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Weekly Message Prayer Card – May 12th, 2013 (Messages from Immanuel Church in Korea - Business msg: BusinesspersonDiscipleshipTraining (Ac2:9-10)

1st service: King Ahab’s Experience (1Ki 18:7-20)

1.The3organizationsthatmeeteveryday ◆ Introduction It is very important to ask, ‘What is the driving force behind that ▶AnyonecanbecomelikeKingAhabiftheygainpowerwithoutreceivingGod’sblessings. strength?” AnyonecanbecomelikeJezebeliftheycometopossessmanythingswithoutknowingthe (1)TheFreeMasonswhobegantoshowtheirpowerinthe3rd graceofGod.Conversely,anyonewhoreceivesthegraceofGodcanenjoythesame century blessingsasObadiahandElijah.Thoughthethoughtsthatyouhaveareonlyslightlydifferent, (2)TheNewAgemovementwhichbeganin1872 theblessingsthatyoucanreceivethroughthatsmalldifferencearetremendous.Youmust (3)ThescheduledprayeroftheJewsandMuslims havethecorrectthoughts. ▶Therearethreeeternaltruths.Youcannotescapefromthem. 2.Thesearetimesinneedofbusinesspeoplediscipletraining. (1)Mankind’sspiritualproblems–spiritualproblemsarethesameineasternculture,western (1)Lk10:1-20 culture,thepastage,thepresentage,andineverysinglecountry.ThatiswhyGodsent (2)Ac1:12-14 theChrist. (3)Ac2:1-11 (2)BelieverscannotovercometheworldwithoutthepoweroftheHolySpirit(Acts 1:8). (4)Ac2:41-42 (3)Ifwerisetothespiritualsummit,wecanmovetheworld. (5)Ac4:1-5 ▶PeoplewhohavereceivedtheblessingsofGodmustreceivefinancialblessings,health,and (6)Ac6:1-7 prestige.Wemustholdontothiscovenantcorrectlyandreceivetheanswertosavethe (7)Ro16:1-27 world.Maytodaybethedayofgreatestanswers. 3. Everything depends on general unity and the disciple unity ◆ Main discourse movement. 1.Donotlookdownontheworld. (1)KingAhabexperiencedthepoweroftheworld. (2)KingAhabknewthetasteofmaterialwealth. (3)BecauseKingAhabhadpower,850falseprophetsbegantoflatterhim. ▶Today,wemustpossesstheeternaltruthandremembernottolookdownontheworld. Theworldfilledwiththeforcesofdarknessisnotlaughingmatter.Thatiswhywemustbe filledwithadoubleportionofthespirit! Core msg:TheGreatestPromiseintheBiblemustBecomeMyOwn (Ac1:1) 2.Donotenvytheworld. (1)KingAhabsawthegreatpowerofGod,andyet,hehimselfdidnotreceiveGod’sgrace. 1.God’sgreatestpromisewhichthephysicianLukesaw (2)KingAhabwaswithinthecultureofidolatry,andhecouldnotseethepoweroftheGospel. (1)Ge3:15,Ge6:14,Ge12:1-3 (3)KingAhabpossessedsomanythings,buthedidnotknowthetrueblessing. (2)Ex3:18,Jos1:1-9,Jos3:1-20,Jos6:1-20,Jos10:10-14 ▶IfyouarechildrenofGodwhoareenviousoftheworld,youmustchangethattoday.You (3)Is6:13,Is7:14,Is60:1-22,Is62:6-12 mustrestoretheblessingofElijahandElisha. (4)Mt16:13-20,Ac1:1 3. Do not fear the world. 2.ThegreatestpromiserelayedtoTheophilus ▶BecauseyoucanreceivetheanswerofenjoyingthepowerofGod,youdonotneedtofear (1)Ac3:1-12(Ac1:8,thefulfillmentofAc2:1) theworld. (2)Ac8:4-8 Elijah and Obadiah boldly challenged the king. The one who ran the errand to (3)Ac8:26-40 prepare this confrontation was Obadiah. Obadiah was a minister in King (4)Ac9:15(5)Ac10:45 Ahab’s royal palace. Obadiah was Elijah’s disciple. The people of God must (6)Ac11:19 not be fearful of the world! (7)Ac13:1 3.God’sguidesignsthatlastforever (1)Ac1:1 (2)Ac11:19 (3)Ac13:1 (4)Ac16:6-10 (5)Ac19:21

