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Weekly Message Prayer Card – April 21st, 2013 (Messages from Immanuel Church in Korea - Business msg: BusinesspeopleinJeju (Ac13:1-12)

1st service: God’s plan enjoyed from the beginning to the end (1Ch 29:10-19)

1. You must absolutely see something for success in evangelism and ◆ Introduction business.(Ac13:1-12) ▶WhatdoyouthinkofwhenyouhearthenameDavid?HewasthegreatestsoldierinIsrael (1)Culture (defeatedGoliath).HewasalsoIsrael’sgreatestpolitician(StarofDavid).Hereceivedagreat (2)Economy manyblessingsinadiversenumberofareas. (3)Religion However, if you just know it to this extent, you cannot receive realistic answers. You must absolutely know what David possessed. There was something that 2.Jejuisaregionwithaspecialfuture. David cherished in his heart since he was young to when he spoke his last (1)Globalvacationspot words. That was the Ark of the Covenant, the covenant, and the Gospel. (2)Globalmissionscenter ▶Daviddidn’tjustknowabouttheArkoftheCovenant,thecovenant,andtheGospel;he (3)Globalidolcenter enjoyedit.Then,thequestionishowwecanenjoyit.Davidhadthreeimportanttimes.There werethreetimesbywhichDavidenjoyedtheGospelfromwhenhewasyoungtothe 3.ItissimilartoPaul’sfirstmissionfield. momentofhisdeath.Asaresult,Davidbecameaskilledsoldierandacompetentpolitician (1)Whattodofirst(Ac13:1-4) thatnoonecouldovercome. (2)Spiritualauthority You need to discover this and enjoy it. ①Sorcerer(Ac13:6-8) ▶Threetimes(night,morning,daytime)–therewerethreetimesthatDavidenjoyed. ②Darkness(Ac13:9-11) (1)Psalm 17:3,night –The Lord examines my heart (3)Spiritualfruit(Ac13:12) (2)Psalm 5:3,morning –TheLordhearsmyvoice;inthemorning,Iwaitinexpectationforthe Lord. (3)Psalm 23:1,daytime –TheLordismyshepherd;whenhewentoutasasoldier,hesaid thattheLordwashisfortress.HealsoconfessedthattheLordwashisshieldandking. ▶Then,threegreatanswerscomeoutfromwithinthis.

Core msg:TheEvangelismMovementthatStartedinMark’s UpperRoom(Ac1:12-14) 1.Itwasthestartofthecorrectchurch. (1)Mt16:13-20 (2)Mt28:16-20 (3)Ac1:1,3,8 (4)Ac1:12 (5)Ac1:14

◆ Main discourse 1.Trueanswerswillcome. (1)TheWordwasfulfilled. (2)Academicsandskillscameoutfromthis(1Samuel17:35-37) (3)Hisvisioncameoutfromwithinthis(1Samuel16:1-13) (4)God’spowerwasrevealed(1Samuel 17:1-47) (5)Allsufferingbecameatimeforhimtopreparehimself(Psalm23:1-6).

