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NEW FROM WORLDPOINT NEW COURSE FROM THE AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION! BLOODBORNE PATHOGEN COURSE MATERIALS In only about an hour, you can use the affordable Bloodborne Pathogen ourse materials to teach workers and community members what they need to know about bloodborne pathogens! See page 17.

HEARTSAVER速 CPR & AED PART 1 This part 1 includes a series of modules on CPR, AED use, relief of choking in adults and children, and optional infant CPR and relief of choking. See page 8.

ACUTE STROKE ONLINE This course provides training on symptoms, diagnosis, and management of ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke and complications of stroke. See page 8.

HEARTSTATION TRIM SERIES AED CABINET This secure, easily identifiable cabinet allows you to place your AED in a public place for easy access for only $199! See page 50.

AHA ROLLING BACKPACKS This black canvas rolling backpack with the Instructor logo and/or AHA logo has multiple compartments that hold most laptop computers, briefcases, and other business tools comfortably. Detachable accessory bags hold cords and other laptop accessories. The bag can be rolled like luggage or worn on the back and comes with wheel covers to protect the back against unsightly dirt when converting from luggage bag to backpack. #80-1644 w/AHA logo #80-1645 w/AHA & Instructor logo

$64.95 $64.95



See our new full line of medical education materials for markets such as healthcare, EMTs, paramedics, and more! See pages 52-57.

The SAMARITAN速 PAD Public Access Defibrillator is different from any other public access defibrillator on the market. Designed specifically for public access use, It offers: ease-of-use, reliability & durability - with a 7 year unit warranty, IP56 certification - all at an inexpensive price. See the trainer or live unit on page 48.

RESPITRAINER ADVANCE This trainer provides multi-skill ventilation training and airway management training. Performance feedback sent wirelessly to your PDA or computer. See more on page 72.

VITALSIM LINE FROM LAERDAL! When connected to VitalSim-enabled manikins, the VitalSim simulates ECGs, heart tones, fetal heart sounds, breath sounds, bowel sounds, blood pressure, and more! The instructor can also run pre-programmed scenarios as well as write their own custom scenarios! See page 61.

INSTRUCTOR BAG PACKAGE! Now have all of the training equipment you need for CPR & AED training! Packaged in a rolling bag is an AED trainer, an adult/child manikin, knee mats, and your choice of barrier devices for under $275! See more on page 9.


LIFE/form PORTABLE TRAINERS These trainers are inexpensive enough so that each student can have their own hand or arm to practice technique and skills required in their courses. Under normal use, hundreds of injections may be performed for only $169 each! See the trainer on page 71.

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Face Shields


Manual Resuscitators


BLOOD PRESSURE Sphygmomanometers




MANIKINS AND ADVANCED SIMULATORS Your source for a full line of Emergency Training.


ALS Manikins


ALS Specialty


BLS Manikins


BLS Specialty


Manikin Carrying Bags


AHA Instructor Store


Manikin Paks




Patient Care Manikins/Simulators


ACLS for the Experienced Provider (EP)


Training Supplies


Airway Management




Alternate Language Materials


Bloodborne Pathogens



BLS for Healthcare Providers


ALS Skills Review


Course Cards




ECG & Pharmacology









Field Guides


Heartsaver® CPR


First Responder


Heartsaver® CPR for Family & Friends®




Heartsaver® CPR in Schools



Heartsaver® First Aid



Heartsaver® Instructor


Heartsaver® AED

Heartsaver® Pediatric First Aid NRCPR

10 5


Birthing Station

77-78 90

Breast Exam Models















Peritoneal Dialysis


Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP)


Ready or Not Tot


Neonatal Education








Red Book


Venous Access Wound Care

AEDS AED Accessories AED Trainers

50 46-48

Cardiac Science AEDs




Philips AEDs


AIRWAY MANAGEMENT Airway Management Tools


Airway Management Trainers


82 70-71

66-69 84



Emergency Practice Aids


First Aid Training Kid and Supplies


Instructor Store









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AHA CORE INSTRUCTOR COURSE Provides a foundation for teaching and facilitating regardless of an instructor candidate’s area of specialization. For optimal flexibility, the course can be delivered in 3 ways: self-directed learning online; self-directed learning via CD-ROM; or in a classroom setting. Continuing education credit is available to those who take the course online. #80-1050 Includes workbook and CD. Requires AHA promo code or TC security code #80-1035 Faculty Guide Requires AHA security code

$25.00 $40.00

The Program Administration Manual has been revised to cover the Training Center (TC) administrative and course management details that must be followed by all levels of the Training Network, not just the TCs. This edition supersedes previous editions and training bulletins. The manual covers all aspects of program administration for the educational courses of the American Heart Association (AHA) Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) programs. The manual has been reorganized to eliminate redundancies where possible. The overall structure helps the reader understand how ECC programs are organized within the AHA. New policies and changes to policies are communicated with Training Bulletins. Training Bulletins issued after the effective date of this manual supersede the related information in this manual. Training memos clarify current policies, introduce new educational materials and programs, and communicate changes to existing programs. The ECC Training Network will be informed of these changes through training bulletins and the AHA ECC Web site. #80-1485 $15.00


NATIONAL REGISTRY OF CARDIOPULMONARY RESUSCITATION (with a new integrated Medical Emergency Team [MET] component) Comparative data on in-hospital resuscitation events can help validate the success of your program – or suggest improvement. If you’re committed to making your institution the best it can be, you need a benchmark. Participation in the NRCPR can be an integral part of your institution’s effort to comply with JCAHO standards for monitoring performance in resuscitation events. This registry will provide data to assess resuscitation protocols, which can expand knowledge and improve life for all. The new MET module measures and analyzes your Rapid Response Team events with NRCPR. #NR-CPR1 1-Year Subscription #NR-CPR3 3-Year Subscription RENEWAL SUBSCRIPTIONS #RR-CPR1 1-Year Subscription #RR-CPR3 3-Year Subscription

$1,800.00 $5,000.00 $1,800.00 $5,000.00

A software based data entry system composed of 11 research based data elements that allow a facility to compare their results with other facilities of similar size and type (adult/mixed/pediatric, etc). Features include: i. Provides performance graphs of key in-hospital resuscitation practice/patient outcome measures and suggests opportunities to promote and improve resuscitation safely within a facility. ii. Allows members to follow critical resuscitation trends over time and compare their data. iii. Includes current, evidenced based resuscitation performance guidelines using the 2005 AHA Guidelines for CPR & ECC. #80-1647 #80-1648 #80-1649 #80-1650

1 year subscription 3 year subscription 1 year renewal 3 year renewal

$1800.00 $5000.00 $1800.00 $5000.00



BLS FOR HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS INSTRUCTOR PACKAGE The Instructor Package includes: Instructor manual (#80-1011), lesson maps, Instructor CD, DVD (#80-1013, with content for both the initial and renewal courses), student textbook (#80-1010), Stopwatch (#80-1018), and five wall posters (#80-1020: CPR/AED for the Adult, CPR/AED for the Child, CPR for the Infant, Rescuing the Choking Adult and Child, Rescuing the Choking Infant). The course length is approximately 4 hours and 20 minutes. #80-1016 #80-2328 Spanish (does not include stopwatch or CDs)

$80.00 $30.00

BLS FOR HCP: STUDENT MANUAL & CD Covers adult and pediatric CPR (including two-rescuer scenarios and use of bag valve masks), FBAO, and AED use. Also includes a CD with supplemental material on stroke, cardiac arrest, and special resuscitation situations. 100 pages. #80-1010 #80-2305 Spanish (does not include CD)


$11.00 $12.50

Provides the instructor with detailed lesson maps, utilizing current education principles, for both the BLS/HCP and Renewal courses. The manual includes 58 Lesson Maps and 44 Renewal Lesson Maps, and is a course-specific supplement to the new AHA Core Instructor Course. 52 pages; three-hole punched. Manual pages can easily be put in the Instructor Portfolio (#80-1017, page 9).



CPR and AED for the Adult, CPR and AED for the Child , CPR for the Infant, Rescuing the Choking Adult and Child, Rescuing the Choking Infant. 17” x 22.”


#80-1013 DVD (includes Initial and Renewal course) #80-1012 VHS (Renewal video sold separately)




Presents the content for BLS for Healthcare Providers Renewal course in an effective watch-while-practicing format. Demonstrations include: one- and tworescuer CPR, rescue breathing, and response to choking. In English; close-captioned. 60 minutes.


#80-1013 DVD (includes Initial and Renewal course) #80-1014 VHS (Initial course video sold separately)


$65.00 $70.00

$65.00 $80.00


A brushed silver lapel pin with the American Heart Association logo on the top half and “BLS Instructor” on the bottom half in a blue-colored stripe. Measures 3cm x 1.5cm. #80-1160


(888) 322-8350


Visit to view a free demo.

Provides quick reviews after every checkpoint.

BLS HCP ONLINE PART 1 The Basic Life Support for Healthcare Provider Online Part 1 Course offers a flexible training option for busy healthcare professionals who would like to either renew their healthcare provider card or for the first-time user who would like to initially certify for CPR. The complete course is delivered in three parts. Part 1 delivers the cognitive learning through Webbased, self-paced modules. Parts 2 and 3 require students to meet with an American Heart Association Instructor to complete a hands-on skills practice session and a skills test. Upon successful completion of all three parts students receive their healthcare provider course completion card. #80-1055 (each)


HEARTSAVER® FIRST AID W/CPR & AED PART 1 This web-based eLearning product, the Heartsaver® First Aid w/CPR & AED renewal course, provides the cognitive portion of the course online. There are two parts. Part 1 includes a series of modules that cover all required sequences for an American Heart Association (AHA) Heartsaver® First Aid with CPR & AED course. Participants also need to complete questions. Once part one is successfully accomplished, a certificate is received allowing them to take a skills test with a local AHA BLS or Heartsaver® Instructor. Part 2 is the hands on skills session with the instructor. When both parts are finished, a course completion card is issued to the student. #80-1461 #80-1095 (First Aid only)

$35.00 $25.00

STROKE PREHOSPITAL CARE ONLINE The Stroke Prehospital Care Online training module consists of four interactive cases that lead participants through patient encounters. Each case presents a patient with potential stroke-related complaints and prompts participants to make management decisions. In the scenarios, each patient’s clinical status varies based on the timing and accuracy of participant answers. Each case ends with a summary of key points. This module provides Continuing Education Accreditation for Emergency Medical Services. This continuing education activity is approved by the American Heart Association, an organization accredited by the Continuing Education Coordinating Board for Emergency Medical Services (CECBEMS), for 1.25 Advanced VEHs. #80-1468






This complete course is delivered in three parts. Heartsaver® CPR & AED Online Part 1 is a Web-based eLearning product that provides the cognitive portion of the course online. This portion includes a series of modules on CPR, AED use, relief of choking in adults and children, and optional infant CPR and relief of choking. To help ensure students are to able to perform skills correctly a hands-on skills practice session (part 2) and a skills testing session (part 3) are required to complete the course.

This online course provides training on symptoms, diagnosis, and management of ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke and complications of stroke. The course content is: • The stroke chain survival • The 7 D’s of stroke survival (detection, dispatch, delivery, door, data, decision, and drug administration) • The definitions of ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke • Pathophysiology • Stroke risk factors • Stroke recognition • Stroke management • Transition to critical care of rehabilitation The CE/CEU credits are: 2.0 for nurses, 1.75 for paramedics, and up to 1.75 for physicians. #80-1480 $24.95

Students who successfully complete Part 1 receive a certificate allowing them to enter a skills practice session and a skills testing session that they arrange with an AHA BLS or Heartsaver® Instructor. An AHA Heartsaver® AED course completion card will be issued when students successfully complete all three parts. #80-1494


HEARTCODE™ ACLS ANYWHERE This CD-based learning program provides an alternative to traditional classroom instruction. It uses a simplified, user-friendly design and microsimulation technology to present realistic scenarios from the ACLS core courses. Students can then assess and treat ‘patients’ to develop their ACLS skills. After successful completion of the CD component, students are required to take a skills test with an AHA-certified ACLS instructor, and then receive their Provider card. HeartCode™ ACLS Anywhere is approved by the AACN, ACCME, ACPE, and CECBEMS. For CME/CEH/CE credit. A CD-based program for ACLS.






(888) 322-8350




HEARTSAVER® AND FAMILY & FRIENDS® INSTRUCTOR MANUALS More than 300 detailed color lesson maps, two manuals, and an instructor CD provide all the materials for every Heartsaver® and Family & Friends® courses. Manuals are companion volumes to the Core Instructor Course. 8 1/2” x 11”; three-hole punched. #80-1077


Designed for Heartsaver® instructors or for use by the general public. 17” x 22”. #80-1060 CPR Adult Poster (set of 5) #80-1061 Adult CPR/AED Poster (set of 5) #80-1062 Choking Adult Poster (set of 5) #80-1063 Adult 6-Poster Pack (2 of each of above) (set of 6)

$16.50 $16.50 $16.50 $20.00

CHILD/INFANT 10-POSTER PACK Includes two of each: CPR for Child, CPR for Infant, CPR/AED use for Child, Help for the Choking Child, and Help for the Choking Infant.


#80-1064 (set of 10)

Durable, 2” binder designed to help instructors easily organize their manuals, lesson maps, and additional notes. Have everything you need in one convenient place. Three-ring binder; holds up to 300 letter-size sheets 8 1/2” x 11”.

Includes one of each: CPR for Adult, CPR for Child, CPR for Infant, Adult CPR/ AED, Child CPR/AED, Help for the Choking Adult, Help for the Choking Child, and Help for the Choking Infant.




#80-1065 (set of 8)



SAVE $60+ INSTRUCTOR BAG PACKAGE Now you can have everything you need for a class in a convenient rolling bag! Package includes one Prestan Professional Mankin with CPR monitor (#PRO100), 1 Practi-trainer (#AED120T-2), a pack of WorldPoint training knee pads (#WP-MAT), and your choice of barrier devices-all packaged in the CPR Instructor rolling bag (#HG-121)! This is a value of over $330-just choose the package that’s right for you! #AED-PAK1 (includes a pack of WP-3140) $250.00 #AED-PAK2 (includes a pack of Prestan face shields, FS50) $250.00 #AED-PAK3 (includes 5 WorldPoint masks, WP-700 & $270.00 1 pack of training valves , WP-200)







Shows individuals adult first aid: how to manage an injury or illness until professional help arrives. Contains three core modules: general principles, medical and injury emergencies, in addition to adult and infant CPR and AED training information. Content also contains an optional module on environmental emergencies. Includes the Heartsaver® First Aid Quick Reference Guide, and a CD with supplemental information and video clips for keeping skills sharp. 8 1⁄2” x 11”; 130 pages.

Shows individuals how to manage a pediatric injury or illness until professional help arrives. Contains six modules: first aid basics, medical emergencies, injury emergencies, environmental emergencies, and two optional modules addressing first aid and CPR/AED use (which are designed to meet regulations for day care centers). Includes the Heartsaver® Pediatric First Aid Quick Reference Guide, an Adult CPR & AED reminder card, a Child and Infant CPR & AED reminder card, and a CD with supplemental information and video clips for keeping skills sharp. 8 1⁄2” x 11”; 128 pages; full color.






Same as above, but with an exclusive focus on adult first aid training only. Includes an optional module on environmental emergencies. 90 pages.



This durable guide is included with the Heartsaver® Pediatric First Aid student workbook.




This durable, updated fold-out booklet is included in both the Heartsaver® First Aid and Heartsaver® First Aid with CPR/AED student workbooks. #80-1057


HEARTSAVER® FIRST AID VIDEO Presents all five modules for Heartsaver® First Aid. Features options for 3-to-1, 2-to-1, or 1-1 student/manikin training. An excellent resource that facilitates instructor-led case discussions. Approx. 4 hours; close-captioned. #80-1044 Two DVD set #80-1043 Two VHS set

$90.00 $95.00


Presents all six modules for Heartsaver® Pediatric First Aid: pediatric first aid, optional topics, asthma care training for childcare providers, CPR and AED. Features options for 3-to-1, 2-to-1, or 1-1 student/manikin training. BONUS material on the DVD includes a video for the Family & Friends® First Aid for Children Community Awareness Program (a $28.50 value, free). DVD: 290 minutes; VHS: 250 minutes; close-captioned. #80-1007 Two DVD set #80-1003 Three VHS set

$90.00 $100.00

EPIPEN® TRAINER The perfect training tool for teaching proper technique and protocol for EpiPen use. Contains no fluids, epinepherine or needle. A medical letter is not required for purchase. For training purposes only. #EPI101


ROLLED BANDAGES 4” x 84” gauze bandages. 12 rolls/pkg; non-sterile. #FAK844

WORLDPOINT® FIRST AID TRAINING KIT WorldPoint designed this kit exclusively for the American Heart Association’s Heartsaver® First Aid course. It features the essential first aid supplies needed for the Heartsaver® First Aid course, including an EpiPen Trainer, 4” x 4” gauze sponges (approximately 25), two 4” x 84” rolled bandages, and one isothermal blanket (52”x 82”). Exam gloves sold separately. One kit is recommended for every two students.



Items also available separately:

Supports AHA Heartsaver® First Aid Course.





SURGICAL SPONGES All gauze sponges. 4” x 4”, 8-ply. 200 per package; non-sterile. #FAK404


ISOTHERMAL BLANKET Retains up to 90% body heat. Reusable; waterproof. 52” x 82”. #FAK528


(888) 322-8350





This revised edition features a new, easy-reference format, and contains updated content and science from the 2005 AHA Guidelines for CPR and ECC. It includes sections on CPR for adults, children, and infants, response to choking adult, child, and infant, and AED use. Includes an Adult CPR & AED reminder card, Child and Infant CPR & AED reminder card, and a CD with supplemental information and video clips for keeping skills sharp. 8 1⁄2” x 11”; 53 pages.

Features a new, easy-reference format. Sections include: CPR for adults, children, and infants, and response to choking adult, child, and infant. Includes an Adult CPR reminder card, Child/Infant CPR reminder card, and a CD with supplemental information and video clips. 8 1⁄2” x 11”; 48 pages.





HEARTSAVER® CPR VIDEO Presents updated content for adult, child, and infant CPR, and response to choking adult, child, infant. Features options for 3-to-1, 2-to-1, or 1-1 student/ manikin training. 110 minutes; close captioned.

HEARTSAVER® AED VIDEO Presents updated content for adult, child, and infant CPR/AED use, and response to choking adult, child, infant in an effective ‘practice-while-watching’ format. Features options for 3-to-1, 2-to-1, or 1-1 student/manikin training. 120 minutes; close captioned. Also available as a VHS video. #80-1026 DVD #80-1025 VHS

#80-1023 DVD #80-1022 VHS

$70.00 $75.00

$75.00 $80.00


Illustrates step-by-step instructions for both Child and Infant CPR. Folds and fits easily in a wallet.

This useful card illustrates the steps for adult one-rescuer CPR and AED use on one side and warning signs and appropriate actions for a heart attack on the other. Fits easily in a wallet or purse.

#80-1407 (100 pk)

# 80-1080 (100 pk)


HEARTSAVER® AED ANYTIME • Features AED Anytime software: Nine lessons with realistic scenarios from selected environments.



• Certificate prints upon completion, single user/CD locks. This self-directed learning program teaches the core skills of CPR (DVD, Part 1) and AED use (CD, Part 2). Students who successfully complete both parts can take a supervised skills test with an AHA Instructor and receive a Heartsaver® AED course completion card. Includes a Mini Anne personal manikin, 28-minute DVD, CD with supplemental material, workbook, pocket mask, latex-free gloves, spare lung, and alcohol wipes. TC security code required. #80-1076 #103-10150 Replacement lungs (3 pk)

$69.95 $5.00



FAMILY & FRIENDS® FIRST AID FOR CHILDREN BOOKLET Designed for child care workers, family members, baby sitters, and others who want basic first aid training but do not need a course credential.

FAMILY & FRIENDS™ CPR ANYTIME® For people who might not take a class in a traditional classroom, this selfdirected learning program teaches core CPR skills in under 30 minutes. Includes ‘Mini Anne’ personal manikin, DVD (in English & Spanish), CPR reference cards, spare lung, alcohol wipes, and Hands only CPR information. #80-1066 #80-1421 (Dark Skin) #103-10150 Replacement lungs (3 pk) #80-1403 Infant CPR Anytime® (Light Skin) #80-1420 Infant CPR Anytime® (Dark Skin) #103-60150 Infant CPR Anytime® Kit Replacement Lungs (3 pk)

$34.95 $34.95 $5.00 $34.95 $34.95 $5.00

Fully illustrated booklet that demonstrates how to manage emergency illness and injury involving children, and how to respond until professional help arrives. Focuses on the critical first few minutes after an emergency, and includes topics such as basic first aid treatment, response to choking child or infant, and injury prevention. 6 1⁄2” x 9 1⁄2”, 38 pages. #80-1034 (5 pk)


FAMILY & FRIENDS® FIRST AID FOR CHILDREN VIDEO Focuses on the critical first few minutes after an emergency, including topics such as basic first aid treatment, response to choking child or infant, and injury prevention. Features options for 3-to-1, 2-to-1, or 1-1 student/manikin training. Close captioned; 40 minutes. Also available as a VHS video. #80-1032 DVD #80-1033 VHS

$28.50 $30.00

CPR IN SCHOOLS Now credentialed


FAMILY & FRIENDS® CPR BOOKLET Clearly explains and illustrates CPR for adults, children, or infants, and how to respond to a choking adult, child, or infant. Includes Adult CPR reminder card and Child/Infant CPR reminder card. 6 1⁄2” x 9 1⁄2”; 40 pages; full color.

Sections include: CPR for adults, children, and infants, response to choking adult, child, and infant, and AED use. Includes an Adult CPR & AED reminder card, Child and Infant CPR & AED reminder card, and a CD with supplemental information. 8 1⁄2” x 11”; 50 pages.

#80-1027 (5 pk)


Designed for anyone who may need to respond to a CPR/resuscitation emergency but does not require a course completion credential.



FAMILY & FRIENDS® CPR VIDEO Presents key skills for adult, child, and infant CPR, and response to choking adult, child or infant. Features options for 3-to-1, 2-to-1, or 1-1 student/ manikin training. 98 minutes. #80-1031 DVD #80-1030 VHS



$28.50 $30.00

Covers adult, child, and infant CPR/AED use, and response to choking adult, child, infant. Features options for 3-to-1, 2-to-1, or 1-1 student/manikin training. 136 minutes.; close captioned. #80-1047 Two DVD set #80-1046 Two VHS set

$75.00 $80.00

(888) 322-8350


ACLS 9-POSTER SET ACLS INSTRUCTOR PACKAGE Includes the ACLS Instructor Manual with CD (#80-1086), two course curriculum DVDs (#80-1090), the Provider Manual and CD (#80-1088), nine ACLS wall posters (#80-1082), three ACLS Algorithm Emergency Cart Cards (#80-1083), and an AHA stopwatch (#80-1018). #80-1087

This set of nine wall posters (22” x 34”) illustrates five ACLS algorithms, the BLS algorithm, and includes one additional VF/Pulseless VT Algorithm Poster and a 12-Lead ECG Poster. Printed on Yupo® tear- and stain-resistant paper. #80-1082



ACLS INSTRUCTOR MANUAL & CD Features course and renewal course lesson maps, and a CD with additional material. #80-1086


INSTRUCTOR PORTFOLIO Durable, 2” binder helps instructors easily organize their materials and notes in one convenient place. Holds standard, letter-size paper 8 1/2” x 11”; up to 300 sheets. #80-1017

#80-1081 22” x 34”



ACLS VIDEO Reinforce the important concepts of the ACLS course. Features a ‘practicewhile-watching’ format that allows students to learn and demonstrate skill proficiency. Renewal course material is included on both the DVD and video. DVD length is approximately 218 minutes. #80-1090 DVD #80-1091 Two VHS set




$65.00 $80.00

ACLS STUDENT PROVIDER MANUAL & CD A comprehensive package for students that includes a fully illustrated Student Workbook, accompanying CD (with additional materials and video clips for effective learning), an ACLS Precourse Preparation Checklist Card, and two ACLS Pocket Reference Cards: Cardiac Arrest, Arrhythmias and Their Treatment, and Acute Coronary Syndromes and Stroke. #80-1088


ACLS POCKET REFERENCE CARD SET Includes ACLS Cardiac Arrest, Arrhythmias and their Treatment, and ACLS Acute Coronary Syndromes and Stroke. Two-sided; laminated; folded to 4” x 6 1/2”. #80-1092




See full description on page 14.

A set of three laminated cards that illustrate: BLS Healthcare Provider Algorithm, Pulseless Arrest Algorithm, Bradycardia Algorithm, Tachycardia Algorithm, Acute Coronary Syndromes Algorithm, and Suspected Stroke Algorithm. One algorithm on each side. 8 1/2” x 11”.





A brushed silver lapel pin with the American Heart Association logo on the top half and “ACLS Instructor” on the bottom half in a red-colored stripe. Measures 3 cm x 1.5 cm. #80-1159






This three-hole punched text includes a course CD that includes 25 ACLS EP case presentations in PowerPoint. Designed in a case-based, group-interactive format, the manual focuses on resuscitation topics that provide a challenging and informative alternative to ACLS renewal. The instructor notes highlight the core objectives for each learning station and case, and define a theme or key concepts that evolve as the case progresses. Includes information on special resuscitation situations, toxicology, and bioterrorism. 125 pages. Content does not include the latest science.

For fast reference by EMTs and other Healthcare Professionals, this fully illustrated card takes rescuers quickly through the Suspected Stroke Algorithm on one side, and the Cincinnati Prehospital Stroke Scale on the other. 4 1⁄2” x 6”; laminated for durability.



ACLS RESOURCE TEXT FOR INSTRUCTORS & EXPERIENCED PROVIDERS This text is intended to provide ACLS instructors with the material to further develop the understanding, skills, and depth of background knowledge that experienced providers are expected to possess. It has 2 sections: Section 1 expands on the information presented in the ACLS Provider Manual and gives rationale background information and supplementary data on basic ACLS core material. Section 2 provides additional and advanced ACLS material to increase the provider’s depth of understanding more complicated and special resuscitation situations. Text is approximately 410 pages and is 8 1/2” x 11” #80-1085


2008 ECC HANDBOOK FOR HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS This spiral bound 2008 edition of the Handbook of Emergency Cardiovascular Care for Healthcare Providers is updated with the latest 2007 AHA science guidelines for: Management of Patients With ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction; Management of Patients With Unstable Angina/NSTEMI; Management of Patients With Chronic Stable Angina; Development of Systems of Care for STEMI Patients; and Early Management of Adults With Ischemic Stroke. #80-1484





#80-1059 (25 pk)

The ACUTE STROKE ONLINE course provides training on symptoms, diagnosis, management, and complications of stroke. see page 8 for deatils.

(888) 322-8350




The Airway Management Course includes five individual modules that can be taught together as a separate course or used to supplement a BLS for Healthcare Providers Course or an ACLS Course. Modules are designed for facilitator-led, small-group interaction using video and small-group skills testing stations. The modules include: Bag-Mask Ventilation and Airway Adjuncts, Laryngeal Mask Airway, Esophageal-Tracheal Combitube, and Endotracheal Tube and Impedance Threshold Device.

The ECG & Pharmacology course presents information on basic electrophysiology, normal ECG measurements, basic arrhythmias, basic ACLS drugs, usage and routes of administration during cardiovascular emergencies, and how to integrate basic drug pharmacology into ACLS algorithms. It can be divided into two parts: one for ECG (course length 3.5 hours) and one for Pharmacology (course length 2.75 hours). These can be taught separately or together. The CD contains two modules of slide presentations; one for ECG and the other for Pharmacology, instructor notes, lesson maps, and administrative documents.

The package includes the Airway Management DVD (#80-1455), the Airway Management Student Guide (#80-1464), and the Airway Management Facilitator Manual, which includes lesson maps, a facilitator CD, binder, and an American Heart stopwatch. Course length is 4 hours if taught as a separate course. #80-1466




ECG & PHARMACOLOGY STUDENT WORKBOOK This student workbook is intended for student use before, during, and after the course as a resource. This course resource is intended for use in credentialed healthcare provider courses. 8 1/2” x 11”, approximately 50 pages.

The American Heart Association’s adult Airway Management DVD includes the five individual modules. DVD length is approximately 70 minutes.


#80-1455 DVD






The Airway Management Student Guide is designed for use by students before, during, and after the course as a resource. The guide contains critical skills action checklists and colorful illustrations of airway anatomy and airway skills. The modules cover basic adult airway skills therefore this course is not for students who require airway skills for surgical or advanced airway procedures.

This spiral bound 2008 edition of the Handbook of Emergency Cardiovascular Care for Healthcare Providers is updated with the latest 2007 science updates for: Management of Patients With ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction; Management of Patients With Unstable Angina/NSTEMI; Management of Patients With Chronic Stable Angina; Development of Systems of Care for STEMI Patients; and Early Management of Adults With Ischemic Stroke.







PEDIATRIC STATUS EPILEPTICUS CD Pediatric status epilepticus (SE) is a common emergency. This module helps students recognize the problem, appropriately assess SE, describe initial treatment and avoid overly aggressive therapies that the have potential for harm. The CD contains an instructor manual, student materials and three case studies. The video clips illustrate different types of seizures. Designed for small group training; may be presented as an optional module of PALS course or as an independent offering. Produced in partnership with the American Academy of Pediatrics. #70-2302 $45.00

STEMI PROVIDER MANUAL WITH ECG RULER The STEMI Provider Manual and the ECG (Electrocardiogram) ACS (Acute Coronary Syndromes) Ruler are key products to address the ongoing need to train emergency professionals in the early recognition of STEMI. The STEMI Provider Manual is a self-study booklet that enables out-of-hospital and emergency department personnel to increase the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and survival rates for STEMI patients. The booklet also provides continuing education credit. The ECG ACS Ruler, which is also sold separately, is another tool created to aid out-of-hospital and emergency department personnel with reading, analysis and recognition of electrocardiograms. #80-1499 Booklet #80-1181 Ruler

$33.95 $8.00

PEDIATRIC INTRAOSSEOUS ACCESS VIDEO (DVD) Designed for use in the vascular access skills practice station of the PALS course, this video demonstrates how to establish intraosseous (IO) access in critically ill or injured children. The detailed video presentation covers: • • • • • •

Sites for IO infusion Indications for IO access Proper technique for placing an IO needle Appropriate immobilization Complications associated with IO access, and Removal of the device.



