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World Renew 2013 Ministry Report

“We are co-workers in God’s service…”

I Corinthians 3:9a

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1/8/14 4:35 PM

Community • Church • Capable • Collaborative • Change Dear Friend, God’s renewing work in the world graciously involves his people, the church. In his first letter to the people of Corinth, Paul calls the early believers “co-workers in God’s service” (I Cor. 3:9a), and it is the same for Christfollowers today. We are called into service as God’s people, welcoming and embracing those who are lost and least in this world. We are called to do this in ways that encourage faith and hope for all people and nations, leading them to find their spiritual home in the redeeming sacrifice of Jesus Christ. It is a transforming work we share! World Renew’s ministry with those who live in disaster and poverty or suffer injustice is grounded in co-working— with you, with our Christian partners, and with those in need. Working together in our 51st year during 2013, this ministry reached more than 1.2 million people. It is work that can be described with five C’s: Community, Church, Capable, Collaborative, and Change.






God was already

This work of mercy

World Renew reached

By working together

As God’s co-workers,

working among 3,755

and justice involved

more than 450,000

with strong networks

World Renew works

needy communities

78 Christian partner

people with long-

of international

in community

in 35 countries last


term development

organizations and

with the church to

year where World

and churches in

programs and

funders, World

increase our own

Renew worked. By

developing countries

750,000 people in

Renew leverages

capacity and the

his grace, this work

as well as Christian

disaster response and

additional capacity

capacity of our

brought help and

Reformed churches

rehabilitation, helping

to provide more

participants through

hope to thousands

in North America

them to recognize

help to those in


who endure great

and many other

and develop their

need. This culture

This work, and

hardship, offering

faithful believers,

God-given dignity

of collaboration and

the opportunities

programs in

volunteers, and

and value. At the

influence spreads to

for change that it

agriculture, health,

denominations who

same time, we seek

our local and national

engenders, belongs

literacy, livelihoods,

are co-workers with

mutual learning and

partners as they and

to God, who invites

and leadership

us in communities of

growth so that we go

we grow.

us into renewal as his

development as well


forward together as

as disaster assistance

people, communities,

and emergency aid.

and organizations


Cover photo by Jim Patrico DTN / The Progressive Farmer

that become more like the Savior we follow. None of our individual or corporate work has value or meaning without the overarching, infusing example of the ultimate “C,” Jesus Christ. Because of his sacrificial gift, we reach out to people in need with his compassion and justice. He is the good news, the heart of all we do. Thank you for joining in this work. Privileged to serve Christ with you,

Ida Mutoigo Andrew Ryskamp Director Canada Director U.S.


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1/8/14 4:35 PM

Financial Information World Renew’s net assets were US$20,483,545 in the 2012-2013 fiscal year. Audited financial reports are available on request.

Where Our Resources Came From



Revenue & Other Support Churches & Individuals Government Grants CFGB Grants Other Grants Investments & Other income

26% 3%


3% 6% 5%





11,516,115 396,653 0 1,033,247 539,858

8,031,088 882,960 9,357,974 3,987,037 87,137

19,469,262 1,271,044 9,267,156 4,981,590 626,149




Where Our Resources Went Program Ministries International Development Domestic Development Disaster Response Education Support Ministries Fundraising Management/General Total Expenses

July 1, 2012-June 30, 2013

U.S. in US$ Canada in CDN$ Combined In US$

Combined In CDN$

19,660,061 1,283,500 9,357,974 5,030,410 632,285


July 1, 2012-June 30, 2013

U.S. in US$ Canada in CDN$ Combined In US$

Combined In CDN$

5,156,374 651,097 3,761,025 670,169

5,767,169 94,225 17,767,576 461,759

10,867,574 744,406 21,356,166 1,127,447

10,974,076 751,701 21,565,459 1,138,496

1,153,458 590,711

991,199 920,430

2,135,038 1,775,459

2,155,961 1,792,858





NOTE: The figures above are derived from the combined financial statements of World Renew according to USA GAAP, and as such may vary from those found in the World Renew Canada audited financial statement.

World Renew is a registered charitable organization in Canada and a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization in the United States. All donations are tax deductible. Spending of funds is confined to board-approved programs and projects. Each restricted contribution designated toward a board-approved program or project is used as designated with the understanding that when the need for such a program or project has been met, or if it cannot be completed for any reason determined by the board, the remaining restricted contribution designated for such a program or project will be used where needed most.


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1/8/14 4:35 PM

Community God was pleased to have all His fullness dwell in Him, and through Him to reconcile to Himself all things, whether things on earth or things in heaven, by making peace through His blood shed on the cross.

God is already working in communities of poverty,

Colossians 1:19-20

Communities Increase Income

disaster, and injustice to restore well-being and wholeness. When World Renew partners with communities in need, we join this work, helping people recognize God’s plan for them and working together to achieve it. God’s Word says that his restoration is for all people—young and old, male and female, believer and unbeliever alike—so we reach those whom the

World Renew’s integrated

As the project grew, it expanded

world often thinks of as “the

development programs help

into four more neighborhoods.

least of these” with broad

communities work their way out of

The communities began to tackle

opportunities in health

poverty by identifying their assets

more complex projects, such as

and building on them. In 2010,

their night-time security needs.

the Nehemiah Center in Managua,

One community also organized

Nicaragua, began a service project

a water project that piped water

with a World Renew church

into the 54 homes of its residents.

and nutrition, agriculture, literacy, income earning, disaster risk-reduction, and much more.

partner to help the poorest local urban families use their assets to increase their income.

