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Weekly Message Prayer Card – September 15th, 2013 (Messages from Immanuel Church in Korea - Business msg: TheVesseloftheEarlyChurchBusinesspeople

1st service: Paul who was stoned to death (Ac 14:19-28)

◆ Introduction ▶Therearetimeswhenwefeellikeweareabouttoblowafusebecausewefeelthat somethingisterriblyunfair.Ifthiscontinues,agreatproblemwillcometous.TheJews broughtpeoplefromAntiochandIconiuminordertostonePaultodeath.Whatmustwe dointimeslikethis? 2. The vessel that goes beyond Judea, Macedonia, and Rome If you just know the essence, you can succeed even if you’re a street food (1) The vessel that transcends the nationalism of the Jewish vendor. Paul knew three important essences. people ① Ac 1:6-7,8 ② Ac 2:9-11 ◆ Main discourse (2) The vessel that transcends the superstition and 1.Onelifetolive–Godhasagreatplanwithingreathardships. idolatrous religions of Macedonia (1)Abel’s death – the blood of the martyr Abel is flowing even now. ① Ac 13:1 ② Ac 16:15 ③ Ac 19:1-7 (2)ThewordsoftheProphetIsaiahwhopreachedtheGospelevenashewasbeing (3) The vessel that transcends the politics and future of martyredisbeingfulfilledevennow.Hediscoveredtheimportantword‘Remnant’of Rome Isaiah6:13. ① Ac 19:21 ② Ac 23:11 ③ Ac 27:24 (3)Stephen’s death –InActs11:19,throughthedeathofStephen,theAntiochChurch wasformed… 3. The people who widened the vessel of the church ▶Everyonefacesdeathinlife.Howwedieinourlivesismostimportant.Weeachhave (1) Ac 2:41-42 beengivenoneopportunity.Ifwerealizetheessence,wewilldiscoverGod’sgreatplan. (2) Ac 11:1-18, Ac 11:19-30 (4)DeathofMissionaryThomas –Thefirstmissionarytocomeintoourcountrytopreach (3) Ro 16:1-27 theGospeldiedasamartyrandheisMissionaryThomas. (5)Rev.Chu,Ki-chul’sdeath–DuringthetimeoftheJapaneseoccupation,theytriedtoget ridofallthechurches,buttheonewhodiedasamartyrwasRev.Chu,Ki-chul. 1. People who know what it means to be in the Gospel (1) Only (2) Uniqueness (3) Summit

Core msg:TheSpiritualSummitandtheRemnant (Ps78:70-72) 1. The normal life and the walk of faith (1) Ge 37:1-11, Ge 39:1-6, Ge 40:1-20 (2) Ex 2:1-10 (3) 1Sa 1:9-11, 1Sa 2:1-10, 1Sa 3:1-18 (4) Ps 78:70-72 (5) 1Ki 19:19-21 (6) Is 6:1-13 (7) Php 3:1-8 2. The spiritual life in front of God (1) Ge 39:2, Ex 14:12-13, 1Sa 3:19, 1Sa 17:35-36, 2Ki 2:9-11, Is 43:18-21, 2Ti 2:1 (2) The Holy Spirit and Satan ① The worldly kingdoms ② God’s kingdom (3) The life that realistically enjoys the spiritual blessing ① 7 Remnants ② The Early Church 3. The life that knows the way (1) Only (Ac 1:1,3,8) (2) Uniqueness (Ac 2:1) (3) Summit (Ac 3:1)

