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Weekly Message Prayer Card – October 6th, 2013 (Messages from Immanuel Church in Korea - Business msg: DirectionforSpecializedMeetings(Ac2:9-11) 1. Success direction (1) Ac 1:1 Luke and Theophilus (2) Expertise (3) Uniqueness (4) Summit (5) Evangelism disciple 2. Devotion direction (1) Ac 9:36-43 (2) Ac 10:1-6 (3) Ac 16:15 (4) Ac 17:6 (5) Ac 18:1-4 3. Direction for globalization (1) Ro 16:1-27 (2) Col 4:1-18 (3) 1Co 16:1-24

Core msg:TimeScheduleforChangingThreeThings(Ac1:1-8) 1. Change the past (Ac 1:1) (1) Three fates (2) Only Christ (3) Christ the Master 2. Change your nature (Ac 1:3) (1) The world and Satan’s kingdom (2) Christ and God’s kingdom (3) Time schedule for concentration 3. Change the power (Ac 1:8) (1) Only the Holy Spirit (2) Time schedule for imprinting (3) Time schedule for only ① Ac 1:14 ② Ac 2:1 ③ Ac 2:42 ④ Ac 2:46-47

1st service: Life’s turning point (Ac 16:6-10) ◆ Introduction ▶Asweliveourlives,therearetimeswhentherearenoanswerstoprayerandthereare timeswhenwedon’tknowhowtopray. (1)Unbeknownsttous,unbeliefentersourheartsandwebegintoworryaboutthethingsof theworld. (2)Atthistime,Godhaspreparedthebestthing. (3)Atthistime,wemustmakethegreatestturningpointofourlives. ▶Howcanwefindtheturningpointofourlives?

2nd service: First fruit of the 3 entrepreneurships (Ac 16:11-15)

Study of Evangelism Msg: The main figure of the fulfillment of the Word (pulpit) (Col. 4:7-8)

