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Designers explain how new materials influence their latest product design


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Mixis is the result of a new kind of alchemy, a brand new product that combines the nobility of metal with an infinite universe of finishes, which it does by means of a patented process that brings together various technologies into a single and exclusive production method: a very thin metallisation that maintains all the physical properties of the family it belongs to, but that increases decorative potential by being extremely flexible when applied, something that would be impossible for a traditional HPL metal. The collection that we have created is truly versatile, ranging from classic metallic laminate to oxidates, from smoother finishes to more structured ones, right up to the most minute engravings, which, together with the wide range of colours available, make it a unique product with remarkable perceptive richness. Thanks to its properties, both in terms of aesthetics and strength, Mixis is ideal in any environment in which it is important to emphasise the character of metal, while opening it up to innovative new tactile and visual aspects. When applied as a covering to horizontal and vertical architectural surfaces, as well as to furnishing elements, Mixis conveys its iridescent and vibrating characteristics to the geometric lines of rooms and objects, and provides surprising chiaroscuro effects and changes in light and shade to their surfaces.


INDEX interzum is the world’s leading trade fair for furniture production and interior design. Cologne is where the most important business is conducted and momentum for the global furniture supply industry is created. interzum World is your official publication.




07 | WELCOME TO INTERZUM 2017 Koelnmesse’s COO Katharina C. Hamma welcomes you to the fair...

08 | NEWS AND INSIGHT FROM THE INDUSTRY A round-up of the latest news from some of the exhibitors showing in Cologne.

16 | INTERVIEW – ARNE PETERSEN interzum’s Vice President of Trade Fair Management looks at this year’s exhibition.



Packed with new products, interzum World showcases a selection.

30 | DESIGN TALK – JOHN MAKEPEACE Face-to-Face with the father of British furniture designers.

34 | DESIGN TALK – PETER ZEC The renowned Red Dot chief talks design and awards.

36 | SOCIAL MEDIA INSIGHT Understanding the various behaviours of different demographic groups is crucial.

44 | DESIGN TALK – SASCHA PETERS The materials expert has once again been involved in special area design at interzum.


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52 | COMPANY PROFILE – PURICELLI Luigi Puricelli has vast experience within the plastic laminate sector, he explores the product’s development and the new opportunities it offers.

58 | DESIGN TALK – FRANÇOIS AZAMBOURG The legendary French designer is renowned for his materials’ expertise.

64 | DESIGN TALK – KATRIN DE LOUW The TRENDFILTER specialist shares her social trend experience.

68 | INITIATIVE FURNIER + NATUR Veneers remain one of the most exciting finishing materials available to the industry.

72 | COMPANY PROFILE – PFLEIDERER The leading wood panel manufacturer will be presenting new materials and solutions for industrial and interior fitting applications.

80 | INDUSTRY 4.0 IN FOCUS The connected world is bringing new challenges for the manufacturing sector.

92 | COLOUR TRENDS FROM RENOLIT Keeping abreast of trends in colour has always been crucial for the furnishing industries. RENOLIT’s Colour Road insight looks beyond 2017.


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SHOW TIME Welcome to interzum 2017 from Katharina C. Hamma, Chief Operating Officer of Koelnmesse GmbH.


nterzum, the world's largest trade fair for the themes materials and design for furniture manufacturing and interior finishing, is being staged in Cologne again. As the trendsetter for the design of tomorrow’s living environments, interzum is the industry’s central communication platform and the ideal setting for exhibiting companies that want to present their ideas to the whole world. Over 1,600 companies from more than 60 countries take this opportunity to present their most innovative products, new technologies and material innovations. Well over 50,000 visitors will be on-site to experience these product premieres and thus take a look into the future. Important themes that will be playing a role this year include among others the conservation of resources, sustainability, recycling and upcycling and the increasing interest in digitalised living environments. Divided up thematically into three product sections, interzum provides answers to these three central market questions and brings the players of the value chain close together. In addition to the market leaders of the respective industry, also many medium-sized and smaller companies have registered for all sections of the trade fair, i.e. Function & Components with fittings, glass, lighting/surfaces and Materials & Nature with wood materials/natural materials as well as Textile & Machinery with components/upholstery and cover materials as well as upholstery machines. A comprehensive and wide-ranging event

programme and the centrally located Piazzas invite the visitors to exchange experiences with industry insiders and offer additional sources of inspiration. As the official trade fair newspaper, interzum World magazine serves as an information and planning tool for you. The magazine showcases all the exhibitors, partners, representatives and supporters of interzum and provides an editorial voice for the event. Written by industry experts and trade organisations this magazine provides you with complete information on the design of future living environments. I wish you a pleasant and successful stay at interzum 2017.

"interzum is the industry’s central communication platform and ideal for exhibiting companies" Katharina C. Hamma , COO, Koelnmesse

RIGHT | Koelnmesse’s Katharina C. Hamma


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Café Stereo, München ©; Arnold / Werner

THE PFLEIDERER DESIGN COLLECTION 2017-2020 Discover our decors and structures – divided into eleven user - friendly and inspiring Colour Worlds, based on modern lifestyles and interior trends.


Besuchen Sie uns auf der Interzum 2017 in Köln: 16.–19. Mai, Halle 6.1, Stand: D010 / E019


GLOBAL NEWS Over the next six pages the Interzum World team rounds up some of the major news stories from a few of the companies that will be exhibiting at this year’s trade fair.

ACRYLIC GLASS PANELS ARE PERFECT FOR STATEMENT PROJECTS end projects. Winners of a coveted interzum award in 2013, Remagen-based Acrylic Couture’s unique panels are each handmade, a precious piece of art, incomparable and stunningly beautiful. This material can be used for a variety of applications including walls, furniture, displays, tabletops, ceilings, etc. |

Some of the most striking finishes on display at this year’s interzum are courtesy of Acrylic Couture. This year the company will be displaying its prize-winning Italian-manufactured metacrylic panels in which fabrics and other materials are suspended to achieve intensely radiant 3D effects that offer numerous opportunities for bespoke high-

DIGITAL REVIEW All exhibitors looking to increase their exposure need to reserve space now for the interzum World Digital Review magazine. This is mailed out to the interzum database after the fair, the interzum World Review is packed with news, key products and events from the exhibition and gives advertisers an unrivalled opportunity to target interzum visitors and exhibitors after the event. Alex David | +44 (0) 20 3727 7979.

SIMPLY INSPIRED Austria-headquartered EGGER’s exhibition motto ‘Simply Inspired’ is an umbrella term covering all of EGGER’s new introductions at interzum. It includes new decors and products from EGGERZUM 2017 (EGGER’s in-house exhibition for the furniture industry), as well as highlights of the premium surfaces and the nine grid system from the EGGER Decorative Collection for the specification and shopfitting market. This year EGGER is fitting both of the ‘Material & Nature’ piazzas [Halls 06.1 and 10.2] with EGGER’s new products. In addition, Klaus Monhoff, Head of Design and Decor Management EGGER Group, and Michaela Gimpl, Design and Decor Management EGGER Group, are contributing with lectures drawing on their expertise: ‘Individuality – Simply Different’. These talks will take place on every exhibition day at 2.30pm in the Individuality piazza in Hall 10.2. |


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PIONEER CAR SHOWCASES FINISHES On display in the new Mobile Spaces special zone within the Textiles and Machinery sector, the striking Pioneer concept car from the surfaces specialist Hornschuch is an extraordinary mobile space designed to showcase the impact a fresh understanding of mobility has on car interiors. The Pioneer concept car, based on a Citroën C4 Cactus, asks what will the automotive future bring? With its captivating exterior that reflects the urban zeitgeist and modern business style. With an inspiring interior that consistently follows a business dress code. The Pioneer shows how surfaces can transform the character of automobile spaces. Also on display will be a range of striking vehicles that show how the ‘mobile’ sector is innovating. |


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LIGNA EVENT Every two years, the wood and furniture specialists from around the world come to Germany for interzum in Cologne and LIGNA – Making more out of wood – in Hannover. The two fairs are staged in quick succession so that international visitors can easily attend both in a single trip. This year will be no different. Together, interzum and LIGNA will provide a comprehensive overview of the materials, design solutions along withw technologies currently available for the woodworking, wood processing and furniture industries. Together, they cover a very broad spectrum of exhibition topics, ranging from the use of wood as a renewable material to wood-working and processing technology plus many individual components for the furniture and interior finishing sectors.


FORESTS FOR ALL FOREVER – FOREST STEWARDSHIP COUNCIL Sustainability remains an important trend in the furniture sector, especially in the growing European market of garden furniture. The Forest Stewardship Council certification can help furniture producers and companies enter the European market. FSC® was created to help consumers and businesses identify products from well-managed forests. To accomplish this task, the FSC developed standards by which forests and forest products can be certified and therefore offer credible verification to people who are buying wood and wood products. The vision is simple: the FSC believes that profits generated by forests should not come at the expense of environmental and social benefits. FSC certification ensures that everyone can benefit from forests while preserving them for future generations – making sure we all have forests for all forever. Consumers are increasingly aware of, and concerned by, the origins of the products they buy and the processes that go into making them. They want to make responsible decisions about what they buy, weighing up social and environment credentials. In Germany, 53 per cent of consumers recognise the FSC logo when they see it. They trust the label as a symbol of sustainable forestry and make associated purchasing decisions that drive the demand for sustainable forest products. As a result, the FSC logo was seen 6.1 billion times in advertising during 2015, and FSC won second place in Germany’s coveted Brand of the Year competition for 2016. Many businesses have already taken into account the competitive edge that FSC certification can provide. Furniture companies such as Poco, KHG, Butlers, MiaVilla and Maisons du Monde have decided to promote FSC-labelled products to their consumers. Others have committed internationally to use more FSC-certified materials – IKEA committed to source only FSC-certified or reclaimed materials for their products in store by 2020, and OTTO has also developed a similar objective for their indoor furniture. Leroy Merlin Italy met their commitment to ensure that 80 per cent of their patio furniture would be

certified by 2015, and this pledge is likely to continue as the company reaps the benefits of certification. In 2016, their instore campaign about FSC-certified wood products resulted in 33.5 per cent growth in sales value. Research has shown that FSC certified businesses benefit from better access to international markets, have higher revenues, and see positive change to their public image. Since 1994, many participants have joined the FSC in its venture to promote good forest stewardship – since then almost 32,000 FSC certificates have been granted in 121 countries. Over 194 million hectares of forests are now certified according to the FSC Principles and Criteria. |

INDAUX LAUNCHES ITS JUNIOR SLIDING DOOR SYSTEM 6-60 Indaux has released the Junior 6-60, a runner door system for built-in cabinets that allows further optimisation of space. The Junior 6-60 is tailored to new-builds with an improvement of space in the closet, as it only occupies 60 mm in depth. It is easy to assemble, brackets with guides are fitted at the top of the door and at the bottom there is a very accurate roller system. It is compatible with the INDAmatic soft closing system, notable for its ease of sliding and smoothness but effective closing of the door. The fitting supports loads of up to 50 kg. |


interzum world 2017

HAILO WINS IF DESIGN AWARDS In the 2017 iF Design Awards, one of the world’s biggest design competitions, two of Hailo’s kitchen lines came out on top with both the KitchenLine Design and the KitchenLine Design Plus lines among the prize winners. For more than 60 years, the competition, launched by iF International Forum Design, has enjoyed an excellent reputation when it comes to first-rate design. For Hailo, the label is a quality mark that sends out a strong signal to consumers. The best of the best are chosen using well established criteria from among over 5,500 submissions from almost sixty countries. Hailo’s kitchen accessories found favour with the panel this year in part due to their renowned functionality, aesthetics, ergonomics and key user benefits.

NEW PRODUCTS FROM EMUCA GROUP With over 35 years’ experience, the Emuca Group produces a wide range of products for the furniture, carpentry, hardware and DIY sectors. Emuca is extending the Slim drawer range [pictured], this is a drawer with an extra fine design that is the perfect combination of quality and aesthetics. The new design is in line with current market trends. It is easy to assemble and adjust, has a very good cushioning capacity and does not need special machining. The finishes available are very elegant, ‘silk’ white and ‘anthracite’ grey, colours that will

certainly match the different spaces in many houses, whether it is the kitchen, wardrobes, fireplace or bathroom. Also on display are systems for sliding doors – Space +, Neco and Placard – providing a number of solutions. And the new MOKA accessories which are particularly elegant and practical. There are a wide range of accessories, shoe racks, trouser holders, baskets, organising boxes, wire, wooden and metallic boxes and lots more. Emuca exports to over 50 countries and has an extensive network of sales personnel all over Europe.

HANDLER LAUNCH Spanish handling experts LIFMEC Machinery is using interzum for the world premiere of its new sofa handler, U210, a machine for the assistance of workers in the upholstery stage of the sofa manufacturing process; which can easily lift, position, and turn the sofa. These operations are managed through a handheld industrial remote-control. This new machine allows sofa manufacturers not only to increase process productivity and improve their process efficiency, but also will significantly enhance worker’s

health and wellbeing, which could mean substantial savings for sofa manufacturers in the upholstery stage. LIFMEC aim is to bring technology and innovation to an industrial process that still involves manual handling and operations with heavy loads. Over recent months, LIFMEC’s sofa handler U210 has been tested at several leading sofa manufacturers premises across Western Europe. On display on Stand D062 [Hall 10.1], in the Textile & Machinery area.


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Decor “LOOK”

trend forecast 2017/18 The digital age in which we are living is The digital age in which weinare living is everywhere – also interior design. everywhere also inwhich interior design. Even –trends look like they might turn the back on our are engineered way of LINK-UP shows that trends connected/linked wouldn’t be spread overtrends the world throughlife new technology even ifallsome look without the internet... at first sight opposed to any kind of technology.

Decor “METRO”


LINK-UP find out more about LINK-UP... ...visit us at INTERZUM! Hall 6, Stand B 48/C 49 CHIYODA - creative decors, trends & more!

CHIYODA EUROPA NV - Poort Genk 5870 Henry Fordlaan 37 B - 3600 Genk / BELGIUM Tel. +32 89 61 07 11 - Fax. +32 89 61 30 20 -

Decor “ZINK”



GLOBAL NEWS Another successful year for Asia’s largest and most comprehensive woodworking, furniture production and interior decoration trade fair in Guangzhou, China.

