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World Outreach International is a multiracial fellowship of Christians and ministries that exists to impact least-reached peoples with the Good News of Jesus Christ through: • Raising Leaders • Evangelism and Church Planting • All Nations Mobilisation • Children’s Ministry • Humanitarian Aid Melbourne (Australia)-based, International Director Bruce Hills heads an executive team of senior missionaries, pastors, and business leaders. WOI follows recognised international standards and procedures for child safety.




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COVER IMAGE: Image taken on a recent short-term mission outreach team to Mozambique.

ETERNITY, JUDGMENT, AND MISSION Eternity is a mindnumbing concept to fathom or explain. How can a finite mind using finite words and finite concepts even begin to unravel the mystery of the infinite? Scripture uses synonyms like everlasting, unending, endless, forever, forevermore, ceaseless, and immortal to convey the notion of eternity. The Bible teaches about eternal life and eternal death, of a glorious heaven and tormenting hell beyond the grave, and of this present temporal age and the eternal age to come. Eternity is one of the compelling motivations for mission. Scripture speaks of time, as we know it, coming to an end. Two significant things will happen prior to the end of time, both of which have profound implications regarding where people will spend eternity. First, Jesus will return to take his people to be with him forever. Every believer will then stand before the judgment

seat of Christ to give account of their lives. On that day, we will see the true eternal impact our lives have made. Second, there will be the final judgment for every person who does not know Jesus as Lord and Saviour. The eternal consequences are extremely serious. Therefore, how should we respond? Not only must we recapture a fresh sense of imminence and expectation of Jesus’ second coming and the final judgment, but we must recommit ourselves to a life of mission and service. In regard to mission, because we have experienced the grace of God in Jesus, we should share his love and message with others by: the example of our godly lives (2 Peter 2:12), acts of compassion and care (Luke 10:30-37), being advocates for social action (Matthew 5:16) and social justice (Psalm 146:7-9), defending the Gospel and the truth of the Scripture (2 Peter 3:15), testifying to others of our salvation (Acts 1:8), and discipling new believers (Matthew 28:19-20).

May we also dedicate ourselves afresh to the work of global and cross-cultural mission, so that those who have never heard may hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. Eternity is real; it is irreversible and inescapable. May we do what we can, when we can, to whom we can, to further the unfinished task of global mission until that day. Amy Carmichael, Irish missionary to India, once wrote, “We shall have all eternity to celebrate the victories, but we have only the few hours before sunset in which to win them.”

Bruce Hills

International Director

“We shall have all eternity to celebrate the victories, but we have only the few hours before sunset in which to win them.” - Amy Carmichael ISSUE 1, 3, 1, 2018 2015 2017 •• •• ISSUE

2 2

MIDDLE EAST MEET HANA Nathan and Sawsan Bassaly, EGYPT • Ministry leaders involved in teaching and training church leaders. Hana is a Syrian refugee in Egypt. Facing the uncertainties of life and being in a new environment have not been easy. Hana has been attending our monthly meetings and she felt uplifted as she noticed the kindness and warmth in our community. She began to read the Bible. She says her fear and anxiety have lessened as she experiences more joy and peace.

M E E T TA H A N I Tahani is a mother of three. In the past, her husband treated her badly and did not show much love to their children. For two years, Tahani prayed for her husband to change but felt frustrated. Reaching out to her, our ministry team prayed with her and encouraged her to continue praying. Now she sees her husband has changed and is thankful for God’s presence in her life.

N O DA N G E R B E C A U S E Basem and Rasha Harmina, EGYPT • Ministry team leader mobilising and training young adults across the Middle East for mission. My wife and I were recently planning to travel to and minister in Syria, a country which has suffered from war for six years.

walk through the darkest valley, I fear no danger because you are with me. Your rod and your staff— they protect me’ (Psalm 23:4), and the Lord said to me, ‘Do not be afraid about Dad and Mum; I am with them.’”

We shared our travel plans with our nine year-old daughter, Nardeen. She started to cry and said, “I am afraid to lose you there.” This broke our hearts.

We cannot put into words how much this affected us.


On the Sunday before our trip, she came to us encouraged and said, “Today, I heard a verse that said, ‘Even when I

It was an amazing trip! Also, the Lord blessed the kids so much. When he calls us, he can deal with everything.


