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WORLD-SPIRITS 2010: PREVIEW Information, facts, trivia and innovations

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Dear friends of fine living and fine spirits!

WORLD-SPIRITS 2009 IN KLAGENFURT Review, awards, winners, stars and medals

The ultimate Guide to the World of Fine Spirits and traditional Spirits – Superstars and Insider Tips, Restaurant and Hotel Tips, Flavour Varieties and Trends. It can already be called up with more than 13000 addresses at

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PARFUM DE VIE 71 The new natural aroma for cuisine

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The World Spirits Guide 2010 in the printed version

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DISTILLERY-CLASSIFICATIONS WSA 2009 Ranking of the best distilleries

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RANKING LIST OF THE BEST SPIRITS From fine brandies, trough gin, rum to vodka

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DISTILLERY-PORTRAITS Simply the best in Spirits

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WORLD-SPIRITS AWARD 2010 Figures, Data, Facts, Worth Knowing

The World Spirits Guide is an indispensable reference book for all those interested in fine spirits, for collectors of spirits and buyers. All the fine spirits and traditional spirits awarded with the World Spirits Award, the title „Spirit of the Year“ or with World Spirits Medals were rated and described by an international jury. More than 35 distilleries were also classified and received the title „Distillery of the Year“, the best in each category are „World-Class Distilleries“. The heart of this issue are traditional fruit brandies accompanied by Grappa, Gin, Rum Vodka, Whisky etc. This range is complemented by high-proof trend products which are perfect company to cigars or coffee – an exciting harmony of flavours. Beside specialized information and interesting facts about distillates from all over the world this guide is also an ideal companion for culinary tours concerning fine spirits and distillates – with many hotel, restaurant, insider and shopping tips as well as super addresses for an epicurean life.

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Online Version of the World-Spirits Guide 2010 WORLD-SPIRITS 2010: PREVIEW Information, facts, trivia and innovations

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The World Spirits Online Guide is the most comprehensive source of information and database on the internet concerning spirits and all related subjects, such as cigars and chocolate up to producers and their distilleries; but above all concerning restaurants, bars and hotels with an excellent range of spirits, naturally with ratings from 1 to 5 glasses. The guide also provides interesting hitlists of cigar- and coffee-distillates as well as all of the results of the products awarded at the World Spirits Award 2009 – with the rating points and descriptions. The online guide can be booked at for EUR 22.00 per year. It is constantly updated and expanded. Welcome to the world of fine spirits; we hope you enjoy our magazine,


Editor: Dr. Christa Hanten, Wolfram Ortner. Fotos: Ferdinand Neumüller, WOB, various archives. Advertisements: Barbara Ortner. Printed by: Kärntner Druckerei. Wolfram Ortner, World-Spirits,,



WSA 2009 Review

World-Spirits Award & Festival 2009 at the GAST trade fair in Klagenfurt

Winners of the title “Distilleries of the Year 2009": Franz Tinnauer (second row, centre with the Award), Ing. Manfred WĂśhrer and Toni Eberhard, with the category/variety and group winners and with guests of honour.

olfram Ortner organised a successful fourth round of


the prize award ceremony and exhibition at the GAST trade fair in Klagenfurt - from March 15th to

18th, 2009 - which lived up to the slogan "Simply the Best in Spirits". The Fair's Managing Director, Ing. Erich Hallegger, is thrilled about the partnership that brings synergies for the organisers







event-organisation; and fair visitors can take advantage of the extensive sampling of appealing spirits from all over the world! The star of the "World-Spirits 2009" is the styrian distiller Franz Tinnauer (Fruchtbrennerei) who won the "World-Spirits Award" in gold for the "Distillery of the Year". 52 participants from 21 nations (islands) took part in the "World-Spirits Award 2009" festival; their products ranged from cognac and whisky to gin and rum, from spirits distilled from fruits to 100% distillates. The results of the ranking are based on

the WOB-100 point grading system that is tailored to spirits. Objective assessment is ensured by an international jury of tasters with many years of experience. The World-Spirits Award is given to the producer of the product that achieves the most points in its group (i.e. pomes). Medals ranging from double-gold to bronze are awarded to the winners. In the classification of distilleries, the distilleries are ranked on the basis of their products (World-Class Distillery, Master-Class Distillery, First-Class Distillery and Recommended Distillery), and the distilleries winning the most points are awarded the title "World-Spirits Distillery of the Year" in gold, silver and bronze. The classification of distilleries is an international assessment of distillers, the medals honour their work and are a distinction for flawless products.

Distilleries of the Year & Awards The big winner of 2009 is, the styrian Franz Tinnauer, who won the "World-Spirits Award" in gold for the "Distillery of the Year" in the fruit distillates category; followed by Upper Austrian "home" distiller Manfred WĂśhrer (DOY silver) and by Arnold



Ing. Manfred Wöhrer (winner DOY silver), Dr. Bernhard Erler (Kärntner Messen), Marc Platzl (Brennerei Wöhrer) Barbara Ortner (WSA), Wolfram Ortner (WSA), Franz Tinnauer (winner DOY gold and World-Spirits Award 2009), Carinthia’s governor Gerhard Dörfler, Toni Eberhard (winner DOY bronze), Walter Zwick (left to right). Franz Tinnauer (right)

Dettling "Einzig Kirsch distillery" bronze).

from Switzerland (DOY

Distillery classification 35 distilleries have been classified in various categories (reaching from fruit distillates and grain spirits to rum); eight of those were awarded the "World-Class Distillery" distinction, eightteen received the "Master-Class Distillery", eight the "First-Class Distillery" and one the "Recommended Distillery" distinction. The classification is not only a means for distillers to assess their current position on an international scale, but it also entails competitive advantages in connection with dedicated marketing measures and the support offered by "World Spirits". World-Class Distilleries: Appleton - J. Wray & Nephew Limited JA (RUM), Arnold Dettling CH (OBB), Brennerei Hubertus Vallendar DE (OBS), Feindestillerie Christoph Kössler AT (OBB), Fruchtbrennerei Franz Tinnauer AT (OBB),


Garagenbrenner Wöhrer AT (OBB), John Dewar & Sons GB (WHS), Seyringer Schlossbrände AT (OBS) Master-Class Distilleries: Bacardi Global Brands US (RUM), Brennerei Bernhard Leitner AT (OBB), Capovilla Azienda Agricola IT (GRA, OBB), Destillerie Hochstrasser AT (OBB), Destillerie Weutz AT (OBB), Edeldestillerie Oberhofer AT (OBB), Feinbrennerei Sasse DE (KOR), HandelsbetriebBrennerei Lagler AT (OBB), Hauser Traditionsmarken AT (OBS), Hofbrennerei Oberkorb DE (OBB), Maass-Brand AT (OBB), Marder Edelbrände DE (OBB), Michelehof AT (OBB), Osttiroler Naturbrennerei AT (OBB), St. Lucia Distillers LC (RUM), Wilhelm Hämmerle Destillerie Freihof AT (OBS) First-Class Distilleries: Augustus Rex DE (OBB), Destillerie Zweiger AT (OBB), Erber AT (OBB), Jahrgangsbrennerei Martin Doll DE (OBB), Pirker Obstbau AT (OBB), Steinwald OHG Schraml DE (BILI), Trapas IT (GRA), Grenada Distillers GD (RUM)

95.7 Points: Gold

95.7 Points: Gold

95.3 Points: Gold

95.0 Points: Gold

95.0 Points: Gold

Haselnußgeist: Brennerei Hubertus Vallendar

Dewars Signature Super Premium: John Dewar & Sons LTD

Likör Schwarze Johannisbeere: maass-brand

Fragrance: Striking aromas (Manner wafer), hazelnut, nougat and caramel mixture, very delicate coffee and roasty notes. Taste: Very typical, sweet and creamy nougat chocolate, cocoa wafers, malt, sponge, delicate and tart chocolate sweetness, balanced, full-bodied, long, lasting.

Fragrance: Strong roasty notes, slightly iodine-like and salty, fresh and spicy, minty and fruity, apple and pear mixture, coffee, tobacco, leather. Taste: Very grainy, peaty and smoky, salty and iodine-like, green wood notes, a lot of tannin, hazelnuts, vanilla, caramel, some orange, malty sweetness, mild, lengthy finish.

Fragrance: Powerful cassis aroma, refined wild berry fruit, wonderful liquorice, green-grassy and moss-like notes, menthol and mint coolness, delicate elderblossom. Taste: Freshness, dark berry fruit, fully ripe, black currants, some raspberries, grassy and leafy notes, tart and peppery spiciness, pleasant fruit acid, very balanced, long finish.

Rossbacher: Schlumberger Weinund Sektkellerei GmbH.

Weinhefe Zigarrenbrand Reserve: Fruchtbrennerei Franz Tinnauer

Fragrance: Spicy-fresh herbs, eucalyptus, mint, vermouth, calamus root, nuts and mocha, some orange and grapefruit fruit. Taste: Intense, delicate herbs, lovage, floral and fresh accents, menthol, mint and citrus, some calamus root, caramel sweetness, balanced, persistent.

Fragrance: Typical variety style, white wine yeast, muscatel, dried pineapple, quince, ice-candy, cinnamon, caramel, vanilla, a lot of sweet wood, some green menthol freshness. Taste: Powerful alcohol, fresh, yeasty aromatic basic note, exotic touch, mango, tomato, citrus, liquorice, beeswax, honey ...


Germany: Wolfram Ortner, Hubertus Vallendar, Georg Schenk, Othmar Woltsche, Martin Schraml, Andreas Franzl, Martin Doll, Gregor Schraml, Wolfram Ortner, Stefan Marder, Wolfram Ortner, Johann Guggenbichler. Grenada: Grenada Distillers. (always from the back row, left to right)

Recommended Distillery: Zwack Unicum HU (OBB) * Key categories: BILI=bitter & liqueurs, GRA=grappa, KOR=grain spirits, OBB=100% distillates, OBS=fruit spirits, RUM=rum, WHS=rum ** Key nations: AT=Austria, AU=Australia, CA=Canada, CH=Switzerland, DE=Germany, GB=Great Britain, GD=Grenada, HU=Hungary, IT=Italy, JA=Jamaica, LC=St. Lucia, SI=Slovenia, US=USA.

Medals & variety winners 52 participants from 21 nations (islands) competed for the "World Spirits Award" 2009, with the presented products ranging from coffee and cigar brandies to gin, rum, fruit spirits and 100% distillates. The results are based on the WOB 100-points grading system tailored to spirits; objective assessment is ensured by an international taster jury with many years of experience. Distinctions are the reflection of the distillers' work and an appreciation of perfect products. Following the slogan "Simply

the best in Spirits", only the best products are entered in the competition and receive rave reviews from the strict jury. 288 medals were awarded - 155 gold, 128 silver and 5 bronze medals decorate the products of the participating distilleries.

Products/Distilleries from 21 Countries& Islands Austria, Germany, France, Guadeloupe, Grenada, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Canada, Mexico, Austria, Puerto Rico, Russia, Santa Lucia, Scottland, Schwitzerland, Sloveia, South Africa, Hungary, USA

The gold medallists 2009 in the group and type ranking & Best in Category Appleton (Appleton Estate Reserve - Best in Category Rum) Arnold Dettling (Kirsche RĂŠserve, Lauerzer Kirsche, Wildkirsche) Augustus Rex (Apfel-Quitte)

95.0 Points: Gold

94.3 Points: Gold

94.0 Points: Gold

94.0 Points: Gold

94.0 Points: Gold

Appleton Estate Reserve: Appleton

Inner Circle Rum Black: Inner Circle Distillery

Original Radeberger Bitter: Waldemar Behn GmbH

Ile de RĂŠ Double Matured: Camus Cognac

Danzantica Grappa di Nero d'Avola: Conte Alambicco di Sicilia

Fragrance: Wonderful typicality, artichoke, slightly estery, milk chocolate, malt candy, rum-coconut, cocoa, caramel, harmonious wood. Taste: Intensely fruity, rosehip, banana, strawberry, a lot of prunes, malty and sweetish candy note, compact, no disturbing alcoholic sharpness, long finish.

Fragrance: Intense mountain herbs, strong bitter character, black tea, exotic reminiscences, tangerine and citrus-orange blossom mixture, variety of spices, cinnamon, nuts, muscatel, cloves, caramel, liquorice. Taste: Delicate bitterness, orange peels, a lot of caramel, honey, cardamom, menthol freshness ...

Fragrance: Typical, intense wine-yeast aromas, very fruity, apple notes, delicate orange fragrance, prunes, nutty and almond-like spiciness, elegant roasty aromas, caramel, vanilla, nougat, rum appeals. Taste: Transparent brandy image, a lot of elegant roasty aromas, caramel, dark chocolate, cocoa, coffee, leather, tobacco, honeydew honey, green and ...

Fragrance: Typical marc spiciness, hay- and straw-like, very yeasty, vinous basic notes, muscatel-citrus freshness, delicate apple and pear fruitiness, some banana, a touch of strawberry, cocoa, nougat. Taste: Intensely vinous and yeasty, subtly marc-like, fresh citric notes, ripe walnuts, cocoa, malt candy sweetness, menthol and mint ...

Very characteristic, pronounced artichoke aroma, green and roasted wood, vanilla, coffee, coconut, plum-like and fruity, pear-like and estery, some peach. Taste: Elegant rum aromas, very malty and caramel-like, a lot of chocolate, dark nougat, walnuts, prunes, delicately medicinal, somewhat bitter, very soft, lengthy finish.