By working together in poor urban neighborhoods, World Renew and the local church in

One woman organized

Managua, and churches around

Saturday handicraft classes for

the world are reaching those who

neighborhood teenagers. Another

are in the most need with tangible

woman opened a fruit stand with

change based on Christian values

advice from a mentor, and then

and biblical perspectives.

computer courses were added and a children’s daycare center began.


34971 WR annual report_2014.indd 4

1/8/14 4:35 PM

In 2013 there were


Free A Family® supporters who helped

Food Security: from Disaster to Development


families in need participate in World Renew programs.

poor communities transition to

prefers “supporting families with

improvements in their lives in

Free A Family,” she says. “Without

ways that are self-sustaining for

the direct contact of supporting an

the long term.

individual child, Free A Family can provide for the whole family—and

When a massive earthquake hit

the lower cost means I can support

to respond immediately to help

Freeing Families from Poverty with $22 a Month

Haitians recover and rebuild their

Free A Family® is a $22-a-month

long-term involvement. A care

giving program that helps restore

circle of eleven retirees in Grand

dignity to the poor by improving

Rapids, Michigan, began giving

a whole family’s life rather than

$12 a month consistently to Free

helping only individual children.

A Family® in 1994. “We have given

Thousands of faithful Free A

pretty much every month since,”

Family® supporters in North

says group member Howard

Building food security after an

America gave more than US$1.25

Hooyer, “and in 2013, we gave $25

earthquake or other disaster

million in 2013, providing vital

a month to Free A Family.”

involves training communities in

opportunities to parents and

sustainable agriculture, building

children who live in poverty

local capacity, and developing

around the world.

small businesses. In Haiti, farmers

Jackie Selles, a Free A Family®

enough to free not just a family,

member from Edmonton, Alberta,

but an entire community from

supports several organizations but

poverty! In the last five years, Free

Haiti in 2010, World Renew’s 35-year development presence there provided the opportunity

lives and livelihoods after the quake. Today, World Renew’s food security programs are giving Haitians who live in poverty the opportunity to provide for themselves again.

are also improving their selfreliance through community seed banks. By relying on a seed bank,

more families.” Free A Family® is not only smart, stewardly giving—it also inspires

Over the past twenty years, Hooyer and the care circle have given more than $3,000—nearly

communities can save and plant their own seeds without paying high prices to buy them at the market each year. “We are not only helping people replace what they lost in the earthquake,” says Jeff Cosico, a World Renew project manager in Haiti; “we are also helping them strengthen their associations so that they can stand on their own when we leave.” By working in food security alongside those who are recovering from disaster, World Renew is helping


34971 WR annual report_2014.indd 5

1/8/14 4:35 PM

A Family® has grown by 14 percent, reaching 570 more families in need through World Renew.

Peace-building and Justice World Renew’s peace-building and justice work invites Christians to action through education and advocacy in support of the struggle for peace and justice worldwide. World Renew prioritizes these key values because addressing unjust systems and structures is an essential part of long-term change in communities of poverty.

Through one of these grants,

internship positions. The resulting

World Renew addressed the

placements: Honduras, Gary

struggle of the Moro-Moro people

Verburg; Senegal, Natasha Hass;

for the right to citizenship in

Cambodia, Jan Korevaar; and

Indonesia, and this work also

In the U.S., there were 126

Mozambique, Jason Horlings.

became the focus for some

Christian Reformed churches

After orientation and training, the

North Americans who explored

involved in justice action with

interns began work in children/

the role of values and ethics

youth programming, sustainable

World Renew. In addition, 38

in development work that is

agriculture, adolescent health, and

of these congregations took

fundamentally Christian. Through

the environment.

advanced action in advocacy and

efforts like these, World Renew

justice in 2013 through World

educates and equips people for

Renew’s Congregational Justice

action in justice and advocacy

Mobilization program.

among organizations and

Internationally, World Renew awarded peace-building and justice grants to seven development partners last year. These were in the Philippines, India, Nicaragua, and Honduras, and in North America and West Africa. Grant efforts included work in trauma healing and mediation, restorative practices, election monitoring, and civil rights as well as work against human trafficking, domestic abuse, and ethnic oppression.

In 2013 there were


global volunteers who gave

in an Executive Course in Volunteer Ministry Development Conference facilitated by

Global Volunteer Program

Newell and Associates. The representatives were from Christian Reformed churches

In 2013 World Renew’s Global Volunteer Program was awarded a one-year grant from the

across the U.S. and Canada, World Renew, World Missions, and other faith-based programs.

International Youth Internship

World Renew Global Volunteer

Program of the Canadian

Program bridgers and staff

Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Development (DFATD,


ten countries gathered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to participate

churches around the world.

formerly CIDA) to fund four

Last fall, 56 people representing

then began to create plans for reciprocal learning and equipping communities for service.

hours of their time to World Renew’s ministry.


34971 WR annual report_2014.indd 6

1/8/14 4:35 PM

Church i t i s b y g r ac e t h at yo u h av e b e e n s av e d . . . I t i s t h e g i f t o f G o d . . . F o r w e a r e G o d ’ s wo r k m a n s h i p, c r e at e d i n C h r i s t J e s u s , t o d o g o o d wo r k s w h i c h G o d p r e pa r e d i n a dva n c e f o r u s t o d o.

