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Weekly Message Prayer Card – November 17th, 2013 (Messages from Immanuel Church in Korea - Business msg: Themosturgentmissionsinthisage (Ac16:11-15) 1. The continuing fashion industry hidden within Satan (1) Ge 3:1-20 (2) Ge 6:1-20 (3) Ge 11:1-8 (4) Ex 3:1-20 (5) Da 3:1-24 (6) Rev 2:1-10 2. The fashion industry hidden within Satan today (1) The New Age which has conquered fashion in America and the world ① Ac 13:1-12 ② AC 16:16-18 ③ AC 19:8-20 (2) The fashion industry of the free masons (Ge11:1-8) (3) The fashion industry of the hidden organizations (Ac 17:16-34) 3. The fashion the evangelism disciple must make (1) The fashion of re-creation (2Co 5:17) (2) Fashion missions entrepreneurship (Ac 9:36-43, 10:1-6, 16:11-15) (3) Summit fashion system (Ro 16:25-27)

Core msg:Thesolutionyoumustgainfirst (Ac1:3) 1. Be able to triumph on your own. (1) Ac 1:1 (2) Ac 1:3 (3) Ac 1:8 (4) Ac 1:14 2. Be able to gain the answer in that situation. (1) Ac 2:1-47 (2) Ac 3:1-12 (3) Ac 4:1-12 (4) Ac 6:1-7 3. Be able to surely see the future. (1) Ac 8:4-8, 26-40 (2) Ac 11:19-30 (3) Ac 13:1-4, 16:6-10, 19:21

1st service: Escape from lifeless religion (Ac 18:12-17) ◆ Introduction ▶TodayisThanksgivingSunday.Wegiveofferingandholdfestivalsonthanksgiving,butthe moreimportantthingisthatitisautumn(fall).Thereisanautumntoourlivesandtotheage, aswell.Itisatimeofbearingfruit,andalsoatimewheneverythingcomestoanend.The evangelismPaulalsometwithanimportantautumnofhislife.Whatisthemostimportant messagethatPaulisgivingtoustoday? ◆ Main discourse 1.Escape (Jn 8:32,Rom 8:2) ▶WhatwasthetopicofPaul’sdiscourse?Itwastoescapefromlifelessreligion.Ifyoutruly wanttoreceiveanswers,youneedtoaskyourselfwhattrueanswersare.Howmuchyou havegainedorlost,orhowmuchyouhavehurtisnotveryimportant.Iamasavedchildof God;then,howmuchoftheworkthatIamdoingismeaningfulbeforeGod?DoIhavethe suremysteryofGodbeingwithme?Does my life truly hold the meaning of God’s blessings? These are true answers. ▶Whatisthefirststeptoreceivinganswerstoprayer?Itisto“escape!”Youmustescape fromyourthoughts.ThosewhocanlivewithoutGodarefailedindividuals.Thosewhohave failedevenmorearetheoneswhohavesoughtoutGodincorrectlyandarelivingincorrect religiouslives.Thisisbecausespiritualproblemscomeasaresultofidolatry.Youmustquickly discardthis. (2)Ifyoucanescapefromyourhabits,youwillwin. 2.Whatyouwillseewhenyoudiscardthis–thechildrenofGodcannotbedestroyed. (1)Nomatterhowsuccessfulunbelieversareintheworld,theyarewithinGenesis3,6,and 11. (2)Also,theyaredeceivedbytheculture.ThisisActs13,16,and19. (3)The6statesoftheunbelieverwillsweepovertheindividual. 3.Whatyouwillseewhenyoudiscardthis–thosewhoknowtheanswercannever perish. (1)JesusistheChrist!Only,uniqueness,summit(answerin700years) (2)Realizingthisistheheavenlymandate.Realisticallyenjoyingthisisthecalling.Savingthe ageandthedescendantswiththisisourmission. (3)TheevangelismmovementthatwearecarryingoutistheGospelmovementthathas beenrestoredin500yearsfollowingthetimeofMartinLuther. 4.Whatyouwillseewhenyoudiscardthis–whatGodmostdesires(disciples) (1)Mt10:1-42,Notevenaglassofcoldwaterwilgounrewarded. (2)Mt 28:16-20,Make disciples. (3)Ac 1:8,Bewitnessestotheendsoftheearth. ▶ThisisthefulfillmentoftheWord.Youcannotbedestroyed.

