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Weekly Message Prayer Card – April 27th, 2014 (Messages from Immanuel Church in Korea - Business Msg:Top Remnant and the RM Evangelist (Ge 37:11) 1. Top Remnant to find in advance 1) Ge37:11 2) Ex 2:1-10 3) 1Sa 3:1-18 4) 1Sa 16:13 5) 1Ki 19:19-21 6) Is 6:13 7) 2Ti 2:1-2 2. The Remnant Ministry that must be specialized 1) Dt 6:4-9 2) 1Sa 7:1-15 3) 2Ki 6:8-24 4) Is 60:1-22 5) Ac 17:1, 18:4, 19:8 3. The Remnant Ministry Evangelist who is absolutely needed 1) Ac 19:8-10 2) 2Ti 2:1-7 3) Col 4:7-8

1st service: Renewal after the resurrection (Ac1:1-14) ◆ Introduction ▶We must always remember today’s passage and message and we must gain all of our answers from within it. How can we receive true answers? Today, we must absolutely find this. How can we save the region and correctly do our pastoral ministry? We must find this answer today. ▶The demon-possessed New Age movement has already seized the politics, economy, culture, and society. The number of mental patients is on the rise, as is the rate of suicides, drug use, and corruption. Jesus spoke about the kingdom of God for 40 days. If our spiritual state is filled with the Holy Spirit, then the kingdom of God has come. From that point on, Satan, who is holding on to the fundamentals of mankind, is completely bound. The Bible tells us that the age of disasters continues to come upon the earth because people are ignorant of this. The age of disasters is the time in which God’s tremendous covenant begins. ▶What did Jesus explain on the Mount of Olives? 2Pe 3:8, He explained the work and answers that would arise for the next 1,000 years. What must we do in order to restore this? ◆ Main discourse 1. Hold on to the heavenly mandate (1) If we truly see the heavenly mandate of God and the mystery of the kingdom of God, we will be able to see the world for what it is. If we truly see the things pertaining to the kingdom of God, we will change. (2) From that point on, all of our past will become a platform. (3) From that point on, whenever we see problems, we will see the blessings within them.

Core Msg: Putyourall-intothreethingstosaveyourself, 2. Answers of calling thechurch,thenation,andtheworld(Ac28:30▶But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and you 31) will be my witness to the ends of the earth. 1. The evangelism disciple (secret squad) is the one (1) We must take with us the calling to relay the covenant that God has given to who gains the answer through the Gospel and is us on the Mount of Olives. satisfied with that. (2) We must accept the calling to relay the covenant (answer) of the heavenly 1) Resolve the other things that are imprinted mandate that we have received on the Mount of Olives. These people received (1) Ac 1:1-14 (2) Ac 2:1-47 the 1,000 years of answers in advance from Macedonia to Rome. 2) Resolve what is imprinted in the world (3) They went from the Mount of Olives to Mark’s upper room with this (1) Ac 3:1-12 (2) Ac 6:1-7 (3) Ac 8:4-8 covenant. God will send His angels and relay the Word through those who have (4) Ac 19:21 the covenant (verse 10-11). 3) Resolve what is imprinted in the future (Ro 16:25-27) 3. Answer of commission (1) The commission to resolve the problem of Ge 3, 6, and 11. 2. The one who enjoys that the Gospel is complete (2) The commission to solve Ac 13, 16, and 19. and perfect can be the evangelist who sees the (3) Once you receive the answer of 1,000 years, you will receive the answer of supernatural power and saves Remnants. the 3 entrepreneurships and 3 disciples (secret squad, Remnant ministry, Holy 1) The abandoned ones (Zeph 2:7) Mason). 2) The ones who remained (Is6:13) ▶You are the saved people of God. There is a work of the kingdom of God that 3) The next generation (Is 60:1-22) you must truly believe in and hold on to.

