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Finnish Chinese business opportunities in snow & ice 北京 2022 冬奥会和冬残奥会为中国和北欧国家的合

Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games has created a remarkable opportunity for co-operation between China and the Nordic countries. Finland particularly is considered a super power of winter sports in China. Evidence for this is the recent announcement of the two presidents, Xi Jiping and Sauli Niinistö. During the official State Visit to Finland, the two presidents agreed on very close co-operation in the area of winter sports. The year 2019 was announced to be a theme year for winter sports between these two nations. We at the World Snow & Ice Forum, a modern business network for facilitating rapid connections and business success, have been following this quick development with great enthusiasm. WSIF was initiated in July 2015 at the same time as Beijing received the good news of its selection as the 2022 host for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. Since the beginning, Our Finnish-Chinese organisation has facilitated several MoU level and actual business agreements between its member partners. WSIF works as a partner family, helping its members in several ways to first identify each other and to use its trusted network to support its partners towards co-operation agreements. WSIF is proud to be the exclusive partner of Finland for the World Winter Sports Expo and Conference, which is the most important part of the official preparatory program of the Beijing Olympic Games. We are also proud to present many leading, original Finnish brands, ski resorts (and other destinations), and building industry companies producing state-of –the-art solutions for the Beijing Olympic facility builders. The Finland Pavilion is called “PureJoy!” purely because it is an expression of our closeness to nature and the all-yearround active lifestyle which starts from childhood. Therefore the Finland Pavilion represents the best of Finland in various industries, not only in winter sports. Ski centers have to be profitable all year round. All kids, teenagers and families are encouraged to adopt an active, healthy lifestyle in China - the Finnish way! I wish the WWSE2022 organisers, speakers and visitors a wonderful experience during this important event. Also, I hope the Finnish expertise in the snow and ice industry will be your choice for the future years. Hopefully a visit to Finland, dear reader, is on your agenda for business investment and leisure.

作提供了一个令人瞩目的机会,而芬兰被视为冬季运动 的强国之一。 中国国家主席习近平 4 月份在芬兰进行国事实访问 期间,跟芬兰总统绍利 . 尼尼斯托达成了在冬季运动领 域进行紧密合作的意愿,并共同宣布把 2019 年定为中芬 冬季运动年。 世界冰雪论坛是积极构建世界冰雪地区企业和管理 部门的协作平台,我们热烈地拥抱中芬之间的发展契机。 世界冰雪论坛成立于 2015 年 7 月,在北京获得 2022 年冬奥会主办权的好消息宣布之时。我们已经帮助 一些中国和芬兰企业建立合作关系,从签署合作备忘录 到商务合作协议,我们为各方搭建最好的平台。 世界冰雪论坛通过会员制,在各方面帮助我们的会 员寻找合作伙伴,以达成业务合作成功为目标。 世界冰雪论坛很骄傲成为世界冬季运动博览会(冬 博会)的芬兰独家合作伙伴,而冬博会是北京 2022 冬奥 会正式比赛之前的一项最重要的官方活动。 我们将很自豪地向各界展示我们芬兰的知名品牌, 滑雪场及旅游目的地,以及为冬奥会场馆的建设提供最 先进技术的建筑行业知名企业。 冬博会上我们的芬兰馆名字叫“纯净的快乐”。我们 的白雪是纯净的,我们的环境是纯净的,我们从冬季运 动中得到的快乐是纯净的。“芬兰馆”代表了芬兰最好企 业。 我们希望,中国所有的儿童,青少年及家庭都跟芬 兰人一样,采用健康、自然和运动的生活方式。 在此衷心祝愿世界冬季运动博览会主办方、主讲嘉 宾、参会来宾在冬博会上得到愉快的体验。也希望芬兰 在冰雪产业的先进和优势成为您的未来选择。欢迎来芬 兰洽谈商务、投资 和观光!

Sincerely Arto Ojala Chair of the Board World Snow & Ice Forum 世界冰雪论坛主席


WSIF team visits HONKA´s Chair, Mr Saarelainen´s home.

World Snow & Ice Forum S I PureJoy! is a marketing concept owned by WSIF. It reflects the pure nature of Finland and the joy of snow and ice sports.

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PureJoy! Book is WSIF´s stakeholder magazine. It is a multimedia product with a digital applicaton in the and – websites. Editor-In-Chief: Arto Ojala, Managing Editor: Annamari Lammassaari Editors: Mao Zhao, Hu Huaming, Zhang Xuan, Minna-Maija Jokisalo, Erpo Heikkilä, Wei Xiaoyu, Xiaowen Xiong, Zara Kukkamaa, Sanna Koljonen, Essi Miettunen Editorial Secretary: Meri Kullas Graphic Designer: Jussi Valve Printed by: Orivedenkirjapaino, Finland Published by WSIF, WSIF, Halsuantie 2, 00420 HELSINKI, Finland.


Interview Minister for Foreign Trade and Development, Mr Kai Mykkänen – Naturally the whole Finnish service sector is prepared to become partners with Chinese companies and respective organizations in order to serve the needs among travel industry as any other business enterprises.

The Chinese Snow & Ice market is booming because of Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. The Chinese Government has published plans to introduce winter culture and winter sports to some 300 million nationals, a number which will continue to grow as public knowledge of winter culture and related activities spreads. The growth in number of winter sports enthusiasts will directly lead into a rise in demand for facilities. Further, the training, education, availability of human resources and skills in event management will become critical. This goes for many related industry fields.

WSIF will publish a plan for GoSki! –school. It will be brought to Chinese and International audience in a TV program, and in online-platforms. Our target is to introduce the Finnish offer of service and goods to the Chinese travellers, both on their trips to Finland an in the new recretional resorts to be buildt under the Chinese Snow and Ice strategy..

WSIF: – Minister Mykkänen, how can Finland contribute in reaching these goals of bringing 300 miilion people into winter sports and activities? What can be the strengths of Finland?

Entertainment is a new method in export marketing in the future. Finland is famous in organizing international level winter sports events. They are more and more entertaining beyond sports, for the visitors and viewers. All modern means for communication are needed to enhance the Chinese youth into skiing, concludes Minister Mykkänen.

Minister: –First of all, it amazing to get so many new pure joy enthusiasts, says Minister Mykkänen. Building a winter sports culture starts from young people. It will a lot fun to help China into Sports we so well know. That is why there will be success as well. Putting young people on skies and into skates has always been a Finnish tradition. My children go skiing and skagting when ever possible. Finland is well equipped in terms of winter sports. WSIF: –The estimate of total value of the Snow & Ice market in China by 2022 Winter games will be well beyond five Billion Euros. This overwhelming business opportunity is globally recognized in all major winter sports countries. Minister: –An important example is our talent to plan, design and manage multipurpose centers and arenas. An Ice Hockey rink may be transformed into concert arena within hours. And it is a very intelligent and efficient way of using facilities. Some of the leading multinational enterprises of Finland operate actively in this industry. WSIF: – The two presidents Mr Xi Jiping and Mr Sauli Niinistö published the plan of year 2019 being dedicated as The Winter Sports Year among our two nations. Is there anything special you would like to mention as an example of the deepening cooperation in this business. Minister: –Finland has the knowledge and skills for training and coaching. Inspiring young people is the key and that is what we can offer and export. As said above, we are quite successful in creating all-year around facilities and events fitting in. –The Finnish offer in Education includes an increasing number of programs in English to suite the Chinese needs. The University of Lapland is very active with China and I have heard that there is for example a new offering for Ski Resort Management & Operations available. The winter sports resorts need to take care of business profitability with interesting all-year around activities


纯净快乐和清洁体育 冰雪体育带来快乐。这是任何其他别的体育运动都没 有的自然乐趣。雪令孩子们动起来,雪令孩子们玩起来, Nieminen 先生说。 雪带来特别的情感愉悦,很多人因此不断地玩雪戏雪, 乐此不疲。纯净的冰雪,纯净的快乐,这是很多人的梦想。 今天的体育运动,在全球范围内体育界领袖们比以往更 注重捍卫体育的清洁性。清洁的纯净的运动方法,加上良好 的体育运动生态系统是我们为青少年提供的工具。而青少年 给各个国家的运动带来乐趣和活力。  世界冰雪论坛是为中国和芬兰各个领域的合作提供帮助 的平台。芬兰是冬季运动的强国,在 2022 国际冬季运动博 览会上芬兰馆的名字就叫“纯净的快乐”。我们芬兰有很多 可以提供给大家的优势。 祝北京奥运城市发展促进会和国际数据集团(IDG)共 同举办的 2017 年国际冬季运动博览会圆满成功!

来自 Risto Nieminen 先生的问候 国际奥委会北京第 24 届冬季奥运会 协调委员会委员

Pure Joy and Clean Sports Snow and ice sports bring along the element of joy. There is no other sport with the same kind of natural element as a root experience. Snow moves kids, snow makes kids play, says Mr Nieminen, Member of the IOC Coordination Commission for the XXIV Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022.

Greetings from Mr Risto Nieminen Member of the IOC Coordination Commission for the XXIV Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022

Joy brought by snow is a unique, emotional backbone that is intertwined with the motivation to practice more and more. Pure snow is like a magnet that naturally encourages people to practice sports. In order to be attractive, snow has to be pure. Pure white snow, that is the dream of many. In today’s sports, more than ever, all sports leaders need to globally safeguard the clean sport. Clean and pure methods are the only tools, together with a good athlete support system, that we need to offer the youth. This youth that brings the joy to their citizens in their countries of origin. World Snow & Ice Forum is a network that facilitates good cooperation between China and Finland. Finland, as the superpower of winter sports, is present with its pavilion at the WWSE2022 Exhibition themed as “PureJoy!” The elements of pure joy- we have all of them in Finland! Wishing the Beijing Olympic City Development Association and International Data Group a successful event!


Risto Nieminen meeting with the Mr Fan, MD of Century Stars and WSIF Board Members, Mr Mao Zhao.

朱承翼 :世界冰雪论坛推动中芬冰雪项目合作 “2022 年冬奥会成功申办标志着中国冰雪运动进入了新的 发展阶段,参与冰雪运动的人数年均增长百分之十以上,冰雪 运动进校园在全国大力推进,‘北冰西扩南展’十分迅速,”国 家体育总局原冬季运动管理中心副主任、中国滑雪协会前副主 席朱承翼谈起他钟爱的冰雪运动就很兴奋,娓娓道来,如数家 珍。 中国冰雪运动高速发展 据朱承翼介绍,前些年中国开展冰雪运动的主要地区在东 北,逐步发展到华北、西北地区,但是南方很少。2015 年前 中国有 300 多座滑雪场,100 多个滑冰场。冬奥会申办成功带 动了全国范围的冰雪运动投资建设热潮,2017 年滑雪场数量 增加到了 500 多座,滑冰场达到 200 个以上。这几年冰雪运 动的国际交往也很频繁,在中国举办的国际赛事成倍增加。 朱承翼表示,“中国申办冬奥会时向国际奥委会承诺要大 力开展冰雪运动,让更多人参与冰雪运动,特别是青少年,重 点要做好冰雪进校园的工作。” 如何大力开展群众的冰雪运动,吸引更多人参与其中,朱 承翼说,“第一、要大量修建冰雪运动场地 ;第二、普及冰雪 知识和文化、制定冰雪教材 ;第三、培养大量冰雪运动的人才, 例如培训员、冰雪教练员、场馆服务人员来满足群众冰雪运动 的需要。” 冬奥会夺金之路漫漫 朱承翼先后作为中国短道速滑队领队和中国代表团秘书长 亲历了每一届冬奥会,其中有 4 届最令他难以忘怀 : • 1980 年,美国普莱西德湖,中国首次参加冬季奥运会,首 次迈进国际舞台。在奥运赛场上看到中国国旗五星红旗,所 有代表团成员都激动不已。




• 1988 年,加拿大卡尔加里,短道速滑作为表演项目, 李琰赢得了 1000 米短道速滑金牌,轰动了加拿大和国

中国和芬兰两国政府将 2019 年确立为“中芬冬季运

际冰雪界。 • 1992 年,法国阿尔贝维尔,叶乔波夺得女子速滑 500

动年”,以此为契机,世界冰雪论坛(WORLD SNOW &

米和 1000 米两枚银牌。中国奥运军团下定决心争取尽

ICE FORUM)帮助中国引进芬兰教练员和培训体系,促


成了黑龙江职业学院与拉普兰大学联合办学项目,世界 冰雪论坛牵线黑龙江省伊春市与芬兰凯米亚尔维市、北

• 2002 年,美国盐湖城,大杨扬勇夺女子速滑 500 米金



朱承翼表示,“2022 年冬奥会将是有史以来最成功、 动项目合作。 朱承翼表示,“世界冰雪论坛帮助中国引进了先进的

也是影响力最大的一届冬奥会,在精彩程度、运动成绩、 精神风貌方面也将成为历届最佳。祝愿中国代表团取得



芬兰训练。在场馆建设、冰雪项目的培训及赛事、尤其 是加强青少年冰雪运动教育合作方面,世界冰雪论坛都 能发挥重要作用。”







近两年,朱承翼先后两次去芬兰考察,他说,“芬兰 的滑雪运动,冰上项目,冰球和花样滑冰水平都很高。








Oy Osk. Lindroos Ab Helsinki Airport Schengen, gate 27 | Helsinki Airport Non-Schengen, gate 33 | 10

学习 Learning


Education business cooperation in Winter Sports

World Snow & Ice Forum WSIF is a business network focusing on Snow & Ice strategy in China having the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games as a main driver. Education is always a dimension when it comes to environment, planning, building, and training in various fields. Within WSIF network we have partners in all levels of education from universities, to Universities of Applied Sciences and Olympic Training Centers, says Ms Annamari Lammassaari, Secretary General of WSIF.