Italy: Wolfram Ortner, Vittorio Capovilla, LH Gerhard Dörfler, Claudio Conte, Dr. Claudio Bianchi. Ireland: Wolfram Ortner, Linda Young. Switzerland: Ruedi Käser, Toni Eberhard. (left to right)

Bacardi Global Brands (Bacardi Coco, Bacardi 8) Brennerei Bernhard Leitner (Himbeere, Zuckerzwetschke) Brennerei Hubertus Vallendar (Haselnussgeist - Best in Category Obst-Spirituosen, Orangengeist) Camus Cognac (Berneroy XO, Calvados XO - Best in Category Calvados, Ile de Ré Double Matured, Cognac XO - Best in Category Cognac) Capovilla Azienda Agricola (Grappa Traminer, Brombeere, Trester Pinot Noir/Chardonnay) Destillerie Franz Bauer (Zirbenzauber) Destillerie Hochstrasser (McIntosh Holz Zigarren-Destillat) Destillerie Weutz (Hot Stone, Franziska - Best in Category Korn) Feinbrennerei Sasse (Korn Special Finish) Feindestillerie Kössler (Bierbrand, Holunder, Mirabelle) Fruchtbrennerei Tinnauer (Rote Williams, Weinhefe Zigarrenbrand Reserve - Best in Category 100-%-Destillat, Wacholder) Garagenbrenner Wöhrer (Muskateller Trester Kaffee-Destillat, Marille, Traubenkirsche)

Grenada Distillers (Superior Light) Guggenbichler (Schlehe) Handelsbetrieb-Brennerei Lagler (Vogelbeere) Hauser Traditionsmarken (Vogelbeere, Zwetschge) Hofbrennerei Oberkorb (Schwarze Johannisbeere) John Dewar & Sons (Dewar's Signature Super Premium - Best in Category Whisky) Lehar (Eier-Schokolikör) Maass-Brand (Schwarzer Johannisbeer Likör - Best in Category Liköre, Vogelbeere) Osttiroler Naturbrennerei (Kartoffel) Raunikar Edelbrände (Gin - Best in Category Gin) RMG Rhum Rhum (Rhum Agricole weiß) Schlumberger Wein- und Sektkellerei (Rossbacher - Best in Category Bitter) Seyringer Schlossbrände (Jagertee, Marille) Spirits Marque One (Svedka Clementine Flavored Vodka) St. Lucia Distillers (White Gold, Admiral Rodney) Trapas (Grappa di Nero d'Avola - Best in Category Grappa)

• Recommended Distillery

Rating scheme

The awarded distilleries may use this rating as an official classification – in connection with the vintage.

96 to 100 points: Double Gold: world-class, extraordinary product

90 to 95 points: Gold: top product

CLASS RATING OF DISTILLERIES (WORLD CLASS DISTILLERY...) The "WSA" is a classification of distilleries (e.g. brandy, whiskey, rum, cognac …) into the following categories:

• World-Class Distillery • Master-Class Distillery • First-Class Distillery



The awarding for the best spirits (Spirit of the Year ...) Every year the "WSA" is honouring the best products of the different varieties (Spirit of the Year), variety groups (World Spirits Award) and categories (World Spirits Award), (e.g. Williams Pear, Cognac, rum, vodka …).

80 to 89 points: Silver: good to very good product

The assignment of points per criterion

71 to 79 points: Bronze: average product

( -- -- )

Deficient 10 points

( -- )

Weak 13 points


Good 16 points


Very good 19 points


Exceptional 20 points

65 to 70 points: weak or slightly deficient product under 65 points: deficient product

Styria: Wolfram Ortner, Georg Rippel, Ing. Michael Weutz, Gerald Hochstrasser, Oliver Dombrovsky. Burgenland: Wolfram Ortner, Sieglinde Lagler. Upper Austria: Wolfram Ortner, Marc Platzl, Ing. Manfred Wöhrer. Lower Austria: Wolfram Ortner, Mag. Dietmar Messner. Jamaica: Wolfram Ortner, Mag. Simone Kittinger, Peter Martin. (left to right)

Waldemar Behn (Original Radeberger Bitter) Wilhelm Hämmerle Destillerie Freihof (Enzian, Himbeer Geist, Williamsbirnen Schnaps)

Coffee and cigar distillates

models come from Scotland and Ireland. But this alone is not enough: many fruit brandy distilleries are now adding a special aromatic twist - gin has become the latest 'toy' for Weutz, Käser and Raunikar.

Trendy weddings - blends of cereal and fruits

"World Spirits" sees itself as a trendsetter and motivates distilleries in the fruit brandies industry to produce the perfect spirits to accompany coffee and cigars. The best coffee distillates, as named by the WSA 2008, are the Muskateller Tresterbrand from the Garagenbrennerei Manfred Wöhrer and the McIntosh Apfel Holz from the Hochstrasser distillery in Mooskirchen. The best cigar distillate of the WSA 2009 is the Weinhefe distillate by Fruchtbrennerei Tinnauer.

Trying new things is 'in' - Whisky & Gin

Innovation is in high demand in order to survive the hard times which have currently hit this niche market. Cuvées, blends and mixes are the magic words. Mixes of cereal distillates and whisky and fruit distillates. Ortner has created a blend of Nock-Land whisky with an apple or grape barrique while Christoph Kössler has also adopted this product idea in the form of a cereal and plum cuvee.

Casks & flavour

It's clearly fashionable to focus on the topics of 'cereals & wood' or whisky. From Kurt Lagler and Christoph Kössler to Käser's Whisky Castle and the specialist Michael Weutz, the true role

Rum and bourbon casks are used to store the sophisticated distillates. It makes no difference whether they are filled with a cereal brandy or fine cherry brandy. First filling casks used by various prominent winegrowers are also very popular. Capovilla


The order of the awarding procedure

Spirit of the Year

• Parallel tasting in two groups

title for the variety winners (which can also be groups, e.g. apple) with at least Double Gold (the granting of the award is based on the number of submissions per variety). World Spirits Awards title for the group winners (e.g. pomaceous fruit, stone fruit …) and category-winners (the granting of the award is based on the number of products and/or distilleries).

(group A and group B), each with two tasters and one assistant Distillery of the Year the three best companies in the class-rating of every category will be awarded with medals and the title of "Distillery of the Year Bronze or Silver", and the best company with the highest number of points will be awarded with the title "Distillery of the Year - Gold", as well as the "World Spirits Award".

• Tasting of individual samples • Determining of group results • Serving of four (covered) glasses each

• Handling of deviations: • Values A and B in the same category = average of A and B

• Values A and B are in neighbouring categories = average of A and B

• A and B difference > than one category = third judgement (group C)

• A and C or B and C in the same category = average of the values in the same category

• Value C in a category other than A or B = decision of assistants

• Defective products will be re-tasted



Tyrol: Wolfram Ortner, Gerhard Maass, Maria Erber, Christoph Kössler, Hermann Kuenz, Bernhard Leitner. Vorarlberg: Wolfram Ortner, Albert Büchele, Bartle Fink, Günter Brunner. (left to right)

stores its RhumRhum in Guadeloupe in Château d'Yquem casks whereas Kössler stores its spirits in Kracher casks.

Strong spirits Until now, open scales of alcoholic strength have so far been led by the rums - the prime example being the Rum 80 from Stroh. White island rums have also long been bottled at a strength of 55 to 60 %. Inner Circle Rum offers a great range of 3 Potstill rums with graduations of 40, 57 and 75 %. Rudi Käser's Castle One Whisky is listed in the whisky category at 71 % alcohol. Gins are bottled at a strength of over 60 %. The fruit schnapps distilleries also adhere to this trend. Ortner's ESSENZ DÖ WOB series stands at 71% and the spirits produced by Styrian Franz Tinnauer are of a similar strength: the Williams and plum reserves exceed the 60 % boundary. 'Strong' spirits are also produced in Vorarlberg - Albert Büchele's quince has a strength of 55 %. Note that bittering agents are strengthened with a higher alcohol graduation.

Non-mixed grape varieties - with no added sugar Grappa is currently enjoying a renaissance and reaching new highs in terms of its image and quality. Non-mixed grapes varieties are increasingly being used in the process and distilleries are moving away from the addition of sugar to the finished product. The resulP: more and more top quality grappas which cannot fail to please.

Absinthe The revival of a legend: a new love of the 'green fairy' is being experienced by producers and consumers all over the world. There is now a real hype surrounding absinthe - whether classic or liqueur, with 40 or 70 % alcohol content and with or without sugar.

of liqueurs, spirits, gin and vodka. Where this crossover into spirits is not a success, for whatever reason, companies tend to settle on vodka which often secures them the success they desire. More and more spirits are being produced at the very highest level. The pricing in many cases is not completely comprehensible. If a spirit costs more than a William distillate, it may appear to be a case of mixed calculation. But as always spirits have their solid fan base.

The spirit in a (small) bottle While a 2 litre bottle used to be the norm, over the last 2 decades the 0.5 and 0.7 litre bottles have become the standard for high quality spirits and whiskies. Top quality distillates cost a lot of money - and not just in terms of production costs. 0.2 litre bottles are increasingly appearing on shop shelves. The reason: the purchase price is lower and the consumption process faster, avoiding loss of quality when a bottle has been opened.

The new natural aroma for cuisine: PdV 71 Chefs use high quality distillates to flavour their dishes or as flavour enhancers. The distillate is set to 71 % vol. and offered together with a vaporiser and the same distillate with "standard" strength. Parfum de Vie opens up a whole new way of using fine spirits: in the kitchen or at the table, by the service personnel or the guest himself.

World-Spirits Festival 2010 All the award-winning distillers enjoyed the World-Spirits Festival from March 14th to 17th, 2010 - a real "who's who" gathering of the distiller scene. The award-winning products as well as other specialities from the various distilleries were on offer for tasting from all over the world, by the Award participants.

Spirits & Vodka Whether in the USA, Canada or other countries of the world: in addition to the traditional plants operating in the 100% distillate sector, other companies are increasingly turning to the production


WORLD-SPIRITS GUIDE 2010 products with detailed descriptions

WSA Promotion

WOB-Varios & Varios "Alpha": A necessity for cigar friends

"Newly forged" - a few days ago an innovative product left the WOB design workshop. With it the extensive offer of accessories for cigar aficionados has been expanded with an object of a special kind: the WOB-Varios Cigar Cutter. The packaging is ingenious: a reusable cigar case of metal.Once the WOB-Varios is unpacked, it is immediately available for individual filling. This "object" is valuable and beautiful in form: light aluminum and high-grade steel are used; convenient - square with round-off corners; practical - with an inlaid hooking device; elegant in its black anodized case; and also exclusive, being numbered consecutively. The design is also personal: the surface can be engraved, whereby the manufacturing in the traditional Ferlach workshop speaks for the quality of execution. The interior is also new: the twofold benefit - both as a cutter and a cigar drill makes the WOB-Varios universally

usable. The cigar drills, with diameters of 6, 9 and 12 mm, are also suitable for reducing nicotine concentration in Robustos through their large-surface drilling. The cutting edge incorporated in the interior of the cutter guarantees a clean, smooth, double-sided cut. The micro-blasted high-grade steel makes the two tools almost infinitely durable.

following individual design options are offered to the aficionado: • Themes for engraving: golf, sailing, fishing, hunting, riding, cigars, ballooning. • Zodiac signs: simple engravings with the sign of your choice. • Ornaments: motives reminiscent of the Incas.

Every year there is a "Limited Edition" with only 100 specimens of the WOB-Varios introduced for cigar-lovers and collectors who love something special.

At the attractive price of EUR 215.Wolfram Ortners' WOB-Varios is available at specialized dealers or directly from the WOB.

Since the WOB-Varios comes equipped with a device for fastening, there are also three attractive chains offered, so the "masterpiece" will not be lost.

WOB-VARIOS "Alpha": Hand-crafted Multi-Functional Cigar-Cutter

Special-Designs from Ferlach The design is also very personal: The face-side can be engraved if desired whereby the manufacturing in the traditional workshop of Ferlach speaks for the quality of its execution. The

The handmade WOB Varios "Alpha" is the only cigar cutter with a double function: a guillotine and multi-drill at the same time. The consecutive numbering of this cigar cutter emphasizes its exclusivness. Price: EUR 299.- by Wolfram Ortner.



World-Spirits Glass

The World-Spirits Glass – for the big, wide world of spirits • It suits every array of aromas – from apricot schnapps to slivovitz, from calvados to whisky.

n the beginning was the hand-crafted and hand-blown glass in the WOB design, as shapely as it was functional, tailor-made for wine, water, whisky etc. Top-quality, elegant products, which inevitably (had to) come at a price. This provided Wolfram Ortner with the challenge of coming up with the styling of a new spirits glass.


• It brings out the individual character – regardless whether it is fruity charm or oak-aged heroism. • It is the perfect companion – for the young jetsetter as well as the mature grandee.

Alongside the satisfying spread of the spirits culture, the trendy products like distillates to accompany cigars or coffee, but above all growing number of lovers of spiritual pleasures grows the need for glasses which are all-purpose – but most of all also affordable. Not everyone can or even wants to acquire the requisite glass for each product. Reasons of space, among others, argue against such a glass collection, as we know from the wine sector, which has culminated in the uncontrolled growth of the designer glass.

Anyone who enjoys high spiritual pleasures will be rapidly won over by the all-rounder quality of this glass. Equally elegant and chic in the home as in the top restaurant, in the friendly Paris bistro as in the fashionable New York bar.

This is where Wolfram Ortner’s new World-Spirits Glass fills a major gap in the market – to be precise, a handy 18.5 centimetre-high gap. With its ideal form, its maximum surface and the sophisticated angle of rim it stands elegantly on the table, fits tidily in the dishwasher and, due to it being machine-produced, is very comfortable on the pocket – only EURO 7.30 each! When it comes to talking about the advantages there are three particular features worthy of attention:

The World o

The sprits world is wide, with home-produced products from Mexico to Moscow, from China to Chicago. All of them should be able to accentuate their style, their spectrum of aromas and flavours – a challenge for one single glass, but one that the “small but beautiful” WS glass overcomes adeptly. Information & Orders: World-Spirits . Barbara Ortner AT-9546 Bad Kleinkirchheim . Untertscherner Weg 3 Tel. ++43-4240-760 . Fax: ++43-4240-760-50

per u s a t a s t i r i p fS


=> order now: "The World Spirits Guide Online Subscription" for 36 month, including: a bottle of fine "World-Spirit"

=> for only

post and package extra for the Print Guide and the bottle of fine Spirit

Orders: World-Spirits . Barbara Ortner . Phone 0043-4240-760 . Fax: 0043-4240-760-50 .

you will find all prize products with detailed descriptions



Parfum de Vie

The new natural aroma for cuisine: Parfum de Vie 71

hefs use high quality distillates to flavour their dishes or as flavour enhancers. The distillate is set to 71 % vol. and offered together with a vaporiser and the same distillate with "standard" strength. Parfum de Vie opens up a whole new way of using fine spirits: in the kitchen or at the table, by the service personnel or the guest himself.