ASIA’S MOST COMPREHENSIVE FURNITURE PRODUCTION FAIR Repon, Titus, FGV, American Softwoods, Kleiberit, Bostik, Jowat, Bekaert Deslee, Boyteks Tekstil, Rehau, Schattdecor, Kastamonu and Huali. This year, the event’s amped up series of supporting activities attracted over 2,000 attendees, including the third edition of the Annual Guangdong Home Tech Fair. Invited panel experts and industry representatives shed light and shared valuable experience revolving around smart home, custom equipment, digital R&D for design, colour systems and the application of natural eco-friendly materials, and provided innovative solutions and concepts. In addition, exhibitorinitiated seminars such as the Global Colour Trends Conference 2017/2018, as well as product presentations on new technologies and product applications, with the likes of the multiple purposes of Swedish Wood as a modern material and special edgebanding and premium melamine products also reported strong attendance. One of the stand out highlights of the event was undoubtedly the special experiential display entitled ‘Unveiling – The Mysteries of Furniture Production’

After four days of intense business activities and exchange, Asia’s largest and most comprehensive woodworking, furniture production and interior decor trade fair in China’s southern production hub of Guangzhou has wrapped up, ending another successful year on March 31. Showcasing 1,396 exhibitors from 38 countries and regions, including mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Finland, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, the United States and Turkey, CIFM/interzum guangzhou 2017, along with the China International Furniture Fair – Office Show segment, drew some 83,356 visitors, an increase of 13.7% from last year. High-level representatives from the German, US along with the Netherlands Consulates in Guangzhou also graced the event with their presence. Some of the industry heavyweights exhibiting at this edition of CIFM/ interzum guangzhou included: IMA, Coral, Schugoma, SCM, Leuco, Vollmer, Homag, Biesse, Duerkopp, Ozdemir, Komposan, Sugatsune, Joker Uno, Fine Induestries, Lignadecor, Leggett & Platt, Lianrou, Okin Refined, Dongtai,


interzum world 2017

showcasing the various aspects of furniture production from raw materials, components, hardware and textile. Participating at interzum guangzhou for the first time, industrial product line manager of Bostik in Shanghai, Sun Meng said: “There are numerous first-class exhibitors at the event and the atmosphere is excellent. Foot traffic has been high and the profile of visitors is especially comprehensive. We primarily target mid to high-end furniture enterprises, and we’ve seen scores of potential customers today at our booth. We’ve received visitors from the design, wood and interior decoration industries, which we are very pleased about. The organizer has provided us with great service, and we will continue to exhibit next year.” “We are very satisfied with the outcome of our participation this year and will continue to exhibit next year, hoping to apply for a larger area to showcase more equipment. Visitors are of high quality and we’ve met our existing as well as potential customers, including a number of overseas visitors. We’ve participated in similar trade fairs in Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu, but in comparison interzum guangzhou is definitely superior in both reputation and visitor quality and numbers,” noted Woodtron’s sales manager, Pang Tao – a fellow first-timer at the Guangzhou event. Anthony Smith, director of Corby, UK-based Insignia Manufacturing Ltd, a visitor who was similarly pleased with interzum guangzhou 2017 said: “I’ve made some good new

contacts and also maintained some old ones. We may exhibit here next year as it seems that we can get really good results here. It’s really a good show for business.” David Feng, managing director of Koelnmesse in China, speaking after the exhibition closed on March 31, told interzum World: “Of the furniture production trade fairs in the entire Asia, interzum guangzhou has become the region’s premier industry recognized event based on all measurement indicators, such as trade effectiveness, trendsetting and new product releases. “This edition has accomplished gratifying achievements on all fronts in terms of scale, number of visitors and exhibitor satisfaction level, including an increasing number of overseas brands that have chosen to enter the Asian market through interzum guangzhou. “I am very pleased that interzum guangzhou has been affirmed by the industry. Moving forward, we will continue to work together with the China Foreign Trade Center (Group) to provide a professional international exchange platform for the industry.” During the event, organisers Koelnmesse and the China Foreign Trade Center (Group) announced the extension of their existing partnership following the signing of a five-year agreement in early April. The next edition of CIFM/ interzum guangzhou will take place from March 28-31, 2018. |


interzum world 2017


INTERZUM INSIGHT As the Vice President of Trade Fair Management for Koelnmesse, Arne Petersen contributes decisively to the development of the leading trade fair for furniture production. interzum 2021. The three sections coming to interzum in May are: Textile & Machinery will be spread over Halls 9, 10.1 and 11; Function & Components will be staged in Halls 4, 5, 7 and Hall 8 and the Materials & Nature segment will be located in Halls 6, 10.2 and 4.2.

Arne Petersen is Vice President of Trade fair Management at Koelnmesse, where he has responsibility for imm cologne, interzum, ORGATEC, FSB, LivingKitchen/ LivingInterior and also aquanale. Aged 45, Petersen, who was born in Hamburg, studied business administration and completed an internship at the Hamburg Messe and Congress GmbH trade fair company before joining Koelnmesse in October 2014.

INTERZUM : What will visitors notice at this year’s show? How does it compare to previous shows? AP : In addition to the international participation and the innovation, it is the concept that helps make interzum so INTERZUM : What’s new at interzum 2017? successful. The division into three segments ensures the AP : As the world’s leading trade fair for furniture production clearly structured and comprehensive presentation of the broad and interior design, interzum is the most important date for the spectrum of furniture and interior finishing components. Besides industry. interzum represents the start of a the exhibitors and their innovations, the new cycle of innovation and designs for the Piazza, i.e. the special exhibition areas that furniture industry. address current industry themes and which NAME : Arne Petersen This year we have slightly altered the hall provide a perfect and unique source of TITLE : Vice President layout as that was the only way to create inspiration and meeting place for exchange, INFO : Arne Petersen more space for additional companies and form further highlights in each segment. previously worked as Center accommodate the strong exhibitor interest. Manager of the World To provide companies with consistency INTERZUM : So what are your main Trade Center WTC Bremen, for future editions of the fair, we will carry objectives for this year’s show? Director Marketing & Sales on with this new hall layout at least until AP : As every year, the Materials & and Managing Director at G+J EME GmbH, and business unit manager at Reed Messe in Austria. Prior to joining Koelnmesse he worked as Sales Director at Fachausstellungen Heckmann, part of Deutsche Messe.



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INTERZUM : What sets interzum apart from all the other events and what makes it such an important show? AP : Every two years interzum presents the innovations that will be implemented in newly produced furniture over the coming years. What I mean is the products that are presented at interzum lay the foundation for the interior design of the future. For instance, an innovative pullout system at interzum inspires the designers and can already be experienced at the next imm cologne in a finished piece of furniture. It attracts more and more creative directors every year. It is an obligatory date for architects and designers. They gain material and technological inspiration for their daily work here.

Nature segment focuses on more versatile materials that ensure a modern and individual furniture design. Here, a particular emphasis is placed on the theme of sustainability. Those who are interested in conserving resources, sustainable raw materials or cradle-to-cradle concepts, will find a lot of input here. There will be two Piazzas in this section for the first time. They will be designed by the interior designer, Katrin de Louw, and concentrate on the theme ‘Individuality’. Individuality and sustainability are also the theme of the Function & Components section. Here, visitors will find companies that develop light solutions or semi-finished products for furniture, fittings, locks and furniture components. At the Piazza everything will revolve around the theme ‘Upcycling’ this year. The material researcher, Dr. Sascha Peters, will demonstrate how the furniture industry can transform seemingly worthless materials into new products and thus contribute towards the conservation of resources. In the final section, Textiles & Machinery, the focus is on upholstery materials, fabrics and leather with the related processing machines. Here, we are looking forward to a totally new theme this year: ‘Mobile Spaces’ is the motto of the Piazza – and as the name already suggest it is about interzum also being highly interesting for the designers and outfitters of mobile interiors such as cars or caravans. Well-known suppliers from the automotive sector will be located in the proximity of this event area – a completely new exhibitor group for interzum.

INTERZUM : How many exhibitors do you expect to be present at this year’s exhibition? AP : In Cologne the world does business with the world! The current figures impressively confirm that our concept is the right one: We have recorded a growth in the number of foreign exhibitors of 36 per cent compared to 2015. And regarding attendance, 17 per cent more international visitors found their way to Cologne. INTERZUM : interzum has always attracted a lot of international visitors, what are your expectations for 2017? AP : Having registered 58,000 visitors at the last interzum, which was already a significant increase in comparison with the previous event, we hope to improve on this.


interzum world 2017

PICTURES | Visions of interzum 2015 – the exhibition attracted over 58,000 visitors and and 1,600 exhibitors.

INTERZUM : How do you think overseas visitors would benefit from visiting interzum? AP : 2017 is going to be a record year for interzum with more exhibitors and a larger exhibition area. From May 16-19, more than 1,600 exhibitors will present their products in 10 Halls on space covering 180,000m² – the exhibition area was already a near sold-out in December. And with 150 new exhibitors from Germany and all over the world, we will also be welcoming many more first-time participants.

factories show new technologies, materials and surfaces for interior design. In addition to the newest technologies of the industry, future trends also become visible here. That directly influences the product innovations and realisations, which can then be seen at imm cologne, Orgatec and other design and lifestyle trade fairs. INTERZUM : interzum has consistently expanded its material competence in past years. What significance does material research have for the trade fair? AP : Material research occupies a key position, because it poses industry and planners with ever new challenges. On the other hand, designers and architects make ever new demands on materials. The innovation dynamic is thus propelled from both sides – by the creatives and the manufacturers who are constantly seeking new solutions.

INTERZUM : What approach is interzum pursuing, and what themes play a special role at the trade fair? AP : interzum is the internationally leading fair, to which an entire industry orients itself. A window onto the future is opened with visionary technologies, outstanding products, novel materials and innovative design. In the process it is our task to provide new ideas and impulses. We therefore constantly further develop the interzum concept within the network of relationships between the trade fair and industry. New dedicated special areas and other exhibition formats will look into pioneering design and production approaches such as 3D Printing and Recycling, for example.

INTERZUM : How will interzum position itself in future? AP : interzum should be increasingly perceived at the international level as a brand for the thematic areas of design and materiality. This is because it is especially future-oriented further development that can expand upon its image as a vital idea pool. Important is that the trade fair isn’t perceived only as a product show for the industry, but instead much more as a holistic experience – an experience that is equally fun for manufacturers and creatives.

INTERZUM : What significance do the new products shown have for development in furniture and interior design? AP : A powerful innovation dynamic is linked with interzum. At the trade fair, both market leader companies and small idea


interzum world 2017

Get ready for click furniture Complex, frustrating and time-consuming assembly, missing parts and poor quality: Ready-to-assemble (RTA) furniture has traditionally had several drawbacks in comparison to factory-assembled furniture. But what if all of that could change by re-thinking assembly? And what if all parts of the value change could benefit as a result?

Threespine® click furniture technology by Välinge Innovation enables anyone to assemble furniture quickly, easily and with perfect results without using a single tool, screw or fastener. One simple “click” is all that’s needed. 1

Design with a new mindset Threespine® can be used with virtually all materials, and it provides a method to easily combine ma-


The key feature is the flexible plastic tongue that automatically connects boards or panels when pushed together. When pushing a panel into position, the tongue is forced backwards. As the panel reaches its final position, the tongue flexes back and into a groove on the opposite panel thereby connecting the panels.

terials in new innovative ways. There is a wide range of profiles/ joints available for use with a broad range of material thicknesses. Compared to conventional fittings with point loads, Threespine distributes the weight over a larger area and thereby enables products to be designed in thinner dimensions. As a result, it is now possible to easily produce perfect joints in previously difficult applications such as 8 mm particle board and miter joints in compact laminate down to 6 mm. No visible holes and perfect miter joints. Photo by Skånebeslag.


No matter if the product is designed to be assembled in the factory or by the end-consumer, furniture with Threespine can have a high-end finish free from visible holes. In combination with very precise angles and high stability, the technology offers a significant upgrade to today’s RTA furniture. Threespine thereby provides an attractive alternative for RTA manufacturers looking to offer superior products. It also enables manufacturers of factory-assembled furniture to switch to RTA in order to reduce logistics costs and lower their environmental impact without any negative impact on the design and quality of their products.

Our customers’ costs related to transportation and assembly will be significantly lower, and the end-products will look much better without any visible fittings. Cesare Tonini, Abet Laminati General Manager

Produce with conventional equipment Threespine has been designed for high-volume production and is compatible with conventional equipment such as feed-through machines, edge banders and CNC machines. The tools required to make the joints are available through all major tool suppliers. Fully automatic as well manual solutions for inserting the tongues have been developed and optimized for seamless integration into existing production set-up. Assemble in seconds, in factory or at home Whether you want to save costs in the factory or frustration at home, Threespine® can help you by provid-

No more tools, screws or fasteners - just click the furniture together

ing a 6-10 times faster way to assemble furniture. By embedding the joining function in the panels, all screws and fittings can be removed. Once produced, the panels are ready to be assembled with a simple “click”: no more need for any tools. The finished

furniture will always have perfect angles, be very stable and they can be entirely dismantled without affecting the quality of the product.

Välinge introduced its click furniture technology in 2014 and several companies including worldleading producers and brands have already implemented the technology.

The tongue inserter has been optimized for easy integration into high-volume production set-ups

Want to know more? Visit us at Interzum Stand no. B-050-C-051 Hall 10:2)

Välinge Innovation AB Phone: +46 (0)42 23 87 46 |


Interzum once again provides visitors with a unique opportunity to see the very latest products from the furniture and interior industries, all on show in Cologne this May. outstanding design, and exclusive innovations come to life. The trade fair not only connects the local markets, but it also drives internationalization in the areas of furniture production and interior fittings. interzum is the industry’s central communication platform and the ideal setting for companies, who want to present the most innovative products, new technological developments and innovations in materials.