◆ Introduction 1. Colossians 4:7-8 (pastors) ▶Whathappensifyoureallypray? 1) All the news about me The Holy Spirit works. Then, the works of the throne arise (armies of angels) 2) Dear brother and the forces of Satan crumble. This is what we call the kingdom of God. If 3) Faithful minister we take this blessing and pray correctly, it will enter into our thoughts. Then, 4) Fellow servant we will surely move it into action. What enters into our unconscious and 5) One who is sent for the express purpose subconscious level of thought will absolutely be answered. If the Word of 6) Our circumstances God is rooted in our souls, miracles will arise. That is why we pray. These 7) Encouraging your hearts prayer answers will be relayed to another world. This is what we call ◆ Main discourse evangelism. 2. Romans 16:1-27 (church officers) 1.Acts 16:6,TheHolySpirit…inAsia–nightinTroas(coramDeo,plan) ▶TheanswerthatPaulreceivedinMacedoniaafterexperiencinghislifeturningpointwas 1) Guardian (2) (1)ItisstakingmylifebeforeGod. hismeetingwithLydia.Shewasthefirstfruitofthe3entrepreneurships.Howcanwereceivethisanswer, 2) Fellow workers (3) ▶Wheremustyoustandwhenyoufacehardshipandwhenyouneedtomakean too? 3) Dear friend (5) importantlifedecision?YoumuststandbeforeGodandstakeyourlifebeforeGod. 4) One who worked very hard (6) (2)Then,youmustfindtheplanofGod. ◆ Main discourse 5) Relatives (7) (3)Asia-Phrygia–Galatia–Mysia–Bithynia-Troas...Finally,heexperiencedanightinTroas 1.Thestatethatyouareinpriortoexperiencingyourlifeturningpoint 6) One who is tested and approved (10) thatwouldtransformhisentirelife. ▶Thestatethatyouareinpriortoexperiencingyourlifeturningpointisevenmoreimportant. 7) Host (23) ▶IfyoualignyourdirectionwiththeGospel,evangelism,andmissionsandstandbefore (1)Youmustholdontothisbeforeyoudoanything–promiseofMountofOlives–Mark’s God,youwillfindtheplanofGod. upperroom+Pentecost+enjoyingtheblessingofthesummit. 3. Acts 19:8-10 (Remnants) (2)Gainstrengthinthemorning.Atnight,gaintheanswertothemanythingsthathappen 1) Acts 17:1, 18:4, 19:8 2.Acts 16:9,Duringthenightinavision–deepprayer (youmustfallasleepaftergainingthesureanswer).Witheverythingelse,justconfirmthe 2) Acts 19:9 ▶Acts 16:9,duringthenight,hehadavision… answer.Thisiswhatwecall24-hourprayer. 3) Acts 19:10-12 (1)Itmeansthatheenteredintodeepprayer. (3)Goal,devotion,world–Startingnow,whatkindofgoalmustyouset?Beforeyoueven 4) Acts 19:21 ▶HesawtheplanofGodaccuratelyandenteredintodeepprayer.David,Daniel,Esther, graduatecollege,achievesuccessforworldevangelization.Then,youmustmakethe Hezekiah–Asweliveourwalkoffaith,itisimportantforustoexperiencethepowerofGod. devotiontosavethechurch.Fromthispointon,youwillbeabletoseetheworld. (2)Ifwegainstrengththroughprayerinthemorningandfindtheansweratnightthrough prayer,wewillbegintoseetheanswersduringtheday. 2.Whenyoumeetwithalifeturningpoint (3)Aswepray,theHolySpiritwillwork.WheretheHolySpiritworks,thekingdomofGodwill ▶Yourlifeturningpointcancomeintheformofacrisisorananswer. beestablished,thearmiesofangelswillbemobilized,andSatanwillbebound. (1)Acts 16:13,scheduled prayer 1)Daniel6:10,theworkstomoveBabylonasheprayedscheduledprayer 3.Acts 16:10,to Macedonia –turningpoint (rightful,inevitable,absolute) 2)Acts 3:1,theworksofraisingupthecrippleduringhisscheduledprayertime ▶HecouldonlyevangelizeRomebygoingthroughMacedonia. 3)Acts 10:1-6,4)Acts 16:13,meeting with Lydia (1)Itwasn’tablockeddoor;itwasalifeturningpoint.Itwasn’tahardship;itwasaturning (2)Acts 16:14,TheLordopenedtheheartofLydia…Whenyougoinprayer,Godwillopen pointforthechurchandtheage.... thedoorofanswers. (2)Ifyoureceiveanswersandlook,youwillbegintoseeMacedonia.Thisisrightful.Itis 1)1 Chronicles 29:10-14,EverythingiswithinthehandsofGod. inevitableandabsolute. 2)Ephesians1:3-5,Godhaspreparedallthingsaboutus. (3)PreparingfivenationsbeforeconqueringMacedonia–Philippi,Thessalonica,Corinth, 3)Job 12:10,Godhaspreparedeverything. Ephesus,Colosse 4)Ephesians 3:9,EverythingcontainstheplanofGod. ▶Inthefaceofhardshipsorevenourbusiness,wemustrealizethatGodhasprepareda 5)Acts 13:48,God’s decree greatturningpoint. (3)Acts 16:15,IfyouconsidermeabelieverintheLord,comeandstayatmyhouse.–The workstochangePhilippiarose. ◆Conclusion-Prepareyourlifeturningpoint. (1)DuringmytimeasanassistantpastorwhenIwaspoorandthingswerehard–Before 3.Thereasonformeetingwithlife’sturningpoint(thewaytofindit)–firstfruit becomingapastor,cometotheanswerintheevangelismmovement.AsIdidmyministry (1)Progenitor in the field –theblessingofbeingthefirsttopreachtheGospelinevery inthefieldfor10years,Isawthe20strategies,thestateoftheunbeliever,andthethingsthatI fieldtowhichyougo didnotknowbefore. (2)Progenitor of specialty-theprogenitorofspecialtyintheworkthatIamdoing.Lydia (2)WhenIwasservinginDongsamJeilChurch,anaccidenthappened.Itwasaturningpoint wastheprogenitorofthemissionsentrepreneurship. formetogetridofmyconfidenceandtakeholdofassuranceinstead. (3)First fruit - Receivetheanswerofthefirstfruitthatisneverbeforeandneverafter. (3)Whenthechurchgrewandtheevangelismmovementbegantotakeplacethroughout Becometheprogenitor! theworld,theworldbegantoattackme.Idiscoveredagreatlifeturningpointfromwithin this.OurfightisagainstSatan.WemustdothecorrectGospelmovementrightnow. ◆Conclusion ▶Ifyouarefacedwithaproblemorcrisis,itissurelyaturningpointtoreceiveblessings.Ibless ▶Lydiawasjustadealerincloth,butthepeopleshedealtwithwereinfluentialpeople. youinthenameofJesusthatyoumayexperiencetheblessedopportunityoffacingyourlife WhentheGospelenteredintothis,hersmallbusinessbecameamissions,social,andcultural turningpoint. entrepreneurship.The3entrepreneurshipsbegan. ▶David-Heenjoyedthisblessingonadailybasisandmadeeverythingintoaturningpoint. Hemadeeverythingintoanever-before,nevertoberepeatedanswer.

