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BIG or smalGODloves us al!

Children’s GIFT Catalogue



Sisters with Hearts for Helping

Meet Evelyn and Heidi and discover why they like to give gifts from World Renew’s Gift Catalogue.

Gifts Lovingly Created by God

Extend God’s love with a gift created by him, like a feathery chicken or a plump piglet.

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The Day the Goats Came

Discover how goats made a memorable entrance in Laos.

Be like the Bees

What great example do bees set? Read about Eddy the beekeeper and find out!

Every Good and Perfect Gift is From Above

Find out what a tree, a bicycle, and beekeeper training have in common.

Good Health is a Blessing

Learn how you can make a difference to the health of a family.

Bundles of God’s Love

Learn why working together makes God happy.

FUNdraising Ideas

Explore fun ideas for sharing bundles of God’s love.

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Sisters with Hearts for Helping

BIG or smal GODloves us al!

What do you hear when you go outside your house?

When Evelyn Stubbs, 11, and Heidi Stubbs, 9, go out into their backyard on Vancouver Island, B.C. they hear clucking chickens and buzzing bees! These sisters know how amazing it is for their family to have animals to produce nutritious eggs and delicious honey. They also know how amazing it is to give gifts to others using World Renew’s Gift Catalogue. For as long as they can remember, their parents and grandparents have used it to give animals during the holidays. Evelyn and Heidi generously save some of their allowance to buy catalogue gifts. They find great joy in showing God’s love by giving

gifts that help make it possible for struggling families to earn the money needed to buy food, clothes, school supplies, medicine, and more. Evelyn says, “I like that you can give animals and stuff, and you’re not just giving money. You’re giving stuff that I think will be useful . . . so [the people receiving the gift] can make money to support themselves.”

This year, the Stubbs family has chosen to give beekeeper training and chickens. From one yard to another, bees and chickens are clucking and buzzing sources of hope!

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GiftsCreatedLovingly by

There are an estimated 7 to 8 milion species of animals in the world, each uniquely and wonderfully made by God. What is your favourite animal? Perhaps a dog because you can play fetch together or a soft kitten that curls up on your lap. Or is it a horse that is big and strong and can carry you for rides on its back? God made so many amazing animals, it might be difficult to decide which is your favourite. For some families around the world, owning animals makes it easier for them to be able to afford food and other essential items, so giving them an animal from the Gift Catalogue is truly a gift!

Have you ever heard a chicken make a clucking noise? It can be a pretty loud and silly sound! Female chickens cluck after laying an egg. And an egg is worth clucking about. When a family has a chicken, they have yummy eggs to eat and sell. They can use the money from selling eggs or baby chicks to buy medicine, clothes, or other items they need to live happier and healthier lives.



Most duck eggs are larger than chicken eggs, with big yolks that make them great to use for baked goods, like bread! They’re also delicious and nutritious on their own! A family who raises ducks can sell these big eggs and then use the money to pay for a doctor visit or construction on their house. Even a duck’s droppings are helpful: they can be used on a farmer’s field to help crops grow better.


Piglets grow and become pigs that can weigh as much as 250 pounds in just six! Because they grow so quickly, piglets make great gifts for a family struggling to buy food. Your gift of a piglet helps change a family’s story from not having enough food to: this little piggy grew quickly then the family went to market and sold it to buy food.

Did you know that goats like to climb and jump and play—just like kids? And like kids, goats may seem small, but they can be a huge help to others. Goats make tasty, nutritious milk that children and grownups can drink or use to produce cheese. Yum! The milk and cheese can also be sold at a market for money that families can use to buy food and important things, like school supplies and shoes.

400574 $50
400870 $62 goat
400353 $14 1-888-WRLD-RNW 5

The Day the Goats Came

Do you have a fun memory of a time you saw a goat?

Children in Nanoy in Laos will probably never forget the day goats arrived in their village – in a pickup truck! Goats had never been raised in this village, but through gifts of goats from World Renew’s Gift Catalogue, that changed. Three families were each given three female goats and together the families also cared for one male goat.

The children were so curious about these funny, furry animals! They were very excited to check on them every day. The goat-raising families built a special fenced-in area for the goats to sleep in at night, with a fire to keep them safe and warm. During the day, they were let loose to forage for food like hay, grasses, weeds, and grain.