2.Greatunhappinessandhardship–thereisanimportantreason. (1)Whydoesunhappinesscontinuetoplowintotheworld?Itisbecauseweareseparated fromGod.InordertopreachthisGospel,peopleweremartyred. (2)Peopleabsolutelycannotcomeoutfromthreeproblems. ▶Destiny,Satan,hell.ThatiswhyGodsenttheChrist.Inordertoexplainthis,Hediedforus. (3)6disasterscontinuetoplowintotheworld. ▶TheproblemsofGenesis 3,6,11,Acts 13,16,19 continue on. People became martyrs because the only way to solve these spiritual problems is only the Gospel. (4)Thefuturedescendantsprogressivelyfacehardships.Satanmakeshislaststand.Itis blockingthis. (5)Matthew 24,25,2 Timothy 3,Revelationspropheciesofthethingsthatwillariseinthe endtimes.Thosethingsarehappeningexactlyrightnow. 3.Paulwasstonedtodeathandthenrevived–thereisnodeath. ▶Heknewthemoreimportantessence.Paulwasstonedtodeath,buthewasrevived. Peopledon’tjustdieout(Acts 7:60). (1)HethoughtaboutthedeathofStephen. (2)HeknewwhyJesushadtosufferupontheearth. (3)Thefollowingday,hewentinsearchofdisciples. (4)InLystra,Paulgainedasonwhowouldmovetheage.ThatwasTimothy. ◆Conclusion ▶WhydoesGodleavethepersecutors? If those people had to die, everyone would have to die, as well. What kind of problems do you have today? You must enjoy the blessing of restoring the essence within Christ. Then, you will change into a person of great blessings

2nd service: All the problems are solved when the Gospel is enjoyed as the Gospel (Ac 15:1-11)

Study of Evangelism Msg: Vessel of the Evangelist(Acts 4:29~31)

◆ Introduction ▶Howcanwerealisticallyreceiveanswerstoprayer? If we truly enjoy the Gospel as the Gospel, all problems will be solved. If the Word of God begins to work as the Word of God, all problems will be solved. We say that everything is within evangelism, but when evangelism becomes true evangelism, all problems will be resolved. ▶Whatisthegreatesthardshipthatwefaceintryingtoreceiveanswerstoprayer?Itis whenfrustratingthingshappentous. (1)Fromoutside,theyfacedgreatpersecution(misunderstandingoftheJewishpeople) (2)Internally,thoughtheybelievedinJesus,peoplesaidthattheycouldonlyreceivesalvation bybeingcircumcisedaccordingtoJewishtraditionandonlybyfollowingthelaw.Many frustratingthingshappenwithinthechurch.Sometimes,wefeellikewearegoingto suffocatewhenourfriendsorcolleaguesatworkmakeusfrustrated.Itisallthemoredifficult tobearifyoufeelthiswayathome.Thatiswhypeopleloseholdofalloftheanswerstotheir prayers. (3)Whatisevenmoreseriousisthefrustrationthattheyfeeltowardsthemselves.Things don’tgoaswellastheyhadintended. ▶Today,youmustthinkcarefullyaboutthesethreewords(Gospel–Gospel,Word– Word,evangelism–evangelism).Jesus didn’t tell us to teach others; He told us to be witnesses. A witness is someone who has evidence. What kind of evidence? When the Gospel becomes the Gospel, the works will arise.

1. Evangelists who saw a greater thing than their present reality 1 ) Persecution of Jews and future (Ac 1:6~8) 2 ) Power of Jews and promise of Christ (Ac 2:1~47) 3 ) Jewish temple and Mark's upper room (Ac 3:1~12, 4:1~12, 4:29~31)

◆ Main discourse 1.Toyourself–themomenttheGospelbecomestheGospel,theworkswillarise. (1)Everythingthatbringsdestructiontomankinduponthisearthistheworkof Satan →ThatiswhyGodsentJesusastheChrist!Inordertosaveus,getridofallcurses,and breaktheauthorityofSatan. (2)AmItrulyasavedchildofGod?Then,itwillberesolved→JesusChristismyLordand master. (3)Fromthismomenton,prayerwilltakeplace.TheHolySpiritwillwork→JesusChristwill becometheChrist. 2.In the field –WhentheWordbecomestheWord,God’sworkswillbegin. ▶Startingnow,youmustenjoythreethingsandbeginthelifevisiontrip. (1)Acts 2:1-47,WhenthedayofPentecostcame–tongues,newwine,workslikewindand fire,fasting,allnight–itisseeingadifferentrealmthatisbeyondme.Whatisadifferent realm?ItistheworkofGod. (2)Itisrelayingthisintoourlives.Whenweprayscheduledprayerandwhenwegive worship,theanswerwillcomeout. (3)Fromthismomenton,withjustprayer,yourvisiontrip(covenantjourney)willbegin. 3.To others-theworkswillarisewhenevangelismbecomesevangelism. (1)WecallthisthekingdomofGod. (2)Thetimeschedulewillabsolutelycome.Atthattime,speakaboutthis. (3)Threeanswerswillfollow(only,uniqueness,summit). ◆Conclusion (1)TheconclusionofActs1:1comesout (2)Acts 1:3,kingdom of God (3)Acts 1:8,filling of the Holy Spirit