The use of spirits in cooking is nothing new - but the distillates normally chosen for these purposes are not always of high quality. This innovation is totally differenP: Special dishes are developed and then put on the scene with two leading actors - a highly spirited fruit essence and high-quality products. The products stand out with their harmonious sweetness. Cheap ham tastes salty, high-quality ham is rather sweet; the same is true for vegetable and fruit, such as tomatoes or grapes. The taste of fine fish or uncooked scampi is also sweet. One perfect combination could be the following: scampi are marinated in olive oil and decorated with grapes, a "Parfum de Vie" of grape spirit adds the aroma, and the whole dish is served with grape spirit in "standard" strength. Another varianP: uncooked halibut filet with a slice of pear and "Parfum de Vie" pear or Williams. The flavours - in this case in "spirited" form - are used to create harmony or to set a

counterpoint. 100% distillates, high-quality spirits or even liquors can be used for flavouring. "Parfum de Vie" of clear distillates comes with 71 volume percent. There are two reasons for the high alcohol contenP: alcohol is a good aroma carrier, and the quantity of the distillate should be small to avoid diluting the texture of a sauce, for example. Barrique "Parfums de Vie" are bottled at 57 % vol.; liquors come in the original strength of the manufacturer, since they are mainly used for dressings, etc.

Practical use The many possibilities offered by "Parfum de Vie" have to be tried and tested. Taste is something very personal, so that any recommendation or experience will always only be the "imaginative treasure of a culinary inventor". Creativity, fantasy and eagerness to experiment are called for - both in the kitchen and at the table! • Parfum de Vie used in cooking • Parfum de Vie as the cherry on the cake in service • Parfum de Vie in the vaporiser at the table - for individual refinement The "perfume" from orchard fruits is produced only by distilleries that competed for the World-Spirits Awards.



Parfum de Vie Recipes


KING PRAWNS OR SCAMPI WITH LAVENDER Ingredients: King prawns or scampi (shelled or in the shell, also frozen), Olive oil, Salt chilli (pepperoncini), white pepper, Lavender, Lavender Parfum de Vie Preparation: Wash and shell the scampi or prawns and quickly sautée in olive oil in a pan with lavender (a wok is ideal). Season with chilli, a pinch of salt and pepper and spray with lavender Parfum de Vie to taste. This refined summer dish is quick and easy to prepare. It should be served warm so that the scent of the lavender can diffuse to the full.

Ingredients: Beef fillet or sirloin steak, Salt, black and white pepper, chilli (pepperoncini), Curry, Dijon mustard, Olive oil, Red wine, Balsamic vinegar, Corn flour (corn starch) to bind the sauce, Plum jam, Plum distillate or plum essence

Sides: fresh white bread or bread baked in a stone oven Recommended drinks: essence of apple and fresh water or Prosecco

Preparation: Season the beef with pepper and sear on all sides in a pan with olive oil then leave to rest on a low heat until cooked as required. Cut into slices against the texture of the meat and place on a plate. Sprinkle with salt and spiced plum and red wine sauce. Reduce the red wine in a pan with lots of plum jam, Dijon mustard, chilli, freshly ground pepper, curry, salt and Balsamic vinegar. At the end, add a splash of plum distillate for a powerful kick and continue to cool until the sauce has a thick consistency. If this does not happen, stir in some corn flour. Sides: roast potatoes or white bread Recommended drinks: plum distillate or essence of plum and fresh water More Parfum de Vie Recipes:

Makers of Parfum de Vie GERMANY


Obergasse 10 a

Destillerie Zweiger

Phone: 0043-664-1323361

Ferdinand Zweiger

Giessenberg 24

Augustus Rex, Erste

Capovilla Azienda



Agricola di Capovilla

Albert Büchele



AT-6971 Hard

Destillerie WOB

Georg W. Schenk

IT-36027 Rosà

Marktstraße 26

Wolfram Ortner

DE-1109 Dresden

Via Giardini 12

Phone: 05574-72412

AT-9546 Bad Kleinkirchheim

Klotzscher Hauptstraße 24

Phone: 0039-0424-581222

Untertscherner Weg 3

Phone: 0049-351-880 8989

Feindestillerie Kössler

Phone: 0043-4240-760

Fohlenhof Edelbrände

Christoph Kössler

Brennerei Hubertus

Dipl. Agr. Rudolf Gartner

AT-6500 Landeck, Stanz 57

Destillerie Hochstrasser


IT-39023 Laas

Phone: 0043-5442-61200

GmbH & CO KG

Hubertus Vallendar

Bahnhofstraße 2

Gerald Hochstrasser

DE-56829 Kail

Phone: 0039-0473-626501

Hauptstraße 11

Phone: 0049-2672-913 552




maass-brand Gerhard Maass AT-6522 Prutz

AT-8562 Mooskirchen Marktplatz 12 Phone: 0043-3137-2232

AT-8562 Mooskirchen Phone: 0043-3137-2318

SWITZERLAND Käsers Schloss AG Ruedi Käser, CH-5077 Elfingen, Im Schloss 170 Phone: 0041-62-8761783

Distillery-Classifications WSA 2009

WSA Distillery-Classifications & Distilleries of the Year 2009 Classification












Appleton Brennerei Hubertus Vallendar Feindestillerie Kössler John Dewar & Sons Seyringer Schlossbrände

Jamaica Germany Austria Great Britain Austria

Rum Fruit spirits & brandies 100-%-distillates Whisky Scotch Fruit spirits & brandies

19 19 20 20 20


Bacardi Global Brands Brennerei Bernhard Leitner Capovilla Azienda Agricola Destillerie Hochstrasser Destillerie Weutz Edeldestillerie Oberhofer Feinbrennerei Sasse Brennerei Lagler Hauser Traditionsmarken Hofbrennerei Oberkorb Maass-Brand Marder Edelbrände Michelehof Osttiroler Naturbrennerei St. Lucia Distillers Destillerie Freihof

USA Austria Italy Austria Austria Austria Germany Austria Austria Germany Austria Germany Austria Austria St. Lucia Austria

Rum 100-%-distillates Grappa & 100-%-distillates 100-%-distillates 100-%-distillates 100-%-distillates Grain based distillate 100-%-distillates Fruit spirits & brandies 100-%-distillates 100-%-distillates 100-%-distillates 100-%-distillates 100-%-distillates Rum Fruit spirits & brandies

20 20 20 21 21 21 21 21 21 22 22 22 22 22 22 23


Augustus Rex Destillerie Zweiger Erber Grenada Distillers Jahrgangsbrennerei Martin Doll Pirker Obstbau Steinwald OHG Schraml Trapas

Germany Austria Austria Grenada Germany Austria Germany Italy

100-%-distillates 100-%-distillates 100-%-distillates Rum 100-%-distillates 100-%-distillates Liqueurs & herbal spirits Grappa

23 23 23 23 23 24 24 24


Zwack Unicum





Babco Europe Ltd Camus Destillerie Franz Bauer GB Distillati Guggenbichler Inner Circle Distillery Käsers Schloss Lehar Modus-Vivendi Raunikar RhumRhum Salm Bräu GmbH Top Spirit Southern Cape Vineyards Spirits Marque One Waldemar Behn Destillerie Wolfram Ortner

Ireland France Austria Italien Germany Australien Switzerland Austria New Zealand Austria Guadeloupe Austria Austria South Africa USA Germany Austria

Liqueurs & herbal spirits Cognac & Calvados Fruit spirits & brandies Grappa 100-%-distillates Rum Whisky Liqueurs & herbal spirits 100-%-distillates Gin Rum 100-%-distillates Liqueurs & herbal spirits Brandy Vodka Liqueurs & herbal spirits Liqueurs & herbal spirits

24 24 24 25 25 25 25 25 25 26 26 26 26 26 26 27 27


Name Distillery of the Year GOLD Fruchtbrennerei Tinnauer Distillery of the Year SILVER Garagenbrenner Wöhrer Distillery of the Year BRONZE Arnold Dettling




Hitliste Spirits WSA 2009 100-%-DISTILLATES 94 94 93,3 93 93 93 93 93 93 93 93 93 92,3 92 92 92 92 92 92 92 92 92 92 92 92 92 92 92 91 91 91 91 91 91 91 91 91 91 91 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 89 89 89 89 89 89 89 89 89 89 89 89 89 89 89 89 89


Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver

Vogelbeere 2008 Traubenkirsche 2008 Rote Williams 2008 Vogelbeerbrand 2008 Schwarzer Holunder 2008 Bockbier 2008 Rote Williamsbirne 2007 Williamsbirne 2007 Subirer-Reserve 2008 Limonera 2008 Birnenbrand 2008 Kartoffel 2008 Wildpflaume 2008 Schwarze Johannisbeere 2008 Himbeere 2007 Hot Stone 2007 Hot Stone + 2007 Gerste fassgelagert 2006 Gerste 2008 Bierbrand 2008 Muskatbirne 2007 Apfel Cox Orange 2008 Banane 2008 Zuckerzwetschke 2007 Mirabelle 2008 Wildkirsche 2004 Lauerzer Kirsche 2005 Schlehe 2008 Vogelbeere 2008 Vogelbeer 2008 Brombeere 2004 Konstantinopeler Apfelquitte 2007 Williamsbirnenbrand Reserve 2005 Williamsbirne 2008 Apfel Holzfass 2005 Marille 2008 Sächsische Wildkirsche 2006 Eau de Vie de Marc de Champagne Schlehenbrand 2007 Moonshine 2007 Pregler 2007 Apfel Schöner von Nordhausen 2007 Apfel Granny Smith 2005 Maulbeere 2008 Hauszwetschke 2007 Marille 2008 Brenzer-Kirsch Hochstamm 2007 Eau de Vie de Marc de Pinot Noir 2007 Scheurebe Trester 2007 Traube 2008 Vogelbeere 2008 Johannisbeere Schwarz 2007 Himbeerbrand 2008 Bierbrand 2008 Quitte 2007 Quitte Holzfass 2007 Williamsbirne 2007 Apfel Kaiser Wilhelm 2007 Apfel Jonagold 2008 Gravensteiner 2008 Elstar 2008 Pomme Malaká 2007 Marillen 2008 Weichselbrand 2008 Kirsch 2006 Muskat-Ottonel-Tresterbrand 2008 Muskateller Tresterbrand 2008


maass-brand Garagenbrenner Wöhrer Fruchtbrennerei Tinnauer Handelsbetrieb-Brennerei Lagler Feindestillerie Kössler Feindestillerie Kössler Brennerei Bernhard Leitner Brennerei Bernhard Leitner Michelehof Edeldestillerie Oberhofer Handelsbetrieb-Brennerei Lagler Osttiroler Naturbrennerei maass-brand Hofbrennerei Oberkorb Brennerei Bernhard Leitner Destillerie Weutz GmbH. Destillerie Weutz GmbH. Michelehof Michelehof Salm Bräu GmbH Osttiroler Naturbrennerei Hofbrennerei Oberkorb Destillerie Zweiger Brennerei Bernhard Leitner Feindestillerie Kössler Arnold Dettling AG Arnold Dettling AG Guggenbichler, Chiemgauer Schnaps Hofbrennerei Oberkorb Michelehof Azienda Agricola di Capovilla Vittorio Augustus Rex Fruchtbrennerei Tinnauer Garagenbrenner Wöhrer Osttiroler Naturbrennerei Garagenbrenner Wöhrer Augustus Rex Azienda Agricola di Capovilla Vittorio Hofbrennerei Oberkorb Destillerie Weutz GmbH. Osttiroler Naturbrennerei Augustus Rex Brennerei Bernhard Leitner Zwack Unicum Brennerei Bernhard Leitner Feindestillerie Kössler Arnold Dettling AG Azienda Agricola di Capovilla Vittorio Jahrgangsbrennerei Martin Doll maass-brand Feindestillerie Kössler Edeldestillerie Oberhofer Handelsbetrieb-Brennerei Lagler maass-brand Marder Edelbrände Zwack Unicum Jahrgangsbrennerei Martin Doll Augustus Rex Osttiroler Naturbrennerei Edeldestillerie Oberhofer Edeldestillerie Oberhofer Azienda Agricola di Capovilla Vittorio Erber GmbH. Destillerie Hochstrasser GmbH & CO KG Marder Edelbrände Destillerie Hochstrasser GmbH & CO KG Handelsbetrieb-Brennerei Lagler

Hit lists WSA 2009

89 89 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 87 87 87 87 87 87 87 87 87 87 86 86 86 86 86 86 86 86 85 85 85 85 85 85 83 83 83 83 82 80 79 76 76

Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Bronze Bronze Bronze

Muskateller Weinhefebrand 2007 Jahrgangsbrennerei Martin Doll Schlehen 2007 Erber GmbH. Waldhimbeerbrand 2008 Destillerie Hochstrasser GmbH & CO KG Waldhimbeere 2008 Feindestillerie Kössler Himbeere 2006 Garagenbrenner Wöhrer Brombeere 2007 Brennerei Bernhard Leitner Brombeer Wald 2008 Marder Edelbrände Quitte 2008 Michelehof Quitte 2007 Zwack Unicum Birne Rote Williams 2008 Obstbau Pirker Apfel Mc Intosh 2007 Destillerie Zweiger Apfel Golden Delicious 2007 Brennerei Bernhard Leitner Bananenbrand 2007 Azienda Agricola di Capovilla Vittorio Zwetschge Holzfass 2005 Jahrgangsbrennerei Martin Doll Eau de Vie de Marc de Champagne 2007 Azienda Agricola di Capovilla Vittorio Muskattraube 2008 Edeldestillerie Oberhofer Schlehenbrand 2008 Marder Edelbrände Zibärtli 2007 Jahrgangsbrennerei Martin Doll Vogelbeere 2008 Marder Edelbrände Himbeere 2008 Obstbau Pirker Quittenbrand 2008 Handelsbetrieb-Brennerei Lagler Birne Grüne Williams 2008 Obstbau Pirker Birne Köstliche von Charneu 2007 Augustus Rex Blütenhonigbrand 2002 Obstbau Pirker Zwetschke 2008 Destillerie Zweiger Marille 2007 Destillerie Zweiger Weichsel 2007 Erber GmbH. Trester Holzfass 2006 Zwack Unicum Vogelbeere 2007 Destillerie Weutz GmbH. Vogelbeere 2007 Erber GmbH. Vogelbeere 2008 Obstbau Pirker Johannisbeerbrand 2008 Destillerie Hochstrasser GmbH & CO KG Schwarze Johannisbeere 2008 Fruchtbrennerei Tinnauer Schwarze Waldbrombeere 2008 Zwack Unicum Huber Spezialbierbrand 2008 Osttiroler Naturbrennerei Williams 2007 Erber GmbH. Waldhimbeere 2007 Destillerie Zweiger Apfel Maschanzka 2008 Destillerie Zweiger Zwetschke 2005 Obstbau Pirker Kirsche 2008 maass-brand Zigeunerkirsche Holzfass 2008 Zwack Unicum Eau de Vie de Marc de Champagne 2007 Azienda Agricola di Capovilla Vittorio Schwarze Johannisbeere 2007 Erber GmbH. Himbeer 2008 Osttiroler Naturbrennerei Marillenbrand classic 2008 Destillerie Hochstrasser GmbH & CO KG Kirsch 2006 Erber GmbH. Schwarze Ribisel 2008 Zwack Unicum Williamsbirnenbrand 2008 Destillerie Hochstrasser GmbH & CO KG Apfel Gravensteiner 2007 Guggenbichler, Chiemgauer Schnaps Dresdner Obstwasser Kernobst 2007 Augustus Rex Damascino 2006 Modus-Vivendi GmbH.