Winter Sports will be one major focus area in the Finnish Chinese relations. The year 2019 has been themed the Year of the Winter Sports between the countries. Finland has a lot to offer in regards of the Snow & Ice strategy. There has already been agreements between Chinese and Finnish partners. For example Century Stars signed a cooperation agreement with Vierumäki Olympic Training Center. Recently Century´s Youth Curling Team was training at one of the Olympic Training Centers Kisakallio within the framework of the Vierumäki cooperation. Finland´s Government has raised education as one of its key export areas. Therefore a new Unit at the Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI) was commissioned to boost Finnish education export in the beginning of June, 2017. The new growth programme – Education Finland – will support businesses, higher education institutions and other education and training providers in expanding in the international market. – Finland is in a good position to become a leader in education export. Our education system is regarded highly worldwide and there is demand for our education expertise. In addition to public education providers, we also have promising start-up and more established growth companies, states Dr Lauri Tuomi, Programm Director of the new unit.

There is potential for education business cooperation at all education levels Businesses, universities and vocational education and training institutions are the main operators in education export, says Dr Tuomi.

Exporters of the best education in the world deserve the best support – The Education Finland growth programme has many strengths: the service structure is already there, designed in cooperation with actors in the field, there are strong links to the Finnish ministries of education and culture, foreign affairs, and economic affairs and employment. Support services for sales and active presence in the target markets are the most important keys to the growth. The exporters of the best education in the world deserve the best support, Tuomi says. It is important to support various business networks like the World Snow & Ice Forum as an important channel for education export cooperation among other industries. The Education Finland growth programme offers companies, education and training providers and others involved in education export information about new business opportunities, develops know-how in education export, and promotes Finnish education and training abroad. The programme also develops new support solutions together with other operators in education export. The Finnish National Agency for Education is responsible for the implementation of the Education Finland growth programme.


Aalto University - Shaping the future Aalto University has a leading position in the fields of arctic marine technology, strength of large complex ship structures and marine traffic safety. The research studies the behavior of ships and structures both in open water and in areas covered by sea ice. Current research topics include ice loads on ships and structures, ship performance, ship safety, ice mechanics, advanced structures, hydrodynamics and risk and safety. The work strongly influences the design and operations of passenger vessels, icebreaking ships and arctic marine structures.

University in cooperation with four other universities – Helsinki University, Hamburg University of Technology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and Memorial University of Newfoundland– the centre supports research on risk management in Arctic operations. The scope of the research is holistic treatment of design relevant features and their identification to advance safe arctic operations and transport.

Aalto Ice Tank - Unique Research Facilities

Aalto Ice Tank (AIT) is a 40m ×40m water basin equipped to produce model-scale sea ice. The basin is internationally unique because of its dimensions, particularly its large width. The tank is one of Aalto University’s significant research and teaching infrastructures and represents a major commitment in Arctic technology. Typical tests include ship resistance in level ice, ridged ice fields and ice channels, the behaviour of ships in compressive ice, and the formation of ice rubble against structures.

Research Centre of Excellence for Arctic Shipping and Operations

Funded by Lloyd’s Register Foundation and headed by Aalto

芬兰诺记轮胎公司总部毗邻北极圈。 我们一直致力于提升在严苛条件下的安全行驶。 作为行业的先行者, 我们不断提高产品的环保性能和可持续安全性。 13

芬兰拉普兰大学 (University of Lapland ) 北极圈上的著名学府


坐落在北极圈上罗瓦涅米市的拉普兰大学,建于 1979 年,是芬兰最 年轻的一所综合性大学。虽然年轻,拉普兰大学却以极地科学,国际 法学,艺术和设计,旅游管理等领域的突出表现闻名于世。北极圈地 区已经成为全球关注的重点,而拉普兰大学在极地研究上有着得天独 厚的天然优势。 拉普兰大学是和中国开展交流最早的一批芬兰大学。和中方的交 流合作始于上世纪 90 年代,最初主要是和中国人民大学在社会科学 领域的交流。自 2006 年起,拉普兰大学和中国人民大学法学院开展 了广泛的合作交流,包括一年一度的访问教授项目,互邀访问,学生 交换等多个方面。两校合作涉及知识产权法和国际贸易法等领域。国 家主席习近平等中国国家政府领导也曾参观访问过拉普兰大学。 拉普兰大学校长 Mauri Ylä-Kotola 先生非常重视中芬合作交流, 他认为这不仅对双方的大学合作,还对大学所在地区和当地的旅游行 业发展都非常重要。2016 年,必胜国际体育文化有限公司和拉普兰 大学签署了捐赠协议。必胜体育将捐赠一百一十五万欧元支持拉普兰 大学体育和文化旅游方面的研究。 2017 年,拉普兰大学和北京体育 大学签署了开办孔子学院的协议,加深教育,体育和冰雪运动方面的 合作。Mauri Ylä-Kotola 先生向世界冰雪论坛介绍了与中国合作伙 伴在不同层面的友好合作交流。首先,是和中国高校共同发展法制文 化和法学研究。其次,是期待在高校教育领域寻找到合作方向。再次, 是社会科学以及艺术设计和文化等方面的研究合作。随着冬季运动在 中国的蓬勃发展,拉普兰大学期待和更多的中国教育机构以及合作伙 伴探讨交流。 除了直接的双边合作协议,拉普兰大学也通过北极大学 (UArctic)联盟的合作网络开展合作关系。北极大学(UArctic)联 盟是有关北极研究和教育的高校,研究机构和其他相关组织联合成立 的国际性合作网络。北极大学联盟建立并且强化资源共享和基础设施 协作,使成员机构更好地为其国家和地区服务。通过教育,研究和推 广方面的合作,我们共同提高北极地区的人力资源发展,推进可行性 社区和可持续性经济的发展,强化全球合作伙伴关系。北极大学联盟 的愿景是“共同的声音,赋权的北极“,强调所有北极公民都有对自 己的未来和整个地区有发言权。通过强有力的联盟提供教育和研究机 会,赋权给北极地区和当地公民是我们的使命。我们通过这个使命强 化联盟的目标。 北极大学联盟现有 188 家成员机构,其中 137 家为高等教育机 构,51 家是其他相关组织机构。大部分成员来自 8 个北极圈国家。 然而,自 2011 年以来,非北极圈国家的机构也被批准成为合作网络 的成员。至今为止,已经有 24 家非北极圈国家成员,其中 11 家来 自中国。他们分别是北京师范大学,中国气象科学研究院,中国环境 科学研究院,大连海事大学,中国环境保护部环境发展中心,国家海 洋管理局第一海洋研究所,国家海洋局国家海洋环境预报中心,中国 海洋大学,中国极地研究中心,国家海洋管理局第二海洋研究所,国 家海洋管理局第三海洋研究所。 作者 :熊晓雯 Xiaowen Xiong


Located on the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi, University of Lapland is the youngest comprehensive university in Finland. Although young, she is well-known for its outstanding achievements in northern science, international law, art and design, as well as tourism management. Arctic Circle has become the focus of global attention, while University of Lapland enjoys her unique natural advantage in arctic research. University of Lapland started cooperation with China in 1990s, mainly with Renmin University of China in the field of social sciences. Since 2006, University of Lapland and the Law School of Renmin University of China have carried out extensive cooperation and exchanges, including the annual visiting professor program and student exchanges. China President Xi Jinping and other Chinese government leaders have also visited University of Lapland. Mr. Mauri Ylä-Kotola, Rector of University of Lapland, attaches great importance to the cooperation between China and Finland in the interview. He believes that this is not only important for universities, but also for the development of local area and local tourism industry. In 2016, Bewin International Sports & Culture Co Ltd and University of Lapland signed a donation agreement. In 2017, University of Lapland and Beijing Sports University signed an agreement to open a Confucius Institute in University of Lapland, to deepen


cooperation in education, sports and snow & ice industry. With the vigorous development of winter sports in China, University of Lapland looks forward to more cooperation with Chinese educational institutions and partners. In addition to direct bilateral agreements, the University collaborates through the UArctic network. The University of the Arctic (UArctic) is a cooperative network of universities, colleges, research institutes and other organizations concerned with education and research in and about the North. UArctic builds and strengthens collective resources and collaborative infrastructure that enables member institutions to better serve their constituents and their regions. Through cooperation in education, research and outreach we enhance human capacity in the North, promote viable communities and sustainable economies, and forge global partnerships. UArctic’s vision is “An Empowered North – With Shared Voices,” underlining that all northerners must have a say in their own future and that of the region as a whole. Our mission to “Empower the people of the Circumpolar North by providing unique educational and research opportunities through collaboration within a powerful network of members” reinforces that aim. The network consists of 188 members, of which 137 are higher education institutions and 51 other organizations.

Mauri Ylä-Kotola, Rector of University of Lapland


The University of Lapland and Lapland University of Applied Sciences collaborate closely as Lapland University Consortium. Lapland is a safe and healthy living environment for growth and development.  We  provide  our students with up to date scientific and practical knowledge, cozy atmosphere and co-operation across disciplinary boundaries as well as with the local business community.



Finnish sports organizations stand behind one mission The Mission of the Finnish Olympic Committee is to energize Finland through physical activity and sport, states Mr Mikko Salonen, the new CEO and Secretary General of the newly built organization. – We have both elite sports and physical activity in the same organization. Finnish physical activity and sport experienced a major change from the beginning of 2017, when the Finnish Olympic Committee started building the content and practices of Finnish physical activity and sport culture, from elite sport to activating the Finnish people. Around 90 sport federations are now acting as its member. -The role of the Olympic Committee is to unite and inspire various partners to implement the mission, Mr Salonen concludes.

New Strategic goals The new strategy has been defined according to two important focus areas. Firstly, the goal is to increase participation in sports and physical activity. Together with various partners, the aim is to create an inspiring environment to improve wellbeing throughout the Finnish society via the increase in daily movement. Secondly, successful elite sports is naturally the responsibility are of the Finnish Olympic Committee. As the Deputy Director of the High Performance Unit of the Olympic Committee, Ms Leena Paavolainen, puts it “We want to ensure that we have an internationally compatible environment to enable success” The Olympic Team Finland acts in Finland as the figurehead and face of the Olympic Committee, when our elite athletes strive for success. We strive for excellence in everything we do, emphasizes Ms Paavolainen. It is important to understand that the base for great winter sports athletes is laid early. There is no shortcut, says Ms Paavolainen. Therefore, the PureJoy! project’s message is so important. Finland´s message is very clear and all sports organizations are together working according to the very same fundamentals. Sharing and togetherness is a strong spirit in Finland, not only during the Finland 100-year celebration. Working together with a number of partners, we are building a good, healthy day for children and young people, that will lay the foundations for an active lifestyle. All over Finland fans and crowds create the spirit of sporting events and vibrant, year-round communities whose passion spreads out into the surrounding society, concludes Mr Salonen.

Ms Leena Paavolainen

For the vitality of the whole of Finland, it is of primary importance that sports and physical activity as a whole is influential, inspiring and delivers results. Together.