2. Evangelists who saw beyond thoughts and ideology 1 ) Mt 28:16~20, Mk 16:15~20, Ac.1:8 2 ) Ac 13:1~4, 16:6~10, 19:21 3 ) Ro 16:1~27 3. Evangelists who saw the eternal things rather than temporary things 1 ) Mt 10:40~42 2 ) Mk 10:29~30 3 ) Php 3:1~20

Weekly Message Flow (2013.9.8.-2013.9.14.) “Darakbang Message Material Bank Internet Dept." (1) 1st Pulpit Message (September 8th)→Healing the Crippled Man (Acts 14:8-10) ▶Thank you Lord for letting me enjoy the blessing of Immanuel that You are with me so that I can hold onto the covenant of Jesus Christ and not be shaken by people's words in my life. Like Peter's faith of 'only Jesus Christ,' please allow me to experience the power of the Gospel in my field. Also, let me proclaim the name of Christ and enjoy its power with the assurance of the faith of salvation like Paul did. With the self-esteem, self-identity, and self-confidence of a child of God, let the work of Holy Spirit be testified while the work of Satan and disaster end with every step I take. In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen. (2) 2nd Pulpit Message (September 8th)→ The Heart of the One who will Receive Great Answers (Acts 14:11-18) ▶Thank you Lord for allowing me to be the one who will receive great answers, live centered on God's heart, and know the channel Satan attacks through. Please allow me to pray like Joseph with God's heart, receive the answer of seeing the world, and receive God's guidance. Let me stand as an evangelist like David who was equipped with the Gospel and skills in the midst of answers while seeing the age with God's heart. Allow me to see the blessings of evangelism and missions, and help me to become a witness of Immanuel who enjoys Acts 1:1, 3 and 8. In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen. (3) Evangelism Planning Team (September 8th)→ Regional Message Lesson 36: Growth and Revival of Evangelism and Missions (Acts 1:6-11) ①Find the plan that God made to fulfill through me, that you can do, and that fits you. Evangelism is connected with the tremendous blessings regarding interpersonal relationships, and it is relaying the answer that befits that individual; therefore, find the blessings and prayer only you can do. In the end, evangelism is relaying what is “with” with the signposts (Matthew 28:16-20, Mark 16:1520, Acts 1:8) that are given by God. ② Evangelism is commission (content). However, because there are a variety of targets (fields), you have to do things differently according to the target and his or her age. When we become witnesses (method), God will give us evidence; if we have evidence, we will be witnesses. ③ With three evidences (the fundamental blessings that were apparent in Mark’s Upper room, the blessing of evangelism that came upon Peter, and the blessing of missions that came upon Paul), find the plan of God that is prepared for you. (4) Tychicus Team (September 8th)→ What was Left Behind, Field (Preparation), School ① What was left behind- You must remember what Jesus has said. Acts 1:3 (God’s kingdom-answer), Acts 1:14 (concentration-prayer), Acts 2:1-47 (working of the Holy Spirit-answer), Romans 16 (summit) ② Field (preparation)- How is God’s kingdom applied in the field? Acts 1:14, Acts 2:9-11, Acts 2:41 (it is seeing the things that God has prepared). Acts 8:1-3, 4-8, 26-40 (there absolutely is a kingdom of God that will rest upon this field. It is finding this). Acts 13:1-4, Acts 16:6-10, Acts 19:21 (it is realizing and finding God’s plan). ③ School field- Give the answer to the children with three things. Have them have personalization (counseling). Lead them so they may go towards the 10%, 1%, and uniqueness. Find the spiritual disciples in the midst of them and help them go towards the summit. (5) Gangnam Regional Concentrated Evangelism Conference (September 12th)→ ▶Lecture: Find what’s been lost! ① Introduction- When you go to the evangelism field, you will see that things are not going well for 90% of the people. When something doesn’t work even if someone works at it to the point of death, that person has a spiritual problem and is being attacked by Satan. Where and what does Satan attack? He attacks an empty place (a place that has crumbled, Matthew 12:44). Therefore, the core of evangelism is giving the answer so the Holy Spirit and God’s kingdom can be established. ② Starting now, find what is yours- Acts 1:1, my life story as the one who has been saved. Acts 1:3, God’s plan towards me and my field-God’s kingdom. Acts 1:8, find my method regarding the filling of the Holy Spirit. ③ The answer that comes here is “only”- Acts 2:1-47, Acts 3:1-12, Acts 4:1-12, Acts 7:54-60, Acts 8:48, Acts 8:26-40, Acts 11:19