2.Truecommissionwillbegiven. (1)TheArkoftheCovenant(covenant,Gospel)waswhattheIsraelitescarriedoutthroughthe wilderness. (2)ThiswasthecommissionthathereceivedfromSamuel(1Samuel 16:13,king) (3)Afterhebecameking,hemovedtheArkoftheCovenanttotheCityofDavid. (4)Afterhebecametheking,hepreparedthetempletohousetheArkoftheCovenant. 2. Itwasthemeetingofthosewhohad theliving,life-staking,andlifesaving ▶Ifyoutrulywanttosucceedandbehealthy,youmustenjoythe3times(night,morning,day) answer.(Ac1:1) justlikeDavid. (1)Persecutionnationally,legallyandthroughthepress(Ac1:3) (2)Thosewhoknewthefutureofthenation,thefutureofRome,andthe 3.Hereceivedtruepower. futureoftheage(Ac1:6-7) (1)Godgavehimthepowertofightwithlions. (3)Theyhadagreaterstrength.(Ac1:8) (2)HewasgiventhepowertodefeatGoliathinonestrike. (3)ThoughKingSaultormentedhim,hewasnevershaken. 3.Itwasthemeetingofthosewhoexperiencedthesurevision. (4)Aftermakingthefullpreparationstoconstructthetemple,hespokethewordsthatweseein (1)Ac1:1 today’sScripturereading(1Chronicles 29:10-19,offering) (2)Ac2:1 ▶Youjustneedtotakethesethreetimes. (3)Ac3:1 ◆Conclusion-true life (acting your age) (1)WhenDavidwasyoung,hepreparedhisskillandfoundhisvision. (2)Inthetimeofhisyouth,hecourageouslystoodbeforeGoliathandrosetothechallenge. (3)Inhisyoungadulthood,otherpoliticianstriedtokillhim,butDavidmadethepreparationsto becomeking. (4)WhenDavidbecameking,hepreparedthetempletohousetheArkoftheCovenant.Thisis whathappenswhenyoucorrectlyenjoytheGospel. (5)Attheendofhislife,whenstrifearose,hemadethecompletepreparationsforthenation andthefuture. ▶MayyoubeginenjoyingthesethreetimeslikeDavidstartingtoday.

2nd service: God’s desire to relay to the next generation (2Ch 1:1-6)

Study of Evangelism Msg: Blessing of meeting (Ac.1:14)

◆ Introduction 1. Meeting of grace ▶Davidwasashepherd.Whenhewasashepherd,hesangmanypraisesandhewasalsoa (1) Mt 16:16 poet.Hewasalsoanablegeneral.Hewasarenownedkingwhohadgreatpoliticalacumen. (2) Mt 28:20 Wekeepaskinghowwecandothingswell,butthatisnotthepoint. (3) Ac 1:3 ▶ArkoftheCovenant,covenant,Gospel–DavidhadhisheartandinterestintheArkofthe (4) Ac 1:8 Covenant.Moreaccuratelyspeaking,whatDavidtrulyrealizedwasnottheArkofthe (5) Ac 1:12 Covenantbutthecovenant.DavidrealizedChrist(theGospel).We must not lose hold of this. If it is not the Gospel, we cannot defeat Satan, we cannot change our 2. Unique meeting (Ac 1:14) fate, and we cannot meet with God. (1) Apostles ▶Morning(hope),night(examine),day(togetherwith)–Davidenjoyedthisblessinginthe (2) Church lay leader morning,Psalm5:3.HewaitedinexpectationforGod’sgreathope.Psalm17:3,heprayed (3) Business person beforeGodatnightandlaidallofhisweaknesses,hisgreathardships,andhislonelinessbefore God.That is why he uses the expression, “The Lord examines my heart at 3. Meeting of power night.” Because he enjoyed this every day, he was able to receive the blessing (1) Ac 2:1 of being with God during the day. He confessed, “The Lord is my shepherd. (2) Ac 2:9-11 He is the one who receives my praises. His Word is a lamp unto my feet and a (3) Ac 2:41-42 light unto my path. The Lord is my shield. He is my king.” ▶Childhood(vision),youth(challenge),hardship(preparation),king(temple)–DuringDavid’s childhood,Godalreadygavehimavision.In his youth, he challenged before Goliath. All of the hardships he faced were a time schedule of preparation. When he became king, he prepared the temple to house the Ark of the Covenant and give worship to God. ▶David’slastdesirewastorelaythisblessingtothenextgeneration! ◆ Main discourse 1.TheanswersandblessingsthatfollowedwhenDavidsincerelyrelayedthismystery (1)GodgrantedtremendouswisdomtoSolomon(1Kings 3:16-18). (2)Solomon’s reputation (1 Kings 4:29-34). (3)Blessing of trade (1 Kings 5:1-12) (4)Blessing of temple construction (1 Kings 6:1-10) 2. There was something that David could not relay. ▶HerelayedtheArkoftheCovenant,buthecouldnotrelaythecovenant.Atthistime,Solomon begantoexperiencefailure.Solomonbuiltavasttemple,buthedidnotmeetwithChristwho istheLordofthetemple. (1)Marriage to unbelievers (1 Kings 3:1-3). (2)1,000concubines(1 Kings 11:1-10). (3)Hisconcubinesofeachnationrequestedthattheyworshiptheirowngods.Idolssweptacross allofJerusalem. (4)Greatproblemsarose,andthenationsplitintwo. 3.WhatSolomonregretted(Ecclesiastes) ▶Mostfortunately,attheendofSolomon’shardship,hecomestohaveregret. (1)Everythingismeaningless(comesout40timesinEcclesiastesalone) (2)Wealth,honor,andsuccessareallfalsehoods.Evenlivingourwalkoffaithisafalsehood.The onlytruthislookingtotheLord. (3)Thereisnothingnewunderthesun(15times)(Ecclesiastes1:2). ◆Conclusion (Ecclesiastes 12:1-14) (1)Beforeyougrowold,beforethesunandmoonandstarsgrowdark (2)RememberyourCreator.Weneedtocorrectlyreceiveblessings. (3)Ecclesiastes12:11, ThisWordmustbecomelikeawell-placednail. ▶MaynewsofthisGospelberelayedtoournextgeneration!