Mr Mikko Salonen


Go Ski! In February 2016, WSIF hosted a group of Chinese Ski VIP’s at the World Cup of Nordic Ski Events in Lahti, Finland. The Great Skiers, Shan Zhaojian of China and Harri Kirvesniemi of Finland met for the first time at the Finish line of the world famous Lahti tracks. When the 1957 Champion of PRC and a manytimes World Champion meet, the two men talk of skiing, sharing worries about the future, reaching an outcome: Let’s give the next generations a chance for joy of skiing! It was soon agreed, on this sunny afternoon in February 2016, to establish an international school for skiing, starting from sense of snow, ending to the podium of the 2022 Games in Beijing, or any other major event. Later, a joint effort plan was agreed with FIS, the International Federation for Skiing, with major ski centres of Finland and the Beijing Olympic Organizing parties. The FIS-World Wide media program, including TV-series and social media coverage, will be available in more than 160 countries. So far, we have agreed on a new event “Ski-X” to combine the traditional hectic minutes of shorter cross-country skiing, snow board and downhill characters. It is the aim of ours to offer the sense of snow and fun of winning physical challenges. Go Ski! brings active winter season exercise to teenagers – and everyone around! “If you have not been on skis before teenage-years, you hardly become a snow-enthusiast”, says Jürg Capol, the Marketing Director of FIS, a former registered skier from Switzerland himself. Go Ski! School, being a Finnish-Chinese joint effort, will take place in four sites in Finland, four in PRC every season. There will be another three episodes off-snow, covering exercise in Spring, Summer and Autumn, and one every year being the Beijing 22 Special. Our teachers will be from the top of skiing, like the Olympic gold medallist Sami Jauhojarvi of Finland, many-times champ Kikkan Randall from Alaska. Harri Kirvesniemi is the Dean, Shan Zhaiojian honorary Chairman of Board” of the great five-year school, inviting teenagers from all over the World to participate. Erpo Heikkilä More on us, see


Mr Jürg Kapol, Marketing Director of the International Skiing Federation


Winter for all September 2007. It is 9am in the morning on the Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Icy wind is blowing and I feel totally exhausted. Rest of our group have gone way ahead of me. Every step feels like I´m carrying an elephant on my back but still I think ”this mountain is mine as much as anyone else and I want to go all the way to the highest point”. About two hours later I reached the peak 5895m. We create steps for athletes to enter into sport, to find their own sport club, help them combine studies and training, develop coaching, produce equipment and find professionals to support wellbeing of an athlete. When there is a strong athlete path in the sport it gives an athlete an opportunity to concentrate to the most relevant things. Time and energy can be used to become a better athlete instead of figuring out how to organize the puzzle. This is where paralympic athlete often face disadvantages. Awareness of different possibilites of paralympic sport is not known, training facilities aren´t accessible or coaches aren´t ready to face a challenge how to work with an athlete with a disability. Training to become a paralympian is like climbing on a mountain. Instead of thinking how different and unique athletes need to fit into the existing system, inclusive way of thinking is to make things work for everyone right from the beginning. Winter sport in China is just about to start to grow. Why follow the old way to first build everything mainstream and then realize that it actually excludes many customers. Now it is a great opportunity for China to think big and make the winter open for all. Sport should be everybody´s right. Katja Saarinen Four time paralympian in alpine skiing Development Manager, Finnish Paralympic Committee Member of International Paralympic Committee Athletes´Council


单兆鉴 :钟情滑雪运动 聆听大自然的呼唤 “滑雪是林海雪原中的轻舟, 是高山峻岭中的雄鹰, 是童话故事中的的银色世界, 是勇敢者的运动, 聆听大自然的呼唤,接受大自然的洗礼, 健身怡神,清脑洗肺!” 这是中国第一位全国滑雪冠军单兆鉴为他毕生所热爱、奋 斗、拼搏的滑雪运动所写的诗歌。单兆鉴表示每一天工作、甚 至睡觉时脑海里都时常浮现雪花飘飘的画面,他仿佛命中注定 为滑雪运动而生。 第一位全国滑雪冠军 单兆鉴在 1957 年第一届中国滑雪比赛中取得了三块金牌, 成为中国首位滑雪冠军,他说,“小城市长大的孩子,滑雪拿 了全国第一,我感到高兴,自豪,自信!” “当时的训练条件非常艰苦,男运动员们集体住在破旧的 平房里,睡大炕,在夏天种地冬季空闲的小山包上训练,没有 机械设备、压雪机、索道、牵引,器材是木头的,一块木板前 面弄个弯,滑雪鞋是皮鞋代用品,”单兆鉴说。 看好中国冰雪发展 随着政府对冰雪运动的高度重视,特别是提出“三亿人上 冰雪”的目标和 2022 年冬奥会的申办成功,一系列场地设备、 运动员培训、鼓励冰雪运动的政策频频出台,推动了冰雪运动 的发展。 单兆鉴表示,“过去家长和老师对滑雪有抵触情绪,现在 他们鼓励学生多参加滑雪,群众热情高涨,人数爆满!娱乐性 滑雪至关重要,要被滑雪文化吸引,去滑雪、赏雪、戏雪、踏雪、 玩雪橇、坐冰车,甚至下了班都可以去玩个一、两小时!” 中国冰雪运动发展形势好,但能教授滑雪的人才不多,单 兆鉴说,“人才的培养要跟上,前期可从国外引进,但要增强 文化自信。目前有一批年富力强的精英,他们既懂外语又懂滑 雪,将成为冰雪发展的支撑力量。” 认定世界滑雪起源于阿勒泰 单兆鉴生于吉林省通化市,从小就思考“滑雪在哪里始源, 是谁发明的滑雪?”在考察了长白山、大小兴安岭、天山、阿 尔泰山、新疆阿勒泰多个地区后,1993 年他提出了阿勒泰是 人类滑雪起源地的论断。之后参观日本冬季滑雪博物馆,发现 希腊的一位史学家写到住在阿拉泰的人拥有“山羊脚”。 2005


1957 年单兆鉴勇夺三枚滑雪金牌,成为中国首 位冠军

单兆鉴在芬兰展示著作《人类滑雪起源地 - 中国 - 新疆 - 阿勒泰》 年阿勒泰地区发现了 10000 年前的描绘人类滑雪内容的


岩画,这些都是支持他观点的有力佐证。2015 年,挪威、 瑞典、芬兰等 18 国三十余位滑雪历史研究专家联名发表

为祝贺北京冬博会举行,单兆鉴再次展现他优雅的 文采 :

《阿勒泰宣言》,认同新疆阿勒泰地区是世界上最古老的 滑雪地域,是人类滑雪的起源地。

少儿滑雪滑出人生娇妍的起步, 青年滑雪滑出心旷神怡其乐无穷, 壮年滑雪滑出精力充肺一身轻松,

期待中国运动员展示风采 单兆鉴对 2022 年冬奥会中国在哪个项目夺冠看得并






单兆鉴说,“我从事滑雪 60 多年,当年竞技运动的 口号是‘向雪上要时间,向陆地要雪,得冠军不罢休’。 退休后从事滑雪产业和接触世界滑雪文化,我认为要通 过竞技体育的发展和运动员的表现激发民众踊跃参加冰 雪运动的热情,健身强体,促进消费升级,实现民族复 兴的中国梦!” 芬兰冰雪文化值得借鉴 单兆鉴 2016 年初访问了位于赫尔辛基的世界冰雪论 坛总部,体验了芬兰成熟的滑雪产业和文化,芬兰滑雪 的普及率、运动水平和文化非常值得中国学习。公司老总, 旅店侍者,在校学生,人人懂滑雪,人人讲滑雪,这就 是冰雪文化。 “芬兰对滑雪的科研达到了很高的境界,芬兰奥林匹 克培训中心有开放式的培训理念,国际性的运动精神,

单兆鉴 78 岁时在芬兰体验高山滑雪



Tip collection, design Tapio Anttila.

Scandinavian quality design and good light from Finland

Innolux is Finland’s leading bright light device and design lamp manufacturer, established in 1993. Our innovative, timeless lamps create good light and atmosphere to all spaces and needs. Innolux collection represents the best in Scandinavian style, quality, and functionality. Our designers range from the golden era of 1950s and ‘60s to Finland’s leading contemporary designers such as Eero Aarnio, Harri Koskinen and Tapio Anttila. We are looking for distributors. Contact us

Vaasi, design Eero Aarnio.

Lokki, design Yki Nummi.


Lisa, design Lisa Johansson-Pape.

产业 Industries


Interview with Mr. Antti Herlin, Chair of the Board KONE Corporation The World Snow & Ice Forum met with Mr. Antti Herlin to discuss the importance of access for winter sports for all. Mr. Herlin is the chairman of KONE Corporation which is today one of the world’s biggest makers of elevators and escalators, with its products appearing around the world in iconic buildings such as Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and Makkah Clock Royal Tower hotel in Saudi Arabia. -We are at Thorsvik Estate, my home. It has belonged to the family for years, and was my grandparents’ and great-grandparents’ home. Our closeness to nature goes back a long way andafter all, we are at a farm. I used to be a full-time farmer myself and you could say that farming is a family tradition. The upcoming Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games have given a boost to the trend for Snow & Ice sports trend in China. However, no such boost is needed in Finland. As in every Finnish family, Herlin family members have also taken part in winter sports. -Some of my fondest childhood memories are related to snow and ice. Those winter elements can be an important source of joy. Even today, everybody still looks forward to the first snowfall of the year, says Mr. Herlin. - In my childhood, it was completely normal in Finland for children to learn how to ski and skate from an early age. Children would have have skiing competitions with trophies for the winners. That is why I want to support and encourage my grandchildren with their hobbies. Personally, I have given up skating, but still enjoy cross-country skiing. KONE’sstory began in 1910, with a small machine repair shop in Helsinki.. The first elevator, was installed in 1918. - My father Pekka Herlin joined the companyin 1954.. In the 1960s, the company began to expand internationally and has grown fast ever since. Now, KONE operates in more than 60 countries and has 52 000 employees, and China is its largest market. China has been an important partner for many years, adds Mr. Herlin. -I have personally visited China more than 50 times, and I find it fascinating how well everything works and is organized. I have seen and admired its development and seen how it has become one of the leading economies and societies in the world. KONE started exporting elevators there in 1996, and in 1998 the first elevators were put into use in China. Before that, In the 1950s, a cultural delegation to China was led by Finland’s First Lady, Mrs. Sylvi Kekkonen, he continues. - Interestingly, my parents were about to marry at the time and as China was famous for its silk, the fabric was bought and used for the wedding. Since then, that same piece of clothing has been used at important family events.. .

KONE at the center of people flow solutions

Mr. Antti Herlin

Sustainability includes environmental, financial and social matters. At KONE, according to Mr Herlin, the energy efficiency of the company’s products has grown tremendously. Elevators, escalators, moving walkways and turnstiles are increasingly growing in importance as integral part of the people flow process. The maintenance of all these products keep the 28

wheels greased of any of the worlds megacities. Design for all, or accessibility as it is also known,always been important for KONE and over the years, the company has supported Paralympic athletes. For the upcoming 2022 Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, inclusiveness and accessibility will be one of the key elements for a smooth experience for visitors and athletes. KONE has been part of many Paralympic Games since Sydney 2000, where the company supportedthe Finnish Paralympic Committee. This began thanks to the work of Mr. Pekka Helin, Antti Herlin’s father. Today, accessibility translates to delivering smooth people flow, covering design for all -principles.

New infrastructure for the masses Design for All is a necessity when planning facilities for sports activities and other health and wellbeing related opportunities for the citizens of big cities. Other than ski resorts, outdoors sports facilities need to provide for smooth access to multipurpose centers with shopping, restaurants and other entertainment services. According to KONE’sPeople Flow Magazine there will be 41 megacities in the world by 2030, , which is defined as a city with 10 million or more inhabitants. The official goal for new winter sports enthusiasts is to reach 300 million in China and hundreds of new ski resorts and icehockey centers and other winter sports facilities will be built during the next few years...

Teens are in focus in China when inspiring 300 million on skis by 2022. For decades KONE has organized Youth Camps for its employee´s children from all around the world bringing together some 100 teens every year to Finland. The program has included family, culture and sports activities and many global friendships have started at KONE Youth Camp.

BEIJING´s tallest building will have KONE elevators China Zun, a 528-meter-high building in Beijing´s central business district, derives its name and design from ”Zun”, an ancient Chinese wine vessel – a tall cup with a broad mouth, without any handles or feet The 108-story skyscraper will provide office space, a private club and an observation deck, and will feature the latest energy-saving technologies. The building, expectedto be completed by 2018, will house 101 elevators and 41 escalators provided by KONE and will include 21 eco-efficient KONE DoubleDeck elevators that can reach speeds of 10 meters per second.


