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Weekly Message Prayer Card – March 23rd, 2014 (Messages from Immanuel Church in Korea - Business Msg:Financeprofessionalsandchurchofficers (Ro16:23) 1. Ac 2:9-11 (Ac 1:3) (1) Scattered ones (2) Businessperson (3) Evangelism Disciple 2. Ac 9:36-43 (Ac 9:10,15) (1) Joppa (2) Female disciple (3) Social entrepreneurship 3. Ac 16:15 (Ac 16:6-10) (1) Philippi (2) Seller of purple goods (cultural entrepreneurship) (3) Female disciple 4. Ac 18:1-4 (Ac 2:10) (1) Inter-racial marriage (2) Tentmakers (missions entrepreneurship) (3) Co-worker

Core Msg: RegionalEvangelism (Ac16:15) 1. One church (1) Ac 2:1-47 (2) Ac 11:19-30 (3) Ac 16:15, 17:6, 18:1-4, 19:8-20 2. One region (1) Ac 11:19 (2) Ac 13:1-4 (3) Ac 16:6-10 (4) Ac 19:1-7 (5) Ac 19:21 3. One person (one team) (1) Ro 16:1-2 (2) Ro 16:3-4 (3) Ro 16:23

1st service: Do not grow weary in doing good (2Th 3:13-15)

2nd service: The Lord himself is with all, in all times, in every way (2Th 3:16-18)

◆ Introduction ▶ThechurchofThessalonicaandtheEarlyChurchwerelabeledasheresies,andasa result,theyfacedtremendoushardship.TheJewishpeopleorganizedtogetherand hinderedtheEarlyChurch.Romealsopersecutedthem,aswell. ▶Atthistime,theBiblesays,“Youaremypeople.God’skingdomwillbefulfilled.Iwillbe withyou.”Aftertimepassed,whoremainedthevictor?ThereisnosignofThessalonica inthepresentday,andevenRomefell.TheGospel,however,conqueredtheworld. ▶Andyet,westillshake.Donotgrowdiscouragedorwearyindoinggood.Arethose whoareinChristfreefromhardships?Ofcoursenot.Butthatisthetimetoenjoythe greatestblessingofprayer.ThosewhoareoutsideofChristareattackedbytheevilspirits themostduringthesetimes.Youmustpossessthisanswer. That is why you must not get discouraged while preaching the Gospel. Do not grow discouraged when you see people who are vain. Being persecuted because of the Gospel is the greatest good. Why is that the case? The Gospel overturns the background of Satan, spiritual problems, disasters, hell, and our fate.