Sri Lanka suffered through a civil war that lasted nearly thirty years. Since then, the nation has been slowly rebuilding, both socially and spiritually. But during this turbulent time, the true meaning of the word "missions" has been distorted and lost. Burdened by the situation, my wife, Joyce; my kids, Yohan (grade 7) and Isai (grade 1); and I have moved from India to Sri Lanka to educate pastors and churches about missions. We conduct courses and topical seminars. We also build up war-affected communities by running accredited programmes on Information Technology, Accounting, Soft Skills, and Management. In addition, we coordinate the Bible translation work for the Veddahs, who are minority indigenous people groups. Our vision, based on Isaiah 61:1-3, is to reach people by presenting the Gospel and bring about transformed communities.

AUSTRALIA NEW DOORS IN BRAZIL David Borja, AUSTRALIA • Leadership Development Director. there are turning to Jesus in droves;

Preaching at IBJEM

I recently had the opportunity to embark on an exploratory trip to Brazil to see how World Outreach International could serve the church in that nation. Here is what I found: •

Brazil is a vast country with a population of 215 million. People

As many are putting their hands up for Christian ministry and world mission, there is obviously a great potential for leadership and missionary training; and

WOI can be instrumental in partnering with the churches of Brazil and South America and provide resources, mobilisation, and training.

“Speaking in our church services and to our leadership team, Pastor David introduced us to WOI. We truly believe that a partnership with WOI now could be instrumental in better resourcing and equipping our people

Leaders' meeting in Minas Gerais, Brazil

for world missions. We are excited with the prospect of WOI coming to Brazil.” (Ps. David Paulo – Senior Pastor of IBN Joinville/SC Brazil and President of Ormiban/SC – Order of Ministers of the State of SC).

GOD WORKING IN VIETNAM Karen Pack, AUSTRALIA • Leader of Leaders Course Facilitator. It's always a joy to train Vietnamese pastors and leaders. This trip was no exception. Pastor Andrew Mercer and I headed to Ho Chi Minh for the second year of the Leaders of Leaders seminar. We were expecting around eighty delegates. One hundred and forty showed up. Many had travelled significant distances to come – some over a thousand kilometres by bus.

On the last day, I kept seeing a diminutive older man and sensing that I should ask him to pray for me. With help from an interpreter, I went and asked him, kneeling before him – partly as an act of humility, and partly so he could reach to lay hands on me. It was a very moving experience, and tears streamed down my face, even though I had no idea what he was saying.

It turns out, he is the Chief of one of the largest tribes in Central Vietnam. When I asked him to pray, he was honoured and reaffirmed in what God is wanting to do through him. Our God is so good!

When the chief prayed for Karen • ISSUE 1, 2018 •



Nick and Emily Ling, ETHIOPIA • Ministry workers involved in evangelism and church planting. Have you ever wondered what it’s like when one first arrives on the mission field? Here is a summary of a recent newsletter from newly appointed missionaries, Nick, Emily, and Tobias Ling: We have been in the capital, Addis Ababa, for three weeks now. So far, we have thwarted pickpockets, jumped motorway barriers, had good coffee (bhuna), experienced 36-hour power cuts, prepared beef with scissors, crammed into the local transport, and more. Tobias has adapted better than we could have expected. From day one, he has made friends with the locals and was the reason we met everyone at our apartment complex on our first day. Our mornings are filled with Amharic language school, while Tobias attends

a local day care. The kids are so loving towards him and when we drop him off every morning, he gets kisses and hugs from his new friends. In the afternoons, we are exploring Addis or connecting with our friends, new and old, at the local shops, drinking coffee and practicing our Amharic. Language learning has been surprisingly fun. Our stereotypical view of a hard slog in the classroom, learning about conjugations, imperatives, and third person present from a textbook have been blown out of the water. Our language school uses the Growing Redemptive Participatory Approach (GRPA), which is based on how a child would learn experientially: through props, listening, and seeing. GRPA was developed by a missionary who was a linguistic researcher. After our first three weeks, or fifty hours, we will have five hundred new words we can recognise and use. Amazing, eh!

One of the connections we reestablished was with Yirdan, who was one of the students who went with us to pray and connect with the Lake Tana people in Bahir Dar on our last trip. He was moved to tears when we told him we had sold everything and moved to Ethiopia. He shared that he became convicted and burdened for least-reached people groups after observing how we came all the way from New Zealand to take time to sit, listen, play, and eat with the children and families from Lake Tana, even though they were Muslim and considered inferior, and even though their food made us sick. Please pray for him as he has finished his Human Nutrition degree and is seeking God for what to do next. His heart is to be in full-time ministry sharing the Gospel, but he also needs a means to live and survive. It is with young men like Yirdan whom we would love to work in the future.