2nd service: Paul who cut his hair in Cenchrea (Ac 18:18-23) ◆ Introduction ▶Jesusabsolutelysaidthis.John19:30,“Itisfinished!”Donotworry.Justfindwhatitisthat youmustdo. After Jesus resurrected, Matthew 28:18,20,Hesaidthatallauthorityinheavenand onearthhasbeengiventoHimandthatHewillbewithustotheendsoftheage.Then,in Acts1:8,Hesaid,“ButyouwillreceivepowerwhentheHolySpiritcomesonyou,andyou willbemywitnesses.” ▶Intoday’spassage,weseethatPaulmadeavowandcuthishairinCenchreae.What doesthismean?Youmustgaintheimportantanswertoreceivinganswerstoprayer throughthispassage.Itisone-hearted,whole-heartedcontinuation.Thisistheresolution thatPaulmade.Theproblemthatwehaveisthatweareunabletoapplyone-hearted, whole-heartedcontinuation. ▶Forafewdays,justcontinuewhatismosteasy. Connect everything to prayer. 24 hours! ◆ Main discourse 1.Hewillleadustochangetheage. ▶HebeganthisprayerandGodchangedtheage. (1)Lookatthe7Remnants.JosephcontinuedtopraytoGod.BecausetheLordwaswith Joseph… (2)LookattheheroesoffaithofHebrews11.Especially,takealookatDanielwhoisa representativefigureofprayer.Heprayed24-hourprayer. (3)TheEarlyChurchhadnochoicebuttopray24-hourprayer. 2.TheworksofGodtofulfillHisWordwillarise. ▶Atthistime,thesecondanswerwillcome.TheworksofGodtofulfillHisWordwillarise. (1)Ac 2:1,2:5,2:8,2:41,2:47,WhenthedayofPentecost,atthattime,onthatday,daily (2)Ac 13:1,God will open the door to missions. (3)Ac 19:21,23:11,27:24ImustvisitRomealso. 3.Fromthismomenton,theworksofhealingwillarise. (1)Theamazingworksofpersonalhealingwillarisefirst. ▶Ac 3:1-6,Ac 8:4-8,Ac 16:16-18 (2)Theamazingworkstosavethefieldwillarise(Php 4:13).YourfieldisinChrist,throughHim whogivesyoustrength… (3)Theworkstohealtheworldwillarise(Ac28:30-31).

◆Conclusion ▶Howcanwetakethepaththatisone-hearted,whole-hearted,andcontinuous? You must absolutely escape from your snare. This will seize your thoughts, way of thinking, consciousness, unconsciousness, and spirit. What is the last snare? It is your thoughts. You must be careful of this. If you ◆Conclusion continue within your own standards, limitations will come. Romans 8:26The ▶Youmustenjoythis.Howcanyouenjoythis? HolySpiritpraysforyouonyourbehalf.1John 2:10-20TheHolySpiritwillrevealallthingsto God who was with Paul is with us now. Surely, God has prepared His you.JustprayforGod’sguidanceandGod’splan.LimitlessmysteriesarewithintheGospel. blessings for you. One day, God will allow something to happen and the Prayerfulfillstheselimitlessmysteries.Atthistime,Godgrantstheblessingofmeetings time schedule will absolutely come. You are the precious children of God (meetingwithPriscillaandAquila). whom God has saved. I bless you that today may be a day in which you hold God has given us the Gospel. In order for us to relay this Gospel to our on to this message and begin to receive true answers. children, He has given us this blessing. I bless you in the name of the Lord that you may enjoy this blessing and have victory.

Study of Evangelism Msg: Cultural Mystery of the Evangelist (Romans 16:25-27) 1. Expansion of culture that we cannot stop 1) Culture of traditional countries 2) Culture of each region (districts) 3) Culture of the field 2. You must ride the flow of culture. 1) Ac 13:1-12 2) Ac 16:16-18 3) Ac 19:8-20 3. We need to change the flow of culture from behind the scenes. 1) Col 4:1-18 2) 1Co 16:14-24 3) Ro 16:1-27