Lecturer’s Msg: Regional Evangelism

◆ Introduction 1. My system ▶Today,wewilllookattheendof2Thessalonians.Thispassagerevealssomethingvery 1) Ac 2:1-13 importanttous.Donotworryaboutanything;theconclusionfortodayis“prayer.” 2) Ac 2:9-11 ▶Forwhatreasondowefacehardshipswhenwepraysomuch?Whydoproblems 3) Ac 2:41 continuetoarise? 4) Ac 2:43-45 (1)IfonlyGospel(Christ)takesplaceforyou,allproblemswillcometoanend. 5) Ac 2:46-27 1)Satanisafraidoftheword,“Christ.” 2)Disasterswillcrumble. 2. Spiritual system 3)Thebackgroundofhellandfatewillchange. 1) In the midst of answers to prayer (2)Special prayer –Ifyouprayspecialprayerwithanimportantworkinmind,youwill 2) In the midst of Word fulfillment havearenewedperspectiveofmanyanswers. 3) In the midst of Ac 13:48 (3)24-hourprayer–TheLordHimselfiswithall,inalltimes,ineveryway.Thisismore important.Beginthisprayer. 3. Field system 1)Happiness,strength,answer(scheduledprayer)–Taketimetoenjoyhappiness,gain 1) Region strength,andreceivetheanswerbeforeGod. 2) House 2)Work,time,people–Justenjoytheblessingofprayeralittlebitwithinthis. 3) Disciple 3)Deep prayer –Ifyoupraydeepprayer(meditation)alittlebit,healingwillarise. 4) Culture ◆ Main discourse ▶Godhasgiventheseblessingstoeveryonewhobelievers.Tothoseforwhomthisis 5) Finance 1.PreachingtheGospelisthegreatestgood.Thereisnoneedtogetdiscouragedwhile takingplace: preachingtheGospel. ▶IfyouholdontothesureevidenceinChristandwait,theanswerswillberevealed,so ◆ Main discourse donotbediscouraged.PreachingtheGospelisthegreatestactofpatriotism.Itisthe 1.Workswillariseintheworship. greatestwaytoloveaperson. (1)Wheneveryougiveworship,Godwillleadyoutoenjoythegreatestanswerof “Immanuel.” 2.Insideofhardship,holdontothehistoricmessage. (2)7 Remnants –Everyday,ineverything,andwitheveryonetheymet,answers ▶Verses14-15saysthattherewillbepeoplewhoaredisobedientandenemies,too. cameandwhentheysteppedoutintothefield,answerswerewaitingforthem. However,wemustnotbecomediscouraged.Whynot?Theyaremakingtheirlast (3)TheWordisfulfilled. stand;wemustnotbediscouragedbecauseofthat.Thatdoesnotsignifytruestrength. ▶Thisblessingisyours.Evenwithoneworship,yourlifecanchange. Wemustinsteadsavethosepeople.Whatmustyouholdontoatthattime?Youmust holdontothehistoricmessage(Job). 2.Working of the Holy Spirit That will become answers. When hardships come, do not be ▶TheworksoftheHolySpiritthatsurpassmystrengthandmylifewillarise. discouraged; hold on to the historic message. Then, you will surely (1)Howcanaslavebecomethegovernor?HowcanashepherddefeatGoliathand triumph, The Early Church was victorious. Never once did the darkness becomeking? prevail over the light. Never once did the non-truth overcome the truth. (2)HowwastheweakEarlyChurchabletowinoverRome?TheworkingoftheHoly Lawlessness never won over justice. Spirit… (3)Thehealingtobreakdowntheforcesofdarknessarose. 3.Donotbecomediscouragedbeforepeoplewhodonotknowthefuture. ▶Paulknewthefutureandthatiswhyhestakedhislifetorunforward.Thereisnoneed 3.Worksofthethrone togetdiscouraged.Forthesakeofthefuture,dogood. (1)Ro 16:25-27,ThehiddenblessingsofGodareeternalandhavenowbeenrevealed (1)Inthefuture,let’sbuildachurchthatcanchangeandexplainthecultureofKorea. andmadeknown. (2)Let’sraisetheRemnantswhocansavetheworld. (2)2Pe 3:8,Godcandoinonedaywhatmandoesin1,000years. (3)Let’smaketheRUTCthatwillchangetheworldculture. (3)Php 3:20,Whereverwego,wehavethebackgroundandblessingsofheaven. ◆Conclusion ▶WemustpossessthetrueGospelandrelaythetrueGospel.Then,thechurchwill becomethemosthelpfulorganizationinthenation.Donotgrowwearywhiledoing good.Donotgrowdiscouragedwhilepraying.Donotdespairbecausehardshipshave come.Ourfutureisset.Thereisnoreasontogetdiscouraged. The child of prayer and tears will never perish. ▶Mayyoutrulyholdontothisblessedcovenanttoday.Thegreathardshipsthatyou areexperiencingaretheanswers.ThosewhoareinChristareblessed.Mayyoureceive greatblessingstodayandreceivetheanswerofyourspiritualproblemsbeingresolved. MayyougainthestrengthofprayertodaysothatyoucanseetheanswersofGodinthe nextsixdaysoftheweek.

◆Conclusion -joint prayer ▶AllofyouwhoaresavedarepeopleoftheHolySpirit.Startingtoday,haveatimeof happinessanddepth. ▶Whenpeopleofprayercometogethertopray,miracleswillarise. (1)Formaprayerteamandpray. (2)UtilizetheWednesdaynightservice,Fridaynightservice,andearlymorning worship. (3)Dofastingrelayprayer. ▶Mayyourestorethepeaceofprayerandmaythegreatestanswerofyourlifebegin.