AFRICA THE POWER OF TESTIMONY Paul and Sue Fosse, SOUTH AFRICA • Field Leaders for Mozambique and Malawi. I want to encourage you to always share your testimonies. I am from Africa, and recently shared at The Nations Course in Thailand about how I have “tea” in the garden with Jesus every afternoon – a special, intimate time with him. Then I received this from a Nations participant in Mumbai. She was a new believer who had thought she had no time to pray. But when she heard about my tea with Jesus, she decided she could do that, as she drinks ten cups of chai a day!

She wrote the following: “Amen, a cup of tea with Jesus … it is such a good feeling … cannot express it … Every day, first thing in the morning before you start your day, asking forgiveness for your mistakes … saying thank you for whatever you received and handing over your burdens to him gives you such a relaxed and heavenly feeling.” WOI House Garden

Problem solved!

TRAINING BEARING FRUIT Noel and Diana Hermoso, BURKINA FASO • Ministry workers involved in evangelism and discipleship. "Gathering children in my neighbourhood and sharing God's Word with them through Superbook helped me start a church in my home." This is the testimony of one of the churches that has participated in our training.


Last year, once again, we gathered the churches that we have trained. As of now, there are almost sixty churches using the Superbook, and other creative tools that we trained them with, in their children's ministry. Also, they have shared that almost 1,250 children are attending. Glory be to God!


Noel and Diana Hermoso are a couple from the Philippines who have been serving on Danny and Ruby Bayasen's team in Burkina Faso since 2013. In a vision, Noel saw wave after wave of children coming to Jesus. They serve the churches by training their children's ministry volunteers. Their prayer is for children to experience the transforming power of God's Word by following Jesus. Due in part to their service, thousands of children have been discipled in God's Word through Superbook and other creative resources. • ISSUE 1, 2018 •


AFRICA MISSION ACCOMPLISHED Janvier and Claudine Yokoinele, IVORY COAST • Ministry leaders involved in Christian education. If we were to summarise in two words the last four months (with the time and financial means we have had), we can say: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. To God be all the glory! God in his grace has enabled us to accomplish what we and our supporters have prayed and hoped for: The renovation of the nursery school, the kitchen, and other rooms, as well as the spiritual building-up of the lives of our staff through a seminar. Everything was a success. To God be all the glory.

New kitchen

The new preschool

P R E VA I L I N G I N W E S T A F R I C A Joseph and Aimee Dayamba, BURKINA FASO • Ministry leaders involved in child evangelism, education and training. No one, nor any situation, can stop the advancement of the kingdom of God. Despite the persecution we face from terrorist attacks in Burkina Faso and the condemnations in Algeria, many people are turning to our Lord Jesus Christ and being baptised. And when the light comes, the darkness has to leave. Therefore, beloved, do not be afraid or discouraged. The Lord our God is with us and not one of his sheep will be lost.

JAPAN B R E A K T H R O U G H I N JA PA N Jo and Jenny Graham, JAPAN • Ministry leaders involved in helping make disciples of new believers. We mentor a young Japanese family who have gone to a restricted access South East Asian nation to reach a least-reached people group. They have learned the language and built bridges brilliantly in an ethnic group where there was literally no believer. Recently they baptised the village headman and two other hungry young men. These men have committed themselves to taking the Gospel to other villages of their tribe, despite the possible cost! Listening to the Gospel


PEOPLE MOVEMENTS TRANSFORMING COMMUNITIES WITH THE GOSPEL Ben and Rachel Brooks, SOUTH EAST ASIA • Ministry leaders involved in training and cross-cultural communication. A People Movement occurs when the Gospel is embraced and rapidly spreads in a particular people or segment of the population. Different methodologies have emerged as missiologists study these phenomena, namely Church Planting Movements (CPM) or Disciple-Making Movements (DMM).

Culturally Adaptable – The Gospel message remains the same but the method of delivery is contextualised to the people group, e.g. traditions, customs, work schedules;

Reproducible – The focus is on using resources in the people group for the expansion of the Gospel;

Starting People Movements has become an integral strategy for WOI in reaching least-reached people (LRP) groups. At the core of these movements is the rapid multiplying of churches and disciples: two becoming four, and four becoming eight, etc. Each person is actively sharing the message of Jesus with those around them including their family, friends, neighbours, and colleagues, leading to new disciples and new churches being formed.

