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Weekly Message Prayer Card – March 30th, 2014 (Messages from Immanuel Church in Korea - Business Msg:MakeaWorkofArt (Ac1:1) 1. Ps 78:70-72 (1) Words that contain the age (2) Praise (3) Skill (4) Shepherd (5) King 2. Ac 1:1 (1) Luke - Life masterpiece (2) Theophilus - Historic masterpiece (meeting) (3) Spiritual message 3. Ro 16:25-27 (1) What was hidden for long ages (2) What will last forevermore (3) What to do now

Core Msg: MakeYourLifeMasterpiece (Ac28:30-31) 1. The masterpiece you must absolutely make (1) Mt 28:1-20 (2) Ac 1:1 (3) Ac 1:3 (4) Ac 1:8 (5) Ac 1:14 2. The masterpiece of evangelism you must enjoy (1) Ac 1:1 (2) Ac 3:1-12 (3) Ac 13:1-4 3. The life masterpiece you must testify (1) Ac 2:43-45 (2) Ac 4:32-37 (3) Ac 9:36-43, 10:1-6 (4) Ac 16:15 (5) Ac 18:1-4

1st service: The word of the cross (1Co 1:18-31) ◆ Introduction ▶Paul said that the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved, it is the power of God. Paul said, “message of the cross.” We must find the message of the cross, the path of the cross, and the message regarding Christ. What is the Word of the cross, the message of the cross, the way of the cross, and the way of Christ? ◆ Main discourse 1. It is the way of the cross for us to realize the wisdom of the world and the wisdom of man and also realize the limitations of man as we hold on to the power of the cross. ▶Look at Verses 12-14, “One of you says, ‘I follow Paul;’ another, ‘I follow Apollos’; another, ‘I follow Cephas’; still another, ‘I follow Christ.’ Is Christ divided?” ▶Paul spoke about these problems. Verses 22-24 says, “Jews demand signs and Greeks look for wisdom, but we preach Christ crucified: a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles, but to those whom God has called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God.” But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. God chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things—and the things that are not—to nullify the things that are, so that no one may boast before him.

2nd service: The Spirit who is from God (1Co 2:1-12)

Lecturer’s Msg: Personal evangelism (Acts 8:26, 29)

◆ Introduction 1. Put into practice ▶Starting now, just pray deeply for 5 minutes. If you do this for just 10 1) Flow of the message (Ac 1:1) minutes, you will receive many answers. God, may today be the most 2) Flow of pulpit message (Ac 2;42) important and greatest day! 3) Put into practice (Ro 16:23) (1) 1Co 1:18, Message of the cross – all of us who are saved have the ① Personal application power of God ② Application of team formation (2) 1Co 2:1, When I came to you – when preaching the Gospel (3) 1Co 2:10, At this time, God grants the most important answer. God is 2. Personalization with us by His Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit searches all things. 1) Ac 6:1-7 ▶When your devotion is truly for evangelism (Mt 6:33), for missions (Mt 2) Ac 8:1-3 28:20), and the Gospel is testified, God’s miracles arise (exodus from 3) Ac 8:4-8 Egypt, Babylon, and Rome – miracle of liberation). ▶In today’s passage, 1Co 2:12 is tremendously important. “What we 3. Personal evangelism have received is not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit of God, so that 1) Ac 8:26 we may understand what God has freely given us.” If you pray 5-10 2) Ac 8:29 minutes every day, your eyes will open and the door to answers will also 3) Ac 8:38-40 open. Study with this power, do your business with this blessing, begin your day and your week with this answer. In order to receive answers to prayer and devote yourself, what method must you use?