Weekly Message Flow (2013.11.10.-2013.11.16.) “Darakbang Message Material Bank Internet Dept." (1) 1st Pulpit Message (November 10th)→ The life that is taken hold by the word (Acts 18:5-8) ▶Lord, I give you thanks for allowing me to live my walk of faith where I can enjoy experiencing the word, spiritual world, and Christ, who is the king, priest, and prophet, just as Paul had enjoyed and taken hold of it. Please help me to take hold of Your heavenly mandate, hear Your voice, and know your absolute plan for me. Let me enjoy these blessings as a committed worker with the calling to fulfill the heavenly mandate and to give the answer for the continuing problems of mankind, field, and individuals. Let this be my new beginning as a witness for the fulfillment of the word. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen. (2) 2nd Pulpit Message (November 10th)→ There will be no one to harm you (Acts 18:9-11) ▶Thank you, Lord, for giving me the heavenly mandate, calling and commission to save and free others from the problems of disasters, Satan, and hell through Christ. Let me open up my spiritual eyes to see where the spiritual current is flowing in order to relay the covenant of the Mt. Olives and the baton of blessing. Let me be a watchman who solves the culture from Genesis 3, 6, 11 and Acts 13, 16, 19, as well as the problems within individuals. Let me also be part of the spiritual army with the spiritual secret to block disasters, so I can break down the culture of darkness that is destroying the world and so I can bear my commission. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen. (3) Evangelism Planning Team (November 10th)→ Regional Message Lesson 45: Rebuild the Lord’s Temple (Haggai 1:1-11) ▶Tabernacle→ temple (the first temple was Solomon’s temple, the second temple was Zerubbable's temple, the third temple was Herod’s temple) → became the Early Church. When the Israelites were held in captivity, God commanded them to rebuild the temple. ① The prayer that has the meaning of rebuilding the temple and construction must start in regards to your entire life. ② There were happenings that interrupted the rebuilding of the temple; however, the rebuilding was completed through God’s work (Haggai 1:6, Haggai 1:4, Haggai 1:7, Haggai 1:8, Haggai 2:4, Haggai 2:7-8, Haggai 2:19) ③ God gives great answers through incidents, He fulfills great works by moving people’s hearts in His time schedule, and He blesses. ④ My life, the gospel, evangelism, missions, and many other prayers are inside of the construction of the temple. (4) Healing Commissioner Conference (November 12th)→ Background Healing ▶ People who possess problems in a spiritual way ultimately have them because of their “spiritual scars.” To heal this, we must have a system where we can step-by-step accurately put things into action. ① Change the incorrectly imprinted things- Know the 12 problems (Genesis 3, 6, 11, Acts 13, 16, 19, the 6 individual state of a nonbeliever)+the future that is to come (mental problems, an age of disasters and destruction, war and curses) and hold onto the fundamental answer. ② Have the imprint of change- Fundamentals (word, Christ, Holy Spirit)+disciple (only, uniqueness, one step at a time with one answer)+method (the covenant must be given to you. Matthew 28:16-20, Acts 1:3, Acts 1:14) ③ Have new imprints begin- Acts 2:1, Acts 3:1, Acts 8:4-8, Acts 11:19, Acts 12:1-25, Acts 13:1-4, Acts 16:6-10, Acts 19:1-7, Acts 19:21. It is starting new imprints. ④ Conclusion- For individuals with disabilities or autism, the most important thing is to know that this is possible through the enjoyment of the gospel, through approaching this with concentration step-by-step, and through the baptism with the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:1-13, Acts 19:1-7, 2 Corinthians 12:1-10). (5) Female Pastoral Retreat (November 12th)→ Evangelism Movement (Things you must enjoy and relay-Reality of the evangelism movement) ▶Lecture 1: Evangelism Movement- Things to do first (Things you must enjoy and relay, Acts 9:15) ① Introduction- The greatest shortcut to have revival and growth in the church is the female pastors. This is because female pastors go visit the church members the most. God has an absolute plan for every individual. Answers begin the day you find this plan. God’s greatest blessing must be revealed in the field of the female pastors. Don’t emphasize anything, but make it so that God’s greatest works will be revealed. ② First enjoy and relay the blessing of the kingdom of God- Relay the fulfilled word (Christ who breaks down the background of fate and disaster, Satan, and hell). Make them have personalization while opening their spiritual eyes through this (heavenly mandate, calling, commission). Help them get a taste of the kingdom of God!