世界冰雪论坛是平的 The WSIF Is Flat 从世界冰雪论坛创建之日起,它就是世界冰雪领域里一个充 满活力的平台。在这个平台上聚集着组织者、供应商、场地商、 建筑商和使用者等等围绕着冰雪产业的各方面攸关方,他们切磋 技术和共享资源,引领着世界冰雪活动不断走向深度、广度和浓度。 世界冰雪论坛需要冰雪攸关方的参与和支持,冰雪攸关方需要世 界冰雪论坛的组织和平台。随着 2022 年北京冬季奥运会的召开, 中国的冰雪攸关方更加需要世界冰雪论坛的组织支持、信息交流、 技术分享、人员培训和论坛互动。 中国北方冬季寒冷地区面积大、幅度阔、人口多和资源广, 有丰厚的冰雪产业发展空间。习总书记在视察黑龙江省的指出, 冰天雪地也是金山银山。这句睿智的话语阐述了冰雪产业的价值 内涵,为寒地人民指明了冰雪产业的发展方向。以 2022 年冬奥




旅游产业再发展又迎来的新的历史机遇。寒地志,冰雪魂, 和地域文脉的新建筑。世界冰雪论坛是一个组织的大概 “全民冰雪”是我们的期待和期盼,“全域冰雪”更应该



动好冰雪产业 ;从管理上掌控住冰雪项目 ;从形态上规





我认为如下三方面我们应该重视和加强 :一、强化冰雪


工程项目管理 ;二、重视冰雪系统规划 ;三、倡导冰雪










不同层面和类别的冰雪产业规划,规划要有战略、具理念、 态规划和实施纲领,联通我们的冰雪产业项目链和点阵 群,形成冰雪旅游线和产业带,最终打造冰雪旅游产业


各具特色。从建筑上讲,我们要从冰雪项目的策划入手, 的立体信息网、综合供给面和流动客户群。


百年世界·精彩芬兰 从南到北,从芬兰湾到拉普兰,从北纬 60°的赫尔

斗转星移,日月如梭,在过去的 100 年里,世界以 前所未有的变化谱写着人类社会的飞速发展。当时间浓

辛基到北纬 66° 34′的罗瓦涅米,芬兰的精彩无处不在,

缩到今天的 2017 年,人们的视野被惊羡地聚焦到一个走


过 100 年独立历史的伟大国度—这就是芬兰。在过去的

兰大厦 (Finlandia Hall) (Finlandia-talo) ,这座被誉为

百年历史长河里,芬兰带给我们世界太多的绚丽和惊艳, 芬兰现代建筑艺术明珠的公共建筑以其纯白宁静地伫立 它的设计和创新今天仍在引领着世界砥砺前行和跨越发



优雅。在拥有 20 多万人口的芬兰第二大城市坦佩雷市




建于 1890 年 Tampere City Hall 作为城市的核心建筑,




省 Suomu 滑雪场,10 个滑雪道足够体验北欧的沃雪,




是另一番独特风景。 芬兰的精彩很多很多,但最为精彩的还是芬兰桑拿,


一定要是最古老最传统的烟熏桑拿(Savusauna) 。最



具挑战性的是寒冷的冰天雪地,要带着满身的汗热赤体走出桑 拿屋,踏着冰雪光脚跑到湖岸边,扶着搭建在岸边捆绑有粗绳 扶手的铁梯下水,将全身浸入在湖面上特意凿开的冰窟窿里。 只有当完成了入水、沉浸、登梯、出水和回奔这一系列的动作后, 才算是体味了纯正的芬兰烟熏桑拿浴。身体的冷热洗礼是短暂 的物理体验,而精神的锻铸洗礼则是永恒的人生经历。芬兰桑 拿浴赋予人类的是意志的挑战、精神的洗礼、思想的重生和生 命的超越。体验了芬兰的烟熏桑拿,那种“会当凌绝顶”的“一 览众山小”其它也就没谁了。 芬兰的精彩还有木质建筑艺术。在芬兰首都赫尔辛基喧 嚣的闹市区,有一处可圈可点的静谧归然之处,那就是位于 纳瑞卡广场(Narinkka Square)的康比静默教堂(Kamppi Chapel of Silence) 。在一片钢筋混凝土的建筑环境中,这座 色泽鲜明和体量迷你的木制微教堂格外的耀眼夺目,它以其下 收上扩的椭弧形造型吸引着南来北往过往人流的眼球。这座建 筑被美国“今日新闻网”评为“十个非去不可的世界新地标”。 芬兰的精彩还在继续的演绎,百年独立的国度还在继续的 前行。让我们继续关注芬兰,关注它的发展和进步,关切它的 建筑和环境,关爱他的自然和艺术。最后愿以参观康比静默教 堂(Kamppi Chapel of Silence)的感想结束此文 :在繁忙 而杂乱的生活中也只有这片走心的天地才是情愫安慰的最后归 宿吧,更或许也只有在这点集束的宇宙空间你才能意识到你的 心在哪和在那!


领略北欧极寒之地的战斗精神 —访诺记轮胎中国区总经理徐宗涵

2017 国际冬季运动(北京)博览会将于 9 月 7 日 至 10 日举办 , 来自芬兰诺基亚的诺记轮胎首次参与冬博 会和世界冰雪论坛的活动,为大众展示诺记轮胎的品牌 形象和产品特性。 作为世界冰雪论坛中国战略合作伙伴,徐宗涵在接 受采访时表示,“参与冬博会的参展商或者观众都是对 冬季运动有所了解或者充满好奇的受众,他们对生活充 满热情,愿意接受更多挑战,这样的生活态度正好符合 诺记文化的传统骑士与战斗精神(Hakkepellita) ,我 们也非常愿意让大众更加了解我们。” 冰雪运动在中国是一项新兴运动,在普及程度上北 方高于南方。如何吸引更多的人,特别是广大青少年参 与,让越来越多的人能接触冰雪运动并喜欢这项运动是 冰雪运动在中国发展的关键所在。 芬兰诺记轮胎是专注于严苛条件下安全驾驶需求的 轮胎制造商。一直以来,诺记轮胎不间断地开展研发和 测试工作,以确保轮胎的安全环保性能及持续保持产品 生命周期为目的,为乘用车、卡客车以及载重机械车在 不同严苛气候环境下(如:雪地、森林等恶劣的驾驶环境) 创造性地提供卓越性能的轮胎。 徐宗涵说,“芬兰诺记轮胎的主场就是严苛条件下 的冰雪世界,我们是全世界最北端的轮胎制造商,以冬 季轮胎闻名于世。”诺记轮胎在冰雪世界中创造了一个 又一个的奇迹,最不可思议的是诺记轮胎在波的尼亚湾 冰面上,创下冰面速度的世界纪录:335.713 公里 / 小时。 诺记冬季轮胎在高速条件下具有三大特点 :绝对的 抓地力、杰出的结构耐久性和精确的操控性能,实现了 大功率车辆的卓越性能。享有盛名的 Hakkapeliitta 冬 季轮胎系列的镶钉轮胎使用的独特 Nokian Eco Stud 8 技术可确保在可预知的稳定操控下实现平稳的侧向和纵 向抓地力。这些均是汽车在不平坦冰面上高速行驶时以 及在冬季路面上正常超车所需要的。




中国市场在经历消费升级,大众越来越能接受高 品质的产品,也对产品越来越挑剔。徐宗涵认为,环 境的变化能为诸如包括诺记轮胎在内的高质量品牌提 供市场机遇。 对于诺记轮胎在中国未来的发展,徐宗涵表示, “在 中国展开业务首先要找到好的合作伙伴,其次要让最 终用户能体验到产品品质和性能。希望中国百姓能清 楚了解诺记轮胎的历史和产品,我们也将为中国市场 带来越来越多的产品系列。诺记轮胎计划从中国北方 市场开始一步一个脚印、扎实地展开工作,最终给全 国各地用户送去更多优质轮胎!”




Reima 瑞衣玛和中国孩子 Reima 瑞衣玛是一家来自芬兰的高端功能性儿童服装品牌。 对于某些中国父母来说,瑞衣玛已经不是一个陌生的儿童品牌。 瑞衣玛从 2010 年开始在中国市场取得了重大突破,在北京瑞衣玛 已经开拓了13家自有分店 , 包括自有分店在内,已经通过不同 渠道在 60 家店面销售产品,并且在天猫商城运营线上销售。瑞衣 玛为各个年龄阶段的儿童,青少年提供高品质安全舒适的儿童休 闲和户外服饰,帮助孩子尽可能排除天气环境的阻碍去探索世界。 作为北欧设计和户外生活方式的杰出代表,成立于 1944 年的瑞 衣玛已经历经了三代发展,在欧美市场深受家长和孩子们的亲睐。 瑞衣玛的理念就是 “Joy of Movement” , 让孩子享受运动的乐趣! 积极的运动生活方式让我们的孩子学得更好,表现更出色! ReimaGO 是瑞衣玛近年推出的一款儿童专属运动传感器, 身穿 ReimaGO 服饰的儿童在进行运动时,运动传感器可精准记 录儿童的运动情况,父母可以通过免费手机 APP 轻松了解孩子的 运动量和成长,同时又是一款激励孩子运动积极性的 APP。在采 访中,瑞衣玛全球执行总裁 Elina Björklund 女士更愿意将这款传 感器称为一个全新的概念,即让孩子从小就可以享受户外活动带来 的乐趣。 运动对于儿童成长的重要性是不言而喻的。世界卫生组 织曾建议每天至少一小时的户外运动来促进儿童身心健康。作为 引领儿童健康生活方式的划时代先驱,Elina Björklund 女士介绍 说 ReimaGO 已经引起了幼儿园和学校的强烈兴趣。同时,中文 版 ReimaGO 手机应用已经上线,可以免费下载使用。 当世界冰雪论坛 (WSIF) 发出邀请时,Elina 非常积极地响应 , 并且决定要参与国际冬季运动 ( 北京 ) 博览会。瑞衣玛和世界冰雪 论坛保持了良好的合作关系,并且非常重视世界冰雪论坛在博览 会上做出的努力。Elina 认为国际冬季运动 ( 北京 ) 博览会是一个 非常好的契机,因为瑞衣玛希望成为一个能加强发展中国市场的芬 兰品牌。 芬兰品牌在推广营销北欧生活方式上闻名于世。瑞衣玛 可以在芬兰品牌这把大伞下在中国市场推广北欧生活方式。更重 要的是,中国已经开始推广冬季运动和生活方式,在这个背景下 瑞衣玛希望能够帮助更多的中国孩子参与到冬季运动中来,比如 滑冰,高山滑雪等等。瑞衣玛拥有最佳的儿童功能性服装,可以 帮助中国的孩子们亲近白雪和冬季运动。 Elina 向世界冰雪论坛介绍了瑞衣玛在中国的发展。瑞衣玛现 今拥有一个 70 至 80 人左右的中国团队,并且,中国对瑞衣玛来 说是一个非常具有战略意义的市场。中国的北方地区拥有和北欧 相似的天气情况,瑞衣玛更多地集中在北方地区发展市场。但是, 重庆和成都地区也对瑞衣玛非常感兴趣。线上的网店销售也很强 势。大量的滑雪场都在兴建当中,将来对冬季运动服装的需求应 该是与日俱增的。


Reima and Chinese Kids Reima is a famous Finnish high quality children’s wear brand started from 1944. For some Chinese parents, Reima is not a strange brand any more. With 13 own Reima stores opened in Beijing area, and all in all products already are sold in different channels in 60 stores, additionally with an online store in Tmall, Reima made a big breakthrough in China during 2010s. It provides all kinds of leisure and outdoors wears about kids growing up, with high quality, safety and comfortability, which help children to explore the world even in extreme weather. In Finland and many countries, Reima is a label well-loved by Finnish parents and kids. Reima’s belief is “joy of movement”, which means an active lifestyle makes happy and healthy children who learn better and perform better. In recent years Reima launched a children’s sports sensor ReimaGo. In the interview, Reima’s CEO Elina Björklund introduced ReimaGo as a new concept, which combines an activity sensor, a free mobile app, weatherproof outdoor clothing and a kid’s movement. Attach the sensor to clothes, with the ReimaGo app in smartphone, parents can easily know how much kids moved. It’s very easy-to-use for both kids and parents, and it encourages kids to find the joy of movement. It’s suggested by WHO that one hour activity is needed per day for underage kids. As the pioneer of leading the era of child health lifestyle of movement, ReimaGo has aroused a lot of interests from kindergartens and schools. There is already Chinese version of ReimaGo app issued,


free for downloading. Elina was acting very quickly when she was asked to be a participant with WSIF business network to the event of WWSE2022 - World Winter Sports Expo (Beijing). Reima has been a WSIF business friendship network partner for a longer time now and appreciated the committed efforts of the organization. Reima’s CEO Elina Björklund emphasizes WWSE2022 as a very good event to be with, as Reima wants to be part of Finland’s brands to enhance Chinese markets. Finnish brands are famous for marketing Scandinavia lifestyle and value, maybe Nordic lifestyle is the right word for Reima. Reima wants to be under the umbrella of Finnish brands to spread the Nordic lifestyle to China. Most importantly, China is now promoting the winter sports and lifestyle and Reima wants to support Chinese kids in winter sports, like ice-skating, down-hill skiing and so on. Reima has the best clothes to support Chinese kids to get closer to snow and winter activities. Elina introduces Reima’s perspective of China to WSIF that Reima has a team of 70-80 people in China and China is a very strategic market for Reima. As the northern China has the similar weather as in Nordic countries, we are focusing on the northern part of China to look for growth, but Chongqing, Chengdu area are also very interested in our products. The on-line demand is very strong. A lot of ski-resorts will be built up and demand for winter sports wear will be increased.