More Harvesters – It is not dependent on professional ministers but the expectation is that everyone will obey Jesus’ command to make disciples (Matt. 28:19-20).

Mr SK is experiencing the joy of salvation, a restored relationship with his father (who has been set free from alcoholism), and extended family who have found salvation in Jesus;

Mr SK's baptism

Mr SK and family

Baptism in India Women worshipping

These movements try to closely emulate what is observed in the Book of Acts, the rapid expansion of the Gospel in the region. Each person owns the concept that they are a “royal priest” and an “ambassador” of the Gospel (1 Peter 2:9; 2 Cor. 5:17-20). Believers are immediately trained to share their faith, study the Scriptures, pray, fellowship with one another, participate in the Lord’s supper, give, and worship God as we see demonstrated in Acts 2. Some of the factors that make movements successful are: •

Obedience-based – Maturity is not limited to biblical knowledge but is focused on application of Scripture;

In 2016, one ministry in India baptised more than 5000 believers and one team in Africa more than 700. We are awestruck by the large numbers, but at the core of these movements are lives being transformed by the Gospel, as demonstrated in the following testimonies: •

A separated couple’s marriage has been restored along with their relationship with their adult children;

A woman’s daughter has been healed and subsequently left folk Islam to follow Jesus.

A former mosque president is now leading Bible-storying groups; Woman who left folk Islam, burning her witchcraft tools

The power of the Gospel is evident in these movements as believers endeavour to fulfil the Great Commission and make disciples in every people group.

• ISSUE 1, 2018 •


INDIA TA K E I T T O J E S U S Menuo Keditsu, INDIA • Ministry leader involved in discipling children for Jesus Christ. Thirteen-year-old Rumi’s father died this year. The family was bereft emotionally and financially. She remembered to take this to Jesus, whom she had promised to believe and obey. She prayed. Soon, her sister got a job to supplement their mother’s monthly salary of Rs.2000 (US$30). Rumi is excited, and her other prayers are getting answers too.

FAMILY NEWS In the previous edition of Nations, we launched a brand-new feature celebrating key milestones in the lives and ministries of our World Outreach personnel. Here are some exciting announcements since last time.



Jan-Peter and Natasja Kelder, Dutch missionaries serving people and families of HIV sufferers in Thailand, are the proud parents of Anna Siri Kelder, who was born on 30 July 2017. She is the younger sister to big brothers Sven and Levi.

Rachel and Alastair McColl are celebrating the birth of Benedict (Benny) Iain McColl on 23 November 2017. Older brother, Aaron, is excited to have a younger brother. Rachel serves as Communications Manager for WOI and is based in Auckland, New Zealand.



Tina Wessels has been appointed the first Prayer Coordinator for WOI. Tina and her husband, Eugene, are South African missionaries, who have been serving in Mozambique, and now serve as field directors for southern Africa.

Special thanks to Paul Bach, who retired from WOI after serving as Applications Manager and Field Personnel Manager for the last four years. We’ll miss his friendliness, cheerfulness, and humour. We welcome Cheryl Brazell, an American serving in South East Asia, as Paul’s replacement.

If you know of any special events or milestones, please send them to

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Abraham and Meelani Siregar

John and Marie Anton

Serving in South East Asia

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Ponc hai Banc hasawan

Daniel and Genevieve Nihill

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Serving in Thailand

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Shannie For tuna

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Chawalit Kongc haiyaphum

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Li De Jin

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Chuenjit Mangaew

Jaco and Ilke Struwig

Serving in Thailand

Serving in Thailand

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A BLESSED TIME OF LEARNING AT T H E N A T I O N S C O U R S E 2017 I recently completed The Nations Course, and it will be very helpful to me in the mission fields of Maharashtra (India). The course focused on crosscultural evangelisation for missions. We were given detailed and intensive training in all areas of mission work and living. It helped us to personally examine ourselves, to identify our strengths and weaknesses. We were able to know and confirm our calling through the word of God and with the help of committed missionary families. We had good interaction with students from various countries. It was amazing to see how the love of Christ binds us all together in working for his kingdom here on this earth.