2nd service: Answers after the resurrection (Ac 2:1-4)

Lecturer’s Msg: You will see everything only when you see the door (Acts 2:9-11)

◆ Introduction 1. You will see the 8 missions. ▶If we don’t receive the answer of the heavenly mandate, calling, and 1) Ac 1:1 commission, we cannot do world evangelization. And we must absolutely 2) Ac 1:3 receive the answer that comes after the resurrection. There is a Chinese 3) Ac 1:8 proverb that literally means, “a needle in a pocket.” This proverb means that 4) Ac 1:14 talent absolutely shows itself. If you have a needle in your pocket, it is bound to 5) Ac 2:9-11 come out at some point in time. If you just prepare your skill, at some point, it 6) Ac 3:1-12, 8:26, 29, 9:10, 15, 10:1-6, 11:19 will reveal itself. 7) Ac 16;15, 17:6, 18:4 If you simply possess the content, you will absolutely succeed. 8) Ro 16:1-27 ▶Jesus said that we must wait for the gift the Father promised. What is the kingdom of God? It says that when the Holy Spirit comes upon us, the 2. If you see the Word according to your Godkingdom of God has been established and Satan will be bound. It is at this time given mission, you can fulfill the plan of God. that God will send His angels in order to fulfill His works. We must wait for this. 1) Background of the Bible ▶Da 10:10-20, When we hold on to the covenant and pray, God will send His 2) Background of today angels and immediately begin to work. Rev 8:3-5, All of your prayers are 3) Background of problems contained within golden censors and are delivered to the throne without even one exception. Ac 1:1-14, As they held on to the covenant and prayed in Mark’s upper room, the works of the day of Pentecost (Ac 2:1-4) arose. ◆ Main discourse 1. Works to solve our powerlessness – He will grant us power. 1) Works like wind and fire 2) The day of Pentecost is within a promised time schedule 3) It is fulfilling the promise of the Old Testament ▶The power that God grants is the spiritual strength that people cannot attain on their own. The works of God cannot be blocked by anyone. 2. The answer of uniqueness will come. ▶The answer of uniqueness that no one can give or take away will be given to us. 1) Only (Ac 1:8) – Only this strength can block disasters. 2) This strength can block the many disasters (age of disaster) of this age. 3) This is the only way to block the Ge 3, 6, and 11 problems. ▶The works to change the world will take place because wherever we go, the disasters will crumble down. We must receive the power of God and do world evangelization. Empty yourself of the things that are not the Gospel, hold on to the covenant, and pray.

3. God will grant the final opportunity. ▶There is a last opportunity that only the Gospel can block. The New Age movement has conquered the politics, economy, culture, and society. The evil spirits work scientifically, culturally, and for everyone’s benefit. Satan has seized control. That is why disasters, mental illness, suicide, and crimes are on the rise. You just need to change your spiritual core. If you gain strength in your spiritual state, you will be able to block all disasters, spiritual problems, and crimes. ▶This is what it means to receive the promised Holy Spirit and go as 3. The one who knows that everything is in the ◆Conclusion– How can we do this? witnesses to the ends of the earth. From this moment on, you will see your Gospel can be the Holy Mason who enjoys creative (1) One heart (Christ), whole heart (kingdom of God), and continuation (world heavenly mandate and receive the answer of 1,000 years. You have no choice blessings. evangelization) but to have victory. 1) Tabernacle, temple (2) 24-hour happy prayer, my life and my posture within 25 hours, into the The day you receive the strength of Christ, the works will arise. 2) Genesis chapters 3,6,11, Acts chapters 13,16,19 power of God. My method within God’s eternity for the sake of the eternal 3) The Holy Mason who will save the world things… ◆Conclusion ▶Things are so hard for me right now. What should I do? Jesus said that we ▶Just change your priorities. If this becomes your life’s rhythm, the works will must wait for the gift the Father promised. Wait while enjoying the kingdom of arise. Just focus a little bit on the covenant of the Mount of Olives and miracles God! Then, one day, something will happen. Something will happen to your will arise. persecutors. May you truly hold on to the answer and renewal following the If you begin today, the works will arise immediately. resurrection. Then, absolutely, a new life will begin