CATASTROPHIC ILLNESS PRESENTING WITH COMMON CHIEF COMPLAINTS An interactive, case-based module for small group training. Students review clues for the diagnosis of potentially catastrophic illnesses in children presenting with common chief complaints. Cases were chosen based on the lethality of the underlying condition, the ease of being misled by history and physical examination, and the ability to make the correct diagnosis with relatively simple interventions. Can be used either as a freestanding module or as part of the PALS course. Produced in partnership with the American Academy of Pediatrics.






These continuing education materials provide much-needed information to assist healthcare providers. Includes 8-1/2” x 11” booklet with this14-minute DVD. Counts as 1.25 hours of CME credit. $20.00

(888) 322-8350



This course was designed for workers in the commercial market who must receive bloodborne pathogens training per the OSHA Standard 1910.1030. It is targeted toward settings such as industry and manufacturing, Fortune 1500 companies, occupational health, property management, hospitality, security, and health and fitness staff.



The Heartsaver® BBP Instructor Manual provides information for teaching the classroom-based Heartsaver® Bloodborne Pathogens Course. This course covers the general OSHA Standard for bloodborne pathogens training for anyone with a reasonable chance for occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens, but does not cover site-specific information. The manual includes Lesson Maps, and is packaged with one (1) Heartsaver® Bloodborne Pathogens Poster. Also included is the Heartsaver® Bloodborne Pathogens DVD in both English and Spanish translations. The DVD contains a PowerPoint presentation designed to run continuously to simulate a video, with pauses for classroom activities/ discussion needed to teach the course. This course is designed to meet OSHA requirements when paired with site-specific bloodborne pathogens training. #80-1492 $25.00

Through online content and interactive activities Heartsaver® Bloodborne Pathogens Online teaches students • how to protect themselves from bloodborne pathogens in the workplace • how to act when exposed to blood or blood-containing materials in the workplace • how to use the right steps to clean themselves and the area when exposed to blood or blood-containing materials in the workplace • how to report any exposure to blood or blood-containing materials in the workplace The online course can be used for first-time or renewal bloodborne pathogens training and provides students with a certificate of completion when they have successfully completed all modules. #80-1501 $17.95

HEARTSAVER® BLOODBORNE PATHOGENS STUDENT WORKBOOK The Heartsaver® BBP Student Workbook teaches students • how to protect themselves from bloodborne pathogens in the workplace • how to act when exposed to blood or blood-containing materials in the workplace • how to use the right steps to clean themselves and the area when exposed to blood or blood-containing materials in the workplace • how to report any exposure to blood or blood-containing materials in the workplace. The student workbook covers the general OSHA Standard for first-time or renewal bloodborne pathogens training for anyone with a reasonable chance for occupational exposure to blood or blood-containing materials. A course completion card is included with the workbook. The Heartsaver® Bloodborne Pathogens Course is designed to meet OSHA requirements when paired with site-specific bloodborne pathogens training. #80-1491 $5.00

This four-color, 16” X 21” poster describes and illustrates the basic steps for employees to reduce the chance of exposure to bloodborne pathogens in the workplace and how to protect themselves and others from being exposed to blood or blood-containing materials. Sold in sets of five; packaged unfolded. #80-1502 (5 pk) $16.50

SPANISH HEARTSAVER® BLOODBORNE PATHOGENS POSTER SET #80-2371 Spanish translation of the 80-1502 (5 pk)


SAME-DAY SHIPPING! (on in-stock items)




Just place your order by 3 PM CST, Monday through Friday.


PALS PALS INSTRUCTOR MANUAL AND CD Features 88 lesson maps for PALS and 49 lesson maps for the Renewal course, and an instructor CD, with administrative precourse and additional course material. 8 1/2” x 11”; 3-hole punched. 80 pages. #80-1410


PALS COURSE GUIDE AND PROVIDER MANUAL Includes the 100 page Course Guide (the course workbook), a student CD, and the 280-page Provider Manual. The manual contains in-depth resuscitation information, such as recognition and management respiratory distress and failure, shock, and pharmacology. The CD contains the precourse assessment, practice cases, and supplemental information. Also includes a Precourse Checklist and Pocket Reference Card. #80-1434



(with Precourse Checklist and Pocket Reference Card)

Contains the Provider Manual, Course Guide, Student CD, Pocket Reference Card, Precourse Checklist, Instructor Manual, Scenario Cue Cards, Instructor CD, PALS Poster Set, two PALS DVDs and stopwatch.

#80-1412 (5 pk)


Covers cognitive and psychomotor skills; and video clips for group assessment discussions. For use with the PALS and Renewal course. 85 mins.





#80-1409 DVD #80-1416 VHS


$65.00 $80.00

PALS EMERGENCY CART CARD SET Six two-sided cards that illustrate the algorithms and flowcharts used in the PALS course: • Bradycardia with a Pulse • Pediatric Assessment • Pediatric Tachycardia with • Recognition of Respiratory Problems Pulses and Poor Perfusion • Management of Respiratory • Pulseless Arrest Emergencies • Septic Shock • Recognition of Shock • Postarrest Treatment of • Management of Shock Shock and Maintenance Fluid Requirements For crash carts or classroom. Durable plastic cards; 3-hole-punched; 8-1/2” x 11”. #80-1408 (6 pk) $15.00

PALS POCKET REFERENCE CARD A quick reference for professionals who treat children. Features information on nine key PALS algorithms. Produced with the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses. #80-1414


PALS TABLETOP FLIP CHART A useful instructor tool designed for small group simulations. Features core case scenarios, algorithms and flowcharts. The front cues the student, with instructor scenarios on the back. 12 1/2” x 18”. Printed on Yupo® stain- and tear-resistant paper. #80-1435


PALS 12-POSTER SET Illustrates PALS algorithms and flowcharts in a new, larger (22” x 34”) format. #80-1413 (12 pk)





(888) 322-8350


PEARS stands for Pediatric Emergency, Assessment, Recognition, and Stabilization. This course was developed because the Pediatric Subcommittee saw there was a need for an intermediate level course. Feedback from most of the Pediatric Subcommittee members and National Faculty who have taught PALS recognized PALS material is beyond the capability of some PALS students. This course is intended for healthcare providers who infrequently see critically ill children.

PEARS INSTRUCTORS PACKAGE This is a pediatric course designed to enhance the healthcare provider’s basic pediatric life support knowledge to prepare students to initiate and manage the first few minutes of a pediatric arrest or prevent the arrest of a pediatric victim in severe cardiopulmonary distress. It is a video-based, instructor-led, traditional classroom course. This instructor package contains the PEARS Provider Manual (80-1417), the PEARS Instructor Manual (80-1418), the PEARS Poster Set (80-1477), a PEARS DVD (80-1419), and a stop watch. #80-1478

PEARS STUDENT MANUAL The manual provides information on how to recognize the signs of impending respiratory failure or shock and know the appropriate treatment to initiate as well as follow recommended procedures for preventing disability and death in children. It is approximately 120 pages and includes a student CD and a PEARS pocket reference card. Upon successful completion of the course, students receive a course completion card. #80-1417




PEARS INSTRUCTOR MANUAL The manual includes detailed lesson “maps” or plans (~60 lesson maps), Scenario Cue Cards, and an instructor CD with pre-course and course materials to aid in conducting the PEARS Course. The manual is approximately 60 pages, shrink-wrapped, and 3-hole punched.

The video depicts the cognitive and psychomotor skills of the PEARS Course and presents video clips to facilitate the group assessment discussions that precede the simulations for the core assessment, respiratory, and shock cases. Running time for the video is approximately 70 minutes. The video is closed-captioned.


#80-1419 DVD



PEARS POSTER SET These posters are printed on durable paper in a new, larger size (22” x 34”). The six full-color posters are intended for use in the classroom. Each set contains one each of the Pediatric BLS algorithm; the Assess, Categorize, Decide, Act (ACDA) worksheet; and tables to assist in categorizing and managing respiratory emergencies and shock. #80-1477


PEARS POCKET REFERENCE CARD This folding, four-color, 4” x 6 1/2” pocket reference card contains information such as Vital Signs in Children, Assess-Categorize-Decide-Act (ACDA) worksheet, Summary of BLS ABCD Maneuvers, Management of Respiratory Emergencies, and the Management of Shock flowchart. #80-1476




ECC HANDBOOK #80-2301 (Spanish) #80-2201 (Potuguese)

HEARTSAVER® CPR $13.95 $13.95

#80-2353 #80-2246 #80-2312 #80-2210




#80-2358 #80-2257 #80-2338 #80-2213

Instructor Pkg. (Spanish) Instructor Pkg. (Portuguese) Student Manual (Spanish) Student Manual (Portuguese)

Instructor Pkg. (Spanish) Instructor Pkg. (Portuguese) Student Manual (Spanish) Student Manual (Portuguese)

$95.00 $95.00 $12.00 $12.00

$95.00 $95.00 $14.00 $14.00

BLS FOR HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS #80-2328 #80-2226 #80-2305 #80-2202

Instructor Pkg. (Spanish) Instructor Pkg. (Portuguese) Student Manual (Spanish) Student Manual (Portuguese)

$30.00 $75.00 $12.50 $12.50

HEARTSAVER® CPR IN SHCOOLS #80-2356 Instructor Pkg. (Spanish) #80-2310 Student Manual (Spanish)


#80-2361 Instructor Pkg. (Spanish) #80-2316 Student Manual (Spanish)

$90.00 $14.00


FAMILY & FRIENDS® CPR #80-2350 Instructor Pkg. (Spanish) #80-2316 Student Manual (Spanish) 5 pk


#80-2367 Instructor Pkg. (Spanish) #80-2340 Student Manual (Spanish) 5 pk

$35.00 $12.50

ACLS $35.00 $14.00

#80-2345 Instructor Pkg. (Spanish) #80-2323 Student Manual (Spanish)

$60.00 $28.50

(888) 322-8350


















BLS HEALTHCARE PROVIDER #70-2915 (3 card/sheet) (24 cards) #70-2903 (2-card mailer) (24 cards)



#80-1200 (3 card/sheet) (48 cards)


ACLS PROVIDER BLS INSTRUCTOR #70-2916 (3 card/sheet) (24 cards) #70-2904 (2-card mailer) (24 cards)

$30.00 $30.00

#70-2920 (3 card/sheet) (24 cards) #70-2908 (2-card mailer) (24 cards)

$66.00 $66.00

ACLS INSTRUCTOR HEARTSAVER® INSTRUCTOR #80-1205 (3 card/sheet) (24 cards) #80-1213 (2-card mailer) (24 cards)

$30.00 $30.00

#70-2921 (3 card/sheet) (24 cards) #70-2909 (2-card mailer) (24 cards)

$66.00 $66.00

ACLS EXPERIENCED PROVIDER HEARTSAVER® CPR #80-1204 (3 card/sheet) (24 cards) #80-1210 (2-card mailer) (24 cards)

$30.00 $30.00

#70-2922 (3 card/sheet) (24 cards) #70-2910 (2-card mailer) (24 cards)

$66.00 $66.00

ACLS EP INSTRUCTOR HEARTSAVER® AED #80-1203 (3 card/sheet) (24 cards) #80-1211 (2-card mailer) (24 cards)

$30.00 $30.00

#70-2923 (3 card/sheet) (24 cards) #70-2911 (2-card mailer) (24 cards)

$66.00 $66.00

PALS PROVIDER HEARTSAVER® FIRST AID #80-1202 (3 card/sheet) (24 cards) #80-1208 (2-card mailer) (24 cards)

$30.00 $30.00

#70-2918 (3 card/sheet) (24 cards) #70-2906 (2-card mailer) (24 cards)

$66.00 $66.00

PALS INSTRUCTOR HEARTSAVER® PEDIATRIC FIRST AID #80-1201 (3 card/sheet) (24 cards) #80-1209 (2-card mailer) (24 cards)

$30.00 $30.00

#70-2919 (3 card/sheet) (24 cards) #70-2907 (2-card mailer) (24 cards)

$66.00 $66.00

PEARS #80-1215 (3 card/sheet) (24 cards)


All course cards are laminated for durability. *Training Center Security Code Required.


AHA INSTRUCTOR STORE AHA INSTRUCTOR BLINKING HEART PIN Red, blinking heart-shaped button branded with “American Heart Association Instructor.” #70-2312


AHA MAGNETIC CLIP This big, sturdy clip holds papers or folders together – and features a handy magnet for hanging. 3 3⁄8” long. #70-2311


AHA LASER POINTER A pocket sized laser pointer which has the American Heart Association logo engraved on it. Includes batteries and a carrying pouch. 8 cm L x 2 cm W x .5 cm D. #80-1609


AHA INSTRUCTOR BUTTON-DOWN TWILL SHIRT Soft 100% sanded combed-cotton twill, with button down collar, front pocket and two-button adjustable tailored cuffs. Embroidered with the AHA logo on left chest. Sizes: M–XXL; XXL please add $5.00. Choose Black, Khaki, or Red. #A2L-1 Men’s (choose size & color) #A2L-2 Women’s (choose size & color)

$30.60 $30.60

AHA KARABINER Multi-purpose clip, with spring-loaded closer, that’s great for holding multiple bags, equipment, extra keys and more. #70-2310


ECC/AHA USB DRIVE This 1GB red USB is laser engraved with the American Heart Association logo. The swivel design allows for easy access but protects the port from being damaged. It is packaged in a plastic, magnet clasp, see-through container with a black lanyard and ring to hold the USB with ease. #80-1642


AHA LANYARD A convenient lanyard that can hold badges, or other IDs securely. #70-2284A (10 pk)


AHA INSTRUCTOR ‘NO CURL COLLAR’ SHIRT Made of 100% ringspun combed cotton. Embroidered with the AHA logo on left chest. Men’s shirt features two-button neck; women’s features four-cotton closer. Sizes: M–XXL; XXL please add $5.00. Choose Black, Bahama Blue, or Red. #A1S-1 Men’s (choose size & color) #A1S-2 Women’s (choose size & color)

$27.50 $27.50

AHA RED CLICK PEN Wide barrel click pen, with AHA logo, web address, and toll-free CPR phone number. 20 pens per package. #70-2350 (20 pens)


AHA SMALL NOTEBOOK AND PEN Spiral notebook with AHA logo, pen and side pen holder. Includes lined paper and contact page for important numbers. #70-2309


AHA TRAVEL MUG No spills on the way to work. Get this sharp, convenient and reliable travel mug. Crisp silver and red design, with the AHA logo. Holds 16 ounces. #70-2308


AHA TOURNAMENT JACKET Show off your pride of being an AHA Instructor with this clean contemporary rain or shine jacket. Embroidered with the American Heart Association Instructor logo on the left chest, this versatile jacket will give you that professional look! Available in black with red lining or navy with yellow lining in sizes small through XXL. Please add $5.00 for XXL. #A3L-1 Men’s (choose size and color) #A3L-2 Women’s (choose size and color)


$32.50 $32.50

(888) 322-8350


STADIUM BLANKET For outings or your car, this stadium blanket offers lightweight, cozy warmth. Features soft red fleece inside and nylon handles for easy transport. 50” x 60.”

This versatile bag can easily, and safely, hold your laptop as well as papers, pens, keys, and more. 600 denier polyester–embroidered with our ‘Instructor’ icon or our ‘Heart/hands’ icon. 15.75” x 11.75”; expands to 6” deep. #HG-107






This durable rolling bag is an economical and convenient method to carry your training equipment or to use when you are traveling. Features include: pull handle, 2 front zippered pockets, rolling wheel, side and top handle, shoulder strap, 600d polyester, and with the CPR Instructor logo.

Perfect to hold both the American Heart Association’s Heartsaver® & BLS Instructor manual in one binder! Built in an expandable file with a handle and strap for convenient carrying. Assortment of colors, color will vary. #D-145

The size is 30 x 14 x 12 and can fit up to two adult and two baby manikins depending on the size.




SILVER KEY CHAIN A classic choice – with a smooth, silver finish. Features our ‘heart/hands’ icon, and ‘I can save a heart’ on the other. Approx 1.325” square. Comes with gift box. #HG-102




Use this convenient, easy-to-use stopwatch in your classes to time and promote proper technique. Features date, alarm, timer, and handy neck cord. Large LCD read out for easy tracking.

A versatile classic with a patented ‘no curl’ collar that keeps a crisp, professional look. Features our ‘Instructor’ logo. Made of 100% ringspun pique cotton for a silky soft feel. Easy fit; highly wrinkle resistant.


#PL-105 #PL-108 #PL-205 #PL-207



JELLY CELL MATE PHONE HOLDER Holds your digital devices, sunglasses, or coins securely on your dash–without adhesives or sticky residue. In black with the ‘CPR, a passion for life’ graphic . #HG-109


CPR INSTRUCTOR HEART CLIP Clip your paperwork together in style! This sturdy paperclip/magnet can hang up to 40 sheets of paper. Includes the ‘CPR Instructor’ logo. Item Size: 2 3/4” x 2 3/4” x 1” #HG-118



Men’s, Navy Men’s, Beige Women’s, Navy Women’s, Red

$24.95 $24.95 $24.95 $24.95

CPR INSTRUCTOR 12-SLEEVE CD/DVD HOLDER This square design provides the perfect storage & organizational system for your collection of Instructor CDs/DVDs for all of the classes you teach. With 12 sleeves, now you can keep all of your disks in one place. Padded PVC-zippered closure, protective sleeves and a carrying handle. Includes the ‘CPR Instructor’ logo. #HG-119

CPR INSTRUCTOR DELUXE ORGANIZER This padfolio will help you to more organize your classes and will hold your information securely with a push lock button. It includes a silver calculator, credit card/ business card slots, 8 1/2 x 11 notepad, pen and additional document slots, all with a leather look and feel. Includes the ‘CPR Instructor’ logo on it. #HG-120





TRAINING CENTER MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE WorldPoint One has become the premier data management software for training centers throughout the country – and now it’s easier to use and more powerful than ever. It is still driven by the best-selling database program in the world: FileMaker Pro (Version 9.0). We’ve incorporated many of the latest improvements to bring you the most management power! Our latest upgrade is both XP and Vista compliant, and improves and expands key features TC Mangers and Instructors alike have come to rely on. You can reduce paperwork, simplify registration, track inventory and loan-outs, and easily keep in contact with students and staff. Intuitive screens and quick setup means you’ll be running in minutes – not days. The new and improved features include: • Expanded administrative control which includes the capability to restrict specific users access to only those parts of the program that they need to use. • Marketing tools that make promoting your training center and your class offerings a snap! • Streamlined screen layouts that include more information on one screen. • Simplified menus for creating class schedules and reports. • Expanded information that gives users quick access to more details – for example, checking payment status from student registration screen.

Visit to view a free demo.

• ‘Tool tips’ that provide a pop-up description of screen icons. • Customized reports, letters, and forms professionally formatted in PDF or Excel. • Single-click function to email information (such as the contents of any field). • Pull-down menus to quickly format levels, pone numbers and other data. • Quality Assurance forms, with content for a specific program (ACLS, PALS, BLS, etc.), specific geographic area, etc. Package includes: installation CDs, expanded User’s Manual, and 90 days of free technical support. A one-year technical support package is available for a nominal fee. WorldPoint One is available as a stand alone, mini-network, or server edition. With the network and server capability, get access for more than one Instructor at a time. NEW


The Roster Tool gives the individual instructor or small training site the following capabilities to manage Emergency Cardiac Care student training records: • • • • • • • • •

Record instructors, including expiration dates for teaching credentials Record class information, including date, time, location, and instructors Record student information, including name, contact information, and class Track class registration Print list of all classes Print class sign-in sheets Print class rosters (front and back) Create additional course types Most importantly, electronically transmit class results via email to your sponsoring Training Center, improving card processing times and ensuring correct documentation.




Minimum system requirements: Windows XP Professional, Home Edition (Service Pack 2) Pentium III 500MHz or higher 256MB of RAM CD-ROM drive SVGA (800 x 600) or higher resolution video adapter and display Windows Vista Ultimate, Business, Home 800 MHz 32-bit (x86) or higher 512 MB of RAM CD-ROM drive SVGA (800 x 600) or higher resolution video adapter and display Mac OS X 10.4.8 PowerPC G3, G4, G5 or Intel-based Mac 256 MB of RAM CD-ROM drive WP-ONE Stand alone version WP-ONE-N Mini network version-up to 3 users WP-ONE-S Server network version-up to 5 users WP-ONE-L Additional license WP-TECH Technical support for WP-ONE WP-TECH-A Technical support for WP-ONE – additional user WP-TECH-S Technical support for WP-ONE-S

$895 $1395 $3225 $335 $199 $120 $625

(888) 322-8350


DELUXE NRP INSTRUCTOR PACKAGE (2006) A comprehensive package that includes the 5th edition of the textbook, an instructor manual, written evaluation packet, and DVD. #NRP-215


NRP INSTRUCTOR MANUAL (2006) This three-ring binder contains the latest course content and features a new design, which makes course instruction easier. Includes an expanded instructor resource list, lecture points, and overview. #NRP-202


NRP TEXTBOOK (5TH EDITION) Includes six revised lessons, a new lesson covering special circumstances, complications and ethics, medication performance checklist, required megacode, review modules, and color photo section. Provides students with a complete self-study program, including scenarios covering each major resuscitation technique. Includes CD with video footage, interactive scenarios, and 3-D demonstrations. #NRP-201 #NRP-203 Spanish

$49.95 $49.95

NRP POCKET REFERENCE CARD (2006) A convenient, durable, laminated pocket card (4” x 6”) that offers a quick, complete guide to neonatal resuscitation procedures. #NRP-209 #NRP-214 (10 pk)

NRP CODE REFERENCE CART CARD (2006) An easy-to-follow flow chart card that walks rescuers through the steps of neonatal resuscitation. Perfect for emergency carts and quick reference. #NRP-210 #NRP-213 (5 Pk)

Improve training by adding video instruction to your classes. This DVD includes scenarios featured in the NRP textbook and depicts actual resuscitation and laryngoscopic film footage. #NRP-211


For instructors only. Reflects the latest, updated NRP content. Contains a convenient cross-reference table that works in conjunction with course textbook.

• 160-slide set includes the latest content.


• Provides instructors with added visual interest for classes. $39.95 $39.95


This large, wall-sized flow chart easily takes a rescuer through the steps of neonatal resuscitation.



#NRP-204 (25 pk)



NRP INSTRUCTOR PIN (2006) #NRP-205 (each)


$6.95 $27.95



#NRP-206 #NRP-207 Spanish

$4.00 $27.95





S.T.A.B.L.E. NEONATAL EDUCATION PROGRAM This neonatal education program focuses on the post-resuscitation/pretransport stabilization care of sick newborns. S.T.A.B.L.E. stands for six key assessment parameters: sugar, temperature, airway, blood pressure, lab work, and emotional support for the family. The S.T.A.B.L.E. program is designed for healthcare providers (pediatricians, family physicians, emergency professionals, respiratory therapists, neonatal nurses, administrators, and program directors) in all settings—from hospitals and birthing centers to emergency rooms.

S.T.A.B.L.E. INSTRUCTOR COURSE SLIDES ON CD (5TH EDITION) S.T.A.B.L.E. INSTRUCTOR MANUAL (5TH EDITION) Includes tips on how to set-up, testing and teaching the course, questions for practice session . Formatted with Learner Manual content on the right and Instructor content on the left. 200 pages. #ST-0002

Includes more than 250 slides, plus 120 additional hyperlinked slides, presenting both the simple and more difficult concepts of neonatal stabilization. For self-study or instructor-led learning. #ST-0003 #ST-0011 Spanish

$295.00 $295.00




For either self-study or instructor-led presentations. Fully reviewed by top neonatalists, nurses, and respiratory therapists. Illustrated; 220 pages.

160 color slides that provide an overview of a neonatal physical exam (from head to toe) and the Ballard gestational (22-43 week) age assessment (with photos).

#ST-0001 #ST-0010 Spanish

$38.95 $41.95









CHALLENGING CASES IN PEDIATRIC INFECTIOUS DISEASES Designed for pediatricians, family physicians, family practice program directors, residents, allied health professionals (such as nurse practitioners and physicians assistants), and other professionals who care for children. A collection of 50 case reports that challenge clinicians and test their diagnostic skills. Questions about diagnosis, treatment, and management follow each case. Features color photos and radiographs for each case. #MA-0338


WORLDPOINTÂŽ carries a full line of neonatal and infant BLS manikins starting on page 33.


(888) 322-8350


APLS COURSE MANUAL, 4TH ED. (Updated CPR & ECC guidelines) This revised 4th edition of APLS is the definitive pediatric emergency medicine resource from the American Academy of Pediatrics and American College of Emergency Physicians. APLS is a full-color teaching and learning system for physicians, students, residents, nurses, and APLS course directors and instructors. The flexible format allows each chapter to be used as a standalone module of education or a student resource in the APLS course format. Produced through collaboration between the AAP and the American College of Emergency Physicians. #APLS-02 Instructor Tool Kit (with CD, student manual, and instructor materials) #APLS-01 Student Resource #APLS-03 Certificate of Attendance

$273.95 $130.95 $6.50

PEDIATRIC EDUCATION FOR PREHOSPITAL PROFESSIONALS (PEPP) Developed to address the special needs of pediatric rescue, these materials provide a comprehensive resource of critical information for assessing and managing ill or injured children. This completely integrated teaching and learning system is designed to support both a one-day BLS and a two-day ALS course. Meets NHTSA national standard curricula. #PEPP-02 #PEPP-04 #PEPP-10 #PEPP-11 #PEPP-01

CD Teaching Package Resource Manual Toolkit CD DVD (includes ALS & BLS) Student Textbook

$407.95 $47.95 $227.95 $172.95 $49.95

TIPP® AND CONNECTED KIDS® INJURY AND VIOLENCE PREVENTION COUNSELING RESOURCES The American Academy of Pediatrics has developed this child injury, safety, and violence prevention program specifically for healthcare and other professionals who work with children. These two programs – the TIPP program, focused on injury prevention, and the Connected Kids program, which addresses violence prevention – provide professionals with safety sheets and surveys, handouts, questionnaires, and other educational resources (in English and Spanish) that promote awareness and action with minimal time and expense. The materials are written for both patients and parents, and cover important topics such as bicycle safety, fire prevention, first aid, poison safety, water safety, anger and bullying, discipline, suicide and media violence. This counseling and educational package CD includes over 60 handouts, designed to fit on 8 1/2” x 11” paper, with free online updates (a special access code is provided to users). Materials are grouped by topic and broken down by age (from infancy through age 12). #CD-0038



RED BOOK® RESOURCES FOR INFECTIOUS DISEASES IN CHILDREN Created by the AAP Committee on Infectious Diseases and reviewed by the CDC and FDA–with contributions from hundreds of expert physicians–it is the clinical tool you will consult often and with complete confidence. The new 2009 edition has been thoroughly revised and updated to help you stay in step with the latest developments and recommendations. Red Book® 2009 Product Highlights: • All chapters and sections have been updated • Key developments in combination vaccines

• • • • •

2009 AAP standards for child and adolescent immunization practices Revised recommendations on parental refusal to vaccinate The latest on prevention of mosquito-bourne infections Important new findings on drug interactions Revised American Heart Association recommendations for prevention of bacterial endocarditis • Many new web sites included and bolded for easier access RED BOOK® 2009 REPORT OF THE COMMITTEE ON INFECTIOUS DISEASES (28TH EDITION) #MA-0450 soft cover edition $114.95 RED BOOK® FOR PDA #CD-0055 PDA download on CD (Palm OS and Pocket PC) $114.95





Realistic to the eye and the touch, the Prestan manikin is unlike any other on the market. Available individually or in convenient multi-packs of four for class training purposes, this manikin is uniquely designed as a clamshell that accommodates an easy-to-insert face shield lung bag.

The TruMan Multi manikin model has been designed and engineered to bring added realism to training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and simulation of defibrillation technique using an automated external defibrillator (AED). These features, combined with the unique AirSim airway management system, enable Truman to deliver a comprehensive and cost effective training experience.

Prestan’s revolutionary new CPR Rate Monitor allows for instant feedback to both instructor and student regarding the rate of chest compression. This allows each student to gauge their rate of compressions on their own as well as allowing the instructor to monitor several students quickly and easily. And with the patented face/head tilt, the Prestan manikins simulates the way an actual victim’s head would move if he required CPR. In addition, the unique construction of the manikins incorporates a mechanism to help them use the correct force to compress the chest to the correct depth.

Prestan Professional Adult/Child CPR/AED Training Manikin (with CPR monitor) #PRO100 with 10 face-shield lung bags and a nylon carrying case


Prestan Professional Adult/Child CPR/AED Training Manikin (without CPR monitor) #PRO100B with 10 face-shield lung bags and a nylon carrying case


Prestan Professional Adult/Child CPR/AED 4 pk Training Manikins (with CPR Monitor) #PAK100 with 50 face-shield lung bags and a nylon carrying case


Replacement Parts #FSLBG10 Face shield lung bags (10 pk) #FSLBG50 Face shield lung bags (50 pk) #FS50 Face shield (50 pk)


TruMan for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) •

Compression depth and effectiveness of ventilation are displayed and the student can modify behavior and identify optimal pressure to apply during compressions. The ideal rate of ventilation can also be determined.

Rate of compression is output to the monitor display allowing real-time feedback on technique.

TruMan for Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) Training •

The built-in AED trainer simulates the approved AHA/ERC scenarios.

