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The guy in front, his responsibility is to keep looking ahead, plotting the route to more and better. It’s the work ethic that’s kept Ford ahead of the pack for 46 years running±. We’ve long led the industry in capability and productivity. Now we’ve added power and fuel economy. Our latest innovation, the EcoBoost® engine, delivers 420 ft/lbs of torque and 31 mpg‡. We built over 100,000 of them in 2011*. Today, we’re Motor Trend’s 2012 Truck of the Year®. That’s the job, as we see it: giving your best, day after day.

Vehicle may be shown with optional equipment. ±F-Series is the best-selling pickup truck in Canada for 46 years in a row based on Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association statistical sales report, December 2011. ‡Estimated fuel consumption ratings for the 2012 F-150 4x2 3.5L V6 GTDI: 12.9L/100km city and 9.0L/100km hwy based on Transport Canada approved test methods. Actual fuel consumption will vary based on road conditions, vehicle loading and driving habits. *North American production. †3.5L Ecoboost V6 4X2, when properly equipped.

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contents December 2012 • Volume 30• Issue 6







Canada’s Worst Driver Host Andrew Younghusband gives us his take on the success of this hit television series

Feature Wheels Wayne Stitt and his cream and orange ‘64 chevrolet fleetside



Two Cents with Scott MacDonald

26 11

Part’s Counter

Guy’s Garage with Scott Cameron

A showcase of parts and accessories


Wild Card Not your garden variety lawn tractor


Road Trip Arnold, Nebraska?

Blast from the Past One of the greatest rivalries in NHRA history


First Gear Industry information and news

Driver’s Seat We hit the test track with Ford’s 2013 Taurus and Explorer Police Interceptors

Grinding Gears with Jock McCleary

16 4


Lugg Nutz Humorous images from around the web


Just Trucks News and information for the truck lovers

Road Trip Arnold, Nebraska plays host to a one-of-a-kind road race


Tail Lights The rumour mill winds up, with the nextgen mustang

Wayne Stitt’s Smokin’ ‘64

Snow & Ice Performance.

Blizzak tires bite through packed snow and ice and give you dependable traction and stopping power.

For your nearest Bridgestone Authorized Retailer, visit our website or call 1-866-9 GO TIRE.

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volume 30, number 6

Director of editorial Craig Ritchie Publication manager Scott MacDonald

the hands of time Sunny and 32 degrees has finally given way to a forecast of partly cloudy with a chance of frost over night and a low of minus three as I retire for the evening. What happened to our glorious summer? Since mid May, it’s been upwards of 24 degrees with little rain to spoil any given weekend. All the car shows I attended are only distant memories. Is it just me? Is my age beginning to show? In the back of my mind I know there is work to be completed on my vette, the same work that I have put off now for several months. The steering valve needs to be replaced and I have a slow leak in one of the rear tires. Every time I open the garage door, she’s leaning over just a little bit more. It’s sad really. My new plan is to have the valve replaced before Christmas. Christmas, so soon? On the bright side of things, I have renewed plans to travel south again, Ft. Lauderdale to be specific, this coming spring. My wife and I plan to take our motorcycles with us so that we can take a run down to the Keys. In Florida, there are no helmet laws, so if you are brave enough or dumb enough, you can ride sans helmet. I haven’t decided if I agree with that law or not, but I still have lots of time to consider it, spring is still a long way away. ...Yeah right! Speaking of time, this issue of

General manager DAVID HARVEY

World of Wheels grabs hold of the hands of time and pushes them back almost 50 years to good ol’ 1964. Influenced heavily by the space race, General Motors was predicting jet cars as the way of our future and preparing its ‘tomorrow-land’ exhibit for the world’s fair. And as luck would have it, we just happen to have a gorgeous example of a 1964 Chevrolet Fleetside pickup to feature. Rescued from a Texas farm, current owner Wayne Stitt painstakingly restored this beauty back to it’s former glory and then he injected it with a smokin’ 420 horsepower 350 cubic inch motor. Moving the clock forward a little, we reach the 1970’s and help you relive a little NHRA rivalry between two fellas you may recall - Don Prudhomme and Mark McEwen, better known as Snake and Mongoose. Our staff columnists get to have their way once again, too. Yours truly tells it like it is regarding those nastly little electric bikes while over at Grinding Gears McCleary educates us on that notorious amber traffic light. Over in the Guys Garage Scott Cameron outlines the good and bad when it comes to winter servicing. November also marks a special time of year for many