CIGAR-DISTILLATES 95 93 92 92 92 92 91 91 89 88

Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Silver Silver

Weinhefe Zigarrenbrand Reserve 2000 Getreide-Zwetschke-Eiche 2006 Kirsch im Brandy Fass 2006 Kirschbrand Cuvée holzfassgereift 2004 Zwetschke Zigarrenbrand Reserve 2002 Hot Stone + 2006 Alter Weinbrand holzfassgereift 2000 Kriecherl Zigarrenbrand Reserve 2002 Zigarren-Cuvée 2007 Pinot Blanc/Chardonnay Weinbrand '97

Fruchtbrennerei Tinnauer Feindestillerie Kössler Arnold Dettling AG Destillerie Hochstrasser GmbH & CO KG Fruchtbrennerei Tinnauer Destillerie Weutz GmbH. Destillerie Hochstrasser GmbH & CO KG Fruchtbrennerei Tinnauer Michelehof Azienda Agricola di Capovilla Vittorio

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Hit lists WSA 2009 COFFEE-DISTILLATES 94 94 93 92 92 92 92 92 89 88 88 87

Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Silver Silver Silver Silver

Muskateller Trester 2008 Mc Intosh holzfassgereift 2003 Kirsche Réserve 2008 Sauerkirsche 2004 Pflaumen 2007 Kriecherl 2008 Sauerkirsch 2007 Maroon 2007 Traube Muskatino 2008 Marillenbrand holzfassgereift 2005 Zwetschkenbrand fassgelagert 2007 Schilchertrester 2008

Garagenbrenner Wöhrer Destillerie Hochstrasser GmbH & CO KG Arnold Dettling AG Azienda Agricola di Capovilla Vittorio Erber GmbH. Hofbrennerei Oberkorb Marder Edelbrände Destillerie Weutz GmbH. maass-brand Destillerie Hochstrasser GmbH & CO KG Handelsbetrieb-Brennerei Lagler Destillerie Zweiger

FRUIT SPIRITS & BRANDIES 95,7 94 94 94 93 93 92,3 92 92 91 91 91 91 91 90 90 90 90 90 90 89 89 88 88 88 87 87 87 87 86 86 86 86

Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver

Haselnussgeist 2008 Vogelbeer 2008 Marille 2008 Bierbrand Eichenfass 2006 Williamsbirnen Schnaps 2008 Himbeer Geist 2008 Orangengeist 2008 Korn Malt 2003 Thiele Tee Geist 2008 Zwetschge 2008 Obstschnaps 2008 Himbeergeist 2008 Mangogeist 2008 Kaffeegeist 100 % Arabica 2008 Zwetschge 2008 Vogelbeer 2008 Johannisbeerbrand 2008 Obst-Schnaps 2008 Himbeer Geist 2008 Kaffee Geist 2008 Williams 2008 Marille 2008 Waldhimbeergeist 2008 Himbeergeist 2007 Himbeer Geist 2008 Zwetschken Schnaps 2008 Zwetschken-Kern Spirituose 2008 Williams 2008 Marille 2008 Vogelbeergeist 2007 Quitten 2004 Apfel-Tabak Zigarrenbrand 2003 Wildfruchtbrand 2007

Brennerei Hubertus Vallendar Hauser Traditionsmarken Vertriebs GmbH. Seyringer Schlossbrände Vertriebs GmbH. Feindestillerie Kössler Wilhelm Hämmerle Destillerie Freihof Wilhelm Hämmerle Destillerie Freihof Brennerei Hubertus Vallendar Handelsbetrieb-Brennerei Lagler Brennerei Hubertus Vallendar Hauser Traditionsmarken Vertriebs GmbH. Seyringer Schlossbrände Vertriebs GmbH. Guggenbichler, Chiemgauer Schnaps Brennerei Hubertus Vallendar Brennerei Hubertus Vallendar Seyringer Schlossbrände Vertriebs GmbH. Wilhelm Hämmerle Destillerie Freihof Handelsbetrieb-Brennerei Lagler Wilhelm Hämmerle Destillerie Freihof Hauser Traditionsmarken Vertriebs GmbH. Erber GmbH. Seyringer Schlossbrände Vertriebs GmbH. Wilhelm Hämmerle Destillerie Freihof G Brennerei Hubertus Vallendar Destillerie Franz Bauer Seyringer Schlossbrände Vertriebs GmbH. Wilhelm Hämmerle Destillerie Freihof Zwack Unicum Hauser Traditionsmarken Vertriebs GmbH. Hauser Traditionsmarken Vertriebs GmbH. Destillerie Franz Bauer Destillerie Zweiger Azienda Agricola di Capovilla Vittorio Handelsbetrieb-Brennerei Lagler

HERBAL SPIRITS 92 92 92 92 92 91 89 86 84 82

Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Silver Silver Silver Silver

Zirben Zauber 2008 Wacholder 2007 Jagertee 2008 Enzian 2008 Enzian 2008 Freihof Jagertee 2008 Enzian 2008 Zirbenteufel 2007 Bio-Absinth 2008 Wacholder 2008

Destillerie Franz Bauer Fruchtbrennerei Tinnauer Seyringer Schlossbrände Vertriebs GmbH. Wilhelm Hämmerle Destillerie Freihof Hauser Traditionsmarken Vertriebs GmbH. Wilhelm Hämmerle Destillerie Freihof Seyringer Schlossbrände Vertriebs GmbH. Destillerie Franz Bauer Destillerie Weutz GmbH. Steinwald OHG Schraml

Likör Schwarze Johannisbeere 2008 Likör Weichsel 2008 Lehar Eierlikör Schoko

maass-brand maass-brand Lehar GmbH

LIQUEURS 95,3 93,3 92


Gold Gold Gold


Hit lists WSA 2009 91 91 90 89 89 89 88 88 86 73

Gold Gold Gold Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Bronze

Lehar Eierlikör Rum-Kokos Espresso-Likör 2008 Mickey Finn Sour Apple Orangerie Triple Sec 2008 Lehar Eierlikör Vanille Heidelbeerlikör 2008 Mickey Finn Pressed Red Apple Holunder-Likör 2008 Lebkuchenlikör 2009 Williams Likör 2008

Lehar GmbH Steinwald OHG Schraml Babco Europe Ltd Destillerie Franz Bauer Lehar GmbH Wilhelm Hämmerle Destillerie Freihof Babco Europe Ltd Steinwald OHG Schraml Obstbau Pirker Erber GmbH.

Rossbacher 2008 Original Radeberger Bitter Lehar Glantaler Kräuterbitter Gurktaler Kräuterbitter 2 2008 Edelkräuter 2008 Wurzelstolperer 2008 Agwa de Bolivia Weihnachts-Liqueur 2008 KGB 2008 Gurktaler Kräuterbitter 1 2008 Wurzelgraber 2008 Ingwer Likör 2008

Schlumberger Wein- und Sektkellerei GmbH Waldemar Behn GmbH Lehar GmbH Schlumberger Wein- und Sektkellerei GmbH Obstbau Pirker Steinwald OHG Schraml Babco Europe Ltd Steinwald OHG Schraml Destillerie WOB Schlumberger Wein- und Sektkellerei GmbH Raunikar Edelbrände Vertriebs GmbH Steinwald OHG Schraml

BITTERS 95 94 92 92 92 91 91 90 90 90 89 89

Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Silver Silver


Silver Silver

Berneroy XO 2002 Berneroy VSOP 2004

Camus Cognac SA Camus Cognac SA

Ile de Ré Double Matured 2004 Borderies XO 2002 Ile de Ré XO 2002 Ile de Ré Fine Island Cognac 2006

Camus Cognac SA Camus Cognac SA Camus Cognac SA Camus Cognac SA

Joseph Barry 1998

Southern Cape Vineyards

Franziska 2007 T.S. Privat 1972 Special Finish 2004 Cigar Special 2008 Lagerkorn V.S.O.P. 2005 Lagerkorn Export 2005

Destillerie Weutz GmbH. Feinbrennerei Sasse Feinbrennerei Sasse Feinbrennerei Sasse Feinbrennerei Sasse Feinbrennerei Sasse

Gold Gold Gold Silver

Svedka 80-proof Svedka Clementine Flavored Vodka Svedka Citron Flavored Vodka Svedka Rasperry Flavored Vodka

Spirits Marque One Spirits Marque One Spirits Marque One Spirits Marque One

Gold Silver

Gin 2008 Castle Gin Roses 2008

Raunikar Edelbrände Vertriebs GmbH Käsers Schloss AG

Danzantica Grappa di Nero d'Avola '04 Trapas SRL. Grappa Merlot 2003 Azienda Agricola di Capovilla Vittorio Danzantica Grappa di Grillo 2009 Trapas SRL.

COGNAC 94 93 91 90

Gold Gold Gold Gold




Gold Gold Gold Silver Silver Silver

VODKA 92 91 90 89

GIN 91 87

GRAPPA 94 92 92

Gold Gold Gold



Hit lists WSA 2009 92 91,3 90 90 89 87 84 84 84 84

Gold Gold Gold Gold Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver

Danzantica Grappa di Syrah 2008 Grappa Traminer 2004 Grappa Amarone 2004 Grappa di Zibibbo Passito di Pantelleria Grappa Amarone Legno 2003 Baglio Ferla Grappa di Sicilia 2008 Conte 1° Classe Grappa Bianca 2008 Grappa di Marsala 2007 Grappa Gelber Muskateller 2005 Grappa di Nero d'Avola Affinata 2006

Trapas SRL. Azienda Agricola di Capovilla Vittorio Azienda Agricola di Capovilla Vittorio Trapas SRL. Azienda Agricola di Capovilla Vittorio Trapas SRL. Trapas SRL. Giuseppe Bianchi Distillati Azienda Agricola di Capovilla Vittorio Trapas SRL.

Rhum Rhum SRL - Velier Grenada Distillers Ltd St. Lucia Distillers Ltd

RUM WHITE 91,3 89 89

Gold Silver Silver

Rhum Rhum Marie Galante 2007 Superior Light TØZ White Gold

RUM MATURED 95 94,3 94 93 93 92 92 91 91 91 91 90 90 90 90 89 89 89 89 88 86

Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver

Appleton Estate Reserve 8 Inner Circle Rum Black Inner Circle Rum Red Bacardi 8 Inner Circle Rum Green Appleton 21 Admiral Rodney 1996 Bacardi Anejo 3 yr Bacardi 1873 Solera 3 yr Old Grog TØZ Gold 2000 Appleton Estate 12 y Bacardi 1873 3 yr Bacardi Reserva 3 yr Appleton Estate V/X Appleton Master Blenders Legacy Special Dark Spicy Rum Chairmans Reserve 2003 Bacardi Reserva Limitada 12 yr Bacardi Gold 2 yr

Schlumberger Wein- und Sektkellerei GmbH. Inner Circle Distillery Inner Circle Distillery Bacardi Global Brands Inc. Inner Circle Distillery Schlumberger Wein- und Sektkellerei GmbH. St. Lucia Distillers Ltd Bacardi Global Brands Inc. Bacardi Global Brands Inc. Grenada Distillers Ltd St. Lucia Distillers Ltd Schlumberger Wein- und Sektkellerei GmbH. Bacardi Global Brands Inc. Bacardi Global Brands Inc. Schlumberger Wein- und Sektkellerei GmbH. Schlumberger Wein- und Sektkellerei GmbH. Grenada Distillers Ltd Grenada Distillers Ltd St. Lucia Distillers Ltd Bacardi Global Brands Inc. Bacardi Global Brands Inc.

Bacardi Coco Bacardi Limon Rum Sorrel Kweyol Spice Rum 2005 Bacardi Big Apple Bacardi Razz Bacardi Grand Melon Bacardi Peach Red

Bacardi Global Brands Inc. Bacardi Global Brands Inc. Grenada Distillers Ltd St. Lucia Distillers Ltd Bacardi Global Brands Inc. Bacardi Global Brands Inc. Bacardi Global Brands Inc. Bacardi Global Brands Inc.