Weekly Message Flow (2013.9.29.-2013.10.5.) “Darakbang Message Material Bank Internet Dept." (1) 1st Pulpit Message (September 29th)→ Epistle to the Gentiles (Acts 15:22-31) ▶Lord, I give you thanks for giving me victory in my walk of faith, and for allowing me to accurately realize the Word as a blessed child of God who correctly knows the Gospel. Let me know the fact that not one person can block the gospel, and help me to enjoy the working of the Holy Spirit while accurately holding onto the word. Help me to know that no powerful reality can block the gospel, and let the correct working of the Holy Spirit begin in my life and business. While knowing that Satan’s work and strategies cannot block the gospel, let me correctly hold onto the word in the gospel, enjoy the blessings and authorities that break down Satan in the name of Jesus Christ, and relay this to the future generation. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray, Amen. (2) 2nd Pulpit Message (September 29th)→ Paul and Barnabas’ Conflict (Acts 15:36-41) ▶Thank you, Lord, for allowing us to enjoy the Gospel with the blessing of salvation through the joy that comes from 24 hour prayer, the blessing of evangelism, and the blessing of missions that save the world and give us a true success. Let us not have any conflict for we are the ones who know what to do first and the ones who know the works of Holy Spirit as in Acts Ch. 2. From now on, let us be the witnesses who overcome occurring conflicts as if they are new starts or renewals for the sake of the Gospel. With the blessings of the Mt. of Olive, Mark’s upper room, Pentecost, and Rome Ch. 16, let us be the main figures that will discard all conflicts in the coming age of disaster. Wherever we go, let all the works of Satan be crumbled in each step we take. We pray in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. (3) Evangelism Planning Team (October 6th)→ Regional Message Lesson 39: Faith that is Patient During Suffering (1 Peter 4:12-16) ▶ Two things that are working the least for believers- They have more unbelief than “with” (Immanuel), they do not correctly know the power of the gospel (power of God), and they face hardships. We must restore and experience these things. ① Fiery order that has come to test you, sufferings- Look unto God. ② The strength that allows you to be patient within sufferings- judgment will absolutely come when there is sure hope, when God’s spirit is present, and when God’s glory appears. ③ Conclusion- Life is like the path of a sojourner, but God is with us through the things that are unseen to the eye (soul, triune God, heaven and armies of angels). He is accurately guiding us, filling us, and working within us. If there is anything for us to do, it is asking, “Let me be filled today with your Holy Spirit, prayer, and the word!” (4) Tychicus Team (October 6th)→ Crumbled Place- People, Field ▶ Just like Acts 9:36-43 Tabitha, Acts 10:1-6 Simon, and Acts 16:11-15 Lydia, touch the places that have crumbled. ① There are many places that have crumbled for people, and they are wandering. Help them through these aspects- Jethro (Exodus 18:1-21), Obadiah (1 Kings 18:1-4). ② Help out the crumbled parts of the evangelism field- help with visible evangelism (aid, community service, devotion), invisible evangelism (culture, skills), and finding disciples. (5) Japan Osaka Evangelism Conference (October 1st-2nd)→ Go All-In Personal Spiritual Problem+Church+World Missions ▶Lecture 1: Time Schedule of All-In – Personal Spiritual Problem ① Introduction- We must now look at the time schedule of going all-in. We must solve the spiritual problems of Japan and the individual. ② Find what needs to be found and go all-in (John 19:30)- Acts 1:1 Christ, Acts 1:3 Kingdom of God, Acts 1:8 only the Holy Spirit. Go all-in here (Acts 1:14, the answers that come from here- Acts 2:1, Acts 2:5-11, Acts 2:41-42, Acts 3:1, Acts 11:19, Acts 12:1-25, Acts 13:1, Acts 16:6-10, Acts 19:21) ③ Go all-in to the prayer that allows you to enjoy spiritual strength- have the time to gain strength and the time to confirm answers (24 hours- 7 Remnants, Hebrews 11, Early Church). ④ Make a spiritual masterpiece (7 Remnants- Only, uniqueness, summit) ⑤ Conclusion- Today, make this resolution (Daniel 10:1-20). Then, the works of the word, works of the Holy Spirit, and the kingdom of God will come upon you. ▶Lecture 2: Church-Evangelism (Acts 1:8)

