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Weekly Message Prayer Card – December 29th, 2013 (Messages from Immanuel Church in Korea - Business msg:Photography,VideoProfessional’sMeeting(Ac1:1) 1. Photo exhibition of historical records (1) Luke- Theophilus (2) The first book (3) Everything that happens from now on 2. Problem analysis (1) The incorrect New Age movement in the Bible ① Ge 3:1-20 ② Ge 6:1-20 ③ Ge 11:1-8 (2) The New Age movement hidden in the field ① Ac 13:1-12 ② Ac 16:16-40 ③ Ac 19:8-20 (3) The future generations drenched in the New Age movement 3. Healing (1) Ac 12:1-25 (2) Ac 13:1-4 (3) Ac 19:1-7

Core msg:Challengetowardsthelastage(Rev1:1-3) 1. The last age (1) Mt 24:1-25:46 (2) 2Ti 3:1-13 (3) Rev 1:1-3 2. Challenge towards the spiritual summit (1) Ac 1:1 (2) Ac 1:3 , Ac 1:14 (3) Ac 1:8 (4) Ac 2:1-47 (5) Ac 11:19-30, 12:1-25, 13:1-4, 16:6-10, 19:1-7, 2Cor. 12:1-10 3. The mission for the last age (1) Solve the 12 problems (2) Solve the spiritual problems that stem from the 3 organizations (3) Solve the problem of disaster that stems from religious pluralism fabricated by heresies.

1st service: The person inside the covenant (Ac 19:21, 23:11, 27:24) ◆ Introduction ▶HowwasitthatJosephwasnevershaken?Josephclearlyknewabouthisfuture.Ifyou knowthefuture,youhavenothingtoworryabout. ▶YoualreadyknowActs 19:21,Acts 23:11,andActs 27:24.Thosewhosurelyknowthe futurehavenothingtoworryabout.Inaddition,whenproblemscome,theyquicklydiscover theanswer.Becausetheyknewthattheywouldbewitnessestotheendsoftheearth whentheHolySpiritcameuponthem,theywereabletoapplyit.Mayyoureceivethis blessingtoday.

2nd service: The disciples inside the covenant (Ro 16:25-27)