◆ Main discourse 1. With the method of God (1) It is not the method of the world. (1Co 2:1, it is not with eloquence or human wisdom.) ▶If the Gospel is truly preached, all problems will be solved. When the 2. Finding the true power of God is the message of the cross. accurate Gospel is preached, the miracle of liberation will arise. ▶The message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing but (2) The moment you realize the mystery of God, the great works of God to us who are being saved, it is the power of God. will begin (verses 4, 7, 8, 9). If we discover God’s true power within the message of the cross, Satan (3) By the Holy Spirit (verse 10)- The Spirit searches all things, even the cannot attack us. Finding verses 18-24 is the way of the cross. If you find deep things of God. the message of the cross, from within it comes the wisdom and power of God. 2. With the eternal things that we have (verse 6) ▶When we truly preach the Gospel, all the forces of darkness will 3. Finding the evidence of true salvation is the message of the cross. crumble and God will grant us the eternal answers. ▶The true power that saves us is in the hands of God. Verses 30-31 says, 1) Look at the evidence in the Bible. “It is because of him that you are in Christ Jesus, who has become for us 2) Look at the spiritual blessings. wisdom from God—that is, our righteousness, holiness and redemption. 3) Even now, the works will arise. Therefore, as it is written: ‘Let the one who boasts boast in the Lord.’” My life will truly change with the power of God. Whether we live or die is 3. Everything is inside of the Gospel (verse 10). With this, we must within the hands of God. This salvation isn’t in knowledge; it is within the devote ourselves. hands of God. When we realize that, we will have spiritual victory. ▶Verse 10 – These are the things God has revealed to us by His Spirit. The Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God. ◆Conclusion (1) He will allow us to communicate with God. ▶“For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, (2) The past, present, and future will all connect. but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.” You just need to (3) 1Co 15:58, Your labor in the Lord is not in vain. experience this once. (1) The prayer of Mount Calvary, Christ who died upon the cross for me ◆Conclusion and all mankind, and Christ who resurrected. ▶Ac 1:1 Christ, Ac 1:3 Kingdom of God, Ac1:8 Filling of the Holy Spirit. (2) The promise of the Mount of Olives that He gave to us. With this promise, begin scheduled prayer. If you continue this, 24-hour (3) The answer of Mark’s upper room prayer that He gave to us. prayer will take place. Then, ‘25-hour’ will take place. Power will be (4) The prayer of Damascus. manifested. From this point on, your past will become a platform, you (5) The promise of world evangelization. will gain the strength to carry out your work in the world, and you will “Go to all nations and to all peoples. Go to the ends of the earth. I will give receive the heavenly mandate. From this moment on, the truly you the filling of the Holy Spirit.” You will taste these blessings when you important things will begin. 2Pe 3:8, the works of 1,000 years being discover the message and way of the cross. fulfilled in just one day; Ro 16:25-27, the eternal answer will arise. Hold on to this. Starting today, resolve to do missions and study in order to testify of the true Gospel, do evangelism, and the work of missions