Truman is designed to interact with the range of pre-programmed scenarios.

Correct hand placement during chest compression is detected electronically and confirmed on console.

Successful completion of the AED scenarios will result in activation of the carotid pulse.

TruMan for Airway Management •

Truman features the unique AirSim airway providing a life-like and anatomically accurate representation for training in oral and nasal intubation. The airway is compatible with the full range of current supraglottic devices.

Successful ventilation will provide a visible and accurate representation of chest rise and fall.


Prestan Professional Adult/Child CPR/AED 4 pk Training Manikins (without CPR Monitor) #PAK100B with 50 face-shield lung bags and a nylon carrying case

Product Features include:

$4.95 $19.95 $14.95

Training Controller Truman features an innovative hand held controller with membrane touch pad. The instructor can pre-select AED training scenarios and control pace of learning or choose to train on CPR alone. #TM10001M #TM10001S (without AED trainer)

$4495.00 $3495.00

(888) 322-8350


RESUSCI® ANNE Designed for EMS training including rescue, advanced first aid and CPR scenarios. Features accurate anatomical landmarks, head tilt/chin lift, jaw thrust, and modular limbs so manikin can be reconfigured or upgraded for your specific training needs. Includes four faces, three airways, jacket (torso) or track suit (full body), and 50 manikin wipes. Hard case available. #31000501 Torso (w/ hard case) $750.00 #31000601 Torso (w/ soft pack) $590.00 #31003501 Full body (w/ hard case) $1070.00 W/ SKILLGUIDE™ PERFORMANCE INDICATOR #31001501 Torso (w/ hard case) $1190.00 #310045 Full body (w/ hard case) $1350.00 #153900 Skillguide (alone) $635.00 W/ SKILLREPORTER™ real-time feedback on LED display or printout #31002501 Torso (w/ hard case) $2480.00 #31005501 Full body (w/ hard case) $2780.00 AIRWAYS #152250 Airways (24 pk) $111.00

with Skillguide (right) or Skill Reporter Torso or full body

GREG Strong, sturdy construction and realistic anatomical landmarks make this adult manikin ideal for BLS training. Features include fully-articulating head, chin, jaw and neck; realistic chest rise; easily accessible chest cavity with rib cage, lungs, and heart; carotid and femoral arterial pulse points; and jointed appendages. Eyes open and close, with one dilated pupil. Dark skin manikins available. Includes 10 disposable airways, and carry case.

CPR RECORDING MANIKIN Simulaids’ new CPR Recording Manikin eliminates the challenge every instructor faces: adequately gauging student performance. This manikin precisely measures all of the actions associated with CPR and compares them to the 2005 AHA CPR Standards. Results are scored as a percentage of the performance compared to the standards. There are no programming issues and no extra equipment needed unless you want to attach the device to your monitor. Select a performance time span and initiate the recording. When the student completes their skill test for the length of time necessary, the recording device automatically rates the student on a percentage basis according to the preset parameters. For instance, eliminate the ventilation parameters and the score will reflect pure compression information. Leave all the parameters active and you can determine when certifiable CPR has been performed. Print options allow you to store the record or create paper documents. Real time evaluation of the students’ performance by the instructor occurs by visualizing the monitor screen on the waist cross-section of the manikin. You may also connect the unit to your monitor for large screen access. Instructor correction and encouragement changes a poor performance into an acceptable one. Print out the performance and show the student how much they have improved.

#GREG1 Full body #GREG2 Torso AIRWAYS: #FSLBG381 (10 pk) #FSLBG382 (100 pk)

$730.00 $625.00 $15.95 $129.50

This manikin utilizes the Brad-style airway and face pieces. Included with the manikin are three face pieces, three lungs, carry case, and user information. One-year warranty. #CPR4000


WorldPoint carries a variety of training supplies too:

METRONOME Help your class learn the proper pace for com– pressions and rescue breaths with this conven– iently sized metronome. Excellent sound volume for large or small classes. Default setting of 100 beats per minute meets AHA’s 2005 Guidelines. #QT-3




When used with a pocket mask, our CPR Practi-Valve is a cost-effective alternative to a one-way valve for CPR training. Fits most masks.

(see page 45)

#WP-100 (10 pk)






Tested to withstand the equivalent of 10,000 usages, this affordable manikin features head tilt/chin lift, visible chest rise, anatomical landmarks, and a compression click that ensures proper technique. Converts easily to child mode. Includes 10 face shield/lung bags (FSLBG). One-year warranty; 3.6 lbs.

This durable manikin features a disposable, single-user lung/airway system that allows instructors to easily provide hygienic training for each student– no cleaning, disinfecting, or disassembly required. Sani-Man also features: head tilt, simulated chest rise, and accurate anatomical landmarks (including sternum, rib cage, and xiphoid process). Includes three lung bags. Three-year warranty; 11 lbs.

#TMAN1 Blue #TMAN1T Tan REPLACEMENT PARTS #FSLBG102 Face shield/Lung bags (10 pk) #FSLBG202 Face shield/Lung bags (100 pk) #BOH100 Extra heads, Gray (5 pk) #BOH100T Extra heads, Tan (5 pk) #3225-100 Insertion Tool (5 pk) #3064-118 Adult/Child Neck Lock Assembly #LF06918U Neck Cap MULTI-PAK OPTIONS: (details on page 39) #WPAK700 Blue (7 pk) #WPAK700T Tan (7 pk) #WPAK100 Blue (5 pk) #WPAK100T Tan (5 pk)

$79.00 $79.00 $8.25 $51.50 $50.00 $50.00 $15.95 $2.25 $3.75 $515.00 $515.00 $415.00 $415.00

#SANI1 #SANI2 Economy Sani-Man REPLACEMENT PARTS #FSLBG135 Face shield/Lung bags (100 pk) #2526 Carry bag (for Sani manikins and Brad) #2136 Replacement Head for SANI1 #2143 Replacement Head for SANI2 MULTI-PAK OPTIONS: (details on page 37-38) #SAN400 Economy Sani-Man (4 pk) #2153 Economy (3/2 Manikin pk)

$166.95 $85.95 $35.95 $49.95 $34.95 $34.95 $309.95 $552.95

BASIC BUDDY® A low-cost solution for training individuals and large groups affordably. Features one-piece, disposable face shield/lung bag (FSLBG) for minimal cleanup; head tilt/chin lift; visible chest rise; and anatomical landmarks. Converts to child manikin. Durable finish. Includes 10 face shield/lung bags; Three-year warranty; 4 lbs. #BASIC1 #FSLBG400 Face shield/Lung bags (100 pk) MULTI-PAK OPTIONS: (details on page 38) #BAS600 Basic Buddy Convenience Pak #BAS100 Basic Buddy (5 pk)


$85.00 $37.50 $475.00 $395.00

(888) 322-8350

MANIKINS – BLS (ADULT) Anatomical markings for sternum and rib cage

BRAD™ Teach CPR and abdominal thrust technique with this durable, long torso adult manikin. Real-life anatomical markings. Made of durable vinyl over polyurethane foam. Includes three face shield/lung bags, three mouth/ nosepieces, nylon bag, and kneeling pad. African-American models available. Three-year warranty; 14 lbs. #BRAD1 #BRAD1J (with Jaw Thrust) REPLACEMENT PARTS #LBG805 Airways (24 pk) #MNP023 Mouth/Nosepiece (10 pk) #2806 Overlay skin #2820 Replacement neck collar #2807 Chest plate MANIKIN PAK OPTIONS: (details on page 37) #PRO-400 Instructor’s Professional Package

$199.00 $205.00 $57.50 $40.95 $49.95 $15.00 $25.95 $1151.95

LITTLE ANNE™ Realistic and lightweight, with all the features for basic CPR and airway management training: head tilt, jaw thrust, and audible clicker that confirms correct compression depth. Airway is equipped with one-way valve. Uses disposable faces and airways. Includes soft case, training mat, two manikin faces, two airways, six manikin wipes, and instructions for use. One-year warranty; 9.5 lbs. #02002001 Light skin (w/ soft case) #02002501 Dark skin (w/ soft case) REPLACEMENT PARTS #020300 Airways (24 pk) #310210 Faces, light skin (6 pk) #310215 Faces, dark skin (6 pk) #020112 Clicker activator #020201 Jaw assembly MULTI-PAK OPTIONS: (details page 38) #020024 Four pack, light skin #020029 Four pack, dark skin

$199.00 $199.00 $55.00 $50.00 $50.00 $12.00 $12.00 $739.00 $739.00


Patented airway system eliminates the need for internal cleaning.

This economical, effective trainer features lightweight, durable construction, and a patented hygienic system that prevents cross-contamination. Practice proper CPR technique, head tilt/chin lift. Stomach inflation is indicated with an audible whistle. Easy to transport; requires no internal cleaning. Includes two faces and 25 head bags. One-year warranty; 35 lbs. #259004 #000071017 Head bags (100 pk) #071000586 Face pieces (25 pk) #000062061 Carry bag

$265.63 $29.60 $120.56 $27.89


MANIKINS – BLS (CHILD) BRAD JR® (7-YEAR OLD) Realistic appearance, accurate anatomical markings, and disposable mouth/ nosepiece and lung bag make this manikin an effective training choice. One-way valve helps ensure proper rescue techniques. Package includes three disposable lung bags, three mouth/nosepieces, nylon carrying bag, and kneeling pad. Dark skin manikins available. Three-year warranty; 7 lbs. #BRAD2 #LBG280 Airway System (24 pk) #MNP223 Mouth/Nosepiece (10 pk)

$194.95 $57.50 $40.95

PETER (5-YEAR OLD) This child manikin features realistic anatomy, including fully articulating head and jaw. Other features include blocked airway when head is forward; easily accessible chest cavity (with rib cage, lungs, and heart); chest rise; and carotid and femoral arterial pulse points. Includes exercise suit, nylon carrying bag, and instruction manual. Dark skin manikins available. One-year warranty; 26 lbs.

LITTLE JUNIOR™ An economical alternative designed to reflect the anatomical differences found in children. Use to teach CPR and AED use. Design features: airway that can be opened using proper head tilt/chin lift, or jaw thrust; and an audible clicker that ensures proper chest compressions. Disposable airway equipped with one-way valve. Includes soft case, training mat, two faces, two airways, six manikin wipes, and instructions. Economical four-paks available. One-year warranty; 7 lbs. #18002001 Light skin (w/ soft case) #180025 Dark skin (w/ soft case) REPLACEMENT PARTS #183210 Airways (24 pk) #183211 Airways (100 pk) #183010 Faces, light skin (6 pk) #183015 Faces, dark skin (6 pk) #184523 Clicker activator MULTI-PAK OPTIONS: (details on page 40) #18002201 Light skin (4 pk) #180027 Dark skin (4 pk)

$179.00 $179.00 $53.00 $196.00 $50.00 $50.00 $7.00

An economical alternative designed to reflect the anatomical differences found in children. Use to teach CPR and AED use. Design features: airway that can be opened using proper head tilt/chin lift, or jaw thrust; and an audible clicker that ensures proper chest compressions. Disposable airway equipped with one-way valve. Includes soft case, training mat, two faces, two airways, six manikin wipes, and instructions. Economical four-paks available. Call for replacement faces and airways. One-year warranty; 26 lbs.


$445.00 $7.50 $72.00

$648.00 $648.00


#18001001 w/ hard case #18001301 w/out case

#PETER1 #FSLBG524 Airways (10 pk) #FSLBG525 Airways (100 pk)

Teach pediatric CPR and AED use

$690.00 $630.00

(888) 322-8350




Perfect for child CPR and resuscitation training. Features a disposable, singleuser lung/airway system that allows instructors to easily provide hygienic training for each student – no cleaning, disinfecting, or disassembly required. Soft, pliable skin that’s realistic yet rugged. Other features include: hygienic single-use face shield/lung bag; chest rise; and anatomical landmarks, including rib cage, and xiphoid process. Three-year warranty; 4 lbs.

A lightweight, rugged body with realistic appearance, accurate anatomical landmarks (including nipples, xiphoid process, and sternal notch), and disposable airway with one-way valve. Gives a real-life feel to practice scenarios. Includes three disposable lung bags, three mouth/nosepieces, shirt, shorts, and carrying bag. Dark-skin models available. Three-year warranty; 10 lbs.

#SANICHILD #FSLBG141 Face shield/lung bag (100 pk) #SA240 Overlay skin

$126.95 $32.95 $37.00

#KYLE1 #LBG955 Airways (24 pk) #MNP082 Mouth/Nosepiece (10 pk) MULTI-PAK OPTIONS: (details on page 37) #PRO-400 Instructor’s Professional Package

$310.00 $57.50 $40.95 $1151.95


Additional Resources: (see page 16 for more details)

COPING WITH THE DEATH OF A CHILD #70-2258 (booklet/DVD) $20.00


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#KEVIN1 $310.00 #LBG905 Airways (24 pk) $57.50 #MNP162 Mouth/Nosepiece (10 pk) $40.95

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Realistic appearance and anatomy, with landmarks that demarcate xiphoid process and sternal notch; and a disposable airway (with non-breathing valve) for easy, sanitary multirescue practice scenarios. Lightweight, durable construction. Includes three disposable lung airway bags, three mouth/nosepieces, diaper, shirt, and durable nylon carrying bag. Dark-skin models available. Three-year warranty; 7 lbs.

Nursingg Eq Equipment ment



Includes five face pieces and 100 head bags ®

AMBU BABY This robust, lifelike simulator helps instructors maintain a high-level of training. The head can be rotated and extended, and the airway will open with correct tilt; students can also practice chest compression. Stomach ventilation can be checked visually. Ambu Baby has realistic anatomy, a hygienic airway system, and instructor-activated obstructed airway/pulse. Requires no inside cleaning. Includes 100 head bags. One-year warranty; 8 lbs. #256001000 #256000703 Faces (5 pk) #256000702 Head bags (100 pk)

$406.50 $38.93 $24.81

KIM (NEWBORN) Realistically constructed, rugged full body with accurate anatomical markings (including nipples, xiphoid process, and sternal notch). Disposable airways provide easy, hygienic airway management practice. Includes diaper, shirt, three lung airway bags, three mouth/nosepieces, and nylon carrying bag. Three-year warranty; 5 lbs. #KIM1 #KIM2 Dark Skin REPLACEMENT PARTS #LBG905 Airway System (24 pk) #MNP068 Mouth/Nosepiece, light skin (10 pk) #MNP069 Mouth/Nosepiece, dark skin (10 pk) #2252 Carry bag

$310.00 $310.00 $57.50 $40.95 $40.95 $47.95

RESUSCI® BABY CPR MANIKIN The Resusci Baby CPR Manikin offers realistic infant CPR training. Students can practice head tilt/chin lift, jaw thrust, and checking brachial pulse. Removable, washable/reusable faces prevent contamination. Includes three baby faces, six baby airways, six manikin wipes, pulse bulb, tubing, and instructions. One-year warranty; 12 lbs.

BABY ROSE INFANT CHOKING MANIKIN This 9-month-old baby challenges rescuers with realistic foreign body obstruction in a young ‘patient’. By placing the obstruction (included) in the pharyngeal cavity, students will need to occlude the throat and initiate maneuvers to remove the object. With proper hand placement and force, the object is expelled. Includes two choking objects, clothes, and carrying bag. 26” x 8” x 8”; One-year warranty; 7 lbs. #ROSE1640


#140010 Resusci Baby (w/ hard case) REPLACEMENT PARTS #143600 Faces (6 pk) #143700 Airways (24 pk) #143701 Airways (96 pk) #140700 Replacement torso skin

$485.00 $50.00 $57.00 $216.00 $68.00

HANNAH BLS MANIKIN (NEWBORN) Train with this newborn infant and practice CPR effectiveness by learning to monitor compressions and ventilations. Realistic anatomy includes fully articulating head and jaw. Additional features include blocked airway when head is forward; easily accessible chest cavity (with rib cage, lungs, and heart); chest rise; arterial pulse points; and soft, lifelike skin and hair. One-year warranty; 7 lbs. #HANNAH1 #FSLBG022 Disposable Airways (10 pk) #FSLBG023 Disposable Airways (100 pk)


$345.00 $7.50 $72.00

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Infant CPR and resuscitation training aid

TMAN2® • Visible chest rise, head tilt/chin lift • Inner chest plate resistance guides students to proper technique/pressure

SANI-BABY™ • Disposable airways • Visible chest rise • Anatomical landmarks Get economical infant CPR and resuscitation training with this rugged, realistic manikin. Includes 3 single-use face shield/lung bag (FSLBG); chest rise; and anatomical landmarks. Three- year warranty; 4 lbs. #SANI-BABY #FSLBG150 Face shield/Lung bag (100 pk) #2252 Carry bag MULTI-PAK OPTIONS: #2153 SANI 3/2 (details on page 37) #SPAK40 (4 pk) (details on page 40)

$103.95 $28.95 $47.95 $552.95 $394.95

This economical CPR baby features visible chest rise and anatomical landmarks, including shoulder blades. Requires minimal cleaning. Tough, pliable foam with Duracoat™ smooth-skin finish. Includes 10 face shield/lung bags. One-year warranty; 1.6 lbs. #TMAN2 Blue #TMAN2T Tan (not a full-body manikin, torso only) REPLACEMENT PARTS #FSLBG103 Face shield/Lung bags (10 pk) #FSLBG203 Face shield/Lung bags (100 pk) #BOH200 5 heads, gray (w/ bag) #BOH200T 5 heads, tan (w/ bag) #3075-100 Neck cap MULTI-PAK OPTIONS: (details on page 39) #WPAK50 Blue (5 pk) #WPAK50T Tan (5 pk) (not full-body manikins, torso only)

$57.00 $57.00 $7.25 $46.50 $40.00 $40.00 $3.75 $275.00 $275.00

A top choice among trainers!

BABY ANNE™ Affordable, realistic and lightweight, Baby Anne allows students to practice compressions, FBAO, and head tilt/chin lift. Includes soft pack, six airways, ten foreign body practice objects (FBO), and instructions. One-year warranty; 4.8 lbs. #050000 Light skin (w/soft case) #050002 Dark skin (w/ soft case) REPLACEMENT PARTS #050100 Airways (24 pk) #050200 Faces, light skin (6 pk) #050202 Faces, dark skin (6 pk) #050300 Foreign body objects (10 pk) #050400 Replacement jaw assembly #050500 Face connector MULTI-PAK OPTIONS: (details on page 40) #050010 Light skin (4 pk) #050012 Dark skin (4 pk)

$99.00 $99.00 $18.00 $50.00 $50.00 $7.00 $7.00 $6.00 $370.00 $370.00

BABY BUDDY™ This top choice among trainers features proper anatomy, tiltable head, visible chest rise. Includes 10 face shield/ lung bags and instruction manual. Three-year warranty; 4.63 lbs. #BABY1 #FSLBG500 Face shield/Lung bag (100 pk) MULTI-PAK OPTIONS: #BAS600 Convenience Pak (details on page 38) #BPAK5 (5 pk) (details on page 40) #LF03725U Insertion tool

$85.00 $37.50 $475.00 $395.00 $2.25





An effective training tool for correctly practicing the Abdominal Thrust (or Heimlich) Maneuver. Students can learn correct hand placement on rib cage and navel for both conscious and unconscious patient scenarios. Bolus (simulated meatballs) may be expelled with proper technique. Talcum powder simulates human saliva. Includes five boluses, talcum powder, tank top, and carrying case. Contains latex. One-year warranty; 33 lbs.

An important addition to your teaching tool kit. Students can practice proper hand placement, effective abdominal thrusts, and protocols for working with pregnant, older, or heavier choking victims. Anatomical features are limited, just as in overweight adults. The navel is present, however the rib cage remains hidden (as is the case with a heavier or pregnant patient). Includes two foreign body objects, soft carrying bag. Three-year warranty; 23 lbs.

#102-00001 #102-00150 Extra boluses (4 pk)


$483.00 $28.00


FAT OLD FRED This unique manikin better represents many victims who are older or obese, and helps prepare students to respond to a more realistic cardiac event. Features a large body type (with an extra layer of fat); realistic head tilt and chin lift for opening the airway; older facial features; and palpable, visual anatomical landmarks (including sternum, rib cage, and substernal notch). Airway can be manipulated for airway obstruction or choking scenarios. Includes three mouth/nose pieces, three disposable airways, and a convenient carrying bag. Three-year warranty; 20 lbs. #FRED1 #LBG375 Airways (24 pk) #MNP752 Mouth/Nosepieces (10 pk)

$335.00 $65.00 $39.50

CASPER THE CPR DOG This real-life animal manikin provides training in mouth-to-snout resuscitation. Designed to be instructor- friendly, this manikin allows students to practice proper hand placement for compressions, proper compression depth, airway maintenance, femoral pulse check, and adequate airway ventilation. Features include disposable shield/ lung bags that are quickly changed without tools and prevent crosscontamination, and a movable tongue. Three-year warranty; 30 lbs. #CASPER1 $225.95 #LBG5001 Lungs (100 pk) $22.95


Check out the First Aid for Pets manual online at


(888) 322-8350


Allows instructors to teach age-specific rescue techniques

INSTRUCTOR’S PROFESSIONAL PACKAGE Replace older equipment or provide a range of different age manikins for training. Includes two adult Brad manikins, one child Kyle manikin, and a newborn Kim manikin. Manikins are realistic and rugged, and feature accurate anatomical landmarks. A disposable airway system offers hygienic airway management training. Child and infant manikins come with clothing. Package also includes 10 mouth/nosepieces for each (adult, child and infant); 24 airway systems for each (adult, child, and infant); and 100 latex-free manikin face shields. Three-year warranty; 60 lbs. #PRO-400 w/ soft case for each


Includes two training mats, two faces and two airways each for Little Jr. and Little Anne. Six baby Anne Airways. 10 foreign body practice objects, 12 manikin wipes and instructions.

INSTRUCTOR’S ECONOMY STARTER PACKAGE Allows instructors to economically acquire essential equipment or replace older manikins. Sturdy construction; utilizes a single-use face shield/lung bag system that prevents cross contamination. Features realistic head tilt, chest rise, anatomical landmarks and xiphoid process. Package includes four economy adult and four baby manikins, 200 adult and 200 infant face shield/lung bags, and two durable nylon carrying bags. Three-year warranty; 44 lbs. #SAN800 $695.95 #FSLBG135 Adult face shield/Lung bags (100 pk) $35.95 #FSLBG150 Baby face shield/Lung bags (100 pk) $28.95 SANI 3/2 #2153 (3 adult, 2 baby, 100 face shields/lung bags, one nylon carrying bag) $552.95

AED TRAINERS (see page 46-48 for more details) #PAD-TRAINER $295.00

LITTLE FAMILY PACK This realistic, affordable manikin pack provides a range of manikins (adult, child, and infant) all in one convenient pack. Designed to reflect realistic agespecific anatomical differences, the Pack includes one Little Anne, one Little Junior, and one Baby Anne. Includes all items above (see photo) and a large, soft wheeled case for easy transport. One-year warranty; 28 lbs. #020080 Light skin pack #020085 Dark skin pack REPLACEMENT PARTS #050100 Baby Anne Airways (24 pk) #183210 Resusci Junior / Little Junior Airways (24 pk) #020300 Little Anne Manikin Airways (24 pk) #020780 Additional carry bag

$465.00 $465.00 $18.00 $53.00 $55.00 $151.00

#AED120T-2 $129.95



ECONOMY SANI-MAN 4-PAK Practical and durable. Requires no disinfecting, or cleaning. Single-use face shield lung bag system; head tilt, simulated chest rise, palpable landmarks, and xiphoid reference. Includes four adult manikins, 100 face shield/ lung bags. Three-year warranty; 29 lbs. #SAN400 #FSLBG135 Face shield/Lung bags (100 pk) #PP-2800 Additional carry bag

$309.95 $35.95 $31.45

BASIC BUDDY CONVENIENCE PAK This versatile pak includes adult and baby manikins, which are lightweight, durable, and sanitary. One-time disposable face shield/lung bag system. Anatomically correct with palpable landmarks and xiphoid process. Airway opens when head is tilted properly; visible chest rise when manikin is properly ventilated. Includes four adult and two baby manikins, six lung installation tools; 40 Basic Buddy and 20 Baby Buddy face shield/lung bags, and a durable carrying bag. Three-year warranty; 29.3 lbs. #BAS600 $475.00 #FSLBG400 Adult face shield/Lung bags (100 pk) $37.50 #FSLBG500 Infant face shield/Lung bags (100 pk) $37.50 BASIC BUDDY 5-PAK A practical training pak comprised of five Basic Buddies, 50 face shield/lung bags, instruction manual, and a durable carrying bag. Three-year warranty; 20 lbs. #BAS100 $395.00 #FSLBG400 Adult face shield/Lung bags (100 pk) $37.50 BABY BUDDY 5-PAK A top choice for teaching basic infant resuscitation. Pak includes 5 Baby Buddies, 50 face shield/lung bags, durable nylon bag, and manual. Three-year warranty; 25 lbs. #BPAK5 #FSLBG500 Face shield/Lung bag (100 pk)

$395.00 $37.50

LITTLE ANNE™ 4-PAK Realistic and lightweight with all the features for basic CPR training: open airway with head tilt/chin lift or jaw thrust and audible clicker that confirms compression depth. Airway is equipped with one-way valve. Disposable faces and airways make training cost-effective. Includes carrying case, eight airways, eight faces, 24 manikin wipes, and instructions. One-year warranty; 65 lbs. #020024 Light skin #020029 Dark skin REPLACEMENT PARTS #020300 Airways (24 pk) #020301 Airways (96 pk) #310210 Faces, light skin (6 pk) #310215 Faces, dark skin (6 pk) #020710 Additional carry bag


$739.00 $739.00 $55.00 $207.00 $50.00 $50.00 $212.00

INSTRUCTOR BAG PACKAGE Everything you need for a class in a convenient rolling bag! (see page 9 for more details)

(888) 322-8350


WORLDPOINT® PAKS Lightweight and built to last, with head tilt/chin lift, visible chest rise, accurate anatomical landmarks and audible chest compression clicker. Tough, pliable construction. Includes 50 adult/child and 20 infant face shield/lung bags, durable 600 Denier nylon carrying bag, plus insertion tool. One-year warranty; 20 lbs. #WPAK700 Blue, Adult/Child, 2 Infant #WPAK700T Tan, Adult/Child, 2 Infant #WPAK100 Blue, 5 Adult #WPAK100T Tan, 5 Adult REPLACEMENT PARTS #FSLBG102 Adult/child face shield/Lung bags (10 pk) #FSLBG202 Adult/child face shield/Lung bags (100 pk) #FSLBG103 Infant face shield/Lung bags (10 pk) #FSLBG203 Infant face shield/Lung bags (100 pk)

$515.00 $515.00 $415.00 $415.00 $8.25 $51.50 $7.25 $46.50

INFANT 5-PAK Includes carry case and 50 face shield/lung bags. One-year warranty; 7 lbs. Call for extra/replaceable components. 6.5 lbs. #WPAK50 Blue #WPAK50T Tan (not full-body manikins, torso only) #FSLBG103 Face shield/Lung bags (10 pk) #FSLBG203 Face shield/Lung bags (100 pk)

$275.00 $275.00 $7.25 $46.50

MANIKIN CARRYING BAGS • Protect essential equipment • Rugged, durable construction • Choice of sizes to fit every need Protect your equipment and carry all your training materials comfortably with these rugged bags from WorldPoint. Made of durable nylon polyester with nylon backing construction. Zippered closure; sturdy handles and shoulder straps. #WBAG1 LARGE GRAY BAG (26” L x 12” W x 18” H) #WBAG4 SMALL ROYAL BLUE BAG (16” L x 8” W x 11” H)

34.95 $19.95

WORLDPOINT TRAINING KNEEL PAD WITH CARRYING BAG The WorldPoint kneeling pad is a great solution for reducing knee pain and lower back stress when performing manikin training. Made of 1” thick closedcell Nitrile blend foam. It comes in a complete package with 5 kneeling pads in a durable royal blue nylon carrying bag. Dimensions for the pad are 16”x 8”x 1”. #WP-MAT (5 pk)






An economical alternative for teaching CPR and AED use. Airway opens with proper head tilt/chin lift or jaw thrust; audible clicker that ensures proper chest compressions. Includes soft case, training mat, eight faces, eight airways, 24 manikin wipes, and instructions. One-year warranty; 22 lbs.

Perfect for teaching infant CPR and resuscitation to groups. Soft, pliable skin, rugged construction, chest rise, and essential anatomical landmarks. Includes 100 face shield/lung bags and carry bag. Three-year warranty. 12.75 lbs.