③ Help them go towards the blessing of the summit- Fundamental solution (Acts 1:1, Acts 2:1, Acts 3:1), solution to disasters (solution to the 12 problems), solution to the age (3 organizations- New Age, Freemason, Jewish people). ④ Relay the blessing of relaying- messenger (baton), watchmen (Isaiah 62:6-12, Ezekiel 3:18-21, Acts 1:3), Remnant (scattered one, hidden one, remaining one). ⑤ Conclusion- Give strength to the 90% of church members who are wandering (rightfulness). Save those who are discouraged and marginalized (necessity). Stake your life for the prepared disciples within them (absoluteness). ▶Lecture 2: Reality of the Evangelism Movement ① Introduction- When you do realistic evangelism, it is important to see the “flow.” See the small flow and the big flow. Riding this flow is the greatest guidance when it comes to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. ② Look at the flow of the gospel. ③ Look at the flow of evangelism- Life’s 12 problems (culture/religion/economy)- Accept/transcend/change the 12 problems. Within the 12 problems, the scattered one/the one who have remained/the one who remains/summit/disciple will come out. ④ Look at the flow of the future- Gifted and talented individuals (elite-look after them according to their emotions), those below (help them have continuation), sick individuals (help them concentrate) ⑤ Conclusion- Change their incorrect imprints into imprints that change and new imprints (filling of the Holy Spirit-24 hour) (6) Remnant Theological Research Center Special Lecture (November 13th)→ 24 Hours of the Evangelist (Acts 9:15) ▶ In order to succeed in evangelism, you must receive the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Receiving the guidance of the Holy Spirit means to properly follow the big and small spiritual flows, transcend, and change. The evangelist’s 24 hours come out from here. ① Diagnosis of problems (imprint)- Incorrect imprints (12 types), healing of imprints (Acts 1:1,3,8), new imprints (Acts 2:1) ② One answer (only)- Heavenly mandate (Acts 9:15), calling (inner calling), commission (Acts 13, 16, 19 solution) ③ One work (uniqueness)- One who relays (messenger, baton), watchmen, one who blocks disasters ④ Conclusion- Scattered one, hidden one, remaining one, one who will remain, summit, evangelism disciple→ Remnant! (7) Business Message (November 16th)→ Experience of the Life of the Evangelist (44)- Fashion Professionals-The Most Urgent Missions of this Age (Acts 16:11-15) ▶ Knowing what evangelism is means you have received the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Receiving the guidance of the Holy Spirit means you have received the blessing to all things. Currently, the fashion world is centered on nonbelievers in regards to its teaching, doctrine, and imprints. Before thinking about what to do within this, seek out your accurate self! Then, wisdom from above will be given to you. ①The fashion industry is hidden within Satan (Genesis 3, 6, 11) and the spiritual aspects have entered into the fashion industry(Acts 13, 16, 19). ② Evangelism disciples must get these things that are really hidden and have the recreation of fashion (2 Corinthians 5:17), missions entrepreneurship (Acts 9, 10, 16), and make the summit fashion organization. ③ Conclusion- Enjoy the blessing of comfortably finding yourself, starting to enjoy, gaining strength, and seeing the summit and different world within 24-hour prayer. Have fashion take place within skills, missions, and disciples. (8) Study of Evangelism (November 16th)→ Experience of the Life of the Evangelist (44)- Cultural Mystery of the Evangelist (Romans 16:25-27) ① Church Officer Graduate School- Way to Save Church Officers ② Regional Evangelism Specialized CampWay to Save the Field (9) Core Message (November16th)→ Life of the Evangelist (44)-The Solution You Must Gain First (Acts 1:3) ① You must be able to succeed on your own- Acts 1:1 (experiencing Christ), Acts 1:3 (spiritual eyes- God’s kingdom), Acts 1:8 (promise), Acts 1:14 (deep state)→ word fulfillment, word answer, experience of the power of the word ②You must be able to gain the answer in that situation- Acts 2:1-47, Acts 3:1-12, Acts 4:1-12, Acts 6:1-7 ③ You must be able to accurately see the future- Acts 8:4-8, 26-40, Acts 11:19-30, Acts 13, 16, 19 ④ Conclusion- Heavenly mandate (word), calling (establishing the kingdom of God), commission (remnantscattered one, hidden one, remaining one, one who will remain, summit, evangelism disciple). Help me live a life of establishing the kingdom of God! (10) Regional Message (November 16th) → Lesson 46: Serving the Pastor (1 Thessalonians 5:12-13)

Category Title Scripture Reading Date Lecturer

Regional Message 46th Lecture: Serving the Pastor 1Thessalonians 5:12-13 November 16, 2013 Rev. Ryu, Kwang-su (Organized by: Rev. Cha, Dong-ho)

