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Weekly Message Prayer Card – February 3rd, 2013 (Messages from Immanuel Church in Korea - Business msg: ComprehensiveStudio (1Ki18:1-6)

1st service: Hezekiah’sPrayer(2Ki19:29-37)

2nd service: Josiah’sReformation(2Ki23:24-30)

Study of Evangelism Msg: 3 Keys of the 5 Regional Churches Strategy

◆ Introduction 1. Those who will go first ▶WeneedtoknowverywellaboutKingDavid,Hezekiah,andJosiah.ThenameJosiahmeans, 1) Acts 13:1 “HealedbyGod,supportedofGod.” 2) Acts 16:11 3) Acts 17:1 ▶WhenRemnantsgotoanewplaceortotheirworkplaceandtheyaregivenworktodo,they must4) Acts 18:4 2. Obadiah the middle leader (1Ki 18:1-6) 5) Acts 19:8 (1)Immediatelyandquicklydoit(diligence). (1) Age of famine (1KI 18:1-2) (2)Alwaystakenotes.Yoursuperiorscanalwaysrefertothatprevioustime.Alwayscomplete (2) In charge of the palace (1Ki 18:3) 2. Those who will remain untiltheendandreportit(faithful). (3) A devout believer in the Lord (1Ki 18:3) 1) Acts 13:5-12 (3)Also,doonethingdeeply.Asdeepasyougo,youcanseehigh.Themoredeeperyougo,the ◆ Main discourse (4) Hid 100 prophets (1Ki 18:4) 2) Acts 16:15 wideryouwillbeabletosee(specialty). 1.KingHezekiahknewthereasonforproblems. (5) The greatest event on earth (1Ki 18:12-46) 3) Acts 17:6 (4)Then,findwhatyoumustdorightfully,necessarily,andabsolutely.Headtowardsuniqueness (1)2Kings18:3says,“HedidwhatwasrightintheeyesoftheLord,justashisfatherDavidhad 4) Acts 18:4 (power). done.” 3. RUTC comprehensive studio 5) Acts 19:9 (2)AssoonasHezekiahbecameking,hestoppedpayingthetaxesthathisfatherAhazhadgiven (5)Absolutely,workandstudiesmustgohandinhandwiththeGospel.Thisisspiritualpower. (1) MICE Youpossessthestrengththatothersdonotknowabout. toAssyria.HealsogotridofallofthetemplesofidolsthatwerebroughtfromAssyria. (2) Practice hall ▶Josiahbecamekingattheageof8.At16,helearnedofDavid.At20,hebrokealltheidols.At26, 3. Those who will supplement (3)HezekiahwasthegreatestkinginJudah. (3) Internship 1) Letters herepairedthetemple.ThiswasJosiah’sgreatachievement.Hecarriedoutareligious ▶Hezekiahdidn’tjustseewhatwashappening,heknewthereasonforit.2Kings18:6says,“He (4) Masterpieces 2) Errands reformation. heldfasttotheLordanddidnotceasetofollowhim/”Whenproblemscome,wecansee (5) Exchange, presentation ▶WhatdidthepeoplethatGodtrulyblessdo? theworksofGodifweholdontotheimportantcovenant,knowthereason,andpray24hourprayer. ◆ Main discourse 1.Religious reformation 2.KingHezekiahknewthemethodtoenjoythepowerofGod. ▶Reformationmeanstofindwhathasbeenlostandtofindwhatismostabsolute.All (1)WhenSennacheribinvadedthecountry,atfirst,Hezekiahwastakenaback.Thatiswhyhe RemnantsandevangelistsmustrecovertheGospelthathasbeenlost.Onlythesepeople implementedpoliciesofnegotiations,orbribery,andraisingreinforcements. receivedanswers. (2)Ultimately,KingHezekiahstoodboldlybeforeGodandstoodbeforehisfaith(verses14,15, (1)Moses (2)Samuel,David (3)Joshua (4)Josiah 16,18–God,hearmyprayer!) (5)Martin Luther (3) Then,GodsentIsaiah. 