#18002201 Light skin #180027 Dark skin #183210 Airways (24 pk) #183211 Airways (100 pk)

$648.00 $648.00 $53.00 $196.00

#SPAK40 #FSLBG150 Face shield/Lung bags (100 pk)

$394.95 $28.95

BABY BUDDY 5-PAK A top choice for teaching basic infant CPR. Features include: • Full body infant manikin with the proper landmarks • Economical - Each Student Can Have Their Own Manikin

BABY ANNE™ 4-PAK Affordable, realistic and lightweight. Students can practice compressions, FBAO practice and head tilt/chin lift. Pak includes 24 airways, 40 foreign body practice objects, soft pack, and instructions. One-year warranty; 16.4 lbs. #050010 #050012 #050100 #050200 #050202


Light skin Dark skin Airways (24 pk) Faces-Light skin (6 pk) Faces-Dark skin (6 pk)

$370.00 $370.00 $18.00 $50.00 $50.00

• Lung/Mouth Bag Installs Easily (Tool Included) • Removable Chest for Easy Lung/Mouth Bag Installation • Visible Chest Rise When Ventilated • Lightweight and Easily Transported • Rugged Carrying Bag and 50 face/shield lung bags are included • Full Three-Year Warranty #BPAK5 (5 pk)


(888) 322-8350


RESUSCITIMER™ The ResusciTIMER can guide rescuers and students through proper ventilation technique. Simply attach ResusciTIMER to the BVM and three LED displays track inspirator time, breaths per minute, and delivered airway pressure. Other features include audible and visual cues; settings for CPR and rescue breathing; settings for adult and child patients; and for training classes, a multiple student/patient option. Works on all makes and models. Includes unit, one Airway Pressure Adaptor (for BVMs without a manometer port), tube assembly, 9v battery and velcro attachment strap. #L700 #L770 Airway Pressure Adapter (15 pk) #L770-S Single Airway Pressure Adapter

$135.00 $33.75 $2.75

SPUR® II DISPOSABLE RESUSCITATORS BEST SELLER! Ambu SPUR II features a unique, small shape that is easy to hold, yet still provides optimum stroke volumes with just one hand. The bag is thin and responsive, with a SafeGrip™ surface that ensures a firm, steady grip. Key features include: a unique, single-shutter valve system for reliable function; integrated handle for user comfort; and a medication port that permits quick delivery without disconnecting the SPUR II from the ET tube. #SPUR11 Adult – Stroke volume: 800ml (one hand); 1100ml (two hands) #SPUR14 Child – Stroke volume: 450ml #SPUR12 Infant – Stroke volume 150ml

$13.95 $13.95 $13.95

BAG II™ The Laerdal BVM has been redesigned so it can provide better performance. The BAGII has features such as: transparent PVC construction, latex free, adjustable hook & loop handle, reinforced non-kink tubing, oxygen reservoir, and universal tubing that connects directly to the flowmeter. Performs well in both low and high temperature conditions (0-122°F or -18 to 50°C). #845011 Adult #5 $14.00 #845041 Adult Small #4 $14.00 #845021 Child #3 $14.00 #845031 Infant #2 $14.00

RUSCH DISPOSABLE MANUAL RESUSCITATORS Fully assembled and designed to meet ASTM and ISO standards, this bag is fully collapsible for easy and convenient storage. One-way valve directs exhaled gas away from caregiver. Other features include clear cushion face mask for easy visual check, textured bag for secure grip, and kink-resistant oxygen tubing. Swivel patient connector (15mmID/22mm OD). Single-use; latex-free. BAG RESERVOIR #R1003 Adult (1500ml bag volume) #R3001 Child (975ml bag volume) #R4001 Infant (320ml bag volume)

$14.50 $22.75 $22.75



WORLDPOINT® CPR POCKET MASK Features include a 3M Filter material and a one-way valve to prevent the passage of liquids and secretions; elastic head strap ensures a secure fit. May be used on children and adults. Includes oxygen inlet in the event supplemental oxygen is needed. Available in a hard or soft case with a pair of gloves and a wipe.

AMBU RES-CUE™ MASK Designed to provide protected rescue breathing for any patient, any age. This reusable, easy-to-clean mask features a one-way valve with biological filter and remains durable in extreme temperatures. Optional oxygen inlet is available. Includes one pair of gloves and alcohol wipes in a soft or hard case. Latex free. #252-105 #252-104 #252-103 #252-102 #252-153

Basic Kit (soft case) Complete Kit (O2 inlet, head strap; soft case) Basic Kit (hard case) Complete Kit (O2 inlet, head strap; hard case) One-way Replacement Valve (10 pk)

#WP-600 Hard case #WP-700 Soft case #WP-V01 Replacement Valve

$7.95 $7.95 $3.95

$10.57 $13.82 $10.57 $13.82 $48.36

WORLDPOINT® MICROMASK Get quality and effective protection with this mask! This pre-assembles ready-to-use mask features an adjustable air cushion that fits all ages. A patented one-way valve protects both rescuer and patient. Includes one pair of nitrile gloves in a nylon zippered case. Latex free. #WP-402 #73-204V Replacement Valve

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POCKET MASK $10.95 $4.25

#R8000 Mask Kit with O2 Inlet #WP-300 Training Valves (10 pk)

$7.95 $12.95 Reduces training costs; fits most masks

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Nursingg Eq Equipment ment



Its soft cushion mask offers a secure seal, while the one-way valve and filter prevent backflow of air contaminants from patient to rescuer. Other features include: O/2 inlet, 3M Filtrete™ filter, Head Strap, gloves, and a hard case. The Rusch Emergency Mask is truly a convenient, safe and effective way to administer CPR.

WORLDPOINT® POCKET MASK TRAINING VALVE Reduce training costs and prevent contamination – provide each student with one of our training valves. Fits all pocket masks carried by WorldPoint. #WP-300 (10 pk)


(888) 322-8350


LAERDAL® PEDIATRIC POCKET MASK Designed to address the different anatomical needs of pediatric patients while providing protection. Features a low-resistance, one-way valve in combination with a transparent soft silicone mask – perfect for the professional rescuer and first responder who have contact with infants and children.

LAERDAL® POCKET MASK The number-one reusable latex-free mask for the professional rescuer. Features a one-way valve with 3M Filtrete hydrophobic filter and a pre-inflated cuff for quick, easy use. Designed for any age patient. Kit includes powder-free nitrile gloves and antiseptic wipes. O2 Inlet Kit includes a head strap as well. YELLOW HARD CASE #82001933 Pocket Mask (w/ yellow case) #82001133 Pocket Mask Kit #83001133 Kit with O2 inlet BLACK SOFT CASE #82004133 Pocket Mask Kit #83004133 Kit with O2 inlet #820410 One-way replacement valve #820700 Replacement valve and filter #46000814 Single faceshield key chain #46000801 Faceshield key chain-yellow (25 pk) #46000901 Faceshield key chain-multiple colors (25 pk) RESEALABLE POLYBAG #82000633 Pocket Mask (in resealable bag) #83001633 Kit with O2 inlet

$12.00 $13.00 $19.00 $15.00 $21.00 $6.00 $7.00 $4.50 $105.00 $105.00 $9.00 $15.00

• One-way valve is additional barrier between rescuer/patient • Easy assembly for quick response • Upright design allows visual check of chest rise/fall Includes soft carrying case with belt strap and clip, gloves, and antiseptic wipe. All components are latex-free. #820050 Soft case #820410 One-way replacement valve #820700 Replacement valve and filter

$13.00 $6.00 $7.00

PEDIATRIC POCKET MASK WITHOUT VALVE Designed to be used on an infant, features include soft pliable bladder which facilitates proper seal and the clear plastic design allows visibility for proper positioning on victim. Packaged in a clear zip-lock bag, valve not included. #WP-650 #WPV-01 Replacement Valve #WP-300 Training Valves (10 pk)

$2.50 $3.95 $12.95

100% latex-free



Synthetic gloves with a textured surface. 9 1⁄2” cuff; 5–6 mil thickness; nonsterile; ambidextrous. 100% latex-free.

Surround your hands with soothing aloe, superior protection and comfort. Powder free; 9 1⁄2” length; beaded cuff. Non-sterile; ambidextrous; 100% latex-free.

# N811 # N812 # N813 # N814

# N881 # N882 # N883 # N884

Small (100 pk) Medium (100 pk) Large (100 pk) X-Large (100 pk)

$13.95 $13.95 $13.95 $13.95

Small (100 pk) Medium (100 pk) Large (100 pk) X-Large (100 pk)

$14.95 $14.95 $14.95 $14.95



WORLDPOINT® REDI-SHIELD™ This transparent face shield is thicker than most (5 mils thick) and features a unique deflector edge for better protection. Made of crystal clear material with a bite block that keeps the silicone valve in position. Packaged in convenient key chain pouch. Latex-free; 6” x 6.” Order 100 or more and add your own logo* at no additional cost (call for details). #WP502 Black #WP504 Red

$6.95 $6.95

RES-CUE KEY™ FACE SHIELD A proven, easy-to-use, inexpensive face shield that prevents mouth-to-mouth contact. Provides the rescuer with protection from cross contamination. Elastic ear bands stretch easily and keep the face shield in place. Transparent material, latex free. Includes a wallet card with instructions and CPR techniques. Key chain pouch available in six colors. #248-201-102 #248-201-103 #248-201-104 #248-201-105 #248-201-106 #248-201-108 #248-601-101


Black Blue Red Yellow Green Orange Foil pack

$6.45 $6.45 $6.45 $6.45 $6.45 $6.45 $4.34

WORLDPOINT® PATHO-SHIELD PLUS KEY CHAIN Get superior protection at an unbeatable price with the new WorldPoint Patho-Shield Plus Key Chain. Features bite block with one-way valve and filtrate for reliable protection. 6” x 6”, durable vinyl; 5mils thick. Includes a pair of latex-free disposable gloves. #WP-550 Blue pouch



Features a one-way valve that prevents contact with bodily fluids that remains closed until the rescuer exhales. The valve then opens to provide a low-resistance airway. Provides a true mouth-tomouth seal for either adult or child CPR. In four colors. #WP-356 Black #WP-357 Orange #WP-358 Blue #WP-359 Teal #76-345 Polybag


$8.99 $8.99 $8.99 $8.99 $6.49

Patented hand grips help the rescuer quickly and hygienically put the face shield in place. Two-way valve design operates independently for extra protection. Bite block keeps shield in place. Large, 7” x 7”; 8 mils thick. Crystal clear; latex free. Packaged with vinyl gloves in convenient key chain pouch. Order 100+, and save; add your own logo* for no additional cost. #WP512 Black #WP513 Blue #WP514 Red

$8.99 $8.99 $8.99

* Artwork subject to vendor approval.

(888) 322-8350

TRAINING SUPPLIES BEST VALUE! Dispenses individually from the bottom, which eliminates tearing


WORLDPOINT® PRACTI-SHIELDS Practi-Shields are ideal for CPR and AED training, offering cost-effective barrier protection for students sharing a manikin. These shields feature a quality filtrate and are latex-free. Packaged in a convenient dispenser box which eliminates the risk of tearing. #WP-3140 Box of 50


These hand wipes will kill germs on contact, controlling infection. Made with PCMX and SD-Alcohol for antimicrobial action. Helps control crosscontamination. Contains skin-soothing aloe vera. #PW-400 Box of 100 Towelettes #PW-405 50-count ‘Pull-out’ Tub #PW-410 160-count ‘Pull-out’ Tub

$6.99 $5.99 $7.99



Excellent disposable faceshield for CPR training. Provides a low cost method for teaching the use of biological barriers on manikins. For training purposes only.

Teach students to use barrier protection during resuscitation. Available in a convenient tear-off roll. Single-use; 36 per roll.

#WP2250 Box of 100

#151200 (36/roll)




RESUSCI® MANIKIN WIPES Promote hygienic practice and help control cross-contamination. This 50-pack box of manikin wipes is conveniently packaged in individual packets – perfect for training classes. Soaked in 70% ethyl alcohol. 5 1/4 x 7 1/4. #152400 Box of 50


Promote hygiene while you minimize the spread of germs and viruses. Use this convenient, waterless hand cleaner anytime, anywhere – and kill germs in 15 seconds. Features 66.5% alcohol concentration. Gel-Wash Plus reduces the risk of infection from bacteria, E.coli, HIV, germs and viruses. Includes skin-softening aloe; evaporates completely. Meets OSHA and APIC standards. #WP250 1–5 bottles (each) 6–23 bottles (each) 24+ bottles (each)

$1.99 $1.85 $1.69



PRACTI-AED TRAINER The Practi-AED trainer has all of the functions needed to teach students about AED operation-without breaking your budget, This lightweight, value priced trainer, offers bilingual scenarios (English and Spanish), a fully functional remote control, 3 adult, 2 child pads with connectors, A/C adapter and comes in a nylon carrying case. It operates on AA batteries or AC adapter and has an audio port for connecting speakers. #AED120T-2 #120T-AP Adult pads #120T-CP Child pads #120T-WC Yellow connector cable #120T-PC Pink connector cable #120T-AC A/C adapter #120T-RC Replacement remote control

$129.95 $6.95 $6.95 $5.00 $5.00 $10.00 $24.95

THE LIFEPAK® CR PLUS AED TRAINER Designed for the lay rescuer, this AED trainer replicates the new LifePak CR Plus AED and mimics semi-automatic and fully-automatic operations. The sleek and lightweight CR Plus Trainer offers quality and performance. Includes pads and remote. Runs on 4 D batteries. #CR31T #CR24 Replacement remote and cable #11250-000012 QuikPak Kit (1 electrode, 5 pairs of pads) #CR15 Training electrode pads (5 pairs) #11250-000042 Pediatric training pads (5 pairs) #11250-000045 Pediatric Training Kit (five pads, cord, and carrying pouch)

$299.00 $50.00 $66.00 $32.00 $35.00 $62.00


AED TRAINER 2 Replicates the Philips FR2 AED in shape, size, user interface, and voice prompts. Provides realistic training without delivering an actual shock. Compatible with all standard CPR manikins. Includes reusable training pads, carrying case, and runs on six C batteries (not included). #FR2T #07-10900 One Pair Adult Training Pads #M3753A Remote (sold separately) #M3871A Pediatric Training Pads

! 46

$349.00 $25.00 $49.00 $45.00

Give us a call to see how you can become an AED re-seller so you can receive discounts, sell sheets, and more!

THE LIFEPAK 500® AED TRAINER Realistic training with screen messages, audible tones, and voice prompts that guide users through simulated analysis, energy delivery and prompted CPR interval. The versatile LifePak 500 simulates a full range of real-life scenarios with preconfigured routines – or you can create your own. Wireless remote allows instructors to control the pace or interrupt routines. For use with all CPR manikins; training electrodes are reusable. Includes carrying case, cable, 4 D batteries and five sets of pads. #LP500T-2 #3006007-03 Training Electrodes (5 pairs) #3006007-02 Pads only (5 pairs) #11250-000042 Pediatric Training Pads (5 pairs) #11250-000045 Pediatric Training Kit #3012697 Remote and cable

$299.00 $77.50 $36.00 $35.00 $62.00 $45.00

(888) 322-8350





This small, lightweight trainer, which mimics the Onsite AED, can be carried easily to the patient’s side during training. With clear voice instructions, the HeartStart guides the lay rescuer through each step of defibrillation. If a shock is needed, an orange ‘shock’ button flashes. If a shock is not needed, voice instructions walk the rescuer through CPR. This simple-to-use trainer features a long-life battery and can be used to train for adult or pediatric cardiac emergencies. Includes carrying case, adult training pads and external adapter.

Provides a variety of simulations, or training scripts, that mimic the FRx defibrillator, and allows rescuers to practice basic emergency skills. Features include adult training pads that also work for infant rescue with the insertion of a key; CPR coaching; simulated shock delivery; and eight scenarios that meet the latest AHA guidelines. The trainer includes adult training pads, carrying case, quick reference guide, instructions, and external manikin adapter.

#HS85T-2 #M5093A #M5094A #M5074A #M5073A #M5088A #M5089A

Adult Training Pads Pediatric Training Pads Pediatric Training Pad Cartridge Replacement Adult Cartridge Internal Manikin Adapter External Manikin Adapter (5 pk)

$325.00 $30.00 $30.00 $80.00 $75.00 $30.00 $50.00

#FRxT $335.00 #989803139271 Adult pad kit: includes one set of pads, gray case, placement guide, and instructions $75.00 #989803139291 Replacement adult pads: includes pair of pads $30.00 #989803139311 Infant/child key $95.00 #M5089A External manikin adapter (5 pk) $50.00


ZOLL AED PLUS AED TRAINER With this trainer, choose from 4 different fixed scenarios or use the remote and have complete manual control of the entire rescue. The wireless remote allows you to set up a rescue scenario and download it to the trainer in seconds. The instructor then has control on when the student should shock, if the pads are placed correctly, etc. This units includes a remote control, one set of AED Plus training CPR-D padz, reusable gel, 4 D batteries, 2 AA batteries, and an operators guide. #ZOLL-Trainer $479.00 #8900-0804-01 CPR-D Padz Training Electrode $90.00 (One reusable Z-design electrode with CPR hand placement indicator and one pair of adhesive gels)

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Nursingg Eq Equipment ment

THE POWERHEART® G3 AED TRAINER This newly updated, fuller size trainer is an easy-to-use unit that provides training for both the FirstSave G3 and the Powerheart G3. Features instructive, intuitive voice prompts (in six languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Greek) with a wireless remote to change languages quickly. Semi- and fully automatic modes provide flexible training. Also features: onebutton operation; preconnected, reusable nonpolarized electrodes; and built-in metronome for even compression pacing. Special ‘advance’ button allows instructors to regulate training, ensuring that students become confident with each step. Use with any manikin. The trainer includes one set of electrodes, remote control, a fully automatic control panel overlay, and a user manual. Requires one 9V battery, not included. #9163R-2 #9035 One Pair Trainer Electrodes #9725 Pediatric Training Pads #1802 Replacement Remote

$495.00 $27.50 $69.95 $49.95



HEARTSINE SAMARITAN® PAD TRAINER Trainer provides 8 pre-recorded rescue training scenarios, without delivering an actual shock. 4 scenarios follow AHA/ERC 2005 Guidelines, and 4 scenarios follow AHA/ERC 2000 guidelines. The device mirrors the actual samaritan PAD so users can familiarize themselves with controls, pads access, installation of a mock Pad-Pak™ (or Trainer-Pak™) -all with authentic prompts and displays. Includes a PAUSE function so the educator can pause the automated scenario and offer additional training without interruption. Each system includes a rechargeable battery, charger, user manual and training pads. #PAD-TRAINER





The SAMARITAN® PAD Public Access Defibrillator (or Automatic External Defibrillator) is an easyto-use medical device especially designed for public access use, to administer lifesaving treatment for Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Features include: 3 large, easy to see icons illuminate- “Attach pads”, “Do not touch the patient,” and “It is safe to touch the patient” to facilitate the rescue process; Sophisticated SCOPE™ Biphasic waveform technology adjusts patient impedance to maximize effective shock delivery; Controls & pads are accessible even with your Samaritan® PAD still in the case; Lightweight (2.4 lb./1.1 kg. with battery); Package includes the AED unit, carrying case, an adult pad pak, and user manual. Seven-year warranty. #PAD-AED #PAD-PAK-01 adult cartidge

$1395.00 $120.00

HEARTSTART FR2+ This reliable, virtually maintenance-free unit features a clean, uncluttered design, and is optimized for fast, efficient operation. Commands are clear, streamlined, and concise. Heartstart FR2+ features biphasic therapy; automated defibrillation, with manual override; SMART analysis; SMART CPR; Quick Shock; and pediatric defibrillation. Also provides voice and text prompts; programmable voice recording; data collection, and auto self-tests. Five-year warranty; 4 lbs.


#M3861A without ECG #M3860A with ECG #M3848A Rechargeable battery #M3849A Charger for battery #989803158211 Adult defibrillator pads (1 pk) #989803158221 Adult defibrillator pads (5 pk) #M3870A Infant/child reduced-energy defibrillator pads #M3863A Battery (four-year shelf life) #M3869A Vinyl carry case



$2,525.00 $3,195.00 $265.00 $150.00 $37.50 $149.17 $95.00 $239.00 $130.00

defibtech TRAIN

ER Lightweight and simple to use, Defibtech is an ideal choice for training the lay rescuer. A nonintimidating display, with over-sized buttons and clear voice prompts, makes life-saving easier, and helps students build confidence in their ability to respond. Up to four AED trainers can be operated with just one remote, so instructors can supervise multiple training scenarios. Package includes AED trainer, training pads, rechargeable battery (with charger) and remote control.

#DCF-350T #DDP-100TR Training Pads (adult) #DDP-201TR Training Pads (chilld) #DBP-RC2 Replacement Rechargeable Battery Pack #DTR-400 Remote Control #DAC-100 Soft Carrying Case #DTR-201 Battery Pack Charger

$299.00 $29.00 $29.00 $149.00 $49.00 $99.00 $49.00

HEARTSTART ONSITE Based on extensive research and user feedback, Philips developed the HeartStart OnSite AED, a streamlined, simplified unit that’s so easy to use anyone can save a life. Features SMART Analysis for heart rhythm assessment, and SMART Biphasic technology to determine defibrillation energy delivery. If a shockable heart rhythm is indicated, the defibrillator directs the rescuer to press the flashing orange “shock” button. If no shock is required, the unit provides instructions to assess the patient and can walk the rescuer through CPR, complete with voice instructions on the frequency and depth of compressions. Five-year warranty; 3.3 lbs.


#M5066A-1 Unit with standard carry case #M5066A-2 Unit with slim carry case #M5066A-3 Unit with vinyl sleeve only #M5071A Adult SMART Pads Cartridge #M5072A Reduced Energy Infant/Child Pads #M5070A Battery (four-year shelf life) #M5075A Carry case alone

$1,559.00 $1,495.00 $1,460.00 $59.00 $95.00 $149.00 $130.00

(888) 322-8350

AEDS With CPR Coaching for CPR assistance

Intuitive voice prompts are based on the results of human behavior studies to better facilitate rescue response


HEARTSTART FRx Guides rescuers through each step with clear voice commands and descriptive visual icons. The blue i-button activates HeartStart CPR Coaching for CPR assistance, and flashing icons can be used for defibrillation – even in loud, disruptive situations. To treat a child or infant, simply insert the infant/child key; the device adjusts pad placement and CPR instructions. Compatible with professional-grade AEDs to ensure continuity of care. Four-year battery; auto self-tests. Five-year warranty; 3.5 lbs. #861304 #989803139261 SMART pads II #989803139311 Infant/child key #M5070A Battery (four-year shelf life) #989803139251 Carry case

$1,895.00 $49.00 $95.00 $149.00 $130.00

New Rescue Coach™ intuitive voice prompts, based on the results of a human behavior study, guide the rescuer confidently and easily through the rescue process. CPR instructions include a metronome to assist with frequency of compressions. Patented RescueReady® self-tests are performed daily, weekly and monthly to ensure that critical components are always in working order. Patented non-polarized defibrillation pads can be placed on either side of the chest, simplifying the process. Seven-year warranty; 6.6 lbs. #9390E-501P Semi-automatic #9390A-501P Automatic #9130 Adult replacement defibrillation electrode pads #9730 Pediatric reduced-energy electrode pads #9146-001 Replacement lithium battery #9157-004 Hard carrying case, waterproof

$1,895.00 $1,895.00 $43.95 $98.95 $395.00 $319.00

Extended capabilities for the rescue professional Customer-friendly features for the lay rescuer

POWERHEART AED G3 PRO More than you’d expect in an AED of this size and price point, the Powerheart AED G3 Pro features a color ECG display, three-lead monitoring, manual override, multiple rescue capability – and the most advanced technology available to provide professionals extended capacity for cardiac emergencies.

POWERHEART AED G3 Powerheart AED G3 presents customer-friendly features such as more instructive voice prompts, improved voice quality, new lighter weight, redesigned form factor. The unit automatically performs daily self-tests of three critical components: the pre-connected electrodes, the IntelliSense® lithium battery, and the system. It also incorporates patented RHYTHMx® analysis software and STAR® biphasic defibrillation energy waveform. Semi-automatic; Seven-year warranty; 6.9 lbs. #9300E-501P Semi-automatic


#9300A-501P Automatic #9130 Adult pads #9730 Pediatric pads #9146-002 Battery #168-6000-001 Soft carry case

$1,845.00 $43.95 $98.95 $395.00 $109.95

In addition to meeting the more sophisticated requirements of medical and rescue professionals, the G3 Pro shares the same ground-breaking rescue options, programmable functions, and advanced monitoring capabilities of our flagship, feature-rich Powerheart AED. Powered by IntelliSense® Lithium Battery (one-year warranty; 12 hours of use). Seven-year warranty; 6.9 lbs. #9300P-501P #9300P-601P with rechargeable battery #9130 Adult defibrillation pads #9730 Pediatric defibrillation pads #5111-001 ECG Monitoring Kit #162-0108-001 IR communications cable #9145-001 Pro battery #9144-001 Rechargeable battery #9044-001 Battery charger #168-6000-001 Soft carry case

$2,895.00 $2,995.00 $43.95 $98.95 $295.00 $59.95 $395.00 $395.00 $195.00 $109.95


AED ACCESSORIES HEARTSTATION RESCUE CASE (SLANTED HOOD) This secure, easily identifiable cabinet allows you to place your AED in a public place for easy access. Visual and audible alarm system sounds when the door is open. 14” x 16” x 6 1⁄4”. #RC5000W Wall Mount Unit #RC5000R Recessed Wall Unit #RC5300 Wall Mount Unit (no bracket) # RC5300R Recessed Wall unit (no bracket) #RCTL1 (no visible alarm; 15” x 14” x 6-3/4”)

$299.00 $399.00 $239.00 $280.00 $199.00

AED RESCUE CASE™ Place your AED in a secure, easy-to-access, public place. Features a visual and audible alarm system and a Plexiglass™ window for easy inspection and maintenance. Powered by both a 9v battery and a 12v lithium battery (power is secure for an average of three to five years). Made of 14-gauge steel, with carefully welded components. One-year warranty; 10-15 minute installation. 14” x 24” x 5 3⁄4”. #RC1000W Flat Surface Mount (extends 8.5” from wall) #RC1000R Recessed Mount (cut-out template provided; extends 1”)

$495.00 $495.00

AED WALL CABINETS Houses any AED brand or style. Saves precious minutes and improves survival rates for cardiac arrest. This easy-to-see, easy-to-access AED cabinet comes with an alarm and is perfect for health clubs, hotels and high-rise buildings. Steel coated with baked-on white epoxy finish. ‘Commander Alarm’ switch operated with standard 9-volt battery. 17 1⁄2” x 17 1⁄2”. #312604-008 Surface mount #3012604-001* Semi-recessed mount #3012604-006* Fully recessed mount

$234.00 $254.00 $218.00

*Cannot be used with Cardiac Science AEDs

AHA AED WALL STICKER Vinyl sticker to clearly bring attention to the location of your AED. 8” x 8” x 8”.


#70-2251 Yellow

Ensure that your AEDs are equipped with all the ‘accessories for readiness’ recommended by the American Heart Association. Our easy-to-open plastic bag attaches to any brand of AED and fits in all rescue cases (above).


AED WALL SIGN This three-dimensional wall sign fastens easily and allows your AED to be identified from two directions. 7”w x 6”h x 4 1⁄2”d.

Updated for new AHA Guidelines, this Kit includes a pocket Mask with an extra replacement valve; gloves; biohazard bag; trauma scissors; disposable towel; disposable razor; and three antiseptic wipes – all in a convenient package.






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Features: • Immediate access to critical emergency information at the touch of a button

Safety Mate for the New Parent is a hand-held, interactive talking first aid guide. An innovative solution for family first aid needs. Parents now have a fresh and inventive way to learn how to help their baby in case of an actual emergency.

• Covers infant, child and adult emergencies • Lightweight, hand-held model fits compactly into stroller, diaper bag, purse, briefcase or glove box

Includes eight first aid themes: CPR, Unconscious


• Water resistant for outdoor settings

Choking, Breathing

Falls, Bone Injury

Allergic Reaction

Poison, Bites, Stings



• Flashing lighted key prompts caretaker to valuable information based on specific situation • Bilingual in English and Spanish

Just push a button and Safety Mate immediately begins to talk the caretaker through step-by-step instructions for 30-plus medical issues. Allows parents to act quickly and make the most of precious minutes. No fear of forgetting proper emergency procedures. #SAFETY-MATE3 #CHARGER

• Audible/visual low battery warning • Integral protective cover turns device on when opened • Includes 4 AA Alkaline Batteries

$59.95 $39.95

Wall Mount

Strengthens the chain of survival by providing quick and clear instructions for the first person on the scene. Excellent product for resale –call for special volume pricing.


SAFETYMATE EMERGENCY INFORMATION DEVICE Complies with the latest AHA Guidelines. SafetyMate is an interactive, portable Emergency Information Device (EID) that verbally coaches any rescuer through a medical or security emergency. SafetyMate closes the gap in response time by providing immediate and efficient coaching during a medical emergency until professional help arrives. Users/first responders follow step-by-step instructions or answer simple questions by pressing the appropriate button on the SafetyMate keypad which can help anyone respond to a wide variety of medical emergencies quickly and effectively.