◆ Introduction ▶Startingnow,youjustneedtostandasthediscipleswithinthatcovenant(Romans16). ThereissomethingveryimportantamongthepromisesthatJesusgave.Becauseyouhave beensaved,theHolySpiritiswithyou.Heleadsyouandremindsyouofallthings,andHewill makeyouintowitnessestotheendsoftheearth.(John14:1617,John 14:26,John 16:13,Acts 1:8).Acts 2:1-47Then,the3,000discipleswillariseand thedoorto15nationswillopen.Acts 13:1-4AgreatdooropenedforPaul.InActs19:1-7,the doortoRomeopenedbecauseheenjoyedthefillingoftheHolySpirit. ▶Thereissomethingthatwecanseeatthistime.Weareabletoseewhatishiddenforlong ◆ Main discourse agespast.Fromthispointon,answerswillcontinuetocome. 1.IfyoucorrectlyunderstandtheGospelandprayjustalittlebit,youwillbegintoseeyour When you cast aside your worries, tremendous healing will arise. Be joyful future. always, pray without ceasing, and give thanks in all circumstances. If this (1)WhatdoesthewordChristmean? takes place, even diseases will be healed. Those who saw what was hidden 1)ThetruekingwhobroketheauthorityofSatan for long ages past triumphed. 2)Thetrueprophetwhochangedourfate ▶Fromthismomenton,weareledbytheHolySpirit. 3)Thetruepriestwhoblockedthedisastersplowingintomankind (2)HeexplainedtheGospelagaininMark13–mustardseed,treasurefield,pearl,yeast ◆ Main discourse (3)Thereasonwhywemustnotbeafraid(Acts 1:1-14)–Jesusspokeofthisdirectlyonthe 1.YouwilbegintoseethepoweroftheGospelthatwashiddenforlongagespast. MountofOlives.HepromisedthefillingoftheHolySpirit. (1)Ifyoudon’tknowthis,disastersthateveryoneisobliviousofwillbegintoplowin. (4)Theanswerthatonlythosewhoaresavedenjoy–HolySpirit(John 14:16(2)IfyouareenjoyingthehiddenGospel,withoutyouevenbeingawareofit,greatanswers 17,John 14:26,John 16:13). andmiracleswillarise(7Remnants,heroesoffaithofBabylon,EarlyChurch). ▶AftercomingtoknowthisGospel,GodrevealedanimportantfuturetoPaul(Acts 9:15). (3)WemustfindwhatishiddenineachageandrestoretheGospel. Becausethisanswerwassure,Paulwasnotevenafraidofdeath.Startingnow,youmust discoverthisblessing. 2.YouwillseethetimescheduleofthefulfillmentoftheGospel. (1)Acts 1:1-14,TimescheduleoftheMountofOlives–40daysontheMountofOlives 2.Ifyouunderstandevangelismandbegintoprayjustalittlebit,youwillbegintoseethe (2)Acts 2:1-47,WhenthedayofPentecostcame–withthis,everythingisfinished. futureregardingthisworldandtheworkthatyouaredoing. (3)Acts 11:19-30,ThroughthepersecutionofStephen,thedoortomissionsopened (1)Acts 19:21,PaulsaidthathemustvisitRomealso!Absoluteplan. (AntiochChurch) (2)Acts 23:11,Paul,donotfear.YoumusttestifyofmeinRome.Absolutemethod. (4) Acts 13:1-4,AsthefirstmissionariesthroughtheguidanceoftheHolySpirit… (3)Acts 27:24,Paul,donotfear.YoumuststandtrialbeforeCaesar.Absoluteanswer. (5)Acts 16:6-10,FinallytoMacedonia (6)Acts 19:21,Acts 23:11,Acts 27:24,FinallytoRome... 3.Ifyoujustopenyoureyesalittletoseetheworldandthefutureandopenyoureyesto (7)Romans 16:25-27,AllgloryuntoGodfromeverlastingtoeverlasting... seemissions,youwillbeabletoseethefutureoftheage. ▶Thisistheblessingthathasbeenhiddenforlongagespast. (1)JosephsawthefutureoftheageofGenesis3:15. (2)Genesis 6:14,OtherpeoplederidedNoahandscoffedathim,butbecausehesawthe 3.Thehiddenoneswhowillabsolutelyneverperishappear. futureoftheage,hecontinuedtobuildtheark. (1)Romans 16:25,26,27Hiddenforlongagespast,nowrevealedandmadeknown. (3)Isaiah 7:14,Itappearedasthoughpeoplewerelivingwelloff,butactually,destruction Fromeverlastingtoeverlasting… wasbeforethem.Evennow,thewordsofIsaiaharebeingfulfilled.Remnant,Isaiah 7:14. (2)Phoebetheprotectoroftheevangelist,Priscillathefellowworkeroftheevangelist, (4)Exodus 3:18,Moseswhoheldontothiscovenantsawthefutureoftheage. Gaiusthehostoftheevangelist–thesearethepeoplewhomGodprepared. (5)Matthew 16:16,YouaretheChrist,theSonofthelivingGod.Godrevealedthefutureof (3)Hard-working,beloved,acknowledged,relative theagetoPeter ◆Conclusion ◆Conclusion -thecovertanswerthatGodonlygivestothebeliever ▶Fromthismomenton,theblessingofthefillingoftheHolySpiritappears. ▶Acts 1:11,Acts 12:1-25,Acts 27:24,Godsendstheangelsthatwecannotseewithour As you are led by the Holy Spirit, the filling of the Holy Spirit comes out. eyesinordertohelpus,giveustheWord,andleadus. (1)Power –ButyouwillreceivepowerwhentheHolySpiritcomesonyou.Fromthis ▶IfyoucorrectlyunderstandtheGospelandbegintopray,youwillbeabletoseeyour momenton,thepowerofGodwillberevealedinyourlife. future.Ifyoucorrectlyunderstandevangelismandpray,youwillseethefuturewithinyour (2)Evidence –Ifyoureceivepower,fromthatmomenton,evidencewillcome.The studiesorbusiness.Ifyoutrulyopenyoureyestoworldmissions,youwillseethefutureof studies,business,andchurchthatstemfromthepoweroftheHolySpiritwillnevercrumble; theage. itwillovercometheworld. I bless you in the name of Jesus that you may greet the year of the greatest (3)Witness –Fromthismomenton,youwillbewitnessestotheendsoftheearth. blessings. Amen.