♠Scripture Reading (1The. 5:12-13) 12 And we urge you, brethren, to recognize those who labor among you, and are over you in the Lord and admonish you, 13 and to esteem them very highly in love for their work’s sake. Be at peace among yourselves. ▶ In 1The. 5:12-13, it talks about how we should treat our pastor; in v. 14-15, it talks about the relationships between brothers; in v.16-22, it talks about what kind of a posture of faith we must have ourselves. The success of our walk of faith is having a good relationship with our pastors, other believers, and having an upright posture of faith of building oneself up. However, even among these things, the most important thing is to have a good relationship with the pastors, because as the Scriptures have said, if we worry our pastors, there will be no benefits for us either. The services for the pastors are directly related to the church’s development. The revival and growth of the church depends on whether we actively support our pastors with prayer and materials, or timidly oppose them. There are many instances where the believers judge whether or not they will help and support the pastor on the pastor’s individual characters, but we must fix that mindset first. Rather than the pastor’s personal spirituality or their character, the more important things are their duties and jobs that they must fulfill as a pastor, and we must respect and love them for those things, and actively support their works. 1. Duties of a pastor (1) One who labors for the believers ▶ We call the pastors the ministering workers, and this means that they are the ones who fully devote for the church and the believers (one who labors) (2) One who governs over the believers ▶ One of the important duties of a pastor is correctly setting an order in the church in the place of Christ, and maintaining the holiness of the church. (3) One who encourages the believers ▶ The most important job of the pastor is giving sermons. The pastor is some who encourages the believers through their sermons, and encourages them individually through personal counseling and leads them to the correct path. (4) One who leads the believers ▶ This is the reason why we call the pastors the shepherds. A pastor is a person who follows the will of Christ who is the leader of shepherds, and joyfully guides the believers to the kingdom of God. That is why we must help them to fulfill this task in joy. (5) One who prays for the believers (1Sam. 12:19, 20, 22, 23) ▶ Samuel knew that it was his duty to pray for his people, and he considered not doing this deed as the greatest sin. (6) One who helps the believers to realize (Heb. 13:17) ▶ The reason why the pastors must be awake for the believers is that when the believers are lured to an incorrect path, the pastors must alert them and help them to be on the correct path (7) One who blesses the believers (Num. 6:22-27, 2Cor. 13:13) ▶ Apostle Paul and the other apostles blessed the believers in their epistles. The priests in the Old Testament blessed their people as well. Although the pastors are not kings, prophets, or priests, after receiving training and anointment, they have been given duties as the leader (king), speaker (prophet), and the one who prays for the believers (priests). 2. How can we serve our pastors? ▶ There is a saying that the grace of the king, the teacher, and the father are the same. For us, the grace of the king, the teacher, the father, and the pastors should be the same as well. (1) Obey them (Heb. 13:17) (2) Let their works be a joy to them (Heb. 13:17) (3) Honor and respect them (1Tim. 5:17) (4) Understand and embrace them (1The. 5:12, 13) ▶ We must recognize the labor and sacrifice of the pastors, understand what they lack, give our best effort to lessen their labor, and fill what they are in need of. (5) Serve them ① Sincerely like the widow of Zarephath (1Ki. 17:8-16) ② With great care like the Shunammite woman (2Ki. 4:13) ③ Persuading like Lydia (Acts 16:15) ④ Meeting and falling at their feet like Cornelius (Acts 10:25, 26) (6) Love them (7) Help them with physical materials (8) Do not speak against them ▶ In Numbers 12, Miriam spoke against Moses for marrying a Cushite woman and she became leprous (9) Understand the family of the pastors 3. God’s blessings given to those who served the pastors well ▶ There is a saying that goes, “Let’s receive spiritual blessings by keeping the Lord’s day, receive materialistic blessings by giving tithe, and receive blessings of children by serving the pastors well.” The widow of Zarephath and the Shunammite woman served Elijah and Elisha well and received blessings in their family; they especially received the blessings of receiving and saving their children. These are the people that will have their names shine in heaven like in Romans 16 and have their names recorded in the church history. <Conclusion> For Apostle Paul, it was recorded that the believers of the church in Galatia would’ve torn out their eyes to give to Paul who had a bad eyesight if they could (Gal. 4:15). However, Paul said that he would be in joy to give his life for the believers that he loved (1The. 2:8). May the church be solidly raised up and experience revival and growth through the love of the pastors towards the believers and the believers’ services for the pastors. (The end)

11.17, 2013. Weekly Message Prayer Card  

Rev. Kwang Su Ryu, Immanuel Church in Korea,,,,

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