Hut Pizza Hut Iowa City · 214 E. Market Independence · 1640 1st Iowa City · 1921 Keokuk St. St. W. Street 319-354-1111 · 319-334-2515 · 319-351-8655 · Pizza Pit Coralville · 889 22nd AvPizza Hut Pizza Hut 5462 Blairs Forest Way Washington · 1018 W. enue 319-378-4444 · Madison St. 319-351-6444 · Pizza Hut Pizza Ranch 319-653-6521 · 423 Edgewood Road Pizza Hut Anamosa · 203 East Main Northwest Iowa City · 805 1st AvStreet 38

Restaurant Guide 319-462-2346 Pizza Ranch Pizza Ranch Vinton · 219 West 4th Dubuque · 2020 Radford Street Road 313-472-4000 563-556-4488 Pizza Ranch Pizza Ranch Washington · 1021 W. Fairfield · 1103 W. BurlMadison St. ington Ave. 319-653-5553 641-472-0123 Pizza Ranch Pizza Ranch Waverly · 2020 W. Bremer Independence · 1900 1st Ave. St. W. 319-352-2222 319-334-9000 Villa Pizza Pizza Ranch Coralville · 1451 Coral Iowa City · 1610 SycaRidge Ave. 319-625-6020 · more St. 319-337-6800 Pizza Ranch Iowa Falls · 706 Washington Ave. 641-648-3322 Pizza Ranch Manchester · 1100 W. Main St. 563-927-4600 Pizza Ranch Marion · Hwy. 151 & 35th St. 319-447-2624 Pizza Ranch Monticello · 505 Oak Street 319-465-6000 Pizza Ranch Oelwein · 125 1st Ave. S.E. 319-283-5858 39

Stay as long as you’d like.

Apartment style living with a hotel atmosphere.

We offer extended stay rates and 30-day leases!

Book yours today • (319) 363-7829

5145 Rockwell Drive NE Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

All room feature: Full-size Refrigerator Microwave 2-Burner stovetop Coffe maker Oversized workspace/ tabletop area Living room with sofa Queen size bed Hairdryer In-room safe Additional features: Private outdoor courtyard with complimentary grills Indoor pool Hot tub Fitness center Wireless HSIA Business center Complimentary breakfast

Cedar Rapids IA  
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