The topics that impacted me the most were anthropology and animism. I learnt more of church history. It motivated me to be a history changer. In church history, many lost opportunities cost the church a high price. This particularly spoke to my heart, that I may not lose any opportunity in the kingdom of God. I especially benefitted from the study of culture and other religions. It was very helpful in the area that I am working, especially with Hindus. Disciple-making and church planting movements were very well taught. These topics are important to India. With all this learning, I have made a list of things that I will now do differently in my ministry. I will focus on the spiritual keys in the mission field. I have made

a strategic plan for the next year and have set some goals. I strongly believe that God will enable me to stand as a testimony, along with my family. The course was very well organised. The accommodations and food were excellent. The teachers and staff were very kind and helpful. I was enriched by their lives. The six-week intensive training equipped us well for the task ahead. It gave us a good understanding of the challenges we are called to and prepared us to face them with courage.

The Nations Course impacted me personally. It revolutionised my attitude and thought process. Many mental and spiritual barriers were broken. I was able to see the bigger picture of missions. – Preethi John, INDIA

Are you called to missions work? Passionate to see fruit in your ministry?

S i g n u p f o r t h i s l i f e - c h a n g i n g m i s s i o n a ry t r a i n i n g !

SOUTH EAST ASIA 17 June – 27 July 2018 CHIANG MAI, THAILAND For more information and registration visit or scan the QR code Registration closes on Friday, 17 May 2018

THAILAND J U S T TA K E T H E M T O T H E H O U S E O F H O P E ! Prasert Panyamankong, THAILAND • Ministry leader involved in evangelism and discipleship among Thai children. After moving into Tungsonghong, Mrs Air was very concerned for the safety of her two daughters. “What is going to happen to my girls after school?” she asked her neighbour. “Oh don’t worry – take them to the House of Hope where my girls go.” After Mrs Air and her daughters joined in that

first evening’s music class, she promised that the whole family would be at the House of Hope for every programme – including church on Sunday. And they are! Please pray that Mrs Air, Grandma Pom, and young Burn and Bell will begin to follow Jesus soon. Mrs Air and her two girls


Val Bateup, THAILAND • Ministry leader of Good News Team who evangelises and disciples children. We recently did a one-day outreach in a model school in Chonburi, which is relatively close to Bangkok. I was amazed when we used large canvas pictures to tell the story of Jesus. The children were so attentive and quiet – I’ve rarely seen that! Also, the teacher who had invited us was very surprised. I felt God was truly speaking to their hearts. The school had 677 pupils, so we did our evangelistic programme twice to accommodate everybody.

AMAZING TESTIMONIES FROM THAI KIDS In Southern Thailand, where there has been unrest and violence for many years, the Good News team has been distributing Christian cartoon booklets. Here are two short testimonies from kids who received the literature:

Chirarat (girl, 9): “I was afraid to go out in the dark to hang laundry, but then I remembered that God is with me and I wasn’t afraid anymore.” Surat (boy, 11): “If I have problems, I

will pray, read the Bible, and worship. I’m so happy that in my home we now read the Bible every morning and before dinner, and we go to church on Thursdays and Sundays.”

• ISSUE 1, 2018 •


THAILAND P R AY E R R E Q U E S T E D O N T H E S T R E E T S O F B A N G K O K Rahab Ministries, THAILAND • Rahab Ministries is involved in evangelising and discipling the women of the redlight industry in Bangkok. Bible studies for women working in the bars have been challenging because when they go back to the bars, they are not able to study the Word or pray because of the environment they are

in. So, please join us in prayer for intervention for these women, that they will eventually be able to leave the bars and come to a safe place where they can worship and live in freedom.

Bible study group

T H E FAT H E R ' S FA I T H F U L L OV E Malcolm and Sandy Potter, THAILAND • Ministry leaders involved in training and caring for tribal children. When Aor was a young child, her mother and stepfather were opium addicts. It was not a warm family and sometimes there was no food. Her older sister looked after her.

to go. God was working in her heart and she desired to know him. After being baptised, if Aor encountered problems, she still felt joyful because of the Lord's presence.

From age nine to thirteen, Aor lived at a school hostel and found work to support herself, as her parents didn't help. Whenever she went home, there was drinking, quarrelling, and domestic violence, so eventually she went to Bangkok with a friend who was looking after a couple's children. Aor also got work there. The children's mother was supposedly putting Aor's salary in an account for her; however, after Aor refused the mother's request to marry her stepson, she received no money for her two years’ work.

On a couple of occasions she experienced spiritual oppression, but each time the Lord delivered her in an amazing way. Narayt (left) holding Gaga and Aor (right) with Sun

Aor then got factory work in Chiang Mai. She felt something was missing in her life and she knew she needed to find a church. As a child she had sneaked to church, even though she wasn't allowed

At age 23, Aor went to Bible College where she met Narayt, who was in his third year. Since they married, they have desired to serve the Lord. Aor is thankful for Narayt's prayerful family, a strong Christian husband, and God calling her back to him. Aor and Narayt have been serving at Baan Faa Mai since May.