④ The thing I am facing right now is suffering, but it is the way to uniqueness and the way to see the future (Peter, Paul, Luke, Gaius, Philemon- having the unique answer come). ⑤ Conclusion- 1 Corinthians 1:18-31 power of the cross, 1 Corinthians 2:10-12 grace, 2 Corinthians 12:1-10 deep prayer. You must absolutely find your method concerning the filling of the Holy Spirit (so that happiness, strength, and the answer may come). ▶Lecture 2: Concentrated Training of Mark’s Upper Room-Life’s Vision Trip ① Introduction- Their life vision trips started through the concentrated training of Mark’s Upper Room. God has already given Acts 1:1,3,8 to you. The start of finding this as your own and as your method is important. ② Start to change what has been imprinted- The working of the filling of the Holy Spirit for the individual is necessary (method of concentration and your personal filling of the Holy Spirit). ③ You must relay the experience of the filling of the Holy Spirit to your life- scheduled prayer, concentrated prayer, worship prayer. ④Start your vision trip through prayer-3 todays (prayer, word, evangelism), look at the 7 remnants and the heroes of faith. ⑤ Conclusion- At this point, 3 natures will change (physical nature, mental nature, and spiritual nature). ▶Tychicus: Regional Church ① The important aspects regarding the establishment of the kingdom of God is being able to see God’s will, see God’s time schedule, fully understand that field and that individual, and run an errand. ② With the content of your life’s vision trip, do this alone (Acts 1:1,3,8, the 3 todays), do this with the people you meet (Acts 2:9-11, Acts 2:41), and do this according to your position – the doors will then continue to open. ③ Leaders of laypeople should study the background of theology; correctly understand the pulpit message; relay it to the laypeople; and become the guardian, coworker, and host of the pastors. ④ Conclusion- The regional church is establishing the kingdom of God. It is starting your life’s vision trip with the people attend in that field. It is playing the role of a leader in the places that pastors cannot go. (6) Business Message (September 14th)→ Experience of the Life of the Evangelist (36)- The Vessel of the Early Church Businesspeople ▶You can take only up to your vessel size, you can see only up to how high you are, and you can see only up to how far you have gone. Therefore, he is looking for the person who understands the entire picture, is considerate of others, and who does not try to make himself known but wants to raise up others. ① Be a person who knows what being in the gospel is (only, uniqueness, summit). ② Have the vessel that can overcome the Jews (nationalism), Macedonia (culture), and Rome (politics). ③ Be a person who enlarges the vessel of the church (Acts 2:41-42, Acts 11:19-30, Romans 16:1-27) ④ Conclusion- you must have what is surely yours (subjectivity-specialization, objectivity-rationality, spirituality-mystery, unity-oneness, diversity-revival and growth) (7) Study of Evangelism (September 14th)→ Vessel of the Evangelist (Acts 4:29-31) ① Church Officer Graduate School- What is mine (Acts 1:1,3,8+Only+Uniqueness) ② Regional Evangelism Specialized Camp- Life’s Vision Trip (Filling of the Holy Spirit+Lifestyle+Prayer Trip) (8) Core Message (September 14th)→ Experience of the Life of the Evangelist (36): The Spiritual Summit and the Remnant (Psalm 78:70-72) ▶ How must we come out of powerlessness, poverty, illnesses, bankruptcy, and spiritual problems?Find what is yours (Acts 1:1, answer, 3 plan-kingdom, 8 enjoyment). Then you will see the path you must take (Acts 3:1, 4:1, 6:7, 11:19, 13:1-4, 16:6-10, 19:21, Romans 15:23). Therefore, it is starting your life’s vision trip (daily experiencing the works of Mark’s Upper Room, connecting this to your lifescheduled/concentrated prayer/worship, start of your life’s trip) ① Teach what a normal life is and what a walk of faith is- subjectivity, objectivity, spirituality, unity, diversity ② Make them be able to live their spiritual lives in front of God- physical and spiritual, Holy Spirit and Satan, life that realistically enjoys the spiritual blessings (vessel preparation, path of the elites) ③ You must know the way- only, uniqueness, summit. ④ Conclusion- Set David and Paul as your model (be joyful always, pray continually, and give thanks in all circumstances). (9) Regional Message (September 14th)→ Church Education for growth (Matthew 28:19-20)