With over 1,500 exhibitors from all over the world, there are many thousands of products on display at interzum this May. Exhibitors attending include many of the world’s innovative and leading companies from the furniture and interior construction industries’ supplying sections; showing new products across all sectors of the industries. This is where the trends and visions that will create future living spaces using modern materials,




HORNSCHUCH SKAI® PADUNA DETAILS : Amongst a number of new products from Hornschuch are skai® Paduna Stars NF and skai® Paratexa NF, which both feature textile embossing. As both materials meet the stringent B1flame resistance standard, they are ideal for use in the contract area. | Hall 6.1/Booth E040 |

PLEXWOOD PLANK DETAILS : Particularly suitable for use as a floating floor, Plexwood’s Plank is composed of veneer layers of end grain wood and wood with the grain, glued onto one side of a substrate. Plank is delivered filled and sanded 80-grit, and can be finished prior to installation. | Hall 4.2/Booth C020 |

PICKHARDT & GERLACH DETAILS : Pickhardt & Gerlach will be exhibiting a selection of its brass tubes in various colour variations (for example polished brass, matt brass, antique, black), which perfectly address the current trend in brass/ copper colours. All diameters are available between 9 and 50mm. | Hall 5.1/Booth C050 |


interzum world 2017

JUMBO FACADE JD GLOBAL SOURCING IVS DETAILS : JD Global Sourcing is using interzum to introduce a brand new addition to its JD Basic Exterior facades. New is the jumbo size 4270 x 2135mm, available from autumn 2017. Currently the biggest size available is 4200 x 1860mm. | Hall 6.1/Booth B001 |

VENEERS FOR DAZZLING INTERIOR HIGHLIGHTS ROHOL VERTRIEBS GALAXY DETAILS : RoHol is exhibiting its high quality wood veneers, including the Galaxy range of high-grade timbers. From Arolla Pine and Ash all the way to Walnut, the range offers limitless variety. These wonderfully warm high-grade timbers become, with the help of black light, a dazzling highlight in any interior. | Hall 4.2/Booth A011 |



HERA 24MM MILLED PROFILE DETAILS : Hera has developed a 24mm milled profile for LED strips, a useful addition to the wide range of profiles and accessories available for strip lighting. This asymmetrical profile is ideal for achieving direct and even illumination without any reflection issues. | Hall 4.2/Booth A040 |

ALUMINIUM FÉRON POLYDECOLUX DULL SR DETAILS : At interzum 2017 Féron, the well known supplier of decorative finishing materials, is presenting a number of products including antibacterial aluminium foils and POLYDECOLUX (which is pictured above), a dull PET-based furniture foil. Also on show will be the full range of ALUDECOLUX aluminium foils. As a specialist in the coating and lamination of web-shaped materials, Féron has already made a name for itself worldwide in the area of high-quality ​​ interior fittings. All scratch-resistant (SR) surfaces are finished with an advanced nanotechnological coating. | Hall 6.1/Booth C011 |


interzum world 2017



BELOW | Merino MR+ tuff gloss laminates enhance any kitchen.

MERINO LAMINATES DETAILS : Amongst a number of laminates, Merino Laminates will be showing its Merino MR+ tuff gloss laminates. This range of super gloss laminates is resistant to scuff and abrasions, and gives up to four times longer shine than any other gloss laminate. The top most layer of the laminate is treated with Aluminium Oxide to ensure extra resistance to scuffs and marks. Also on display, the Merino Harmony range is the perfect answer to the demands of architects and interior designers for high quality and modern coordinated surfaces. | Hall 6.1/Booth A058 |

STORAGE SOLUTIONS SAFE AND FRIENDLY DRAWER DESIGN KING SLIDE SIMLEAD SAFETY DRAWER SYSTEM DETAILS : An elegant metal drawer system with a non-electric, all-mechanical design, King Slide’s SIMLEAD Safety Drawer System is an elegant metal drawer system with push-open, silent soft closing and VSD comprises the metallic side walls and full extension runners. | Hall 8.1/Booth A061 |


interzum world 2017

SCHOCK METALL SLIDES DETAILS : Schock’s smooth-action Air Motion ball bearing slides are ideal for uses such as high-quality wine storage. They protect against vibrations and also allow convenient access. The powder-coated surface match the design of the interior. With an optional damping system. | Hall 7.1/Booth A046 |

ABOVE | Merino MR+ tuff gloss laminates used in a domestic living environment.


CONTEMPORARY DESIGN SPACE SOLUTION CASETUR CM4070 DETAILS : Caseter is exhibiting its awardwinning rotating mechanism: CM4070. The CM4070 is a space saving mechanism specifically engineered for use in home office furniture. A work desk transforms neatly into a compact shelf using a 2-step rotation. The mechanism’s unique movement enables the work desk to rotate even when placed against a corner; a rotation which normally would be obstructed by the adjacent walls. This advanced mechanism can be applied to a wide variety of home office furniture, ranging from 48cm to 70cm in width. | Hall 4.2/Booth D012 |

BELOW | Stylish wooden bathroom products from Carpimoderna.

SEAT INNOVATION UNIQUE WOODEN BATHROOM PIECES CARPIMODERNA WOODEN BATHROOM COLLECTION DETAILS : Portugal-based specialist carpentry company Carpimoderna will be showcasing its unique range of wooden bathroom products, including shower tray, toilet, washbasin and a drinking fountain, the company describes as an excellent choice for offices and clinics. | Hall 5.1/Booth A060 |


interzum world 2017

OWI ADAPTER-PLATE DETAILS : OWI will be displaying a number of new products. Orion, a seat stacking shell, complements OWI’s existing plastic shells – Universe and Europe 2. Pictured is the new adapter-plate to assemble the shell. The moulded part can be milled to a user-defined specification. | Hall 5.2/Booth G021/F020 |

SLIDING SHELF MENAGE Y CONFORT DOLPHIN DETAILS : Zaragoza, Spain-based Menage y Confort is exhibiting its extensive range of space saving and innovative products for kitchens, bedrooms and home. Pictured is the Dolphin, the first sliding shelf for blind corners that adds a soft assisted opening to the soft closing system. With a load capacity of 20kg per tray, the sliding pull-outs can be specced with anti-slip melamine base or just melamine. Other products for kitchens on show from Menage y Confort include sliding larder units, pantry columns, and cleaning cupboards. For bedrooms, products include shoe racks, pull-out mirrors, skirt and trouser holders, pull-out baskets and shelves and hangers and multipurpose holders. New products for 2017 include: a new anthracite finishing, the latest flat wire line of accessories and TITAN, the perfect pantry solution. All the new products are featured in the new Menage y Confort 2017 catalogue, launched in October 2016. | Hall 8.1/Booth A021 |

DESIGNED #FORPEOPLEWHOCREATE FUNDERMAX INTERIOR COLLECTION 2017 DETAILS : FunderMax will be presenting its brand new Interior Collection 2017. Some two years in development, with its new Interior range of decors, FunderMax is radically breaking with well-known forms and traditions. In terms of communication, content and preparation, the material specialists from Austria is taking a completely new approach. The entire range of decors stands out through its individual implementation: Instead of a traditional collection system, FunderMax has developed an intuitive, highly applicable and flexible work tool. FunderMax’s decor team has developed, tested and evaluated hundreds of decors and countless surfaces over the past two years. The new Interior Collection includes 150 decors and a total of 170 options – more than twothirds of the decors are new. And the collection is designed to grow. Important trend updates make it possible to stay ahead of the game. | Hall 10.2/Booth B020/C021 |

INNOVATIVE PRINTING SOLUTIONS MIMAKI JFX500-2131 DETAILS : Mimaki is a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and cutting machines for the sign/graphics, textile/apparel and industrial markets. On show at interzum will be a selection of the company’s printers, including the JFX500-2131, pictured, that Mimaki says establishes new performance benchmarks in the sector in terms of speed, flexibility and environmental sustainability. With printing speeds of up to 60 m2/h, the new printer is up to 2.5 times faster than previous JFX printers and, the company says, will revolutionise the world of sign and graphics and wide format display with the outstanding capability of printing perfect text down to 2-point. | Hall 10.2/Booth D081 |


interzum world 2017


Ambos has been producing original accessories for wardrobes and furnishings since 1977. Innovative products such as lifting mobile clothes hanging bars , hanging accessories, hanger systems, tubes, sticks, drawers and shelves. The innovative industrial design solutions, combined with the technology used in the manufacturing, place the Ambos products – 100% Made in Italy – at the top of the range of special accessories for wardrobes and closets: technical, functional and durable products. COME AND SEE! HALL 8.1 – A-10




FATHER FURNITURE John Makepeace is one of Britain’s most renowned furniture makers, and has spent the past 50 years at the forefront of British furniture design – his unique pieces celebrate materials.


ritish furniture designer John Makepeace is one of the most significant British designers of the 20th century. Often referred to as ‘the father of British furniture design’, Makepeace is Britain’s foremost furniture designer, and makes unique museum-quality pieces of furniture that will not be repeated for anyone else. Now aged 78, John Makepeace maintains a mostly slower pace of life, but he isn’t the retiring kind. He continues to create bespoke items for those customers who can afford it. interzum World spoke to him at his Beaminster, Dorset base, to explore what a lifetime working with wood and other materials had taught him. “As a designer and a maker, I am constantly searching for more eloquent concepts for furniture,” he explained. Adding: “My objective is to achieve freer, lighter, stronger and more sculptural forms better suited to their function and more expressive of what is unique about each commission. My passion is to create masterpieces that enrich people’s lives and the language of furniture.”

INTERZUM : What would you say are your main influences when conceiving a piece of work? JM : Most of my work is commissioned. This involves a detailed discussion with the client in order to understand what they would like. In the process, a lot of other information is gathered but not necessarily articulated. A subsequent letter to the client attempts to crystallise my perception of the brief. Wherever possible, this is expressed in verbs rather than nouns and adjectives as this helps to eliminate preconceptions. We might all have an idea of what a ‘desk’ might look like, but if verbs are used – write, file, store etc – there

"Rarely does other furniture prove inspirational. I’m more interested in the people, the building and how the project can enhance the immediate environment" John Makepeace, Furniture Designer


interzum world 2017


are many different ways these activities can be achieved. In other words, the writing of the brief can really contribute at the creative stage. There may be many influences all working simultaneously. Nature itself is a constant. From a designer’s point of view, evolution demonstrates Nature’s capacity to develop elegant and efficient structures. The human form provides endless inspiration. Artists draw it, but chairs all too often ignore what is vital to our comfort and feeling of well-being. Whilst rectilinear forms are expedient for machine production, they bear little relevance to what we can readily reach and see at a desk. So anthropometrics are a valuable source. Rarely does other furniture prove inspirational. I’m more interested in the people, the building and how the project can enhance the immediate environment. INTERZUM : What trends in materials are you particularly excited about at the moment? JM : We design and make furniture to commission for an international clientele. The use of natural materials, especially indigenous woods from the best run private woodlands, have an unequalled quality of grain and texture. Other materials we use include cast aluminium and bronze, aniline-dyed leather, etc. INTERZUM : When you are conceiving a particular piece of furniture, what comes first – the materials or the idea? JM : Design ideas spring from an varied matrix of information and experience. Occasionally, a natural feature can influence a design, like the curved trunk of yew used for the ‘Bow’ bed. As we carry a diverse stock of indigenous woods, it is possible to work out the details of a design with a particular tree in mind. If we do not have what is needed in hand, then specialist merchants will source suitable logs. INTERZUM : How do you choose your materials? JM : We select trees of exceptional character and species. Special favourites are mulberry, holly, yew, 5,000-year-old bog oak, ripple sycamore. These are sawn to our specification and then dried naturally.

JOHN MAKEPEACE – A LIFETIME IN FURNITURE DESIGN John Makepeace’s career has been an adventure in wood. He first saw fine furniture being made when he was 11, and then he visited the great cabinet makers in Copenhagen as a teenager. Design and craftsmanship came naturally to him.

Early professional recognition led to his work as a design consultant to the all India Handicraft Board, a founding member of the Crafts Council in the UK and a Trustee of the V&A, London. Early commissions from Templeton and Keble College, Oxford, Liberty’s, Banque Générale du Luxembourg,


interzum world 2017

were followed by major museums, corporate and private collections around the world. John Makepeace was awarded an OBE in 1988 for his services to furniture design and in 2002 received the American Furniture Society’s Award of Distinction.

INTERZUM : Which single material would you elect to work with if you could choose only one? JM : English oak does not need to be ‘brown’ I love it, especially burr oak, when it is scrubbed and bleached to give a wonderfully wholesome texture.

"Design ideas spring from an varied matrix of information and experience. Occasionally, a natural feature can influence a design." John Makepeace

INTERZUM : What is the process behind how you work? JM : The design is a response to a detailed conversation with the individual client and an understanding of the specific situation and purpose. I am especially interested in how to use timber’s best properties and to use complementary materials to achieve high performance results that are freer, lighter, stronger and more sculptural and better suited to their function.

INTERZUM : How has your work evolved and changed over the course of your lifetime creating furniture? JM : 60 years ago, I learned the hand and machine skills of that time. Increasingly focussing on design, I have been keen to use time in ways that add more value than conventional techniques. This has been stimulated through work with engineers like Sir Ted Happold, and Frei Otto who used to speak of my work being like jewellery in wood.

INTERZUM : Does evolving technology affect your work? JM : From paper drawings, the design is developed digitally and where appropriate particular components are cnc’d to achieve forms that have become possible because of new technologies. I do believe that the methods of drawing significantly influence how we conceive ideas.

INTERZUM : Do you work in a sustainable way? Explain. JM : Sustainability is a complicated issue. Whilst the materials we use come from managed woodlands and the objects made will have an indefinite life and last for generations, the making does take a considerable amount of time and energy, neither of which is readily renewable. Sustainability is enhanced by designing and making objects of enduring quality and use. This issue will not be resolved until there are more effective ways of evaluating what we mean by sustainability.

INTERZUM : What or who are your major influences? JM : Nature constantly demonstrates the ability to generate beautiful forms with the minimal materials. Material science teaches use how to combine materials. These, in conjunction with the extraordinary flexibility of traditional skills enable us to explore new directions.

INTERZUM : Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us. Is there anything else you would like to add? JM : It has become increasingly apparent, from seeing the work of thousands of design graduates, that the quality of their ideas is hampered by an inadequate understanding of materials and processes. Practical, hands-on experience of materials can stimulate the more abstract ability to generate exciting concepts. The two are mutually beneficial. I hope my work will encourage others to consider a career as artists and makers of extraordinary furniture.

JOHN MAKEPEACE Based in Beaminster, Dorset; the studio can be visited by appointment. | TOP LEFT | The fourth in the Flow series, each chest distinct, from a single tree: Ripple ash, hollywood, oak and Lebanon cedar. ABOVE LEFT | A Millennium chair. English holly and leather. ABOVE CENTRE | Detail from a Makepeace Oppenheim desk. ABOVE RIGHT | Oppenheim desk with its lid down. LEFT | Mulberry dining table and chairs. Mulberry and polished bronze.


interzum world 2017


DESIGN TALK Dr Peter Zec, the CEO of the renowned Red Dot award scheme is a long-time friend of interzum, and a well-known cheerleader for design in the furniture supply industry. This being the case, companies that are constantly striving to find new and innovative solutions to ensure high-quality end products have found a forum within the interzum award that both highlights their achievements and also enables them to showcase their work.

The interzum award: intelligent material & design recognises the best products by the international furniture supplier industry. Now in its ninth edition, the design competition is organised by Koelnmesse in collaboration with Red Dot, the renowned international quality mark for good design. interzum World spoke to Professor Dr. Peter Zec, CEO of Red Dot, to ask about the competition’s importance and the challenges facing future design.