LEAVE A LASTING LEGACY HAVE YOU MADE A WILL? Making a will is the only way you can be sure that your wishes will be followed after you die. Having a will also makes your loved ones’ time of grief simpler. If you don’t leave a will, part or all of your estate may go to people whom you never intended to benefit, or even to the government! Including a gift to the ministry of World Outreach International in your will is a special and personal way to continue making a difference in the world after your life on earth has passed. For further information, please contact your nearest World Outreach International office.

NEW WAVE OF INDIGENOUS MOVEMENT Dinesh Chand, WOI ministry leader, INDIA When we arrived in northwest India over twenty years ago, there were only a handful of believers in a region of over six million people. The Gospel had never been preached in the towns and villages of the region! We didn’t know how we would be able to penetrate these communities. But as we prayed and took small steps, and gave our time and energy to local indigenous leaders, we began to experience a breakthrough. We soon began to see an influx of hungry people giving their hearts to Jesus. We saw that God began do to an amazing work though the local indigenous movement. In the past two decades, we have seen many thousands of people give their lives to Jesus, and many have embraced God’s call in their lives. Our indigenous team has grown to hundreds and have planted over 250 churches where there were

literally none. I myself have had the opportunity to baptise thousands of people over the years. In my last month-long trip, while the monsoon was in full swing, every small and big river was flooding. Despite the floods, 150 people were determined to be baptised. We had to locate a safe spot in the flooded river to be sure that no one would be swept away by the strong current of water. Therefore, we made a human chain while baptising them.

On the day, Govind shared, “I was a staunch Hindu observing all the rituals wholeheartedly. But there was no peace in my life. Everything changed when I received Christ. Now I have the peace that I longed for. Today, I am so happy that I have fulfilled the loving command of my Saviour and received my baptism.” On one of my trips, I had the opportunity to baptise an elderly man, his wife, son, daughter-in-law, and grandson at the same time. What a joy in heaven there must have been to see three generations baptised in obedience to Jesus. The elderly man said, “I can’t express the joy in my heart to see my whole family follow Christ. Thank you, my Lord Jesus, for saving us.” There was an amazing joy in the community. I ask for your prayer for a continuous wave of indigenous movement and a flood of people to follow him.

• ISSUE 1, 2018 •


MOZAMBIQUE HUNGER FOR THE WORD Inacio Jorge, MOZAMBIQUE • Ministry team member involved in evangelism and church planting. We were amazed at their hunger for the Word as all thirty of them received Jesus. They still want to heal the sick, but with the power of God! We have visited some of their villages, finding people wide open. But, there is much more work to do.

About three years ago, I visited a man who listened happily to the message but didn’t respond right then. Then, this year, he came to say that he wanted to walk with us and follow Jesus. After that, he invited us to share with a group of his friends, many of them witch doctors from different villages.

MY HEAD BECOMES CLEAN Franke and Riana Grant, MOZAMBIQUE • Ministry leaders involved in evangelism and church planting, including literacy. Despite the challenges of living within a Muslim community, the Frankes write, “Occasionally some of the students attend the Friday Bible studies I hold with the Christian Makhuwa. One quite literally comes straight from Friday prayers at the mosque. One such young man gave an encouraging insight: ‘When we read these words of God, my head becomes clean inside! Without these words my mind remains a dirty place!’ Please join us in prayer for these people, that they would begin to hear and follow the words of Jesus.”


Friday Bible study


We are Peter and Caroline Mugeni. We have three kids, Gedion (11), Sharma (8), and Salama (2). We are from Kenya and serve in Kibera. We reach out to least-reached peoples of Muslim background and Arabic-speaking Sudanese refugees living in Kenya. Our vision is to reach the Nubian people living in Kenya, and plant vibrant underground churches in this community, while raising up and training Muslim-background believers who are able to reach out to their own peoples. We also want to provide hope through Jesus Christ to traumatised refugees and trafficked Muslim girls, through regular trauma healing training.

