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Devon Harris Visits PS 85 by: Jorge Martinez

Devon Harris was born on the island of Jamaica on Christmas day 1964. When Devon Harris was a kid he was poor and he lived in a poor house. He went to a school called Royal Military so that he could join the Jamaica defense force. Devon Harris always works hard to reach his dreams. He was a middle distance runner and dreamed of representing his country in the Olympics. His dream came true when he became the captain of Jamaica’s first bobsled team. They competed in the 1988 Olympics in Calgary, Canada. A movie was made about their story called “Cool Runnings”. Devon Harris likes to help kids develop and build community and teamwork capacity. He talks to kids about working hard and achieving their dreams. When Devon Harris came to PS 85, he told us that if we work hard everyday we can make all of our dreams come true. He is trying to reach another goal of becoming a world famous author. He read to us from a book he wrote called, “Yes, I Can!” He said a lot of good things to us. We are glad he came to our school. Can I make my dreams come true? Yes I can!

Devon Harris Visits PS 85  

A story by Jorge Martinez

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