Jesus taught his followers— the church—to speak the

Ephesians 2:8-10

Literacy Changes Opangul

good news and to be the good news in the world. As the keeper of the gospel message, Christian churches can and should be at the forefront of change in local communities. World Renew’s partnerships build up churches and Christian organizations so that people who live in poverty, injustice, or disaster experience the life-changing love of Jesus Christ. Through this work

Opangul is one of ten rural

Today, there are 85 children

the witness of the church

communities in which World

enrolled in the Opangul primary

universal is growing and

Renew and the Church of Uganda

school, and 70 adults have

present long after World

in Lango are working to address

completed basic literacy training.

poverty and hunger. Just three

Increased literacy has helped

years ago, 90 percent of Opangul’s

reduce HIV transmissions in

residents could not read or write,

Opangul, and those who were

and few of the village children

already infected are able to live

walked the 10 km (6 mi) to school

healthier, more productive lives

each day, leaving them little hope

because they can better care for

for a better future.

themselves and their families.

World Renew’s work in Opangul

World Renew and our Christian

began with 15 dedicated adults

partners worked in more than

who met in a grass-thatched

a dozen developing countries

Anglican church to learn to read

to increase adult literacy in

and write. Next, community-group

2013, changing one community

members donated some land

like Opangul at a time and

to build a pre-school and grade

strengthening the witness of the

school in the village.

church worldwide.

Renew’s work in the community is done.


34971 WR annual report_2014.indd 7

1/8/14 4:35 PM

The Communities First Association worked with


churches in 2013, including

Partnership with the Reformed Church of America


Christian Reformed congregations. These deepening partnerships have resulted in long-term improvements in low-income communities throughout the U.S.

ahead in defining how we live

But today Maggi is working and

out this relationship in practical

organizing community projects

ways,” said World Renew Canada

with her neighbors. She discovered

director Ida Mutoigo.

her gifts and talents, formerly buried in self-doubt and isolation,

In June 2013, World Renew

Church in America (RCA) and

Putting Communities First in the U.S.

the Christian Reformed Church

Although he can seem hidden,

in North America that formalizes

God is present in every neighbor-

the denominations’ partnership in

hood, and his image lives in

disaster response. The agreement

every human. Communities

“makes World Renew the RCA’s

First Association (CFA), World

domestic disaster response arm,”

Renew’s development partner

said Tom DeVries, the general

in the U.S., works to uncover

secretary of the RCA. It also lays

resources already present in low-

out a process for cooperation

income neighborhoods. In 2013,

between the RCA and World

CFA worked through Christian

Renew at the program and board

churches in 305 communities


that include residents like Maggi.

“We anticipate that World

Two years ago, Maggi lived in a

Renew’s working relationship with

trailer in the worst neighborhood

the RCA will accelerate as the

in Orlando, Florida. She was

Christian Reformed Church moves

unemployed and depressed.

signed an agreement with representatives of the Reformed

that have turned her into a role model who contributes to the wellbeing of her neighborhood. What turned Maggi around? God did. And by his grace, a CFA organizer named Rick developed a caring relationship with Maggi to encourage her journey toward more abundant living. Across America, CFA organizers are teaching people like Maggi to discover and tap into their gifts, which are sometimes well-hidden but present in poor neighborhoods—and in each of us.

HIV and AIDS Innovation Fund Each year Word Renew makes $100,000 in grant funding available to its partners for innovation in HIV and AIDS response. The HIV and AIDS Innovation Fund allows World Renew to include novel approaches, alliances, or strategies in our HIV and AIDS response that are then integrated into development programs. The innovation fund also offers World Renew’s partners annual learning grants for continuing education and cross-training.


34971 WR annual report_2014.indd 8

1/8/14 4:35 PM

In 2013, World Renew funded

daughters finish secondary school

Many World Renew DRS

four innovation projects in

and find work. World Renew’s

managers received a US

India, Nicaragua, and Kenya.

HIV and AIDS Innovation Fund

Presidential Volunteer Service

Tushemereirwe Consolata from

is helping at-risk families like

Award based on the number of

Kabale, Uganda, is an example

Consolata’s to support themselves

volunteer hours they donated.

of the participants’ courage and

and live productive, confident lives.

Managers who volunteered more

determination. After building her own house when her husband abandoned her and their four daughters, Consolata sold charcoal, bananas, and potatoes to earn a living. When she began to feel sick in 2005, she was tested and found to be HIV-positive. This revelation was the low point of Consolata’s

than 4,000 hours with DRS

World Renew DRS: Forty Years of Service

received a lifetime service award.

In August 2012, more than 200

total of more than 255,000 hours!

World Renew Disaster Response

The capstone of the four-day

Services (DRS) managers and staff gathered in Michigan for four days of learning, sharing,

Last year alone, 3,151 World Renew DRS volunteers served a

event was a worship service acknowledging what God has done in the 40-year history

connecting, and celebrating.

of World Renew DRS. Past

Consolata says that she “feared

The event included reviews of

administrators spoke, and the

dying from poverty more.”

the World Renew DRS spiritual

keynote address was given

care policy, federal disaster

by David Myers, director of

assistance programs, community

the Department of Homeland

and long-term partnerships,

Security’s Center for Faith-based

and World Renew’s community

and Neighborhood Partnerships.

development and international

World Renew DRS is looking

was able to feed and support her

disaster response programs.

forward to what God has in store

family, pay her children’s school

Pastor Randy Vaughn from Mount

in the next 40 years as we move

fees, and save US$2 a week. By

Sinai Missionary Baptist Church

forward in faith.