CPR PROMPT RESCUE AND PRACTICE AIDS Perfect for training first responders – and keeping skills sharp. Using patented microchip technology, the voice prompt calmly talks trainers through every step of adult, child, and infant CPR. The CPR3005 includes a wall mount and is powered by two 9v batteries (not included). CPR2005 is the handheld unit that includes 3 AAA batteries. #CPR3005 with Wall Mount #CPR2005 Handheld Unit (with three ‘AAA’ batteries)

$24.95 $19.95

Easy-to-understand life-saving verbal instructions (in English and Spanish) for: • • • • • •

Convulsions Homeland security Eye injury Fractures Bleeding Choking

• • • • • •

Unresponsive CPR Electric shock Amputation Head, spine, neck injuries Chest pain Unresponsive CPR

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Designed to meet the specific needs of both the commercial and the consumer personal safety markets. Audible and visual low battery indicator. Includes 4 rechargeable AA batteries, wall mount battery charger with AC adapter. 2 lbs; 8” x 11 1/2” x 3 1/2”. Complies with FCC standards. #SAFETY-MATE #SAFETY-MATE2 (For daycare centers/schools)

$99.95 $99.95





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INSTRUCTOR TOOLKIT CD-ROM This CD-ROM contains: Lecture Outlines - This is a complete, ready-to-use lesson plan from the Instructor’s Resource Manual that outlines all of the topics covered in the text. Lesson plans can be modified and edited to meet your needs; PowerPoint Presentations –The slides provide you with a powerful way to make presentations that are educational and engaging to your students. The slides can be modified and edited to fit your individual presentation; Image Bank and Table Bank–This feature provides many of the images and tables from the book, allowing you to incorporate more images into the PowerPoint presentations, make handouts, or enlarge a specific image for further discussion; a Test Bank– A new bank of test questions that corresponds to the chapters in the text and includes both general knowledge and critical thinking questions; and Skill Sheets–Ready to use sheets that allow you to track students’ skills and conduct skill proficiency exams. #MED2683


INSTRUCTOR RESOURCE MANUAL The Instructor’s Resource Manual is your guide to the entire teaching and learning system. It has been designed to assist you with creative ideas and tools to incorporate all of the components of the teaching and learning system For each chapter, this indispensable manual includes: • Chapter overview and objectives • Support materials • Enhancements • Teaching Tips • Readings and preparations • Presentation overview • Lesson plans and corresponding PowerPoint slide text • Skill Drill evaluation sheets • Answers to all end-of-chapter students questions found in the text • Activities and assignments • National Registry skill sheets #MED2690 $109.95

STUDENT SKILLS DVD Packaged free with each copy of the Fourth Edition, this DVD provides students with a walk-through of the skills that are required to successfully complete the national first responder practical examination process. For each skill, students can visually learn the steps and will find helpful information, tips, and pointers designed to facilitate their progression through the practical examination, specifically: Objectives, Equipment, Key steps to perform to successfully complete the skill, and Critical errors that result in failure. #MED2706 $55.95


MANUAL 4TH EDITION Designed to meet the needs of law enforcement personnel, fire fighters, rescue squad personnel, athletic trainers, college students, and laypersons, the new features found in the Fourth Edition will help students take the next step toward becoming outstanding First Responders. These features include: Endorsement by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons; You are the Provider which contains attention-grabbing case studies found in every chapter; Special Population Tips which discusses the specific needs & emergency care of special populations, including pediatric, geriatric, and special needs patients; and Enhanced skill drills. The manual includes a free review skills DVD (MED2706). #MED0313 $74.95

STUDENT WORKBOOK The Student Workbook contains exercises to reinforce what you will learn in both First Responder: Your First Response in Emergency Care, Fourth Edition and the classroom. The exercises cover the DOT First Responder National Standard Curriculum, and are designed to encourage critical thinking and aid comprehension through a variety of activities for each chapter including: • Multiple Choice: Numerous multiple-choice questions prepare students for exams. • You Make the Call: Scenarios help students develop decision-making skills by describing emergencies and challenging them to come up with solutions. • Skill Drills: Students can test their skills with photo jumbles and caption fill-ins. They can place photos in the correct order to test their knowledge of a skill and fill in the captions to ensure that they know all of the steps for the skill. • Labeling: Students can master difficult concepts with illustrationlabeling activities. • Word Fun: Students can quiz their knowledge of terminology and spelling with these crossword puzzles. • And more: True/False, matching, short answer, and fill-in-the-blank questions. #MED2713 $43.95 BUNDLE PACKAGES #MED6100 $100.95 Includes Student workbook (MED2713) & Manual (MED0313)


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Preparing for class is easy with the resources found on this CD-ROM, including: Adaptable PowerPoint Presentations - Provides instructors with a powerful way to make presentations that are educational and engaging. Slides that can be edited and modified to meet your needs; Lecture Outlines– Offers complete, ready-to-use lecture outlines that include all of the topics covered in the chapter. The lecture outlines can be modified and customized to fit your course; Electronic TestBank - Customize tests and quizzes; Image Bank; Table Bank; and skill sheets. #MED2720

The Complete EMT-Basic Refresher Training Solution! Refresher: Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured, Second Edition is written with the experienced EMT-Basic in mind. It is designed to meet the needs of EMT-Basics who are in the process of recertifying, in all settings and at all skill levels. Refresher is part of an integrated teaching and learning system that brings the best resources to both EMS instructors and recertifying EMT-Basics. It combines complete medical content with dynamic new features and interactive technology to support instructors and providers. The Second Edition thoroughly covers the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) EMT-Basic Refresher National Standard Curriculum, and includes a wealth of enhancements to enrich EMT-Basic education.


INSTRUCTOR MANUAL CD-ROM An Instructor’s Resource Manual is your guide to the entire teaching and learning system. This indispensable CD-ROM contains detailed lesson plans that are keyed to the PowerPoint presentations with sample lectures, quizzes, teaching strategies, teaching tips and idea to enhance your classroom presentation, answers to all end-of-chapter student questions found in the text, and Skill Drill evaluation sheets. #MED2737 $109.95





ALS Skills Review provides detailed step-by-step instruction for the core psychomotor skills presented in the Paramedic National Standard Curriculum. This resource teaches ALS students and providers how to perform each skill correctly and offers helpful information, tips, and pointers designed to facilitate progression through practical examinations or real-life emergencies. For each skill, you will find: • Performance objectives, indications, contradictions, complications, and an equipment list. • Written step-by-step instructions to properly perform the skill with photos to demonstrate critical steps. • Helpful tips including Safety, Special Populations, and In the Field. ALS skills are grouped into the following categories: Airway Management and Ventilation, Cardiovascular Emergencies, Patient Assessment and Management, Vascular Access and Medication Administration, Medical, Trauma Management, Neonatology and Obstetrics, and Operations. #MED7014 $236.95

The manual reinforces understanding allowing students to obtain a firm grasp of the advanced life support skills in the Paramedic National Standard Curriculum. Skills are grouped into the following categories:Advanced Airway and Ventilation; Advanced Cardiovascular Management; Advanced Medical Administration; General Medical Skills; Neonate skills; and Vascular access. Each skill includes a performance objective, indications, contradictions, complications, an equipment list, and written step-by-step procedures reinforced with photos to demonstrate critical steps. Helpful tips are provided along the way including, Safety, Special Population, and In the Field tips. Check Your Knowledge questions can be found at the end of each section. These case-based questions encourage students to test their knowledge of the skills presented in the manual. An answer key is also provided. #MED1210 $50.95 #MED2248 (DVD: Illustrates and narrates the steps presented in the manual. $58.95

EMS CHALLENGE™ GAME EMS CHALLENGE™ is a board game designed specifically for pre-hospital care providers (Emergency Medical Responders, Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics, Firefighters, etc.). This board game can be played with as little as two people and can be utilized in any environment; whether in the classroom, at work, or at home. EMS CHALLENGE™ consists of a game board, 4 tokens, one die, and 400 medical knowledge question cards pertaining to medical terminology, definitions, anatomy and physiology, and miscellaneous questions. The question cards are based on an EMR’s (First Responder’s) level of knowledge. Add the IV Therapy flash cards (#IV-CARD) as another form of question cards or for more variety! #EMS-GAME $39.95

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Preparing for class is easy with the resources found on this CD-ROM, including:

Available on CD-ROM, the Instructor’s Resource Manual is your guide to the entire teaching and learning system. This indispensable CD contains:

• PowerPoint Presentations, providing you with a powerful way to make presentations that are both educational and engaging to your students. Separated into two folders, 1999 presentations and 1985 presentations, the slides can be modified and edited to meet your needs.

• Detailed lesson plans that are keyed to the PowerPoint presentations with sample lectures, lesson quizzes, and teaching strategies.

• Lecture Outlines, providing you with complete, ready-to-use lesson plans that outline all of the topics covered in the text. The information that applies only to the 1999 National Standard Curriculum is labeled with the 1999 icon. The lesson plans can be modified and edited to fit your course.


• Electronic Test Bank, containing multiple-choice and scenario-based questions, allows you to originate tailor-made classroom tests and quizzes quickly and easily by selecting, editing, organizing, and printing a test along with an answer key. All test questions are separated into 1999 questions and 1985 questions.

Following both the 1999 and 1985 DOT National Standard Curricula, this Test Bank provides you with:

• Teaching tips and ideas to enhance your classroom presentation. • Answers to all end-of-chapter student questions found in the text. • Skill Drill evaluation sheets

INSTRUCTOR TEST BANK • More than 1,000 multiple-choice and scenario-based questions based on the 1999 curriculum.

• Image Bank, providing you with many of the images found in the text. You can use them to incorporate more images into the PowerPoint presentations, make handouts, or enlarge a specific image for further discussion.




Intermediate: Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured is the only text available that addresses the objectives in both the 1985 and 1999 EMT-Intermediate National Standard curricula. This text bridges the gap between the two curricula while still keeping them separate, making it user friendly for any instructor or student. Intermediate is the core of a teaching and learning system with features that reinforce and expand on the essential information and make information retrieval a snap.

Designed to prepare students to sit for exams by including the same type of multiple choice questions that they are likely to see on classroom and national examinations, the Intermediate: Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured Student Review Manual covers both the 1985 and 1999 curriculums. The Student Review Manual contains multiple-choice question exams with an answer key and page references to Intermediate.


EMT-INTERMEDIATE PEARLS OF WISDOM, 2E MANUAL This is an excellent study guide for EMT-Intermediate students going through initial or refresher EMT-Intermediate training. It is a collection of rapid-fire questions and answers designed to help students prepare for EMT-Intermediate state and national certification and refresher exams. It consists of “pearls”— succinct pieces of knowledge in a question and answer format. Designed to maximize test scores, EMT-Intermediate: Pearls of Wisdom prunes complex concepts down to the simplest kernel. EMT-Intermediate: Pearls of Wisdom is written in direct correlation to the U.S. DOT 1999 EMT-Intermediate National Standard Curriculum. Objectives are covered in the order and manner in which they appear in the curriculum.


• Page references to Intermediate.




• More than 1,000 multiple-choice and scenario-based questions based on the 1985 curriculum. #MED7406

• Skill Sheets, allowing you to track students’ skills and conduct skill proficiency exams. #MED5164



The Student Review Manual is available in three formats: print, CD-ROM, and online. #MED0840 #MED4664 (CD-ROM)

$43.95 $41.95

EMT-INTERMEDIATE REVIEW MANUAL FOR NATIONAL CERTIFICATION The EMT-Intermediate Review Manual for National Certification is a one-of-a-kind review manual designed to prepare students to sit for the National Certification Exam, based on the 1999 curriculum. The manual includes practice questions with answers and model exam; step-by-step walkthrough of skills, including helpful tips, commonly made errors, and sample scenarios; a self-scoring guide; and winning test-taking tips. Copies of the performance skill sheets, requirements for successful completion of each skill, and common errors made during the performance of each skill are also included. #MED4701


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The critical care environment demands specialized knowledge and skills and requires providers to bridge the gap between prehospital and hospital care. Critical Care Transport thoroughly prepares prehospital professionals to function as competent members of a critical care team by covering the material that everyone—paramedics, nurses, physicians, and specialty crew—needs to know to operate effectively in the prehospital critical care environment. Covering both ground and flight transport, this text has been created for students in critical care training courses and those preparing to take the Certified Flight Paramedic (FP-C) exam. Content includes information specific to prehospital critical care transport, such as flight physiology, lab analysis, hemodynamic monitoring, and specialized devices such as the intra-aortic balloon pump. Standard topics such as airway management, trauma, and pharmacology are covered in the context of critical care. Chapters have been authored by leading critical care professionals across the country and represent the most current, state-of-the-art information on management of critical care patients.

Whether you are a firefighter, an EMT, a paramedic, a first responder, or a dispatcher, as an emergency care provider, you spend your days, nights, and even weekends caring for others. But who is caring for you? EMS professionals must constantly refine their stress management skills in order to live their lives with a greater sense of balance. Not only will this text alert EMS professionals to the stressors in their lives, but it will teach them to identify problem situations and effectively resolve issues, leading to a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle.




This textbook teaches the basic principles of mathematics and applies these principles to cases that paramedics face on the job. Chapters cover math rules and principles; fractions, decimals, and percentages; ratios, proportions, and conversion factors; and rate-dependent and weight-based calculations.

All the necessary resources are found on this CD-ROM to help you prepare for this course. Incudes powerpoint presentations, lecture outlines, handouts and much more!

Practice problems are scattered throughout the chapters; students practice as they go. Every chapter highlights how paramedics can make use of the math knowledge that they already have in order to solve more complicated problems. Chapters begin with the simple and obvious, and progress to the level used in the field.


PARAMEDIC REVIEW MANUAL FOR NATIONAL CERTIFICATION WITH ‘05 ECC GDLS, REVISED The Paramedic Review Manual for National Certification is designed to prepare students to sit for the national certification exam by including the same type of skill-based and multiple-choice questions that are likely to appear on the exam. The review manual will evaluate students’ mastery of the material presented in their paramedic training program. Students will be able to complete practice quizzes and identify any weak areas, allowing for adjustment in pre-exam studies. Copies of the performance skill sheets, requirements for successful completion of each skill, and common errors made during the performance of each skill are also included. #MED5188


PARAMEDIC: ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY, 1E REVISED Paramedic: Anatomy and Physiology utilizes a systemic approach, beginning by formulating a basic picture of the human body then moving into more anatomic detail. Individual chapters discuss body systems, both how they function individually and together as a unit. In addition to the overall picture of each system, this text presents both the gross anatomy and the microscopic anatomy of vital structures. Since the study of anatomy and physiology requires some basic chemistry knowledge, there is a basic chemistry review provided in the Appendix. #MED7924

$41.95 $43.95 $48.95 $137.95




#MED0088 #MED2440 Manual on Audio CD #MED0507 Instructor’s manual #MED0521 Instructor’s Tool-kit on CD-ROM


Practice makes perfect–this text has over 700 practice problems! In addition to the in-chapter practice, chapters conclude with more problems. Complete answers to every problem, including explanations, are provided in the answer key. Every step is included, making it easy to follow how an answer was reached. #MED6834


MEDICAL CASE STUDIES FOR THE PARAMEDIC Paramedics must perform a systematic assessment of the patient, determine appropriate treatment, and give it. While assessment and management principles are learned in initial training, they are not practiced until training is completed. Now, paramedic students can apply these principles with Medical Case Studies for the Paramedic. Medical Case Studies for the Paramedic presents 20 case studies on the most important medical emergencies for the ALS-level reader. The types of emergencies include a range of presentations such as semi consciousness, unconsciousness, difficulty breathing, weakness, nausea, headache, slurred speech, chest pain, allergic reaction, seizure, and anxiety. Each case study is presented in full, poses questions to the reader, and is followed by a summary of the case, including answers to the questions posed. A superb supplement to classroom and textbook learning, this book allows the reader to practice applying knowledge to cases before actually going on an emergency call. #MED5815




2009 NURSES DRUG HANDBOOK Everything you need in a Nursing Drug Guide, plus “Mechanism of Action” illustrations, Patient Teaching bullets, and Nursing Considerations for every drug. And $2-$3 cheaper than other Nursing Drug Guides on the market. #MED5477


CARDIAC SURGERY MANUAL FOR NURSES This policy and procedure book is a valuable resource for new or existing cardiac surgery programs. It provides support for each procedure in the cardiac surgery environment to include standards of practice, risk management, staffing competencies, and quality indicators to optimize care of the cardiovascular surgery patient. The policy manual is based upon AORN standards and meets JCAHO standards for the operating room environment. #MED4892


from WorldPoint CLINICAL INSTRUCTION & EVALUATION: A TEACHING RESOURCE 2ND ED Designed to effectively guide instructors within the learning process, Clinical Instruction and Evaluation: A Teaching Resource provides clinical nurses with the theoretical background and practical tools necessary to succeed as a clinical nursing instructor. The theory used to support the practice of clinical education is presented in a straightforward, easily understood manner. #MED8587


COMMUNICATION FOR NURSES: TALKING WITH PATIENTS Offers direct, effective techniques that are delivered in a concise, user-friendly format that enables readers to develop a professional communication style. The early chapters review nursing, communication, and developmental theories. Issues of cultural diversity and patient rights are discussed, providing a thoughtful perspective on communication. #MED5968

CRITICAL CARE NURSING HANDBOOK Offers clinician’s quick access to the latest treatment guidelines for the specific diseases and conditions most commonly found in the ER or ICU so they can treat the most vulnerable patients effectively and efficiently. #MED1340



ESSENTIALS OF PERIOPERATIVE NURSING, 4TH ED Gives any new perioperative nurse a head start on achieving perioperative competency, as well as serving as an excellent refresher for the experienced nurse to test his or her knowledge of fundamental OR practice. This unique resource includes such features as objectives, course outlines, testing tools, and competency checklists. Includes a free test bank CD-ROM!



This convenient pocket guide contains all the information clinical nurses need at their fingertips on the hospital floor—instructions, basic conversion charts, assessment checklists, scales, tables, anatomies, lab tests, charting, medication indications and administration, and other basic information for quick reference.






An excellent resource for Health Care Agencies and Schools of Nursing seeking to prepare staff nurses to precept student nurses, new graduates, and experienced nurses. Each chapter introduces concepts essential to preceptor development, suggests strategies for concept application, and presents questions and situations to guide learning. #MED8455


A straightforward guide to reading, evaluating, and using research in these clinical settings. The text helps the bedside scientist take a study from question to design to practice.



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This convenient field guide contains all the information that paramedics need at their fingertips in the field— assessment checklists, anatomic illustrations, vital sign ranges, airway management, medication indications and administration, arrhythmias, and other basic information in the form of tables and charts for quick reference. The full-color, spiral-bound guide is divided into sections that follow the U.S. DOT EMT-Paramedic National Standard Curriculum; sections are divided by color-coded tabs to allow rapid retrieval of information when paramedics need it most.

The Critical Care Transport Field Guide is designed with the special needs of field practitioners in mind. This useful, quick reference guide helps speed recognition of lab values, 12-lead ECG interpretation, fibrinolytics agents, hemodynamic monitoring, IABPs, rapid sequence intubation, chest tubes, and therapeutic medications and toxicology for the critical care transport provider. This guide is pocket size and water resistant.

Paramedics will be able to confirm appropriate pediatric ET tube sizes, emergency measures in the event of an infectious exposure, signs and symptoms of acute illnesses, conditions that warrant supplemental oxygen administration, fracture classifications based on displacement, and much more. #MED1227


EMS MEDICATION FIELD GUIDE, 4E Pocket-sized, spiral bound, and water-resistant, the EMS Medication Field Guide, Fourth Edition is a quick reference guide to drug and toxicology information will speed your recognition of unfamiliar drugs, improving your field care and treatment of the overdose or poison patient. #MED4244


EMT-B FIELD GUIDE, 2E The Second Edition of this handy pocket-sized reference guide, geared specifically toward the EMTBasic, will provide easy access to the vital emergency information needed by prehospital personnel. It is a great resource for fast review of important step-bystep procedures, offering just the right amount of information to guide actions and reactions in the field. #MED2142

The EMS Translator Field Guide, Spanish Edition allows the provider to simply point to Spanish questions and explanations, rather than requiring him or her to learn the language or pronounce words phonetically. When the provider needs to obtain more information from the patient about his or her medical condition, the provider selects a question they wish to ask from a list of queries written in English and then simply points to the corresponding question in Spanish. The Spanish-speaking patient then needs only to answer “yes” or “no” to the questions posed to him or her. The English and the Spanish translation are laid out side-by-side, allowing the Englishspeaking provider to quickly find and point to the Spanish version. Moreover, the Field Guide’s topics are arranged alphabetically by medical condition, ensuring that the EMT can quickly and effectively communicate with his or her patient. $28.95

This guide provides quick access to critical lifesaving information. It was designed with the special needs of emergency services personnel and security professionals in mind! Durable, water-resistant, spiral bound, and compact, these specialized field guides are made for your convenience.

EMS providers learn the skills that allow them to give state-of-the-art care at the scene. Unfortunately, how to document that care so that it is not called into question two days or even two years down the road is often not taught in-depth. In order to help EMTs with this important subject, we assembled this water resistant, pocket-sized guide for providers at all levels, examining many of the common calls EMTs receive and following a standard protocol for the preparation of EMS run reports.






A tool that allows first responders and EMT-Basics to provide quality assistance to their ALS counterparts. The guide features bulleted text and illustrations that guide BLS personnel through critical knowledge and skills and will enable them to better recognize, assist, and anticipate the needs of an ALS provider. #MED1715

Designed as a companion to the Florida Regional Common EMS Protocols manual (#MED8083), this pocket-sized, spiral bound field guide allows for fast reference in the field. The protocols in the field guide are based on National Standards and the most recent clinical studies regarding the delivery of pre-hospital care.















3-YEAR WARRANTY 6’1” realistic manikin, in two weights

Train with real-life trauma conditions. Realistically replicates likely trauma conditions, and allows for CPR and first aid practice. Features carotid pulse, lifelike anatomical landmarks (including sternum, rib cage, and substernal notch), along with skin/skeletal responsiveness (such as realistic resistance for chest compressions). Airway ball valve design allows lungs to inflate with correct head position. Includes sweatsuit, five mouth/ nosepiece and five airway systems (with lungs). Instructors can extend training possibilities with additional moulage kit. 60 lbs. 50” x 12” x 21”. #TRAUMA1 CPR/Trauma Manikin #MNP023 Mouth/Nosepieces (10 pk) #LBG2030 Replacement lungs (20 pk) #BAG1373 Carrying bag #KIT6701 Trauma moulage kit

$939.95 $40.95 $10.95 $145.00 $523.90

Used by the US military, fire and police departments, as well as emergency and safety teams

RESCUE RANDY (FULL BODY) The official manikin of the Firefighter Combat Challenge. Used by the US Military, fire, and police departments, as well as safety teams and emergency personnel. Developed to replicate the most lifelike adult patient handling, transportation and extrication training, these manikins can be used safely in scenarios that might be too dangerous or uncomfortable for human volunteers. Made of tough cast vinyl with zinc-plated steel frame for durability and longevity. Features realistic human weight distribution and fully articulated joints for positioning in cars, or other critical rescue scenarios such as a mountain rescue, mine cave-in, tunnel or ladder carry-down. 6’1” tall, in two weights. Clothing not included. #RANDY145 6’ 1”, 145 lbs #RANDY165 6’ 1”, 165 lbs #BAG2094 Carry/Storage bag

$990.00 $1,130.00 $145.00

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MOULAGE MOVIE Moulage instruction is hard to find – but now, Simulaids has an effective video that addresses that need. Produced in conjunction with a leading artist using Hollywood techniques, the ‘Moulage Movie’ explains the use and application of every portion of casualty simulation. Instructors can start simply and go for realism; each segment of moulage is represented with the frames you’ll see during this 45 minute presentation. Use this movie as a base to build your repertoire of the most realistic moulage – and add challenge to your next casualty incident. #880


(888) 322-8350

MANIKINS – ALS LIFE/FORM® CRiSis™ MANIKINS Designed for every level of ACLS, EMT, paramedic, and nurse training. Complete resuscitation training systems with six skill stations that allow students to practice: CPR, blood pressure monitoring, IV therapy, airway management, ECG monitoring, and defibrillation. Each full-body manikin features an IV arm, a blood pressure arm, chest skin and an airway management head. Advanced features also include: comprehensive head and neck anatomy; cricoid cartilage; separate lungs for auscultation; suctioning and digital intubation capabilities; articulated biceps for antecubital and dorsal access.

COMPLETE CRiSis™ MANIKIN A complete resuscitation system including a full-body CPR manikin, airway management head, IV arm, blood pressure arm, and defibrillation chest skin. Three-year warranty; 55 lbs. (Replacement skin and vein kit available.)

In addition, all adult and pediatric CriSis Manikins offer realistic flashback from pressurized system; audible blood pressure sounds; five Korotkoff phases; auscultatory gap; as well as manual, semi-automatic and automatic defibrillation. Three-year warranty.

#ALS100 DELUXE CRiSis™ MANIKIN #ALS100D (with Arrhythmia ECG Simulator) DELUXE PLUS CRiSis™ MANIKIN #ALS100DP (with Arrhythmia ECG Simulator & Printer) #CASE1 Storage case #LF03652U Defibrillation chest skin

$3,250.00 $3,900.00 $5,275.00 $199.00 $615.00

Six skill stations plus comprehensive anatomy, airway management trainer, and IO infusion/ femoral access leg.

COMPLETE CHILD CRiSis™ MANIKIN Complete PALS training, with six skill stations, and important details such as: smaller vein tubing; articulated biceps for antecubital and dorsal access; replaceable skin, bones, and veins. Realistic anatomy of the mouth, tongue, oral pharynx, and larynx. Features the Life/form® Child Airway Management Trainer, IV arm, blood pressure arm, defibrillation chest skin, and intraosseous infusion/ femoral access leg. Three-year warranty; 20 lbs. #ALS200 DELUXE CHILD CRiSis™ MANIKIN #ALS200D (with ECG simulator)

$3,450.00 $3,950.00

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LIFE/FORM® INFANT CRiSis™ MANIKIN This state-of-the-art training manikin features tactile and visual realism. Also features a fully articulated head, jaw and neck; oral and digital intubation capabilities; realistic anatomy of the mouth and neck; and smaller lumen tubing that simulates infant veins. Students can practice airway management, umbilical catheterization, and venipuncture through: the IV arm and leg, cephalic and basilic veins, dorsal venous arch (on the hand and foot), and saphenous veins. Hard case. Additional accessories at Three-year warranty; 17 lbs. #ALS300 #ALS300D Deluxe Infant Crisis w/ Simulator #RP3624 Leg replacement kit (4 pk) #RP1109 Bone replacement kit (10 pk) #RP3639 IV leg replacement for skin/veins #RP3644 Lubricant

$1,545.00 $2,045.00 $71.50 $119.95 $99.95 $10.95


MANIKINS – ALS SMART STAT PATIENT SIMULATOR* (Scenario-based Medically Advanced Resuscitation Trainer) This economical, versatile simulator allows students at any level of proficiency to improve their skills and strengthen critical thinking skills. One-year warranty. • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Cynosis IO sternum and leg Mucus and foaming mounth for added realism IV catheterization CO2 discharge ECG simulator function Additional scenarios Optional trauma bleeding leg Easy-to-learn interface Tailor scenarios or specific skill practice Change conditions to improve skill response-time Challenge students as they progress Wireless design provides portability for creating training emergencies Cost-effective maintenance

Head features reactive pupils plus five conditions

Easy pocket or tablet notebook operation

INSTRUCTORS CAN ALSO ACCESS: • An extensive diagnostic heart and lung sound library for expanded auscultation practice • A full range of additional nursing skill training • Additional training scenarios #SMART-STAT $19,925.00 #SMART-407 SMART STAT battery leg $370.00 #SMART-408 SMART STAT amputated bleeding leg $145.00 #SMART-409 SMART STAT I/O leg $203.75 #SMART-410 SMART STAT Hospital Monitor $2,500.00 #SMART-411 SMART STAT battery charger $45.00



This 6’ 1” manikin features nine skill practice work stations, fully-articulating joints, and additional realistic features (including rib cage motion and multiple pulse points. This full-body, 130 lb model allows students to get a better sense of how to respond in a real emergency. PDA STAT Man offers a full range of advanced skill practice options: • Oral and nasal intubation • Bilateral chest tube placement with simulated fluid discharge

• Laryngospasm and cricothyrotomy

• Arrhythmia training and defibrillation

• Stomach distension

• 12 pulse points

• Tongue swell

• IV arm therapy

• Bilateral pneumothorax reduction The PDA allows instructors to choose a scenario from the PDA. This hands-off approach means students practice life-saving skills in a more realistic manner. Instructors can watch events unfold, question students about their actions, and teach critical thinking skills. Includes a hard storage case with wheels for easy transport, a sweat suit, and accessories. Contains latex. 73” x 34” x 12”; 130 lbs. #PDA-MAN #STAT-MAN Manikin with ECG simulator

$8,995.00 $4,795.00

with PDA


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MegaCode Kelly is a realistic manikin for training in a wide range of advanced life saving skills in pre-hospital emergencies. Features include:

MegaCode Kid is a realistic manikin for training in a wide range of pediatric advanced life saving skills in pre-hospital emergencies. MegaCode Kid has a realistic airway, 1400+ ECGs rhythms, defibrillation and pacing capabilities, and allows drug administration and intraosseous infusion to teach emergency skills. Features include:

• New improved airway allows for insertion of standard airway devices with the addition of the LMA and Combitube • 1400+ cardiac rhythms with synchronized pulses allows students to interpret and intervene using defibrillation, pacing, and drug administration • Use of clinical monitors, defibrillators, and external pacers for practice of live interventions • Instructor-controlled blood pressure arm allows for realistic palpation and auscultation. Systolic and diastolic pressures, ausculatory gap, and volume are variable • Allows student assessment of heart, breath and bowel sounds

• 1400 + cardiac rhythms with synchronized pulses allows students to interpret and intervene using defibrillation, pacing, and drug administration • Realistic pediatric airway for insertion of standard airway devices • Realistic needle insertion and feel at the medial malleolus and tibial tuberosity for intraosseous infusion • Intravenous drug administration via IV bolus or drip using the multivenous pediatric IV arm

• Pupillary assessment of normal, constricted and dilated pupils

• Allows for the auscultation of normal and abnormal heart, breath, and bowel sounds

• Intravenous drug administration via IV bolus or drip using the multivenous pediatric IV arm

• Speech increases realism of scenarios

• Chest tube insertion can be practiced at the left mid-axillary site, at the 4th and 5th intercostal spaces.

• Pre-programmed and instructor-controlled scenarios can aid standardized teaching

• VitalSim allows for increased functionality including creating, editing and running of scenarios.

• Trauma module available to add traumatic injuries and child abuse scars to the training scenario

• Optional accessories such as Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC), trauma, and bleeding control modules add realism to the training scenarios

MegaCode Kid Advanced (VitalSim Capable) Manikin includes the full body Manikin, Multi-Venous IV Training Arm, Intraosseous Leg, Manikin Lubricant, Jacket, Pants, Carry Case and Directions for Use. VitalSim is not included. See part number 200-10001.

MegaCode Kelly Advanced is shipped with the manikin, 6 Neck Skins, 1 roll of Criothyroid Membrane Tape, Airway Lubricant, Jacket, Pants,Carry Case, 6 Chest Tube Modules, BP Cuff, and Directions for use. VitalSim is not included. See part number 200-10001. Extended warranty available.