The Quuppa system The Quuppa system is a reliable, versatile, highly customizable, fully scalable and cost-efficient solution for all industries. Our role in the value chain is to provide RTLS technology platforms for our worldwide channel partner network, who serve their end customers in different vertical market segments with location-based applications and services. Our partners have successfully deployed the Quuppa platforms applied across various use cases within many vertical industries – from Healthcare, Retail, and Security to Logistics, Manufacturing, and Sports. CEO Kimmo Kalliola comments that Quuppa system offers very accurate tracking of small, non-intrusive tags in realtime, enabling a wide range of Sports use cases in player and game analytics, benefiting the teams, leagues and the fans. Quuppa is also used in many Winter Sports, including ice hockey, figure- and speed skating, curling and cross-country skiing.

CEO Kimmo Kalliola


Quuppa system provides accurate 2D position with just one Locator.

Elevation angle Angular direction Z


Tag Azimuth angle



Tag location (X,Y)










芬兰古松原木建筑股份有限公司(Honkarakenne Oyj) — 世界原木建筑先锋 诞生于 1958 年的古松原木建筑股份有限公司(Honkarakenne Oyj) ,是一家来 自芬兰的现代原木建筑企业,致力于研发创新可持续的、健康环保的高品质原木建筑。 凭借自主创新技术,安全有保障的北欧高品质环保原材料,以及多年的全球市场经验, 古松(Honka)已经成功打入中国市场,成为中国原木建筑行业的领先供应商。古松 (Honka)在北京朝阳区建立了自己的代表处,北欧品质的建筑材料已经在国内通过官 方审核认证,并且有本土通力合作的建筑合作伙伴,保证了在中国本土延续高标准的建 筑质量。古松(Honka)的中国区总经理 Tuomas Saarelainen,这位已经驻扎在北 京三年的企业管理人,向世界冰雪论坛介绍说,可持续的、健康安全的居住理念是一个 全球大趋势,古松(Honka)的使命就是建造出高品质的环保安全住宅,带给人们快 乐幸福的居家生活。 古松(Honka)在 2016 年就参加了国际冬季运动(北京)博览会,慢慢地对博览 会有越来越深的认识。古松(Honka)中国区总经理 Tuomas Saarelainen 认为冬季 运动在中国的发展越来越多,不仅仅限于滑雪运动的增长,对滑雪度假村的需求也越 来越多 ; 很多中国的滑雪度假村也积极参与国际冬季运动(北京)博览会 , 因此这个博 览会对古松(Honka)发展来说是一个很好的机会,是一个可以会见企业和政府代表、 会见本土行业人士的绝佳机会。在中国越来越多的人们意识到建筑安全和环保的重要性, 古松(Honka)非常高兴地看到中国在环保建筑上的投资越来越多,并且中国的企业 非常开放地接受新的建筑理念和方式。古松(Honka)在日本市场已经耕耘了 40 年, 在韩国,蒙古,澳大利亚,新西兰,俄罗斯,中欧,北欧和北美等市场都获得了广泛的 好口碑。至今为止,古松(Honka)已经向全球 50 多个国家和地区交付了高品质的原 木建筑。随着在中国篜篜日上的发展,古松(Honka)期待和更多的中国合作伙伴合 作共赢。


Design for all by AVAAVA Avaava Ltd. provides solutions for the accessibility of the built environment and for accessible services and communication. Avaava collects, distributes, produces and markets information about the development of accessibility. In the field of construction, we are specialized in helping architects, designers, builders and construction companies. We organise accessibility training sessions, do accessibility mapping, and provide consultations throughout the various stages of construction projects. Through us, you can also find many product solutions for accessible construction. In the field of communication we help organisations who want to ensure the accessibility of their services and communication. For example, we conduct website audits, provide consultations on website updates, and organise training sessions on the accessibility of digital communication. Design is an important part of Avaava’s solutions. In all operations, Avaava adheres to the principle of Design for All. For example, Avaava has developed the KOHOSIGN™ guidance and wayfinding method, which takes into consideration people with various functional and mobile disabilities, as well as blind people and people with impaired vision. Design for all – Forever!

For Valteri School Onerva, Avaava created holistic signage system for all senses. Final solution included various signage types from 3D, audio, tactile maps to traditional space signage. In the picture, the signage for dressing room for boys with braillé texts for blind people.

”Design for All is my personal passion, our company’s core business and endless source of inspiration. I believe that Design for All solutions can create even peace among diversity of countries, societies and people. This is the message Avaava wants to spread to all professionals in the fields of construction and communication all over the world” – Terhi Tamminen, CEO, Avaava

Client: Valteri School Onerva, Jyväskylä, Finland.

Accessible interior design consultancy project for the house of disabled people Client: Lyhty ry - Finnish registered non-profit association which is focusing on welfare and supported housing services for disabled people, Helsinki, Finland. 42

Luin Spa

– A new luxury lifestyle brand for the Chinese market Luin Spa is a Finnish home luxury brand that aims at providing Chinese higher-income households with stylish, high-quality spa products to enjoy at home. Its founders, Ms. Mari Luodes and Ms. Noora Mustajärvi believe that a little luxury is needed in everyday life, and the ability to enjoy spa-like experiences in the comfort of our own home together with family supports this lifestyle. The brand’s carefully designed products, such as luxuriously soft, personalized bathing wear and stylish home décor items, are durable and designed for daily use. The use of harmonious and pleasant colours ensures that the products are timeless and suitable for any home. - Luin Spa pays attention to detail and aims at providing their customers with harmonious experiences for all senses in the form of room scents, soft lotions and illuminating candles, says Ms. Noora Mustajärvi, co-founder of Luin. In keeping with Scandinavian values of high quality and safety, the products of Luin Spa have been carefully developed without hazardous substances, in order to make them environmentally sustainable and suitable for the whole family to enjoy. The founders of Luin Spa believe in the power of friendship and togetherness, and their ideology is to help families spend more quality time together and make room for some luxury in their everyday lives. In order to provide their customers with what is needed, the brand draws inspiration from feedback and develops their products based on customers’ wishes, taking into account people of all ages. The brand is now looking to export their philosophy of well-being and everyday luxury: –It is now time for us to enter the Chinese market with our luxury home spa brand, says Ms. Noora Mustajärvi.


冰雪 Snow & Ice


Kemijärvi – the capital of snow and ice within a 100 km distance and the highways are in good condition. Within the area, we have three national parks which consist of protected swamp and wood areas. They are called Riisitunturi, Pyhä-Luosto and Oulanka. Clearly marked routes guarantee safety in these areas. The Kemijoki river and Kemijärvi lake provide an explorer with an unforgettable experience in the serenity of Lapland. There are a number of Arctic hills (Pyhä, Luosto, Salla and Suomutunturi) where it is possible to try different snow and ice sports, enjoy a Husky safari and experience the Northern Lights and silence. If one wishes to stay near the city centre, there are a plenty of possibilities to go skiing or ice fishing, for example. Where would you bring Chinese guests during other sesons?

Interview with the Mayor of Kemijärvi, Mr Atte Rantanen. Kemijärvi is the hometown of the World Snow& Ice Forum. It will receive quite a lot of attention during the next few years before the Beijing 2022 Olympic Games. Mr Mayor, how do you see this opportunity and what could it bring to Kemijärvi?   -Well, Kemijärvi is the capital of winter in Finland. For over six months a year, the landscape is covered in snow and ice. We want to promote our expertise in these Arctic conditions. The Olympic Games are a symbol of global unity and peace. We believe that our city has a lot to offer. The luxurious nature, fresh air, friendliness and safety are something we want to share with the world.   What kind of industry does Kemijärvi have?

-The Arctic hills provide travellers with memorable experiences and events throughout the year. Marked routes and good services are within reach every season.

- Traditionally, Kemijärvi has been Lapland’s industrial capital. The city is home to a diverse selection of industry fields. Currently, a plan for a new biorefinery is being discussed, and our Chinese partners are planning to invest in a modern bio-cellulose factory. Camse, a Chinese company, is strongly involved in the project and is committed to establish the factory in the Kemijärvi district. What does it offer to the Chinese snow and ice travellers?   -Kemijärvi can be reached easily by train, it has two airports

Kemijärvi and Yichun City from Heilongjiang province have signed a preparation MoU for a sister city co-operation. How do you see this co-operation in practice? -We are naturally looking forward to long and successful co-operation with our sister city of Yichun. We hope it will attract more travellers and thus enhance cultural exchange and business in the area. 



Iso-Syรถte - all year round destination with natural luzury 47

伊索叙岱酒店(Hotel Iso Syöte & Safaris)位于


435 米高的斜坡顶端,紧挨着伊索叙岱滑雪场(Iso-Syöte

游玩的外国游客可达到总游客数的 80%。该酒店荣获多

Ski Resort) 。这里是享受芬兰大自然及北欧假日悠闲的

项国际奖项,例如猫途鹰(TripAdvisor)2015 年将其选


为游客最爱旅行目的地,英国电讯报(the Telegraph)

运营的精品酒店旨在为住客提供五星级的体验。在这里, 将其评为全球最浪漫宾馆。此外,中国游客(无论是背 您可以找到不同的房型,以满足您与家人及好友的各种


住宿需求 :神秘森林景观双人房,纯正芬式木质小屋,

传媒(Jing Travel)六月期刊报道,我国近两年出国高

适合团体游客的双层山顶木质小屋,还有豪华玻璃屋 -


180 度全方位欣赏令人叹止的极光景观。位于酒店内的




途中的疲劳 ;您也可以上堂瑜伽课,把这里纯净的氧气

年稳步上升。酒店所有者 Juha Kuukasjärvi 先生表示,

深深地吸入体内 ;或是体验一下北欧式按摩,放松身心。 在下面几年的扩建及服务开发中,该酒店会逐渐加入中 伊索叙岱酒店不只为您提供完美的住宿,在这里您还可


以参与各种令人永生难忘的户外活动 :越野自行车、北

Kuukasjärvi 先生希望通过参加今年九月份在北京举行的








Located right in the centre of three airports (in Oulu, Rovaniemi and Kuusamo), Hotel Iso Syöte & Safaris charms travellers all over the world; especially in winter, over 80% of total guests are from abroad. This hotel has been granted several international awards, among which are: Travellers’ Choice 2015 from TripAdvisor, one of the most romantic hotel rooms in the world by The Telegraph (British newspaper). It is also a favoured hotel among Chinese travellers, both among backpackers and groups. As Chinese overseas luxury travellers start to grow rapidly, according to Jing Travel June 16th issue, Hotel Iso Syöte & Safaris as an ultimate example of boutique hotels is highly expected to be of top interest among Chinese high-end travellers. Already, through its close partnership with a Chinese travel agency DPS, Hotel Iso Syöte & Safaris has enjoyed a growing number of Chinese guests over the past few years. The hotel’s owner, Juha Kuukasjärvi, mentioned that they intend to add Chinese elements into the upcoming hotel investments and product development, to tailor the services and experiences for Chinese travellers. Juha sees WWES2022 an economical and great place to meet new potential Chinese partners, both for the development of Hotel Iso Syöte & Safaris, as well as bringing the Nordic destination know-how to China.