Dewars Signature Super Premium Aberfeldy Single Highland Malt 21 Aberfeldy Single Highland Malt 12 Dewars White Label Dewars 12 Year old Dewars 18 Year old

John Dewar & Sons LTD John Dewar & Sons LTD John Dewar & Sons LTD John Dewar & Sons LTD John Dewar & Sons LTD John Dewar & Sons LTD

RUM MIX 88 87 86 86 85 83 82 79

Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Bronze

WHISKY 95,7 94 92 92 92 90

Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold


Silver Silver

Castle One Whisky 2005 Castle Whisky Rye 2005

Käsers Schloss AG Käsers Schloss AG

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Distillery-Portraits WSA 2009

WSA Distillery-Portraits und Distilleries of the Year 2009 "Producing a dense and full-bodied brandy requires the physiological ripeness of the fruit. And a technique which is similar to that used in wine-making: a cooled mash, selecting the right time for the distillation process and the technical ability to distil the mixture cleanly and with little loss of flavour". Franz Tinnauer knows exactly what he is talking about. He is not just a distiller; he is also a wine-grower with 8 hectares of perfect vineyards and 4.2 hectares of orchards in the Gamlitzberg area of South Styria. He started out in 1990 with a borrowed distillery plant, no customers and the aim of becoming one of the best distillers in the world. And he achieved this over the years with plenty of physical and mental energy. ¤ Fruchtbrennerei Tinnauer . Franz Tinnauer . AT-8462 Gamlitz . Steinbach 42 P: 0043-3453-3607 . F: 0043-3453-3607-15 . E: . W:

Manfred Wöhrer does credit to his profession as a master builder in his other activities as a distiller too: Based on a secure foundation, he has built up a long-standing series of successes - expressive generic distillates from traditional raw materials that are typical of the region: apple, pear, quince, cherry, morello cherry, black cherry, apricot, mirabelle plum, berries and grapes. 12 to 16 varieties are distilled every year, but only a few hundred litres of each and never more than one batch. No frills, no nonsense, but classy, no fancy names or marketing gags. Manfred Wöhrer attended the Technical College for Construction in Krems. In 1976, he passed the master builder examination and in 1982, he took over his parents' company in Traun. ¤ Garagenbrenner Wöhrer . Ing. Manfred Wöhrer . AT-4050 Traun . Linzerstraße 84 P: 0043-7229-72411-0 . F: 0043-7229-72411-20 . E: . W:

Dettling is one of the leading kirsch producers in the world; he sets much store by a personal relationship with his suppliers. The ingredients often come from only a few farms or even individual trees. Of the more than 800 varieties in Switzerland, only about 40 are suitable for distilling. For one litre of kirsch eight kilograms of cherries are needed; the mash is left to ferment in a rock cave. Afterwards, the spirits are stored in demijohns or wooden vats. The wooden barrel line is complemented by the "Brandy Fass", a cherry distillate of golden colour, matured in the Asbach-Uralt barrel. "Brenzer Kirsch" was launched on the market together with Slow Food in an attempt to preserve the standard fruit trees. ¤ Arnold Dettling AG . Toni Eberhard . CH-6440 Brunnen . Olympstraße 10 P: 0041-41-820-2424 . F: 0041-41-820-2618 . E: . W:

In the heart of the tropical island paradise, there is Appleton Estate - a place far off the beaten track, where the quality of life determines the pace of live. The coveted plantation rum is part of this quality and has been produced here since 1749. The oldest business in Jamaica, which has been operating without interruption to this day, is now owned by the British company Wray & Nephew. The sugar cane for the rum production comes from 4,400 hectares in the fertile Valley of Nassau, through which the Black River meanders. The climate is ideal for the plants, as are the rich volcanic soils. 216,000 tons are harvested per year. Special yeast cultures, developed on the estate, are used in the fermentation process; distillation takes place in old, onion-shaped copper pot stills. ¤ (Schlumberger/Wien) Appleton Jamaica Rum . J. Wray & Nephew Ltd . 52-54 Southwark Street, 3rd Floor GB-London SE 1 UN . P: 0043-1-3682258-377 . F: 0043-1-3682258-340 . W:

There was reason to celebrate in October 2008. 20 years full of "experiments and temptations, events and experience", as Hubertus Vallendar put it on the occasion of the company's anniversary. He is a typical man of this region along the Moselle, where people make pleasure part of their work. As a distiller he is a perfectionist with a special sense for aromas and tastes and quite some stubbornness; passionate about new products, calm when the situation demands it. His precise craftsmanship already served him well as a joiner's apprentice. He has an excellent reputation for distilling techniques and sensory perception, and many colleagues both at home and abroad hold him in high regard as the expert on fermentation. ¤ Brennerei Hubertus Vallendar . Hubertus Vallendar . DE-56829 Kail . Hauptstraße 11 P: 0049-2672-913-552 . F: 0049-2672-913-554 . E: . W:



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He is always among the top ten when it comes to distillate ratings - and he has twice secured the overall title at the World Spirits Awards. He is perfect in the "play with temperatures" - from fermentation of mash in the stainless steel tank to distillation with the most advance technical means. And all that takes place in quite unusual surroundings: Christoph Kössler works and lives with his family in the house where famous Baroque architect Jakob Prandtauer was born. The old building was carefully preserved and the interiors adjusted to the requirements of a modern company. The initials "JP" on the bottles are a successful link to the tradition of the house. The friendly distiller from the Tyrol produces nearly 40 products - covering all fruits and ten liqueurs. ¤ Feindestillerie Kössler . Christoph Kössler . AT-6500 Landeck . Stanz 57 . P: 0043-5442-61200 F: 0043-5442-61200-4 . E: . W:

Dewar's is one of the world's most famous whiskeys; it is the top-selling Scotch in the USA. It is named after company founder John Dewar, who started trading wines and spirits in Perth in 1846. His two sons ensured the international increase in business; in 1898, they built the Aberfeldy Distillery. The company, which is now part of the Bacardi Group, has an official visitors' centre at Aberfeldy. This is a world-class tourist attraction: every year, approximately 40,000 visitors take guided tours of the distillery to learn about the traditional production of Scotch. The six stations of the tour are dedicated to the phases of the production process: malting, grinding, mashing, fermentation, distillation and maturation. The maturation is of particular importance at Dewar's. ¤ John Dewar & Sons LTD . GB-Glasgow, G32 8XR . 1700 London Road . P: 0044-141-551-4073 F: 0044-141-551-4030 . W:

Seyringer Schlossbrände products evoke memories of the "good old times". In keeping with the slogan "history shall live", the company's brand identity underwent a complete makeover in 2006. Among the innovations was a special bottle with a handle, exclusively crafted for the company on the basis of a design that is more than 150 years old. Seyringer Schlossbrände products combine tradition and taste. Prepared on the basis of traditional rules of the art of distilling, the specialities embody both the past and the future. With their reference to the imperial history - "kaiserlich-königliche Schnaps-Kultur" - and the respective design, Seyringer Schlossbrände's market presence is bound to be a success. ¤ Seyringer Schlossbrände Vertriebs GmbH. . Peter J. Angel . AT-6890 Lustenau . Vorachstraße 75 P: 0043-5577-85955-0 . F: 0043-5577-85955-3 . E: . W:

Don Facundo Bacardi was born near Barcelona and immigrated to Santiago de Cuba in 1862, where he founded a small distillery at Calle Matadero 57. His wife Amalia discovered a colony of bats under their roof; bats are thought to be lucky in Spanish culture. A trade mark - now known throughout the world - was born. In 1877, Bacardi won their first gold medal for quality at the World's Fair in Spain, and many more were to follow. In 1910, they opened their first international plant in the old home town Barcelona, in 1916, a bottling plant in New York. In the 1920s, a hitherto unknown kind of advertising generated excitement: the first ad campaign in the USA made Bacardi into a symbol of luxury and life style. That has not changed until today. ¤ Bacardi Global Brands Inc . US-Florida 33137 . 2100 Biscayne Boulevard . P: 001-305-573-8600 F: 001-305-576-0374 . W:

Bernhard Leitner began his career as a 13-year-old, experimenting with an old distillery without a water bath. By the time he was 20, he had bought a water bath distillery and was producing the local kinds of farmers' schnapps. More than ten years ago, Leitner planted new fruit trees and invested substantial time in improving the quality of his distillates. He took courses, attended seminars and studied the pertinent literature. In 1998, he bought an 80-litre column distillery and submitted his first samples at competitions. Since then, he has gone from strength to strength. The amateur distiller of minimum quantities from the mountain village of Grins in the vicinity of Landeck in the Tyrol, makes excellent distillates - of what you might call homoeopathic portions. ¤ Brennerei Leitner Bernhard . Bernhard Leitner . AT-6591 Grins 11 . P: 0043-5442-63021 E:

Bright sealing wax and colourful trees of paradise on the labels are the master's trademark - Vittorio Capovilla. And nothing but master pieces leave the distillery in the historic mansion "Villa Dolfin" near Bassano, in the heart of grappa country Veneto. Luigi Veronelli, Italy's famous food critic and wine expert (1926-2004) once called them "magical essences". Vittorio Capovilla put his stamp on the Italian culture of distillates - with highly refined fruit distillates and perfect grappas that earned him the honorary title of "Emperor of Monte Grappa". The secret of his decades of success? Above all a sensitive palate and an extrasensory nose, but also a water bath system constructed according to his own ideas. Only fresh marc is used. ¤ Azienda Agricola di Capovilla Vittorio . Capovilla Vittorio . IT-36027 Rosà . Via Giardini 12 P: 0039-0424-581222 . F: 0039-0424-588028 . E:



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"Distilling is the creative art of generating pure distillates from the homogenous mixture of fruit, flavour and alcohol in a thermal separation process through heating and cooling." This is the leitmotif of the Hochstrasser family who reside on an impressive estate on the market square of Mooskirchen in western Styria. Since 1930, the rich experience in the art of distilling has been passed down from generation to generation. Today it is the third generation who is responsible for continued development of fruit processing. Year after year, they produce a broad range of products. Besides the many fruit distillates covering all the very strong varieties from apple to plum, great care is applied to distillates matured in wooden barrels. ¤ Destillerie Hochstrasser GmbH & CO KG . Gerald Hochstrasser . AT-8562 Mooskirchen . Marktplatz 12 P: 0043-3137-2232 . F: 0043-3137-2232-6 . E: . W:

The wide range of products covers eighty varieties from stone fruit, pomaceous fruit and marc brandies to special varieties such as chokeberry, kiwi and medlar, single malts and vodka, the specialities of the Styrian distillers. Great care is placed on storage so that there are always some mature years of the distillates available. Michael Weutz is a distiller with imagination and perseverance, and Brigitte Weutz is an astute business manager with philosophical creativity. The couple's formula for success is honesty, because only passion and love for the work can produce discernible results for the customer. And so the Styrian insiders' tip very quickly turned into a top destination. Brand awareness and popularity increase with the variety of products on offer. ¤ Destillerie Weutz GmbH. . Ing. Michael Weutz . AT-8505 St. Nikolai im Sausal . P: 0043-3185-3444-0 F: 0043-3185-3444-4 . E: . W:

The four-star Reschenhof hotel in Mils offers comfortable country-house style and atmosphere to its guests. In a quiet and yet still central location at the foot of the Karwendel mountains near the city of Hall, the hotel makes an ideal base for excursions to the most beautiful areas of Tirol. There are sufficient attractions in the surrounding area - the silver mine in Schwaz, the mint in Hall, the farmhouse museum in Kramsach, glass-blowing in the town of Rattenberg, the Swarovski Crystal Worlds in Wattens, the Alpine Zoo in the provincial capital of Innsbruck, and much more. Or one can simply remain indoors, where equally as much in variety or relaxation is provided according to the principle that there should be "enjoyment of life with all the senses!" ¤ Edeldestillerie Oberhofer . Günter Oberhofer . AT-6068 Mils . Bundesstraße 7 P: 0043-5223-5860-0 . F: 0043-5223-5860-52 . E: . W:

When the Sasse gentlemen, members of the traditional St. Nicholas Society of Schöppingen, went from house to house on the eve of December 6th to distribute sweets, they stumbled upon a 35 year old bottle of "Sasse Korn". Made from malt distillates following an age-old recipe, the fine grain brandy's taste and quality were still impressive and so it was decided to revive the old recipe, to reactivate the more than 100-year-old oak wood barrels and to make distillates according to the traditional procedure. Tradition is important at Sasse's. At the beginning of the 18th century, a grain distillery was established in the northwest of the Münsterland region in Germany, close to the border with the Netherlands. ¤ Feinbrennerei Sasse . Rüdiger Sasse . DE-48624 Schöppingen . Düsseldorfer Straße 20 P: 0049-2555-9974-0 . Fax: 0049-2555-9974-29 . E: . W:

Kurt Lagler has been part of Austria's distilling elites since 1980. He aims for straightforward products that please. His fine range of products covers pomaceous fruit, such as apple, pear and quince, drupes (plum and morello cherry) as well as berries and his special wild fruit cuvées. They all stand out with their natural fruitiness and mild harmonic character. In addition to the classics, Kurt Lagler is always good for an innovative creation. That's how the "Bigalabrand" came about: base product is a cuvée of cider and "Uhudler", the local farmer's wine. In 2005, he opened an international museum of distilling. In the "distillotheque", the brandies and liqueurs are available, as are blown glass objects. ¤ Handelsbetrieb-Brennerei Lagler . Kurt Lagler . AT-7543 Kukmirn 137 . P: 0043-3328-32003 F: 0043-3328-32003-40 . E: . W:

For more than 300 years, ripe fruits, berries and roots have been distilled in the Alps into clear distillates "to capture the breath of the Tyrolean mountains and the essence of natural orchards to produce the finest schnapps". The roots of this tradition lie in small distilleries, such as the one of the Josef Hauser family in Leuken Valley in Tyrol. Based on this tradition, a comprehensive range of spirits is produced under the "Hauser Tradition" brand name in Lustenau, Vorarlberg, that stand out with their mild and agreeable nature. Spicy and aromatic, like the fragrance of a meadow, and as light as mountain air - this is what characterizes Hauser schnapps. Fruit spirits are gaining more and more importance in the hospitality trade. ¤ Hauser Traditionsmarken Vertriebs GmbH . Peter J. Angel . AT-6890 Lustenau . Vorachstraße 75 P: 0043-5577-85955-0 . F: 0043-5577-85955-3 . E: . W:



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"Our farm was founded more than 300 years ago and has been in our family for more than 10 generations. This perseverance reflects courage, openness and vision. And we would like to pass this commitment on. The development of agriculture towards mass-dependent production is not what we want. We produce diversity with a lot of character, typical of the region and the seasons. Our customers appreciate seasonal fruit and vegetables, cheese from unpasteurised milk and fine spirits. Our philosophy also extends to generating energy from renewable raw materials and the sun. We use seminars and guided tours to share our philosophy with our visitors." The personal leitmotif is "to pursue one's goals with vigour but never carry things to excess". ¤ Hofbrennerei Oberkorb . Andreas Franzl . DE-84405 Dorfen . Oberkorb 1 . P: 0049-8086-1371 F: 0049-8086-946117 . E: . W:

The so-called Prutz Water was already prized by Emperor Maximilian; modern analyses show high levels of valuable minerals. Visitors to the mountain village at the entrance to Kaunertal, in the border region of Austria, Switzerland and Italy, enjoy the healthy refreshing drink from the mineral source. Of a totally different kind are the drinks offered by Gerhard Maass, aka "Tower Farmer": Maass makes fine and fruity spirits. His farm is named after its striking tower, three stories high and three cellars deep as it were. The tower stands on the site of an ancient Roman watchtower. The cultivated area for Maass's ingredients is also quite lofty. At 900 metres above sea level, it is Austria's highest orchard with 4000 apricot trees distributed over two hectares. ¤ maass-brand . Gerhard Maass . AT-6522 Prutz . Obergasse 10 a . P: 0043-664-1323361 F: 0043-5472-2281 E:

Albbruck-Unteralpfen is a charming holiday resort in the Southern Black Forest, in the border region of Germany, France and Switzerland, and also the location of one of the best distilleries in the country. Stefan Marder continues his family's dedication to quality of old hand Edmund Marder. The family business offers a range of over 40 products, all made bearing in mind the family's watchword "To attain nature's jewels with love and patience". The range of products is huge, the focus in on all possible variations of cherry, from the traditional Back Forest Kirsch to morello cherry, black cherry, wild cherry and cornel cherry and cuvee in cherry tree wood. For many years, Fichtenhof Marder has been ranked at the top of their game at different European awards. ¤ Marder Edelbrände . Edmund Marder . DE-79774 Albbruck-Unteralpfen . Fichtenweg 5 . P: 0049-7755-238 F: 0049-7755-919950 . E: . W:

"D'r Subirer" is the star at the Michelehof farm in Hard on the shores of Lake Constance. The pear spirit full of character is made from a local pear variety that grows mainly in the Vorarlberg Unterland, i.e. the region between Dornbirn and the province's northern border. However, Albert Büchele has much more to offer, more than 30 varieties, many fruity, some matured in wooden barrels. Büchele's work centers on apples and pears, in particular on the Subirer, the favourite local pear variety that is also reflected in the company's logo modelled on the peculiar Subirer's star-shaped calyx. Following highly successful reconstruction work with a lot of timber and modifications of the distillery and its facilities, Michelehof products have become even more expressive. ¤ Michelehof . Albert Büchele . AT-6971 Hard . Marktstraße 26 . P: 0043-5574-72412 . F: 0043-5574-72412-4 E: . W:

The Kuenz entailed estate in Dölsach in Eastern Tyrol has been in possession of the Kuenz family for some 400 years, today in the eleventh generation. The agreement of 13 June 1643 states that "honourable Steffan Khuenzer zu Gödnach" devolves the farm upon his descendants. Besides agriculture, pasture management, and fruit growing, distilling has always played a major role. To date, the distillation is the high point of their work year, and every single action is executed by family members. Following an old tradition, the distillery is fired with wood from the family's own forest. The distillates mature in old, round glass carboys and reduced to the right strength with fresh spring water. ¤ Osttiroler Naturbrennerei . Martina Kuenz . AT-9991 Dölsach . Gödnach 2 . P: 0043-4852-64307 F: 0043-4852-64306 . E: . W:

Visitors to the St. Lucia Distillers are taken on a journey into the world of rum - ideally as part of a tour. The cultural heritage of this Caribbean island and its traditional rum production are brought to life. From the vats of molasses full of the fluid aromatic raw materials to the shiny copper tanks and oak casks (Bourbon to Port) to the storage and maturation of the rum. The excursion ends with a colourful costume carnival complete with rousing sounds and the opportunity to sample the Dark Rum, White Rum and Rum Liqueur. "St. Lucia Distillers is small, innovative and quality-focused" explains the company director, Laurie Barnard. "Our committed team place a great deal of importance on good cooperation and we want to be among the best rum producers in the world". ¤ St. Lucia Distillers Ltd . Michael Speakman . LC-Castries . P.O. Box 823 . P: 001-758-451-4221 F: 001-758-751-4221 . E: . W:



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Lustenau is first mentioned in a document dating to 887. The excellent climatic conditions of the Rhine valley for growing fruit had been discovered early on, and the production of must and spirits became a tradition. The Hämmerle family have been making choice fruit brandies since 1885. The Freihof (free farm) Distillery has evolved from a rural inn called 'Zum Freihof', with its own production of must and schnapps. At the end of the 19th century, the inn was a popular meeting place. In the 1950s, they launched their first vintage series which soon made its way into top restaurants. In 1952, Gebhard Hämmerle, the founder's grandson, took over as manager of the distillery and turned it into one of the most distinguished makes of fine fruit spirits in Austria. ¤ Wilhelm Hämmerle Destillerie Freihof GmbH & CO KG . AT-6890 Lustenau . Vorachstraße 75 P: 0043-5577-85955 0 . F: 0043-5577-85955 3 . E: . W:

"Nil nisi optimorum" (only of the best) is the slogan of Dresdner Spezialitätenbrennerei, established in 2001 in the wine cellar of the former vineyard of Dresden-Klotzsche. Its fine-sounding sobriquet "Augustus Rex" reminds one of August the Strong who was omnipresent in Saxony: He had orchards planted to promote healthy nutrition of his people. High quality products are still in the centre of attention, with special focus on the old, aromatic fruit varieties. The products range from noble liqueurs to 50 authentic spirits from old fruit varieties. Their diversity can be sampled at tastings and courses that train the sense of taste. The area around Dresden is a traditional fruit-growing region with a large number of old meadows with mixed fruit trees. ¤ Augustus Rex, Erste Dresdner Spezialitätenbrennerei . DE-1109 Dresden . Klotzscher Hauptstraße 24 P: 0049-351-880 8989 . F: 0049-351-880 8988 . E: . W:

The Zweiger Family's table in the West-Styrian town of Mooskirchen is bountiful with fresh fruit, superior distillates, lively wines and hearty snacks. Ferdinand and Beate Zweiger run their downright handicraft enterprise with a large family team to whom the quality of their products is of paramount importance. More than 90 percent of the fruit's attributes decide on the distillite's quality. Even brilliant distillers won't succeed with mediocre fruits. Good distilling is handicraft and one needs a lot of experience and feeling. Ferdinand Zweiger is in his element when he starts going into raptures about his centrepieces. More than 30 hectares of orchards provide the raw material, above all a wide range of apple varieties: Golden Delicious, Jonagold, Jonagorette ... ¤ Destillerie Zweiger . Ferdinand Zweiger . AT-8562 Mooskirchen . Giessenberg 24 P: 0043-3137-2318 . F: 0043-3137-2318 10 . E: . W:

The Erber family's right to distil dates back to the 16th century when Emperor Maximilian I. brought the country of Tyrol to flourish. This privilege was granted on condition that water from the family's own spring would only be used for distilling after people and cattle had been supplied. Until today, this same spring is the essential ingredient in the Erbers' excellent spirits. Maria Erber has been running the business in Brixen im Thale since 1995. Distilling has always been a great local tradition in Brixen. The many fruit and berry varieties form the basis for this tradition, as do roots and herbs. Good schnapps is very much part of the local culture - this is manifested in the classic farmer's fruit schnapps that proves that traditional schnapps can also be top of the range. ¤ Erber GmbH . Maria Erber . AT-6364 Brixen im Thale . Dorfstraße 57 . P: 0043-5334-8107 F: 0043-5334-8413 . E: . W:

Grenada is an island state of the Lesser Antilles between the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean - a speck in the sea, just 34 kilometers long and 19 kilometers wide. Most of the inhabitants of the former British crown colony are descendants of African slaves. Apart from tourism, agriculture is the most important branch of the economy; the main products are cocoa, nutmeg, and other spices. The island's rum production is also contributing substantially to their exports. In 1937, the Grenada Sugar Factory was founded, the biggest and best-known rum distillery of the island. Located in the south of the island, surrounded by huge fields of sugar cane, it is a popular tourist destination. The main product, Clarke's Court Rum, was named after a bay near the factory. ¤ Grenada Distillers Limited . Leroy Neckles . P.O.BOX 50, Woodlands . GD-St. George’s, Grenada W.I. P: 001-473-444-5736-5736 . F: 001-473-444-2452 . W:

Master fruit grower, winegrower and distiller Martin Doll lives and works in a particularly beautiful part of Germany - at the Baden Wine Route. Picturesque timbered houses and bridges festooned with flowers are typical of Durbach, the winegrowing village in the charming landscape between the Rhine valley and the Black Forest. Durbach sprawls over 42 side valleys. Here in the warmest area of Germany, climatic conditions are excellent and farmers grow wine and fruit. Approximately 230 small distilleries provide a broad spectrum of fine spirits, above all, the famous Black Forest Kirsch. The Doll family's winery and distillery are located in Gebirg, surrounded by vineyards and ridges densely covered with chestnuts. ¤ Jahrgangsbrennerei Martin Doll . Martin Doll . DE-77770 Durbach . Mahlengrund 1 . P: 0049-781-96649-41 F: 0049-781-96649-42 . E: . W:



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The pilgrimage village of Mariazell is famous for a speciality as sweet as honey - its Austrian lebkuchen (or gingerbread). The traditional Pirker company has been baking lebkuchen following handed-down recipes for more than 300 years. The headquarters of the family business is Mariazellerhof, a family-style, comfortable hotel, where the air always smells sweet with the aroma of honey and spices. About 40 different sorts of gingerbread are made here according to traditional recipes and with a blend of spices that is a closely guarded secret. The wide range of distillates and liqueurs is very varied. There is a fascinating spectrum of fruits represented in the more than 30 types of fine spirits, from pears to berries, from apricot to medlar, plum and cigar brandies. ¤ Pirker GmbH . Obstbau Pirker . Georg Rippel . AT-8630 Mariazell . Grazer Straße 10 . P: 0043-3882-2179 F: 0043-3882-2179-51 . E: . W:

Fine fruit distillates, spirits, whisky, 'Zoiglbrand' (a patented speciality made from beer produced in the Upper Palatinate communities), herb and fruit liqueurs, Christmas, products made from honey, espresso liqueur, "Alte Propstei" selection, special varieties, grain - the "table of contents" of the broad range of 40 products makes you want to smell and taste and see all these delicious things. Gregor and Martin Schraml represent the sixth generation in the old family business in Erbendorf. The landscape of the Steinwald nature reserve is craggy and densely wooded. Typical Upper Palatinate fruit such as juniper and elder grow on the meagre soil, and some lonely corners call the Scottish Highlands to mind. ¤ Steinwald OHG Schraml . Gregor Schraml . DE-92681 Erbendorf . Kaiserberg 16 . P: 0049-9682-881 F: 0049-9682-4080 . E: . W:

One can easily imagine the god Dionysos himself delighting in these distillates at his own dazzling symposiums. And no doubt, Giancarlo Conte would have managed a successful company even in antiquity. The connoisseur and accomplished distiller is equally at home in two worlds, and the exciting product presentation reflects that. Conte's interpretation of grappa is firmly rooted in history, yet at the same time very modern and stylish, the design of the bottle brings to mind the antique tradition of spirit enjoyment. The distillery uses the traditional Alambic method. The Arab word al-anbiq is derived from the Greek word ambikos, which denotes a vessel with a curved lip - the shape of the original copper vat. ¤ Trapas SRL . Giancarlo Conte . IT-91020 Petrosino . Contrada Ferla snc . P: 0039-0923-741207 F: 0039-0923-741446 . E: . W:

Australian surfers love it; it is highly popular in Russia and the favourite drink at many parties in Amsterdam: "Agwa de Bolivia", the only liqueur in the world made from the leaves of the Bolivian cocoa plant. 40 grams are needed for one litre, pressed and distilled and then mixed with other ingredients such as guarana, ginseng and green tea. Spirit lovers all over the world have discovered the energising taste best enjoyed during the ritual of a 'Bolivian Kiss': biting on a slice of lime and washing it down with a shot of Agwa. The effect is immediate: it keeps you going and going and going… No wonder, coca leaves have been chewed in the Andes and the Gran Chaco lowlands for centuries. ¤ Babco Europe Ltd . Linda Young . 22 The Forum, 29/31 Glasthule Road . IE- Glasthule, Co Dublin P: 00353-1-20200-12 . F: 00353-1-20200-13 . E: . W:

"It's easy to make a great cognac. All you need is a great-grandfather, grandfather and father who did it before you". This statement was made by Jean-Paul Camus, father of the current company boss Cyril Camus. This is France's last large independent cognac company and is now in its 5th (!) generation of family management. Since it was founded in 1863, the company has stood for particularly high quality products. The international leading premium brand is offered in 140 countries worldwide as well as in exclusive hotels and restaurants, on board 50 airlines and in all of the significant duty free shops. The Camus family continues to be personally involved with the production process and wishes the company to remain independent. ¤ Camus Cognac SA . Coralie Alingrin . FR-16100 Cognac . 29 rue Marguerite de Navarre P: 0033-545-327173 F: 0033-545-805965 . E: . W:

The capital of Styria is the place of origin of fruit brandies, spirits and liqueurs catering to all tastes. The vicinity to regional producers ensures that the up to 1.5 million kilos of fruit that are mashed and made into "spirited" drinks per year are processed as fresh as possible. In addition to its own brands, the Franz Bauer distillery distributes well-known global brands such as Berentzen, Puschkin, Bowmore, Osborne and the Dark Dog energy drink. "BAUERspirits" is the name of their attractive product range, packaged in striking bottles: from the unique bottles with trimmed label fields, especially designed for their house-brand spirits, to traditional spirits (apricot, Williams pear, rowanberry and mixed fruit) and the classy "Prankherhof" line of spirits. ¤ Destillerie Franz Bauer . Hans-Werner Schlichte . AT-8020 Graz . Prankergasse 29-31 P: 0043-316-770-122 . F: 0043-316-770-120 . E: . W:



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Leoni Bianchi, a Tuscan wine merchant, moved his business to Marsala on Sicily in the 1950s, thereby laying the foundations for a successful and expanding company. Today, the 'Gruppo Bianchi' includes several subsidiary companies. GB Distillati, managed by Claudio Bianchi, is responsible for the 'grappa di qualità' sector. The company motto - - la nuova tentazione della tradizione - stands for a successful combination of traditional and modern. There are various different types of this Italian classic spirit on the market which can be divided into three specific categories. 'Bianchi Arte' covers three grappas from the renowned historical producing regions of Moscato Passito Pantelleria (the grape is known in the region under the name of Zibibbo) and Marsala Classico. ¤ Giuseppe Bianchi Distillati . Dr. Claudio Bianchi . IT-91025 Marsala . Filippo Noto 2 . P: 0039-0923-951288 E: . W:

His friends say he must have fallen into a barrel of schnapps as a young boy - like Obelix and the magic potion. In any case, he certainly liked to stay by his father's side to share "spirited" moments, as Johann Guggenbichler admits himself. The secrets of the distilling process were shared with him at an early age and he gathered vast amounts of experience over the years. The distillation of fine spirits, not just brandies, has a long-standing history at Guggenbichlers which dates back to 1829. Today the business is in its 5th generation. The family business is located in the picturesque Chiemgau mountains and the gently-rolling hills of the Alpine uplands, at the heart of the fruit orchards where fruits ripen for use in the authentic Guggenbichler products. ¤ Chiemgauer Schnaps Spezialitäten . Hans Guggenbichler . DE-83112 Frasdorf . Oberacherting 1 P: 0049-8032-7079947 . F: 0049-8032 7079948 . E:

How does a world-class sportsman turn himself into a rum producer? And even make it a tremendous success story! Stuart Gilbert, a multiple world champion sailor who participated in the 1984 Olympic Games, shows how it can be done, with the successful relaunch of Australia's best rum which quickly acquired worldwide recognition and was awarded prizes at wine and spirit competitions in London, Frankfort and Chicago. Originally produced for the Colonial Sugar Refinery's "inner circle of management and favoured clients" in the mid-19th century, this popular rum was available until 1986. When the company was sold, the brand Inner Circle - an Australian icon was discontinued. Stuart Gilbert, a great fan of this particular rum, found himself missing it keenly. ¤ Inner Circle Distillery . Anna Lawrence . Level 15, 20 Hunter Street . AU-Sydney NSW 2000 P: 0061-2-9320-2200 F: 0061-2-9320-2264 . W:

He presented his whiskey onboard the MS Europe, and his products are also exhibited at the House of Switzerland in Beijing. Ruedi Käser and his "Whisky Castle" always cause a stir. From the outside, the building makes a very traditional impression, in the style of an American farm distillery, but the interior is surprising: The distillery on the ground floor resembles an art gallery. The production line consists of the fruit distilling system of the distillery, the pre-stage, and the copper pot still as the core element of whisky production. And what follows on after a visit there is the theatre-cum-bistro with terrace. From the top floor, a wonderful view of the vineyards opens up, but visitors can also direct their eyes to the attractive bar where they can choose the "noble brew". ¤ Kaesers Schloss AG . Ruedi Kaeser . CH-5077 Elfingen . Im Schloss 170 . P: 0041-62-8761783 F: 0041-62-8763075 . E: . W:

Egg liqueur ring cake - the name alone makes people with sweet teeth dream. Or do you feel like a lively drink? For "Club Class Sekt Flip" fill a sparkling wine glass to one third with egg liqueur, add sparkling wine and whisk gently. Many recipes for similarly tasty thinks are available for download at, but the strong ingredient does, of course, also taste fine when enjoyed pure. Josef Lehar, a relative of Franz Lehar (the "king of operetta"), established an enterprise in 1902 that also had to do with composition - in his case harmonious distilled spirits, vinegar, oil, and tea - and which was able to continue rising, even through times of crisis. Today the modern business offers a wide range of high-class products in the areas of spirits. ¤ Lehar GmbH . Mag. Dietmar Messner . AT-2483 Ebreichsdorf . Sportplatzstraße 13 . P: 0043-2254-72556-26 F: 0043-2254-72556-22 . E: . W:

There are plenty of stories surrounding the history of damassine plum - small, violet fruits in the plum family. The botanical name of 'prunus damascena' is indicative of the probable origins of the fruit: Damascus in Syria. The Roman gourmet and most famous author of cook books in Antiquity, Marcus Gavius Apicius, praised the fruit in one recipe as a delicious accompaniment to lamb. It then found its way to Europe through the Duke of Anjou who discovered the fruits in around 1220 during a crusade to Jerusalem. During the Middle Ages, the trees grew predominantly in the gardens of the royal houses and parishes. At the end of the 16th century, planting began on the South banks of Lake Biel and the Jura mountains seemed particularly suited to plum varieties. ¤ Modus-Vivendi GmbH. . Roger Grimm . CH-3235 Erlach . Amthausgasse 9 P: 0041-3233-82905 F: 0041-3233-83169 . E: . W:



Distillery-Portraits WSA 2009

In the past, digging out roots in the forests and on Alpine pastures was a business of wood cutters, former miners and charcoal burners. The gentian root was particularly sought after, as it was considered a universal panacea and served, of course, as the raw material for brandy. The "Wurzelgraber" by Raunikar is resinous-spicy liqueur made from mountain herbs, fully in line with the company's tradition. If you are talking spirits and schnapps in Carinthia and Eastern Tyrol, Raunikar immediately comes to mind. What began three generations ago in Feldkirchen, carries on in this tradition into the present and it is now combined with modern know-how. This is reflected in the popularity of the products from fruit, herbs and roots. ¤ Raunikar Edelbrände Vertriebs GmbH . Peter J. Angel . AT-6890 Lustenau . Vorachstraße 75 P: 0043-5577-85955-0 . F: 0043-5577-85955-3 . E: . W:

A charismatic trio of characters has set itself a brand new challenge: Vittorio Capovilla - Italy's master distiller (see his personal portrait), Luca Gargano, a luxury goods importer from Genoa ( and Dominique Thierry, a rum producer based in the Caribbean (Distillerie Bielle). And the place where it all happens: the small island of Marie-Galante in the French Antilles. The island was also known as the 'island of a 100 windmills' at the height of the sugarcane production in the 19th century. Today, the mills are just tourist destinations; yet this new rum agricole is now causing a real stir in the spirits industry. Luca Gargano has achieved his dream. His goal has always been to do his best. The experiment began in 2006 and the first product has now been presented. ¤ RMG Rhum Rhum - S.E.D.B. Habitation Bielle . Vittorio Capovilla . GP-97112 Grand-Bourg Marie-Galante F.W.I. P: 00590-5-90979362 . E:

Bohemian brown beer soup, stag gammon or cured and roasted knuckle of pork are just three of the delicious treats on the appetising menu of Salm Bräu inn in Vienna. Wine and Vienna are often named in one breath, but beer, too, has its place in the Austrian capital. One of the country's most beautiful inn breweries is located next to the Lower Belvedere, in a wing of the 450-year-old baroque Salesian monastery. The business also possesses a distillery and a comfortable inn which serves mainly Viennese home cooking. Founder Walter Welledits spotted the place in 1993; he revitalised the building and had the brewery installed. He had the inn decorated with dark wooden panels and copper lamps, in keeping with the building style. ¤ Salm Bräu GmbH . Walter Welledits . AT-1030 Wien . Rennweg 8 . P: 0043-1-7995992 . F: 0043-1-7995992 E: . W:

The herbs market - the largest part of the spirits market - grew by almost 9 percent in 2007 and especially 'Gurktaler Alpenkräuter' with a growth rate in double figures. The 'Top Spirit' drinks distribution company covers many facets of this dynamic market together with Rossbacher, Underberg and Averna. Even the ancient Egyptians enjoyed a mixture of bitter substances, plants and herbs before a meal. Herb liqueurs help digestion by stimulating the secretion of gastric juices across the taste buds. The first recipe for a bitter dates from 1050. Alcoholic bitters experienced a renaissance at the start of the 19th century - and today they are back in fashion Rossbacher is the best known Austrian herb specialist and has been combining tradition with zest for life. ¤ Schlumberger Wein- und Sektkellerei GmbH . Mag. (FH) Jana Wenz . AT-1190 Wien . Heiligenstädter Straße 43 P: 0043-1-3682258-311 . F: 0043-1-3682258-340 . E: . W:

In 2005, Barrydale Wine Cellar and Ladismith Cellar joined forces to form Southern Cape Vineyards, South Africa's largest independent brandy producer and at the same time, the first organic wine cellar in Little Karoo. This merger enabled the two companies to bundle their strengths and fortes, and to rationalise production. In 2007, the decision was made to reassert the two cellars' individual identities in particular with regard to packaging and design. Riaan Marais, SCV's general manager, is convinced to avoid confusion with this measure. He believes the consumer will be more secure, if there is no doubting the origin of any given wine or brandy. "Quality at all times," is his motto, and his products are also very good value for money. ¤ Southern Cape Vineyards . Ilze Faurie . ZA-6750 Barrydale, Western Cape . Nadismith Weg 1 P: 0027-28 5721012 . F: 0027-28-5721541

Where there is a party, there is Svedka. Whether it be on Broadway, in Hollywood or in Berlin. The stars love this Swedish vodka: fans include Sting, Paris Hilton, Kirsten Dunst, Jason Schwartzmann, Gwyneth Paltrow, Melanie Trump, Kate Moss and many more. The secret behind the flavour of Svedka is rooted in centuries of Swedish tradition. High quality wheat forms the basis (1.5 kg per litre) which is then distilled 5 times. The process takes over 40 hours. The result is so smooth that it does not require filtering. The purest of spring waters are used in the master blending process. The result is a gentle freshness. Four flavoured vodkas are also offered in addition to the pure vodka: citron, clementine, raspberry and vanilla. Svedka Vodka is the fastest growing Swedish brand of vodka worldwide. ¤ Spirits Marque One . Anne Campbell . 598 Madison Avenue . US-New York 10022 . W:



Distillery-Portraits WSA 2009

"Kennen Sie den? Der ist von BEHN!" This slogan that rhymes and means "Do you know this one? It's from BEHN!" helped establish the family company from Eckernförde as a household name all throughout Germany. In 1892, Waldemar Behn, son of a Hamburg beer brewer, established a retail store for beverages in Schleswig-Holstein. He sold the beer he received from his father to the workers who were building the Kaiser-Wilhelm Canal, the present-day Kiel Canal. Soon he was supplying the catering trade, extending his range to non-alcoholic drinks and spirits of his own production. In 1906, he took over the brewery in Eckernförde, the present-day company headquarters. After the Second World War, Behn focused on the creation of spirit brands. ¤ Waldemar Behn GmbH & Co. KG . Rüdiger Behn . DE-24214 Eckernförde . Kadekerweg 2 P: 0049-4351-479-0 . F: 0049-4351-479-199 . E: . W:

Friends of the finer things in life are very familiar with "Handmade goods for finer living". Since 1989, Wolfram Ortner has been marketing hand-made products and accessories through his WOB distillery (short for "Wolfram Ortners Brennerei") and "Café-Manufactur" - distillates, pralines, the DÖ WOB coffee, glasses in striking design, accessories for kitchen and cellar, tools for cigar aficionados and much more. Now a new product line is causing a stir in the spirits scene: "ESSENZ DÖ WOB", the core of a WOB distillate in barrel strength (CS) or full gradation (FG), highly aromatic and extremely strong, with an alcohol content of 71 or 57 percent. "The great four" as they are called differ in their concept; what makes them so interesting is the harmonic blend of fruit. ¤ WOB Destillerie Wolfram Ortner . AT-9546 Bad Kleinkirchheim . Untertscherner Weg 3 . P: 0043-4240-760 F: 0043-4240-760-50 . E: . W:

Zwack is steeped in tradition: The company dates back to Dr. Zwack who was a doctor at the royal court. In 1790 he produced a bitter that was very popular with the Hapsburg monarch who is reported to have said "That's unique", thus giving Unicum its name. In 1840, József Max Zwack founded the company that soon developed a flourishing export business and became a supplier of the royal court. In World War II, the factory was destroyed, and after reconstruction in 1948 it was nationalised under the Communist regime. The Zwack family fled to Italy but Péter Zwack succeeded in buying back the company after the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989. Two of the seven children still work in the company: Izabella in the wine and Sándor in the distillate division. ¤ Zwack Unicum PLC . Kunné Farkas Amanda . HU-1095 Budapest . Soroksari ut 26 P: 0036-1-456-2325 . F: 0036-1-216-1006 . E: . W:

Summer Spirit: Wolfram Ortner 71° Wolfram Ortner has made a name for himself as a perfumer over the last 20 years, manufacturing refined distillates and whiskies. His long-standing experience and intensive work with aromas, scents, herbs and spices led this Carinthia-based visionary to the idea of creating his own perfume - the result is called 'Wolfram Ortner 71°'. The perfume is a unisex eau de cologne with a unique scent explosion created using only natural perfumes and essences. The name represents the authenticity of the creator while the number '71' refers to the strength of the alcohol in which the aromas are released. The scent is a reflection of experiences in a past which the perfume incorporates. The freshness of the distillates is reflected in the citrus tones and the stimulating aromas of patchouli, incense and myrrh. All in all, '71 °' pays homage to the senses and to all things beautiful in life.