Extended warranty available. #231-05050 #231-15050 (VitalSim capabilities only)

$4,505.00 $2,594.00

#200-05050 $6,980.00 #203-05050 $3,995.00 (Does not include heart, breath, blood pressure, and bowel sounds)

VITALSIM VitalSim simulates a comprehensive array of core vital signs for effective scenario-based training and skills training. Connect this with the manikins above to increase the functionality. Benefits include preprogrammed and programmable scenarios provide standardized training and ease of use; simple user interface and wireless handheld controller which allows instructors to remain engaged with students for enhanced training; data logging and download capabilities for effective assessment and debriefing; simulates a comprehensive array of core vital signs for effective scenario-based training and skills training, and more! Includes Battery Case and Batteries (6), Remote Control including Batteries (4), Operating Device to Control Unit Cable, USB Cable for connection to PC, AC Adapter, Software CD, Carry Case and Directions for Use. Extended warranty available. #200-10001




Promote accurate neonatal resuscitation with this lifelike manikin

ALS BABY™ Unparalleled skin and airway realism provide enhanced training. Students can practice team rescue and scenario-based PALS training, including airway management, CPR, vascular access, and 4-lead ECG monitoring. Additional skill practice includes bag-valve mask ventilation, Sellick Maneuver, oral/nasal intubation, laryngeal mask use, gastric tube insertion, and intraosseous needle insertion (with aspiration of simulated bone marrow). Skin pad contains latex. One-year warranty; 18 lbs. #080030 Manikin #080031 Manikin w/ simulator REPLACEMENT PARTS #080015 Intraosseous Trainer (w/ leg and five IO pads) #082025 Lungs/stomach (6 pk) #252090 Airway lubricant #082305 Leg Replacement Pads (5 pk)

$1,420.00 $2,480.00 $420.00 $45.00 $13.00 $184.00

NEONATAL RESUSCITATION BABY Promote accurate neonatal resuscitation response with this lifelike manikin. Comprehensive anatomy includes trachea, esophagus, stomach, and simulated lungs. Students can practice the use of the shoulder roll, oro- and nasopharyngeal airway management, including bag-valve mask ventilation. Other life-saving skill practice includes NG/OG tube insertion and administration, gastric lavage/gavage, chest compressions and umbilical vein catheter procedure. Includes three replaceable umbilical cords, simulated umbilical blood, bottle, lubricant, pants, carrying case and directions. One-year warranty; 5 lbs. #240-00001 Manikin


STAT BABY Developed in conjunction with leading pediatric physicians, this affordable, lifelike simulator provides highly realistic rescue training. STAT Baby is constructed of new materials for developing superior tactile awareness and patient empathy, and a wide range of skill practice, including:

Construction features life-like range of motion and new materials for superior tactile awareness.



• IO leg • Peripheral IV (left hand and foot) • IM left deltoid and thigh and SC injection sites • PICC line • ET tube insertion • Laryngeal spasm • Tongue edema • LMA insertion

• NG tube placement with fluid reservoir • Feeding tube care • Rectal medication • Pulses (two brachial, two femoral, and two carotid) • Defibrillation (shock level 2-4 joules per kg) • Foley cath insertion (female manikin) • Pneumothorax

STAT Baby includes IV vein kit, replacement skins, two pneumothorax and two injection sites, four reservoir bags, defibrillator adapters, ECG simulator, and simulated blood powder. Contains latex. Three-year warranty; 18 lbs. #STAT-BABY


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The easy-to-operate arrhythmia/pacing simulator combines both defibrillator and external pacer training. Features 17 adult and 17 pediatric ECG rhythms, and the capacity to generate 3- or 4-lead rhythms. The RA, LA, and LL signal morphologies create accurate representations of QRS, R, and T axes. It features: 34 cardiac rhythm simulations; electronic capture during pacing; defibrillate/ cardiovert into waiting rhythm; high capacity discharge load, so students can defibrillate directly into simulator; and LED indicator that illuminates features and functions, including low battery. Compatible with most ALS manikins and defibrillators. Battery save feature turns off the simulator when not in use. Three-year warranty.

This hand-held simulator has 16 pre-programmed rhythms (both shockable and non-shockable) and three leads that can be connected to any monitor or defibrillator – ideal for ACLS classes where rhythm recognition is essential. Rhythms include sinus rhythm, sinus tach, sinus brady, SVT, PACs in NSR, atrial flutter and fibrillation, junctional escape, 1st- and 2nd-degree black, V Tach, and others. Virtually maintenance-free; operates on a 9v battery. Two-year warranty.







A universal interface that allows instructors to display arrhythmias on a regular television screen (not included). Compatible with all makes and models of arrhythmia simulators, the unit features a freeze button that allows instructors to freeze the action onscreen. Comes complete with 3-lead cable connector for a simulator and an interface cable that connects to a TV. Powered by AC current. Two-year warranty; 7 lbs.

Generate realistic 12-lead ECG rhythms – or connect your ECG cable to simulator’s 10 ECG snaps. Simulate electrical capture with your external pacer or press simulator capture key to select one of four pre-set pacing capture levels (70, 80, 90, or 100mA). 12 waveforms for defibrillation. Simulate cardioversion with your manual, semi-automatic, or automatic defibrillator. LEDs indicators for pacer pulse detection, defibrillation discharge detection, and low battery. Three-year warranty.



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#SIM12Z Zoll #SIM12P Physio Quik Combo #SIM12M Marquette #SIM12A Agilent #SIM12HP Hewlett Packard, R2

$978.95 $978.95 $978.95 $978.95 $978.95

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LIFE/FORM® TOTAL FAST 1™ ADULT STERNAL INTRAOSSEOUS INFUSION TRAINING SYSTEM Now medical professionals can achieve safer, more reliable, sternal IO access – in 60 seconds. The F.A.S.T. 1 Adult Sternal IO Simulator is specifically designed to aid in the training of this essential technique.


Intraosseous infusion is a proven way to get drugs and fluids into a patient fast. Each year, over one million attempts to place an IV line fail. The time to achieve IV access can often take more than 10 minutes. Paramedics, military, and other rescuers often work in confusing, disruptive environments, compounding the challenge of gaining rapid intravenous access. This trainer provides realistic practice that can reduce that response time to one minute – and save more lives. The Simulator includes the F.A.S.T. 1 Training System (#P01-044), which includes: SimIO system, demo introducer system, supplies for 10 demonstrations, training video, trainer’s manual, training CD, user’s manual, F.A.S.T. 1 procedure video, remover, target patch, reset tool, SimStern demo model, SimStern marrow model, insertion, and removal posters. 33.38 lbs. #WP-NP64044 Adult IO Infusion Training System #LF06400U Adult Sternal IO Infusion Simulator (alone) #LF06402U Sternal bone replacement (Pk of 20) #LF00845U Simulated blood mixture FAST 1 TRAINER

#FAST-201 F.A.S.T. 1 Trainer

$1,560.00 $1,035.00 $76.00 $12.95

Allows students to actually insert the FAST 1 infusion catheter using the FAST 1 demonstrator. A replaceable disk provides 10 FAST 1 insertions. Requires training kit. Cut IO access time to 60 seconds – and save more lives

#FAST-201 F.A.S.T. 1 Trainer #FAST-202 F.A.S.T. 1 Trainer Replaceable Disks

$99.95 $25.00



Developed in partnership with experts in the field, this system teaches sternal IO access technique, and provides vascular access in 60 seconds – with a 95% success rate. This technique offers a quick, effective alternative to IV infusion. FDA approved.

The SimIO System allows instructors to create highly realistic IO practice scenarios. This system can be used on volunteer ‘patients’ to practice and develop the sternal IO technique (all but actual penetration of the skin or sternum).

Includes: SimIO system, demo introducer system, supplies for 10 demonstrations, training video, trainer’s manual, training CD, user’s manual, F.A.S.T. 1 procedure video, remover, target patch, reset tool, SimStern demo model, SimStern marrow model, insertion, and removal posters.

SimIO System is reusable for cost-effective, repeat training. Includes: SimIO introducer, SimIO patch, protector dome, packaged remover, syringe, and instructions.

#P01-044 F.A.S.T. 1 Training System (Kit)



#P01-0015 SimIO Training Kit #P01-0042 Live Kit (for real rescue)

$130.97 $182.50

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Comprehensive training to practice pre-hospital chest trauma management, as well as ongoing chest tube maintenance. Cut-away viewing for visual anatomy check, with detailed musculature, ribs, and lungs. Features pressurized pneumothorax site and pleural effusion site. Includes five replaceable chest tube sites, five pneumothorax chest pads, and carrying case. Does not include chest tubes or drainage system. Three-year warranty.

This model allows medical personnel to practice proper needle insertion which enables built-up air pressure to escape the thorax. The model accepts needle and thoracotomy in second intercostal space in the midclavical line or fifth intercostal space in the midaxillary line. Complete with foot pump, replacement 2-piece pleural chamber, ribcage, and soft lifelike skin. Soft carry bag included. Procedural needle not included. #PNE1800 #RP1801 Replacement skin #RP1805 Two-piece pleural cavity

$518.95 $99.00 $35.00



LIFE/FORM® CRICOTHYROTOMY SIMULATOR Now all emergency personnel can perfect their emergency cricothyrotomy technique. The prominentia laryngea is prominent on the hyperextended neck. All landmarks are accurately placed and allow for fast action practice. Airway passes completely through from top to bottom which allows for correct stylet and obdurator placement once the ‘stab’ has been made. Replaceable trachea promotes long-term use. Comes complete with five replacement skins, five cartilage inserts, REN cleaner, instruction guide, and durable carrying case. #CTS1082 #LF01081U Replacement Kit (three skins and three inserts)

$635.00 $169.95

IV-CARDS IV Therapy is a set of 100 knowledge-based questions for the medical professional that provides IV therapy. These cards review the components of IV therapy skills and knowledge. The IV Therapy cards can be used as study flash cards or can be used to supplement the EMS CHALLENGE™ board game (#EMS-GAME). #IV-CARDS


PETER PICC LINE The rapid acceptance and use of Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC) means it’s essential that staff members can competently perform this important technique. You can teach the skills needed for sterile set up and insertion of the PICC line with this portable, lightweight teaching model. Features anatomically correct partial upper torso, superior vena cava, subclavian, jugular, median basilic, basilic and cephalic veins. The moveable chin simulates the occlusion of the jugular vein which can prevent the PICC from taking this path. Palpable ribs allow students to practice measuring proper catheter length and confirming proper placement of the distal tip of the catheter in the superior vena cava. Standard IV catheter placement is also possible in the major veins, which are barely visible through the translucent arm skin. Durable construction includes muscle tissue, arm and body skin, arm vein and body vein set. Comes complete with fluid bag (with tubing) in a durable, soft-sided cloth carrying case. 12 lbs. #VA600




Students have accessto antecubital basilic and cephalic sites, as well as the dorsal metacarpal veins.

Features realistic flashback and an extensive venipuncture and intramuscular system


3-YEAR WARRANTY LIFE/form® ADVANCED VENIPUNCTURE/INJECTION ARM A revolutionary training arm that provides complete venous access for IV therapy and phlebotomy—plus sites for intramuscular and intradermal injections. An extensive 8-line vascular system allows students to practice venipuncture at all primary and secondary locations: Basilic V., Dorsal Metacarpal V., Median Basilic V., Cephalic V., Digital V. This highly realistic training arm features soft, lifelike skin, rotating wrist, natural bony landmarks, and flexible fingers (with fingerprints). The replaceable skin rolls as the veins are palpated, and a discernible ‘pop’ is felt when entering the veins. This training arm can sustain hundreds of injections (normal use) before skin or veins need to be replaced. Includes 2 qts ‘blood,’ 3cc syringe, 12cc syringe, needle, two fluid bags, instruction manual, and carrying case. Three-year warranty. #IV1121 #IV1126 (dark skin) #LF01122U Replacement vein and skin

$575.00 $575.00 $155.00

This full-arm trainer provides unlimited access to the major veins in the arms and hands, as well as a deltoid IM injection site. Features include antecubital, basilic and cephalic sites, and dorsal metacarpal veins, allowing students to practice a variety of procedures. Includes blood reservoirs and simulated blood. Replacement skin, veins, and injection site available. Tubing contains latex. Three-year warranty. #IV120 #390 Replacement skin

$520.00 $47.00

IV ARM AND HAND For detailed venipuncture practice. Give students detailed exercises in venipuncture and IVs with these realistic models. Features include durable lifelike vein roll-over, palpable veins, and a characteristic pop when needle penetrates vein. Carry tray and simulated blood included. Veins contain latex. Three-year warranty. #IV146 IV Training Arm #IV147R IV Training Hand (right; left hands available)

$230.00 $230.00

CHESTER CHEST WITH NEW ADVANCED ARM Allows healthcare professionals to practice and master the use of most common types of vascular access devices, implanted ports, central venous catheters, and peripherally inserted central catheters. Students can also practice fluid infusion and withdrawal and dressing care. Offers dramatically realistic ‘human tissue’, and includes three inserts for creating difficult access scenarios. Add: The new advanced arm now has a dual lumen 5FR PICC exiting the basilic vein from the inner bicep area. Posterior to the PICC insertion site is a recessed area for the placement of the optional peripheral port (#NUR-VA417). An additional feature of the new arm is a pre-positioned 20g IV catheter in the forearm which is attached to a simulated “blood” reservoir bag to permit practice of “blood” withdrawal and fluid infusion. This is a complete unit consisting of a life-sized torso with neck and chin, advanced detachable arm, Outer Tissue Flap, three Difficult Accessing Inserts, an actual implanted port, CVC, PICC, openings for attachment of a subclavian or external jugular catheter, “blood” reservoir bags, tubing, talc baby powder and user’s information. Six-month warranty. #VA2400 $753.00 #VA2386 Advanced arm (replacement for VA400P, older model) $273.00 #VA501 Optional carrying case $85.00 #VA405 Outer tissue flap $69.00 #VA406 Generic port $59.00 #VA407 Central venous catheter $58.00 #VA408 PICC line $58.00 #VA417 Optional peripheral port $69.00 #VA420 Difficult Accessing Insert (simulates feel of shifting port) $47.00 #VA430 Difficult Accessing Insert (simulates feel of properly placed port on upper portion, or tipping port on lower) $47.00 #VA440 Difficult Accessing Insert (simulates deeply placed device) $47.00 #VA415 Standard arm $117.00


Learn and master vascular access devices, implanted ports, and catheter insertion

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INJECTION & BLOOD SAMPLING PRACTICE MODEL TYPE 1 A series of techniques such as confirmation of injection site, insertion hypodermic needle and injection of medicine are possible with this model. The pressurized blood vessel can be palpated, and needle insertion provides a feeling similar to that offered by a real human arm. Other features include: • Realistic skin. • The artificial blood features the same viscosity and color as an actual human body. • The skin conceals injection marks well, even after numerous practices. • Needle injection has the same feel as a human patient, giving the student realistic practice. • Easy exchange of both the skin and veins. The arm includes a blood vessel tube, an irrigator, simulated blood, an elbow rest, a stand, and carrying case. #LM-028


This lifelike training arm provides a multi-vein system designed for peripheral intravenous therapy. Students can practice venipuncture in the antecubital fossa or dorsum of the hand. Other training features include: • Rotation at deltoid for easier access during peripheral IV line insertion and removal • Accessible median, basilic, and cephalic veins • Palpable veins enable site selection and preparation Other features are: infusible veins allowing peripheral therapy with IV bolus or push injection method; intermittent infusion device insertion practice; assessment and rotation of site and dressing, including (latex) tubing change; and a replaceable cost-effective skin and vein system. All kits include an arm, replacement skin and multi vein system, simulated blood, blood bag with tubing and connector, clamp and hook, 5 syringes, manikin lubricant, carry case and directions for use. One-year warranty. #270-00001 Male arm #312029 Replacement skin & vein system-male #375-50001 Female arm #325-00350 Replacement skin & vein system-female #375-70001 Infant arm #375-70150 Replacement skin & veins system-infant

$572.00 $172.00 $572.00 $166.00 $383.00 $150.00


LIFE/form® ADVANCED HAND The ideal simulator for advanced IV training! Now, for the first time, Life/form® realism is available in an injectable hand simulator. The dorsal surface of the incredibly realistic hand includes injectable metacarpal, digital, and thumb veins. The soft, flexible fingers are molded separately with extreme attention to detail… right down to the fingerprints! Students have the opportunity to develop important manipulation skills provided by the flexion of the wrist. The skin rolls as you palpate the veins, and you’ll feel the characteristic “pop” when the vein is entered. The simulated veins and skin are completely replaceable, allowing you to keep your Advanced IV Hand working and looking like new. Under normal use, hundreds of injections may be performed before the veins or skin need to be replaced. #IV1139 #IV1146 (dark skin)

$255.00 $255.00

This patented IV trainer is so economical because each student can have their own for venipuncture practice which means no more precious class time wasted waiting for their turn! This IV trainer is easily attached to a person’s arm so the student can practice venipuncture techniques on a live subject, including the proper positioning on an actual human arm, without the risks associated with puncturing living tissue. The trainer includes the three main veins used in phlebotomy - cephalic, basilic, and median cubital - all in correct anatomical position. An arterial vessel is present on the trainer for arterial blood gas simulation, and can also be used as a tool for showing how to correct the puncture through a vein into an artery. Besides performing actual IV practice, the trainer helps students learn essential patient communication skills such as explaining the procedure to the patient, asking them to close their fist, etc. #IV1162 (white) #IV1163 (black) #IV1175 (clear)

$54.95 $54.95 $54.95


SKILLS SIMULATORS – VENOUS ACCESS Four- or two-vein models available

Offers veins in a variety of diameters

VENIPUNCTURE TRAINING AID ADVANCED VENIPUNCTURE TRAINING AID Used by many hospitals and home health agencies. Your patients’ veins aren’t all one size, so why not offer them a trainer that will better reflect real-life venipuncture scenarios? This advanced aid permits the injection of fluids and drawing blood, with practice on the more difficult task of working with smaller veins. Features four barely discernible veins in three diameters, with a fourth, deeplyplaced vein hidden in a semi-transparent material. Students will feel a pop as the needle enters the vein, followed by a realistic flashback of simulated blood confirming proper needle placement. Made of latex-free Dermalike material that allows more needle sticks without tearing, and 50% less needle drag when puncturing. #VA1365 #VA375 Carry case #VA491 Stain-resistant simulated blood (1 qt)

A unique training aid that provides realistic venipuncture training, including practice of the new no stick IV access devices. The model displays barely discernible blue veins, partially hidden in a semi-transparent, tissue-like material. When accessing, the skin rolls realistically and students hear a pop as the needle is inserted. Proper placement is confirmed by drawing back on the syringe. If the tip has either not been advanced far enough or advanced too far, students will feel resistance which allows them to perfect their technique. Both the four- and two-vein model offer veins in a variety of diameters for creating realistic training. Made of latex-free Dermalike material that allows more needle sticks without tearing, and 50% less needle drag when puncturing. #VA354 #VA352 Two veins

$126.00 $87.00

$297.00 $31.00 $12.55

Geriatric arm features replaceable pads prefilled with simulated bone marrow

Practice IV and IV catheter technique


GERIATRIC IV TRAINING ARM Developed from a live cast, this arm is unique to the industry. Features include veins that roll away or disappear as students attempt to catheterize the vessel, and exceptionally realistic thin skin that authentically replicates the skin texture of an older patient. The perfect addition to geriatric IV and rescue training. Includes two IV reservoir bags, one pack of simulated blood powder, and durable carrying bag. Three-year warranty. #IV610 #RP144 Additional reservoir bag #RP225 Additional simulated blood powder


$520.00 $10.00 $14.50

Ideal for perfecting venipuncture and injection techniques, including starting IVs and introducing IV catheters. Elegant construction and fine detail (right down to fingerprints). Realistic training includes skin that rolls as you palpate and a pop students can feel as the needle penetrates the vein. Veins are accessible at the antecubital fossa, along the forearm, and at the back of the hand, allowing for venipuncture at common sites, as well as realistic intramuscular injection practice. Replaceable skins and veins. Aerosol sealant is available to seal punctures in the tubing and prevent leakage. Includes Life/form Arm with white skin, blood donor set, infusion set, 3 cc syringe, 12 cc syringe, needle, 1 pint simulated blood, teaching guide, and hard carrying case. African American models available. Three-year warranty. #IV698 #IV997 (dark skin) #RP966 Skin/vein replacement kit

$470.00 $470.00 $102.95

(888) 322-8350



The Life/form® Intraosseous Infusion Simulator is a dramatic and exciting 3-YEAR training aid designed to WARRANTY demonstrate and simulate the intraosseous infusion procedure. Students will be able to learn and practice, with incredible accuracy and realism, a procedure which has been difficult to simulate in the past. Prior to the Intraosseous Infusion Simulator, educators resorted to unsanitary chicken and turkey bones. PALS programs will find this teaching aid a convenient and sanitary alternative.This simulator is also very cost-effective due to replacement bones and skins which extend the life of the simulator indefinitely. Use a 15-gauge needle during simulation. The bones used in the model have been designed with four sides, each side having the ability to be punctured several times. In addition, three palpable landmarks, including patella, tibia, and tibial tuberosity are located in both legs. Both legs have also been designed so that aspiration is possible. Life/form® Intraosseous Infusion Simulator represents a six-month-old infant. Included with the simulator are 10 replaceable bone inserts, 2 sets of replacement leg skins, 2 white towelettes, syringe with tubing, blood powder, sealing wax, 1/2 oz. liquid lubricant, mixing bottle, needle, and hard carrying case. Three-year warranty. #IV311 #LF01110U Skin replacement kit #RP1109 Bone replacement kit (10pk)

$595.00 $69.95 $119.95

NITA NEWBORN The most realistic newborn on the market. This anatomically correct 4lb, 16oz newborn is designed for a variety of skill practice, including standard venipuncture, PICC, blood withdrawal, tube insertion, and central venous and umbilical catheter management. Features selfhealing, median basilic and auxiliary veins. Contains latex. 3.45 lbs. #NITA1 #VA801 Replacement skin & vein #VA803 Replacement veins #VA802 Replacement umbilical valve

A special, extremely thin, synthetic skin is paired with rubber tubing featuring a small lumen and thin walls. The greater and lesser saphenous veins are accessible, as well as the dorsal venous arch on the foot. Comes with two IV bags with clamps, one pint Life/form® blood, one 3 cc syringe, one 22-gauge needle, a winged infusion set and a three-year warranty. #IV3636


LIFE/form® PEDIATRIC IV ARM A special, extremely thin, synthetic skin, and rubber tubing with appropriately small lumen and thin walls. The cephalic and basilic vein are accessible, as well as the dorsal venous arch on the hand. Includes two IV bags with clamps, one pint Life/form® blood, and winged infusion set. Three-year warranty. Size: 8” x 5” x 5”. #IV3637


$622.00 $168.00 $96.00 $33.00

INFANT INTRAOSSEOUS LEG Lifelike reproduction designed for training students in infant intraosseousinfusion techniques. Features include: • Intraosseous needle insertion • Aspiration of simulated bone marrow • Replaceable latex pads prefilled with simulated bone marrow • One-year warranty #080015 #082305 Latex leg replacement pads (5 pk)

PEDIATRIC INJECTABLE TRAINING ARM Features replaceable pads prefilled with simulated bone marrow

$420.00 $184.00

Soft foam construction accurately simulates the deltoid muscle and allows students to better prepare for administering intramuscular injections to children. Simulated bone in the shoulder defines and limits the injection area. Water may be used as an injection fluid in the shoulder area. Includes a Life/ Form Arm, fluid supply bag, 3 cc syringe, 1 pint simulated blood, teaching guide, and hard carrying case. Three-year warranty. #IV958 $418.95 #RP986 Skin/vein replacement kit $102.95



LIFE/form® DIABETIC INJECTION PAD This pad has the look and feel of human skin which makes it ideal for diabetic instruction and injection practice. May be worn on the body in specific locations (stomach, thigh, upper arm) to allow patients to inject fluid into the pad to practice giving themselves injections. Pad is thick enough to accept all insulin needles. For safety purposes, the 6-1/4”L x 4-1/2”W x 3/4”D oval pad has a hard plastic backing to prevent the needle from poking through the pad and into the wearer’s skin. Has a 1” wide nylon strap with an adjustable plastic buckle. #IS8238



LIFE/form® INTRAMUSCULAR INJECTION SIMULATOR Here is the perfect volunteer for training your beginning health care students to administer intramuscular injections. Always available for class demonstrations or practice by groups of 1 to 30, the Life//form® Intramuscular Injection Simulator offers both visual and tactile learning. A simulated bony structure is embedded in the torso and represents the superior end of the femur, or greater trochanter, the posterior superior and anterior superior iliac spines, and the sacrum. The bony structure provides palpable anatomical landmarks so students can identify proper injection sites.


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A section of the upper, outer quadrant of the left gluteal area is cut away to allow students to visualize the underlying structures. The gluteus medius and gluteus maximus muscles, sciatic nerve, and vascular structures are clearly shown. Three types of intramuscular injections can be taught and practiced on this simulator: dorsogluteal, ventrogluteal, and vastus lateralis injections. As with all Life/form® replicas and simulators, the Intramuscular Injection Simulator is extremely realistic. Skin and muscle textures, as well as bone shape and position, closely resemble a live patient. As a result, perforation of the tissue with a needle duplicates the sensation of administering an actual injection. Life/form® Intramuscular Injection Simulator comes complete with teaching guide, supply of syringes, a hard carrying case, and a three-year warranty. #IS961



(888) 322-8350

SKILLS SIMULATORS – INJECTIONS GLUTEAL INTRAMUSCULAR INJECTION MODEL This model includes a series of techniques such as needle insertion and drug solution injection. Characteristics: • Internal alarm alerts when incorrect region is injected. • Realistic practice reduces the anxiety students may have during clinical practice. • Syringe infusion can be performed. • Realistic needle placement. • The injection site and skin can be easily replaced. Injection Sites: • The correct injection site is located near the center of the upper right quadrant and 1/3 the distance from the iliac crest. • The correct injection sphere is 5 cm in diameter, which is the approximation of the subcutaneous panniculus adiposus, and the panniculus. • The iliac crest, iliac spine, anterior superior iliac spine, anterior inferior iliac spine, trochanter major and pubic bone can be palpated. This model includes the AC adapter, drainage tube, and carrying case. One-year warranty. #LM-027



Now your students can practice intradermal injections safely and conveniently with the Life/form® Intradermal Injection Simulator. The unit consists of a casting molded from a real forearm from the wrist to just below the elbow. Life/form® vinyl skin provides realistic feel and appearance to ensure a realistic training experience. The arm features eight sites for practicing intracutaneous injections. If fluid is properly injected, a characteristic skin welt will form. The welt is removed by withdrawing the fluid after practice. Each site is reusable by dozens of students. Life/form® Intradermal Injection Simulator includes an arm section with eight injection sites, sealant, syringe, teaching guide, a storage box and a three-year warranty. Size: 13” x 11” x 5” #IS1008



An innovative yet affordable simulator that is realistic in nature, with a chance for aspiration. Because there is fluid in vessels deep within the simulated tissue, there is an actual possibility of seeing simulated blood in the hub of the needle on aspiration. Students will be able to use critical thinking skills they have learned through didactic training and put those skills to use in a clinical simulation. The device fits on the area of the deltoid muscle as well as the vastus lateralis, rectus femoris, ventrogluteal, and dorsogluteal areas for realism. Pad measures 6” x 3” x 1”. Three-year warranty. #IS1184 #IS1185 (dark skin)

$69.95 $69.95

LIFE/form® PORTABLE IV TRAINER The economical Life/form® Portable IV Training Hand or Arm combines realism, fine detail, and lightweight convenience in a single trainer. This self-contained trainer is packaged in a plastic case that can be converted into a work station. Trainer includes everything you will need to begin training and practicing IV skills. The Life/form® Portable IV Trainer is constructed of soft material with life-like veins in the skin surface that are visible and palpable. Veins are accessible at the back of the hand, making it possible to practice venipuncture at any of the common sites. When puncturing through the vinyl skin and veins, the skin will actually roll as you palpate the veins and the characteristic “pop” can be felt as the needle penetrates the vein. These trainers are the ideal way to teach venipuncture techniques including starting IVs and introducing Over the Needle IV catheters, and a realistic flashback will be observed when the needle has been accurately inserted into the vein. This trainer is inexpensive enough so that each student can have their own hand to practice technique and skills required in their courses. Under normal use, hundreds of injections may be performed. The skins and veins cannot be changed (trainer will eventually need to be replaced). Included with each trainer is two IV bags, packet of blood powder and spoon, base with stand, two pinch clamps, 3 cc syringe, 12 cc syringe, 12 gauge needle, a winged infusion set, and a plastic clamshell case to store and transport the trainer and components. #IV700 IV Hand Trainer #IV701 IV Arm Trainer

$175.00 $175.00



TRUCORP AIRSIM ADVANCE Raise the bar on the realism of your training. AirSim Advance features an anatomically accurate nasal passage, inflatable tongue to increase difficulty of airway and an option to include “breakout teeth” to simulate the effects of bad practice in laryngoscopy. The AirSim Advance features the uniquely constructed AirSim airway, designed to provide true, anatomically correct and visually accurate internal features. The addition of a “real-feel” skin covering provides a more realistic bag mask ventilation training experience. AirSim Advance features an improved neck design allowing for accurate articulation. AirSim Advance is ideal for training in: • Effective bag mask ventilation • Tracheal and naso• Use of full range of supraglottic devices tracheal intubation • Video and standard laryngoscopy • Awake fiber-optic examination All AirSims are shipped with a “lung”, a CD-ROM containing a product manual and a video of insertion techniques. Products are contained in a lightweight canvas carry case and are covered with a one-year warranty with extended terms available on request. Trucorp recommends the following equipment sizes for optimal performance: 7.0-7.5 mm ID for nasal intubation 8.0-9.0 mm ID for oral intubation Size 3 and 4 for LMA laryngeal masks (similar respective sizes for other supreglottic devices) Size 35F–37F for endobronchial tubes

#AMT91100 AirSim Advance Model #AMT91101 Advance with Breakout Teeth

$2,000.00 $2,100.00




The RespiTrainer Advance puts you inside your patient’s airway and lungs with instant feedback to your pocket PC or laptop. RespiTrainer combines IngMar Medical’s QuickLung with the unparalleled fidelity of TruCorp’s AirSim Advance head and airway design to truly prepare you for real life scenarios. EMS and respiratory care training can use this for education and competency testing in:

Achieve a higher level of patient care and safety with the most realistic and ventilator-friendly test lung available today! Features include:

Bag-mask ventilation and head positioning, LMA and ET-tube insertion, use of full range of superglottic devices, video and standard laryngoscopy, tracheal & naso-tracheal intubation. Features include: • Performance feedback system with adjustable test lung • Uniquely constructed airway for anatomically correct and visually accurate internal features • Inflatable tongue to increase the difficulty of the airway • Anatomically correct naso, oro, and laryngopharynx • Neck design allows for accurate articula • “Real-feel” skin covering for a more realistic bag-mask ventilation training experience #1530700 #1530800 (with PDA)

$4,950.00 $5,489.00

• Easy set-up: Compact 7.5” x 11” footprint. Works accurately from a table or suspended from a ventilator. • Ventilator triggering: Check ventilator response to patient respiratory efforts by lifting the QuickLung bellows panels. Simulates a physiologically correct (negative pressure) respiratory effort, unlike bladder-style test lungs that require a positive pressure “squeeze” to achieve an uncontrolled negative pressure rebound. • Regulatory compliance: Easily adjustable parabolic resistance and compliance settings correspond to IEC 60601-212 ventilator performance standards. • Durable: Robust components include bellows system of durable Hypalon® with wire-reinforced convolutions and enclosure of lightweight metal alloy. • Compatible with all ventilators, from ICU to transport and combine with any flow/volume/ pressure analyzer for a complete ventilator testing system. Includes carrying bag. #1500100



(888) 322-8350


AMBU® TUBECHEK™ This easy-to-use, disposable tool verifies proper ET tube placement and takes advantage of anatomical differences between the trachea and the esophagus. It’s durable and reliable – even in cardiac arrest. Features include fast, immediate results; no calibration; and no risk of ventilating stomach. Glows in the dark for use in low-light conditions; long shelf life. #TUBE-01 Syringe style #TUBE-02 Bulb style

$4.38 $4.38



This full-size torso features anatomical landmarks including sternum, rib cage, and substernal notch. This trainer has teeth, uvula, vocal chords, glottis, epiglottis, larynx, arytenoids cartilage, esophagus, inflatable lungs, stomach, and trachea. Students can practice intubation on the oral and nasal airway, n.g. tube placement, and bag valve mask ventilation. Includes durable soft carrying bag. 27” x 17” x 10”; One-year warranty;14 lbs.