Weekly Message Flow (2014.3.23.-2014.3.29.) “Darakbang Msg Materials Bank Internet Dept." (1) 1st Pulpit Msg (March 23)→ Do Not Get Weary in Doing Good (2 Th 3:13-15) ▶Thank you Lord for giving me the victorious status in Christ which changes disasters, spiritual problems, background of hell, and destiny brought by Satan, rather than which discourages me before a hardship. Let me testify only the Gospel in any circumstance to do the highest patriotism and stand as a witness who love and save people. Let me turn all the problems I've faced in hardships into a historic message of answers and hold onto the message to overcome them. Let my life see the future and change the world's culture through only the Gospel. Also, let me enjoy the answer of RUTC to save the remnants. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. (2) 2nd Pulpit Msg (March 23)→ The Lord Himself is with All, In All Times, In Every Way (2 Th 3:16-18) ▶Thank you Lord for letting me hold only onto Christ to break down Satan, disasters, background of hell, and destiny. Let me gain happiness, strength, and answers through 24-hr prayer and receive true healing in the midst of deep prayer. Also, let me enjoy the blessing of worship which fulfills Your word and gives me Immanuel, the greatest answer. May the works of healing take place through the works of the Holy Spirit so I may transcend my own strength and my life. With the power of prayer, let me enjoy the works of the throne and heaven's blessings. Let me join in prayer with others in the time of happiness. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. (3) Evangelism Planning Team (March 23)→ Regional Message Lec. 12: For the Lord was with Joseph (Gen. 39:1-6) ▶ Although Joseph was in great hardships, he prayed 24 hours and worked. Find your scheduled prayer (happiness, health, answer), daily life (pray for your meetings, work, and incidents), and answers when you face problems through concentrated prayer. Then, wherever you go, the miracles of healing will arise. How did Joseph do this? ① Joseph held onto the covenant(Gen. 1:3, Gen. 3:15, Gen. 6:14) ② Joseph enjoyed the covenant(Gen. 37:1-11, Gen. 39:1-6, Gen. 40:1-22) ③ Joseph possessed the future (Gen. 37:11, meeting with general, in front of the king – told the future) ④ Conclusion- If you enjoy this answer, 25 hours (answer of transcending myself) will come. (2Pet. 3:8, Rom. 16:25-27, Php.3:20) (4) Tychicus Team (March 23)→ Small Application (Message Flow) ▶Small application means receiving God’s guidance. The first thing you must do is summarize the message, figure out the message flow, and putting that message into practice and relaying it. ① Acts 1:3, God’s kingdom – putting 40 days concentration into practice – at this time, you will see the three fields. ② Acts 2:14-21, Peter’s sermon when he was filled with the Holy Spirit – Acts 2:28, fulfillment of promise, and the people who will receive the answers together will rise. Acts 2:17-18 you will see the answer and the future to let you know what you must do. ③ Acts 2:42, pulpit message (action), fellowship (relay God’s plan that can take place), bread (discover the blessings that come from salvation every day), prayer (held onto the sure covenant) (5) Tuesday Conference (March 25)→ 30 Evangelism Answers 1- Mission (1-10) ▶ 1st Theme: From life’s answers – 24 hours ① Message flow – Message summary + relay (Acts 1:1) ② Message action team (Acts 1:14) – Small application, team formation (Mt. 10, Lk. 10, Rom. 16) ③ Prayer personalization (Acts 2:1) – 24 hr prayer (prayer 24, thoughts 24, deep prayer ) + personalization (Restoration of the prayer of Mt. of Olives – answers, direction), 5 healings (imprint, word, life, finances, culture of the field – 4 basics) ④ Personal evangelism (Acts 2:41) – 3 todays and what is mine, my evangelism – 300 people evangelism planning ▶2nd Theme: 25 hours ⑤ Spiritual world of 25 hours (Jn. 14:1-27) – filling of the Holy Spirit (my prayer – my method) ⑥ Doors of 25 hours – you will go while seeing the answer and the field ahead of time (prepared 100 fold of blessings) – evangelism (home, disciple, region) – expertise/uniqueness/summit ⑦ Preparation of fruits – prepared the time schedule and disciples (Mt. 28:18-20) ⑧ Uniqueness – ‘only’ is uniqueness. Satan fears only Christ. Find what is rightful and inevitable and be the witness of ‘only’! ▶3rd Theme: Eternity ⑨ Regional church viewed through the perspective of eternity – God’s guidance +relaying of only evangelism + through the eyes of eternity (Acts 1:8)