WOLFRAM ORTNER 71° Unisex-Eau de Cologne Natural essences and perfumes Manufacturer/brand: WOLFRAM ORTNER 71° Dilution category: Eau de Cologne Target group: Unisex Concept/idea: Simply different and a reminiscent of years gone by with that special something Top notes: Citrus, grapefruit, pineapple, orange - lots of freshness with finesse Middle notes: Patchouli, incense, myrrh, rose, lavender - lots of aromas with lively tones Base notes: Patchouli, incense, myrrh, sandalwood, cinnamon, vanilla, balm oil - lots of warm spiced tones Creation: 18 July 2009

Quantity: 100 ml Alcohol level: 71 % vol. Price: Euro 49.Available:



World-Spirits Academy

Master of World Spirits: Demanding Testing for Spirits and Specialists


he route to becoming a "World-Spirits taster" is long -

commitment and sound WOB rating system, stands for care

and during training there are many challenges to be

and reliability in the system's implementation.

overcome. But only a perfectly trained jury, together with

Taster training sessions - basis for transparent rating

smoothly functioning procedures, can judge spirits as impartially as possible. In the case of "World-Spirits", it is not the name or reputation, but only the sensory abilities of the jurors and the responsibility to producers which are ensuring that a respected and comprehensible

judgement of their

products is handed down. The WOB rating system, developed especially for spirits, guarantees that this is taking place. Furthermore, "World-Spirits" is the only private organization which undertakes the classification of distilleries. Therefore, the results must be absolutely understandable for the submitting distilleries. Wolfram Ortner, with his personal SEPTEMBER 2009


JUNE 2010

JUNE 2010

25th SEPTEMBER - Friday: "Whiskies/Whiskeys of the world"

6th NOVEMBER - Friday: "Analytical follow-up tasting” – World-Spirits ´09 Part 1

4th JUNE - Friday: "Whiskies/Whiskeys of the world"

18th JUNE - Friday: "Analytical follow-up tasting” – World-Spirits ´09 Part 1

26th SEPTEMBER - Sunday: "Rum varieties of the world" 27th SEPTEMBER - Sunday: "Fruit spirits/brandies, various Spirits, Low-Alcohol" Subject to change!


Within the framework of the "World-Spirits Academy" there are several all-day taster training sessions which are covering the individual categories, carried out over the course of a year. During the first part, the focus is on the products (with background information about origin, production, etc.), which are tasted, rated and defined in order to compile a joint "World-Spirits Ranking". In addition to dealing with the major categories (cognac, grappa/marc, rum, whisk(e)y, etc.), the tasters are also concerned with the definition of products derived from different varieties of fruit, such as apples, pears or cherries. In this training segment more than 20 products are discussed and rated.


7th NOVEMBER - Saturday: "Analytical follow-up tasting” – World-Spirits ´09 Part 2 8th NOVEMBER - Sunday: "Tequila & Calvados"

5th JUNE - Sunday: "Rum varieties of the world" 6th JUNE - Sunday: "Fruit spirits/brandies, various Spirits, Low-Alcohol" Infos:

19th JUNE - Saturday: "Analytical follow-up tasting” – World-Spirits ´09 Part 2 20th JUNE - Sunday: "Tequila & Calvados"

World-Spirits Basic-Class in English teaching language: Sensory handling of spirits for beginners, recognising, evaluating and describing the wide variety of spirits, recognising flaws, identifying aromas and flaws, evaluating using the WOB system, completing a basic check test.

Checking the tasters - a precondition for participating in the jury The second part of taster training is a blind check with 40 samples. At question is the recognition of spirits and flaws in them, the scaled rating of strength and typicality of fruit, as well as the recognition and rating of six products according to the day's topic (including identification of their origin). The candidates are only allowed to deviate three points above or below the average of the group's combined rankings. After evaluation of the results, the graduates of the training are entitled to participate on the jury if their score exceeds 70%. World-Spirits rating system - a tool for objective judgement With the "World-Spirits Award" nothing is left to chance: according to regulations, the three ratings carrying the most weight out of the ten made - six single, three group and one assistant - are used for the overall assessment, specifically the assigning of points to a product. The tasters are dealing with the products from an uninhibited and unbiassed perspective, and the rating is expressed with precisely defined symbols which are supported by numbers. Only after this is the total rating derived from the 100-point system. How can you become a World-Spirits taster, or essentially how can you be trained to become a spirits specialist? The annual program of taster training is comprised of twelve training sessions during four weekends. Those interested can find further information regarding this (topics, dates, etc.) at > Academy - or through the spirits information hotline at 0043-4240-760.

Basic-Class in World-Spirits: sory perception for beginners The World Spirits Academy's basic classes are designed to prepare newcomers to spirits for the Master Class and the Master of World Spirits Award. Wolfram Ortner has developed a detailed

system that will leave you with more than a whiff. Sense of smell and taste are playfully honed to perfection. Participants will discover fruit and their aromas, and they will also learn to detect flaws in spirits. The classification of standard samples helps to retain the exercises and their solutions. This message is directed at people who want to, or must deal with distilled spirits in a more serious way: Newcomers to spirits Specialists like distillers Trade factors or those engaged in the gastronomy Interested parties and buyers Consumers or guests in the optimal choice of a suitable beverage • Journalists • Future participants in the Master of World Spirits Award • • • • •

The WS-Academy forms a coherent and thematically linked package, but the individual blocks and taster training sessions (day sessions) can also be booked separately. The aim of each daily training session is the successful completion of a written check test on the topic for the day. Informations & bookings World-Spirits Academy . Wolfram Ortner AT-9546 Bad Kleinkirchheim . Untertscherner Weg 3 Phone 0043-4240-760 . Fax 0043-4240-760-50 W: . E: Basic-Class 2010 in English teaching language 21st MAI - Thursday: The orchard - fruit, scent and aroma analysis Definition of (fruit/aroma) type, description, recognition of aromas and classification and evaluation according to the WOB system Coach/host: Wolfram Ortner

22nd MAI - Friday: Sensory perception of flaws in spirits Product recognition, identification and classification of (inherent) flaws, WOB evaluation and basic check Information: World-Spirits . P: 0043-4240760 . F: 0043-4240-760-50 E:



Preview World-Spirits Award 2010

World-Spirits Award 2010 Simply the best in Spirits Wolfram Ortner, a former professional skier, is continuing his success story as a promoter of the world of spirits. Just as the world championships are considered to be the ultimate for athletes, he is striving with the "World-Spirits" brand towards a great goal: improvement of the international distillates culture by theoretical work and practical implementation of the subject. With "World Spirits", a new proprietary trademark was brought into the world of spirits in 2004. Behind this is a comprehensive marketing concept and an organization with the goal of improving the international culture of spirits and the classification of distilleries. The spectrum of activities is wide - from the thorough training of a jury and organization of the ratings to the accompanying PR measures. After 7 years, the 'World-Spirits' Award has become established in many respects and is referred to by industry insiders as the 'World Championships' of the international awards.

The 'World-Spirits Award' A survey has revealed that the 'World-Spirits Award' (WSA) is considered to be the best and highest award on offer by industry insiders and is highly regarded as such. The Jury & Academy No award comes with a more educated jury than the WSA as part of the 'World-Spirits Academy'. Only those who have been trained as testers by the WSA and undergone positive checks can secure themselves a place on the jury - participants from other competitions as well as recognised specialists all have to start their training with the WSA from the starting blocks. The assessment system To ensure as objective an assessment as possible, symbols instead of points are used primarily. The WOB system, based on five assessment criteria and characteristics each, enables transparent and traceable results. Verbal descriptions are available in German and English. TIME-TABLE WSA 2010 Registration (irrevocable) with number of varieties: by November 1 st, 2009 Registration form with detailed specification of varieties: by December 1 st, 2009 Receipt of samples with



copy of registration form: by December 22 nd, '09 Tasting of samples: January, 2010 World Spirits Award Celebration: March 14th, 2010 World Spirits Festival: March 14 th to 17 th, 2010

Distillery classification The WSA is the only competition which also encompasses distillery classifications. The title of 'Distillery of the Year' is also awarded. Communications 'World-Spirits' sees itself as a PR agency which works throughout the year for all the participants and in the broadest sense for the spirits industry as a whole. The results and business portraits can be found online at in the online guide and in the Spirits Finder and printed in the 'World-Spirits Guide'. Ongoing editorial work for the international press and media partners demonstrates the quality and professionalism of the WSA communications work.

The World-Spirits Festival The festival takes place during the GAST tourism fair in Klagenfurt (Carinthia/Austria) and serves both as a platform for presenting the products as well as promoting contact and the exchanging of experiences between exhibitors. Many of them value this informal contact with colleagues and consider the festival to represent ongoing and honest 'further development'. In addition to its possibilities for presentation and sales, the festival impresses with its ability to bring the industry together and outline a joint strategy for improving the spirits culture and increasing sales. The WSA participants are offered the following free presentation options at the festival - participation is not compulsory: Table presentation For very little effort, products can be offered to representatives from the hospitality trade, individuals from the Alpen-Adria region and international visitors. Spirits counter The products submitted are presented on their own table during the festival; this is what the third bottle to be submitted is used for. Costs of submission per variety for the “World-Spirits Award”:

• First variety: 820 Euros (net) for one category or 320 Euros (net) per category (for multiple classifications and and different brands produced by one distillery • Each additional variety: 165 Euros (net)

Costs of the sensory analysis of the spirits during a tasting course (no connection to the "WSA") Will be carried out during the tasting course

• Per variety: 70 Euros (net)

• Chemical analysis: 150 Euros (net)

Preview WSA 2010

WSA 2010: “Summit meeting” of the world’s finest spirits & distillates

ever change a winning team! This is reason enough for Wolfram Ortner to organise the “World-Spirits 2010” and the “World-Spirits Award” once more as a separate event during the GAST trade fair in Klagenfurt. From 14th to 17th March restaurateurs, merchants and connoisseurs of fine spirits will be expecting the best distilleries and distillates from the world of spirits at the biggest Hotel and Catering Fair in the Alpen-Adria Region.


Competition is the key to success The international tasting session for the “World Spirits Award” 2010 will be held in the preliminary stages of the event with a panel of perfectly trained judges. Distilleries from all over the world are classified and compete for medals and the coveted awards “Spirits of the Year” and “Distillery of the Year”. The highlight for all participants in the award competition is the presentation of the fine spirits in the context of the festival.

“Simply the best in Spirits!” Wolfram Ortner had numerous reasons to move his “World Spirits Festival” to the Carinthian state capital: First of all, “Kärntner Messen” is a strong partner with an extensive infrastructure and a perfect marketing system. Secondly, the central position in Europe makes it easily accessible by road or plane on AUA, Lufthansa, Germanwings, Ryanair and HLX. These synergies will benefit not just the organisers but also the exhibitors and visiting trade professionals.

The epitome of unparalleled pleasure: “World-Spirits”, coffee and wine under one roof For the first time, GAST visitors have the opportunity to experience the products of three different segments of the beverage industry within one single exhibition, which is located in halls 7 and 9 and is furthermore rounded off by an attractive programme of supporting events.

Meeting high standards The “World Spirits Festival” will not only meet the high standards of visitors from the gourmet and beverage industries, but also those of interested members of the general public and the international press. The core of the exhibition is made up of distillates and “Spirits of the Year”, the award ceremony for the spirits and the classifying of the distilleries and, last but not least, the informative and enjoyable supporting programme. Over 19,000 visitors are expected at this four-day festival at the GAST!

Experiencing and understanding spirits – a creative way to improve sales A new additional feature will be again the so-called “Spirit-Thek” – a gigantic “perfume store” where visitors can learn more about fine spirits and test their quality in a hands-on environment. “Experiencing and understanding spirits – a creative way to



The World Spirits Festival: The list of exhibitors reads like the Who Is Who of the international spirits scene. But the festival’s main stars are the products, pure and simple, yet of highest quality / meeting highest expectations.

improve sales” is the motto. A great number of spirits from all over the world can be “sniffed” and pure “distillates” can be compared directly with “spirits”.

The harmony of coffee, rum and cigar distillates New trends in the world of consumable pleasures will also be covered. The best varieties of coffee, enriched with coffee distillates, along with seductive pralines and gourmet chocolates will be available for tasting. A special highlight for aficionados will be – besides the “classics” such as rum or whisky – the best cigar distillates of the “World Spirits Award 2010”.

spirits: in the kitchen or at the table, by the service personnel or the guest himself.

Important addresses around the World-Spirits 2010 WSA World-Spirits, Wolfram Ortner AT-9546 Bad Kleinkirchheim, Untertscherner Weg 3 Tel: 0043-4240-760, Fax 0043-4240-760-50,

The new natural aroma for cuisine: Parfum de Vie

GAST Klagenfurter Messe Betriebsgesellschaft mbH AT-9021 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Messeplatz 1 Tel: 0043-463-56800-0, Fax: 0043-463-56800-28; -29; -48,

Chefs use high quality distillates to flavour their dishes or as flavour enhancers. The distillate is set to 71 % vol. and offered together with a vaporiser and the same distillate with "standard" strength. Parfum de Vie opens up a whole new way of using fine

Klagenfurt Tourismus AT-9020 Klagenfurt, Rathaus, Neuer Platz 1 Tel. 0043-463-537-2223, Fax 0043-463-537-6218,

FESTIVAL DETAILS Organisation World-Spirits . Wolfram Ortner AT-9546 Bad Kleinkirchheim Untertscherner Weg 3 Phone: 0043-4240-760 Fax: 0043-4240-760-50 Festival 14th to March 17th, 2010 in Klagenfurt (GAST trade fair) Hall 1 World-Spirits Award Gala 14th March, 2010, 18.00 pm, in Klagenfurt (GAST trade fair) Hall 7

Opening times 12.00 pm to 6.00 pm One-day tickeP: Euro 18.00 incl. VAT The entry fee includes the exhibition catalogue for visiting trade professionals.

INFORMATION FOR EXHIBITORS Set-up period March 13, 08.00 am to 21.00 am and March 14, 08.00 am to 11.00 am. Tear-down period March 17, 18.15 pm to 21.00 pm and March 18, 08.00 am to 21.00 pm.

Table presentation Each exhibitor will be allocated a table of approx. 200 cm x 70 cm, which must be covered with a white table-cloth. This is to be changed each day. Net prices Exhibiting area or table presentation (200 cm x 70 cm) including one chair and registry on the index of exhibitors: Euro 500.00 (is already included in the participating fee for those participating in the Award)

Hostess for table supervision If you are not able to participate personally – of course you can always choose to be represented by a colleague or business partner – we will be happy to provide a hostess who will supervise your table for you. Costs Four days, flat-rate (Sunday to Wednesday) net Euro 400.00 Glass washer In the exhibiting area a glass washer is available for use free of charge.

On you will find all prize products with detailed descriptions

World Spirits Guide 2010 English  

The World Spirits Guide 2010 in the printed version

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