Canadian drivers. Canada’s Worst Driver begins it eighth season trying to rehabilitate eight drivers who have been nominated as Canada’s worst by some of their closest friends and family. World of Wheels chat’s with the shows Host Andrew Younghusband and get his take on the program’s success. Meanwhile over at the World of Wheels multi-acre MEGA test facilities Rob Beintema takes the driver seat of the newest law enforcement offerings from Ford. As Rob learns, the 2013 Taurus and Explorer Interceptor models have been slightly modified and tweaked a little when compared to their basic family sedan and SUV cousins. And as usual, that’s not all, we have lots more to tell you about in this jam packed edition. So sit back, put your feet up and enjoy.

Production manager Rhonda Ridgway Senior graphic designer Brian Roberts Graphic designer Linda Clegg Advertising manager Matt Nicholson Account managers Dave Kraisosky, Ralph Ventriglia Special projects manager Jock McCleary Assistant office manager Donna Allen Distribution manager Alexandria Anchor Available by subscription and on newsstands from coast to coast. World of Wheels is published six times a year (January, March, May, July, September, November) by Metroland West Media Group — a division of Metroland Media Group Ltd. Also publishers of Carguide, Canadian Autoworld,

Boatguide, Boating Business, PORTS Cruising Guides, West of the City, Taste, Shopaholic, Ideal Home, City Parent and Forever Young Information. Metroland Media Group Ltd. Group Publisher Neil Oliver Director of Production Mark Dills Business manager Sandy Pare Editorial & Sales 447 Speers Rd., Suite 4, Oakville, ON L6K 3S7. Phone: 905-842-6591 Toll Free: 1-800-693-7986 Fax: 905-842-4432 Editorial: Letters are welcome. Editorial contributions must be accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed envelope and will be handled with reasonable care. However, the publisher assumes no responsibility for the return or safety of material including artwork, transparencies, and manuscripts. Circulation & Subscriptions E-mail: Phone: 905-842-6591 Fax: 905-842-4432 Mail: World of Wheels Circulation Department 4-447 Speers Rd., Oakville ON L6K 3S7 From time to time World of Wheels makes its Subscription list available to reputable companies and organizations whose products and services we believe may be of interest to you. If you do not want your name to be made available, contact our circulation department in any of the four ways listed.

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Cheers, Scott MacDonald Publication Manager

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A collection of humourous automotive related images discovered on the wonderful World Wide Web. If you have a funny automotive related image and would like to see it posted here please send your image to:


Hey, What is the Toyota Part number for that accessory?

ne! That’s a hole in o

Yeah, It’s g ot a HEMI

Nice body work, too bad the nails will begin to rust after the first rain. Should have used deck screws.


The car was a 5 0/50 split in th e divorce.

Excuse me, excuse me, pardon me, oh, ah, pardon me, no problem, you first, no, after you...