These three families were so grateful to have goat milk and cheese that they could eat and drink themselves or sell at a market to make money they could use to buy household items and other family needs. Once these first families built up a small herd, they passed the goats on to another group so that more families could enjoy the exciting, life-changing gift of a goat!





Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for al the wonderful animals you created to help us. Goats that give milk, chickens that lay eggs, and insects like bees, butterflies, beetles, and ants that help polinate plants. Teach us how to appreciate and care for al your gifts. Fil our hearts with kindness and compassion so we joyfuly share your blessings. Amen!


Be Like the Bees

Did you know that one single bee can only make one tablespoon of honey in its lifetime? But when bees work as a team – collecting food together and guiding each other with noises and body wiggles – they can make MUCH more. Like the bees, God’s people can have a HUGE impact when we work together. Just ask Eddy, a beekeeper who lives with his family in the jungle region of Peten, Guatemala.

In Eddy’s farming community, many families struggle to make enough money. Through the gift of beekeeper training from World Renew’s Gift Catalogue, Eddy and many of his neighbours have learned how to care for bees that make lots of honey, wax, and pollen to use or sell for money. Eddy loves sharing what he has learned with others.

“I encourage others to join us! We'll learn together, we can work together,” Eddy says. “It will be good for everybody for there to be more of us beekeepers.” What a sweet way to taste the power of teamwork in helping more families have what they need!




Every Good and Perfect Gift is From Above.

Our planet is filed with beautiful beaches, vibrant flowers, and magnificent sunsets –each with amazing colours that God imagined. There are creative artists, patient teachers, strong athletes, and clever scientists. God gave them all these wonderful talents. Knowledge and the wonderful colours are blessings from God. So do you think you know what a tree, a bicycle, and beekeeper training have in common? They are all practical Gift Catalogue items that can help make a difference for a lifetime!

beekeeper training

Bees do so much more than just buzz! Bees make sweet honey that tastes good and can even be used to soothe a sore throat. Beekeeper training helps farmers learn how to take special care of bees and their hives and teaches them ways to harvest and store the honey safely. Families that have honey can also sell the honey at a market and use the money to buy food and other things they need.


bicycle for a child

Did you know that not everywhere there are school buses to take kids to school? And in some places, because it is too far to walk to the nearest school, some kids just don’t go. Going to school is important. The gift of a bicycle helps a child to get to school so they can make friends with other kids—and, they can learn all the amazing things that you learn at school!

$5 plant a tree

There’s a saying that money doesn’t grow on trees...but fruit trees can be a wonderful way for a family to make money and also have healthy food to eat. Different trees can produce all kinds of different fruit: mango, papaya, guava...the list goes on! Giving a farmer the gift of a sapling (a baby tree) gives them and their family fruit they can sell and with the money they can buy food and medicine.

400512 $65 1-888-WRLD-RNW 9

Good Health is a


Can you think of some ways we keep our bodies healthy?

Eating good nutritious food is one way. Getting enough sleep and exercising are other ways. Drinking water and keeping clean are also very important for good health. But around the world there are people who can’t just turn on the tap and get clean water. Many simply drink dirty water that often makes them very sick. Others walk very, very long distances to get water out of streams—even the kids walk and carry heavy containers filled with the water they collect and sadly, that water isn’t usually clean. World Renew looks for ways to help families get access to clean water and learn about important ways to stay healthy like washing their hands and eating nutritious food.

$30 handwashing station

Have you ever washed your hands with your...feet? That might sound strange, but this handwashing station is powered by a pedal pushed down by a person’s foot! Sometimes hands can carry germs that make us sick, so a foot-powered station is an extra clean and safe way to wash up and stop germs from spreading. It’s also simple to build and super easy for anyone to use.