MOZAMBIQUE EIGHT NEW STUDENTS Stephanie Herron, MOZAMBIQUE • Bible teacher and equipper. At the end of July, eight new students started our three-year pastoral course. The group includes two older men; three young, single men; and three

ladies. Apart from the normal classwork (so far, they have studied the books of Exodus and Ephesians, worked with children, and participated in our fiveday graduate seminar), we have been working with them in smaller groups of two or three, meeting as ‘families’ once a week to hear how things are going with them both here and at home, and to pray together. These sessions are proving very useful as we are already coming across some areas of difficulty or worry in their lives, and are able to

give some more individual help and counselling where needed, before the problem becomes a crisis.

Pastoral class

Students 2017

M Y S T O RY H A S C H A N G E D Eugene and Tina Wessels, MOZAMBIQUE • Field leaders for Southern Africa. My name is Ximene Joao Pequenino. I want to share what the Lord has done for me. I was a Muslim. I always went to the mosque in the neighbourhood where I lived. I had bad dreams, suffered with constant headaches, and was rejected by my family because of the way I was behaving. I think I was under the influence of evil spirits. But now, I can say I feel different.


I heard my cousin’s testimony of what Jesus did for her, so I said to her, “Take

me to this church.” I went to the church. Since that day, I now know Jesus and have accepted him as the Lord and Saviour of my life. My story has changed. I no longer have bad dreams. I now feel loved. The evil spirits have left, my behaviour has changed, and I am cured from the constant headaches. The believers in the church have loved me and the leaders visit and encourage me to worship God.


I am Helen B. Hernandez from the Philippines. I am serving in Burkina Faso, West Africa. I serve as an administrator in Ecole La Bonne Nouvelle, a school established by my leaders to help marginalised children acquire a good education. The school lays a foundation for me to train our students intellectually, but most importantly, I am able to impact them with the word of God. Within this context, I joined the WOI Children’s Ministry with the vision of training up the children in the way they should go, so that when they grow old, they will not depart from it. • ISSUE 1, 2018 •


WORLD OUTREACH ASIA LADIES RETREAT “My heart was full and overflowing,” reported Pamela after our World Outreach Asia Ladies’ Retreat, where space was created for rest, worship, and teaching.

Guest speaker Vivien Hibbert started the first night off with praying for the favour of the Lord on all the women. What an incredible start to our retreat! Vivien came with honour for the Lord and brought profound truths from Scripture. She also contributed to our worship times with special instrumentation and insight. Prasert agreed, “I loved the worship and Vivien Hibbert. She is an amazing lady!”

Nok shared her testimony about longing to live a Spirit-empowered life and is now living like the apostles of Acts. We all joined her in awestruck wonder of God shouting “Wow! Wow! Wow!” Charlotte Teal spoke on “The Sacred Yes”, which encouraged many of us to live more holistic lives. But what was also incredible, and very meaningful to all the women, was the support and prayers of a partner church based in the USA. For weeks, they prayed for each and every one of the attendees. Three to four words of encouragement were given to each woman via letters and cards. Jeh Sie was especially looking forward to receiving these letters again, as they were a highlight for her three years ago, “I was looking forward to a fresh word from the Lord. Sure enough, this year God blessed me with four cards, and they really spoke to my heart. They were really spot on. Praise the Lord!”

Not only did this church take the time to write these kind words, but they also sent gifts of chocolate, make-up, jewellery, music, and more. Menuo commented, “I was really blessed by the whole retreat. The schedule was so relaxing too; the extras were so thoughtful.”

How incredible it is when the body of Christ comes together to support missionaries! How might your church partner with World Outreach International?

SOUTH EAST ASIA M I H H T O O ’ S S T O RY No Pum, MYANMAR • Ministry leader involved in evangelism and church planting. I grew up in a strong Buddhist family. As we were poor and I was born handicapped, I spent years overcome with shame, anger, and envy. My future seemed hopeless when I had to stop school. When my parents heard about Miawngmyah boarding home, they were wary and advised me to study hard and not be influenced by Christianity.

Yet as I stayed there with others and learned about the love of Jesus, my heart was filled with hope. Two years later, I accepted Jesus joyfully. Despite my parents’ anger, I continue to pray for them. I want to share with them how Jesus has changed my life.

M I R A C U L O U S P R OV I S I O N F O R A V I S A Duncan and Lindie Ross, SOUTH EAST ASIA • Ministry leaders involved in evangelism and church planting. Missionaries face the visa challenge all the time. We went through it last year. God said, “Stay!” We obeyed. To do so, we needed to show $US120K for the visa application, but we had nothing. We kept praying and God did his part. Today, we have a ten-year visa along with many miracles.