World of wheels | DECEMber 2012 | 5

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ƒirst Gear


New Electric Motorcycles From Zero Get

Double the Horsepower and Range If you haven’t already, start taking electric motorcycles seriously. Zero Motorcycles has revealed its 2013 lineup, and their new models have received power and range upgrades that double the output and provide record driving time. The Zero S, currently the longest-range production electric motorcycle, can run 137 city miles on a single charge. The bike, along with the rest of the line, runs on a new aircooled, belt-driven Z-Force motor, which runs at a higher voltage than previous models’ power plant. The XU, MX, and FX also get a modular battery system that can accommodate a second battery for a boost in power from 2.8 kWh to 5.7 kWh. At those specs, the MX’s can compete with the combustion engines that power motocross bikes. The Zero FX holds the crown as the marque’s fastest accelerator, coming in with 44 horsepower and 70 lb-ft of torque pushing a lightweight, 275-pound body. Since it’s electric, there’s instant torque, no gears, and no need for powertrain maintenance. With an optional accessory that injects more charge into the battery more quickly, Zero says the new bikes can be charged to 95 percent in under one hour when using a CHAdeMO charging station, but there’s no word yet from Zero on what exactly the accessory is or how much it will cost. Besides redesigned frames specifically built for compatibility with aftermarket parts, the new line also gets Bluetooth iPhone and Android integration, which gives riders performance stats, and lets them adjust the motor according to riding conditions. The Zero S and DS also get a stash box in the space where the gas tank would go. The new bikes will hit North America in January 2013, but Zero is taking orders as of today. The cheapest model, the Zero XU, starts at $7,995. The 11.4 kWh Zero S and DS are the top-end models coming in at $15,995 each.

2013 Ford Fusi on

1.6L EcoBoost, Manual Transm Six-Speed ission - B by Ice Nine Grouilt up W hy it's coo l:

V8 Supercar Serie Inspired by the s, Ice Nine Grou p's 2013 Fusion road race styling features and performance for the street. From slammed race ca the r stance to the cutting edge co graphics packag lour and e, Ice Nine's Fusio n not only looks it also performs. the part Drive it to the tra ck, rip some laps home in style! and drive

0 0 2 1 R V Y E S S E N N E 2013 H TWIN TURBO s e Cadillac CTS-V wa And you thought th in Tw 00 12 nnessey VR fast. The 2013 He ty sed on Caddy's spor ba is ) Turbo ($TBA ce an rm rfo it in the pe coupe, but beats L to a twin-turbo 7.0 ks an th department hp l ee wh r 1,066 rea V8 pumping out

h cket from 0-60 mp — allowing it to ro p to a s on its way to in just 2.9 second ard he u Yeah baby, yo speed of 242 mph. to es are also made ad that right! Upgr rs, to ec system and inj the camshaft, fuel n, sio en d tires, susp brakes, wheels an

erior. Of course, no sway bars, and int e r would be complet high-end spor ts ca re, on fiber – go figu without some carb litnd on the front sp which you'll now fi d an nt fenders, hood, ter, rear diffuser, fro rear flares.


ƒirst Gear Aston Martin

JAMES BOND 007 FRAGRANCE New styling sees DB9 adopt an even more lithe, fluid and pure form. Taking a classic Aston Martin GT silhouette as its base, the new DB9 adds a more pronounced rear boot ‘flip’ to further enhance the aerodynamic performance of the car. The exterior design of the car communicates a powerfully assertive yet elegant character. The surfaces display taught lines and subtle muscular forms that point to the underlying power of this renowned sports GT. DB9 sits low and wide, visually ‘planting’ the car on the road, communicating a clearly athletic stance. The car’s inherent width is accentuated by the ‘light catcher’ feature which runs from the lower front bumper and continues along the sill of the car creating a chiselled, determined look. Available from launch in either Coupe or Volante body styles, DB9 clearly has a strong breadth of appeal Summarising the significantly enhanced appeal of the new DB9, Product Manager Andy Haslam said: “The introduction of this significantly improved new car – unquestionably the best, most potent and most luxurious DB9 we have ever made – means Aston Martin buyers have a very clear and compelling model line-up from which to choose. DB9 is available to order now through Aston Martin dealers worldwide, with the first cars making their market debuts in UK and Western Europe in October. Coupe price is confirmed at $185,000 (USA MSRP)


If you can't look like Bond, you might as well smell like him. Coinciding with the franchise's 50th anniversary — and this November's release of Skyfall — the official James Bond 007 fragrance gives you a chance to smell like one of MI6's finest. We have no idea what it smells like, but we can take a guess: gin, vodka, sex, gun powder, and blood. Sounds great! LIMITED EDITION



DIECAST CAR American Pride is the 10th in a series of diecast cars created through a decade-long partnership between John Force and the Bader family. Each diecast in the series was crafted with an original concept that was brought to life by a professional artist. "With only 1,500 pieces produced, this limited-edition diecast car is the ideal gift for collectors, enthusiasts and young race fans." Order online through the Summit Motorsports Park Merchandise eBay Store