Weekly Message Flow (2014.3.16.-2014.3.22.) “Darakbang Message Material Bank Internet Dept." (1) 1st Pulpit Message (March 16th)→ What Must We Pray? (2 Thessalonians 3:1-6) ▶Thank you, Lord, for letting me know the biblical truth about You creating mankind in Your image, the existence of Satan and spiritual problems, and the mystery of Christ. Help me enter into the word, the works of salvation, and the answers to prayer. Let me become a victorious witness who will enjoy the blessing of Immanuel, which is the greatest answer among answers, even in the midst of problems, hardships, diseases, and crises. Help me see the blessing of the heavenly mandate in every step I take, and help me see the blessing of evangelism arising in every place I go and with every person I meet. Also, help me enjoy the blessing of missions that gets rid of all spiritual problems in the world. Let me challenge myself with the blessing of Immanuel that gives me new strength. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. (2) 2nd Pulpit Message (March 16th)→ Do Not Lose Hold of the Lord’s Blessings (2 Thessalonians 3:7-12) ▶Thank you, Lord, for leading me toward the summit and uniqueness through spiritual strength that allows me to enjoy good health and all to go well with me, even as my soul is getting along well in Immanuel as a child of God. As I experience Christ, God's kingdom, and the power of only the Holy Spirit, let me daily enjoy the answer of Acts chapter 2 and go out to the field with the already given answers. Let my crisis turn into the greatest opportunity through prayer. Please change my imprints and restore the opportunities that have slipped so I may grab the last opportunity for evangelism and missions, which will fulfill the works of recreation. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. (3) Evangelism Planning Team (March 16th)→ Regional Message Lesson 11: Build the Ark ▶ The problems of the age of Noah in Genesis chapter 6 are arising in the same way in new urbanism. The problems of lust, of violence, of crime, of fortune telling, of drugs, of gambling, and of our youths are arising. ① The field is a field of Genesis 3, 6, and 11→ The solution is Genesis 3:15, the offspring of woman (Christ) ② How must we pray?→ It is rightful to seek out what we must pray for when we pray (necessary), and we must pray until we find God’s absolute heavenly mandate. ③ What must we do?→ Genesis 6:14, 18, 20 build the ark (for you, your descendants, all living creatures, and others). ④ Conclusion→ Make the works you are doing into Acts 9:36-43 (Tabitha), Acts 10:1-6 (Simon, the tanner), Acts 12:1-12, Acts 16:16-18, and Acts 19:8-20. (4) National Pastoral/Elder Prayer Meeting (March 10th-12th)→ Only Gospel+ Only Prayer+ Only Word ▶Lecture 1: Only Gospel (Acts 4:12) ① Introduction: Only gospel- We do not need anything else because all answers are within this. ② Only gospel- It is the way to block disasters, a way only given to the saved (Satan, disasters, background of hell). ③ Only gospel- It is change for this age that is urgently given to the saved (WITH-7 remnants, figures of Hebrews 11, the Early Church). ④ Only gospel- It is the strength of creation that is rightfully given to the saved (5 powers, 3 todays, true finances, true evangelism, true revival and growth) ⑤ How must we realistically have only the gospel?- Matthew 16:13-16, Philippians 1:9-10, Philippians 3:1-20. ⑥ Conclusion: the last commission of Christians- Pray to block the 3 organizations, the 3rd religion, spiritual problems, disasters, and wars. The only way to break down Satan’s strategy is through the way of only the gospel! God has the plan of eternity for your business. ▶Lecture 2: Only Prayer (Mark 9:28-29) ① Introduction: Prayer is- specifically enjoying walking with God, enjoying true peace, and seeking out God’s will. ② We must teach 24 hour prayer (method to walk with God)- Enjoying Christ (solution to disasters, Satan, and the background of hell) is the start of prayer+ the method is the Mt. of Olives (healing of imprints), Mark’s upper room (healing of meetings), mission home (healing of lifestyle), specialized ministry (financial healing), and regional church (regional healing)+think about deep prayer, lifestyle prayer, work prayer, situational prayer. It is fulfilling a balance for all this+ you will enjoy the status and authority of a child of God here (John 1:12, 1 Peter 2:9, Mark 3:15, Luke 10:19, Matthew 28:18-20) ③ 25 hour prayer- When you enjoy 24 hour prayer, the 25 prayer of seeing God’s power and a different world will come. Then, you will see everything as an answer, you will gain the answer ahead of time, and the 12 life’s problems will become resolved.