Study of Evangelism Msg: The last resolution (Acts 27:24) 1. Resolution to cast aside my incorrect hidden inner nature 1) Heroes of faith (Ge 13:18) 2) Hidden thing (1) Original nature (2) Original motive (3) Original spiritual problem 3) Gal 2:20 2. Resolution to enjoy the first thing 1) Ac 1:1~14 2) Ac 2:1~47 3) Ac 11:19~30 3. Resolution for the disaster area 1) Ac 19:21 2) Ac 23:11 3) Ac 27:24

Weekly Message Flow (2013.12.22.-2013.12.28.) “Darakbang Message Material Bank Internet Dept." (1) 1st Pulpit Message (December 22nd)→ You must stand before Caesar (Acts 27:23-25) ▶ Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to know the reason why the world is facing more difficulties as time passes and the Gospel, which is the solution and the way for me to see the faith of finding out all the blessings and the answer of your time schedule. Don't let me be deceived by the world, which is going in a wrong direction. Because of the Gospel, of the age to save, and of the time to stand before Caesar, let me testify the Word with the upright commission, and let me turn the storm of life into a platform, a testimony, and a pilgrim's progress. Help me to save fields with the given blessings in the midst of prayer, and help me make a masterpiece of my life with a big picture. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. nd (2) 2 Pulpit Message (December 22nd)→ The Gospel which no one can block (Acts 28:26-31) ▶Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to know the mystery of evangelism and missions that blocks the forces of darkness in the world and field, and thank you for allowing me to devote for multi-ethic missions, which the greatest answer. From now on, may Your kingdom come upon my field and work place so the 12 problems of life can be solved. May I stand in the line of restoring only the Gospel and in the line of evangelism that fulfills the messages about His resurrection and second coming, Mt. Olives, Mark's upper room, and Antioch church. Therefore, help me become a witness who enjoys true answers and achieves the actualization, specialization, and independence of multi-ethic missions in the end times. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. (3) Evangelism Planning Team (December 22nd)→ Regional Message Lesson 51: Phoebe, the worker of the church in Cenchrea (Romans 16:1-2) ① Phoebe was a worker of the church of Cenchrea, and she was blessed to be the first person that Paul mentioned and prayed for while writing the epistle to the Romans. ② Phoebe was a worker who was loved by the apostles, who saved the world in one region, and who received the eternal answer by faithfully doing one work. ③ Phoebe, as the guardian and sponsor of the evangelist, was the worker who relayed the most important book of Romans in the New Testament. ④ Conclusion- Be that person in that covenant, that person in that answer, and that person in that time schedule! (4) Christmas Worship (December 25th)→ The day of finding that day (Luke 2:8-14) ▶Thank you for allowing me to realize the true Christmas day of glorifying God and enjoying peace on earth. May today be the day where I hold onto the covenant of only Christ and where the forces of darkness that is working upon me, my family, and family line completely crumble. Help me hold onto the covenant of only Christ and have the restoration of the true blessings of mankind, and help me enjoy the true blessing of Christmas of enjoying the miracles of the exodus from Egypt, Babylon, and Rome, which God has prepared for this age. As I continue to confess that Jesus Christ has completely solved all of my problems and life’s problems, help me stand as a witness who testifies of this. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray, Amen. (5) Evangelism Disciple (December 26th)→ Evangelism Specialization- The day miracles will arise in the church (Acts 2:41-42) ▶ The happiest time is when the work you are doing is what God really desires and when you are inside of that work. Seek out and find the happiest evangelism. ① Seek out and find the happiest evangelism for yourself- Mark’s upper room church, Antioch church, Romans 16 ② Realistic enjoyment and answers- Have the evangelism forum when gathered together, have the evangelism that has specialization (only team), and make the true church. Then, the answers of Romans 16:25, 26, and 17 will come. ③ Conclusion- Evangelism is enjoying the greatest happiness in the place God desires you to be. God is with you and has told us to go to all nations, all people, and to the ends of the earth. (6) 70 Workers (December 26th)→ Greatest Blessing- Spiritual War (24 hour, Romans 16:1-4, 23) ▶ The most important answer for the spiritual war of enjoying the greatest blessing is “24 hours.” Enjoy 24 hour conquest and 24 hour happiness. Then, healing and miracles will arise. ① Religious warfare (tabernacle movement, reconstruction movement, representative church), warfare of the future generation (Acts 17:1, 18:4, 19:8-10, RUTC-spirituality training, specialization training, vision trip), cultural warfare (Romans 16)