Customized Accessories for the Enthusiast Wicked Artz is the UK's number one producer for cartoon car pictures. Their web site is filled with car cartoons depicting our artists individual style and interpretation of cars from Audi, BMW, Ford, Dodge, Chevy and almost everything inbetween. Their initial selection of illustrations was started in 1997 and now totals some 1200+ cartoon car pictures which were all hand drawn by Carl Greatrix, the UK's number one car caricaturist who started this whole concept some 20 years ago. From 2009, they have featured an ever expanding range of car cartoon pictures by talented artist Dubravko Krizanic, aka Duc K from Croatia. He hand draws using computer and graphic programs and a graphic tablet and stylus while all colourings, shading and detail are all completed by hand to give the fantastic detail contained in all his pictures. Wicked Artz is intended as a piece of fun to be enjoyed by vehicle enthusiasts of all ages. Their images can be transferred to a number of items for you to enjoy. A full colour framed picture for your wall, cell phone cover, coffee mug, T-shirts and hoodies, or perhaps a key ring to use every day. While on their website, if you don’t see what you are looking for, they can create a one-of-a-kind drawing of your vehicle, obviously for a fee. If you decide to order any of their items you’ll find their shipping fees are reasonable and their quality of products is outstanding. Check out for yourself. You won’t be disappointed. Promise!

2014 Next-generation

Corvette to Debut 1.1it3.13 in Detro

Chevrolet confirmed the seventh-generation Corvette will debut on Sunday evening, Jan. 13, 2013, in Detroit. To start the countdown to 1.13.13, Chevrolet is showing the new Crossed Flags logo for the new 2014 Corvette. “The all-new, seventh-generation Corvette deserved an all-new emblem,” said Ed Welburn, GM vice president of global design. “The new Crossed Flags design reflects the character of the next Corvette. The flags are much more modern, more technical, and more detailed than before – underscoring

the comprehensive redesign of the entire car.” The new Crossed Flags logo was unveiled at Road Atlanta, where Corvette Racing celebrated a sweep of the 2012 production-based American Le Mans Series GT championships. Chevrolet secured the manufacturer’s championship; Corvette Racing secured the team championship, and Oliver Gavin and Tommy Milner captured the drivers’ championship with four wins in the nine races preceding Petit Le Mans, the 2012 ALMS season finale. These championships make Corvette Racing the most successful team in ALMS history, with a total of 77 class wins, eight drivers’ championships, and nine manufacturer and team championships since 2001. The team has also taken seven class victories in the

24 Hours of Le Mans since 2001. Corvette Racing will campaign the C6.R for the 2013 ALMS season. The C7.R is expected to make its racing debut in 2014. When the all-new 2014 Chevrolet Corvette arrives late next year, it will be powered by a technologically advanced, racing-proven 6.2L V-8 delivering an estimated 450 horsepower and helping produce 0-60 mph times in less than four seconds.


first Corvette debuted as a concept car on Jan. 17, 1953 at the GM Motorama in New York City. That car originally featured an emblem with a checkered flag crossed with an American flag. Because use of the American flag was prohibited as part of a commercial property, the logo was changed to the fleur-delis/bowtie design when the Corvette went into production in June 1953.