Category Title Scripture Reading Date Lecturer

Regional Message 37th Lecture: Church education for growth Matthew 28:19-20 September 14, 2013 Rev. Ryu, Kwang-su (Organized by: Rev. Cha, Dong-ho)

♠Scripture Reading (Mt. 28:19-20) 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age. ▶ If the church is going to be internalized and the believers are going to live an upright life, there must be a thorough Christian education. This is because one cannot expect a qualitative and beautiful church growth where there is no proper education. In the passage, there are three final commands of the Lord, and we call this the Great Command. 1. Make disciples of all nations! (1) The Lord said in verse 19, “make disciples of all nations.” ▶ The target for this education is all nations. All nations mean that there is no limit to Jews or gentiles, but all people. Those who are in need of receiving the gospel are extensively widespread. For the prophets of the Israelites in the Old Testament, they were stuck inside the borders of their nation, but for the gospel ministers in this age of grace, those walls have crumbled, and all people on earth became the object of gospel evangelism and education. The truth of Christ is universal. Prophet Isaiah said, “The Lord Almighty will bless them, saying, ‘Blessed be Egypt my people, Assyria my handiwork, and Israel my inheritance.’” (Isa. 19:25) Like this, the truth of Christ is universal to save all people. (2) “Make disciples” (v. 19) means to especially teach and train. ▶ In order for the gospel truth to be continued, the discipleship education is a sincere command. The commission of the gospel ministry is the most important part of protecting the truth, so the education of making disciples is extremely important. (3) The Triune God is the host as well as the main theme of the evangelism education. ▶ “In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” (v. 19) In order for us to baptize people in the name of the Triune God, we first need education regarding the doctrine of the Holy Trinity. The Triune God is the theme of education, as well as the host of the education. So, those who are baptized are acknowledging and accepting the Father God as the Creator who holds the Providence, accepting the Holy Son as the intercessor who redeems us, and confessing that the Holy Spirit is their comforter who purified them. 2. Baptize them in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit! ▶ What is the meaning and purpose of baptism? Baptizing in Greek means to immerse, or clean with water. Baptism is the visible evidence of the experience of repenting, receiving forgiveness, and becoming one with Christ. And, the meanings can be ‘cleansing of life’, ‘forgiveness of sin’, or ‘cleansing of sins’. However, since baptism is an act that is done after learning about the Christian truth, there needs to be an education regarding the creed and doctrine. 3. Teach them to obey everything! (1)The ultimate evangelism is education ▶ ‘Teaching them to obey everything’ (v. 20) This means to continuously teach all of the lessons that they’ve learned from Jesus for during the 3 years. In other words, we, who are the disciples of Jesus, must directly accept the teachings and doctrines of Jesus, and we have the commission of relaying them until the second coming of the Lord. So, in order to act upon this commission, we are desperately in need of education beyond the simple evangelism. Most people have the common idea that it is important to make others believe in Jesus Christ. This is because we believe that this is how they will reach salvation. However, Jesus went beyond the work of making others believe in Him, or in other words, the region of evangelism, and He went on to emphasize to believe and keep all He has taught. The belief that is uneducated can easily fall into blindness or superstition. So, that is why teachings must coincide with faith. (2) The word to make disciples is also emphasizing this. ▶ The main duty of a disciple is to learn. Furthermore, don’t just learn and teach, but ‘obey everything’. If teachings just end in just teaching, then there is no meaning. They must absolutely be revealed in your life and lifestyle in actualization.

9.15, 2013. Weekly Message Prayer Card  

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