④ Finally, you will see the time schedule of eternity. Prayer is seeing and enjoying the eternal time schedule (the 7 blessings and 6 authorities given to believers, 2 Corinthians 12:1-10, Romans 16:25-27, Revelation 20:1-22:21) ⑤ Conclusion- If the oneness of prayer arises in the church, then miracles will arise; if oneness arises for you, work, and field (finances), then you will rise to the summit. If problems and prayer meet together, the works of God that breaks down Satan will arise. ▶Lecture 3: Only Word (Acts 1:8-14) ① 1st word (Exodus 3:18, 1 Chronicles 29:10-14, Psalm 7:14, Matthew 16:16, Romans 1:16-17)Miracles will arise. ② 2nd word (evangelism that gives the answer to the 12 problems- Genesis 3, 6, 11, Acts 13, 16, 19, John 8:44, Exodus 20:3-5, Matthew 11:28, Acts 9:4-8, Luke 16:19-31, Matthew 27:25) ③ 3rd word (Remnant)- God has prepared all things and gave the 3rd message (Zephaniah 2:7, Isaiah 6:13, Acts 17:1, Acts 18:4, Acts 19:8) ④ Conclusion- Experience Acts 1:14 (experience the grace of Calvary, Mt. of Olives, and Mark’s upper room). (5) Yeongnam Area Evangelism Conference (March 20th)→ ▶Lecture 1: Evangelist Who Sees the Hidden Things (Acts 11:19) ① Introduction: 3 reasons the Early Church did not shake- Acts 1:1, Acts 1:3, Acts 1:8 they surely held onto this answer. Therefore, although they yielded everything without complaint and calculation, they succeeded. ② Life’s 1st turning point (Acts 1:14)- Acts 2 (Pentecost-3 feasts, 5 time schedules, 5 doors, 5 strengths)+heavenly mandate (calling, commission)+my life, my evangelism ③ Life’s 2nd turning point (Acts 11:19)- Tribulations are tremendous turning points. From that point, you will see what is unseen to the eye (the Lord’s hand, grace, great crowds of disciples, Paulmissionary). The works of financial blessings. ④ Life’s 3rd turning point (Acts 19:21)- Acts 19:1-7, Acts 19:8-20, Acts 19:21, Acts 23:11, Acts 27:24. Rome. ⑤ Conclusion- Our background is fulfilling the heavenly throne and God’s kingdom (Revelation 20:122:21, Philippians 3:20, Acts 1:3) ▶Lecture 2: Spiritual Blessing and 3 Fisheries (Acts 19:21) ① Introduction- Acts 19:21 “After all this had happened…I must visit Rome also.” ② Prayer- The evidences from the past must continue even now (the biblical works that were revealed in the Bible) ③ Evangelism- The evangelism movement and covenant are today’s evidences that will remain for all eternity. Then you will see the 3 fisheries. ④ Word- The evidences of the future must be seen today. The answer of the 3 entrepreneurships, 3 disciples, NGO, welfare, and culture. ⑤ Conclusion- If you go with the peace of 24 hours, God will give you the answer of 25 hours. (6) Business Message (March 22nd)→ One Heart, Whole Heart, and Continuation for the Life of the Evangelist (10)Regional Businessperson (Acts 16:15) ① Look at the flow of the word- You must have the eyes to see the word to save your field, church, and regional church. With the eyes to see the word, you must play the role of embers (Acts 2:911/Acts 1:3, Acts 9:36-43/Acts 9:10/15, Acts 16:15/Acts 16:6-10, Acts 18:1-4/Acts 2:10). ② Team for application- Make a team for application with this word and content. Miracles will arise. (7) Study of Evangelism (March 22nd)→ Regional Evangelism ① Church Officers- 3 Actualizations (Acts 1:3, Acts 2:14-21, Acts 2:42) ② Regional Evangelism Concentrated Training- Field Actualization (prayer, word, evangelism) (8) Remnant Day (March 22nd)→ Remnant Day- Genesis (Core Message- One Heart, Whole Heart, Continuation of the Life of the Evangelism (10)- Regional Evangelism, Acts 16:15) ▶You will receive answers if are within the answer, flow, and direction regarding the word. Remnants will not be able to discern anything if they cannot discern this and enter into the world. ① Lecture 1: Start of Humankind’s Unhappiness (Failure) (Genesis 3:15) ② Lecture 2: Start of Humankind’s Fall (Genesis 6:14) ③ Lecture 3: Babel Tower Movement (Genesis 11:4) ④ Lecture 4: Abraham, the Forefather of Faith, and Remnant Joseph (Genesis 12:1-3) (9) Regional Message (March 22nd)→ Lesson 12: For the Lord Was With Joseph (Genesis 39:1-6)


Regional Message -2014 Lesson 12


For the Lord was with Joseph


Gen. 39:1-6

Date Lecturer

March 22, 2014 Rev. Ryu (Organized by: Rev. Cha, Dong Ho)