① Introduction- Right now, we are in a spiritual war and a fight against Satan. As sojourners, we are fighting in a spiritual war, but we must know the signposts and have our navigator (making Christ our Lord and master and gaining strength, answers, and blessings) to fulfill the kingdom of God. ② You will see uniqueness (only)- Mt. of Olives (answer), Mark’s home (Acts 1:14-answer), Acts 2:1 (day of Pentecost-solution), Romans 16 (summit) ③ Challenge towards God’s goal- Pastors (make the entire world hear the gospel), Remnants (obtain success in the early years of your life, save the church, and help the pastors), church officers (be the hosts for the evangelists and the hosts for world evangelization). ④ Look at the world- Resurrection message, Acts 19:21, Acts 23:11, Acts 27:24, Romans 15:23 ⑤ Conclusion- Start the correct life (①Studies/occupation- find and prepare the answers of your specialization, uniqueness, summit. ②Correct evangelism-so the entirety can hear the gospel, find disciples and make evangelists. ③Correct offering ▶Lecture 3: Age-Missions (Acts 1:8) ① Introduction- A witness is someone who has seen the internal things (spiritual world), someone who possesses (blessings of the Mt. of Olives, Mark’s upper room, day of Pentecost, and Romans 16), and someone who enjoys the spiritual world. There are three missions. ② Look at Satan’s strategies for destruction that continue to come upon this world and open an age (Genesis 3:5 for all of mankind, Genesis 6:4-5 origin of society, Genesis 11:1-8 origin of politics, Acts 13:1-12 national culture, Acts 16:16-18 living culture, Acts 19:8-20 religious culture). ③ Look at the individual’s destruction and possess the spiritual strength to save (John 8:44 personal source, Exodus 20:1-5 family source, Matthew 11:28/Mark 5:1-10 mental illness, Luke 16:19-31 hell, Matthew 27:25 future descendants). ④ Look at the flow of the age and with the answers of the 3 entrepreneurships (Acts 9:36-43, Acts 10:1-6, Acts 16:15, Acts 18:1-4), save the 3 organizations and block the 3 movements (substituting religion). ⑤ Conclusion- Starting now, start the world vision trip with 24 hour prayer. God will fulfill the works of the kingdom of God as he mobilizes all of his angels. (6) Business Message (October 5th)→ Experience of the Life of the Evangelist(38)- Direction for Specialized Meetings (Acts 2:9-11) ▶ Direction of the RUTC- Looking at the world and future through the trainings pertaining to evangelism+realistic Remnant spirituality training, specialization, and vision to see the future+healing ministry ① Individual- Help them gain their sense of direction regarding success early on for the Remnants ② Church- Help them gain their sense of direction regarding devotion after they succeed. ③ Missions- Help them gain their sense of direction regarding globalization (Romans 16, Colossians 4, 1 Corinthians 16). ④ Conclusion- God has prepared to show you His heavenly world (kingdom), a different world (working of the Holy Spirit), and a different strength (world evangelization). (7) Study of Evangelism (October 5th)→ 24 Hour of the Evangelism Disciple – Main Figure of Word (Pulpit) Fulfillment (Colossians 4:7-8) ① Church Officer Graduate School- Church Officer 24 Hours ② Regional Evangelism Specialized Camp- Evangelism Field 24 Hours (8) Core Message (October 5th)→ Experience of the Life of the Evangelist (38): Time Schedule for Changing Three Things (Acts 1:1-8) ▶ Discovery of important things- Why do people continue to fail? The destruction of powerful nations (Genesis 3, 6, 11), suffering of people (6 states of a nonbeliever), world confusion (Acts 13, 16, 19), religious disasters (idol worship), failure for Christians (7 disasters of the Jewish people). We must discover the only regarding these things. ① We can change our past with only Christ- Only Christ can change our 3 fates (hell, disasters, and Satan), and works will arise only when Christ becomes my Lord and master. ② Only the kingdom of God, my nature will change only through this- Acts 1:14, Acts 2:1 ③ Only the Holy Spirit. We only gain the power to overcome with this- we can change the world and what has been imprinted. (9) Regional Message (October 5th)→ Lesson 40: The Life of the Lord’s Disciple (Matthew 4:18-22)

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Regional Message 40th Lecture: The Life of the Lord’s Disciple

Scripture Reading

Matthew 4:18-22


October 6, 2013


Rev. Ryu, Kwang-su (Organized by: Rev. Cha, Dong-ho)