INTERZUM : What developments are you currently observing in the furniture and interior construction industries, and how important is design quality to them? PZ : One of the developments I’ve been observing with interest is the development of new materials that follow natural and INTERZUM : Professor Zec, the interzum award: intelligent organic characteristics closely. Some innovative and successful material & design has been presented since 2007. How products are being brought to market that are modelled on important is this year’s competition? structures and surfaces in nature combined PZ : The award is now a firm fixture and with the latest technological achievements. documents design’s vital role as a driving As this development is still relatively recent, NAME : Prof. Dr. Peter Zec force in the international furniture supplier there are large differences in design quality, TITLE : CEO industry. Design is immensely important and which is why it’s crucial to assess their INFO : Dr. Zec studied media goes hand in hand with technical innovation value and to scout out the best science, psychology and the and optimal function – not just in this field, designs with a jury’s help. science of art. Since 1991 but beyond it as well. Ultimately, a product DR PETER ZEC he has been president of the can only be as good as the materials and | Design Zentrum Nordrhein suppliers’ products that it is made from. Westfalen e.V., which organises the Red Dot Design Award. For the ninth time, Koelnmesse, in cooperation with Red Dot, presents the interzum award. The winners will be honoured at the interzum opening ceremony on Monday, May 15.



interzum world 2017

PICTURES | Peter Zec is an internationally acclaimed design expert and author.


SOCIAL CONTACT Understanding the different behaviours of particular demographics is key to making the best use of social media for your brand, says social media experts Sprout Social.


e live in a world where the importance of social media – to all industries – is increasingly vital, certainly in marketing terms. But do Millennials (18-34 years old), Gen Xers (34-54 years old) and Boomers (55-70 years old) use social media in the same way? Do they all adopt similar behaviours? A recent Sprout Social ‘Social Index’ report for 2017 provides some telling insights into each demographic’s behaviours, providing a fascinating insight into marketing approaches for interzum exhibitors and visitors. Sprout Social says, that to know what consumers are expecting from your brand on social media, you need to understand your audience’s demographics. Your marketing department can’t put a price tag on social without insight into the generational nuances that influence your audience’s purchasing behaviours, decisions and habits. To comprehend how each generation is engaging with brands on social media and what that means for your business, Sprout Social surveyed 1,000 Millennials (ages 18-34), Gen Xers (ages 34-54) and Baby Boomers (ages 55+). The results revealed a few commonalities and shed light on the differences between the behaviours, perceptions and expectations of each generation as they engage with brands across a number of platforms.

"Each generation expresses interest on social during the same stage in the customer journey, but they aren’t looking for the same experience." Sprout Social Media Management 36

interzum world 2017


FACEBOOK ON TOP With more than one billion active users, Facebook, which began as a collegiate social community, has graduated. Across all three generations, respondents identified Facebook (43.6%) as their social network of choice. Collectively, respondents found Facebook to be 29% more popular than Instagram — the respondents’ nearest, cross-generational preference. Facebook’s widespread popularity is nearly identical among Gen X (64.7%) and Baby Boomers (65.2%). When it comes to Millennials, however, the survey’s findings weren’t as distinct. Facebook might be Millennials’ most beloved platform but the group’s preference for Facebook over other social networks isn’t as pronounced as it is for Gen X and Baby Boomers. Both older generations identified YouTube as their second favourite social platform and the divide between the two networks is staggering. For Generation X, Facebook is 54% more popular than YouTube. This isn’t the case for Millennials, who more evenly split their vote between Facebook (33%), Instagram (22.2%) and Snapchat (15.8%). Younger Millennials (ages 18-24) even identify Instagram (25%) as their favourite social media network. The mobile photo-sharing app just barely beat out Facebook (24.4%) and Snapchat (23.3%) for the top spot on the subset’s shortlist. Just like their generational counterparts, more Millennials opt for YouTube (11.5%) than Twitter (7.55%). This provides a new challenge for brands. Your marketing department can’t be everywhere at once. Heavily investing in multiple social networks where your core audience isn’t actively present isn’t a good use of time or resources. So what can you do? Start by identifying a growth audience that makes sense for your brand. Gain a clear understanding of why you’re trying to reach them and what your goals are for targeting this age group. From there, strategize and plan against one of the social networks they prefer and adjust your strategy accordingly. The majority of each generation may opt-in to a brand’s Facebook Page or Instagram profile before making a purchase, but that doesn’t mean they’re seeking out the same social content. For your social marketing efforts to be successful, audience demographic data is essential. In order to give your

SPROUT SOCIAL MEDIA – KEY POINTS TAKEAWAY The Facebook Generation is officially every generation. But when it comes to your brand’s social strategy, one social network should never reign supreme. For your social marketing efforts to be successful, audience demographic data is essential. In

order to give your audience what they want you need to understand who they are and what they’re looking for first when they are online. Across age groups, more than 60 per cent of people who follow your brand are willing to buy from your brand. With such a


interzum world 2017

staggering percentage of individuals willing to buy, you need to put effort into unearthing what types of social media content will push them over the edge to actually purchase. For more information please visit |

SPROUT SOCIAL INDEX Network Preferences by Generation Millennials


Generation X Baby Boomers




Percentage Currently Following Brands via Social Media Millennials Generation X Baby Boomers


48.8% 48.6%

Percentage Who Interact With Brands at Least Monthly

audience what they want you need to understand who they are and what they’re looking for first. On Facebook, your brand’s audience makeup might look drastically different than it does on Pinterest. Your social content strategy, publishing patterns and brand messaging should reflect that difference. Your marketing strategy needs to be be cohesive – not definitive.

Millennials Generation X Baby Boomers 14% 32%


UNDERSTANDING SOCIAL MEDIA While gaining an understanding of the preferred social network of Millennials, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers is interesting, that insight alone won’t drive return on investment. You need to dig deeper. To effectively apply an understanding of social media consumption habits by generation, you first need to determine how likely an audience segment is to actually opt-in and follow your brand on social. The survey found that Millennials and Gen Xers are twice as likely to follow a brand on social media as Baby Boomers are. But along the path to purchase, when does a shopper actually follow a brand on social media? Millennials (58.9%), Gen Xers (50.4%) and Baby Boomers (55%) all tend to follow a brand on social media before purchasing a product. Each generation expresses interest on social during the same stage in the customer journey, but they aren’t looking for the same experience. Millennials follow

Percentage Likely to Buy From a Brand They Follow Generation X Baby Boomers


67% 60%


interzum world 2017

Information supplied via Sprout Social



brands for entertainment value (38%) and information (42%), whereas Gen X is more likely to follow for contests (41%), deals and promotions (58%). Baby Boomers fall somewhere in the middle and are looking for a healthy mix of deals and promotion (60%) and information (53%). Expectations also vary when it comes to the frequency with which each generation interacts with the brands they follow. Twenty-nine percent of respondents across generations said they engage by liking, sharing or commenting on a brand’s social post on a monthly basis. However, when the data is segmented out, it tells a different story. On a monthly basis, 32% of Gen Xers engage with a brand they follow. That percentage drops slightly to 30% for Millennials. When it comes to Baby Boomers, they’re mainly observers. Only 14% are regularly starting a dialogue or interaction with your brand.

BEHAVIOUR UNDERSTOOD When it comes to interacting with brands, it’s no surprise that the youngest cohort cited social media as their preferred method of communication. Millennials are twice as likely to turn to social, rather than phone or email, to communicate with a brand. With each generation engaging with your brand at a different cadence, it only makes sense that each group would unfollow your brand for a different reason. Gen Xers are nearly 160% more likely than the other generations to unfollow a brand that says something offensive or in opposition to their personal beliefs. Millennials unfollow because they had a bad experience (21%) or because they found a brand’s social marketing annoying (22%). Baby Boomers? Too much spam causes 29% to take direct action and opt-out. People are following your brand on social, but do the thumbs up, shares and Retweets correlate to profit? Across generations, 62% of people said they are likely or somewhat likely to purchase a product from a brand they follow on social. Nearly 7 in 10 Gen Xers will likely purchase something from a brand they follow. That number dips to a still-impressive 60% of Millennials and 51% of Baby Boomers. When a customer has a positive interaction with a brand, 71% said they’re more likely to buy from that company. Their willingness to purchase increased by 14% across all age groups. The youngest generation surveyed reported the biggest spike. In fact, Millennials are 6% more likely than any other generation to spend with a brand they have a positive exchange with on social.

INTERZUM INSIGHT – SHARE EFFECTIVELY The concept of social media is fairly simple: be communicative, alert and always engage with your followers – your readers will notice and give an active response. Using simple tools, you can take advantage of social networks and increase your visibility. There are four key methods, in particular, that you can use to prompt the community to share your posts.

MAKE SHARING EASY FOR YOUR READERS If you want your followers to share your content, it is important that you make reposting as easy as possible. The installation of one-click sharing buttons on your website constitutes an essential tool. But it is also important to get the position of the buttons right. Don’t put them at the bottom of the page; instead, place them directly below your article. Try adjusting the size and colour of your social-media sharing buttons to find out which combinations are embraced the most readily by your community.

USE MEANINGFUL IMAGES Images are one of the most effective tools you can use to get a customers attention. Attach images to your posts to make them more interesting. If you have a small business and


interzum world 2017

"People are following your brand on social media networks, but do the thumbs up, shares and Retweets correlate to actual real profit?" Sprout Social Media Management

you don’t have a huge stock of images, that needn’t be an obstacle. There are useful sites that offer royalty-free, highquality images free of charge – such as Pixabay or PhotoXpress.

For your posts on this platform to be shared, they need to be interesting, innovative and detailed. l Alongside Instagram, Pinterest is one of the most important social networks to focus on images. It is a platform for exchanging consumer tips, such as DIY ideas, recipes, tutorials or infographics.

PRIORITISE YOUR CONTENT Your community will vary significantly from network to network. Your followers on Facebook will behave differently to your audience on LinkedIn. This has many advantages for your company. However, it is important to adapt your content to each specific platform and to prioritise your social activities according to your networks. l Facebook is a social network that primarily focuses on private contacts and your private life. Your content will therefore be more readily shared if you attempt to pick up your followers on a personal and private basis. l Twitter is the platform with the second-largest user base. Speed and relevance to current events are key. Consequently, it’s a good source of news and trending topics. The use of topic-based hashtags offers a useful function because it gives you greater reach and allows you to appeal to more precise target groups, as well as helping you to be found more easily. l LinkedIn is the social network for professional people and can help you to make connections with others in your industry.

PUBLISH YOUR POSTS AT THE RIGHT TIME If you want to give your posts the best chance to get a big reaction and lots of shares, it is important that you publish your posts during peak times. For each network, there is a specific time window in which the majority of the community is online and using content. For example, research indicates an ideal time to post on Facebook is in the evening, between 6-10pm, at the start of the week. On Twitter, however, the situation is quite different. Here, the best time to post is from Monday to Thursday between 1-3pm. Anyone who wants content to be shared by the community, not only has to think about it from a marketing perspective, but also needs to put themself in the users shoes. If you know what your users want, you can provide them with precisely that content and achieve far greater added value compared to your competitors.


interzum world 2017



FEATURED EXHIBITORS The Materials & Nature section of interzum 2017 will once again showcase the very best and most innovative materials the world of furnishing production has to offer at this year’s show. Resource conservation, sustainable raw materials, innovative surface design: These are just a few of the trends in this area. At interzum 2017 the best new ingredients for tomorrow’s sales success will be presented for the first time in the Materials & Nature section. Here visitors will find wood, veneers, parquet flooring, interior works, decorative surfaces, decor papers, laminates, wood-based panels, laminated plastic, mineral materials, edges, surface treatments, adhesives, embossing cylinders, press plates, etc. As Arne Petersen, Vice President Trade Fair Management of Koelnmesse GmbH, explains: “As every year, the Materials & Nature segment focuses on more versatile materials that ensure a modern and individual furniture design. Here, a particular emphasis is placed on the theme sustainability. Those who are

interested in the keywords, conserving resources, sustainable raw materials or cradle-to-cradle concepts, will find a lot of input here. There will be two Piazze [one in Hall 6 and the other in Hall 10.2.] in this section for the first time. They will be designed by the interior designer, Katrin de Louw, and concentrate on the theme ‘Individuality’.” In Hall 10.2, on Stand D 80, visitors can also explore 3D printing innovation in a special area where experts will offer insights into technologies, software and services. Architects and product designers are the target audience, as are the decision makers in the furniture and interior construction industries. Leading manufacturers will present working examples of digital industrial manufacturing, promoting creativity, shorter reaction times and design flexibility in the home and furnishing sectors.

Featured exhibitors | Halls 3.2, 4.1, 4.2, 5.2, 7, 8 42

interzum world 2017


MATERIAL TALK Dr. Sascha Peters is involved with interzum 2017 through his development of an area that looks at sustainable material design with a focus on upcycled and recycled furniture. that react to external influences and environmental factors – has increased significantly. Another focus in our special area was on the intelligent use of unusual resources, in most cases natural materials that are not normally used; one of the exhibits was a stool made out of antiseptic birchbark.

Upcycling and sustainable materials cycles are the topic of a special area that is being designed for the upcoming interzum 2017 by Dr. Sascha Peters. interzum World spoke with the renowned expert – owner of the Haute Innovation agency – in materials about the concept behind the special event, innovative uses and manufacturing technologies as well as furniture made from biomaterials.

INTERZUM : What do the materials and processing mean for applications in office architecture and furniture? SP : Functional materials and the intelligent use of materials give designers and architects of modern work environments the INTERZUM : You were responsible for an event area at opportunity to work much more consciously with the available ORGATEC in October 2016. This was a format that was resources. Smart materials react automatically to changing initially developed for interzum. What innovations were influences from the environment and they act to the benefit of shown there? Have your areas of focus people in areas such as shading, climate changed since the last interzum? control, acoustics and lighting. With these SP : In the last few years, we have smart materials, office design can really be NAME : Dr. Sascha Peters identified two fields where companies stripped down to the basics. The use of TITLE : Founder and research institutes are very active in materials and hence the weight of system INFO : Owner of Haute the development of innovative materials components are reduced, which represents Innovation – a materials and that can play a role in modern homes and the response to the requirements for technology agency based worlds of work. The number and diversity of adaptability in office environments in Berlin. He is the author applications for smart materials – materials and for general workplace flexibility. of numerous professional publications. Dr. Peters is a speaker and event moderator who is in demand worldwide. He also organises innovation workshops on varied subjects such as resource conserving, sustainability and the use of smart materials.



interzum world 2017


INTERZUM : ‘Smart’ materials call for innovative forms of production. What interesting approaches are there in this regard, and in which direction are they heading? SP : Without question, the most interesting development in innovative production methods is 3D printing, a so-called additive manufacturing technology that is not based on conventional, material-subtractive processes, as is the case with milling, turning or drilling. Instead it works by building up or ‘adding’ the material. The biggest advantage of these manufacturing technologies is that even complex component geometries with internal cavity structures can be implemented: these are structures that cannot be produced in any other way. When 3D printing is combined with the options that digitalisation and online data transfer open up, we seem to be a step closer to individualised product manufacturing.