2nd service: Jezebel’s Experience (1Ki 19:1-8)

Study of Evangelism Msg: Two strategies and answers (Ac 1:14, Ac 19:8-10)

◆ Introduction 1. Jesus' method ▶Whoisthepersonwhoreceivedthegreatestblessing?Themostblessedpersonisthechild (1) Mt 5:1-8, Mt 6:1-15, Mt 6:32-33, whohasmetwithaquietmotherfilledwithwisdom,whohastheGospelandevangelizes.A Mt 7:1-5 childwhohasamotherwithskill,isfeminine,andhasthetrueGospelandpreachesithasthe (2) Mt 16:13-20, Mt 17:1-9, Jn 6:1-63 greatestmother.Then, if they meet with a man or a woman like that when they (3) Mt 13:1-58, Mt 16:16, Mt 28:16-20 grow up, that person has received 100% blessings. This is because the influence of one woman is tremendous. Every single person is raised by a 2. Church and disciples (Ac 19:9) woman for at least 10 years of their lives. (1) Ac 17:6 ▶Mayallofyoudiscovertheblessingsthatyouhavereceived,aswellasyourcommissiontoday. (2) Ac 18:1-4 (3) Ac 19:8-10 Thereisanidiomthatwomenmusthavefiveelements:beauty,speech,skill,writingabilities, andheart. 3. Field and disciple (Ac 19:10-20) ◆ Main discourse 4. Unity and disciple (Ac 19:21) 1.Theinfluenceofonewomanistremendous. (1)Threewickedwomenthroughouthistorywhoexertedbadinfluence. 1)Eve –Atethefruitandcommittedoriginalsin. 2)Jezebel –Women who brought destruction upon all of Israel 3)Mary –Throughnofaultofherown,shebroughtgreatconfusiontotheearth.Thismeans thatpeopledonotknowthefundamentalsoftheGospel. (2)Age - JezebelwasthedaughterofKingEthbaaloftheSidonians(1 Kings 16:31).Shebuilt placesofworshiptoserveBaalandAsherahallthroughoutIsrael(1 Kings16:31).Shealso atehermealswiththeidol-worshipingprophets.Shewasawickedwoman(1Kings 21:25) (3)Onewomancanexertgreatinfluenceupontheage. 1)Prenatal –Soon-to-beparentsareveryimportant. 2)Infant, preschoolers –Ifwegiveworshipwiththecorrectheart,thiswilldeterminethe entirelivesofthesechildren. 3)Husband - Theycaneveninfluencetheirhusbands. 2.Onewomanoffaithcanexerttheinfluencetosavetheage. (1)Exodus 2:1-10,Moses’ mother Jochebed –Yourprayersareveryimportant. (2)1 Samuel 2:1-10,Hannah’s prayer saved the age. (3)WhatdidRahab,onewoman,do?Joshua 6:1-20,ShewasthemainfiguretofellJericho.She enteredintoIsraelandwasevenincludedinthegenealogyofChrist. (4)ThepeoplewhohelpedElijahandElishawerethefemalebelievers.Theonewhosavedthe nationfromcrisiswasalsoawoman—Esther. (5)WomenaidedtheevangelismministryofJesusandPaul(Phoebe,Priscilla…)

3.Youmustfulfilltheroleofamotherinthechurch. ▶Thepeoplewhoweremostusedfortheevangelismmovementwerewomen. (1)Youmustbecomethemainfiguresoftheseniordeaconessmovement. (2)Raiseupthewomen’sevangelismmovementandsavethechurchandtheage. ◆Conclusion ▶Today,youmustfindthreeeternalprinciplesofGod.ThefirstisChrist.Everyoneonthisearth (3)Takethisblessingintothefieldandraiseupthedistrictandregionalmovement. willfacespiritualproblems.ThechildrenofGodwhohavereceivedsalvationandknowChrist ▶Youmustbecomethesourceofblessingsforthiswork! canonlyovercometheworldbytheworkingoftheHolySpirit.Ifwerisetothespiritual ◆Conclusion -Playtheroleofamotherinthechurch. summit,wecanmovetheworld. ▶Donotbedeceived.Godwillansweryourprayers.Mayyoustandasthemainfigurestosave ▶God,grantmethestrengththatYougavetoElijahandElisha!Givemetheblessingsofthe thechurch.Maymanypeoplecometobesavedthroughyouduringthisweek. businesspersonthatYougavetothelayperson,Obadiah!IprayinthenameofJesusthatthis maybeaweektogainnewstrength.Amen.