2010, she had saved an amazing

in Port Arthur, Texas, spoke about

US$40 and is now helping her

cultural diversity.

life. In spite of her fear of AIDS,

When Consolata joined a community group through World Renew’s partner, PAG Kabale, she received a US$16 loan to help her grow her business. As a result, she

In 2013 World Renew invested


in HIV and AIDS programs in nine countries in addition to HIV/AIDS Innovation Fund grants. These programs are in Bangladesh, India, Kenya, Mozambique, Malawi, Nigeria, Senegal, Uganda, and Tanzania.


34971 WR annual report_2014.indd 9

1/8/14 4:35 PM

Capable Our desire is not that others might be relieved while you are hard pressed, but that there Might be equality. At the present time your plenty will supply what they need, so that in turn their plenty will supply what you need. The goal is equality, as it is written, “The one who gathered much did not have too much, and the one who gathered little did not have too little.”

God has made us in his image, with dignity and

II Cor. 8: 13-15

Agriculture: An Investment in the Future

value that is marred by poverty, disaster, and injustice. We recognize the inherent value of every person, and we work to help people develop their God-given abilities to bring about positive change in their lives. We also recognize that as we help others, we ourselves are helped. World Renew deliberately pursues mutual learning to grow our own capacity as well as the capacity of the people, partners, and communities we work with.

In Malawi, one of a dozen

First, World Renew works with

countries where World Renew

farmers to influence what they

worked in agriculture in 2013,

grow and how much they harvest

more than 50 percent of the

by increasing the soil’s water

children are stunted by chronic

retention and fertility. Then, by

hunger. When this situation is

teaching farmers to plan what

complicated by recurring illness

parts of their harvests to sell and

and low birth-weight, such

when to sell them, they can get

hardship can result in permanent

good prices for their produce.

physical and mental disabilities.

Finally, World Renew “gets into

To help poor families grow more nutritious food for the long term, World Renew in Malawi is introducing crop varieties and

the kitchen” with the family cooks to help them make good decisions about what to put on people’s plates.

agricultural techniques that

​At one community group meeting

improve the volume of good food

in Lilongwe, Malawi, last year

that is available year-round.

several women cooked five test


34971 WR annual report_2014.indd 10

1/8/14 4:35 PM

Fire Flooding Hurricane

Where We Worked in North American Disaster Response in 2013



Tropical storm

Benton, MO Bergen County, NJ Birmingham, AL

meals using a variety of new local

to address survivor’s needs

ingredients for group members

throughout 2013. A few days

to try. What’s more, none of the

after the storm, early-response

children of these group members

coordinators Rich and Pat

is malnourished. Healthy,

Grasman were assessing damage,

energetic kids are living proof

networking with local officials and

that World Renew’s interventions

partners, and supporting those

not only work today, but are an

who were homeless, grieving, and

investment in the future.

sorting out what to do next. World Renew DRS Rapid

Responding to Super-Storm Sandy

Response Teams also made their

On October 29, 2012, Super-storm

homeowners clean up debris. As

Sandy hit the U.S. eastern sea-

they worked, the volunteers made

board and left behind tremendous

opportunities to care for those

damage. World Renew Disaster

they served, bringing God’s love

Response Services (DRS)

and hope to those in need. A year

responded quickly and continued

later, World Renew volunteers

way to Little Ferry and Union Beach, New Jersey, to help

Brookings, OR Cape May County, NJ Columbia/Suwannee counties, FL Cowen, WV Cullman County, AL Franklinton, LA Grand Rapids, MI Green/Columbia counties, NY Henryville, IN Hudson County, NJ Huntsville, ON Hyde County, NC Jackson/DeKalb counties, AL Joplin, MO La Place, LA Logan County, WV Long Beach, MS Long Island, NY Menifee County, KY Midland Park, NJ Minot, ND Monmouth County, NJ Musselshell, MT Ocean County, NJ Oklahoma City, OK Picayune, MS Schoharie, NY Shamokin, PA Somerset County, MD Springfield, MA Tioga County, NY Union Beach, NJ Walker County, AL West Liberty, KY


34971 WR annual report_2014.indd 11

1/8/14 4:35 PM

were also conducting unmet needs assessments on Long Island and Staten Island, New York,

Introducing Joseph Stewards

as well as in Bergen, Cape May,

In 2013, World Renew established

Hudson, Monmouth, and Ocean

the Joseph Stewards program

counties in New Jersey.

as a way to thank and stay connected with those who have

As reconstruction began, church

made a priority of giving back a

and school work-teams helped

portion of their blessings as a gift

homeowners rebuild, repair,

to World Renew in their will or

Joseph Steward through a will

estate plan.

or estate plan is not only a legal

representatives developed close

The name Joseph Stewards

document—it is an act of worship

relationships with members of the

links with World Renew’s seven-

that can be used to bless others in

Reformed Church of Highland Park,

year Joseph Fund. This fund is

need through World Renew.