Hotel Iso Syöte & Safaris, with a unique location as on top of the 435m fell next to the Iso-Syöte Ski Resorts, is the perfect place to admire the beauties of Finnish nature and enjoy the Nordic holiday cosiness. Though not a 5-star hotel itself, this family-run boutique hotel is determined to bring a 5-star experience to its guests. Various types of accommodations can be found here to suit different needs: forest view double rooms, real Finnish Kelo cottages, Fjell Top cottages for larger groups, and luxurious suites with extensive glass window, walls and roof so the guests can enjoy the unique midnight sun in summer and magical northern light in winter through a 180 view! In the wellness centre in-house, busy travellers can calm all senses in the authentic Finnish wooden saunas, or by joining yoga courses, or through a relaxing Nordic-styled massage. Apart from personalized holiday accommodation experiences, Hotel Iso Syöte & Safaris also provides a wide range of unforgettable outdoor activities all year round to make the best of the distinctive Finnish nature, including cross-country biking, Nordic walk, hiking, berry picking and fishing in summer, and skiing, riding skimobiles, husky and reindeer safaris, observing the magnificent aurora wonders, etc.


伊索叙岱(Iso-Syöte Ski Resort)滑雪 场是芬兰最著名的滑雪场之一,有近 40 年的历 史,在滑雪场运营管理方面积累了丰富的经验和 知识。绵软的天然白雪,平缓宽敞的坡道,最先 进的租赁装备,以及教学经验丰富的专业滑雪教 练使伊索叙岱滑雪场成为学习滑雪和单板滑雪的 最佳去处。伊索叙岱被绝美的叙岱国家森林公园 (Syöte National Park)包围,是拉普兰最有积 雪保障的地区之一。 在这里 , 可以欣赏天然雕 饰而成的雪淞美景和静谧夜空下的北极光。伊索 叙岱滑雪场拥有 17 条滑雪道,8 条缆车索道,3 个雪上运动公园,1 个自由滑行公园,3000 个 床位和 120 公里长的越野滑雪道,而最长的滑 雪道竟长达 1200 米!有不同难度的滑雪道供游 客选择 :三条黑色(专家难度),四条红色(中 等难度)和六条蓝色(简易难度)的滑雪道。游 客也能找到各种齐全的服务设施 :滑雪通行证 办公室,器具租赁和商店,餐厅,儿童冰雪游 乐世界和滑雪学校。在滑雪学校,游客们可以学 习越野滑雪(cross-country skiing) ,高山滑雪 (downhill skiing) ,屈膝旋转法滑雪(telemark skiing)和单板滑雪(snowboarding) 。

Iso-Syöte Ski Resort is one of the most famous ski resorts in Finland. Iso-Syöte is nearly 40 year old ski resort and it has a great amount of knowledge from all the aspects of running a ski resort. Soft and natural snow, gentle and uncrowded slopes with the newest technology rental gear and the qualified & experienced instructors make Iso-Syöte the best place to learn to ski or snowboard. Iso-Syöte is surrounded by the breathtakingly beautiful Syöte National Park. Experience the naturally formed snow sculptures and the northern lights in peaceful and safe surroundings, in one of the most snow secure areas in Lapland. It has been equipped with 17 slopes, 8 lifts, 3 snow parks, 1 freeride park, 3000 beds in the area and 120 km of cross-country skiing tracks. Longest slope can be even 1200 meters. There are different slope options: 3 black advanced level slopes, 4 red intermediate level slopes and 6 blue easy level slopes. Tourists can find all kinds of services here: Ski pass offices, rentals & shops, restaurants, Children’s SnowWorld and even Ski School. In Ski School can choose from a selection of lessons in cross-country skiing, downhill & telemark skiing and snowboarding.



第一个野外滑雪场所。高峰期从 11 月底持续到来年 4 月

伊索叙岱滑雪场已经由 Jorma Terengjeff 先生的家 族经营管理了十五年。他们的核心理念就是为儿童和成

末。最早可以从 12 月开始进行自由式滑雪训练,以私人



区域,以及私人定制教学。作为一个家族企业,伊索叙 伊索叙岱滑雪场非常适合那些想学滑雪又重视高品

岱滑雪场十分灵活自由,能够提供舒适温暖的环境和个 性化的服务来满足客户的需求。 滑雪学校不断尝试新的












The resort has been owned and operated by the same JormaTerengjeff family for 15 years and their core focus has been in developing optimal learning areas for kids and adults. For instance, Children specific ski area SnowWorld and person focused teaching. As a family owned company, they are very flexible to work out a product that suits customers’ needs. They offer warm and personal service in an uncrowded surroundings. Ski school continues constant product testing and developing, and instructor trainings. The terrain park is the top in Finland, including progression from the very beginners to worlds top athletes, daily maintenance and terrain park leads, building customer information base and utilizing suitable technologies. The SnowPark for freestyle (jumps and tricks) is Finland’s longest and the Freeride Park

is Finland’s first off-piste. The long season is from late November to the end of April. Early start for freestyle training is in December, with private training sessions, Freestyle terrain specialists and coaches possible. Iso-Syöte Ski Resort is a perfect match of small groups or families that want to learn to ski and valuate unique atmosphere and nature. Preferably with over 2 -night stays. Daily visitors (bigger groups) from Oulu, Kemi or Rovaniemi can get a true Lappish skiing experience. Iso-Syöte Ski Resort finds China’s challenges very familiar and is eager to participate in the process. To learn about the Chinese customer, we would be excited to get visitors to try our facilities.


游冬季仙境,享滑雪快感 位于芬兰北部的卢卡与圣山滑雪度假中心一直都是


芬兰冬季滑雪爱好者的锻炼首选之地。世界滑雪大奖 (World Ski Awards)连续四年将卢卡滑雪度假中心评



兰卡国家公园、里西山国家公园、霍萨国家公园及皮海 -

滑雪运动员,在这里您都可以找到适合自己的滑雪设施。 洛斯托国家公园)所环绕,周边旖旎美景令人终生难忘。 卢卡滑雪度假中心拥有 34 个坡道,最长 1.3 公里。这边


有超过 200 名滑雪教练,为不同水平的滑雪爱好者提供


极有针对性的培训。圣山滑雪度假中心拥有 14 个坡道,


最长 1.8 公里。除此之外,这里还有很多未经开采的雪














Ruka and Pyhä Ski Resort - Tour winter wonderland types of competitive skiing, different technical training such as alpine skiing, freestyle skiing , Ski jump and so on.

Located in the northern part of Finland, Ruka and Pyhä Ski Resort has always been the first choice for Finnish winter ski enthusiasts. The World Ski Awards rated Ruka Ski Resort as Finland’s best ski resort for four consecutive years. Whether you are experiencing skiing for the first time or a professional skier, you can find your own skiing facilities. Ruka Ski Resort has 34 ramps, up to 1.3 km long. There are more than 200 ski coaches here, for different levels of ski enthusiasts to provide highly targeted training. Pyhä Ski Resort has 14 ramps, up to 1.8 km long. In addition, there are many unexplored snow, extremely suitable for cross-country skiing, while enjoying the ski stimulation while also able to explore nature. Many of the beginner courses offered by each ski school include easy and safe cross-country skiing with beautiful snow and loved by international tourists. Finnish national major skiing events are perennial in Ruka and Pyhä Ski Resort, which naturally becomes the training base for many professional skiing athletes, supporting different

Ruka and Pyhä Ski Resort are surrounded by several Finnish national parks (Oulanka, Riisitunturi, Syöte, Pyhä and Paanajärvi), and the beautiful surroundings are unforgettable. Many Finns or foreign tourists come here in addition to skiing, but also spend a lot of time to enjoy the snow, experience a variety of winter leisure activities, such as popular with our domestic tourists’ Husky sled, ice fishing, reindeer sleigh and so on. The resort is very important to the family entertainment, specially developed for children with children’s entertainment ski area, which ramp snow tires are very popular. Ruka & Pyhä area has gradually become also very popular among Chinese winter sports enthusiasts. Ruka and Pyhä Ski Resort welcome you to the winter wonderland near the Arctic Circle to enjoy!


Visit Finland highly recommends, next winter sports holiday in Finland!

我们衷心建议,计划您的旅行,下一 站去芬兰体验冰雪运动假期! 芬兰国家旅游局官方网站现针对旅游行业专业人士 推出“旅游业界”页面,中文版也已上线,为旅游同业

Professional Trade site (Travel Trade) is brought to you by Visit Finland  with the aim of helping professionals in 推广芬兰提供了及时的资讯、市场调研报告、芬兰总体 planning travel to and in Finland for your customers, which comes also in Chinese version. It includes sections on latest 介绍、精彩项目推荐,更有冬夏两季大量的户外运动项 news, market research, Finland in a nutshell, Travel high目建议。还包括种类繁多的住宿推荐,从帐篷到冰雪酒 lights, a huge possibilities of sports activities both in sum店各种级别。也可下载最新的图片、视频和联系方式等。 mer and winter as well as accommodation facilities from camping to snow accommodation. Should you wish to use 更多旅游资讯和资料,业内人士可访问最新旅游业 any of our text or picture content on your website, you may 界网页 : do so providing that you keep the information updated at all times. zh/  For more travel insight information and content, please “2017 芬兰旅游专家在线培训计划“正式上线。业 visit our latest Travel Trade site by clicking  内人士通过在线学习,可以了解更多芬兰的旅游资源和 全面信息。完成整套课程可以参加精彩抽奖,丰富的奖

Finland Tourism Expert Course is now online! It is a new B2B mobile training course with certification to better reach and effectively train Chinese Travel agents about Finland as a destination. Lucky draw prizes (Trades only) will be awarded at the end all chapters to act as powerful incentives for set takers to complete the program. Scan the QR code and become a Finland Tourism Expert!



Levi 想来拉普兰来个最正宗的北欧体验,却不晓得哪个


时间去哪里吗?那就来 Levi 吧!作为芬兰做著名的拉普

距 Kittilä 飞机场仅 15 分钟车程,从赫尔辛基乘飞


机仅 1.5 个小时距离,Levi 交通便利 ;其作为滑雪胜地




对于 Levi 来说还是全新市场。Levin Matkailu 有限公


司的行政总裁 Kristiina Kukkohovi 女士表示,Levi 全年

若您是个滑雪爱好者或专业滑雪运动员,Levi 绝对

任何时间都十分适合度假,她欢迎中国游客在 Levi 多

是非常理想的选择。 每年冬季 11 月到次年 5 月,这里

待上几天,把拉普兰最棒的一面都体验一把。Levi 将参

的滑道都确保有雪 ;这也是得 Levi 滑雪度假中心成为

与九月份在北京举办的冬博会(WWES2022) ,Kristiina

芬兰最著名的滑雪中心的原因之一。Alpine 滑雪世界杯

Kukkohovi 女士希望借此机会结识国内的旅游中介和潜 在游客,欢迎您光临芬兰馆与 Levi 的工作人员沟通!更

(Alpine Skiing World Cup)每年 11 月在 Levi 举行,

为了满足这样国际级别滑雪赛事的各种技术及专业要求, 多关于 Levi 的信息,请查阅此网站可阅 读中文)。

Levi 始终确保现代化且高端的硬件设施。同时,滑雪初 学者和全家出行的家庭也可以来到 Levi,利用这里完善

Want to visit Lapland and experience the authentic Nordic life, but not yet decided which place in which season? Come to Levi! Because, as the most popular Lapland resort in Finland, there is no season here that will disappoint you. From skiing to golfing, and from husky rides to photographing tours, there are hundreds of activities for you to choose from all over the year, spiced with beautiful nature, stunning aurora borealis and the purest air in the world. And if you are a skiing hobbyist or professional, Levi would again be an excellent choice. With guaranteed snow every year during November and May, Levi Ski Resort Ltd. makes its fame as the leading ski resort in Finland. Annual Alpine Skiing World Cup takes place at Levi every November, which allows modern and high-end facility to support all technical and professional demand. At the same time, families and beginners can also take advantage of the well-

developed skiing infrastructure in Levi for easy and fun skiing and winter activities. Situated only 15-minute drive from Kittilä Airport, only 1.5-hour flight away from Helsinki, Levi is already well known among Central Europeans. However, Levi sees Chinese and Asian market new and full of opportunities. Ms. Kristiina Kukkohovi, Managing Director of Levin Matkailu Oy, believes Levi’s year-round holiday experience a great fit to Chinese travellers, and she warmly welcomes Chinese visitors to stay at Levi for a few days to make the best of Lapland. Levi is actively participating WWSE2022 to meet Chinese operators and potential customers, and you are warmly welcome to talk to the staff to learn more in the Finnish Pavilion! Find out more about Levi: (also in Chinese).