Weekly Message Flow (2014.4.20.-2014.4.26.) “Darakbang Message Material Bank Internet Dept." (1) 1st Pulpit Message (April 20th)→ He Died and Rose Again According to the Scriptures (1 Corinthians 15:1-5) ▶You sent the Christ to solve the disasters, failures, and authority of Satan and hell which continue to exist after the event of Genesis 3. We thank you that we can save this age with the power of Christ. May I take with me the authority of Christ who died and rose again according to the Scriptures, break the forces of Satan, disasters, and hell working in the field, and save this age and the next generation. Help us to hold firmly to the Covenant of the resurrected Christ in order to block the disasters that will continue to come upon the whole world. I desire to be that righteous person who will testify of this Covenant and save my field and the world. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray, Amen. (2) 2nd Pulpit Message (April 20th)→ The Message After the Resurrection (Matthew 28:16-20) ▶Thank you for allowing me to be a witness of the resurrected Christ. Thank you for helping me to make decisions at critical moments with the Gospel and for guiding me by the Holy Spirit. Help me to first enjoy the blessings of the throne of heaven and the strength of overcoming Satan's power in the name of Jesus Christ who has all authority of heaven and earth. May I enjoy the blessing of being a witness for world evangelization. Instead of having disbelief, may I break down the forces of darkness with the faith that enjoys great strength through prayer and see the work of healing take place. Help me to devote myself as a witness with the realistic faith that believes in the sufficiency of Christ being with me. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray, Amen. (3) Evangelism Planning Team (April 20th)→ Regional Message Lesson 16: The Resurrected Lord of All (Matthew 28:1-20) ▶ The greatest problem of humankind is the incident of Genesis 3; the greatest promise God gave is the Christ, who restores the problem of Genesis 3; and the greatest incident on earth is Jesus’ death on the cross and his resurrection. ① Meaning of Christ being sent- He is the answer humankind needs the most (solution to disaster, Satan, and the background of hell). Therefore, the meaning of Christ is the anointed one (king, priest, prophet). ② Evidence that he is Christ- suffering on the cross, death, and resurrection (Matthew 28:1-20, 1 Corinthians 15:3-5, 1 Corinthians 15:20, Revelation 2:1-3:20) ③ Promise of the resurrected Christ- Holy Spirit (John 14:1-16, John 20:22, Acts 1:8, 1 Corinthians 2:10, 1 John 2:20) ④ Conclusion- Correctly hold onto the covenant and pray (Acts 1:1,3,8, Acts 2:1-47, Acts 11:19-30, Romans 16:1-27) (4) Tychicus Team (April 20th)→ What is there, What is mine, Answers ▶ Although it’s important to ask how and what you should do, it is more important to know who is doing that. ① For evangelism, it is best to use what you already have and do the best with that. Then how should you do this?- Do what is rightful, necessary, and absolute. ② Then, the things you can do will be revealed- Sufficient with Christ (you will find what is most valuable), Christ is complete (start of the evangelism movement), and Christ is everything (discovering the future movement and the remnant movement). ③ Remaining prayer topic- Make the missions entrepreneurship with the especially gifted and talented remnants. (5) Europe (Paris, France) Evangelism Conference (April 22nd)→ ▶Lecture 1: Holy Mason That Will Block the Age of Disaster (Holy Mason, Acts 1:3) ① Introduction- The holy mason that will block the age of disaster must arise. ② Through those who possess the mystery of God- Christ is the answer to all problems (faith, Romans 1:1617), Christ is the solution to all problems (prayer), and Christ is the restoration of all problems (only evangelism). Although the age of disaster has started, it will become the age of the holy mason that will triumph. ③ Through those who have seen the mystery- Mark’s upper room (Acts 2:1-47), Antioch Church (Acts 11:1930), Rome (Acts 19:21, Acts 23:11, Acts 27:24) ④ Through those who enjoy the mystery- 24 hours happiness (changing and healing imprints), 25 hours (God’s power and miracles), eternal (Romans 16:25-27, recreation) ⑤ Conclusion- Hold onto this covenant and start your faith masterpiece. Make this every day- Holy Mason. ▶Lecture 2: Holy Mason That Will Overcome the Age of Persecution (Holy Mason, Acts 1:1-8) ① Introduction- If you possess strength, persecution will not be a problem for you. First, hold onto the covenant and break down the forces of darkness. Also, develop the eyes to save the world. Do not fear power people possess, but fear God. Do this with confidence and boldness (Romans 1:16-17). ② Historical events will absolutely take place when you wait holding onto the covenant (of slavery, captivity, and colonization National events will arise (Philistine, Assyria, Aram, and disasters will come. Then, they