mellow yellow The only time a blown amber I was recently watching a news report proves to be an inconvenience is regarding red light cameras in New when you are in opposing traffic York City. stuck in the middle of a major interThe eager reporter was insinuating section trying to turn left. The cars that the cameras, which are set up to refusing to stop at an amber light snap pictures of drivers who run red leaves you stranded in a precarious lights and are rewarded with tickets if not dangerous position playing the via the postal service, were installed not as a safety precaution but rather as Jock McCleary will-they-won’t-they-stop game. C O N T R I B U TO R So, next time you approach a set a tax grab for the Big Apple. of traffic light just remember back She said the news team had been to several red light camera intersections around the to your driving lessons and remember that amber city. They timed the amber light and found them does mean stop. While on the subject of traffic lights, there is anto be between 0.2 and 0.3 seconds shorter than the traffic lights without cameras. Perhaps her impli- other problem I find increasingly frustrating and cation of dirty politics may have been a fair point. annoying. Why is it when sitting in traffic at a red light, and it changes to green, nothing happens? It did sound a bit suspect. What would you say if this had happened in a I just sit there, not moving, just staring at a line Canadian city? Would you think it was a tax grab, of traffic in front of me going nowhere. Then as if especially if the amber light had been shortened by by magic when I do start to roll forward the light changes back to red. I manage to move forward a few fractions of a second? To answer that, you would have to know what by about five car lengths and go through the same the amber light really means. According to the process all over again! This isn’t caused by traffic on the other side of Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation (and pretty much every other province’s rules governing driv- the lights not moving, it’s caused by lack of driver ing), an amber light means the red is about to ap- attention in the cars ahead of me. Instead of concentrating on the road drivers are pear and that you must stop your car. Not speed all too busy, playing with the radio, their phone or up and take your chances. Stop! Don’t listen to assertions from your friends and what ever they can find to take their minds off the colleagues who think amber means proceed with tedium of bumper-to-bumper traffic. Then when caution or prepare to stop. There is a caveat in the the lights do change they are too busy doing other legalese stating that if you can’t stop your vehicle things to notice. This leaves the rest of us, that are paying attention, stuck there helplessly staring at safely, you should proceed with caution. This means if you are close to the white pedes- the green light and going nowhere. There is a solution to this that some European trian line doing 60 km/h and it changes to amber, you shouldn’t hammer on your brakes so the cars countries have used for years. Guess what it is? behind careen into you. It is the same logic dictat- Yes, it’s the good old amber light. The same one ing driving in icy or wet conditions – your primary that I just explained means stop? Except in this goal is to stop, but only when doing so is the safest instance it means prepare to move. The best example of this is in the U.K. The trafoption. Since watching this report, I have been observ- fic lights work in the same sequence as they do ing driving habits at intersections controlled by here, but with one addition. Rather than the light traffic lights a little more closely. In particular, I sequence going straight from red to green, they have been watching drivers’ reactions when the have added an additional amber that comes on lights change to amber. In nearly every case I have when the red is still illuminated and lets inattennoticed, no one came to a stop. Most actually ac- tive drivers know that the traffic lights are about to celerated through. Drivers generally only came to a change to green and to get ready to move. Pretty simple. stop when the light changed to a full red. If you ask people about the importance of the I will insert my mea culpa here and admit I am just as guilty of this as everyone else. When I see colour sequence of traffic lights most will only that first tinge of amber light I find myself putting praise the green or red when, in reality, it is the my foot down to speed through. That is, however, ignored amber light that really has a bigger role in making traffic flow that little bit smoother. only when it is safe to do so.

What makes a tire a good winter tire? The answer is a three part puzzle and without all three parts traction will be compromised. The first part of the puzzle;


Tire Sipes


A winter tire should utilize a large number of sipes. The siping in the tread design allows the tread elements to flex under stress which creates aggressive “biting edges” when braking, cornering or accelerating

Tire Sipes


Part two of the traction puzzle is:

Tread Depth

In most parts of the world, tires are considered to be legally worn out when they reach 2/32” (approximately 1.6mm) of remaining tread depth. In North America tires are required to have easy-to-see Tread Wear Indicator bars running from one side of their tread design to the other when the tire’s tread has worn down to the minimum legal limit of 2/32 inch. The third and final part of the puzzle is:

Rubber Compound

Rubber compounds vary widely from manufacturer to manufacturer but, the task is the same so, you will see some similarities between the products. They all typically use compounds which utilize materials designed to remain flexible at cold temps in addition to traction enhancements from silica, fibers and other materials which add more bite on ice.

10 | World of wheels | DECEMber 2012

Grinding gears.indd 10

12-11-19 10:15 AM



Caliper Covers Upgrade the appearance of your calipers, red reduce their operating temperature, and reduce the amoun of brake dust on your wheels with these caliper amount cove covers. These quality, aerospace aluminum covers are sma alternative to painting your calipers, and come the smart y in your choice of finish. Everything is included for an easy installation.