⑩ Disciple(ization) seen through the perspective of eternity – The disciples who understand and have seen Acts 1:3 (covenant of 40 days), Acts 2:1 (Blessing of the three feasts), Acts 11:19 (great doors of missions), Acts 19:21 (Rome), and Rom.16:25-27 – spiritual summit (6) Japan Remnant Conference (March 27-28)→ ▶Lec. 1: Japan- Heavenly Mandate Never Fails (Acts 1:1) ① Intro – When you know Satan’s strategies (12 problems), you will know the reasons to pray, evangelize, and do missions, and you will see the greatest promise of the Bible. ② Greatest promise of the Bible (Identity – 7 blessings, authority – 6 authorities) – when you believe, the works will arise. ③ The greatest mission will start – hold onto the covenant and break down the culture of idols and darkness ④ Greatest answer – Bring to realization God’s blessings (Eph. 6:12, Acts 13, Acts 19:21) ⑤ Conclusion – Even if there’s just one person, the region will be saved; if there are one or two people, the nation and the country will be saved; if there is a team, the age will be saved. Hold onto the heavenly mandate, calling, and mission. ▶ Lec. 2: The one heart, whole heart, and continuation of the Japanese remnants (Acts 1:3) ① Intro – Mt. of Olives (Acts 1:1, 3, 8). Concentrate on the blessings of God that arose in Mark’s upper-room. ② The reason for one heart, whole heart, and continuation – this is the blessing that I should rightfully receive ③ The content of one heart – Acts 1:1, content of whole heart – Acts 1:3, content of continuation – Acts 1:8 ④ The result of one heart, whole heart, and continuation – what is mine, expertise, and uniqueness will come, and the passion of the covenant will be fulfilled through the remnants ▶Lec. 3: The basics that the remnants must have (Php. 3:20) ① Intro – our standard must be Php. 3:1-21 (success, goal, interest, background, strength) ② What we must do first – scheduled prayer (Acts 1:1,3,8) +24 hr +25 hr ③ What we must do from now – find what is yours, find your uniqueness, and head towards the summit ④ What we must prepare – Rom. 16:1-23 (secret squad), Rom. 16:3-4 (remnant missionary), Rom. 16:17-20 (Holy Mason) ⑤ What we must always do – word flow, action team formation, 3 todays, correct prayer topics, doors that God prepared, hidden disciples, regional church with absolute reason, absolute method/content/disciple. (7) Business Msg (March 29)→ One heart, whole heart, and continuation of the evangelist (11)- Literary Arts, Publishing, Editing, Design “Make a work of art” (Acts 1:1) ① Age, praise, skills, shepherd, king – make your “Life masterpiece” that contains the life of the evangelist ② Luke (life masterpiece), Theophilus (masterpiece of the age), contains spiritual content – make the masterpiece of the age ③ Make what is eternal (Rom. 16:25-27) ④ Conclusion – Make the work of art that wins over the satanic culture. However, what we must do before is finding happiness, strength, and answers through the 24 hr prayer. Enter into 25 hours and eternity (8) Lecturer’s Msg (March 29)→ One heart, whole heart, and continuation of the evangelist (11)- Personal Evangelism (Acts 8:26, 29) (9) Core Msg (March 29)→ One heart, whole heart, and continuation of the evangelist (11)- Make your life masterpiece (Acts 28;30-31) ▶Intensive training is the training that helps you find the answers that you must realistically receive. Make “your life masterpiece”. First, the word prophesized in the Bible in the past must be fulfilled in you ① Make your life masterpiece that must be made (Mt. 28:1-20, Acts 1:1, 3, 14) ② Make your life masterpiece of evangelism that you must absolutely enjoy (Acts 1:1, Acts 3:1-12, Acts 13:1-4) ③ Make your masterpiece of evidence that must be testified (Acts 2: 43-45, Acts 4:32-37, Acts 9:3637, Accts 10:1-6, Acts 16:15, Acts 18:1-4) ④ Conclusion – form the team that will bring God’s word into realization (Joshua and Caleb, Samuel and David, Elijah and Elisha, Paul’s team, Luther, Calvin and Beza) Restore the Gospel that this age has lost – truly hold onto it. If you truly hold onto it, Satan and the forces of darkness will crumble. May this time be that time. Please restore me. Let me enter into the word action team! (10) Regional Msg (March 29)→ Lesson 13: One who saves the ridiculous field (Ps. 78:70-72)


Regional Message -2014 Lesson 13


One who saves the ridiculous field


Ps. 78:70-72

Date Lecturer

March 29, 2014 Rev. Ryu (Organized by: Rev. Cha, Dong Ho)