1)Godwillbringyouvictory(verse20)–pulpit. Core msg:Jacob’s3Experiences(Ge32:23-32) 2.ThecontentofJosiah’sreformation 2)Verse34 -HewilprotectyouforyouhaveinheritedthefaithofDavid. 1. Experience ofBethel (1)2 Kings 22:5,Herepairedthetemple.Then,hediscoveredtheBookofLaw. 3)Verse35–Thatnight,theservantoftheLordstruckthe185,000Assyriansoldiers. (1) Jacob, who bought the birthright (Ge 25:27-34) (2)2 Kings 23:1-2,HecalledtogetheralloftheeldersandhadthemreadtheWord. (2) Jacob who usurped the blessings (Ge 27:1-45) (3)2 Kings 23:4,HegotridoftheAsherahpoles. 3.HeknewtheblessingofgainingstrengthbygivinghimselftoGod. (3) Dream and experience at Bethel (Ge 28:10-22) (4)2 Kings 23:8,Hegotridofallofthehighplaces. (1)Hewasdiagnosedwithafatalillness.WhatdidKingHezekiahdo?(2Kings20) ① Stairway and angels (Ge 28:12) (5)2 Kings 23:10,HeforbidpeoplefromofferingtheirchildrentoMolech. (2)Hefacedthewallandprayed.HelookedtoGodandprayed. ② God’s promise (Ge 28:13-15) (3)Atthistime,GodsenttheprophetIsaiahtorelaytheWordofGodtohim.TheLordYourGod, (6)2 Kings 23:11,Hegotridofthesungod. ③ Oath (Ge 28:16-22) (7)2 Kings 23:22-23,HecarriedoutthePassoverritesfollowingthetimeofthejudges. theGodofDavidhasheardyourprayers;Hehasseenyourtears. (8)2 Kings 23:24-25,GodgrantedJosiahanswersthatwereunprecedented,nevertobe ▶HezekiahhadthreethingsfromDavid.Hehadthemysteryofprayingwhenhewasalone, 2. Experience at Laban’s house repeated. themysteryofbeingwithGodinallfieldsthroughprayer,andtheWordandanswersthat (1)Labored for 20 (Ge29:20) comefromthepulpit. (2)Prayer formaterialwealth (Ge30:37-43) 3.Thereisabatonofreformation. (3) Jacobwho returnedhome inglory (Ge 31:43-55) 1)ThisblessingwasrelayedtoJoseph-Moses-Samuel-David-Jehoshaphat-Hezekiah-Josiah. ◆Conclusion –newgrace,newblessings (2)Satan’sbatonisalsobeingpassedon. (1)Challengenowtoreceivenewgrace,newblessings,andnewstrength. 3. Experience at the Jabbokriver (2)TheangelthatworkedinthetimeofHezekiahisworkingevennow. (1) Jacobwas ingreatfear, Esauwas leading 400menwithhim ▶ThenameHezekiahmeans,“TheLordismighty!” ◆Conclusion (Ge 32:1-12) God who is with you is mighty. I bless you in the name of Jesus that today may (1)EvenifyoujustfindthelostGospel,youwillreceivealltheblessings. (2) Jacobsenthiswealth (Ge32:13-23) be a day in which you receive the new strength that God gives to you. Amen. (2)Ifyourestorethelostprayer,youwillhavevictory. (3) Jacobwas leftalone by theJabbok river (Ge 32:24-32) (3)Evenifyoujustrestoreevangelismthathasbeenlost,allproblemswillberesolved.Lookingto seewhethertherearepeopletosharetheGospelornotisevangelism. ▶IblessyouinthenameofJesusthattodayandthisweek,youmayreceivetheblessingofbeing givennewgrace. Amen. 1. Internship in all areas (1) Active professionals (2) Those who are prepared (3) Those who have been discarded