EZ-EFI Self Tuning Fuel Injection It do does the work for you. In the past, carburetor-to-EFI cconve conversion was no picnic. But thanks to FAST engineers utilizzing n utilizing nearly twenty years of experience in fuel injection st trateg those days are over. The EZ-EFI Self Tuning Fuel strategy, n Syst Injection System provides you with the complete EFI package. yo brand or size, this system bolts on easily to any Regardless of your ccarbureted engine making up to 650 horsepower w MSRP $1,784.95 (Base Kit)

Russell Full Flow Swivel Hose Ends Now Available in Five New Anodized Finishes This new individually packaged hose end and socket system provides a wide variety of color and hose end choices for the consumer. Features Include: Colour match with Russell steel or fabric braided hose, ends rotate 360째 for quick alignment after assembly, mandrel bent and constructed of lightweight aluminum, tapered inlet for superior flow and a 37째 angled surface for an anti-leak seal. Available in straight, 45째 and 90째 configurations and -6, -8 and -10 sizes. Socket ends are available in red, purple, gray, orange and black anodized finish and sold in pairs. For more information visit




the airs on t a th m progra s on utomotive ports serie a -s n r o la n u e p n o and it’s umber o r, the p ographics, t, is the n orst Drive h m e W ig d n s ’ ld y a a o d r d a a Can very Mon 5 to 54-ye Channel e r old and 2 a e ry ou. e -y v 9 o 4 c is to D e 18 y surprise y th a r m fo n n o s io a is lev erlying re lly specialty te ut the und and casua B . y h w e e outgoing s ll, to in ta rd is im a h not h sband oke to


Younghu iews. I sp e and, y of interv a sb d u is h moting th g th n r u fo o he was pro dressed ndrew Y re A e d h y t e b a w ss , n d re to e e e is d Toron e’s be is host owntown ndland. H his show. H d u f The show o fo d w n h n e a so g N , a u ts o se new ails from f his pan and alth start of the m began, ging out o 41, who h n ra a g a h ro t g ir p in e sh e of b ith his since th friendly. s and outs casually, w the wheel at -going and e until sy w all the in c a o n e e kn rogram th is r lic to e s n s r’ for a TV p is drive his man he seem h e ic t o e ve h g a c h ’t n ly s e lik he did onalitie He’s an un s. TV pers safe driver, n d, so y e a ic ss se in re t d eigh wellr driven has lasted oiffed and ughnut, o he was 27. c o e d llt e th u a B w s e e s. n n it iv o e be rd . He g e adm “I had neve traditionally ark well,” h ne of those p o ’t n n e is tr ld n u d e o n C c a tion sily husb and I o could ea r Rehabilita but Young conditions, ys “I’ve meone wh at the Drive sa so e f e o m h ti n , d io is e h lm press during odes are fi goes im gram epis yone who n a n a th where pro g drivin ore about learned m ere.” through h




The best bit of advice Younghusband has to offer is to look where you want to go. “Don’t look at the hood of your car, look beyond. We’ve had drivers crash into pylons, and I’ve said to them, ‘Didn’t you see it?’ and they say, ‘Yes, I was staring right at it!'"


adjust to his program going off the air at some point and still having a fulfilled life. “I’ve traveled a lot, and I’ve been a hermit a lot. I’ve lived in my home in Newfoundland in a small town of about 60 people. I’m also a workaholic,” he says. “I used to take a job, then take the money and go traveling.” After working in several cities across the country, Younghusband realized he could work as a television writer anywhere. “So I’ve lived in Costa Rica, Cape Town and Dar Es Salaam while I was writing for other shows.” He was originally hired just to host the program, but “now I write and produce it as well,” he says. That entails producing an 80-page script for each show when the filming is done in June. Younghusband is pleased to see Canada’s Worst Driver has maintained its popularity. “ The numbers haven’t dwindled.” And that brings up perhaps the most surprising aspect of the program. While the Worst Driver concept started in Britain and has spread around the world, the frqanchises seldom lasts more than a couple of years. It lasted only three seasons in Britain, for example. The idea was tried twice in the U.S. “The first time, NBC