Realistic practice is the key to developing true proficiency in airway management. This lifelike upper torso and head simulates real-world complications including the Sellick Maneuver, handling laryngospasm, clearing an obstructed airway, suctioning liquid foreign matter, visual inspection of lung expansion, stomach inflation, and vomiting situation. Can be used with Combitubes and Laryngeal Mask Airway. Includes the Airway Demonstration Model, cleaning kit, lubricant, carrying case, and instructions. 10” x 18” x 30”; One-year warranty; 35 lbs.



#25000033 Airway Management Trainer #252500 Airway Demonstration Model #252800 Simulated vomit #252090 Airway lubricant

$1,665.00 $150.00 $32.00 $13.00

ECONOMY ADULT TRAINER This detailed adult intubation head comes mounted for advanced airway management training. Students can learn head/neck anatomy, endotracheal intubation, and nasotracheal intubation. Use of field emergency airway adjunct tubes like LMAs and Combitube, securing, and suctioning, and maintenance of the installation can all be practiced with this unit. Includes convenient soft carrying bag, lubricant, and instructions. 21” x 9” x 10”; Three-year warranty; 10 lbs. #AMT500


AMBU® INTUBATION TRAINER This affordable trainer offers accurate anatomy including mouth, nostrils, teeth, tongue, pharnyx, epiglottis, vocal chords, trachea, esophagus, and lungs. Features also include realistic head tilt and spine movement. Acoustic signals help students correct mistakes. Use with LMA and CombiTube (page 75). Includes soft case. One-year warranty. #186-000




INFANT AIRWAY MANAGEMENT TRAINER The Laerdal Infant Airway Management Trainer provides the realistic anatomy of a 3-month-old infant for teaching and practicing basic and advanced airway management skills. The realism is further enhanced by the elasticity of the new unique tissue and skin material. Other features include: • Lifelike anatomy of the tongue, oropharynx, epiglottis, larynx, vocal cords and trachea • Bag-Valve Mask ventilation • Sellick Maneuver • Intubation (oral and nasal) • Laryngeal Mask Airway (LMA) • Realistic tissue simulation • Correct tube placement can be checked by practical inflation test • Simulated stomach inflation Includes airway lubricant and instructions. One-year warranty. #250-00250


NEONATAL INTUBATION TRAINER Practice intubation skills on this newborn baby. Robust and realistic, this model allows students to acquire skills that are essential in a clinical setting: • Oral and nasal intubation • Bag-valve-mask ventilation • Checking for correct tube placement with practical inflation tests Includes lubricant and directions. Lungs contain latex. #250-00101 #252090 Airway lubricant

$480.00 $13.00

CHILD/INFANT AIRWAY A convenient combination for pediatric and infant airway management training. These detailed trainers are designed to teach oral and nasal endotracheal intubation procedures on children and infants. Anatomy features include: teeth, uvula, vocal chords, glottis, epiglottis, larynx, arytenoid cartilage, trachea, esophagus, and inflatable lungs and stomach. Mounted on practice boards for easy class use. Includes a sturdy nylon bag and lubricant. #AMT125 Child model (3-year-old) #LBG120C Child replacement lung/stomach (3 pk) #AMT115 Infant model #LBG120 Infant replacement lung/stomach (3 pk)

$605.00 $7.00 $605.00 $20.00

AMBU® LARYNGEAL MASK Provides safety and convenience in a sterile, single-use design. The unique curved airway tube replicates human anatomy and a reinforced tip ensures correct placement. The cuff and airway tube are a singleunit, with smooth sides, and the ultra thin pilot balloon provides precise tactile indication of intubation. The extra soft cuff is 0.4mm thick to ensure the best possible seal with the least amount of intra-cuff pressure. Packaged in individual sterile peel-packs. Connector is 15mm; maximum intra-cuff pressure is 60cm H20. Kit includes mask, syringe, and lubricant. For training and real rescue. #LM3211K (KIT) #LM3212K (KIT) #LM3213K (KIT) #LM3214K (KIT) #LM3215K (KIT)


Size 1, 0-11 lbs, Max. Cuff infl. vol-4ml Size 2, 22-44 lbs, Max. Cuff inf. vol-10ml Size 3, 66-110 lbs, Max. Cuff infl. vol-20ml Size 4, 110-154 lbs, Max. Cuff infl. vol-30ml Size 5, 154-220 lbs, Max. Cuff infl. vol-40ml

$27.81 $27.81 $27.81 $27.81 $27.81

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LARYNGOSCOPE BLADES Made of polished, surgical grade stainless steel, these blades have been continually refined to minimize maintenance. The satin finish produces a glare-free blade, which enhances airway visualization. Point is nylon-insulated for longer life. Serrated metal casing and frosted lenses. Ships with a bulb; replacement bulbs are available. MACINTOSH (CURVED) #R6044 Adult large (size 4) #R6033 Adult (size 3) #R6022 Child (size 2) #R6011 Infant (size 1) DISPOSABLE MACINTOSH #R004804 Adult large (size 4) #R004803 Adult (size 3) #R004802 Child (size 2) #R004801 Infant (size 1) MILLER (STRAIGHT) #R6183 Adult (Size 3) #R6172 Child (Size 2) #R6161 Infant (Size 1) DISPOSABLE MILLER #R004853 Adult (size 3) #R004852 Child (size 2) #R004851 Infant (size 1)

$28.99 $28.99 $28.99 $28.99 $5.70 $5.70 $5.70 $5.70

DISPOSABLE LARYNGOSCOPE BLADE KIT Features blades for all age patients, plus handle, in a secure storage case. Includes one each of the following blades: Miller: premature, infant, child, medium adult and Mac: infant, child, medium adult, and large adult. Blades cannot be sterilized; single use. Replacement blades available. #R0048


VIEWMAX™ This patented, affordable lens system can enhance the visualization of the vocal chords one grade (20° from horizontal – even in the most difficult cases. Designed by an anesthesiologist to function like a standard laryngoscope. Provides a clearer view of the larynx and vocal chords. #R5002 Pediatric (compatible to a Mac 2) #R1100 Fiber Optic Handle

$150.00 $85.00

$28.99 $28.99 $28.99 $5.70 $5.70 $5.70

LARYNGOSCOPE HANDLE Compatible with all standard/conventional blades and manufactured to ISO 7673 standards. Professional design meets specifications and requires minimal maintenance. Made of chrome-plated brass and available in two sizes: standard and small. Batteries not included. #R4122 Standard (uses 2 C batteries) #R4111 Small (uses 2 AA batteries)

$25.99 $25.99



Designed to provide rapid intubation and effective ventilation for emergency or difficult situations. Provides rapid ventilation whether placed in the esophagus or trachea. Requires no restraining devices. Packaged in a convenient poly rollup bag. #CBT100 Adult #CBT101 Small Adult #CBT-100T Combitube Trainer

$59.60 $58.75 $95.00






Made of malleable aluminum covered with plastic sheath that has a lubricated Satin-Slip surface. Helps reduce friction between the stylet and the tracheal tube to allow for easy insertion and withdrawal. Sheath extends beyond tip to reduce the risk of trauma should stylet extend beyond tip of tracheal tube.

Flexible stylet provides optimal rigidity to direct safe, smooth endotracheal tube entry by maintaining your custom, pre-adjusted configuration. Features a soft distal tip end. Sterile.

Malleable nylon-coated wire with Sureloc® Stop that maintains the desired length for patient safety. Handle-forming capability for a better grip. Sterile.

#R2507 14 Fr (45 cm) (20 pk) #R2503 10 Fr (44 cm) (20 pk) #R2501 6 Fr (30 cm) (20 pk)

#R3110 Large (10 Fr) (25 pk) #R3108 Medium (8 Fr) (25 pk) #R3106 Small (6 Fr) (25 pk)

#R2507-S 14 Fr (each) #R2503-S 10 Fr (each) #R2501-S 6 Fr (each)

$3.99 $3.99 $3.99

$57.99 $57.99 $57.99

$79.99 $79.99 $79.99

ENDOTRACHEAL TUBES These tubes can be used for both oral and nasal intubations. Smooth, gently cupped Murphy Eye tip, with easy-to-view, bold depth marks. Close fitting low pressure cuff for easier intubation. Cuff provides easy visualization. Available with cuffed or uncuffed ends. In easy-to-open, sterile packaging.

NASAL AIRWAYS #R3316 16Fr Adult (10 pk) #R3324 24Fr Adult (10 pk) #R3328 28Fr Adult (10 pk)

$29.99 $29.99 $29.99

SAFETY CLEAR® CUFFED #R2080 Murphy (8.0 mm) (10/pkg) #R2075 Murphy (7.5 mm) (10/pkg) #R2070 Murphy (7.0 mm) (10/pkg) SAFETY CLEAR® UNCUFFED #R2050 Murphy (5.0 mm) (10/pkg) #R2040 Murphy (4.0 mm) (10/pkg) #R2030 Murphy (3.0 mm) (10/pkg)

$17.99 $17.99 $17.99 $16.99 $16.99 $16.99

See the Cricothyromtomy Trainer on page 64



Allows quick and safe access for ventilation in an acute respiratory emergency situation. Kit consists of a pre-assembled emergency cricothyrotomy unit with a 10mm syringe attached to a padded neck strap and a connecting tube (with 15mm adapter) for immediate ventilation. Other specifics include removable stopper to reduce the risk of damage to the rear wall of the trachea and a conical needle tip to guarantee the smallest stoma. Single-use; sterile; latex-free.

This effective holder secures ET tubes without tape. Features quick-set locking screw, Velcro® neck strap, and foam-padded backing for patient comfort. Pliable bite block keeps tube open.

#R0020 2.0 mm #R0040 4.0 mm


#R4500 Adult #R4400 Pediatric

$4.00 $4.00

$152.00 $152.00

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COMPLETE LIFE/form® AUSCULTATION TRAINING STATION Now there is an even better way to teach and learn auscultation skills! Included with the Life/form® Auscultation Trainer and SmartScope™ (#NUR-AUS1142), the Auscultation Practice Board guides students through the transition from anatomical drawings to a three-dimensional torso. Using the same technology as the Auscultation Trainer, the Anterior Auscultation Practice Board (#NUR-AUS1190) will cause the SmartScope™ to emit various sounds dependent on the location of the stethoscope. Amplifier/Speaker System included. Three-year warranty. #AUS1191 #AUS1200 AUS1191 plus the AUS1199

$3,250.00 $3,715.00

POSTERIOR AUSCULTATION PRACTICE BOARD ONLY The Auscultation Board can be used by itself or added as an option to enhance the auscultation training station. Features 12 posterior lung locations: six upper posterior, four lower posterior, and two mid-auxiliary. Includes 16” x 20” posterior board (no case), adhesive patches to attach to case if desired, and vinyl carry case, easel, and instructions. Smartscope and remote control not included. #AUS1199




CLINICAL NURSE POCKET GUIDE Convenient and handy, this pocket guide has all the information a clinical nurse would need at their finger tips. See page 56 for more details.



AUSCULTATION TRAINER & SMARTSCOPE™ The instructor selects from a menu of heart and lung conditions by wireless remote control. The manikin presents itself as a real patient without visible auscultation sites. The student must palpate to identify correct auscultation locations, and will hear different heart and lung sounds as the Smartscope™ is moved to different locations on the manikin. A diagnosis of the condition selected by the instructor can be made by comparing the variations in sounds occurring at different sites. Just like a real patient! Lung Conditions to Select with the Remote: Bronchovesicular, Bronchial, Cavernous, Coarse Crackle, Egophony, Fine Crackle, Friction Rub, Infant, Mono Wheeze, Normal Lung, Pectoriloquy, Pulmonary Edema, Rhonch, Stridor, Vesicular, and Wheeze. Heart Conditions to Select with Remote: Aortic Regurgitation, Atrial Septal Defect, Holosystolic, Midsystolic, Mitral Stenosis, Normal, PDA, Pulmonary, Stenosis, S3 Gallup, S4 Gallup, Systolic Click, and VSD. Lung sounds can be detected at five anterior, 10 posterior, and two midaxillary locations. Students can practice auscultation at six anterior heart sites. The remote control does not have to be pointed directly at the manikin or SmartScope™ to operate. One remote control will operate multiple sets of SmartScopes™ and/or manikins simultaneously. Great for group instruction. Listen to the sounds by either using headpieces on SmartScope™ or by connecting to an amplifier/speaker (not included). Range on the unit is up to 100 ft. of remote access. Includes manikin, one remote control with LCD display, and one SmartScope™ with single- and dual-user headpieces, and hard storage case. Operates using two “AA” and two “AAA” batteries (included). Three-year warranty. #AUS1142 #AUS1190 Anterior Auscultation Practice Board w/ case only #AMP2014 Amplifier/Speaker (10-watt and AC power cord)

$2,695.00 $799.00 $205.75

LIFE/form® DELUXE BLOOD PRESSURE SIMULATOR WITH SPEAKER SYSTEM This lifelike simulator allows the presetting of values for both systolic and diastolic pressures. Provides an excellent means to practice listening to and distinguishing blood pressure sounds prior to actual clinical experience. It is possible to audibly discern the five Korotkoff phases. Many times when working with a live subject, pressures are difficult to auscultate, making accurate evaluation of student proficiency almost impossible, and undermining the student’s self-confidence. With this realistic unit, the student can find the preset results and the instructor can unfailingly know if the student has performed the procedure accurately. The electronically generated sounds are digitally recorded. Control Unit Allows Instructor to: • Select systolic and diastolic settings • Adjust pulse rate • Adjust Volume • Turn ausculatory gap on or off • Easily calibrate unit for use with any sphygmomanometer Students: • Use normal procedure to place cuff on arm • Check palpable pulse at the radial site • Pump cuff • Pressures are activated at release valve • Read pressures on sphygmomanometer • Auscultate Korotkoff sounds with any stethoscope through a speaker in the arm Includes blood pressure simulator and amplifier speaker system. Three-year warranty. #BP1129 $1,120.00

BLOOD PRESSURE TRAINING ARM Lifelike adult arm with electronic trainer designed for training procedure of NIBP (non-invasive blood pressure) measurement. Features include: • Palpable brachial and radial pulse • LCD guided operation • Systolic, diastolic, heart rate and auscultatory gap are programmable • Representation of both systolic and diastolic pressures • Indication of gauge reading as pressure is increased or decreased • Adjustable volume This training arm includes an adult arm, blood pressure trainer, cuff, 2 ‘AA’ batteries, trainer controller and carrying case. #375-40501 $1,040.00


VITALSIM Connect this unit to the blood pressure trainer (above) in order for the trainer to function. Includes the unit, battery case and batteries (6), remote control with batteries (4), cable, USB cable for connection to PC, AC adapter, software CD, carrying case, and directions for use. #200-10001


(888) 322-8350



BREAST CANCER TRAINING MODEL This breast cancer training model was developed so that knowledge of typical cancer conditions can be acquired by inspection and by palpation of the organ on the basis of the symptoms of breast cancers at various stages. Most breast cancers are detected by a palpation of a lump. The smaller the cancer, the more readily it heals after treatment. This model will demonstrate not only lumps but also dimples, swelling of the lymphonodi axillares, depression to the nipple, and changes to the skin. Includes a storage case. #LM-018

A lifelike teaching form made from BIOLIKE 2™ synthetic tissue which is also used to make breast prostheses. The form is embedded with five simulated tumors illustrating different types of common lumps in the breast. A form may be examined while held over the woman’s breast, or while it lies in its carrying case. The form’s skinlike feel to the touch is almost magical, but it is durable and may be washed with soap and water. Includes carrying case. #NUR1313



HEAVY-DUTY BREAST SELF-EXAMINATION MODEL A durable breast self-examination model that uses the “teach by touch” method so women can learn the feel of five different lumps simulated to duplicate real tumors. Women can feel the model in their hands or over their own breast. Washable with soap and water. Includes a permanent cover for high volume use. Complete with carrying case. Measures 6” L x 4” W.




Find out the facts about breast cancer, mammography, and BSE with this educational flip chart. Text on the back of six full-color panels helps the instructor give a clear presentation. Measures 12” x 17”. #NUR2739


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BREAST MODEL WITH TRANSLUCENT BASE This BSE model is the most lifelike educational form available, containing different-sized lumps. It has a unique translucent base to help women discover the exact location of lumps in a simple and easy manner. Also, unlike many other models, there is no need to use powder or wash your hands after use due to oiliness. 6” x 6 1/2” x 2 1/2”. #NUR2990


BREAST MODEL WITH INTERCHANGEABLE NODULES This educational model comes with five different-sized lumps that can be inserted and removed from the back of the breast. Perfect for mammography and BSE motivation. Includes a carrying case and extra set of breast lumps. #NUR3327



Benign cysts are often mistaken for malignant tumors. This model has multiple lumps to simulate a fibrocystic condition. Comes with slip-on cover and carrying case.

Teaching models available in three different breast (cup) sizes, because all women are not the same. The set includes small (5 oz.), medium (9 oz.), and large (28 oz.) models. Each model contains five lumps which, just as in real life, are more difficult to detect in larger breasts than in the smaller breasts. Each model is washable with soap and water. A must for any comprehensive teaching program. Includes carrying case.






BREAST SELF-EXAMINATIONS SIMULATOR Health care professionals are elated with this simulator’s realism, durability, and texture. Makes teaching easy: the BSE simulator may be used in either the vertical or reclining position. Each breast may be detached from the simulator. One breast has nine lumps from 2mm to 25mm in diameter. Abnormal breast includes two lumps beneath the arm. Three lumps may be palpated easily; six are extremely subtle. Teach the spiral or grid pattern to improve detection techniques. Helps stress the need for monthly self-examination and encourages the recording of results and prompt reporting of any unusual findings to a health care professional. Includes an instruction manual and carrying bag. #NUR3286



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URETHRAL CATHETERIZATION MODEL With this simulator catheterization can be practiced as if it is a real patient. The genitalia and urethra simulate anatomical structure precisely. When a catheter is inserted through the urethra, and enters the bladder, artificial urine (water) will flow from the catheter. The residual urine will be confirmed by pressing on the bladder. In addition, the turgescence of the bladder can be recognized by palpation, and the trainee can practice this assessment. Includes a storage bag.




The Female Catheterization Simulator is constructed with a bladder reservoir, patient urethra, and a valve simulating the internal urethral sphincter. The normal feeling of resistance and pressure will be experienced as a catheter is passed through the urethra, past the sphincter, and into the bladder. When the catheter enters the bladder, artificial urine (water) will flow from the catheter as it would with a real patient. This simulator is the torso of a middle-aged woman with thighs abducted for proper position during catheterization. The external genitalia and perineum are molded in lifelike form. The labia minora can be spread apart naturally to reveal the clitoris, urethral opening, and vaginal introitus. Life/form® Female Catheterization Simulator includes a hard carrying case, lubricant, catheter, teaching guide and three-year warranty. NOTE: A Foley catheter (#NUR-RP1127) can be used if extreme care is taken to inflate the cuff only when it is in the proper position. Just as in a real patient, the cuff must be completely deflated before the catheter is removed. Improper use of a Foley can result in damage to the simulator, just as when using a Foley catheter with a real patient. #NUR856 #NUR985 Lubricant kit #RP1127 Foley Catheter (1 each) #RP1128 Foley Catheter (10 pk)

$550.00 $25.95 $17.95 $155.95

Don’t forget the lubricant kit, #NUR985

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LIFE/form® MALE CATHETERIZATION SIMULATOR With the Life/form® Male Catheterization Simulator, catheterization can be practiced just as on a real patient. A lubricated catheter can be inserted in the urethral orifice, passed through the urethra, and into the bladder. When the bladder is successfully entered, artificial urine (water) will flow from the catheter. The student will feel the normal restrictions caused by the mucosal folds, bulbous urethra, and the internal urethral sphincter, just prior to entrance into the bladder. The experience teaches proper positioning and movement of the penis to allow the catheter to pass easily with a minimum of discomfort to the patient. Life/form® Male Catheterization Simulator includes a hard carrying case, lubricant, catheter, and teaching guide. Three-year warranty. NOTE: A Foley catheter (#NUR-RP1127) can be used if extreme care is taken to inflate the cuff only when it is in the proper position. Just as in a real patient, the cuff must be completely deflated before the catheter is removed. Improper use of a Foley can result in damage to the simulator, just as when using a Foley catheter with a real patient. #NUR855 #NUR985 Lubricant kit #RP1127 Foley Catheter (1 each) #RP1128 Foley Catheter (10 pk)

$550.95 $25.95 $17.95 $155.95



MALE & FEMALE CATHETER MODEL Use these realistic catheterization models to practice the proper insertion of a lubricated catheter. May also be used for teaching anatomy and sterile cleansing techniques before, during, and after insertion. Anatomy on the male catheter includes rectum, seminal vesicle, bladder, pelvic bone, prostate, urethral sphincter muscle, urethral meatus, glans, scrotum, pelvic diaphragm, and anus. Anatomy on the female catheter includes rectum, uterus, bladder, pelvic bone, urethral sphincter muscle, clitoris, urethral meatus, labium minora, vagina, labium majora, pelvic diaphragm, and anus. Models use any catheter size 16 FR. or smaller. Each model includes instructions with anatomy diagram, plus a storage box and a three-year warranty. #NUR1152 #NUR1150 (male catheter model) #NUR1151 (female catheter model) #RP1127 (Foley Catheter) 1 each #RP1128 (Foley Catheter) 10 pk

$360.00 $195.00 $195.00 $17.95 $155.95

LIFE/form® ENEMA ADMINISTRATION SIMULATOR You will appreciate the convenience of having a Life/form® simulator to teach enema procedures. Use it for group demonstrations and practice sessions of any size. Each student can realistically practice administering an enema using this lifelike model. The standard enema procedures can be performed using conventional enema apparatus - no special equipment is required. All aspects of the simulator are lifelike in every detail. The upper buttock is flexible so that the trainee must raise the buttock in order to locate and make insertion into the anus. The simulator is portable and easy to use. A drain tube is provided so that the fluid can be drained directly into a large container or sink, for continuous use. Includes a hard carrying case, enema administration set, teaching guide and a three-year warranty. Size: 18” x 18” x 12”. #NUR957


MALE CATHETER MODEL TYPE 1 This life size model is designed for training in catheter insertion on adult males. Made of silicone and rubber, the skin is extremely realistic. Other features include:


• The side and back of the model, urethra, and bladder are all transparent, enhancing instruction by enabling full visibility of catheter insertion and the presence of the balloon inside the bladder. • The model moves exactly like a real penis, so practice holding the penis stationary may be performed. In addition if the penis is not raised to the proper position, insertion can become more difficult. Includes storage case.

Self-examination of the testicles is just as important as self-examination of the female breasts for early detection of tumors. Providing exceptional realism, this simulator features soft, thin outer skin with delicate underlying structures and four embedded, simulated tumors. Ideal for teaching proper palpation techniques. Simulator comes with baby powder, laminated tumor location and simulator care card, Male Self-Exam brochure, storage box, and a three-year warranty.






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LIFE/form® OSTOMY CARE SIMULATOR Designed to help introduce the essentials of ostomy care to patients and students, this unit is ideal for demonstration and practice for several procedures. The anatomy of both a colostomy and ileostomy are carefully reproduced to provide lifelike functions and appearance. Dilation of the stomas can be demonstrated and practiced, along with application of postoperative and permanent ostomy bags. The colostomy can actually be irrigated.

OSTOMY CARE MODEL Made of lifelike synthetic tissue, this model feels like real flesh. May be washed with soap and water, taped, bandaged, or fitted with ostomy bags. All four stomas may be lubricated and dilated with an inserted finger. The 13” x 18” model is packed in its own carrying case. #NUR2350


Syringes are included to pump materials through the unit to provide drainage and excretion at the ileostomy and colostomy. The syringes are inserted through ports in the back of the simulator. One pumps the ileostomy with clear water, or water tinted for exact realism, and the other syringe pumps synthetic stool to the colostomy. The consistency of the stool can be varied by using water to thin the material, and most of the stool can be salvaged and reused. A soft, pliable material is used for the stomas in order to achieve a most realistic tactile sensation. The Life/form® Ostomy Care Simulator is complete with a hard carrying case, teaching guide, a supply of simulated stool and a three-year warranty. Size: 18” x 18” x 12”. #NUR906

LIFE/form® PERITONEAL DIALYSIS SIMULATOR Designed to introduce patients, students, and nurses to the essentials of CAPD procedures and care. The realistic Life/form® torso offers a lifelike method to demonstrate and practice peritoneal dialysis. Success with CAPD is dependent on the patient’s following dialysis procedures with extreme care. This Life/form® simulator gives the patient an opportunity to gain the confidence necessary for prolonged success with CAPD. Life/form® Peritoneal Dialysis Simulator is complete with indwelling Tenckhoff catheter in a hard storage case and a three-year warranty. Dialysis materials not included. #NUR1027



NEED GLOVES? see page 43

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SKILLS SIMULATORS – WOUND CARE SEYMOUR BUTTS II WOUND CARE MODEL Redesigned and now made with a new flexible, lifelike material that permits the application and easy removal of dressings, without leaving an adhesive residue. Still the most comprehensive model of its kind, molded from a 74-year-old patient, looks and feels like the real thing. Displaying the following pressure ulcers* (NPUAP 2007 - National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel): Stage I, Stage II, Stage III with undermining, tunneling, subcutaneous fat and slough, deep Stage IV with exposed bones, undermining, tunneling, subcutaneous fat, eschar and slough. Also shown are a suspected DTI (Deep Tissue Injury), unstageable full eschar/slough wound, and a 5 1/2” dehisced wound. The Stage III and Stage IV are positioned so that a “bridging” dressing for use with a vacuum assisted closure and negative pressure wound therapy devices can be demonstrated and practiced. Wound assessment has become critical to the operation of health agencies, as inaccurate wound assessment can affect reimbursement, cause inaccurate reporting of patient outcomes and the appearance of potential adverse events. This model makes it possible to visualize and understand the differences in wounds. Once the different etiologies are understood, you can discuss and devise treatment plans that will deliver optimized patient care. Great care has been taken to color each wound just as you would see it on a patient. You are able to demonstrate and practice wound cleansing, classification, staging, and assessment, as well as the measurement of wound length, depth, undermining, and tunneling. The positioning of the wounds permits multiple dressings to be demonstrated at the same time. #VA910 #VA901 (carrying case)

$512.00 $66.00

BEDSORE CLEANSING & DRESSING MODEL First, second, and third degree pressure sores are molded into this soft BIOLIKE™ buttock. Sores may be washed repeatedly, treated with antiseptics or any medication, dressed with gauze or gel dressings, and taped… just like real flesh. This model is a must for both professional and home care teaching. Complete with wood carrying case. #NUR1494



No Soap or water handy? We offer a new Foam Rinse that is antimicrobial and soft on your hands too! Visit for more information.