New Jersey, who hosted volunteers

inspired by the story of Joseph’s

and coordinated work projects.

interpretation of Pharaoh’s

and clean up their houses. In the process, World Renew DRS

Disaster Risk Reduction

dreams about seven years

With generous financial support

From building earthquake- and

of famine and seven years of

from churches and individuals, as

abundance (Genesis 41). Likewise,

well as a grant from the American Red Cross, World Renew will continue to serve those affected by Super-storm Sandy in 2014, supporting long-term recovery groups, assessing needs, and providing skilled labor for home reconstruction.

donations given to the Joseph

people about evacuation planning

Fund are normally invested and

and conservation farming

then applied to World Renew

methods, World Renew’s Disaster

programs over the course of

Risk Reduction (DRR) programs

seven years. This increases the

help communities better prepare

impact of a gift and assures

for disasters and reduce their

wise planning for World Renew’s

risks. Many communities in

ministry, which depends mostly

which World Renew works are

on gifts from individuals and

considered “disaster prone”

churches from year to year.

because they face a nearly annual risk of natural disasters such as

With God’s help, World Renew

droughts, floods, tropical storms,

will help to equip hundreds

or earthquakes.

of thousands more people through Joseph Stewards in the

“Reducing people’s risk in the face

future. A life-gift donated by a

of a disaster involves decreasing

World Renew DRS Volunteers

3,151 255,963 476

Total Volunteers

Homes Rebuilt

flood-resistant homes to teaching

Hours Donated

181 27,303 27

New Volunteers in 2013 Needs Assessed



34971 WR annual report_2014.indd 12

1/8/14 4:35 PM

the damage that could be

Asia improved their resilience as

way the project brought them

caused by natural hazards,” says

they began to rebuild their homes

together to think about a better

Wayne de Jong, World Renew

and lives after yet another year

collective future.

director of disaster response

of floods and earthquakes. And

and rehabilitation. “DRR can

in the Middle East, people from

involve changes in practices that

around the world joined together

make communities susceptible

to assist our Syrian sisters and

to disasters, but it also involves

brothers in a time of turmoil. It

building awareness about how to

has been a blessing to be part of

avoid the destruction that natural

this kingdom work!

disasters can cause.”

In the town of Jaribuni on the Kenyan coast, Furaha is thankful that she can now access water closer to her home. With her neighbors, Furaha worked hard to clear rocks and dig out soil to create a water pan. In exchange for

Many of the communities in which

her work, she received food rations

When two massive earthquakes

World Renew worked in Kenya

to feed her family. “We are now

struck Indonesia this past year

last year are finding new reasons

eating three meals per day!” she

in an area that was also severely

to give thanks and celebrate after

exclaimed with a smile. “And the

affected by the 2004 South Asia tsunami, the communities in which World Renew had worked knew how to respond. Residents safely evacuated along designated roads

many poor growing seasons that resulted in little or no harvest. When a four month food-forwork project in the town of Isiolo

maize is starting to grow, thanks to some rainfall two weeks ago.” The water pan will give Furaha and her neighbors access to water

was completed successfully, for

throughout the dry seasons.

example, the community was

While drought is still a major

excited—not anxious—about the

concern in many eastern and

future. They were excited about

western African communities,

Disaster risk reduction programs

the water that filled the water

World Renew was able to advise

promote long-term community

pans they had dug in exchange

participants in water management

development. By equipping

for food; about the first harvest

techniques and teach resilient

people with resilience and

ever gathered in a community

farming practices that will help

coping strategies, DRR ensures

that had always relied on livestock

many families in difficult times

that communities will face less

for their livelihood; and about the

of drought.

and when they returned to their homes, their earthquake-resistant houses were undamaged.

significant setbacks in future natural disasters. The goal of disaster risk reduction is to provide safety, security and stability and to increase people’s ability to improve their lives in the long term.

International Disaster Response Update 2013 was a year of significant interventions and positive change in international disaster response. World Renew wrapped up drought response projects that have renewed hope in both eastern and western Africa. People living in poor, disaster-prone communities in east and southern


34971 WR annual report_2014.indd 13

1/8/14 4:35 PM

Collaborative D o n ot h i n g o u t o f s e l f i s h a m b i t i o n o r va i n co n c e i t. R at h e r , i n h um i l i t y va l u e ot h e r s a b ov e yo u r s e lv e s , N ot lo o k i n g to yo u r ow n i n t e r e s t s b u t e ac h o f yo u lo o k i n g to t h e i n t e r e s t s o f t h e ot h e r s .

The world’s biggest problems need big

Philippians 2:3-4

Health Grants Cast a Wide Net

solutions. World Renew responds to poverty, injustice, and disaster by joining with others in ministry. As a result, our influence grows and we are influenced by others to continue to become the people and do the work God calls us to. Working together, we are greater than the sum of our parts— influencing, learning, and growing as colleagues and co-workers in His service.

In 2013 World Renew helped

Since 2004, World Renew’s

communities improve their overall

work has attracted more than

health through basic interventions

US$5 million in grants from the

and by building community

U.S. Agency for International

groups that improved access to

Development and the Canadian

local health services.

Department of Foreign Affairs,

In the past 20 years, World Renew has been helping people in Bangladesh and India to develop a system of groups called People’s Institutions that build on community strengths and address common issues. The backbone of this system is independent,

Trade, and Development (formerly known as CIDA). The programs improve health and diet in the poorest communities by training about 4,700 local birth attendants and health volunteers and then connecting them with public health clinics.

self-sustaining village committees

The reach of this public-private

that focus on collaborative

partnership is tremendous—

activities such as savings and loan

providing nearly 1.5 million

programs, agriculture, literacy,

vulnerable people with access to

and health.

essential health services. While


34971 WR annual report_2014.indd 14

1/8/14 4:35 PM

developing and integrating the most-needed health interventions at the community level, the People’s Institution system expands these activities to resources at the regional and state levels—creating a net of protection with staying power. In 2013, World Renew’s partner PARI received the Best NonGovernment Organization in Maternal-Child Health Award from the government of Bangladesh.