shot it and didn’t even air it,” Younghusband explains. “ABC then did it, and they said they’d use the Canadian model, but they didn’t, and they didn’t make it through one season.” And what is the Canadian model? It means showing bad drivers at their worst, but not ridiculing people who are openly honest about their driving faults on TV, Younghusband says. Other programs simply made fun of incompetent drivers, who were appearing on the British program in order to win a free car. In those competitions, the worst driver didn’t win a car. In the end, audiences were left with an empty feeling of being superior to an obviously bad driver, but not coming away with anything positive they could benefit from. That changed with the Canadian version of Worst Driver. Wanting to add an educational aspect to the show was an idea supported by Younghusband, Guy O’Sullivan (president of Proper Television and original director of Britain’s Worst Driver) and the Discovery Channel, he explains. “And (producer) Ann Harbron was very instrumental as well,” he adds. “She wanted a Canadian show with no

Paul All of the contestants have their memorable moments, but there are many who stand out in Younghusband’s memory. One of them is Paul Thurston, a motorcyclist whose wife wanted him to switch to a four-wheeled vehicle so they could travel in comfort in cold weather. But Thurston had a problem with being enclosed in a vehicle that had blind spots. “He came on to talk about being a biker,” Younghusband says. “He was afraid of being a dangerous driver.” Thurston learned a lot about himself and about driving a vehicle. “He fixes motorcycles in his shop up in Collingwood. He was the smartest person we’ve ever had on the show.”

laughing at people, but with a real takeaway message.” Educating drivers doesn’t simply mean hammering out the rules of the road, he adds. “We want to explain the science and the physics of driving, vehicle dynamics, weight transfer, that sort of thing. So our contestants come to us willing to learn. They’re not in it for a free car; they get a living allowance. They’re legitimately involved in the process. The reason is, the CRTC doesn’t allow us to bait anyone with prizes. There are different categories of TV in Canada, and we’re factual entertainment. We don’t have the legal right to give away prizes.” And giving away free cars, as happened in other countries, wasn’t part of a winning TV concept. How are the contestants chosen? “We try to get a good cross section,” Younghusband says. “We talk to 1,000 people whose names have been sent in. We break it down to 40 people, based on their driving record and their high insurance rates. And then for two weeks, our staff go to meet them and drive with them. We call it the Tour of Death.”

From those contestants, the final eight are chosen. Younghusband is honest with the finalists when it comes to their driving skills. “More than half of them don’t like me after the second day,” he admits. “But by the end they do; they’ve learned.” Most problem drivers, he says, didn’t take an established driving course. They learned how to drive from family members or friends, and many have bad driving habits. The best bit of advice Younghusband has to offer is to look where you want to go. “Don’t look at the hood of your car, look beyond. We’ve had drivers crash into pylons, and I’ve said to them, ‘Didn’t you see it?’ and they say, ‘Yes, I was staring right at it!’ You’ll drive where you’re looking, it’s as simple as that.” Younghusband, who spends his working days surrounded by bad drivers, says he’s having a ball, but also excited about his next project, a program for 2013 that will have him driving in the craziest places on Earth. "I’ll be driving in New Delhi, Mexico City, Manila, Bangkok, Cairo and Ulan Bator in Mongolia.” The working title for that show is Don’t Drive Here.

Aaron Aaron Cheshire, was T-boned while waiting at a stop sign by a woman who was trying to pick up a dropped cigarette while driving her car. His brain injury was so severe that for a while he couldn’t recognize his own father. “He called up and said his father would nominate him. He came on the show to learn if driving was going to be in his future. He needed to learn skills to help him drive in a safe way. I fought to get him on the show. Up till that time, we hadn’t touched on tragedy. We turned him into a driver. He was a much different person when he left than when he arrived.” Cheshire has gone on to do public speaking to tell people of the dangers of distracted driving, Younghusband says. “When I warn people about distracted driving, they all say yeah, yeah, I won’t do it. But when they hear Aaron talk about distracted driving, they cry.” DECEMBER 2012 | WORLD OF WHEELS | 15