② Conclusion- Pull forward and see the future, after death, and the works that will arise for the future generation. (7) Mission Home (December 26th)→ Greatest Strength- Mission Home (Person who only evangelizes, Romans 16:2527) ▶ Only if we evangelize will the church live, and only if the church lives will I and the future generation live. While being good to everyone, find the person who only evangelizes. ① In every age, God has used the good minority in this line (7 remnants, Hebrews 11, Early Church). ② If you are able to find someone who properly evangelizes and start evangelism forum, God’s works will arise (Acts 2:42-47, epistles, Acts 2:10). Evangelism is seeing the spiritual flow and spiritual age, changing that spiritual flow, and getting rid of that flow. Therefore, when you meet believers, teach them what their evangelism is and find disciples. ③ True answers- Romans 16:25-27, day (hidden for long ages past- time schedule), location (now revealed- guide post), time (glory forever- the time within the eternal time schedule) ④ Conclusion- we need a secret association to really save the spiritual world, pastors, and church. (8) Specialized Ministry (December 26th)→ Greatest Ministry- Saving the Sick ▶ The earth is a ward. Therefore, the greatest ministry is saving the sick (Matthew 8:1-17, Acts 3:112, Acts 8:4-8, Acts 13:1-12, Acts 16:16-18, Acts 19:8-20). ① Starting now, find the elite with the sure gospel inside of the church; let them have personnel training; and attach the new believers, the sick, those with spiritual problems, and the elites to important figures. ② Form a team (Acts 8:4-8 church officer team, Acts 16:16-18, Acts 19:9 Paul team, Philemon 1:1-25 Paul and Philemon team) ③ So prepare for the suicides, murders, crimes, terrors, and wars that will take place in the future. ④ Conclusion- God will not bring destruction upon that city if there is just one true evangelist. And if you are preparing, God will allow you to meet the ones He has prepared for salvation, Acts 13:48. (9) Business Message (December 28th)→ Experience of the life of the evangelist (50)- Photography, Video Professional’s Meeting (Acts 1:1) ▶ Photography and video are the greatest methods for evangelism. Evangelism is finding the answer of your life and of the work you are doing and giving that answer. ①Do what is urgent first- Analyze the problem and let others know, make positive resources that can solve the problems, analyze and report the three organizations, make resources to heal others, and come up with a space that people can gather. ② Make the material that can heal the fundamentals (Genesis 3:15, Genesis 6:14, 18, 20, Genesis 12:1-3) ③ If this answer comes out, it will give the biggest influence (societal problems, diseases/mental diseases, diseases of the heart) ④ Conclusion- Head towards the spiritual top and spiritual summit (Acts 1:8). Everything must come out from here. (10) Study of Evangelism (December 28th)→ Experience of the life of the evangelist(50)- The Last Resolution (Acts 27:24) ① Study of evangelism- The last resolution (Acts 27:24) ② Church officer- What must we do? What does God desire? ③ Concentrated evangelism training- My evangelism, 24 spiritual warfare, mystery, healing team formation (11) Core Message (December 28th)→ Remnant Day (School of Evangelism-3 John) ▶ Remnants must change their thoughts first. This is skill. Moreover, remnants must have reasonable attitude and the reasonable attitude of an elite (leisure). Also, we must restore the gospel. Grab hold of the four terms in 3 John. ① Lesson 1: First see the spiritual treasure (3 John 1:2)- have the correct order (soul-all things-health) ② Lesson 2: Treasure of evangelism (3 John 1:5)- strangers ③ Lesson 3: Treasure of missions (3 John 1:7)- Gentile ④ Lesson 4: Treasure of heaven (3 John 1:12)- true evidence ⑤ Conclusion- Remnants need to have rationally, have the mystery of finding the evangelists, raise their specialization, enjoy the mystery of 24 hour prayer, analyze everyone, and form the team of Romans 16:23. (12) Regional Message (December 28th)→ Lesson 52: Epaphroditus who staked his life to help Paul (Philippians 2:2530)


Regional Message


52nd Lecture: Epaphroditus, who staked his life to minister to Paul’s need


Philipiians 2:25-30

Date Lecturer

December 29, 2013 Rev. Ryu (Organized by: Rev. Cha, Dong Ho)