Weekly Message Flow (2013.5.5.-2013.5.11.) “Darakbang Message Material Bank Internet Dept. " (1) 1st Pulpit Message (May 5th)→ Children Education During the Age of Exodus (Deuteronomy 6:4-9) ▶Thank you for letting me know the reason why the Israelites, who were blessed by God, ended up facing devastating difficulties, and letting me hold onto the covenant. Let the covenant of the blood of the lamb, which is the unique solution be impressed on me, and let me teach it to the children, and relay and enjoy it so I never forget. Let me teach my children to hold onto the blessing of the three feasts, the power of the Ark of the Covenant, and the tabernacle-centered direction, and be victorious. Let me enjoy the commission of raising the works of the wilderness in my life, experiencing the power of the Jordan, and crumbling down the Jericho. Let the works of completely changing my life arise today. In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen. nd (2) 2 Pulpit Message (May 5th)→ Children Education During the Age of Crisis (John 21:15-18) ▶Thank you for using my life in the remnant movement and the RUTC movement that were used in every age of crisis. In the future, when the remnants rise and become the church lay-leaders, let them be the main figures that block the crisis of the church. Let the remnants be used as the main figures during the end times of suffering, to save the society by holding onto the word of God. Although we are weak and lacking, let us hold onto the covenant of only Christ, and relay this blessing as the main figures to save the entire world. From now on, let me only firmly hold onto the covenant and continue in what I have become convinced of. In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen. (3) Evangelism Planning Team (May 5th)→ Regional Message Lesson 18: My Soul Must Live First (Acts 16:31) ▶ What did the Early Church do to solve the problems and crises that came? Acts 1:3 (Mt. of Olives 40 days-they found the answer), Acts 2:42 (they found the answer from worship), 2 Corinthians 12:110 (they gained strength by entering into deep prayer). You must gain this strength. ①The blessed ones must have money, success, and fame. ②The true blessing is when the children of God who have received salvation knows and enjoys the gospel (Ephesians 2:1-3 the fundamental problems will be solved, you will enjoy the gospel as your own, Ephesians 6:12 you will gain the strength to overcome Satan, and healing will arise). ③When do you enjoy this blessing and when will it come?- When Jesus Christ becomes your Lord and master (Colossians 2:2-3), when you throw away your worries (1 Peter 5:7-8), during worship (Acts 2:42). ④Conclusion- When you are met with a problem, keep your attitude and heart wide open. When hardships come, think that you are making testimonies and your life’s story. (4) Daegu Region Concentrated Evangelism Training (May 7th) → Personal Delivery of the Gospel Missions ▶Lecture 1: Prayer to Change the World- Personal Delivery of the Gospel Missions ①Introduction- The first key to the answer that the person who must save the regional church and church is to “deliver the personal gospel mission”. ②Start- Hold onto and relay the absolute personal blessing, direction, and way as a saved individual (Exodus 3:16-18, Joshua 3:1-3, Haggai 2:1-9, Acts 1:14) ③Answer- When you hold onto the gospel mission, you will see the miracles of the Exodus, the answer of the three festivals, the miracles of the tabernacle, the blessing of the Ark of the Covenant, and the blessing of Christ (Acts 2:1 day of Pentecost- Acts 1:3, Acts 1:14, Acts 2:42, Acts 2:46-47) ④The church will live when all of the church members hold onto the gospel mission- Exodus 12:1-51, Exodus 14:1-13, Joshua 3:1-13, Joshua 6:1-20, 1 Chronicles 29:10-14, Esther 4:1-15, Acts 2:1-4. ⑤World- Relaying this personal gospel mission must go out into the world (12 tribes, 24 elders, through the 70 workers, the Early Church, Acts 2:9-11, Acts 17:1/Acts 18:4/Acts 19:8 synagogueremnant) ▶Lecture 2: Prayer to Overcome Limitations (Acts 1:8) ①Enjoy 24 hour answers- When you hold onto the solution of “Christ” that solves the problems of disasters/Satan/hell/situations/family line and do scheduled prayer, your spiritual state will change and the answer of 24 hour prayer, 24 hour enjoyment, and 24 hour answers will come.