INTERZUM : You presented the developments that you have just described during interzum 2015. What were the main points that were brought out? SP : We presented some amazing projects to demonstrate the potential applications of generative production methods for interior and furniture designers and looked into different additive technologies as well as the substances and materials that can currently be processed. Live presentations of a food printer and of ‘BIG Rep’, the largest batch-produced FLM (Fused Layer Modeling) system currently available, turned the technology area into a tangible experience. INTERZUM : The next edition of innovation of interior will be presented at interzum 2017. Can you give us a brief overview of what to expect?

THE SCALE OF HUMAN WASTE – TOP 10 FACTS Only about 5% of all plastics in the U.S. are actually recycled. 02 In the U.S. alone, people throw away 2.5 million plastic bottles per hour. Each one takes 500 years to decompose. 03 It takes 70% less energy to recycle paper than to make new paper from raw materials. 04 Over the past 100 years, the amount of waste that humans 01

produced has increased by over ten thousand per cent. 05 A plastic bag from the supermarket takes between 500 and 1,000 years to finally degrade. 06 There are about 46,000 pieces of plastic floating in every square mile of the world’s oceans. 07 Over 1 million seabirds die each year from ocean pollution. 08 Burying coffins also means that


interzum world 2017

90,272 tons of steel, 2,700 tons of copper and bronze, and over 30 million feet of hard wood covered in toxic laminates are also buried every year. 09 Every year, over 50 million tonnes of e-waste (waste such as computers and mobile phones) is created. 10 Worldwide, people use an estimated 1 trillion plastic bags, which equates to 100 million barrels of oil.

PHOTOS | Dr. Sascha Peters is one of the world’s leading material experts and trend scouts for new technologies. He is pictured at the interzum exhibition in 2015.

SP : We will be devoting the next interzum special event to the subject of ‘upcycling’”. Over the course of the next decade, industrialised societies will be working to improve their use of available resources and make the transition in their industrial production to closed-loop material cycles. The shift away from ‘consumption’” of a resource to its ‘use’ is of especially high importance to material-intensive industries and is becoming a driver of innovation in view of the world’s growing population. New upcycling processes will greatly reduce the use of resources and energy on all levels. Ideally, at the end of the product lifecycle, there should be no waste produced, but instead high-quality materials that can be used as a starting point for a new product lifecycle. Recycling becomes upcycling, so waste is not produced at all and resources remain in the cycle. With the help of some outstanding examples from

manufacturers, designers and architects, we will use the ‘innovation of interior’” special event area to reveal the potential of upcycling models and illustrate the functioning of sustainable materials cycles. Special attention will be paid to the recycling of energy in the context of energy-harvesting systems. Visitors will be amazed! INTERZUM : Can you give us some insight into your background and how you arrived at your current role? SP : I studied mechanical engineering with the main focus on construction technology at the Technical University Aachen and product design at Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts. Then a doctor’s degree at Duisburg Essen University, with a focus on the complex of problems in communication between engineering and design. Between 1997 and 2003 I was heading research projects and product development at the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology in Aachen. From 2003 to 2008 I was a deputy manager at the Design Centre in Bremen which was an initiative for the promotion of economic development of the federal land of Bremen. Since 2014 I have been a member of the advisory board of the promotion initiative called ‘Twenty20 – Partnership for Innovation’ created by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. In 2015 I was appointed a member of the jury of the Red Dot Award Product Design. Haute Innovation is a specialist in future developments that provides our customers with latest information about the most important material and technological developments.

BELOW | Human waste is growing at unprecedented levels.



interzum world 2017



UPCYCLING AND RECYCLING SECTOR AT INTERZUM 2017 The potential offered by the reuse of recyclable materials will be shown at interzum. In the ‘Circular Thinking’ special event area in Hall 4.2, designers’ and manufacturers’ innovative recycled products will be showcased to visitors. important. “Over the course of the next decade, industrialised societies will be working to improve their use of available resources and make the transition in their industrial production to closed-loop material cycles,” observes Dr. Sascha Peters, the materials expert who, with his Haute Innovation agency, will be showing the potential of alternative sources of raw materials. Special attention will be paid to current upcycling models, as well as the recycling of energy. Alongside materials, furniture and functional objects, innovative products, such as a small hydroelectric power plant for mobile electricity supply, will also be on display.

In upcycling, materials initially discarded during the sorting and recycling process become the starting point for high-quality design. Furniture made out of waste paper, used jeans or skateboards make good use of seemingly unusable materials that would otherwise go to landfill. Waste becomes reusable materials with their very specific qualities for innovative design. Ideally, at the end of a product’s lifecycle, high-quality materials remain for the manufacture of new products. Resources remain in the cycle, and waste is avoided. As the world’s population increases, the shift away from the consumption of a resource to its use is becoming increasingly


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Wood at its best

Our world is full of opportunities. We take in a broad spectrum of impressions and inspirations every day. Which ones are relevant? Which ones have the potential for innovation? What will be the next trend? Let’s treat ourselves to a moment of peace and quiet. Let’s listen to ourselves and give our minds time to relax. Let’s focus on what’s important: our needs and our ideas. If our thoughts are free to roam, new ideas can come to light. Let’s create our own world, the way we want it. With the ONE WORLD Collection. We look forward to welcoming you to our stand (D070 – E079, hall 6.1) during the Interzum 2017 trade fair.

ONE WORLD COLLECTION The diversity of life-styles inspired SWISS KRONO to create an international label for furniture and interior design, the ONE WORLD collection. Exclusive designs and unique surface textures make this collection a visual and tactile experience. While working with such a unique material like wood SWISS KRONO often had to give thought to what it is that people want and need.

The world in which we live in is filled with a full range of colours, emotions and sounds. With such a variety of styles available it is important to create a space for yourself that defines you. It doesn’t matter whether you live in Paris, Moscow or New York, there is nothing more pleasant than coming back home after a long day of work to a home in which you can relax and find your sanctuary, to a place furnished in your style that expresses your personality. SWISS KRONO created this collection for you – to feel at ease, comfort and joy from creating your own space.


PLASTIC LAMINATE From the vast experience gained over several decades, Luigi Puricelli explains plastic laminate’s development and the new opportunities it offers, thanks to the technological progress his company spearheads.


erhaps more than any other material, plastic laminate has been the face of modernity.” Is how Luigi Puricelli, owner of the eponymous company based in Costa Masnaga (near Lecco, Italy), starts on the subject. His company was among the first Italian businesses to believe and invest in the material. From 1948, when Puricelli was founded, modernity has always been the real goal of the Lecco company. “Since we set the company up,” says Puricelli, “we were able to sense all the potential in developing this material, including the modernity that plastic laminate brought with it. We’ve followed its transformations with passion and foresight, we’ve also been ahead of the curve by picking up on opportunities offered by new markets and structuring ourselves to act effectively on the international market, growing and strategically strengthening its productive structure.” Today Puricelli is one of the most important businesses making decorative

plastic laminates, with an industrial structure comprising five factories in Italy, Greece, Spain and Tunisia. “A multinational,” explains Puricelli, “but its heart and brain are in Italy and nowhere else. The first rate organisation and commercial service of the company – which is thorough and reaches across Italy – allows it to penetrate new markets incisively and tackle all sectors that demand high standards in technology and reliability. Our technical laboratory is at the forefront of technical advance and our R&D centre is constantly dedicated to innovation across the board, and they allow Puricelli to answer every kind of request from customers with speed and competence.”

"We’ve also been ahead of the curve by picking up on opportunities offered by new markets and structuring ourselves to act effectively on the international market" Luigi Puricelli


interzum world 2017


The Lombard entrepreneur goes on to describe in detail the company products. “Puricelli are making a new offer: laminates immediately available from stock: prêt-à-porter. The world of architecture and interior design has become very fast and dynamic, and created new needs for designers and users who will be able to count on a huge selection ready for any kind of project. The collection is made of 65 items grouped according to the most appropriate finishes and divided into three categories. I Naturali are laminates that reproduce the warmth and the timeless naturalness of wood. I Materici are surfaces bearing extraordinarily authentic decorative effects, inspired by materials refined over time by capable artisan hands. Gli Unici, finally, are spots of colour that become alive and give the senses an all-around experience, inspired by the world of textiles and high-quality leathers.” Another Puricelli-signed proposal is Morewood. “With this we combine the technical and performance features of laminate with the value of a wholly natural material such as wood. Joining lamination technology with the tradition of master craftsmen in wood, Puricelli create a finished product with characteristics previously unknown to Hpl surfaces. "The surface is warm to the touch, opaque and incredibly natural, showcasing all the typical features of wood. This result is particularly surprising when you consider the high technical results of wood. The different colours and the veins make the materiaI deep and complex to view, and, what is more, extraordinarily natural and rich to the touch, thus offering a product highly suited for use in environments where the feel of a natural material must be projected to the highest level. Morewood is highly resistant to humidity, steam, and stains, to scratches and wear, so that it is perfect for use as a horizontal

surface in such environments as kitchens and bathrooms. Puricelli have carefully selected a range of materials that are always available in 18 colours and high-quality woods, suit contemporary design perfectly and hark back to the tradition of furniture making.” Another innovative material is Morematt, which, thanks to the use of nanotechnologies, reaches both the typical characteristics of plastic laminates and high technical and decorative standards. “It is opaque at a very low level of reflection,” Puricelli explains, “which makes its surface soft and

MANUFACTURED IN ITALY – INTERNATIONALLY KNOWN Gruppo Puricelli’s history starts in 1948 at the hands of Cavalier Luigi Puricelli. Since then, Puricelli has resolutely followed the path of growth and international expansion. In 1962, Puricelli built a plant at Costa Masnaga, still the company’s office and production centre. Costa Masnaga

has the offices, the R&D department, much of the Hpl and Cpl production, and the press for decoratives. Puriplast Hellas Ae in Thessaloniki harbours Hpl and cpl production and the making of paper under lower pressure. Puriplast Iberica Sa Chiva also contains the production of Hpl


interzum world 2017

and Cpl, but also the production of HDF floor bars. The Teramo (Italy) branch makes C-Hpl. Finally Puricelli TunisieSarlSoliman, apart from producing Hpl, also works on Hpl. For more information please visit |

silky for a tactile feeling that sets it apart from all traditional decorative materials. Its structural quality and visual impact make it a unique, innovative material, while the range of colours and formats allow for wide creative flexibility. Its particular composition makes the surface greatly resistant to wear, raising its strength against fingerprints and scratches, and it is also certified as resisting dry heat and wet heat, light, and low temperatures. It has anti-bacterial qualities, it is free from Phenols, and has passed class A+ certification tests for the emission of volatile substances. Morematt is ideal for horizontal and vertical surfaces for intense use and in particularly challenging environments, it can be supplied in slim slabs and in after-shape quality, or in self-bearing high thickness panels, and it is easy to work on.” And again, Mixis. “Mixis combines the nobility of metal with an endless wealth of finishes thanks to a patented process that joins diverse technologies into a single and exclusive production method: ultra-thin metallization that retains all physical characteristics of its group, but raises its decorative potential with great pliability in working, which is impossible for a traditional HPL. Out of this, a truly versatile selection is born, ranging from classic metal laminate to oxidized products, from the smoothest finishes to more structured ones, to the tiniest

incisions, which, together with a large range of colours, make it a unique product of remarkable perceived wealth. Because of its characteristics, both in aesthetics and in endurance, Mixis is ideal in any context in which it is important to bring out the character of metal but also open it to unprecedented touch and visual objects. Applied as architectural cladding on horizontal and vertical surfaces, and even as cover on items of furniture, Mixis adds changing, vibrating effects to the geometries of places and things, and gives you with unexpected chiaroscuros and variations of light and shadows on its surfaces.” Finally, one of the most recent products offered by Puricelli is P.Zero. “This is born as an answer to specific needs: join the performance of a high-quality laminate with great flexibility in geometry, and meet the market’s most demanding requirements, while keeping technical and formal requirements. P.Zero joins the ductile plasticity of a paper product with the resistance of a perfect laminate. Designed to satisfy the advance of an ever more demanding taste in the market for doors, it can follow any fold or bend, down to the most difficult details, such as borders and jambs shaped with a sharp edge. Thanks to this capacity, the cover actually suits all vertical surfaces with demanding geometries, such as shutters, built-in handles, frames, shelves, skirtings, kitchen systems and furniture.”


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DESIGN TALK French designer François Azambourg’s work is characterized by his capacity to break down completely the materiality of an object in regards to its function. by carpenters mastering traditional construction. The result of my residency was exhibited at the Musée des Arts décoratifs in Paris during the DDAYS. It is now part of the collection of National Museum of Modern Art Centre Pompidou, which was a great news for us. I also collaborated with Louis Vuitton, designed mobiles for ATELIER d’Exercices and the lamp ‘Chapellière’ for Serge Mouille Edition… During 2017, we will be working on a carpet collection for Chevalier Edition, on a theatre scenography, an hotel room in the south of France, etc. Two substantial projects will be showcased this year during the DDAYS: a first one in collaboration with Hermès on glass and leather, released for the occasion and exhibited in their boutique, and a second one at the ‘Musée des Arts décoratifs’ with the CIAV, the International Center for Glass Art, celebrating the 10th birthday of the NAME : François Azambourg ‘Douglas’ vase with many surprises. TITLE : Designer INFO : After an INTERZUM : Is there a single material electrotechnical training, that you would elect to work with if you François Azambourg studied could choose only one? Fine Arts and eventually FA : I have a particular affection for Applied Art at the French light materials. Henri Mignet, one of National Higher School of Applied Arts and Arts Crafts in Paris. François Azambourg has participated in numerous shows around the world exhibiting his projects for some of the world’s most prestigious companies.