Quick Reference to Wound Care, Third Edition provides healthcare professional with the information they need to provide optimal care to patients in the most cost-effective manner. This is a nuts-and-bolts resource that covers the basics of wound care from A to Z, illustrating the most common wound types with color photographs. There are numerous exhibits to aid clinicians in assessment, documentation, and day-to-day treatment of wounds. This book provides step-by-step instructions for developing a care plan for patients with wounds; it addresses the normal healing process, basics of wound management, and topical treatments, as well as the major wound types that are most commonly seen by healthcare professionals and nurses in the home healthcare setting. #MED5836



(888) 322-8350



SIMPLE SIMON OR SIMPLE SUSIE Simple Simon and Simple Susie offers training in a variety of clinical procedures to both nurses and other health care professionals. Features include: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Full-size adult manikin Soft, lifelike face skin Stylish wig for haircare exercises and surgical draping (Susie only) Movable jaw with tongue Removable upper and lower dentures for oral hygiene Realistic eyes in eye sockets for ophthalmic exercises Ear canal for otic drops and irrigation 360° intramuscular injection site in left upper arm Intramuscular injection site in buttock Soft, realistic hands, feet, fingers, and toes Jointed elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles Bathing and bandaging activity Detachable at waist for storage Neck brace Available in light, medium, or dark skin tones


SIMON OR SUSIE Includes all of the features of Simple Simon and Simple Susie as well as: mouth, nose, and tracheotomy openings for naso-gastric lavage and gavage; and new modular tricuspid valve permits male and female catheterization with soft silicone catheters. Includes instruction manual. #SIMON #SUSIE

$710.00 $710.00

SUSIE SIMON Includes all of the features of Simon and Susie with the following additional features: Interchangeable male organ and sculpted stomas of a transverse colostomy, ileostomy, and suprapubic stoma.

Includes instruction manual. #SIMON-205 #SUSIE-206


$555.00 $555.00

Includes instruction manual. #SUSIESIMON-O


Geriatric Education for EMS This national continuing education curriculum is the most credible and complete source of prehospital medical information for the older population. Visit for more info.







ADVANCED GERI OR KERI MANIKIN Perfect for nurse training, this manikin has it all! All joints provide maximum lifelike range of motion not found in any other manikin. Life/form® simulations have been included to allow the practice of more than 35 patient care procedures. Features include: Urinary Catheterization - Female & Male (Uncircumcised)


• Enema Administration - Female • Prostate Exam, Stage B - Male • Pap Smears and Douching • Ostomy Care - Ileostomy, Colostomy Lavage & Suctioning • Placement of Nasogastric Tubes • Oral & Nasal Lavage, Gavage, & Suctioning • Tracheostomy Care - Lavage & Suctioning • Gastrostomy Care, Lavage, and Gavage • Intramuscular Injection Sites - Arms, Thigh, Buttock • Denture Removal - Upper & Lower • Oral Hygiene • Eye Irrigation • Bed Baths • Finger & Toe Bandaging - Flexible & Individually Molded • Hair Care - Washing, Combing • Bandaging & Wound Dressing • Clothing Changes • Patient Positioning & Transfer Techniques • Hearing Aid Removal & Insertion Techniques • Right IV training arm • Left Blood Pressure training arm

$2,550.00 $2,550.00

The KERi™ Nursing Skills Manikin is not age-specific. Life/form® molding and modeling techniques have given KERi™ an unusually realistic appearance as a woman, or as a man when the wig is removed. Unique visual features reinforce the importance of inspecting patients and noting changes in their appearance. All joints provide maximum lifelike range of motion not found in any other manikin. Life/form® simulations have been included in KERi™ to allow the practice of more than 35 patient care procedures. Perfect manikin for all OBRA required training. Urinary catheterization cannot be performed on the Basic KERi™. Three-year warranty. #KER402




Manikin includes male & female genitalia, dentures, hearing aid, 12 cc syringe, REN cleaner, a wig, lubricant spray, fluid drainage basin, and a catheter bag. Three-year warranty. #GERI4030 #KERI4022

The Geri™ Nursing Skills Manikin is ideal for preparing students for working with real-life geriatric patients, since it features an elderly appearance with skin wrinkles and folds. No other manikin on the market is so realistic and true-to-life. When compared to similar manikins, it features the best and most lifelike range of motion; Geri™ moves like a person, allows realistic patient positioning, and features nonpinching joints. Life/form® simulations are added for realism. The overall appearance of the manikin is female, however, removal of the wig and attachment of the male genitals converts it for male catheterization and prostate examination simulations. Excellent for all levels of health care education… from nursing assistants to medical students. Ideal for all OBRA required training. For the economy-minded program that still wants the best! Urinary catheterization cannot be performed on the Basic Geri™. Basic cares can be simulated. Three-year warranty.


(888) 322-8350


GERI OR KERI AUSCULTATION MANIKIN For auscultation training, the instructor selects from a menu of heart and lung conditions by wireless remote control. The manikin presents itself as a real patient without visible auscultation sites. The student must palpate to identify correct auscultation locations, and will hear different heart and lung sounds as the SmartScope™ is moved to different locations on the manikin. A diagnosis of the condition selected by the instructor can be made by comparing the variations in sounds occurring at different sites - just like a real patient! Lung sounds can be detected at five anterior and 12 posterior locations and students can practice auscultation at six anterior heart sites. The remote control does not have to be pointed directly at the manikin or SmartScope™ to operate. One remote control will operate multiple sets of SmartScopes™ and manikins simultaneously. Great for group instruction. Listen to the sounds by using either the single- or dual-user headpieces on the SmartScope™ or connecting to an amplified speaker (not included). Package includes manikin, one remote control with LCD display, and one SmartScope™ with single- and dual-user headpiece. Requires two “AA” and four “AA” batteries (included). Three-year warranty. #GERI4003 #KERI4023

$3,850.00 $3,850.00

Features include: Heart Conditions:

Lung Conditions:

• Normal • Aortic Regurgitation • Mitral Stenosis • Pulmonary Stenosis • Holosystolic • Mid Systolic • S3 Gallup • S4 Gallup • Systolic Click • Atrial Septal Defect • PDA • VSD

• Normal • Wheeze • Mono Wheeze • Fine Crackle • Rhonchi • Stridor • Bronchial • Coarse Crackle • Cavernous • Pulmonary Edema • Friction Rub • Pectoriloquy




MIKE & MICHELLE 1 YEAR PEDIATRIC CARE SIMULATOR The Mike and Michelle one year old is perfect for training in standard and advanced clinical procedures. Features include: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Soft, childlike face skin Self-molded hair Eyes open and close in realistic eye sockets for ophthalmic procedures Fully articulating head and jaw with teeth and tongue NG and otic exercises Bends at waist as in human Jointed elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles Realistic hands, feet, fingers, and toes Soft upper body skin over hard upper body for realistic feel Detachable at waist for easy storage Bathing and bandaging activity Intramuscular injection sites in left deltoid and right upper thigh Interchangeable male organ Tracheotomy opening Male and female catheterization Removable internal tanks Enema administration Neck brace

Includes t-shirt, shorts, carrying bag, and instruction manual. #Mike-110


HEART & LUNG SOUNDS UPDATE KIT Update your manikin at your facility with this kit. Features include: a sensor is hidden beneath the skin of the torso; a virtual stethoscope with multiple heart and lung sounds; the ability to hear the sounds as the bell of the stethoscope is moved across the front and back of the torso; and an external speaker can be plugged into the stethoscope to the classroom can hear what the student is hearing. Includes a virtual stethoscope, external speaker, instruction manual, and carrying case. #SOUND-110U (for MIKE-110) #SOUND-150U (for MIKE-150)


$520.00 $520.00

MIKE & MICHELLE 5 YEAR PEDIATRIC CARE SIMULATOR The Mike and Michelle five year old is a sophisticated pediatric simulator for training in standard and advanced clinical procedures. These PEDI simulators are now available with site specific heart and lung sounds. Other features include: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Soft, lifelike face skin Self-molded hair Eyes open and close in realistic eye sockets for ophthalmic procedures Fully articulating head and jaw with teeth and tongue NG and otic exercises Bends at waist as in human Jointed elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles Realistic hands, feet, fingers, and toes Soft upper body skin over hard upper body for realistic feel Detachable at waist for easy storage Bathing and bandaging activity Intramuscular injection sites in left deltoid and right upper thigh Interchangeable male organ Tracheotomy opening Male and female catheterization Removable internal tanks Enema administration Neck brace

Includes t-shirt, shorts, carrying bag, and instruction manual. #Mike-150



(888) 322-8350


KOKEN BABY GIRL/BOY With this realistic manikin you can practice bathing, overall observation and measurement, diaper changing, suction, umbilicus treatment, rectal thermometry, and simple infant exercises. Characteristics: • The baby manikins are produced with a special silicone rubber that gives it the look and feel of real skin. • The skin is completely waterproof and will not deteriorate with repeated bathing. • Anatomically accurate anterior and posterior fontanel, sutura coronalis, and sutura sagittalis. • Head and ears are flexible. • Anatomically correct oral and nasal passages. • Arms and legs can be positioned as needed. • The umbilical cord can be detached easily. • Anatomically correct genitalia. Training functions: • • • • • • • • •

Handling of urine-collecting pack. Bathing Overall observation and measurement of each part of the body. Breast feeding can be practiced on the baby girl. Use of diaper. Rectal thermometry. Realistic enema simulation. Pre and post evaluation of umbilical cord treatment. Suction of the nose, oral, cavity, and stomach.

The manikin includes a storage bag and one-year warranty. #LM-026F # LM-026M

$1045.00 $950.00






The Life/form Cervical Dilatation/Effacement Simulators are designed to facilitate the teaching, demonstration, and practice of cervical examination prior to birth. Every effort has been made to provide exceptional realism in these simulators so that the visual and tactile sensations experienced provide a positive transition to patient procedures. The complete simulator set consists of six separate 5” x 5” x 5” pelvic blocks. The external appearance of all six blocks is identical with the variations being in the internal structure. Internal texture, tissue density, and correct anatomical size are all carefully represented to provide the most realistic condition possible. The simulators depict six different cervical conditions prior to birth. Each pelvic block is clearly identified on the bottom to indicate which condition exists internally. The different conditions depicted are: Stage 1 (no dilatation, no effacement), Stage 2 (2 cm dilatation, 50% effacement), Stage 3 (2 cm dilatation, full effacement), Stage 4 (5 cm dilatation, full effacement), Stage 5 (7 cm dilatation, full effacement), and Stage 6 (9 cm dilatation, full effacement). With predetermined measurements of the internal cervical condition, all guesswork or estimating on the part of the student and instructor is eliminated.

The Life/form® Birthing Station Simulator is designed to facilitate demonstration and practice of palpating the internal birthing canal. The simulator clearly shows the relationship between the fetal head and the ischial spines of the pelvic bone of the mother during the birth process. The realism of this Life/form® simulator will help students bridge the gap from classroom to bedside with ease and comfort. The simulator is designed to highlight the ischial spines, which are of great obstetrical importance. The line drawn between the ischial spines typically represents the shortest diameter of the pelvic cavity. The ischial spines can be readily felt during a vaginal examination, and serve as valuable landmarks in ascertaining the level to which the presenting part of the fetus has descended into the pelvis. The Birthing Station Simulator features a fetal head which will lock in any one of three lock stations. Minus Two Station shows the position of the fetal head when it lies above the ischial spines. Zero Station shows the fetal head directly between the ischial spines. Plus Three Station shows the fetal head below the ischial spines ready to enter into the birthing canal. Life/form® Birthing Station Simulator includes teaching guide, a hard carrying case, and a three-year warranty. Size: 23” x 14” x 7”. #NUR1070


Almost everyone’s tactile understanding of 2 cm, 5 cm, 7 cm, and 9 cm dilatation and effacement conditions is identical, eliminating misconceptions and inaccurate patient condition evaluations. #NUR1069




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This exceptional video incorporating actual live childbirth footage, presents the essential procedures that must be followed to ensure the safety and well-being of the mother and the newborn. Knowing how to deliver a baby can turn an unpredictable and distressing childbirth situation into a controllable and positive experience. #MED1673

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Nursingg Eq Equipment ment

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READY OR NOT TOT® The original manikin that simulates a baby’s varying needs! Take the glamour out of teen pregnancy and demonstrate the realities of the real world to your students. Characteristics of Standard Ready-or-Not Tot®: • Offers three different tending programs typical of most babies, to simulate normal baby-tending needs along with fussy periods in each program. • Provides programmed tending events that are unpredictable to the student, but easy for the teacher to monitor, unlike other simulators. • Cries, coos, and burps in response to appropriate care. • Programs are 48 hours in length and run continuously. • Includes a “demo” option. • Demands student’s attention for periods of 5 minutes to 30 minutes for each tending occurrence. There are 25-27 tending occurrences within each 48hour time frame (for total of 7 hours of care). • Provides a teacher with complete control of the child care experience. • Includes a “panic” key for quieting difficulties without discontinuing the entire simulation. • Alerts teacher to a student’s abuse, panic, or tampering with the control box. • Newborn-size doll represents a baby of a teen mom - 5 lbs. 8 oz., 20” long. • Anatomically correct.

Special needs infants require specific yet gentle care which includes the performance of vital medical procedures. This newborn-size infant allows health care facilities and medical staff to teach special procedures and develop a nursing care plan for special needs infants. The simulator was developed for a wide range of educational training, including beginning nursing students. Medical devices that can be used include: suction catheter, gastrostomy tube, nasogastric tube, and urethral catheter. Tracheostomy and gastrostomy tubes not included. Procedures that can be practiced include: • Tracheostomy care (lavage and suctioning) • Gastrostomy care (lavage and gavage) #NUR1193 (light skin female) #NUR1194 (light skin male) #NUR1195 (dark skin female) #NUR1196 (dark skin male)

$415.00 $415.00 $415.00 $415.00

Comes complete with 1 set of student keys, 1 set of teacher keys, reproducible parental consent form/permission slip, reproducible student response sheet, teacher correction template, diaper, 9V battery, and instructions. #NUR8306 #NUR8307 #NUR8308 #NUR8309

(light skin male) (light skin female) (dark skin male) (dark skin female)

$295.00 $295.00 $295.00 $295.00

INFANT TRACHEOTOMY CARE MANIKIN Ideal for teaching patients and caregivers the skills they will need to perform at home. Can be used to teach parents and caregivers basic tracheostomy care skills, and is used extensively with children to comfort them and improve their self-esteem. The Life/form® Tracheostomy Care simulator comes with one tracheostomy tube, instruction guide, and hard carrying case. Three-year warranty. #NUR1167 #RP1171 (infant tracheostomy tube)

$245.00 $66.95

LIFE/form® PATIENT EDUCATION TRACHEOSTOMY CARE SET The Life/form® Patient Education Tracheostomy Care Set is ideal for teaching patients and caregivers the skills they will need to perform at home. The Adult Manikin includes oral and nasal passages, the pharynx, epiglottis, trachea, esophagus, tracheostomy site, and cricoid cartilage. The mouth and jaw are flexible to allow oral suctioning. The trachea branches into the left and right bronchial trees. Students can practice suctioning techniques, proper cuff inflation, dressing changes, and other techniques. Cleansing and maintenance of the external tracheal site can be performed just as on an actual patient. The Infant Manikin can be used to teach parents and caregivers basic tracheostomy care skills, and is used extensively with children to comfort them and improve their self-esteem. The Life/form® Tracheostomy Care simulator set comes complete with one adult and one infant manikin, one adult and one infant tracheostomy tube, instruction guide, a hard carrying case, and a three-year warranty. #NUR1159 #RP1170 (adult tracheostomy tube) #RP1171 (infant tracheostomy tube)

$778.95 $66.95 $66.95





The Baumanometer® Standby® Model is a precisely calibrated, clinical sphygmomanometer that functions on the immutable law of gravity. It is simple in design, convenient to use and is guaranteed to remain scientifically accurate. The Standby® Model has been providing accurate readings in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and physicians’ offices since its introduction in 1938.

This unit provides the option of either mounting the gauge on the wall or attaching it to a sturdy mobile stand. Includes all necessary assembly hardware, 8’ coiled neoprene tubing, deluxe calibrated, nylon cuff and bulb with deluxe air release valve, five-caster dual wheel stand with height adjustable range of 43” - 55”, a 7 lb. weight (black model only 09-169-021), and one mini screwdriver. Latex-free. Five-year neoprene inflation system warranty. Ten-year calibration warranty.

The Standby® Model features a high contrast, polycarbonate scale, a Calibrated® V-Lok® Inflation System and a Mylar® Clad calibrated glass cartridge tube. The calibrated tube has several layers of extremely strong, crystal clear Mylar® film applied (using heat and pressure) to strengthen the tube and maintain its structural integrity even if the inner glass is broken.


A 300 mm Hg instrument for mobile use, the Standby® Model includes a Calibrated® V-Lok® Inflation System and 4 feet of Extendex® Tubing. The instrument body is diecast aluminum alloy and includes a convenient cuff storage compartment. The instrument is calibrated at a 20° angle. A cast iron mobile base is fitted with four 2 1/2” diameter electrically conductive rubber wheels. The standard cuff color is Medium Blue; the instrument color is Neutral Gray textured baked enamel. #NUR250 #NUR1820NL Replacement adult cuff #NUR1821NL Child /small adult cuff #NUR1825NL Large adult cuff

MOBILE SPHYGMOMANOMETER Features a two-piece height-adjustable stand that adjusts from 33” to 44”, plus five easy-rolling casters for smooth transportation. Comes complete with our deluxe calibrated gray nylon cuff, deluxe air release valve, integrated cuff storage basket and 4’ coiled tubing. Ten-year calibration warranty. Five-year neoprene inflation system warranty. Latex-free inflation system. #NUR9031


$372.75 $35.50 $33.50 $44.50


ROLL-BY SPHYGMOMANOMETER WITH LARGE BASKET The Roll-By™ is a 300 mmHg Aneroid instrument for mobile use. It’s built to agree with our master instruments, which are traceable to the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology. It complies with ANSI/AAMI SP-9 for accuracy and performance (1% full scale ± 3 mmHg). The unique, low reflection, high contrast scale and red pointer increase visibility and reduce parallax error. They are manufactured with a precision low friction movement and twin pre-seasoned phosphor bronze diaphragm capsules. Materials and Finish: The manometer housing is neutral white ABS plastic and is mounted at a 20° angle for ease of viewing. The Baum Roll-By™ is 39 inches tall. Its packed weight is 16 1/2 lbs. The contoured handle and five point wheel base (20” dia.) are die-cast aluminum. Wheels are 2” (50 mm) hooded casters with mar-resistant polyurethane treads. The support pole and instrument mounting tube are heavy gauge, machined aluminum tubing. The large storage basket is nylon coated steel and aluminum. All metal parts are finished with neutral white baked enamel. The standard Adult Calibrated® V-Lok® Cuff is medium blue Dacron™ polyester. Includes the Adult, 8 feet of Extendex® tubing, large integral storage basket, and die-cast aluminum wheel base and cast iron weight for increased stability. Latex-free. #NUR1150NL #NUR1820ACNL Replacement adult cuff #NUR1821ACNL Child /small adult cuff #NUR1825ACNL Large adult cuff


$349.00 $35.50 $33.50 $44.50

(888) 322-8350


SPHYGMOMANOMETER The Caliber Series offers proven reliability at an affordable price. Caliber Aneroid Sphygmomanometers are designed for many years of demanding service in the hospital, nursing home or EMT field. The gauges are backed by the MABIS® twenty-year calibration warranty. Caliber Series Sphygmomanometers feature a blue aneroid gauge and matching calibrated, blue nylon cuff available in five popular cuff sizes. Unit comes complete with a deluxe air release valve and zippered carrying case. #NUR0011


MATCHMATES SPRAGUE RAPPAPORT-TYPE COMBINATION KIT: Outstanding quality and versatility come together with our Match Mates Aneroid Sphygmomanometer and Sprague Rappaport-Type Stethoscope, the most popular style of stethoscope today. The stethoscope includes 5 interchangeable chest-pieces: 3 bells (adult, medium and infant) and 2 diaphragms (small and large) for custom user design, plus 3 different types of ear-tips for maximum comfort. The oversized, matching carrying case stores the stethoscope, accessories and quality Match Mates sphygmomanometer with room to spare. Latex-free. #NUR36102 #NUR36201 #NUR36121 #NUR36124

(Black) (Purple) (Royal Blue) (Navy)

$52.80 $52.80 $52.80 $52.80



The Baum Pocket Aneroid is a 300 mmHg portable instrument. It’s built to agree with our master instruments, which are traceable to the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology. It complies with ANSI/AAMI SP-9 for accuracy and performance (1% full scale +/- 3 mmHg). The unique, high contrast scale and red pointer increase visibility and reduce parallax error. They are manufactured with a precision low friction movement and twin preseasoned phosphor-bronze diaphragm capsules. One-year warranty; latex-free.

Nurses and students alike choose this combination kit for the reliability of the Match Mates Aneroid Sphygmomanometer and the flexibility of the Dual Head Stethoscope. Each stethoscope features a chrome-plated brass binaural, lightweight anodized aluminum chest piece, 22” vinyl Y-tubing, spare diaphragm and a pair of mushroom ear tips. Stethoscope, accessories and quality Match Mates sphygmomanometer come neatly stored in the matching carrying case.

#NUR1050 #NUR1820ACNL Replacement adult cuff #NUR1821ACNL Child /small adult cuff #NUR1825ACNL Large adult cuff

#NUR26002 #NUR26007 #NUR26008 #NUR26016

$67.75 $35.50 $33.50 $44.50

(Black) (Burgundy) (Red) (Teal)

$37.30 $37.30 $37.30 $37.30




Nurse Mates and MABIS have teamed together to produce a reliable liquid crystal analog timepiece positioned on top of a high-density stethoscope head. This combined technology provides today’s hurried healthcare professional with a more efficient method of monitoring vital signs. The easy-to-read LCA quartz watch with second hand is available right “when and where” it’s needed. The quality stethoscope is made of lightweight aluminum construction with a chrome-plated brass binaural and 22” vinyl Y-tubing. The color-coordinated eartips, tubing and watch dial come in a variety of popular colors. Replacement eartips, diaphragm and one AG-3, 1.5 volt battery included. One-year limited warranty. Packaged in a slider pack.

Large color selection is the trademark of the Spectrum Series Dual Head Stethoscopes. This broad variety of colors offers multiple choices for departmental coding, as well as individual user preference. Each stethoscope features a chromeplated brass binaural, lightweight anodized aluminum chestpiece, 22” vinyl Y-tubing, spare diaphragm and a pair of mushroom eartips. Overall stethoscope length is 30”. Available in two packaging style: Deluxe four-color box and slider pack. Lifetime limited warranty.

#NUR0150 #NUR0010 #NUR0020 #NUR0160 #NUR0200 #NUR0250

(magenta) (blue) (black) (teal) (purple) (hunter green)

$27.30 $27.30 $27.30 $27.30 $27.30 $27.30

#NUR26010 #NUR26020 #NUR26080 #NUR26120 #NUR26150 #NUR26160 #NUR26200

(blue) (black) (red) (green) (magenta) (teal) (purple)

$7.75 $7.75 $7.75 $7.75 $7.75 $7.75 $7.75

TEACHING/TRAINING STETHOSCOPE The MABIS Training Stethoscope is designed for multi-function teaching applications. The dual head design offers the necessary flexibility to use this scope in all clinical and educational conditions. Includes two binaurals, two pieces of Y-tubing, a Y-connector and an extension tube. #NUR6020



STAINLESS STEEL DUAL HEAD STETHOSCOPE Designed for general healthcare applications. Features include:


The MABIS Legacy™ Latex-Free Desktop Mercurial Sphygmomanometer features mercurial precision, a mercury reservoir lock to prevent spills during transportation and boasts a latex-free inflation system made from the finest neoprene available. The easy-to-read 300 mmHg scale, deluxe gray calibrated nylon cuff and deluxe air release valve add to this durable desktop unit. Ten-year calibration warranty. Five-year neoprene inflation system warranty. #NUR4031


• Precision machined stainless steel dual head chestpiece, valve stem and binaural • A dual binaural spring is incorporated inside the tubing to reduce bulk and weight • Non-chill rings are fitted to the diaphragm and the bell receivers for added patient comfort • Soft eartips ensure a comfortable, correct fit • Single lumen non-latex tubing (black or gray) • Extra eartips and a replacement diaphragm are included $76.40



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OUR MISSION IS YOUR MISSION WorldPoint is dedicated to serving the Training Network by providing exceptional customer service, the latest AHA materials, high quality manikins and training equipment – and watching for new, innovative products to offer our customers.

We have also made our own workplace a heart-healthy place, and this year, took a big step to formalize that commitment…

WORLDPOINT® AND START! WorldPoint is now a Start! Fit-Friendly Company / Platinum Level Award recipient for 2009! We’re extremely proud of this designation, and excited to be among the first in our industry to earn this achievement, and the first AHA partner to do so. We earned this Award by starting our own comprehensive wellness and walking program for WorldPoint employees. Led by our company fitness coach Tina Midura, we now have on-site Pilates classes, two regular walking groups, volleyball, softball, and bowling teams, and a ‘fresh fruit fridge.’

WorldPoint celebrates Start! Heartwalk

Led by John Amato, who is serving as Chairman of the Metro Chicago Board of Directors, WorldPoint has been an active participant and supporter of local AHA/ Start! events – and we’re reaching out to our business neighbors and community to encourage them to take the first step and make their own commitment to a fit-friendly workplace. WorldPoint is dedicated to serving you, the AHA Training Network, and getting behind the fight against heart disease and stroke in every way we can!

Getting our Happy Feet Show Clinic booth ready for the Heartwalk

Employees receive their Lifestyle Change Awards from the American Heart Association.

YOUR WORLDPOINT® TEAM... Not only taking your orders, answering questions, and providing attentive service... but also:

Attending the HeartBall

Attending the Power to End Stroke weekend Celebrating ‘Go Red for Women’


Running a marathon…

…and another marathon

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**Sales Tax must be added for customers in AL, CA, CT, FL, IL, IN, MA, MI, MN, MO, NJ, OH, TX and WA.

Thank you for your order! The staff of WorldPoint is proud to help support you, your organization, and your community!

INDEX A advanced cardiac life support ............................................ 8, 13-15, 20-21, 59 adult manikin .................................................................. 28-31, 36-39, 85, 91 aed ............................................................ 6-12, 20-21, 28, 32, 37, 40, 45-50 aed trainer ................................................................................. 28, 37, 46-48 airway management .............................................................................. 15, 28 als manikins ...........................................................................................59-62 american academy of pediatrics ..............................................................25-27 aneroid ..................................................................................................92-93 antimicrobial ......................................................................................... 45, 84 auscultation ..........................................................................59-61, 77-78, 87

B bag valve masks ...................................................................................... 6, 41 barrier devices ......................................................................................... 9, 45 basic life support ........................................................... 5-8, 13, 15, 19-21, 57 birthing simulator ........................................................................................ 90

C cabinets ...................................................................................................... 50 carrying bags .............................................................................................. 39 chest tube ........................................................................................ 60-61, 65 child manikin ................................................................................... 30, 32-33 course cards ................................................................................................ 21

D data management ....................................................................................... 24 disinfectant wipes ....................................................................................... 45

E ecg ...........................................................13, 15-16, 48-49, 57, 59-60, 62-63 elearning....................................................................................................7-8 electrode pads .......................................................................................46-49 emt ............................................................................................ 53-55, 57, 59 endotracheal tubes ...................................................................................... 76 epi-pen trainer ............................................................................................ 10 et tube holder ............................................................................................. 76

F face shields ........................................................................................ 9, 44-45 first aid ..................................................................................7, 10, 12, 36, 51 first aid kit .................................................................................................. 10 fully-automatic ...................................................................................... 46, 49

G gel wash ..................................................................................................... 45 gloves ...................................................................................10-11, 42-44, 83

H hand sanitizer ....................................................................................... 45, 84 healthcare provider ....................................................................13, 15, 19, 21 Heartsaver速 ...................................................................................... 8, 17, 23

intraosseous ................................................................... 16, 59, 61-62, 64, 69 intubation ................................................................. 28, 57, 59-60, 62, 72-76 iv task trainer .........................................................................................65-70

L lapel pin........................................................................................... 6, 13, 18 laryngoscope ............................................................................................... 75 lay rescuer..............................................................................................46-49 lubricant ........................................................59, 61-62, 67, 69, 73-74, 81, 86

M macintosh blade .......................................................................................... 75 manikin wipes ..................................................... 29, 31-32, 34, 37-38, 40, 45 miller blade ................................................................................................. 75

N nasal airways ............................................................................................. 76 neonatal .................................................................................... 25-26, 62, 74 NRCPR .......................................................................................................... 5 nursing ................................................................................ 56, 77, 86, 91-93

O obstetrical ................................................................................................... 90 oral airway .............................................................................................72-77 ostomy.................................................................................................. 83, 86

P pediactric advanced life support.................................16, 18-19, 21, 59, 62, 69 paramedic ..................................................................................53, 55, 57, 59 patient care............................................................................................84-89 pears .................................................................................................... 19, 21 pediatric education...................................................................................... 27 pneumothorax................................................................................. 60, 62, 65 pocket masks .........................................................................................42-43 portuguese............................................................................................ 20, 47 prep kit ....................................................................................................... 50

S semi-automatic ..........................................................................46, 49, 59, 63 shirts......................................................................................................22-23 spanish .................................................................6, 12, 17, 20, 25-27, 51, 57 sternal intraosseous..................................................................................... 64 stroke ............................................................................. 4, 6-8, 13-15, 41, 98 stylet........................................................................................................... 76

T tc management ........................................................................................... 24 tracheotomy .................................................................................... 85, 88, 91 training arm ................................................................... 61, 66-69, 71, 78, 86 training valves .............................................................................. 9, 29, 42-43 trauma ............................................................................................ 53, 55, 58



venipuncture .............................................................................. 59, 66-69, 71

infant manikin ................................................................. 33-35, 40, 88-89, 91 injection trainer ............................................................... 62, 66-71, 85-86, 88 instructor .................................................................................... 9, 13, 22-23 intramuscular task trainer ............................................................................ 70

wound care ................................................................................................. 84



Attentive Service With a Personal Touch

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WorldPoint 2009 Catalog  

WorldPoint specializes in educational materials from the American Heart Assocation (AHA) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), as we...

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