Disaster Response Program Expenses (USD) in 2013

$17,588,221 International disaster programming


Domestic disaster programming

$21,356,166 Total 2013 disaster program expenses

The Middle East: Waiting and Hoping for Peace

Through your prayers and

As crises stabilized across Africa

Renew initiated a major response

in 2013, life in Syria rapidly

in this region last year. As a

deteriorated. Unrest affected countries throughout the Middle East, and the conflict in Syria became the worst humanitarian crisis in the past twenty years. More than 2 million people

support, and with networks like the Canadian Foodgrains Bank and Integral Alliance, World

result, our local partners provided food assistance and emergency supplies such as blankets and cooking utensils to displaced families inside Syria and food

sought refuge in neighboring

to refugees in Lebanon. In 2014,

countries, and millions more

World Renew will expand this

were displaced from their homes

intervention to include Syrian

inside Syria.

refugees residing in Jordan.


34971 WR annual report_2014.indd 15

1/8/14 4:35 PM

2013 International Disaster Response Asia

Amar and his wife, Halima, are two of many refugees in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon who

Creation Care and the Poor

have found shelter in abandoned

In World Renew’s work


buildings and makeshift tents.

throughout the developing world,


They fled the Syrian city of

people who can least afford the

Aleppo with their four young

risk usually bear the brunt of

children after their home was

variable weather patterns and


destroyed. “It is a harsh life for

environmental degradation. To


us,” Amar says. “There is little

assist them, World Renew helps

work besides picking cherries,

people in poverty, who primarily

and hardly any income. There is

rely on farming for income and

no school for the children.” The

food, to prepare for and adapt


family is grateful for the food

to less-predictable seasonal

Sri Lanka

they received from World Renew,



Myanmar Pakistan

Eastern and Southern Africa Burundi

which has helped them through difficult times.

To accomplish this, World Renew reduces or eliminates any

Despite the overwhelming needs,

negative impact that our activities

there is reason for praise! “We

may have on the environment


do what we can with great love,

by assessing their effects and


and God blesses us more and

integrating environmental-impact

more,” one partner said. Amar

indicators into program planning.

and his family know that they

World Renew also increases


have a long road ahead. “For

the resilience and capacity of

South Sudan

now,” he said, “we wait and hope

poor communities to adapt to

for peace.”

environmental changes. This way,

DR of Congo



communities learn to reduce the


negative impact of fluctuating weather from season to season

Latin America and the Caribbean

and can even thrive in their new




Finally, World Renew works to


restore locally- or regionally-

Middle East



Ethnic Conflict

supporting activities like

Chronic Food Insecurity

conservation farming that rebuild

Disaster Risk Reduction

the soil. Agro-forestry projects


help counter the impact of global


processes while restoring the


Western Africa Liberia Mali




degraded environments by

local environment. These activities not only address environmental degradation and promote


34971 WR annual report_2014.indd 16

1/8/14 4:35 PM

environmental stewardship, but also help people who live in communities of poverty improve their lives in stewardly ways that are holistic and sustainable.

Resettling Refugees in Canada Working as an auto mechanic has been a theme in the life of an Eritrean refugee named Eyob Teklay Ogbandrias. God has used his vocation to reunite him and his family through World Renew’s Refugee Resettlement Program in Canada. Eyob (“Job” in Amharic) worked in the family car-repair business until he was deported to Ethiopia in 1998 during a war between the two countries. Then in 2006, he was accused of associating with opposition forces, arrested, and

tortured. Eyob survived and fled

that someone, somewhere, would

quietly to Sudan.

help us. That promise was fulfilled

Despite his efforts to protect them, Eyob’s wife, Ruth, and their four children were harassed regularly, and they also escaped to Sudan two years later. Although Eyob wasn’t

World Renew’s International Disaster Response Team deployed


volunteers to oversee emergency programs in Kenya,

Mozambique, and Niger in 2013. They gave


hours of their time to these crucial response programs.

there when the family arrived, other refugees told Ruth that

through World Renew. My dream came true—I am in Canada. And in just five weeks, I got a job!” Of course, Eyob’s new job is in auto repair—the skill that God has used to provide for the Ogbandrias family in Ethiopia, Eritrea, Uganda, and now Canada.

“an auto mechanic went on to Uganda.” And that is where she found him, repairing trucks. In 2009, Eyob’s sister Abeba, who lives in Toronto, requested sponsorship for her brother’s family through World Renew’s Refugee Program, and in 2013 her application was approved. “Our lives have changed completely,” Eyob says. “When I fled Eritrea, I had no hope, but I prayed, and God showed me


34971 WR annual report_2014.indd 17

1/8/14 4:35 PM

CHANGE if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old Has gone, the new is here! All this is from God, who reconciled us to Himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation: that God was reconciling the world to Himself in Christ, not counting people’s sins against them. And He has committed to us the message of reconciliation.