GROWING WITH GOD’S HELP Chris and Gerianne Runhaar , BORNEO • Ministry leaders involved in training tribal children. Our village continues to grow and develop. Currently we are working on the construction of new children’s homes, a water tower, staff accommodation, and a high school. Soon we hope to start building a dam to increase our water resources. Building and developing the village is not our only mission – we want to focus on planting new churches and

help the current churches in the many villages in this region. At this moment we are working together with four local church planters who are already working in different regions. A mission in its infancy, but with God’s help and blessing, it will certainly be fruitful.

The Dayak people group • ISSUE 1, 2018 •


SOUTH EAST ASIA JESUS MESSIAH COMIC AND APP LAUNCHED Rama and Sinta Jones, SOUTH EAST ASIA • Ministry leaders involved in training and cross-cultural communication. Team G, located in a South East Asian country, recently launched its national language version of the Jesus Messiah comic. They simultaneously released two regional language versions. In addition, each comic has an Android mobile phone app version available via the Google Play store.

Rama Jones, the local ministry leader, wrote: "To make a disciple-making movement, we need to cast a wide net. We can fish ourselves, but we can also share a variety of media like these comics, films, and recordings to help get the job done." Please pray that God will use these comics and apps to reach the least-reached in South East Asia.

Jesus Messiah comic book

EUROPE C H A N G I N G O U R H E A R T S I N A N I N S TA N T Danie and Esther van Niekerk, MACEDONIA • Ministry leaders equipping church leaders and members. Have you ever felt fearful or anxious about what God has asked you to do? Ever since our arrival in Macedonia three years ago, we have experienced God directing us towards a neighbourhood called Shutka (the biggest Roma settlement in Europe). We have been looking for property on the outskirts of Shutka, too afraid to live inside. Hence, we could not find anything to rent or buy; that was until a friend heard about our need and invited us to his father’s house. It took us six months to

consider it! When we finally arrived at the house, it was smack bang in the middle of Shutka. We felt a little like Jonah. As we entered the yard, we felt at peace that this is the place where God wants us to live. We were afraid to enter the lion’s mouth, but God changed our hearts to match his. Please pray with us that he will provide the funds for this prime kingdom property.

van Niekerk family




You are warmly and enthusiastically invited to this very significant gathering of mission-minded people from all over the globe. Everyone is welcome. The programme will be a time of refreshing and renewal in the presence of God. Speakers will share anointed and inspired messages. There will be personal ministry times and field testimonies of what the Holy Spirit is doing globally. Plus, there will be plenty of fun, delicious food, and great fellowship.



Pastor DOUG WILLIAMS United Kingdom

For more information and registration visit

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World Outreach International believes in the indispensable place of prayer in mission. Prayer makes a difference! There are many ways in which you can partner with WOI in prayer to change the world. PRAYER CHALLENGE – Monthly Prayer Guide Some months ago, we launched the Prayer Challenge, which is a new initiative to engage hundreds of people in united prayer for WOI personnel and projects. We’ve had an amazing response with over 400 now signed up. Recently, Tina Wessels was appointed as the WOI Prayer Coordinator. Each month, Tina will be sending out an email that will focus on a particular

nation and our personnel serving in it. These emails will provide specific needs in the nation and in our personnel’s lives. If you would like to commit yourself to partner with others in unified, concerted prayer to change the world, please sign up at FRONTLINE PRAYER – Daily Prayer Guide Frontline Prayer provides you with daily, up-to-date prayer needs of our WOI mission personnel. A fresh prayer request is either posted on the PrayerMate App or emailed to you each day. This means you can easily pray at home or on the go by receiving these updates. By subscribing through the PrayerMate app, you will receive Frontline Prayer requests each time you use the app. PrayerMate is available for Apple, Android, and Amazon devices. Either download the app or visit www.

Alternatively, you can subscribe to receive daily emails by also visiting When you commit to daily prayer, our missionaries are backed up and supported spiritually while facing challenges on the mission front. Oswald Chambers (1874-1917), who was an early twentieth-century Scottish Baptist and Holiness Movement evangelist and teacher, best known for the devotional My Utmost for His Highest, once said, ‘Prayer is not preparation for the work; it is the work. Prayer is not preparation for the battle; it is the battle.’ Your prayer can make a difference!

Bruce Hills

International Director

‘Prayer is not preparation for the work; it is the work. Prayer is not preparation for the battle; it is the battle.’ - Oswald Chambers

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Nations issue 1 2018