can’t persecute). Personal events will arise (believers-7 blessings, nonbelievers-6 states, religious individuals-1 Corinthians 10:20). Give the answers accordingly. ③ Conclusion- Our fight is so we can save the 3 organizations, make the 3 entrepreneurships, and raise up the 3 disciples. Through the holy mason movement, we can complete the RUTC and go all-in into only the church. (6) Europe Remnant Conference (April 23rd)→ ▶Lecture 1: Mission of the Age Given Only to Remnants (2 Timothy 2:1-7) ① Spiritual soldier (fundamental mission)- The covenant and the gospel are the solution to all things, are complete, and are everything. ② Athlete (basic mission)- Flow of the word, fulfillment, prayer, and evangelism. ③ Farmer (conquest mission)- Absolute door, absolute system, absolute field (regional church), absolute disciple ④ Conclusion- Time schedule (Isaiah 60:1-22, Acts 27:24, Romans 15:23), start making realistic preparations. ▶Lecture 2: Remnant’s Commission-Evangelist (2 Timothy 4:1-8) ① Introduction- Hold onto the covenant (Acts 1:1,3,8) and gain strength. He will surely give you the background of his throne, give you the filling of the Holy Spirit, and mobilize (2 Peter 3:8, Romans 16:2527) his armies of angels (horses and chariots of fire, Isaiah 103:20-22). ② You will see the answer of the heavenly mandate- You will undoubtedly succeed in the world, your past will be your platform, and problems will be blessings. ③ Answer of calling- Mt. Calvary (imprint, renewal), Mt. of Olives (answer), Mark’s upper room (power), Macedonia (studies), Rome (politics, finances). ④ Answer of commission- answer of saving the 3 organizations, 3 entrepreneurships, 3 disciples (secret squad, remnant missionary, holy mason- Romans 16) (7) Business Message (April 26th)→ One Heart, Whole Heart, and Continuation(15)- Top Remnant and RM Evangelist (Genesis 37:11) ▶Year 2014- Have the sure plan and mission of God! You need to have the absoluteness and sure message in regards to why you do the work you do. We must do the most important remnant movement in 3 ways. ① Top Remnant- this is the movement of seeking out the future (Genesis 37:11, Exodus 2:1-10, 1 Samuel 3:1-18, 1 Samuel 16:13, 1 Kings 19:19-21, Isaiah 6:13, 2 Timothy 2:1-2). What is God’s plan? You just need to ask this question. ② Remnant Ministry- Specialization (Deuteronomy 6:4-9 imprint. 1 Samuel 7:1-15 Mizpah movement, 2 Kings 6:8-24 Dothan movement, Isaiah 60:1-22, Acts 17:1, 18:4, 19:8-9) ③ Remnant missionary- Acts 19:8-9, 2 Timothy 2:1-7, Colossians 4:7-8 ④ Conclusion- My prayer topic (40 thousand, 400 thousand, 10 million), 3 disciples, 3 entrepreneurships (we must raise workers-remnants, business missions). We must know what God’s plans for me is and relay it to our future generation. That is numbers one through three. Hold onto to this covenant and have 24 hour prayer. (8) Study of Evangelism (April 26th)→ You Will See Everything When You See the Door (Acts 2:9-11) (9) Core Message+Remnant Day (April 26th)→ One Heart, Whole Heart, and Continuation (15)- Put Your All In Three Things to Save Yourself, the Church, the Nation, and the World (Acts 28:30-31)+ School of Evangelism (Exodus) ① Lesson 1: Remaining one (Joseph)- Missions restoration (Exodus 1:1-22)→ We need to restore evangelism and missions. Try assignment them homework. (For the next week, think about what missions is) ② Lesson 2: Incident on Mt. Horeb (Moses)- Gospel restoration (Exodus 3:1-18)→ We must emphasize the gospel. ▶ Show the field to remnants- Satan is holding onto politics, finances, society, and culture. Therefore, help them open up their eyes to see the disasters, suicides, crime, and demonic culture, and give them the opportunity to tour temples. Let remnants not just have bible studies, but help them hold onto the living word. ③ Lesson 3: Incident of the Red Sea- Restoration through an incident (Exodus 14:1-13)→ For the Israelites, the Red Sea was a door of miracles and a door of coming out of Egypt. Become a person who holds onto the word and prays when a problem comes. Give the answer when a historic incident, an incident in the field, or a personal incident takes place. ④ Lesson 4: Ark of the Covenant- The covenant is eternal (Exodus 26:1)→ Three festivals, tabernacle, and covenant (Christ). Take them to museums. The gospel is nowhere to be seen. ⑤ Conclusion- In the end, it is the mason movement. Therefore, we must do the holy mason movement. Remnants must raise up the holy mason movement (it is saving the age). (10) Regional Message (April 26th)→ Lesson 17: For the Answer of the Early Church (Acts 2:1-4)