♠ Scriptures (Php. 2:25-30) 25/ Yet I considered it necessary to send to you Epaphroditus, my brother, fellow worker, and fellow soldier, but your messenger and the one who ministered to my need; 26/ since he was longing for you all, and was distressed because you had heard that he was sick. 27/ For indeed he was sick almost unto death; but God had mercy on him, and not only on him but on me also, lest I should have sorrow upon sorrow. 28/ Therefore I sent him the more eagerly, that when you see him again you may rejoice, and I may be less sorrowful. 29/ Receive him therefore in the Lord with all gladness, and hold such men in esteem; 30/ because for the work of Christ he came close to death, not regarding his life, to supply what was lacking in your service toward me. ▶ The church that supported Paul’s missions ministry the most was the church of Philippi. So, whenever Paul was thinking of the church of Philippi, he always gave thanks to God and prayed to God in joy for them (Php. 1:3,4). The following Bible verse explains the reason that Paul loved the believers of the church of Philippi. “just as it is right for me to think this of you all, because I have you in my heart, inasmuch as both in my chains and in the defense and confirmation of the gospel, you all are partakers with me of grace. For God is my witness, how greatly I long for you all with the affection of Jesus Christ.” (Php. 1:7,8) The church of Philippi that did not hesitate to support Paul sent Epaphroditus as a servant to serve Paul when he was imprisoned. However, when Epaphroditus was sick almost unto death, he did not look after himself, but still devoted for Paul’s ministry. God restored the health of this faithful servant. As his health was restored, Apostle Paul sent Epaphroditus back to the church of Philippi with an epistle to the church. The church of Philippi had many outstanding female believers, such as Lydia, Euodia, and Syntyche, but it also had great male believers, such as Epaphroditus. They were the supporters who truly sacrificed themselves for Paul’s world missions. 1. Epaphroditus’ fidelity ▶ Epaphroditus, who was a believer in the first church established in Europe, which is also the church that Paul loved the most, the church of Philippi, was a person who didn’t even look after his own life for the work that was entrusted to him. As a convert from being a gentile, Epaphroditus meant “good looking, adorable” in Greek, and in Latin, it was “Venustus”, which means the person belonging to Venus. Epaphroditus’ fidelity is the representation of how the present day church officers must help the Gospel ministers. (1) The entrusted duties of Epaphroditus ▶ There were two big duties that were entrusted to Epaphroditus. The first was to relay the news and missions offering of the church of Philippi, and the second was staying with Paul in Rome and ministering to him. Even though Paul was under house arrest, which grants some freedom, he was still living a limited life as a prisoner. Taking care of this apostle was not a glorious work, and nobody recognized him for it. Many people try to serve those who have authority or wealth, but it is common for people to leave them if they face the same circumstances as Paul. However, Epaphroditus became a servant who worked for Apostle Paul. (2) He did not look after himself, but gave his greatest effort to help the apostle. In verse 30, it says, “Because for the work of Christ he came close to death, not regarding his life, to supply what was lacking in your service toward me.” In this passage, we must remember three very important things. ① He considered the work of serving Paul as the work of Christ. We must truly understand that when we serve the Gospel ministers, it is the same as serving Christ Himself. ② He considered his work as serving in place of the church of Philippi. The work that has been entrusted to us is not our personal work, but it is the work that we do in place of our church. Just like how a government worker represents the nation, the church officers are representing the church. ③ He fulfilled his duties without looking after his own life. The Christians who not look over their own life even when they face death and do their entrusted duties are the ones who establish the kingdom of God. The crown of life will be given to these people (Rev. 2:10) 2. Epaphroditus that Paul thought of (complimented) (Php. 2:25) (1) Brother: He is my brother ▶ No other relationship can be closer. If we consider that we’ve become one family in Christ, we can give everything that we have for each other. (2) Fellow worker: One who labored together ▶ The work that Paul and Epaphroditus did together was the “work of Christ” in verse 30 as mentioned earlier. In other words, it is the Gospel ministry. They are called “those who labored together” or “partner”. If your business partner fails, then you will fail together with him. (3) Fellow soldier: One who became a soldier together ▶ A fellow soldier is not in the sense of an ally, but it is the soldier who is deployed in the same battle line and will die with you together at the same time. Although your fellow soldier might have been born at a different time than you, they will die at the same time with you. (4) Messenger of the church: Your messenger ▶ As the messenger to relay the news of the church, the mission of Epaphroditus was the same as the mission of David who went to visit his brothers who were fighting against the Philistines. It could also be like a war correspondent who travels throughout the battle fields where bombs are being dropped. (5) One who ministered to my need ▶ In all different works, the successful individuals always need people who minister to their needs. 3. Grace that Epaphroditus received (1) He received the apostle’s recognition (v. 25) ▶ When Paul said, “Yet I considered it necessary to send to you Epaphroditus, my brother, fellow worker, and fellow soldier, but your messenger and the one who ministered to my need,” regarding him, this shows that the apostle considered him very precious and trusted in him. (2) By receiving God’s mercy, he was healed from the disease that almost killed him (27) (3) He was a comfort to the apostle and joy to the believers (28) ▶ The workers should not make the pastors worry. They must be the ones who pass on the happy virus to the pastors and other believers. <Conclusion> Epaphroditus received a joyful acceptance from the church and was a respected individual, while Apostle Paul and the evangelists received comfort, help, and strength from him. His fidelity decorated a page in the history of the evangelization of the Roman Empire and Paul’s missions ministry. May all believers receive God’s grace and blessings through serving the apostles like Epaphroditus. (The end)

12.29, 2013. Weekly Message Prayer Card  

Rev. Kwang Su Ryu, Immanuel Church in Korea,,,,