Weekly Message Flow (2013.4.7.-2013.4.13.) “Darakbang Message Material Bank Internet Dept." (1) 1st Pulpit (April 7th)→ Samuel’s 3 Experiences (1 Samuel 3:1-19) ▶ Lord, I give you thanks for letting me confess the Christ, knowing that the problems of life, the world, and the future are the problems of Genesis chapter 3, 6, and 11 and that Christ is the solution. Please let me stand as a leader and Nazarite of this age who knows the gospel to solve life problems, solve spiritual problems, and raise up posterity like David. And as an evangelist who knows the mystery of the Ark of the Covenant and the power of the gospel, let me save the field and enjoy the blessings of the correct church. From now on, let all my imprints, illnesses, attitudes, and incompetency be healed by concentrating on Your word. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen. (2) 2nd Pulpit Message (April 7th)→ David’s Childhood Years (1 Samuel 16:1-13) ▶ Lord, I give you thanks for giving me the grace to raise my children as remnants like David who had three strengths from his childhood. Please give me the blessing of the word, prayer, and uniqueness being imprinted in me so I can triumph like David did with his three imprints. Please allow me to know the answer of the three annual festivals, the mystery of the Ark of the covenant, and the mystery of the temple so I can possess the great power that comes from You. May the forces of darkness flee and may the works of change occur in the places that the remnants and I go. Therefore, may we save, change, and heal people and the field. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen. (3) Evangelism Planning Team (April 7th)→ Regional Message Lesson 14: Misunderstandings Regarding Evangelism ▶ When your occupation, business, and personal things meet with evangelism, then tremendous works will arise. If you are enjoying prayer daily, there is something that comes out. If you meet with the answer of evangelism- the answers of the works like fire/wind, the doors to 15 different nations, the fulfillment of the word, 3 thousand disciples, and financial power will come out. ①If you misunderstand evangelism, you will suffer unnecessarily. ②If you understand the evangelism that the Bible speaks about, all the answers will come out. ③The Early Church correctly understood evangelism (Acts 1:1,3,8, Acts 2:1-47, Acts 11:19-30) ④Conclusion- If you start daily prayer for evangelism even just for a little bit, the doors will open. (4) New Believers and Field Ministers Conference (April 9th)→ Word Experience+Prayer Experience+Evangelism Experience ▶ Lecture 1: Word Experience ①Introduction- The word will connect with prayer and the answers will begin to come. Also, when the answers you received through the word becomes organized for you, you will be able to do many important works. ②Luke’s word experience- Acts 1:3, 8, meeting (Acts 1:14, Acts 2:9-11, Acts 2:41), healing, spiritual state ③Peter’s word experience- Acts 2:14-21, Acts 3:1-12, Acts 4:12, Acts 10:1-45, Acts 12:1-25 ④Paul’s word experience- Acts 9:1-15, Acts 11:25-26, Acts 13:1-4, Acts 16:6-10, Acts 19:21 ⑤Conclusion- With the word, quickly find the things regarding your life (past/present/future, your message), hold onto the schedule of the word (imprint of the gospel Bible scriptures, read the Bible, actualization team for the pulpit message). Also, help the new believers so that they may be able to experience the word while praying for targeted for evangelism through worship and scheduled worship they have alone. In conclusion, the word of God must be relayed through meetings and work. ▶ Lecture 2: Prayer Experience- Healing and Power (Acts 2:1) ①Introduction- There are three healing conditions. Repetition, immersion (concentration), unconsciousness (subconscious). These aspects must take place in order for healing to take place. Immersion (concentration) especially needs to touch us. ②In Jesus’ ministry on earth, he taught prayer immersion (concentration)- Mark 1:35, Matthew 6:33, Matthew 26:41, Acts 1:3, Acts 1:8, scheduled prayer (rhythm), concentrated prayer (filling of the Holy Spirit), 24 hour prayer (you will enjoy the blessing, power, and happiness that are given by God.) ③Acts 2:1, the things Jesus spoke about were fulfilled on the day of Pentecost. The blessing of the three festivals (Passover, Pentecost, Ingathering), 5 powers (Acts 2), Acts 12:1-25, Acts 18:24-28, they were relayed through Acts 19:1-7