– the Capital of Winter Sports in Finland with the best location and special winter sports know how Sports, especially winter sports, have always been a big part of the Lahti city´s identity. Due to our exceptional tradition of hosting sporting events, Lahti is used to the international spotlight. In 2017, the World Ski Championships were hosted for a record-breaking seventh time in the Finnish city of Lahti. Lahti offers a fresh alternative for international athletes, sports travellers, sporting event organisers and companies searching for winter sport know-how. A network of world-class winter sports professionals are ready to consult and advice on sports know-how, sports business and service design in China. Finland and Lahti offer a fresh alternative for international sportravellers´as well as for sport events. Finland is an ideal location for sport tourism, thanks to the the shorrtest flight connection times from Asia to Europe as well as its clean towns Lahti distinguishes itself from other Finnish cities as a centre of health and wellbeing with a special focus on sports and exercise as well as wellbeing industry. The region is also a hot spot for nordic skiers as a tourist; good world cup skiing tracks for at about 400 kilometers at your service for free.


公司介绍 Company Presentations


Icepro Oy ICEPRO is an innovative designer, manufacturer and supplier of ice rink equipment. ICEPRO provides ice hockey arena builders, renovators and managers with customised ice hockey rinks and ice rink equipment as all-inclusive packages that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer. The most suitable rink structures, as well as components and equipment that best suit your project, will be used in design and production. ICEPRO manufactures and markets its own core products. The company delivers to all corners of the world from small-scale amateur rinks to Olympic level arenas.

Innolux – Scandinavian quality design and good light from Finland Innolux is Finland’s leading bright light device and design lamp manufacturer, established in 1993.  More than 80 % of the production takes place in Finland. Our innovative, timeless lamps and beautiful design create good light and atmosphere to all spaces and needs, and are designed to last from one generation to the next. Innolux collection represents the best in Scandinavian style, quality, and functionality. Our designs have won multiple international awards. We have Finland’s leading contemporary designers and famous designers from the golden era of 1950s and ‘60s such as Yki Nummi, Lisa Johansson-Pape and Eero Aarnio. The Innolux collection expands each year with the most promising Scandinavian designers such as Harri Koskinen and Tapio Anttila.    

英诺路思 Innolux  - 芬兰之光,北欧优质设计  

英诺路思 Innolux 成立于 1993 年,是芬兰领先的照明设备和 灯具设计制造商,超过 80%以上的产品在芬兰生产。我们的灯具富 有创意,照明持续长久,设计精致,为不同的空间创造良好的光线 和气氛,满足不同的需求。每一盏灯的设计都旨在世代传承。 英诺路思 Innolux 系列产品诠释了北欧风格、质量和功能性的 顶尖水平。我们的设计赢得众多国际大奖,拥有芬兰领先的当代著 名设计师,例如来自黄金时代,即上世纪五六十年代的伊基·努米 (Yki Nummi)、丽莎·约翰逊 - 帕普 (Lisa Johansson-Pape) 和艾洛· 阿尼奥 (Eero Aarnio) 。如今 Innolux 系列每年都会携手北欧最具 前景设计大师如哈里·库斯基宁 (Harri Koskinen) 和塔皮奥·安提 拉 (Tapio Anttila) 等推出新品。


University of Lapland: For the North – for the world Located on the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland, University of Lapland is an Arctic and northern science and art university. By combining science and art, the research and research-based teaching at the University provide means for understanding, controlling and exploiting Arctic and northern change. University of Lapland has a number of collaborative research agreements, as well as student and teacher exchange programmes with Chinese universities. Exchange programmes and joint research have been carried out longest in the fields of law, social work and climatology. In addition to direct bilateral agreements, the University collaborates through the UArctic network. The network consists of 170 higher education institutions, University of Lapland being one of its coordinators. The network also includes 12 Chinese universities and research institutes. For the last few years, the number of Chinese visitors in the Finnish Lapland has increased at the annual growth rate as high as 50 %. The visitors are attracted here by snow, nature, the Northern Lights and Santa Claus. Founded by University of Lapland and Lapland University of Applied Sciences, the Lapland University Consortium operates in Lapland to develop tourism and tourism research. The higher education institutions have joint Multidimensional Tourism Institute.

Nokian Tyres plc Nokian Tyres is the world’s northernmost tyre company headquartered in Nokia, Finland. We promote and enable safe driving in demanding conditions. Over 80 years of experience and a focus on products for demanding conditions, we are the industry leader in designing innovative tyres for passenger cars, trucks, and heavy machinery. Nokian Tyres’ premium products are mainly marketed in areas with snow, forests and challenging driving conditions caused by varying seasons. We develop our products with the goals of sustainable safety and environmental friendliness. In 2016, the company’s Net sales were about EUR 1,4 billion, and it employed 4,400 people at the end of year. Nokian Tyres’ stock is listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki. In 2011, Nokian Tyres Trading (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. started in China.

芬兰诺记轮胎公司 芬兰诺记轮胎公司总部位于芬兰诺基亚市,是世界最北端的轮 胎公司。一直以来,我们致力于提升汽车在严苛条件下的安全驾驶。 我们拥有超过 80 年的经验,以确保轮胎的安全环保性能及持续保 持产品生命周期为目的,为乘用车、卡客车、以及载重机械车在不 同气候环境下(如 :雪地、森林等恶劣的驾驶环境)的轮胎性能, 富有创造性地提供它们所需的产品。 截止 2016 年,芬兰诺记轮胎公司在全球有 4400 名雇员,净销 售额达 14 亿欧元,同样也是赫尔辛基纳斯达克交易所的上市公司。 2011 年,诺记轮胎商贸(上海)有限公司在中国成立。


Nokian Tyres plc

Tour winter wonderland, enjoy skiing pleasure

Rukakeskus Oy, Ruka Ski Resort

Located in the northern part of Finland, Ruka and Pyhä Ski Resort has always been the first choice for Finnish winter ski enthusiasts. The World Ski Awards rated Ruka Ski Resort as Finland’s best ski resort for four consecutive years. Whether you are experiencing skiing for the first time or a professional skier, you can find your own skiing facilities. Ruka Ski Resort has 34 ramps, up to 1.3 km long. There are more than 200 ski coaches here, for different levels of ski enthusiasts to provide highly targeted training. Pyhä Ski Resort has 14 ramps, up to 1.8 km long. In addition, there are many unexplored snow, extremely suitable for cross-country skiing, while enjoying the ski stimulation while also able to explore nature. Many of the beginner courses offered by each ski school include easy and safe cross-country skiing with beautiful snow and loved by international tourists. Finnish national major skiing events are perennial in Ruka and Pyhä Ski Resort, which naturally becomes the training base for many professional skiing athletes, supporting different types of competitive skiing, different technical training such as alpine skiing, freestyle skiing , Ski jump and so on.

游冬季仙境,享滑雪快感 位于芬兰北部的卢卡与圣山滑雪度假中心一直都是芬兰冬季滑 雪爱好者的锻炼首选之地。世界滑雪大奖(World Ski Awards)连 续四年将卢卡滑雪度假中心评为芬兰最佳滑雪场。无论您是初次体 验滑雪,还是专业滑雪运动员,在这里您都可以找到适合自己的滑 雪设施。卢卡滑雪度假中心拥有 34 个坡道,最长 1.3 公里。这边有 超过 200 名滑雪教练,为不同水平的滑雪爱好者提供极有针对性的 培训。圣山滑雪度假中心拥有 14 个坡道,最长 1.8 公里。除此之外, 这里还有很多未经开采的雪地,极其适合越野滑雪,在享受滑雪刺 激的同时还能够探索大自然。各个滑雪学校提供的初学者课程很多 都包含轻松安全的越野滑雪配欣赏美丽雪景,深受国际游客的喜爱。 芬兰全国性的各大滑雪赛事常年在卢卡与圣山滑雪度假中心筹办, 这里也自然成为许多专业滑雪运动员的培训基地,支持不同竞技滑 雪类型、不同技术的训练,如高山滑雪、自由式滑雪、跳台滑雪等等。

Vierumäki Country Club Oy, Vierumäki Resort – the Sports Institute of Finland Vierumäki is Finland’s most comprehensive sports and leisure center, which corporates the renovated Sport Institute. The incredibly varied resort is located just over one hour away from Helsinki-Vantaa airport, making the ideal choice for anyone looking a convenient and unforgettable break. Sport Institute of Finland develops, produces and markets sports and leisure related high quality coaching, education and sports services on a both national and international level.


Visit Finland, Finpro ltd Visit Finland is an integral part of Finpro ltd, 100 percent funded by the Finnish Government. Finpro helps Finnish SMEs go international, encourages foreign direct investment in Finland and promotes tourism. Visit Finland with the aim of promoting Finland as an attractive tourist destination to a world-wide audience. Visit Finland  works closely with ministries, travel businesses, transport companies and Finnish regions. This cooperation involves research, product development and, above all, marketing of leisure tourism to Finland from abroad.   In international destination marketing Visit Finland is focusing on four main areas: Lapland, Lakeland, Helsinki and Coastal areas & Archipelago.   • Helsinki, the capital of Finland is a compact city easily explored on foot. Design, architecture, culture and shopping are all great exploration angles. • Finnish Lapland is as close as reality gets to those who dream of a winter wonderland, skiing, northern lights and Santa Claus. • Welcome to the largest in Europe. Spending holidays at lakeside cottages is an essential part of life in Finland, and Lakeland is prime cottage country.  • Finland’s coast boasts the world’s largest archipelago. Old wooden towns, lighthouses, historical manors and stone churches, large national parks stretching over land and sea – this all sums up coastal Finland in a nutshell.

Visit Finland, Finpro ltd

芬兰国家旅游局(Visit Finland)隶属于芬兰贸易投资旅游促进署 (Finpro),几乎由芬兰政府为其提供全部资金。芬兰贸易投资旅游促进 署为芬兰中小企业提供帮助,包括旅游行业。芬兰国家旅游局的主要职 责是在全球范围推广芬兰作为一个有吸引力的旅游目的地。 芬兰国家旅游局与政府相关部门、旅游企业、交通公司和芬兰各 地方旅游局在很多方面合作关系紧密,如 :市场调研、产品开发和所有 芬兰入境游的所有推广活动。  在海外市场,芬兰国家旅游局主推四大区域 :拉普兰地区、湖区、 赫尔辛基大区、沿海和群岛区。 •   芬兰的首都赫尔辛基 —— 一个非常适合徒步游走的城市,设计、 建筑、文化和购物都是绝佳的角度 •   芬兰拉普兰 —— 是冰雪爱好者最佳梦想地之一,滑雪,靠近北极 光和圣诞老人 •   芬兰湖区是欧洲最大的湖区,湖畔木屋别墅是芬兰人最传统的度 假方式 •   芬兰沿海地区拥有世界上最大的群岛、木屋古城、灯塔、历史悠 久的庄园和国家森林公园

Quuppa Oy Quuppa is a leading provider of Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS), with its headquarters in Espoo, Finland, and a wholly-owned subsidiary Quuppa LLC located in Arlington, Virginia. The company was established in September 2012 by a team of experienced engineers and scientists as a spin-off from Nokia Research Center, where they started the R&D work in 2005. Today, we have successfully commercialized the innovation and created a complete product platform – the Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™ - a one-size-fits-all technology platform for Location Based Services and Applications.


Quuppa Oy


Reima Oy

Reima, founded in 1944 and based in Finland, is the globally leading children’s premium functional wear brand. Reima’s volume growth has been double digit since 2012 and the company reached ca. 85 million € in net sales in 2016. Reima exports 80% of its products to over 70 countries across three continents. The company employs about 300 people of which about 120 in Finland. Reima’s mission is to guarantee kids the freedom to be active, in any weather. Functionality, safety, sustainability and innovation are fundamental to Reima’s design, such as the ReimaGO activity sensor concept that applies the latest technology for adding joy to movement. Reima® products are tested by the world’s most honest and toughest testing team - children themselves.

Reima 简介 Reima 成立于 1944 年,总部位于芬兰,是全球领先的高端功 能型儿童服装专业品牌。 自 2012 年起,Reima 的销量成倍增长, 2016 年净销售额约达 8500 万欧元。Reima 80%的产品出口覆盖 三大洲的 70 多个国家。 公司拥有约 300 名员工,其中芬兰总部约 120 人。 Reima 的使命是让孩子在任何天气条件下都能享受户外活动的乐趣。 功能性、安全性、耐穿性和创新性是品牌设计的基本理念。例如最 新的 ReimaGO 儿童运动感应器,运用最新的技术将游戏融入运动 中,让孩子体验运动的乐趣。Reima® 产品可经受世界上最诚实和 最严格的测试团队的检验 - 那就是孩子们自己。


Oy Osk. Lindroos Ab Aleksanterinkatu 46, Helsinki Helsinki Airport Schengen, gate 27 Helsinki Airport Non-Schengen, gate 33

Lindroos as a company is over 130 years old. Shops are located in Helsinki city center and at Helsinki-Vantaa airport. The company is an authorized retailer of high quality watches and jewellery. The airport shop offers brands such as JL, IWC, Cartier, Chopard, Omega, Tudor, Longines and Suunto. The city center shop offers brands such as Rolex, VC, Breguet, Bvlgari, cartier, JL, IWC and Omega. To make your shopping experience as enjoyable as possible, we offer service in Chinese. We warmly welcome you to visit our locations in the Helsinki metropolitan area! Lindroos 是一家有着超过 130 年历史的企业,其店铺位于赫尔 辛基市中心及芬兰万塔机场。它是一家官方授权的经销商致力于高 品质的手表及首饰品牌销售。其机场店所经营的品牌有积家、万国、 卡地亚、肖邦、欧米茄、帝陀、浪琴、以及松拓等。赫尔辛基市中 心店所经营的品牌包括劳力士、江诗丹顿、宝玑、宝格丽、卡地亚、 积家、万国、欧米茄等。 为了更好的为您服务我们提供中文销售服务,将期待着您的光临!