◆ Introduction ▶KingHezekiahlivedagoodwalkoffaith,andstill,hefacedhardship.Inacountryabouthalfthe sizeoftheGyungsangnamdoProvince,KingSennacheribofAssyriaattackedwith185,000 soldiers.Evenforus,hardshipsthatwedidnotanticipatecancometoourfamilyand workplace. ▶KingHezekiahdidnotfearatall.Ultimately,KingHezekiahcompletelywipedoutthe185.000 soldiers.Howwasheabletohavesuchvictory?

Weekly Message Flow (2013.1.27.-2013.2.3.) “Darakbang Message Material Bank Internet Dept." (1) 1st Pulpit (January 27th)→ The Prayer of One Family (1 Samuel 1:9-18) ▶ Thank you for allowing me to hold onto what God desires the most and to enjoy the blessing of the Nazarite through correct prayers. Today, let me experience the blessing of salvation that is given through God’s word, God’s power that was given in the wilderness, and God’s strength that is given through worship. As I restore the strength of the covenant in the gospel, help me to enjoy the blessing of relaying this covenant to the future generations. Starting from today, as I enjoy this strength, let me stand as the main figure of answers who will save the world through my life and business. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen. (2) 2nd Pulpit (January 27th)→ The Prayer of One Remnant (1 Samuel 16:1-13) ▶ Thank you for allowing me to enjoy the blessing of the remaining one who is able to live and stand on my own through the strength of daily prayer wherever I go. Through this strength of daily prayer, help me to see my talents and vision, see the direction of my future, relay the commission, and enjoy the works of the filling of the Holy Spirit to the extent where evil spirits flee. Help me to enjoy this answer as I daily see the God’s prepared time schedule inside of the comfortable prayer I give towards God. As I enjoy true success, help me live as the greatest person of prayer, greatest person of evangelism, and the greatest person of offering. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen. (3) Evangelism Planning Team (January 27th)→ Regional Message Lesson 4: You Must Receive the Strength of the Word (Isa. 40:27-31) ①Isaiah is called the Book of the Gospel of the Old Testament. We must know the seven important parts of Isaiah. Isa. 6:1-13, Isa. 7:14, Isa. 40:6-31, Isa. 43:18-21, Isa. 53:1-6, Isa. 60:1-22, Isa. 62:612 ②After listening to the word - Discover your own little application. Hold onto this word and quietly think about this throughout the week and pray. And you must absolutely confirm this in the field. Then you will see that the word is being fulfilled continuously. Then the answers will come throughout your entire life. (4) Evangelism Disciple (January 29th)→ Strength of the Evangelism Disciple (Acts 1:3) ①Transcend tacit knowledge- trivial things, administration/work/conflicts, law/mysticism/humanism, stubbornness, standard, mutual communication, consideration → When you’re able to transcend all this, the answers of Acts 1:1, Acts 1:3, and Acts 1:8 will come. ②Method that Jesus taught → “only” (Acts 1:8, Acts 1:14, Acts 2:42). ③5 evangelism strategies- pioneering regional churches (places that cannot hear the gospel, 2/3 of the world, 20 thousand colleges), field regional church (places where the believers are at), cultural regional church (to move the majority), welfare regional church (those waiting without aim), specialized regional church (urgent specialists, celebrities) ④When you enter with the 5 regional churches→ who will be sent, who will be left behind, and who will do the errands is very important (find the doors/systems, give the answers/mutual communication, and start the life camp). (5) 70 Workers (January 29th)→ Direction (Matthew 24:14) ①Experience it once→ Acts 1:3, Acts 1:8, Acts 1:14, Acts 2:1, Acts 3:1→ experience of the rise of prayer, occupation, doors of 15 different nations, and 3 thousand disciples ②Relay it during your entire life→ Exodus 3:16-18, Joshua 3:1-13, Joshua 6:1-20, Haggai 2:1-9→ Genesis 3:15, Exodus 3:18, Isaiah 7:14, Matthew 16:16→ Acts 6:7, Acts 9:1-43, Acts 10:1-6 ③Our devotion is the once in a lifetime opportunity→ Look at Numbers 14:1-10, Haggai 2:1-9, and the Early Church. (6) Mission Home (January 29th)→ 24 Hours ①When you enjoy 24 hours→ - you will have mutual communication of prayer topics (church lay leader, assistant pastors, remnants), - you can give the answers of evangelism (system, field, personalization), - and you can give the answer of the word (today’s word, word from the pulpit, word of your entire life). ②Mutual communication will arise according to how you happily enjoy 24 hours. You will enjoy this from 24-hour strength, and healing will arise.