♠ Scriptures (Gen. 39:1-6) 1/ Now Joseph had been taken down to Egypt. And Potiphar, an officer of Pharaoh, captain of the guard, an Egyptian, bought him from the Ishmaelites who had taken him down there. 2/ The Lord was with Joseph, and he was a successful man; and he was in the house of his master the Egyptian. 3/ And his master saw that the Lord was with him and that the Lord made all he did to prosper in his hand. 4/ So Joseph found favor in his sight, and served him. Then he made him overseer of his house, and all that he had he put under his authority. 5/ So it was, from the time that he had made him overseer of his house and all that he had, that the Lord blessed the Egyptian’s house for Joseph’s sake; and the blessing of the Lord was on all that he had in the house and in the field. 6/ Thus he left all that he had in Joseph’s hand, and he did not know what he had except for the bread which he ate.Now Joseph was handsome in form and appearance. ♠ Regional Message Material ♠ ▶ When hardships come, people get discouraged. However, how was Joseph able to receive so many answers when he was in the midst of great hardships? Joseph faced hardships with the scar of his passed mother, family problems, and unwanted life of slavery. He was stuck in hardships that he couldn’t do anything about. Although no one helped Joseph, he possessed the answer to receive answers and survive by himself. He became the model of blessings for the saved children of God. The word of blessing of God was relayed from Adam to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, and to Moses who recorded the Pentateuch of Moses (Genesis ~ Deuteronomy) 1. One who held onto the covenant ▶Among the many brothers, the one who held onto the covenant most accurately was Joseph. If you take a look at Heb. 11, there is a list of names who held onto the covenant and looked upon Christ, and Joseph is one of them/ He knew the mystery of the Gospel that saves the nonbelieving field that’s in chaos, darkness, and void (Gen. 1:3) (1) Gen. 3:15, he knew the original Gospel that the offspring of woman will crush the head of the serpent (2) Gen. 6:14, he probably knew the fact that if you entered into the ark, you will be saved ▶ He probably knew the promises of mystery and blessings of the blood sacrifice that symbolizes Jesus Christ that God told Abraham. Since Joseph had this covenant, he accurately knew who the Messiah was. God had no choice but to work upon Joseph who knew this truth 2. Enjoyed the mystery of the covenant ▶ Joseph enjoyed this covenant as his mystery (1) He enjoyed with prayer (Gen. 37:1-11) In whatever work you’re doing, if you enjoy it in the midst of prayer, God’s answers will absolutely come (2) He enjoyed the mystery of the covenant in his lifestyle. When trials came, the word was accurately fulfilled. (3) When he went as a slave, greatest answers came to him (Gen. 39:1-6) (4) By following God’s plan that was hidden in all of the hardships, Joseph became the governor and saved the entire world (Gen. 45:1-5) (5) He enjoyed the mystery of being with God even in the smallest things ▶ If you accurately enjoy the Gospel, nothing can really become a problem. For those people who possess this mystery, they will not shake even if answers don’t come, and when answers do come, they do not shake with arrogance. Even when he became a governor, he calmly found God’s plan. Let’s pray, “Let me accurately enjoy the accurate Gospel! Please heal my nature, thoughts, and personality that blocks me from accurately enjoying the Gospel!” 3. God gives the answer to surely know the future (1) Gen. 39:2, the Lord was with Joseph. Gen. 39:6, because of Joseph, Potiphar’s field was blessed. It is God’s plan to bless the field that I’m in through me who knows the Gospel and enjoys it. (2) Gen. 40:1-20, when he explained the word of God to the prisoners, he saw the future. God promised to give the answer to know the future to the Early Church that was filled with the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:17). (3) Gen. 45:5, Joseph said to his brothers who sold him to slavery to not be afraid. He said that his brothers were not the ones who sold him, but God sent him ahead. At that point, he was in the answer that saved the entire world. 4. Strength to communicate with God ▶ From today, if you start the prayer of accurately enjoying the accurate Gospel, you will receive the same answers as Joseph. (1) Then all people will become blessings to you (2) The small work that I do will fulfill God’s great plans (3) All incidents will fulfill God’s plan ♠Conclusion ▶Many people face their limitation and say that they can’t do it. However, overcoming your limitations is prayer (1) Meditative prayer – When we correctly meditate on God’s word, our spiritual problems will slowly and accurately be healed. (2) If you set the best time of your day and have scheduled prayer, then your nature will change (3) When problems come, you can have concentrated prayer That time is also the greatest opportunity to experience God through the filling of the Holy Spirit (4) Prayer that realized the Gospel is like an all-purpose key When you go to the field, you will see the answers, and this is called continuous prayer (5) God is a God who protects and answers His people 24 hours a day So, if you just enjoy the Gospel, you will see the future. (The end)

3.23,2014. Weekly message prayer card  

Rev. Kwang Su Ryu, Immanuel Church in Korea,,,,

3.23,2014. Weekly message prayer card  

Rev. Kwang Su Ryu, Immanuel Church in Korea,,,,