Levi Destination Marketing, Levin Matkailu Oy Levi Destination Marketing & Sales represents the year around holiday destination Levi in Finnish Lapland, Finland. We are the travel expert of the all year round Levi, Lapland destination with the largest variety of activities and accommodation. The greatest thing with Levi is the variety of the nature and the activities during the different seasons. Levi offers a real winter which is guaranteed with snow from November to May, northern lights, polar nights and beautiful autumn colours, a wide range of outdoor activities, the pure, wild nature combined with world-class services in a modern resort. Oy Levi Ski Resort Ltd is the leading ski resort in Finland. Our success is premised on professional staff, technical visionary and alpine races. We arrange year-around activities for individuals, families and groups like skiing during winter and adventures and biking during summer. Lapland offers excellent snow conditions and pure air which make active holidays easy to achieve.

Levi- 现代山村里的北极光和极地活动 Levi 是芬兰最大的滑雪胜地,滑雪坡道多样,既可供速降滑雪, 也合适单板滑雪。Levi 的冬季从十一月初开始,直到来年五月初。 无论初学者还是滑雪高手,成人还是儿童,这里的多条滑雪坡道合 适于各个层次的滑雪爱好者。 Levi 滑雪胜地本身是一座现代化的多功能小山村,出行不需要 汽车。这里的冬季活动丰富多彩,服务周到,游客可在此体验驯鹿 和哈士奇雪橇探险、北极光之旅、传统芬兰浴加冰泳等。 Levi 还是芬兰唯一拥有高山滑雪世界杯级别滑雪坡道的滑雪胜 地。高山滑雪世界杯每年十一月在类维举行。 Levi 有 230 公里越野滑雪雪道,886 公里雪地摩托道路。其他 冬季运动活动包括:追逐北极光,探访冰雪酒店、冰雕,雪地摩托探险, 驯鹿和哈士奇雪橇探险,马拉雪橇,滑雪,单板滑雪,特里马滑雪, 拜访萨满巫师,冰上垂钓,乘坐直升机,乘热气球,滑翔伞飞行, 风筝滑雪,冬季越野拉力赛车与冰上卡丁车,冬日激光世界 --- 户外 激光枪对战等。 在 Levi 还可以体验拉普兰雪地履带快车(号称“雪猫”),欣赏 类维山的壮美山景。 透过雪地履带车的大尺寸车窗,游客可以尽情 观赏白雪皑皑的山丘和星光满天的夜空,还有可能邂逅北极光。

Luin Spa – your home | your spa Luin Spa is a contemporary and luxurious lifestyle brand with an ambition to bring a touch of spa to every home. The story of Luin Spa began in 2013 when two Finnish women got an idea to design the best hair towel in world. The hair towel was a start of a journey in revolutionizing peoples’ bathing routines all around the world. Today the collection of Luin Spa covers a holistic and pampering range of home spa products for every home and all family members. Luin Spa products are carefully designed with a harmonious Scandinavian style and colour palette. Pure indulgence and joy for everyday life.


Levi Destination Marketing, Levin Matkailu Oy

Visit Lahti

Visit Lahti

Lahti – the Capital of Winter Sports in Finland with the best location and special winter sports know how. Sports, especially winter sports, have always been a big part of the Lahti city´s identity. Due to our exceptional tradition of hosting sporting events, Lahti is used to the international spotlight. In 2017, the World Ski Championships were hosted for a recordbreaking seventh time in the Finnish city of Lahti. Lahti offers a fresh alternative for international athletes, sports travellers, sporting event organisers and companies searching for winter sport know-how. A network of world-class winter sports professionals are ready to consult and advice on sports know-how, sports business and service design in China. Finland and Lahti offer a fresh alternative for international sportravellers´as well as for sport events. Finland is an ideal location for sport tourism, thanks to the the shorrtest flight connection times from Asia to Europe as well as its clean towns Lahti distinguishes itself from other Finnish cities as a centre of health and wellbeing with a special focus on sports and exercise as well as wellbeing industry. The region is also a hot spot for nordic skiers as a tourist; good world cup skiing tracks for at about 400 kilometers at your service for free.

芬兰拉赫蒂区旅遊局 拉赫蒂 - 芬兰冬季运动城市,拥有最好的位置,将近百年的冬季 运动历史和文化,擅长于冬季运动。 体育,尤其是冬季运动,是拉赫蒂城市的身份标志 . 拉赫蒂承办 运动赛事将近百年,这也是拉赫蒂在国际赛事扮演着重要的角色。 2017 的世界锦标滑雪赛事,拉赫蒂总共承办了 7 次的世界冬季 运功锦标赛 . 拉赫蒂市可以为国际运动员,体育旅游者,体育赛事项 目承办机构,提供了很多世界级的冬季运功资源,人脉,体育商业, 品牌设计和质询服务。 芬兰是体育旅游最佳位置的国家,原因是拥有最短暂的亚洲连 接欧洲航班,而拉赫蒂在养生康技,体育运动,绿色环保都比其它 城市出类拔萃。这区也是北欧滑雪爱好者最爱的滑雪城市,符合国 际赛事的 400 公里的滑雪道也免费提供给大家来体验。


Aalto University Aalto University is a community of bold thinkers bringing science, art and design, technology and business together. The university is committed to identifying and solving grand societal challenges and building an innovative future. The combination of six schools opens up new possibilities for strong multidisciplinary education and research. The university’s ambitious goal is to be one of the leading institutions in the world in terms of research and education in its own specialized disciplines, and according to the latest QS ranking Aalto is the best young university in Europe.  Aalto University has 11 000 students and 400 professors. It is located in Espoo and Helsinki in Finland. 阿尔托大学 : 创造未来 阿尔托大学聚集了一群大胆的思想家,将科学、艺术和设计相 结合,融汇科技和商业。 大学致力于识别和解决巨大的社会挑战,构建创新的未来。六 所院校的联合为强大的多学科教育和研究开辟了新的可能性。大学 雄心勃勃 , 旨在成为自己专业学科领域的世界领先级别研究和教育机 构之一,根据最新的 QS 排名,阿尔托大学在欧洲顶尖的年轻大学中 排名最高。 位于芬兰埃斯波和赫尔辛基的阿尔托大学拥有一万一千多名学 生和四百多名教授。

The best place for learning Soft and natural snow, gentle and uncrowded slopes with the newest technology rental gear and the qualified & experienced instructors make Iso-Syöte the best place to learn to ski or snowboard. The ski resort offers great facilities for beginners and experienced skiers and snowboarders alike. Magical SnowWorld keeps the family happy all holiday long. We also offer ski-instructor training(ISIA approved) & Finland´s longest terrain park for freestyle training.

最佳的学习场所 绵软的天然白雪,平缓宽敞的坡道,最先进的租赁装备,以及 教学经验丰富的专业滑雪教练使伊索叙岱滑雪场(Iso-Syöte)成为 学习滑雪或单板滑雪的最佳去处。 从初学者、滑雪高手到滑雪板玩家,伊索叙岱滑雪场为不同的 游客提供一应俱全的一流设施。神奇的冰雪世界乐园让一家老小充 分享受整个悠长假期。 我们还提供滑雪教练培训(经国际滑雪指导员协会批准)和芬 兰最长的自由式训练地形公园。


Ski resort Iso-Syöte, Hiihtokeskus Iso-Syöte Oy 伊索叙岱(Iso-Syöte)滑雪胜 地 , 伊索叙岱(Iso-Syöte)滑雪 场责任有限公司

Avaava Oy Avaava Oy provides solutions for the accessibility of the built environment and for accessible services and communication.  Avaava collects, distributes, produces and markets information about the development of accessibility. In the field of construction,  we are specialised in helping architects, designers, builders and construction companies. We organise accessibility training sessions, do accessibility mapping, and provide consultations throughout the various stages of construction projects. Through us, you can also find many product solutions for accessible construction. In the field of communication we help organisations who want to ensure the accessibility of their services and communication. For example, we conduct website audits, provide consultations on website updates, and organise training sessions on the accessibility of digital communication. Design is an important part of Avaava’s solutions. In all operations, Avaava adheres to the principle of Design for All. For example, Avaava has developed the KOHOSIGN™ guidance and wayfinding method, which takes into consideration people with various functional and mobile disabilities, as well as blind people and people with impaired vision.  Design for All – Forever. Avaava Oy 提供无障碍环境的解决方案,及无障碍设施服务和 通信。 Avaava 对无障碍行业的发展资讯进行收集汇总、传播、创造及营销。 在建筑领域,我们为建筑师、设计师、建筑商和建筑公司提供专 业的支持。我们组织无障碍培训课程,做无障碍方案的测绘,并在 建筑项目的各个阶段提供咨询服务。通过我们,您还可以找到许多 可用于无障碍建筑的产品解决方案。 在沟通领域,我们协助企业确保他们服务和沟通的无障碍性。例 如,我们对网站进行审核,对网站更新提供专业意见,并组织针对 数字通信无障碍性的培训课程。设计是 Avaava 解决方案的重要组 成部分。在所有业务中,Avaava 遵循“通用设计”的原则。例如, Avaava 已开发的 KOHOSIGN ™指引和寻路方法,其设计考虑到 了各种残疾人士和行动不便者,以及盲人和视力障碍者的需求。 为所有人设计,永不止步。


Honka – healthy homes inspired by nordic nature Honkarakenne supplies high-quality log houses for more organic, healthy and ecological living. Honkarakenne is a global pioneer in modern log building technology, with roots planted firmly in Finland. Since 1958, Honkarakenne has delivered almost 85,000 houses around the world. The Honka® range includes residential homes, holiday homes and buildings for commercial and public use.   Honka log homes are crafted from the finest wood, with years of knowledge and experience. To ensure that each and every Honka house is made to the highest quality standard using the best possible material, we source and refine all the logs we use ourselves. All the wood we use originates from PEFC-certified Finnish forests that are sustainably managed.    

古松 - 健康的原木建筑,北欧大自然的馈赠 古松高品质原木建筑,更为有机的生态型健康建筑。古松是全 球现代原木建筑技术的先锋,扎根在芬兰,根基稳固。自 1958 年伊始, 古松已在全球建造 85,000 多个古松原木建筑项目。古松 Honka® 产 品系列包括住宅建筑、度假建筑,商业建筑和公共建筑。 古松原木建筑选用全球最优良的木材,采用多年和技术与经验, 精制而成。为了确保每一栋古松房屋都使用最好的材料,达到全球 最高的质量标准,我们对所有的原木精心选材,匠心制造。我们所 使用的所有木材均取自经森林认证认可计划所认证的可持续管理的 芬兰森林。

Suomen Tekojää Oy Suomen Tekojää Oy provides comprehensive solutions for refrigeration, ventilation and heat pump systems as well as for different kinds of industrial refrigeration applications. We offer ventilation, heating, heat recovery and building automation systems of ice arenas Our products are designed to be used in e.g. ice arenas, under-soil heating systems of soccer pitches and industrial cold-storage warehouses. Our concept covers the whole range of services from designing to manufacturing, installation and maintenance. Equipment manufactured by our company is being used in almost 500 venues and facilities.


Honkarakenne Oyj

d d Ice m


i Lammassaari 8586 ce Forum ry 11-9

S I F World SnoW and Ice Forum

World Snow & Ice Forum is a part of Finland´s official 100-year-independence celebration program. 68

Profile for World Snow & Ice Forum

PureJoy! Magazine  

PureJoy! is an expression of our closeness to nature and the all-year round active lifestyle which starts from childhood. Magazine represent...

PureJoy! Magazine  

PureJoy! is an expression of our closeness to nature and the all-year round active lifestyle which starts from childhood. Magazine represent...