(7) Specialized Ministry (January 29th)→ 3 Healings ① When you enjoy 24 hour blessings with strength, 3 healings will arise. ②Healing of your lifestyle- healing of the parts of your life that has been diseased through the media, you will study within the happiness and strength of prayer and have the preparation for your specialization, you will gain the strength of 24 hour prayer and restore the strength of finances ③Prayer healing- restoration of the strength of prayer that will save the 3 organizations and religions and shamans, you need daily prayer/the prayer that allows you to concentrate on God/the prayer that allows you to handle your commission. ④Healing of spiritual problems- Acts 2:1-13, 2 Corinthians 12:1-10 deep level, Romans 16:17-20 experience the forces of darkness breaking down. (8) Business Message (February 2nd)→ Young Businessperson-Middle Leader, “Comprehensive Studio” (1 Kings 18:1-6) ▶ Three people who did not shake during the age of the most evil king, King Ahab- Elijah, Elisha, Obadiah. We must have wisdom like Obadiah to touch even King Ahab, we must not shake in our faith, we must have the skills that even made Kind Ahab listen to his words, and we must maintain our spiritual strength. ①We need at comprehensive studio in the RUTC- Internship in all areas ②Young businesspeople must play the role of Obadiah. ③Thing to do at the RUTC comprehensive studio- MICE, practice hall, internship, masterpieces, exchange/presentation. ④Prayer topic- Starting from when they are young, have a school that will develop them into scientists, healing ministry that will be composed of specialists, and dormitory training (pastor, missionary discernment/sending out) (9) Study of Evangelism (February 2nd)→3 Keys of 5 Church Strategies ①Church Lay Leader- 3 Keys of 5 Church Strategies ②Regional Concentrated Evangelism Training- 3 Directions (Elite, Lowgroup, Healing) ③Church Lay Leader Graduate School- Grace to Enjoy (Salvation, Church lay leader, Evangelist Line) (10) Core Message (February 2nd)→ Jacob’s 3 Experiences (Genesis 32:23-32) ▶ Real answers will come when you have sincere thanksgiving, and you will realize three important things. ①Experience of salvation (experience of Bethel) ②You didn’t know God’s grace and blessing while living in Laban’s house, but you came to see that you are a saved Child of God. ③ Experience at the Jabbok river- You will remain alone in front of God and see the important blessing. ④Conclusion- During the times you are sitting alone, have a time of deep prayer. Have a deep time of the gospel and evangelism. And everything will be solved and will start when you stand on top of the spiritual summit. (11) Regional Message (February 2nd)→ Let’s Read the Word To the Children (2 Timothy 3:14-17)

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Regional Message 5th Lecture: Let’s Read the Word to the Children

Scripture Reading

2 Timothy 3:14-17


January 27, 2013

Location Lecturer Theme

Rev. Ryu, Kwang-su (Organized by: Rev. Cha, Dong-ho)

♠Scripture Reading (2Tim. 3:14-17) 14/ But as for you, continue in what you have learned and have become convinced of, because you know those from whom you learned it, 15/ and how from infancy you have known the holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. 16/ All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, 17/ so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work. ▶ What is rooted in the fields of the children’s hearts determines their lives. The greatest spiritual education for young children is letting the word of God enter into their spirits. If the children are imprinted by the word, then those children will absolutely enjoy a blessed life. 1. Crosby’s mother read the Bible to her every night and explained it for her. ▶ Crosby became blind when there was a medical mistake when she was young, so her grandmother and mother read great writings (poems) for her, and they especially read the Bible to her often and explained them. The churches of the entire world are still singing Crosby’s hymns even after a hundred years. And she became an individual that influences many people’s faith more than any other outstanding individuals. 2. People who correctly understood the Bible when they were young all lived beautiful and victorious lives. (1) The individual that changed the world through the word of God that he heard when he was little is Moses. He even recorded the Pentateuch of Moses (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy) (2)David who listened to the word and prayed when he was young left behind 73 psalms for the book of Psalms (Ps. 23:1). (3) Those who meditate the word day and night will live a blessed life like a tree planted by streams of water (Ps. 1:1-6) (4) Timothy who realized the word when he was little became a disciple of Paul and did the works of changing the world (2Tim. 3:14-17) 3. How should we read the word to the children? (1) Even if it is for a short period of time, if you read the word at night time, it will become the most fundamental way to becoming an elite. (2) And the most important scripture should be deeply explained and talked about, which will change the children’s lives and become the their lives’ bases (3)Especially, if you help them to understand the scriptures regarding the gospel, they will become the person to change the world (Gen. 3:15, Exo. 3:18, Isa. 7:14, Mt. 16:16). If the children are able to share the grace regarding the word, it will influence their thoughts, faith, and lives.

2.3, 2013. Weekly Message Card  

Rev. Kwang Su Ryu,,