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March 2013


FROM THE REGIONAL OFFICE Africa Scout Committee Meeting ETHIOPIA – To make it cost effective, members of the Africa Scout Committee (ASC) took the opportunity of events around the All Africa Scout Day celebrations in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to convene for the first of their two annual formal meetings on 11-13 March 2013. The meeting, which was their second since the 15th Africa Scout Conference in Angola, reviewed the status of Scouting in the region and adopted a series of measures to capitalize on the gains made and to address challenges the region is faced with.

The number and depth of achievements shared showed a great deal of progress since the initial training in Burundi. Challenges expressed included limited local infrastructure and access to resources to reach out to more young people. As a way forward, it was recommended that participants take advantage of national, zonal and regional scout events to pass on knowledge and skills acquired and to explore the opportunity of the MoP support fund with their NSOs.

In recognition of their achievements and as a sign that they qualify to conduct MoP Community Leaders Training, participants were awarded an MoP Trainer’s scarf.

North-South Network Meeting Amongst other measures, the ASC reinforced the Messengers of Peace Regional Decision Committee with the appointment of Mr. Kikas Manuel Machado as the third member of the MoP Committee, along with Mr. Jeremy Miriti Naivasha and Mr. Mohamadou Bachir Diouf. The ASC resolved also to liaise with Zonal Scout Committees as de facto standing committees on organization of Zonal Scout activities and as a pool of resources with regards to various aspects of regional Scout activities. Thus, the ASC recommended its appointed Zonal representatives (Ms. Jeanne Ebongue for Central Africa, Dr. Wayne Adrian Davis for East Africa, Mr. Danielo Ramsamy for Indian Ocean, Mr. Kikas Manuel Machado for Southern Africa and Mr. Mahamadou Bachir Diouf and Mr. Ayim Palamwe for West Africa) to liaise with the various Zonal Scout committees to bring their work and that of ASC closer and at the same time align them with world and regional priorities. Means allowing, the ASC did also resolve to involve respective Zonal Scout Committees in regional visits to NSOs. Following comments from the World Scout Constitutions Committee, the ASC did also review and adopt subsequent editorial changes to the Constitution of the Africa Scout Region amended at the 15th Africa Scout Conference in Angola and recommended for formal approval by the World Scout Committee.

SWITZERLAND - The North-South Network held its annual meeting from 14th to 17th March in Zurich, Switzerland. Ms. Mary Waweru, the Partnerships Support Officer – Africa Regional Office, represented the office at the meeting Under the theme "Partners or neighbors?” the event was organized to provide a space for ideas on how to build and reinforce existing partnerships, and also further develop multilateral approaches, such as the UNGUVU project. There was also a focus on partners: How do they see the partnership? What are their needs and what do they offer to your association?

MoP Network Management Workshop ETHIOPIA – As part of the events around the All Africa Scout Day celebrations, participants drawn from Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ghana, Niger, Togo, Mauritius, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Ethiopia, D.R. Congo, Benin, Madagascar, Uganda, Burundi, Côte d'Ivoire, Namibia and Malawi met from 11th to 13th March at the Addis Ababa University for a Messengers of Peace workshop. The participants were the same ones who underwent the initial regional MoP Community Leaders Training within the framework of “Developing Leadership in Young People in Africa” project at the margin of the 6th Africa Scout Jamboree in Gitega, Burundi. The facilitators of the workshop were Ms. Cynthia Marquez, Mr. Jacques Sandrizi and Mr. Jonathan Omondi, MoP Global Projects Manager - World Scout Bureau Central Office, Development Support Manager - Africa Regional Office and Youth Programme Assistant - Africa Regional Office, respectively. The workshop aimed at providing opportunity for participants to share their experiences for mutual enrichment and support and to identify areas for continuous improvement.


In attendance were European Associations from WOSM and WAGGGS. The meeting was organized by the North-South Network, a coalition of Scout and Guide Associations, which aims at fostering, strengthening and developing new partnerships between associations in Europe and associations from other regions of the world. The overall idea of the network is to share and create information about ongoing partnerships, as well as to provide a platform for the exchange of experiences and knowledge. Some of the key elements discussed were the lifecycle of Partnerships, Partnerships as an answer to the needs of the partner NSOs, future of North-South Network meeting as well as looking at the funding opportunities available. The meeting ended with a session on applying the learning outcomes in the partnerships as well as an evaluation of the event.

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