Winner of the Villa Medicis hors les Murs prize in 2003, of the Grand Prix du Design de Paris in 2004, of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs contest, ‘Créateur de l’ Année’ at the Salon du Meuble-Paris in 2009, François Azambourg has participated in numerous shows around the world exhibiting projects for the most prestigious companies including Capellini, Hermès, Domeau & Pérès, Poltrona Frau, Ligne Roset/Cinna, just to name a few. Azambourg’s work is oriented towards simplicity and lightness. interzum World spoke to François Azambourg about the ethos and beliefs behind his work with materials. INTERZUM : What particular trends in new materials are you most excited about at the moment? FA : 2016 was influenced by my return from a residency at the Villa Kujoyama in Kyoto, Japan, where I met several Japanese wood craftsmen. I based all of my researches there on a thin and light material: the wasted wood chips produced



interzum world 2017


interzum world 2017


RIGHT | The Bouclette light. BELOW RIGHT | The Grillage chair, from Ligne Roset, is created when a sheet of perforated metal is stretched to create a mesh, then folded, origami-style. BELOW | In 2016 François Azambourg had a residency at the Villa Kujoyama in Kyoto, Japan.

INTERZUM : During your career, what or who have been your major influences? FA : The Impressionist movement really inspires me. If you apply its substance to design, it is not the shape of the object that matters but rather the impression you get from it. We could say my lights are impressionist! With the side lamp ‘Bouclette’, a limited edition by Galerie kreo, it is not the light function I am interested in: it is the sensation you recall from what I would rather call an emanation of light, or a light substance. I am also passionate about the world of engineering and aviation in particular. It implies a deep, almost intimate, comprehension of the materials and the forces they must endure. I try to keep this engineering approach in my projects.

the fathers of aviation, used to say “I weigh everything. Light things are sympathetic to me”. I also like materials that have a strong adaptability such as glass, which can be moulded, cut or blown. INTERZUM : What is the actual working process you try and follow behind what you do? FA : There are many ingredients to it: artistic ones such as my watercolour practice, technical ones as mentioned earlier but also music, always accompanying us at the studio when we work, or nature. We as humans do not have the monopoly of producing things. The rest of the living world is full of instructions as it demonstrates both rigour, total economy and harmony. It still fascinates me like a child. I try to cultivate the ability to wonder but it is a commonplace shared by all of us, isn’t it? To give an example: why is the ornament of the vase ‘Douglas’ beautiful? By burning, the mould made of Douglas pine planks marks the molten glass of its prints. There is nothing artificial about this print, it carries a sense of truth. There are no such things as bad designs or bad taste in nature. The Douglas will celebrate its tenth birthday next spring during Paris Designers’ Days [DDAYS –] and the process itself makes it still up-to-date.

INTERZUM : How do you think your work has evolved and changed over the years? FA : I explore the expressive potential of shaping of materials and fabrication processes, regardless of whether they are industrial or handmade, innovative or traditional. I usually try not to be prompted by seduction effects or trends but rather I am driven by a constant care for economy of means and lightness. The drawings of my designs are under the greatest influence of fabrication processes and the nature of the various materials I use.

INTERZUM : Does constantly evolving technology have a greater inflence on your work? FA : Design is quite young and was born out of the industry. The industry produces manufactured and assembled objects. I can only wish that design will enrich itself with new ways of conceiving objects, that its technical bases will enrich by opening to many other fields.

INTERZUM : François, Thank you very much for taking time out to talk to us at interzum World.



interzum world 2017



OUR VALUES Stand N0. B069 | Hall. 10.2 SUSTAINABLE

NEW PRODUCT J-LIGHT BOARD |INNOVATION A VERY HIGH COMMITMENTS QUALITY BOARD, MADE OF FALCATA WOOD The production cycle for each product is studied to reduce the environmental and energy impact while favouring local production.


Promoting new products and materials allows NP-ROLPIN to innovate while meeting ecological standards.


Marc BONNET 40 years ago, in the heart of9the Aquitaine forest region, the future NP ROLPIN Sales manager France +33 (0)6 72 75 69 59 2 75 initiator of maritime and resinous, pine plywood. company was born, creator and 78




+33 (0)6 85 12 60 62

High processing capacity combines lightness and resistance RESPECT CUSTOMER CLIENT - EMPLOYEE SUPPLIERS ThanksCUSTOMER to its low density, the strip -assembly provides strong resistance to the board.

NP-ROLPIN places For an attractive and service, rapidity and secure environment, Business Ethics at the NP-ROLPIN cultivates heart of its team spirit. In order to commitments. maintain a relationship of It Board offers is assistance and wood confidence with its The ecological J-Light made of Falcata from our plantation customised solutions for suppliers, NP-ROLPIN a successful Manufacturing has set up an ethical process collaboration. conduct process.













SOUTH-WEST REGION Jean-Marc TOUTAIN Sector manager France +33 (0)6 72 75 69 56

manufacturing technology is recognized in the Japanese market. The boards are long-term sellers and are manufactured with high processing standards.


BareCore Falcata

Laminated Falcata timber

Glueing the cut Falcata boards and Brown wallnut


Black wallnut



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Sergi COMPTE + 34 606 45 32 77



1964, rue de la Grande Lande, 40210, Labouheyre - FRANCE TÉL: +33 (0)5 58 04 42 42











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The stable supply of material and the superior





Lumajang and Gresik factories in Indonesia. Processing

+ 491 724 465 108


With special care, they produce more than 0 3 million m2 per year. 56


MDF glueing


Bending process











The J-Light Board is produced using strict quality control processes Today, there are more than 140 persons manufacturing ecologically responsible 0 panel-board with criteria of innovation and excellence. 2

Falcata wood

ercing treatment for nting






Strip assembly


Several generations of employees, attached to their forest and passionate about EXPORT NORTH-EAST REGION NORTH-WEST REGION GERMANY,and SWITZERLAND, this superb maritime pine resinous material, have understood how to create Marc BONNET Erik FERRER-MORA AUSTRIA, EASTERN EUROPE Sales manager France Sales manageran France develop original, novel and long-lasting +33 (0)6know-how. 72 75 69 59 Geoffroy AVREUX

Falcata wood board

Falcata wood



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SOUTH-EAST REGION Guillaume DEPLATIERE Sector manager France +33 (0)6 72 75 69 60

REST OF THE WORLD Christian DESME + 33 (0)6 80 27 24 98



DESIGN TALK Katrin de Louw is a renowned specialist expert in the area of analysing social trends as they influence furniture design. At interzum 2017 she is responsible for two special event areas. use as explanations: for instance, globalisation is inspiring furnishings with culturally diverse influences. Demographic changes are leading consumers to focus more on health, amongst many other issues.

Katrin de Louw’s consultancy TRENDFILTER examines social developments that are influencing our lives, amongst other trends. The acclaimed trend expert is designing two special event areas on the theme of Materials & Nature at interzum 2017. interzum World spoke to her about the increasing importance of materiality and the influence ‘mega trends’ have on our furnishings.

INTERZUM : What role does materiality now play in current interior design trends? KDL : Materiality is becoming more and more important in a variety of different aspects. Materials sourcing and production, high quality standards, long life cycles and recycling are INTERZUM : Katrin, what influence do social developments crucial issues because consumer awareness is constantly have on furniture design and our interior design? increasing, and they want to know what’s inside. The weight of KDL : The overall social framework influences our need for materials is playing a growing role in online shipping, as well furnishings, our desires, how we behave as handling and easy-to-fit furniture and hence what we consume. The mega components. Store design on the other trends predicted by futurologists vary in hand requires emotional materials and NAME : Katrin de Louw terms of the fresh impetus that they could surfaces that “fit” their story and entice TITLE : Owner give our industry. We analyse these trends shoppers to linger inside. INFO : TRENDFILTER not in workshops and examine what could only advises but designs ultimately be relevant for our industry. INTERZUM : ‘Individuality’ is the slogan for companies who produce Sometimes this can be very complex and you’ve chosen to design two special or distribute products or involves diverse factors, but there also areas at interzum 2017 based materials for furniture and very clear and simple examples that I can on the theme Materials & Nature. interior architecture. Providing a professional ‘trendscouting’ service for this sector, and the resulting annual TRENDFILTER® lecture, the team offer a comprehensive and unique design consultancy. |



interzum world 2017


PICTURES | Katrin de Louw’s TRENDFILTER agency provides a varied menu of consultancy services to the furniture industry.

and the quality of the furniture continue to gain in importance. Seen in this way, all signs are positive. But the industry is in a state of upheaval, digitization and the restructuring of the trade are major challenges. Furniture manufacturers have to set the course for the future. It needs visionaries in the industry.

Which groundbreaking innovations are you seeing in materials and surfaces? KDL : The importance of haptics is growing because it’s one of the senses that cannot yet be activated by the internet. Then there are a number of additional functions extending all the way to smart surfaces, which materials could provide in the future. Our slogan, “Individuality”, can, of course, be achieved through order-based production, such as digital printing. But we also believe that the individual materials mix alone can make a considerable difference. In the Materials & Nature Piazza at interzum we will present many new product ideas from material manufacturers on all these issues.

INTERZUM : What influence do social developments have on the design of furniture and the setting up of your home? KDL : Social conditions influence our longings and behaviors and thus our consumption. The megatrends projected by the future research are differently strong as impulses for the furniture industry. We analyze these trends in workshops and look at what can ultimately be relevant to our industry. This is sometimes very complex and versatile, but there are also simple and obvious examples: Globalization, for example, gives impulses to a multifaceted cultural institution. In addition to many other issues, demographic change is increasingly focusing on health.

INTERZUM : How do you rate trade fairs like interzum as business platforms and sources of inspiration? KDL : They’re very important. We research our trends online as well, and in collaboration with other agencies, in workshops or other media. But trade fairs offer incredible potential: they’re an opportunity to gather a lot of inspiration in a very short time, to experience many products ‘for real’ and touch them. And every offline meeting and conversation, like those you can have at trade fairs, are useful for collaborations and new ideas.

TRENDESPRESSO Alongside the relaxed, meeting-place atmosphere of the Piazzas designed by Katrin de Louw, there will once again be a comprehensive programme of lectures this year. One of the daily highlights will be the ‘Trendespresso’, a short lecture by Katrin de Louw about the current trends within the design industry. Taking place each day in Hall 10.2 from 2-2.30pm, [12.30-1pm on May 19].

INTERZUM : How do you look at the current situation in the furniture industry and what opportunities and challenges do you see for their future? KDL : In countries with a stable economic situation, the construction boom will continue in cities as there is a lack of housing. At the same time, people have a greater security need, travel less and invest in the home. Environmental protection



interzum world 2017

We challenge the ordinary engineering exceptional plywood from sustainable wood plantations. Wide and innovative product range Outstanding stability and dimensional uniformity

Lightweight composition and high-quality core and faces

We will be happy to receive you in our booth H-048, Hall 10.2


DISTINCTIVE VENEER The Initiative Furnier + Natur successfully promotes the unique properties of veneers. One of the most flexible and striking materials available to the design industry.


he future begins here’ is the motto of interzum this year. The best ideas and industry trends for the furniture industry, interior construction and mobile living spaces will be premiered at the show..Strikingly, wood – a truly ancient and tradition-steeped natural material – once again plays a hugely important part at this year’s exhibition; an interzum fair without wood is truly unthinkable. The Initiative Furnier + Natur (IFN), founded by European companies in the veneer industry, trade and the veneer processing industry, will participate at interzum in Hall 4.2, D80. Right at the heart of the ‘innovation of interior’-area of Hall 4.2, the Initiative Furnier + Natur will demonstrate their most important passion: Sustainability. The stand will show a small woodland setup. Different types of veneer form pillars, fine oak presented as veneered flooring, polished and dyed wall panels, as well as numerous small and funny

objects can be discovered at the stand. All of their surfaces are unique and therefore remarkable in their beauty and authenticity. Veneers are works of art given to us by nature and breathe life into any surface. Another focus of the IFN is to communicate the campaign The campaign’s main homepage showcases people and their love and passion for a unique material, namely for the natural product veneer. It is wellknown that veneer is used in furniture making. But the natural product is capable of more and is increasingly used to finish objects and products in everyday life.

"The colour, figure and texture of veneer is always unique and bears witness to its individual character... Each real wood veneer is a valuable one-off."


interzum world 2017


The website not only presents extravagant furniture, but also showcases previously little-known products made of veneer in short films and profiles the artists, designers and artisans behind them. As different as the individual protagonists are, they all have one thing in common: their passion for veneer. On facebook, the campaign has 2,700 followers already. Individual posts, such as a contribution in Spanish on veneered lights, recently reached more than 70,000 people. Other contributions in Russian or Turkish have also communicated the message to a large number of people. The initiative’s very own youtube channel – and consequently the campaign films – have had around 212,000 viewings. The community interested in veneer is growing quickly and steadily, a situation which can be monitored on social media channels. Many interior designers, carpenters, designers or furniture manufacturers are finding inspiration on Among the experts, veneer is one of the finest things that can be made from wood. At the same time it is also the most economical way to use wood. It is hard to believe, but a single tree can be used to produce fine veneer to finish the surfaces of the furniture for seven bedrooms – from the bed with bedside table to the wardrobe, through to the chest of drawers and the shelves on the bedroom wall. Nowadays, veneer must compete with a range of man-made imitations. Yet, as a design element used carefully in a targeted way, it is hard to imagine modern buildings or top-class aircraft, boats or cars without it. Each veneer sheet displays the characteristic features and decorative particularities of the wood selected with a great deal of time and effort. In the same way, as no two trees are alike, the veneer sheets are never identical. The colour, figure and texture of veneer is always unique and bears witness to its individual character. Veneer is one of the finest things that can be made from natural wood. It embellishes furniture, doors, parquet or even the dashboards of high-quality cars. Using only the very best woods, each real wood veneer is a valuable one-off, which lends all products individual character.



ABOVE | Veneer, a natural product, is suitable for

many uses beyond traditional furniture and is increasingly used to ‘finish’ many objects and products in everyday life. ABOVE MIDDLE | South Tyrolean Norbert Öttl, operating under the name EMBAWO, has been producing handmade handbags and cases made of wood.


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PFLEIDERER FOCUS At interzum, the leading wood panel manufacturer Pfleiderer will be focussing on its strengthened innovative power and the theme ‘Inspirations close to you’.


he leading wood panel manufacturer Pfleiderer will be presenting new materials and solutions for industrial and interior fitting applications under the theme ‘Inspirations close to you’ [Hall 06.1, stand D010 E019]. At interzum, the wood-based panel manufacturer is showing current trends and how to implement them using its global ‘Design Collection 2017-2020’. With new intriguing surface textures and worktops on display, Pfleiderer is giving an insight into the development of a forward-looking surface technology. In close collaboration with the lacquer and adhesive specialist Kleiberit, Pfleiderer is developing a new lacquering line allowing the lacquering of HPL and compact panels of a width of 2,100mm. Unparalleled in the market, the developed machine configuration is planned to go on stream in Leutkirch in the fourth quarter of this year. As a specialist for high-end, designoriented product solutions, Pfleiderer is thereby also further strengthening its Leutkirch site. “Thanks to our new uniform structures in Germany and Poland, we can now much faster push ahead with innovations,” explains Michael Wolff, CEO of Pfleiderer Group S.A. “Last year, we integrated our business units and shortened internal decision-making processes. This helped us to leverage numerous synergies and strengthened our position as one of the leading European wood-based panel manufacturers,” adds Wolff: “We are


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BELOW | Pfleiderer’s new design collection, inspired by ‘inspirations close to you’ will be on show at interzum.