Regional Message -2014 Lesson 17


For the Answer of the Early Church


Acts 2:1-4

Date Lecturer

April 26, 2014 Rev. Ryu (Organized by: Rev. Cha, Dong Ho)

♠ Scriptures (Acts 2:1-4) 1/ When the Day of Pentecost had fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. 2/ And suddenly there came a sound from heaven, as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting. 3/ Then there appeared to them divided tongues, as of fire, and one sat upon each of them. 4/ And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance. ♠ Regional Message Material ♠ ▶ The last words of the resurrected Lord were that when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you will receive power, and you will be the witnesses. Before that, He breathed out and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit,” and to believe in the Father and Him and do not worry. He told us that since He is going to prepare the heaven for us, do not worry, and when He leaves, He will send the Counselor Holy Spirit to be with us forever, so do not worry. How can we receive answers like the believers of the Early Church? We must know this answer. 1. What we must find first ▶ In today’s passage, it said, “the day of Pentecost came.” What must we find first? (1) In Gen. 13:18, when Abraham moved his tents and went to live near the great trees of Mamre at Hebron, where he built as altar to the Lord and prayed, he found his answers there. The saved believers must go to the people of the world as witnesses. We must show them that God is living, He is the Creator, and that He answers us. (2) If you take at look at Gen. 37:11, although Joseph was weak, one day, he experienced a great dream of the sun, the moon, and the stars bowing down to him, which revealed God’s great plan. (3) In Exo. 3:1-20, when Moses was 80 and though that he had no hope, he had a great experience on Mt. Horeb. From that day, answers came to Moses that was fit for a man of God. (4) In Ps. 78:70-72, the answers of David, who was chosen when he was lonely in the sheep pens, were recorded. In our daily lives, we must be in the midst of these answers (5) Jesus, as the model of prayer, prayed in the early mornings and told the disciples to receive the strength of prayer (Mk. 1:35, Mt. 26:41). (6) For the people who held onto Jesus’ promise from Mt. of Olives and gathered at Mark’s upper-room, the works of the Holy Spirit like wind and fire that no one could block came in Acts 2. 2. What we must always find (Acts 2:1-4) (1) Although he was in the midst of crisis, Joseph was always with God, and he received such great answers to the point that Pharaoh, who was a nonbeliever, said that he has never seen anyone who was so filled with the Spirit of God. (2) Daniel was always awake and prayed in front of God. It was recorded that King Darius saw that the Jehovah God was with Daniel in his daily life. (3) Early Church was in the midst of the greatest conflict, but they enjoyed the answer of changing the world. If you can always enjoy the works of the Holy Spirit that arose in Acts 2, you can change your field. In all things, regardless of what you’re doing, we must continuously pray and enjoy the answer of saving and changing the world. 3. The answer of that day ▶ The master and the lord of every day is God. If the power of Christ is revealed in your field, workplace, and work, then the day that changes takes place will come. If God’s kingdom comes upon that field, then the doors of evangelism will open. The works of the Holy Spirit will change everything. ♠Conclusion ▶When the works of God arose at the Early Church, which was in the greatest hardship to the point that there could be no greater hardships, the answers that saved the world began. Although there was a background of Roman politics, Judaism, Greek culture, poverty, death, and persecutions, the members of the Early Church were victorious through the mystery of the filling of the Holy Spirit from the day of Pentecost. The lesson that we must learn from this is that we should never give excuses. No matter how weak we are, God can do it. (The end)

4.27, 2014. Weekly Message Prayer Card