Then, you will be able to overcome limitations (Genesis 39:2, Psalm 23:1, Daniel 6:16, 20, Ephesians 6:18). ②If you enjoy this blessing, the 24 hour team will form- Jacob, Joseph, and Moses team; Samuel and David team; Elijah, Elisha, and Paul team ③Here, 24 hour evangelism will come- The regional church will live through you, the Remnant movement will arise (Acts 17, 18, 19), and the answer of the 3 industries will come (Romans 16). ④Conclusion- Starting now, form the 24 hour team until answers come- Form the team that will fulfill the message, form the team that will fulfill what is most needed in the church, form the team that does only evangelism (find the golden fisheries while you do 24 hour prayer). ▶ Tychicus Team: Mystery of the Evangelist ①Mystery for continuation- Know Satan’s strategies and your personal background and hold onto your personal mission. Hold onto the message and have scheduled prayer. Find the direction of evangelism in all aspects for 24 hours to save the world that is like hell. ②Mystery you must absolutely possess- 100% mystery (Give strength and save the 90% dependent churches. Find the disciples that God has hidden in the golden fisheries (see the entire picture first and have camp). Also, give the direction and message to the hidden disciples. ③Prepare your vessel- Become the protector/fellow worker/host for your pastor, find the hidden disciples (Ananias/Tabitha/Simon the tanner/Lydia/Jason/Priscilla and Aquila), and see the time schedule (40 days-Acts 1:3, 10 days-Acts 1:14, Lord’s day-Acts 2:42, daily-Acts 2:46-47, Acts 6:7 church lay leader, Acts 11:19 tribulation, Acts 13:1 commissioning out the missionaries, Acts 16:610 Macedonia, Acts 19:8-9 Duranno, Acts 19:21 Rome) ④Conclusion- First see the overall picture and do everything afterwards. (5) Remnant Theological Seminary Special Lecture (May 8th)→ Three Camps (Acts 17:1-7) ▶ Before having the three camps, you must have the sure answer. Acts 1:1 (personal gospel mission), Act s 1:3 (two kingdoms- God’s kingdom, Satan’s kingdom), Acts 1:8 (mystery of prayer). ①The camp before camp (verse 1, we, they)- If you possess the eyes to see the entire picture, the evangelism schedule will come out. ②Realistic camp (verse 2)- When you relay the word, you will see God’s hidden disciples (Greek, noble women) ③The camp after camp (verse 6-7)- You must find three systems after camp (church lay leader, remnant, minister/pastor) ④Absolutely give the answer when you have camp (Acts 17:2-3)- Exodus 3:16-18, Joshua 3:1-3, Joshua 6:1-20, Haggai 2:1-9, Mt. of Olives (Acts 1:3), Mark’s Upper Room (Acts 1:14), Acts 2:17, Romans 16:1-27. ⑤Conclusion- Before you graduate, you must prepare (disciples in your entire region, region to evangelize, nation to pray for) (6) Business Message (May 11th)→ Businessperson Discipleship Training (Acts 2:9-10) ▶ The things unseen to the eyes are important. You must possess the eyes to see the para and local, have objectivity and specialty, and see the entire general assembly (church) and disciples. ①Daily gather and enjoy the strength that comes from Acts 1:1, Acts 1:3, and Acts 1:8. ②Gather together the summit of each field while having entire gatherings → 3 thousand disciples will arise. ③Save the world with the unification of the disciples that are connected with the world. ④Conclusion- The disciples are the people who have their double-sided contract in regards to their church, occupation, and evangelism. (7) Study of Evangelism (May 11th)→ Two Strategies and Answers (Acts 1:14, Acts 19:8-10) ①Study of Evangelism- Two Strategies and Answers (Strategy Unseen to the Eye) ②Church Lay Leader Graduate School- Problems Unseen to the Eye ③Regional Evangelism Specialized Camp- System Unseen to the Eye (8) Core Message (May 11th)→ The Greatest Promise in the Bible Must Become My Own (Acts 1:1) ▶ When you see the reason why it won’t work unless it is Christ, the works of the Holy Spirit will arise and evidences will come. ①The evidence of the word will come (Genesis 3:15, Genesis 6:14, Genesis 12:1-3, Exodus 3:18, Isaiah 7:14, Matthew 16:13-20) ②When this word is relayed, the works of the Holy Spirit will arise (Acts 3:1-12, Acts 8:4-8, Acts 8:2640, Acts 9:15, Acts 10:45, Acts 11:19, Acts 13:1). ③With this blessing, make the regional church and works of art. Starting now, the 5 eternal guide posts will come (Acts 1:1 meeting, Acts 11:19 greatest opportunity, Acts 13:1 greatest time schedule, Acts 16:6-10 the greater thing, Acts 19:21 Rome). ④Conclusion- Have 100% faith. But do not be deceived by your level, your field, and your finance. (9) Regional Message (May 11th)→ Let’s Start Anew Through the Gospel (Matthew 16:16)