CELEBRATING A TRIPLE AWARDS SUCCESS STORY It is generally agreed that the German Design Council (Rat für Formgebung) is the most important design body in Germany. Each year, it bestows the German Design Award. For over 60 years, it has been Germany’s central institution for providing trans-disciplinary design services and it has been promoting exceptional design since 1953.

Pfleiderer was one of the big winners for 2017. The company was awarded three of these highly prestigious prizes on 10 February in Frankfurt – a triple crown! In the ‘Material and Surfaces’ category, the jury gave a ‘Special Mention’ to the ‘Natural Wood’ and ‘Mattlack’ surface textures, as well as to ‘Duropal-HPL SolidColor XTreme’.


consistently pursuing sustainable development, with services focused on the customer and an outstanding expertise in decorative surfaces.” This is best illustrated by the new group-wide Design Collection 2017-2020 that the company says is unparalleled in terms of both breadth and depth. At interzum, the collection will be presented by Pfleiderer along with an array of inspiring ideas for combinations and application examples, according to the Collection’s claim: ‘Inspirations close to you’. With this claim in mind, the wood-based panel manufacturer divided its 360 decors up into eleven colour worlds expressing different furnishing and design styles. Incorporated in the Design Collection are, of course, trend topics such as concrete, metal, mosaic, textiles, marble and filigree woods. At the Pfleiderer stand, inspiring examples will be shown of how these looks may be interpreted and implemented using wood-based materials – whether in the current Scandinavian or timelessly classic styles or in the purist architect’s approach. To make the reproductions of different materials look as authentic as possible, the wood-based panel manufacturer is constantly developing new surface textures. The ‘Steel’ texture lends a polished steel effect in particular to plain decors. The linear ‘Rain’ and the horizontal ‘Rough cut’ wood textures give a particularly authentic appearance to wood decors. ‘Wall’ is a roughcast texture designed for universal use that blends in well with many material decors such as textiles, stone and plaster, and is particularly suited for 12-mm-thin worktops. To help the customer keep the overview over this wide choice, the wood-based panel experts has put together programmes for different uses and groups of customers across the segments raw particleboard/fibre, melamine faced board and HPL/elements: The offering ranges from classic boards for furniture construction and interior fitting, also for ships, to light-weight boards and fire prevention panels and to ecological products and those for structural applications. In addition, the Pfleiderer Group also offers electrostatically dissipative wood-based panels, a wide range of real metal finishes and customized digital prints.

FACT-FILE: THE PFLEIDERER GROUP IN FOCUS Pfleiderer Group is a leading wood panel manufacturer in Europe with annual sales of approximately €1 billion and around 3,600 employees. The company is headquartered in Wrocław (Poland) and Neumarkt (Germany). Pfleiderer operates nine production sites in Germany and Poland as well as

sales branches in England, Austria the Netherlands, Switzerland, and France. The Pfleiderer Group offers a complete range of products and services with a focus on furniture, wood retailers, interior fittings and timber construction. Pfleiderer combines the product ranges of Duropal and


interzum world 2017

Thermopal under the Pfleiderer brand and is a partner to industry, trade, crafts, designers and architects. The Pfleiderer Group is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. For more information please visit |

BELOW | Natural looks dominate the new collections.



FEATURED EXHIBITORS Individuality and sustainability are the themes of the Function & Components section at interzum 2017. Showcasing how customers’ demands are being met with inovative products. Good design begins with the product provided by the supplier. At interzum 2017 the Function & Components sector will demonstrate just how customers’ growing demands in terms of technology, energy efficiency, comfort and convenience can be met. In this section of interzum 2017 you will find exhibitors showing lamps and lighting systems, semi-finished products for cabinet, kitchen, office and modular furniture. As Arne Petersen, Vice President Trade Fair Management of Koelnmesse GmbH, explains: “Individuality and sustainability are the themes of the Function & Components section. Here, companies that develop light solutions or semi-finished products for furniture, fittings, locks and furniture components can be found. At the Piazza everything will revolve around the theme ‘Upcycling’ this year. The material researcher, Dr.

Sascha Peters, will demonstrate how the furniture industry can transform seemingly worthless materials into new products and thus contribute towards the conservation of resources.” ‘Circular Thinking – From Upcycling to Biofabrication’ is the theme of the conference – from 10am-4.30pm on May 18 in Hall 4.2; lecture area – in the Function & Components area. Covering the thinking that alternative raw materials are increasingly being identified across different manufacturing industries and production systems being optimised with a view to reusing recyclable materials. Ideally, at the end of the product lifecycle, there should be no waste produced, but instead high-quality materials that can be used as a starting point for a new product lifecycle. Alongside materials, furniture and functional objects, innovative products, such as a small hydroelectric power plant for mobile electricity supply, will also be on display.

Featured exhibitors | Halls 3.2, 4.1, 4.2, 5.2, 7, 8 76

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CREATE THE DIFFERENCE Functional surfaces for: • • • •

HPL/CPL Industry Automotive Home appliances Facades

w w w. a l a n o d . c o m REUNIÓN INDUSTRIAL

Interzum 2017 | Hall 5.2 | Stand F - 041

Via dell’Industria 14 | 31029 Vittorio Veneto (TV) | Italy |


SMART FACTORIES A recent event in Manchester explored the issues manufacturing faces as Industry 4.0 becomes a reality. The World Textile Information Network’s Joseph Link reports.


he rise of Industry 4.0, its advantages and disadvantages, were discussed and debated at the Industry 4.0 Summit in Manchester’s Central Convention Complex, on 4-5 April. Industry 4.0 is a term that is hard to demarcate, with managing directors and chief executives around the globe offering different accounts of what the expression 4.0 means to them and their businesses. But there is consensus among experts that, whatever the definition of Industry 4.0, it will become integral to the future of manufacturing. It is, to put it simply, a term coined to describe the fourth industrial revolution that is tipped to impact manufacturing on a scale equal to the emergence of electricity, mechanised machines, the assembly line and computers. At the conference, held alongside the summit, it was clear that Industry 4.0 is very much in its infancy and companies around the world are showing trepidation towards what, according to experts, could take businesses on a road to success. As Industry 4.0 develops over the course of the next 10 years, it is expected that we will become accustomed to robots operating with minimal human input. This will be made possible by the birth of the smart factory, which will see cyber physical systems monitor the physical processes of the factory and make decentralised decisions. The physical systems will then become Internet of


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FACT-FILE: WORLD TEXTILE INFORMATION NETWORK World Textile Information Network (WTiN) is an information provider, delivering intelligence and insight into the global textile manufacturing industry. Whether through, the WTiN app, portfolio of business-to-business magazines, exhibition newspapers and conferences, WTiN’s content is recognised for its authority and market-leading coverage.

With its clear industry focus, WTiN has become an integral part of the textile community, providing the highest-quality business and technical intelligence. The company is based in Leeds, United Kingdom and can call upon a network of specialists based all around the world. |


Things (IoT), where they will communicate and operate together and with humans, wirelessly, in real time. These factors bring a host of advantages to businesses. As Industry 4.0 tightens its grip on manufacturing processes, the demands of companies increase. So much so that they are striving to achieve a smart factory that contains robotics, not only capable of understanding the world like we do, but also programmed to process data, and work to a level of speed and endurance that humans could only dream of. At the summit, many speakers acknowledged that few companies have reached Industry 4.0, and there is currently a race taking place as businesses look to gain a head start over their competitors.

SMART SENSORS AND TRACEABILITY The summit highlighted the importance of smart sensors, which are imperative to the success of a smart factory. As well as making smart factories much greener than their predecessor in the 20th century, smart sensors can also provide a range of new options for an engineer working on the production line. Similarly, sensors obtain the capacity to update old machines and gather “big data” from them so companies don’t have to spend big on the latest technology on the market. This is an example of sceptical companies edging closer to Industry 4.0 without fully committing to the latest manufacturing revolution. Every company is at a different stage in their progression to Industry 4.0. Some companies, particularly in the automotive industry, such as BMW, are quite close, whereas in the textile industry, businesses, in some instances, have yet to reach Industry 3.0 [utilising computing power]. Traceability is another positive associated with smart sensors. Smart sensor technology enables companies to track their products and reduce waste and unnecessary costs by deterring theft and preventing damage to their products. This can be achieved using RFID technology with on-product transponder chips for high-value and safety critical items, 1D or 2D barcoding, or vision technology. Sensors have progressed exponentially during the last 20 years to become the miniature, flexible and intelligent devices that enable connectivity and real-time diagnostics, and without them, smart factories would

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT INDUSTRY 4.0 Industry 4.0 is the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. It includes cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing. Industry 4.0 creates what has been called a ‘smart factory’. Within the modular structured smart factories,

cyber-physical systems monitor physical processes, create a virtual copy of the physical world and make decentralized decisions. The physical systems become Internet of Things, communicating and cooperating both with each other and with humans in real time via the wireless web.


interzum world 2017

Inherent challenges include: complex data security issues, maintaining the integrity of the production process with less human interaction, the loss of many high-paying human jobs and the need for a high degree of reliability and stability for a successful cyber-physical communication interface.

"We need to find a way to keep people employed and not take production oversees where it would be cheaper."

not be able to function – a point that was common throughout many presentations at the Industry 4.0 conference. Smart sensors also improve safety in a smart workplace, which operate on a quicker, cheaper, greener philosophy and obtain machinery programmed to be able to adjust to the height and reach demands of each individual operator. The sensors improve safety by detecting faults in machinery, some of which could prove dangerous to the operator. They have the potential to shut down equipment before a problem, such as a fire, has the chance to cause series harm to employees and infrastructure. Sensors also help maintain maximum production levels by alerting engineers to faults before the problem gets so severe that a machine breaks down – stopping production entirely.

Hans Michael Krause, Bosch Rexroth marketing perspective AR also offers companies the chance to showcase their products and services via a new technologically advanced way, and in doing so can attract custom from a new, currently niche market. Cloud computing is another aspect of Industry 4.0 that many business leaders are working hard to understand so they can maximise its potential. With the ability to store, access and share data programs over the internet, companies avoid up-front infrastructure costs and can place their focus on their core business rather than spending time and money on the latest computer infrastructure. Advocates for cloud computing also claim businesses can act and adjust faster to unpredictable business demand. But more importantly for the future of Industry 4.0, cloud computing has the potential to help businesses integrate and work together for the benefit of industry and manufacturing, but for that to work all businesses need to be onboard. The positive opinions of many experts have led companies to believe there is a pot of gold waiting at the end of the Industry 4.0 rainbow, but this has yet to be proven, as with every major shift there are risks involved. Transparency is key if Industry 4.0 is to become the best it can be, however some companies are secretive as to their findings regarding the latest technology. Tanuja Randery, Zone president at Schneider Electric, says: “Companies need to collaborate to make the best of Industry 4.0.” Unions have also expressed concern at the fact that jobs may be jeopardised as robotics become more advanced. For Industry 4.0 to succeed, it is accepted that it needs to benefit the whole of society and not just line the pockets of wealthy Chief Executive Officers. Hans Michael Krause, from Bosch Rexroth, who gave a speech entitled, ‘Turning ideas into reality’, says: “We need to find a way to keep

AUGMENTED REALITY The development of augmented reality (AR) was another theme of the conference that was hailed as a major benefit to the smart workplace. AR not only speeds up the employers’ ability to locate goods within a warehouse, therefore speeding up the supply chain and reaching ever-increasing consumer demand, but also enables engineers to fix problems with machinery at a quicker rate. An example of this comes when technicians can find the information they require to fix a problem with the glance of an eye, making instruction manuals redundant. But from a

TOP LEFT | Automotive manufacturing is leading the way with Industry 4.0 ABOVE LEFT | Cloud computing needs greater understanding. ABOVE CENTRE | What is clear is that computing will play an ever greater role across the manufacturing sector. ABOVE RIGHT | The connected Internet of Things (IoT) brings with it huge security issues.


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people employed and not take production oversees where it would be cheaper.” But rather than jobs being lost, a bigger concern associated with Industry 4.0 was highlighted at the conference in Manchester – the lack of skilled workers capable of filling the existing jobs. Roles are changing and an ageing workforce in a host of industrial sectors, including textiles, are struggling to adapt to new practices. As a result training is taking place, but apprenticeships have been highlighted as a key area for improvement in the UK if companies are going to decentralise. For the past two decades, industry and manufacturing has been unattractive to students, and now there is a shortage of skilled workers in a variety of sectors. It is hoped that Industry 4.0, and machine-learning technology in which it is associated, will get young people interested in engineering and manufacturing once more. The fact that, according to Randery, engineering is key to solving world problems, such as global warming and famine, it is attracting a new group of people who are keen to train in various sectors. Jens Gralfs, VP and architect for overall physical design at Airbus, said: “It is about humans and robotic systems working side by side. Jobs will still be there, but different skills will be required and roles will change. Rather than fixing and maintaining aircrafts, humans will be responsible for making sure production keeps moving by monitoring the robotic technology.”

RIGHT | Much of the textile industry is lagging behind in industry 4.0 thinking. substantial risk. Big data, which has paved the way for brand new companies who offer a service where they gather and process data on behalf of another company, provides businesses of all sizes with more intelligence than ever before. The key is for companies to gather useful data and not get held back by faulty software that processes bad data which is irrelevant to the company needs. Experts believe it is a case of quality not quantity. But with the emergence of disruptive technology, IoT and big data, cyber-attacks become more of a threat than ever before. Cyber security is not advancing at the same rate as manufacturing technology, therefore companies are open to private data being stolen. Steve Mellor, CTO, Industrial Internet Consortium, said on day two of the conference: “It is important for companies to turn data gathering into increase revenue, but they must be vigilant. Cyber security could set Industry 4.0 back decades, because if connected devices are hacked, the potential outcome could be disastrous and very dangerous.” However, steps are being taken to advance cyber security. Darktarce, which exhibited at the summit, is one such company that has created the Enterprise Immune System, which it claims is the world’s most advanced machine-learning technology for cyber defence, inspired by the self-learning intelligence of the human immune system. Whatever your view of Industry 4.0, it appears that despite increased concerns over cyber security, it is a matter of “when” rather than “if” it will arrive, and the size and scale of the Industry 4.0 Summit in Manchester was clear evidence of this. It is now a case of who will act first and jump on the Industry 4.0 train and start to reap the rewards the experts are clearly so adamant will head their way.