♠Scripture Reading (Mt. 4:18-22) 18 And Jesus, walking by the Sea of Galilee, saw two brothers, Simon called Peter, and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea; for they were fishermen. 19 Then He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” 20 They immediately left their nets and followed Him. 21 Going on from there, He saw two other brothers, James the son of Zebedee, and John his brother, in the boat with Zebedee their father, mending their nets. He called them, 22 and immediately they left the boat and their father, and followed Him. ▶ Jesus’ three years of ministry started when He called His disciples. There were 12 representative disciples, and among them, Peter and James served Jesus the closest. Jesus didn’t have just 12 disciples. He commissioned 70 disciples to the regions and gave them powers to perform (Lk. 10:1). Also, after Jesus’ ascension, 120 disciples gathered in Jerusalem and Mark’s upper-room and prayed and received the filling of the Holy Spirit. After that, in the city of Damascus, Saul was called as an Apostle to testify the Gospel to the gentiles It is proven in the Christian history and the Bible that the success of the Gospel ministry is when many disciples are raised, and they faithfully serve as ministers. Now, let’s look at how to live as a disciple of the Lord. 1. We must discard what we consider the most precious in the world ▶ Jesus went to Peter and Andrew who were fishing in Galilee, and when He saw them casting a net into the lake, He said, “Come, follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” When He said that, they immediately left their nets and followed Him. Going on from there, He saw James and John in the boat with their father mending their nets, and when He called them, they left the boat and their father and followed Him (Mt. 4:18-22) In order to be the disciple who follows Christ, it is important to cut the ties in the world. A female who graduated from a prestigious university in England left her job and marriage to volunteer as a missionary to Africa, and her father cried, “Jesus! Who are you to take my daughter away from me?” In order to become the disciple of the Lord, there are times when we must discard our family, work, and the things we loved. 2. We must not look back ▶ When Jesus went to a village, many people volunteered to become His disciple. Someone from that group said that his father just passed away, so he’ll follow Jesus after the funeral, and some asked Jesus to let them say their farewells to their family members. But to these individuals, Jesus said, “No one, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.” (Lk. 9:57-62) The people who lived as the disciple of the Lord were also the people who had ties with the world. However, if we look back because we’re bound by these ties, we cannot successfully walk the road the Lord wants us to walk on. Elisha who had 12 pairs of oxen butchered a pair of oxen and burnt his equipment when he was called by Elijah. He let his neighbors eat the meat, and he followed Elijah (1Ki. 19:19-20). 3. We must deny ourselves and carry the cross ▶ In Caesarea Philippi, after Peter’s great confession of “Lord, You are the Christ, the Son of the living God,” Jesus said this to Peter as He scolded Peter for begging Him to not suffer, be killed, and resurrect in 3 days. “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me.” (Mt. 16:24) The disciples who follow the Lord should happily take up the cross, but sometimes, we must follow the Lord by being forced to like Simon of Cyrene. Without the cross, there is no crown (No Cross, No Crown) 4. We must follow the Lord with the resolute mindset of martyrdom ▶ The mindset that we must have while handling the commission that the Lord gave us is “resolute mindset of martyrdom”. Ruth who was trying to follow her mother-in-law who was returning to Moab said, “wherever you go, I will go; and wherever you lodge, I will lodege…And your God, my God. Where you die, I will die, and there will I be buried.” (Ruth 1:16-17) Those who follow the Lord must have the resolution “if I perish, I perish”, and must follow the Lord with the mindset of martyrdom for the commission from the Lord to share the Gospel of the grace of God instead of valuing your own life (Acts 20:24) 5. The disciples of the Lord must only look upon the Lord and follow Him. ▶ Apostle Paul wrote in 1Cor. 11:1, “Imitate me, just as I also imitate Christ.” Completing our character is imitating Christ, and the goal that we strive towards is completing the commission that God has given to us. The recorder of the Book of Hebrews explained about the life of faith that the heroes of faith lived (v. 11), and said, “lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that s set before us, looking unto Jesus.” (Heb. 12:1-2) Those who only look upon and follow our Lord who left the heavenly throne to be lowered to have a body to suffer for us, who endured the cross and resurrected among the dead in three days, is the true disciple of God. <Conclusion> ▶ In Jesus’ final day, He said, “Go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the ends of the age.” This is the final command, greatest command, and the Great Commission. If you desire to nurture others as the disciple of Christ, you must first become the disciple yourself. Telling others to become a disciple and teaching them the duties of a disciple while you are not walking on the path of the disciples is a great contradiction. Have I become the disciple of Christ now? May you live the correct life as a disciple by checking if you are fulfilling the duties of the disciples and walking on the path of the disciple

10.6, 2013. Weekly Message Prayer Card  

Rev. Kwang Su Ryu, Immanuel Church in Korea,,,,

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