II Corinthians 5:17-19


United States Lebanon


Mexico Honduras Guatemala

Haiti Nicaragua

Dominican Republic



Senegal Sierra Leone Liberia


Nigeria South Sudan


Uganda Burundi

Kenya Tanzania




Development Disaster 18

34971 WR annual report_2014.indd 18

1/8/14 4:35 PM

3,755 $11,600,000

Bangladesh* Burundi Cambodia Canada Dominican Republic Ethiopia Guatemala Haiti Honduras India* Indonesia Japan Kenya* Laos Lebanon Liberia Malawi* Mali* Mexico Mozambique Nicaragua Niger Nigeria* Pakistan Philippines Senegal* Sierra Leone* Somalia South Africa South Sudan Sri Lanka Syria Tanzania* Uganda United States Zambia*

poor communities cost

USD. That’s an investment of

$3,089 per community.


Pakistan Bangladesh India


Laos Cambodia

# of Disaster Response Participants

# of Community Development Participants

# of Development Communities

# of Communitybased Partners


World Renew’s 2013 international and domestic development work in

6 60 302,535 0 0 NA NA 8,000 7 89 12,531 NA 1 ** NA 9 **** 1 6 134 0 0 NA NA 96,979 4 21 2,260 0 5 23 19,747 86,203 5 72 6,845 0 3 1,415 ***** 23,559 2,000 1 942 83 9,537 0 NA NA 3,250 3 39 1,356 111,740 1 44 10,209 0 0 NA NA 500 0 NA NA 12,600 2 65 11,600 0 5 84 2,676 2,521 1 7 127 0 2 36 3,056 15,806 5 94 3,559 16,631 3 136 2,663 44,842 3 103 13,571 0 0 NA NA 98,000 0 NA NA 15,785 2 44 1,718 0 1 29 274 0 0 NA NA 83,500 1 NA 1,298 0 0 NA NA 12,656 0 NA NA 6,540 0 NA NA 9,875 6 28 26,305 0 8 91 13,427 36,400 1*** 305 NA 83,601 **** 2 22 3,826 10,500 78 3,755

462,061 767,475

* Number of beneficiaries or communities in development show significant variance due to changes in grant funding, security, or transition. ** World Renew supports the work of Diaconal Ministries Canada and is involved in the ministry of refugee sponsorship. *** World Renew supports the work of Communities First Association. **** World Renew DRS tracks its work by household. To record the total number of individuals receiving assistance, households are multiplied by three. ***** World Renew ended an India funding grant in 1,407 communities during 2013 fiscal year and will reflect this decrease in 2014.


Sri Lanka



Total countries in disaster and development in 2013 Countries in Disaster Response Countries in Development





Total number of development partners in 2013 Total number of communities active in development Number of actual development participants Number of Participants active in International Disaster Response Projects Number of Participants active in Domestic Disaster Response Projects Overall number of participants active in disaster response in 2013 Total number of disaster response and community development participants in 2013

3,755 462,061

683,865 83,610 767,475

1,229,536 19

34971 WR annual report_2014.indd 19

1/8/14 4:35 PM


34971 WR annual report_2014.indd 20

1/8/14 4:35 PM

special thanks

Photo by Sean Hawkey

Baker Agriculture and Savings and Loan Funds—World Renew is grateful for the very special estate gifts that first established the Baker Agriculture Innovation Fund and then the Village Savings and Loan Fund. These funds distribute money over 15 years to support ongoing ministry and create opportunities for innovation in agriculture and village savings and livelihood programs. The legacy of ministry support created by these gifts is a great encouragement to many. Barnabas Foundation and Christian Stewardship Services— World Renew is grateful to the Barnabas Foundation (US) and Christian Stewardship Services (Canada) for advancing the understanding of stewardship as an essential part of a Christian lifestyle. Barnabas and CSS provide guidance and assistance to our supporters in financial stewardship, estate planning, charitable gift annuities, and planned giving. Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Development (DFATD), formerly known as CIDA—World Renew gratefully

Photo by Karthik Pasupathy Ramachandran

ACT Alliance is a network of 130 Christian organizations working together for positive, sustainable change in the lives of people affected by poverty and injustice through coordinated humanitarian, development, and advocacy initiatives. ACT works in 140 countries and mobilizes $1.6 billion USD annually in its work for a just world. World Renew is grateful for the coordination and financial support provided by ACT.

acknowledges DFATD for ongoing consultation and program support to World Renew and our partners. In 2013, DFATD provided World Renew with CDN$882,960 to continue its work in equipping communities through training projects. Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB) is a partnership of 15 Canadian churches and para-church organizations working together to end global hunger through immediate food assistance, food security, and improved nutrition. World Renew is grateful to CFGB’s member agencies and for CFGB’s support from DFATD (formerly CIDA). Last year World Renew committed a total of CDN$9,560,710 in resources to food assistance and food security programming in 11 countries. Of this amount, $1,668,515 (or 17.5%) came from World Renew’s “equity,” and $6,173,423 (64.6%) came from DFATD.