THE IMPORTANCE OF BIG DATA In addition, avoiding technical problems that could lead to costly production outages is also a worry among several business leaders, who are being accused of slowing down the progression towards Industry 4.0. Experts claim that visionaries are needed to lead companies. A number of professionals agree that companies don’t fail because of technology, they fail because CEOs are scared of change. In contrast, it has been acknowledged that Industry 4.0 could result in reshoring, which will make way for more jobs, as consumer demands for faster turnaround times increase following their online purchases. Retailer Zara currently uses aviation to transport their products to meet the expectations of the customer, however, as the environmental impact of the fashion and textiles sector becomes more of a problem, H&M refuses to adopt Zara’s approach. However, rather than the environment, the biggest debating point during the two-day conference, held alongside a busy exhibition that attracted tech giants such as Bosch Rexroth, Mitsubishi Electric Europe and ABB, was that of big data. It is seen as a vital component of Industry 4.0, as well as a

JOSEPH LINK | @JLink_WTiN | @WTiNcomment


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Living in a digital world


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Always helps you to convince visually. VENID • Harmonious look of table top and connection panel unit • Connections for power, data and media • For a professional look in the conference room

Find your ideal socket here:

The art of balance


We are looking forward to your visit!

hall 4.2 | stand C-011

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The most accurate panel mounting solution you’ll never see. See our stand at Interzum, Hall 05, Stand C061 or explore the full range of mounting solutions at

Setting the standard for panel mounting

Furniture components STM new line of extractable systems


Extractable worktops


Extractable table drawers STM @ Interzum 2017 Hall 5.1 - Booth C051 STM Italy Ph. +39 0721 403930 –


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HALL 5.1 » Stand A008 •••

Lanka ja Muovi Oy is a leading company in Finland that is specialized in the production of storage systems made from steel wire and injection molded plastic. With our vast know-how of steel wire related storage systems we are able to create customized solutions for virtually any challenge we are faced with.




FEATURED EXHIBITORS An exciting innovation for 2017 sees interzum’s Textiles & Machinery section broaden its remit with the involvement of well known suppliers from the automotive sector showcasing exciting new products. Temperature-regulating cover fabrics, material-optimized cutting machines for foam materials and leather that use little electricity, weather-resistant outdoor fabrics: Today, success is the result of innovative ideas, high-performance materials – and perfect manufacturing processes with highly advanced technologies and machines. The Textiles & Machinery area is where the quality leaders and drivers of innovation from all levels of the value chain present their newly developed products. Here visitors will find machinery for upholstery and bedding, upholstery materials, upholstery accessories, cover fabrics and leather products. As Arne Petersen, Vice President Trade Fair Management of Koelnmesse GmbH, comments: “In the final section, Textiles & Machinery, the exhibitors are upholstery materials, fabrics and leather with the related processing machines. Here, we

are looking forward to a totally new theme this year: ‘Mobile Spaces’ is the motto of the Piazza – and as the name already suggests it is about interzum also being highly interesting for the designers and outfitters of mobile interiors such as cars or caravans. Well-known suppliers from the automotive sector will be located in the proximity of this event area – a completely new exhibitor group.” The ‘mobile spaces’ event area in Hall 10.1 will initially focus on rolling spaces in 2017. All the trends in the mobile sector are relevant to interzum because new materials and innovations in function, machinery and lightweight design are required to put them into practice, and the requirements for mobile spaces are often even more demanding than in a typical residential context. On display will be various vehicles that showcase a number of exciting materials.

Featured exhibitors | Halls 3.2, 4.1, 4.2, 5.2, 7, 8 90

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AUTHENTIC COLOUR RENOLIT’s latest version of its Trend Service, the Colour Road, is an industry recognised guide to forthcoming colour thinking in the home and furnishings industries.


igitalisation is becoming an increasingly important part of our lives: working on a computer, shopping conveniently at the touch of a button, maintaining friendships on relevant platforms. It simplifies many things, but it also leads to a dematerialisation of real life. Consequently, there is a longing for authentic feelings and experiences. Many people feel that real life should be completely different. Colour Road 2017/18 defines three different trends that address this longing in completely different ways and can lead to an authentic experience and perhaps, even life. The title ‘Authentic Emotions’ encompasses a total of 12 trendy colour definitions for the upcoming season, which are also reflected in Renolit Design’s highlight collection. Colour Road is RENOLIT’s colour and design trend service. The accurate prediction of future trends has a decisive effect on the market success of products. To keep up with this rapidly changing style world, RENOLIT offers its the Colour and Design Trend Service.

COLOUR ROAD – REAL MOTION: THE FASCINATION OF NATURE A glance into the infinite vastness of the sky. A relaxing walk in nature. This mere thought can bring a smile to many a face. Nature has the ability of

"Nature... can give us what the digital world deprives us of. This is why robust natural materials such as cotton or tweed are in great demand"


interzum world 2017

ABOVE | People consciously seek contact with nature. They appreciate and protect it because it connects them to our planet and gives them peace.


making people happy. And above all, it can give us what the digital world deprives us of. This is why robust natural materials such as cotton or tweed are in great demand. The blue and green shades in this colour spectrum are as diverse as nature itself. For instance, Conifer Green Supermatt reflects the dark green of pine forests and gives an elegant touch to kitchen units and feature furniture. When matched with warm oak pieces, this in trend colour adds comfort and value. The rich green Fern tone has a harmonious and natural effect, similar to that of Conifer Green Supermatt. Metallic pigments and high gloss surface of the radiant light blue HG Arctic Blue Metallic are reminiscent of cool glaciers. When combined with the bright Oak ENDgrain Elegance SC introduces a modern blue tone into environments such as kitchens, bathrooms and offices. The intense dark tone of Wave Blue embodies the exact opposite and looks both elegant and perhaps a bit mystical too. A conscious contrast between warm and cold can be achieved by combining this colour with warm oak accessories or neutral tones.

and yellow and therefore brings warmth into kitchens, living rooms and even offices or shops. This soft shade of brown can perfectly tolerate strong partners such as Oak ENDgrain Raw SC. Subtle elegance is the strength of the mysteriously shimmering HG Anthracite Metallic, which fits in harmoniously with light oak finishes and plain light colours.

SPEED MOTION: THE FASCINATION OF RISK Why do humans conquer the highest peaks? Why do people climb without ropes and drive the most dangerous routes? One would say that our usually safe lives need to be peppered with risk every now and then. At first thought, it is about getting a quick kick but more profoundly, it is rather about making real experiences. Experiences that take us mentally back to our innermost nature. And to an era when our lives were still a fight for survival. Far beyond our comfort zone, we face our strength and to a certain extent, even the fragility of our life. However, most importantly, we experience ourselves. So, it is just natural that

SLOW MOTION: THE FASCINATION OF SLOWNESS In our fast-paced age, we are once more developing an eye for the small things by the wayside. Things, which normally go unnoticed because we are always fixated on our next goal and next achievement. More and more people are trying to slow down their pace and enjoy the benefits of slowness. They are amply rewarded – with a great diversity of intense sensory experiences. Mere seeing is increasingly accompanied by touching and feeling, which is why Slow Motion emphasizes tactile experiences. The light tone of Pearl Grey Suedette Matt is an explicitly neutral embodiment of these trend colours which fits well on a large scale and in all areas of application. A similar universal shade of grey is Cement Supermatt, which can be combined with the distinctive Oak ENDgrain Classic SC to create a harmony of cool and warm tones. It is also great for mellowing down the energetic Cosmic Orange Supermatt. Linen Supermatt is composed of equal amounts of red

FACT-FILE: THE RENOLIT GROUP IN FOCUS The RENOLIT Group is a leading manufacturer of high-quality plastic films and related finishing products for technical applications. This international, independent familyowned business, founded on May 4, 1946, in Worms, Germany, has been setting benchmarks for quality

and innovation for 70 years, and now employs a workforce of approximately 4,500 employees at more than 30 production sites and sales entities across four continents. In the financial year 2016, the Group generated a turnover of €965.6 million. the company’s plastic films


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can be used to add a finishing touch to furniture surfaces, construction elements and hi-fi products, to seal off structural bodies, landfill sites and roof structures or to line swimming pools. For more information please visit |

"Extremely durable materials such as leather, stone and stretch fabrics are in fashion, and so are sequins and pearls for adding brave highlights"

such intense emotions influence the purchasing behaviour. This is why extremely durable materials such as leather, stone and stretch fabrics are in fashion, and so are sequins and pearls for adding brave highlights. In this sphere, the interplay of these colours hints at danger and is reminiscent of fire. For instance, there is the new shade Peak Yellow Supermatt – a bright yet bold yellow, primarily conceived to turn the kitchen, living and office furniture into statement pieces. It fits particularly well with calm and balancing shades, such as the concrete-like Chicago Concrete 1 SC. The new Cosmic Orange Supermatt combined with Chicago Concrete 2 SC takes up the energy of this topic. Dried Date Supermatt is reminiscent of dried fruit; it has an almost equal balance of black and colour. This dark shade of red is suitable for large-scale applications in the furniture sector. Finally, this season’s ‘must-have’ is Bronze Metallic. This dark bronze shade continues the vogue for gold and copper shades and can be used on entire kitchen and furniture surfaces. An expressive oak or a soft neutral shade can be integrated to emphasize its valuable elegance. RENOLIT Design is exhibiting at interzum 2017 in Hall 6.1, Stand: A010/B011. The company is exhibiting materials for furniture production, wood plastic composites, surface treatment and finishing products, films, foils. The authors of the RENOLIT Authentic Emotions Colour Road 2017/18 report, Monika Haag and Verena Becker, will be presenting their findings at a seminar on May 16 and May 18; 3-3.30pm at the Individuality Piazza in Hall 10.2.

ABOVE LEFT | Collage Slow Motion: More and more people are allowing themselves to enjoy intense sensory experiences by discovering the small things by the wayside. ABOVE CENTRE | Collage Real Motion: In this world of colour, robust natural materials such as cotton or tweed are in great demand. ABOVE RIGHT | Collage Speed Motion: The archaic fight for survival is enticing in the age of perfection and safety.


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BRAZILIAN LEATHER The Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry (CICB) and Brazilian Leather Project represent Brazil’s responsible and sustainable leather industry, one of the largest in the world.

Creativity and sustainability are the key words which describe the Brazilian leather industry. Producing more than 40 million hides each year, Brazil can count on the largest commercial cattle herd in the world and is one of the five largest leather manufacturers on the planet. Every year, more than 90 nations buy leather that originates in Brazil. The Brazilian cattle herd is, of course, one of the country’s

major strengths, but alone it is not what keeps Brazil at the top of the world leather trade: the industry’s dedication and ongoing efforts to produce leathers of quality and excellence are the fundamental factors that cement Brazil’s worldwide reputation. Initiatives such as the Brazilian Leather Certification of Sustainability (CSCB), the Design na Pele project (for design aggregation) and annual participation at more than 10 major leather fairs around the globe, are examples of the Brazilian leather industry’s efforts to surprise the market and to present ever more innovative and sustainable products every year. In Brazil, 310 established tanneries are now partners of the Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry (CICB). And 2017 marks six decades of CICB being at the forefront of

CENTRE FOR THE BRAZILIAN TANNING INDUSTRY The Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry (CICB) has been working as the official representative body of all Brazilian tanners for 60 years, defending and promoting the sector in the domestic and international markets. The organisation pursues the sustainable growth of the segment, while maintaining high standards of professional qualification, health and safety and technological improvement. CICB supports the national leather industry in order to develop its strengths and consolidating it as one of the segments that contributes most to the Brazilian economy. For more information visit:



interzum world 2017

For CSCB, a sustainable tannery is one that develops its activities with positive economic results, reduces its environmental impact, provides integral working conditions and interacts successfully with other interested parties. CSCB is an extensive and thorough programme focused on improving tanneries processes and management, and connected with the sector’s most recent evolutions. In order to receive the certification each tannery must go through a consultancy stage, working under the 173 indicators created by a Special Study Committee from within ABNT (the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards), and covering criteria such as water along with energy consumption, restricted substances, productive performance, waste management, and developing good relationships with collaborators. It is only after completing this process that the company is able to request an audit by a certifying body, accredited by Inmetro, in order to officially obtain the CSCB certification. The Brazilian Leather Certification of Sustainability is awarded to tanneries at four different levels: Bronze (for those who follow up to 50% of the applicable indicators from each of the four dimensions), Silver (75%), Gold (90%) and Diamond (100%).

ABOVE | The Design na Pele project facilitates exciting designs image and commercial promotion, market intelligence and professional qualification. Such work is strongly supported by the Brazilian Leather project, a partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) for the promotion of Brazil’s leather exports.

BRAZILIAN LEATHER CERTIFICATION OF SUSTAINABILITY (CSCB) The Brazilian Leather Certification of Sustainability (CSCB) is not a protocol but a real certification programme. The CSCB seal – launched in 2015 – is awarded by Inmetro (The National Metrology, Quality, and Technology Institute), an organisation that is recognised by both the IAF (International Accreditation Forum) and the ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation); relationships that guarantee the international accreditation of certified tanneries. Despite its pioneering spirit, CSCB actually has quite a simple objective: to encourage Brazilian tanneries to adopt production best practices in harmony with the environment and the community without sacrificing competitiveness.


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tailor made machine solutions

Portuguese mattress ticking manufacturer Duvalli S.A. is on the move! The company is constructing a new factory in response to global growth. The focus is on consolidating all of the current facilities into one bigger and more efficient plant. The company plans to optimize the space with new and improved machinery and manufacturing processes including an improved testing lab.

DUVALLI S.A. Rua Vasco da Gama, Zona Industrial de Arrifana, 3700-569 Arrifana, Portugal Tel. +351 256 810 130 | Fax. +351 256 810 139


Process Model and flow planning Consultancy Project management

Handling Systems

Curing systems Storage systems Block conveying and special system

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Factory online - real time reports Efficiency measurement Open system for connecting to a wide range of systems Business Intelligence


Discover our decors and structures – divided into eleven user - friendly and inspiring Colour Worlds, based on modern lifestyles and interior trends.


Besuchen Sie uns auf der Interzum 2017 in Köln: 16.–19. Mai, Halle 6.1, Stand: D010 / E019

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