④God’s blessings will be relayed into the field- Acts 13:1-4, Acts 16:6-10, Acts 27:24-25, 2 Corinthians 12:1-10, Romans 16:25-27 ⑤Conclusion- Together with the new believers, make your life’s time schedule (word-entire message, pulpit message, field message) and your prayer schedule (Mt. of Olives, Mark’s Upper Room, Mission Home). ▶Lecture 3: Evangelism Experience (Acts 3:1) ①Introduction- Evangelism is enjoying the greatest answer and the greatest blessing. Evangelism that takes place (me, occupation, position)→ evangelism that finds you→ Evangelism you find (Acts 3:1, Acts 8:4-8, Acts 13:1)… ②Evangelism is entrusted to those who communicate with God (spiritual passion, only, person who connects in uniqueness) ③Evangelism is the greatest blessing the church enjoys- You will enjoy Acts 1:1, 3, Acts 1:14, 5 powers (Acts 2:1-47), and the blessings of meeting ④The blessings of the field have been prepared for the evangelists- God will work when you relay the gospel to those who are physically diseased, spiritually diseased, and culturally diseased. ⑤Conclusion- Make the evangelism schedule. First see three things (family line, work/business, people). First make the schedule to receive guidance. And make the realistic preparations to receive the guidance of the Holy Spirit (40 days- Acts 1:3, Acts 2:9-11, 300 people guidance movement). (5) Business Message (April 13th)→ Social Industry, NGO (Acts 16:15) ▶Pray for leaders in the 3 Industries (culture, social, missions industry), welfare, and the corporation ①Evidence in the Bible- 2 Kings 18:1-6, Acts 1:1, Acts 9:36-43, Acts 10:1-6, Acts 16:11-15, Acts 18:1-4, Romans 16:23 ②There are two kinds of social movements that arose in church history- Monastery movement, movement of the lords ③ 21st century missions- 3 industries, social industry, NGO (6) Study of Evangelism (April 13th)→ Analyzing the Situation of 40 Day Prayer (Acts 1:3) ①Study of Evangelism- Analyzing the situation of 40 day prayer (Acts 1:3) ②Church Lay Leader Graduate School- The spiritual state of church lay leaders- 24 hour prayer ③Regional Evangelism Specialized Camp- Concentrated Evangelism 24 (7) Core Message (April 13th)→ How to do 40 day prayer? (Acts 1:3) ▶ Find your own 40 days of enjoying God’s kingdom. First, discard what is yours, then He said he will work through the filling of the filling of the Holy Spirit, Acts 1:8. ①You will see the word, prayer, and evangelism of the entire Bible- Fundamental power (Exodus 3:18, 1 Samuel 16:1-13, 2 Kings 6:8-24, 2 Kings 19:14-35, Isaiah 6:13, Isaiah 7:14, Acts 19:21, Acts 27:24, resurrection, throne) ②You will see the message of the entire church history- Power of the age (Exodus 3:18-Egypt, Isaiah 7:14-Babylon, Matthew 16:16-Rome, Romans 1:16-17-religious reformation) ③You will see your entire life- You will see the power of the future (the blessing of Christ will be upon everywhere you go, you will see the future, the works of the Holy Spirit will begin, the blessings of meeting will arise, the works of the greatest answer of the Pentecost will arise, 3 thousand disciples will arise, and the world will be saved.) ④Conclusion- Then, when you overcome reversals, the blessing of true miracle, the true relay (relaying uniqueness) will arise through your only (8) Regional Message (April 13th)→ Correct Understanding Regarding Evangelism (Ephesians 2:1-6)