♠ Scriptures (Ps. 78:70-72) 70/ He chose David his servant and took him from the sheepfolds; 71/ from following the nursing ewes he brought him to shepherd Jacob his people, Israel his inheritance. 72/ With upright heart he shepherded them and guided them with his skillful hand. ♠ Regional Message Material ♠ ▶ Many people describe that this is a dangerous world. However, God prepared us to have the strength from the mystery of being with God before we go out into the world. Also, in the field that we go out to, the world that’s like Goliath is waiting for us. But, one thing we must remember is that the situation is not a crisis, but the field of important answers and the time schedule of blessing for those who are in the midst of God’s grace. For David who received the greatest blessing in the midst of crisis, there was one thing that he did not shake on. From the time that David met Samuel to the time that he became the king, David always had the Ark of the Covenant and the temple in his mind. This is the prayer of mystery that he received answers to in his life time. This is God’s heavenly commission that He has given to us. We must discover what God has prepared for us so that we can receive the prepared blessings through Jesus Christ. If we cannot find this blessing, we will live a very vain life like King Saul. King Saul suffered great spiritual hardships to the point that he ran after David, his son-in-law, to kill him. The life that does not know God is bound to wander in the midst of chaos, darkness, and void. 1. World that has separated from God. ▶Many people are wandering around to find true happiness and truth. Jesus said in John 14:6 that He is the way, the truth, and the life, and no one goes to the Father except through Him. The life that has not met God wanders in chaos. The unexplained disasters and hardships are all from the works of darkness. People try to live their lives by following their own hearts and minds, but if they have separated from God, they are by nature children of wrath (Eph. 2:3), so they cannot block the works of darkness. Just like how higher buildings have bigger shadows, success without God makes you fall into greater void. In order to fill this void, people fall into different cultures or religions with mysticisms, and fall into greater spiritual difficulties. 2. David who possessed the mystery of connecting with God ▶ If our children live in the world in a vain state without the mystery of the Gospel, they will undoubtedly fail their lives. For David, before he went out into the world, he possessed the mystery of being with God. For David, the difficult world became answers and time schedule of success. For David, who possessed the mystery of the Ark of the Covenant and the mystery of word meditation, God sent His heavenly armies of angels to give him answers and raise up work (Ps. 103:2022). (1) When you’re facing loneliness, you must head towards the spiritual challenge like David. When you’re alone, even a short time of meditating and praising God is very beneficial. David discovered God’s will through the word, and challenged his skills and answers through praise and prayer. At this time, God gave David the answer of skills (answer of uniqueness) that could beat Goliath. (2) With the purpose of world evangelization, we must challenge our work (studies) in the grace of God (Holy Spirit). From the day that David was anointed with oil from Samuel, the Spirit of the Lord came upon David in great power (1Sam. 16:13) 3. Challenge for the future in the midst of crisis ▶ Because of Saul who was in vain, David continued to face crisis. The most dangerous and difficult people in the world are the people who are in vain. The vainest country and its people are North Korea. Although he was in constant difficulties, David challenged towards his future. (1) David heard the word of promise from Samuel that God will make him king. He had no reason to be shaken (2) Also, since he possessed the answer of being with God (Ps. 23:1-6), he enjoyed answers that made him not lack in anything. (3) Since he possessed the mystery of prayer, he stood as the man of complete victory. David, who possessed the answer regarding the future, saw the blessings and answers of God even in the midst of hardships. When a person of God who possesses this mystery challenges towards the world, the vain works and vain field will be changed through the works of God. ♠Conclusion ▶The goal that the person of God heads towards is not success. That is just a process, and we must see what’s after that. If success or money is your goal, then you’re a pitiful person. If you want to use everything of this world for God’s glory, you must have the eyes of faith like Paul to see them as rubbish. (1) When David was a shepherd, he enjoyed the greatest answer (2) When he gave praise, the evidence of the evil spirits fleeing came (3) When he met Goliath, he won over Goliath with the skills that he prepared every day (4) Even when he fled from death 6 times, he received the greatest answers every time. (5) He received the blessing of preparing for the greatest temple for God ▶ Let’s pray that these answers come to your field and all of your work (studies). (The end)

3.30, 2014. Weekly Message Prayer Card  
3.30, 2014. Weekly Message Prayer Card  

Rev. Kwang Su Ryu, Immanuel Church in Korea,,,,