10 bars of soap

Scrub, scrub! Hand washing is the best way to get rid of germs that can make us sick. By giving a kid ten bars of soap, you are helping them have enough to wash their hands for a whole school year and into the summer. They will also learn how to keep their whole body cleaner every day, and this will help stop germs from making their family and friends sick,

family-sized water filter

What do you think would happen if you drank dirty water? What about if you ate food cooked with dirty water? Yes, you could get very sick! There are kids around the world who get sick often because their families don’t have an easy way to get clean water. The gift of a family-sized water filter helps ensure a family has clean water for drinking and cooking—so they can stay healthy

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! 400465 $115 1-888-WRLD-RNW 11

Bundles of God's


The Bible teaches us, “Two people are better than one. They get more done by working together. If one person falls, the other can help him up. But it is bad for the person who is alone when he falls. No one is there to help him.” Ecclesiastes 4: 9-10

The more we work together, the happier the world will be! God loves it when we work together! One great way you could work with someone else is by pooling your money to purchase a gift catalogue item. You can help more families have happier, healthier, and safer lives by giving an awesome package of items all together – the bestseller bundle or the whole barnyard.

family or group prayer

Father God, thank you so much for loving us and giving us food and water and al the things we need to flourish. Thank you for the love we receive from the people around us. We thank you for each of their unique skils and talents. Lord, we pray for people around the world who struggle to find food and clean water. We pray for those who do not recognize their talents and for those who do not feel loved. Please provide for them and fil their hearts with your peace and the joy of knowing you love them. Amen.

the whole barnyard Give a whole barnyard of healthy animals: 10 goats, 8 pigs, 4 piglets, 25 ducks, 15 rabbits, 50 chickens, and 5 roosters—and farmer training in how to raise them. 400491 $4,181 $3,331 the bestseler bundle Give one big bundle of a few favourites from last year’s catalogue: 1 goat, 1 duck, Goats & Quackers, 1 latrine, the whole barnyard, a familysized water filter, the herd, 1 Farm Team, 1 bicycle, and “where needed most.” 400467 1-888-WRLD-RNW 13

dRaising Ideas!FUN

Work together with your class or a group of friends to give the gift of the bestseller bundle, the whole barnyard, or any gift from this catalogue! Here are some fun catalogue gift-inspired ways kids can raise money for catalogue gifts (with help and planning from parents, teachers, or church leaders). And it’s always a good idea to have some gift catalogues available at any event for people who want to find out more.

Go on an Animal Parade Scavenger Hunt!

Kids can team up with other kids in their neighbourhood, school, or church class and pay a fee to take part in a scavenger hunt at a local farm. If you don’t have a local farm available, this could also work in a park, backyard, or around a neighbourhood, too! The event could even be animal themed. And ask people to dress up in animal costumes, shirts, or face paint! Imagine how much fun it would be to walk or bike around as a rabbit, duck, or pig!


On average, around the world, children walk as far as 6 kilometres carrying heavy containers of water to bring home for cooking, cleaning and drinking. How far can you walk with a container of water? How far can your friends or your teacher walk? Have a Water Walka-thon and find out! Family and friends can be invited to give money to pledge kids participating in the walkathon.

Use mason jars, tissue and construction paper, glue stick, scissors, and hot glue gun to create piggy banks for every class in your school for a Fill Up on Chores Challenge. To create the banks simply coat the jars in glue, then cover with the tissue paper to create the body of your pig. Cut out eyes, ears, and a tail and glue these in place with hot glue (stay safe and get an adult to help with the scissors and glue gun). Challenge each class to see who fills their jar first or with the most money. Kids do jobs like raking leaves, washing cars, and doing dishes at home or around their neighbourhood and donate what they earn to fill their class’ bank.

3Have your class team up with a seniors' home nearby for a Kids of All Ages Bake Sale. Have fun creating baked treats that look like Gift Catalogue items to sell to raise funds, like chicken- or rabbitshaped cookies or cakes decorated to look like pigs! Working with a seniors’ home gives you the opportunity to meet new people and the seniors a chance to visit with you too!

4 1-888-WRLD-RNW 15


Regardless of how big or smal you are, if you are 5 years or 95 years old, we al need to feel loved.

Do you know who loves you? God loves you! His love never fails. One way we can let God know we are grateful for his love is by helping others. Think about the last time someone did something really nice for you. It made you feel happy, right? Well, when a little kid or a grown up gets a gift catalogue item, it not only makes them happy, but it reminds them that God loves them! Thank you for all the ways you share God’s love.


chicken $4 400483

duck $14 400574

piglet $50 400870 goat $62 400353

10 bars of soap $7 400873 handwashing station $30 400798 family-sized water filter $115 400465

beekeeper training $60 400793 bicycle for a child $65 400880 plant a tree $5 400512 the bestseller bundle $4,181 400467 the whole barnyard $3,331 400491



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