Christian Reformed Church agencies—World Renew is thankful for collaborations with Christian Reformed Home Missions, Christian Reformed World Missions, Back to God Ministries International, Service Link, the Christian Reformed Office of Race Relations, the Christian Reformed Office of Social Justice, and the other ministries of the Christian Reformed Church. These collaborations strengthen our ministry, the witness of the church universal, and the communities and the congregations we serve. Communities First Association (CFA)—CFA is World Renew’s strategic partner in community development in North America. We are blessed by CFA’s work in Asset-Based Community Development in a total of 305 low-income neighborhoods in the U.S. In 2013, CFA trained and coached 98 Christian Reformed churches and 522 churches


34971 WR annual report_2014.indd 21

1/8/14 4:35 PM

overall, a four-fold increase over the past 12 months! Threequarters of these churches are creating and working on agendas for change in their neighborhood. Deacons and Champions—World Renew is an integral extension of the diaconate of Christian Reformed churches across North America. We deeply appreciate the commitment of our deacons, diaconal conferences and ministries, champions, volunteers, and others who present World Renew to local congregations to encourage continued prayer, involvement, and support. Disaster Response Support— World Renew is grateful to the following agencies who contributed to international or domestic disaster response interventions this past year: • Adventist Development and Relief Agency • American Red Cross

• Bangladesh Nazarene Mission • Bijzondere Noden (Board for Special Needs) • Canadian Baptist Ministries • Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace • Canadian Churches in Action • Canadian Reformed World Relief Fund • CEDAR Fund (Hong Kong) • Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada • Christian Blind Mission Canada • Christian Reformed Churches in Australia • Emergency Relief and Development Overseas— Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada • Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada • Foods Resource Bank • Global Medic • Manitoba Council for International Cooperation • Mennonite Central Committee Canada

• Mennonite Disaster Service • Methodist Relief and Development Fund (UK) • Nazarene Compassionate Ministries (Kenya) • Oxfam Quebec • Presbyterian Disaster Assistance USA • Presbyterian World Service and Development • The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund • Reformed Church in America • Salvation Army • Samaritan’s Purse • Samaritan’s Purse Canada • SEL France • Tearfund Belgium • Tear Netherlands • TearFund Switzerland • Tearfund UK • United Church of Canada • World Food Programme, South Sudan • World Relief Canada • World Relief USA • ZOA


34971 WR annual report_2014.indd 22

1/8/14 4:35 PM

Foods Resource Bank (FRB)— World Renew is thankful for FRB’s partnership and contributions to this ministry through its growing projects. FRB agriculture projects engage small-holder farmers in the world’s poorest regions. Last year, FRB supported World Renew with food security programs in Cambodia, Guatemala, India, Kenya, Laos, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Niger, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia, contributing a total of US$573,073. Joseph Fund—World Renew is grateful to all who contributed to the Joseph Fund, a giving vehicle that employs a portion of gifts for ministry immediately and invests the majority of the gift for later use. Gifts to the Joseph Fund have a seven-year term: 10 percent is used in World Renew programs in the first year while the remainder is invested and a percentage is directed to the ministry through the rest of the term. Last year US$1,551,222 was released to World Renew’s ministry through the Joseph Fund.

Integral Alliance—World Renew is grateful to Integral, an alliance of 18 Christian relief and development agencies based in the United Kingdom. Integral works toward a holistic response to global poverty through collaboration, innovation, and disaster management. World Renew participates in bilateral projects with Integral in disaster response, development, justice, leadership, and agriculture. Micah Network—World Renew is proud to be part of the Micah Network, a group of 552 Christian relief and development organizations with programs in 85 countries. The Micah Network motivates and equips the global Christian community to embrace and practice integral mission by focusing on biblical understanding, challenging world leaders, and strengthening the local church. Partners Worldwide—World Renew thanks Partners Worldwide and their Christian business networks for using their gifts,

knowledge, and experience to reduce poverty around the world. Partners Worldwide unites with World Renew to help people improve their lives through business development and job creation by building NorthSouth relationships between entrepreneurs and farmers. Refugee Resettlement—World Renew thanks each church and individual who assisted in refugee sponsorship through World Renew in 2013. Because of your support, 31 families (69 individuals) who were in need of security and a homeland were welcomed to Canada under the auspices of World Renew last year. USAID—World Renew gratefully acknowledges the United States Agency for International Development, which supported World Renew this past year with US$396,653 in foreign assistance grants that fostered goodwill and improved lives in the developing world through programs in Bangladesh, India, and Malawi.

Photo by David Snyder

YOU—World Renew recognizes that this ministry of justice and mercy would not be possible without the faithful support and prayers of many generous churches and individuals. Together we are “co-workers in God’s service” to the poor with you, because of Christ.

Thank you! 23

34971 WR annual report_2014.indd 23

1/8/14 4:35 PM

Community • Church • Capable • Collaborative • Change 2012-2013 Board of Directors Canada

United States

James Joosse, president; Edmonton, AB

Roy Zuidema, president; Grand Rapids, MI

William Van Geest, vice president; Woodbridge, ON

Paul Wassink, vice president; Grandville, MI

Ben VanHoffen, treasurer; Grimsby, ON

Donald Brouwer, treasurer; Bradenton, FL

Truusje Genesis, secretary; Granum, AB

William Haverkamp, secretary; Grand Rapids, MI

Francisco Angulo, member at large; Richmond Hill, ON

Jodi Cole Meyer, member at large; Hudsonville, MI

John DeGroot, member; Sarnia, ON

Steve Westra, member at large; Grandville, MI

Rita Klein-Geltink, pastoral advisor; Ancaster, ON

Rev. Thea Leunk, pastoral advisor; Grand Rapids, MI

1700 28th Street SE • Grand Rapids MI 49508-1407 • 800-552-7972 3475 Mainway • PO Box 5070 STN LCD 1 • Burlington ON L7R 3Y8 • 800-730-3490


World Renew is an agency of the Christian Reformed Church in North America. World Renew relies on charitable gifts from individuals and churches to fund its work and does not receive CRCNA ministry shares.

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World Renew 2013 Ministry Report  
World Renew 2013 Ministry Report