Category Title Scripture Reading Date Location Lecturer Theme

Regional Message 16th: Lecture: Why must we evangelize? Acts 10:38 April 20, 2013 Rev. Ryu, Kwang-su (Organized by: Rev. Cha, Dong-ho)

♠Scripture Reading (Acts10:38) 38/ how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and power, and how he went around doing good and healing all who were under the power of the devil, because God was with him. ▶Evangelism is not just the act of relaying the Gospel. When you are inside the blessing of evangelism, you will live, your family will live, and your future generation will live. The members of the Early Church in Acts solved everyone’s problems and saved the spirits that were dying through the command that Jesus gave on earth called ‘evangelism’. Then why must we evangelize? 1. Rightful commission of those who have been saved ▶ If you have been saved, evangelism is a rightful commission. The moment you have received salvation through Jesus Christ, you have been freed from your destiny, hell, Satan, and disasters. You can confirm the assurance and blessing of salvation when you evangelize, and happiness and thanksgiving will overflow (1Cor. 1:21, Mt. 28:16-20, Mk 16:15-20, Acts 1:8) If you continue evangelism, you will receive the answer of saving yourself, family line, and the future generation. 2. We must evangelize in order to change the culture of unbelief that has been formed by the forces of darkness from separation from God. ▶ Everyone who does not believe in God are all trapped in the fate of the world. In Genesis 3:5, Adam and Eve, who were the first people on earth, broke the promise of God, and they had to leave God. The people who met God in Exodus 20:3-5 still worshipped idols. The people in Matthew 11:28 did not have peace in their heart and suffered from spiritual problems, and Acts 8:4-8 had physical suffering also. In Luke 16:19-31, people were suffering on earth, and they ended up in the eternal suffering and curses of hell, and in Matthew 27:25, this destiny is not over with them, but their children cannot avoid this problem either. If you look carefully, there are so many people in our reality that are suffering from anxiety, worries, and depression. In Acts 10:38, it says that these people are oppressed under the devil. 3. The greatest blessing is saving the people who are caught by their destiny in the culture of unbelief ▶ God has once blessed Europe what spread the Gospel, and also blessed America in the 20th century. And God will bless Korea in the 21st century, because it is the nation that does world missions. The prayer of saving the future generation will bring the greatest blessing in your family and future. ▶ Let us be the disciples that restore the true thanksgiving for calling us as the evangelist that will save the world from the darkness, and receive the answer of saving the field every day.

4.21, 2013. Weekly Message Prayer Card  

Rev. Kwang Su Ryu, Immanuel Church in Korea,,,,

4.21, 2013. Weekly Message Prayer Card  

Rev. Kwang Su Ryu, Immanuel Church in Korea,,,,