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General Assembly of Partners (GAP) Executive Committee Partner Constituent Group Chairs and Co-Chairs (as of January 1, 2016) 1. Local and Subnational Authorities Co-Chairs: Yunus Arikan, ICLEI and Organizing Partner Local Authorities Major Group (Germany) Emilia Saiz, Global Task Force (Spain) 2. Research and Academia Chair: Sahar Attia, University of Cairo (Egypt) Co-Chair: Enrique Silva, Lincoln Institute for Land Policy (USA) 3. Civil Society Organizations Chair: Jane Katz, Habitat for Humanity (USA) Co-chair: Greg Budworth, Compass Housing (Australia) 4. Grassroots Organizations Co- Chairs: Gloria Solorzana Espinosa National Self-Employed Workers Network (Peru) Rose Molokoane, SDI (South Africa) 5. Women Chair: Katja Araujo, Huairou Commission (USA) Co- Chair: Theresa Boccia, AFEM (Association Femmes Europe MĂŠridionale (Italy) 6. Parliamentarians Chair: Jerko Rosin, Chair, European Region, Habitat Agenda Partner Parliamentarians (Croatia) Co-Chair: Peter Goetz, Immediate Past Chair, Habitat Agenda Partner Parliamentarians (Germany) 7. Children and Youth Chair: Hirotaka Koike, UN Major Group for Children and Youth (Japan) Co-Chair: Joyati Das, World Vision International (Australia) 8. Business and Industries Chair: Carina Larsf채lten, World Business Council for Sustainable Development (Switzerland) Co- Chair: Bert Smolders, Arcadis (The Netherlands) 9. Foundations and Philanthropies Chair: Oscar Fergutz, Avina Foundation () Co-Chair: Ana Marie Argilagos, Ford Foundation (USA) 10. Professionals Chair: Didier Vancutsem, ISOCARP (Germany) Co Chair: Ishtiaque Zahir Titas, (Bangladesh) 11. Trade Unions and Workers Chair: Albert Emilio (Ambet) Yuson, Building and Woodworkers International (Switzerland) Co-Chair: Rosa Pavanelli, Public Service International (Italy) 12. Farmers Chair: Mildred Crawford, Caribbean Network of Rural Women Producers (Jamaica) Co-Chair: Martha Ansah Conduah, ACAIRWF Advocacy of Climate Change and

its Impact on Rural Women Farmers of Ghana (Ghana) 13. Indigenous People Chair: Ndinini Kimesera Sikar, Masai Women Development Organization (Tanzania) Co-Chair: Analucy Bengochea, Garifuna Emergency Committee of Honduras (Honduras) 14. Media Chair: Nicholas You, International Mayors' Communications Center (IMCC) (Kenya) Co-Chair: Richard Forster, Cities Today (Great Britain) Other Officers President: Eugenie L. Birch, University of Pennsylvania (USA) Vice President: Shipra Narang Suri, ISOCARP (India)

The General Assembly of Partners Executive Committee