Category Title Scripture Reading Date Location Lecturer Theme

Regional Message 19th: Lecture: Let’s Start Anew Through the Gospel Matthew 16:16 May 12, 2013 Rev. Ryu, Kwang-su (Organized by: Rev. Cha, Dong-ho)

♠Scripture Reading (Matthew 16:16) 16/ Simon Peter answered and said, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.” ▶If you don’t button the first button correctly, you will end up having to start all over again. It is good to try to change what is wrong, but it can be quicker to start from the beginning again. The you start incorrectly, the process and the result cannot be correct either. It is the same with our walk of faith. 1. If you want to be successful in your work and life, you must have a correct start (1) The people who honestly and sincerely commit to even the smallest and insignificant work that has been entrusted to them have great potential for success (Gen. 39:1-6, Ps. 78:71-72) (2) If you know your level and prepare your sense of specialty, the doors of answers and success will automatically open (3) If you work more diligently and go deeper, wider, and be ahead of others, you will be on the shortcut to success 2. Christians must learn to start in the Gospel before moving towards success (1) First, we must discard all the resentment, comparison, jealousy, gossip, and despise that comes towards us through Jesus Christ (Mt. 16:16) (2) If you discard in Jesus Christ the unhealthy mysticism that confuses your eyes and thoughts, the humanism that strives to gain achievements with your efforts, and legalism that judges and condemns others, and always keep the word of the Gospel in your heart, your spiritual eyes will open to see the reason Jesus Christ came and his what his wishes are (Mt. 17:1-9) (3) If you think about the word of the Gospel in Jesus Christ and start prayer by matching your direction to enjoy the Gospel in your life and relay it to a disciples, you will see the evidence of God (Mt. 28:16-20) 3. Changes will start once the Christians start their lives anew in the Gospel (1) If you match the standard of your work and life to the Gospel, everything will be come anew. If you start the day’s schedule with the standard of word and prayer, new changes will come to the field that you’re going to. (2) In all your meetings, if you think about how you will relay the Gospel and how the meeting can become the blessing of meeting in the Gospel, blessed answers will come (3) If you think about how your problems are going to be beneficial to the Gospel, healing, solutions, and blessings will follow. 4. How can I start anew in the Gospel? (1) You must serve Jesus Christ as the master of your heart and life like Paul’s confession of faith in Gal. 2:20 (2) You must prioritize worship and prayer as number one in your life like the word of Matthew 6:33 “Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well” (3) It is matching the reason and purpose of our lives to evangelism and missions, which are the commands that Jesus Christ gave on earth (Mt. 28:18-20)

5.12, 2013. Weekly Message Prayer Card  

Rev.Kwang Su Ryu, Immanuel Church in Korea,,,,

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