Appearance is Everything to find out.

the cost of living controlled-access highways, you Over the past few years the popucan ride an e-bike anywhere a bilarity of e-bikes has grown steadily. cycle is permitted. Retail shops are popping up all over Get this: if you have been conadvocating the benefits of electric victed of driving drunk and your power. They use buzzwords like licence is suspended or revoked, eco-friendly, carbon footprint and you can still operate an e-bike proeco-chic to convince potential convided you wear the mandatory bisumers that these gems are the way of the future. These same retailers Scott McDonald cycle helmet. And because they are C O N T R I B U TO R not classified as a motor vehicle, will go to great lengths to market you cannot be charged under the their products to the unsuspecting by boasting that riders are not required to reg- Highway Traffic Act for impaired driving if you ister their bikes, there is no insurance required operate one under the influence. How do you and, best of all (and customarily painted all over like them apples? As a motorcyclist I am deeply offended that a huge banner outside their retail locations) e-bikes are not regulated in some fashion. Be,there’s no training required! Essentially, these retailers are praying on cause they all have a similar purchase price, the those consumers who have the mindset that e- decision to choose an e-bike over a scooter or bikes are nothing more than electric versions of a smaller motorcycle usually boils down to not scooters or small motorcycles, with the added being required to insure or register the e-bike. bonus of not having the expenses that go along When I have asked e-bike riders their feelings on training, most said they would be feel safer if with acquiring an M-class licence. Throughout the country more and more ac- there was some sort of training offered. It has taken me the better part of five years to cidents involving e-bikes are being reported. The number of fatalities involving e-bikes is get licensed and trained not only for safe operaalso on the rise causing city officials from coast tion of a motorcycle, but more importantly, to to coast to take a second look at the laws sur- become a defensive rider. We have no protection rounding them. Windsor city officials recently when on the road in traffic, but we as licensed enacted a ban of these bikes on sidewalks and motorcyclists understand the risks and train to trails, which has raised debate amongst riders minimize those risks. We spend thousands of and city officials. In Beijing – unofficial home of dollars on the proper gear for protection, but the e-bike, and where a large proportion of the those who ride e-bikes haven’t a clue about any population rides some sort of two wheel vehicle of it. As you see most often on the streets of the as their daily transportation – there have been cities you and I live in, they run slowly in trafmore than 2,500 deaths attributed to e-bikes fic, although they try to keep close to the curb since 2007. While China has an enormous or in their designated bike lane, they will tend population and the accident rate accounts for to be unstable, wobble all over the road, refuse probably only two per-cent of that, my point to signal and never look over their shoulders to is to illustrate that in a society which depends see what dangers are coming up from behind. on two wheels to get around, you’d think their I’ve even seen a good number of them with their earphones in listening to music, oblivious to numbers would be much less. Regardless of the numbers, e-bikes need to their surroundings. There will continue to be accidents and be reassessed at a government level. Transport Canada has determined that because the bikes deaths as a result of existing laws and loopare equipped with pedals, they are considered holes surrounding the e-bike. They need to a power assisted bicycle. If the pedals are re- be regulated, insurance and registration must moved these e-bikes no longer conform to the become mandatory, and riders need to have Highway Traffic act and are considered illegal proper training, protective gear and licensed and the operators are at risk for operating a mo- before they should qualify to purchase and ride tor vehicle without registration or insurance. So them in traffic. If not, I hope someone you care the pedals are the loophole that allows anyone about isn’t the next e-bike fatality statistic to be to ride these devices in traffic. Other than major recorded. 16 | WORLD OF WHEELS | DECEMBER 2012

CLASSIC CAR SHOWS & EVENTS January 2013 Montreal, QC

Montréal International Auto Show January 18 - 27, 2013 Palais des congrès de Montréal

February 2013 Toronto, ON

Canadian International Auto Show Feb 15-24, 2013 Metro Toronto Convention Centre Calgary, AB

AutoRama – World of Wheels Feb 22-24, 2013 BMO Centre at Calgary Stampede Park

March 2013 Mississauga, ON

MegaSpeed Mar. 22, - Mar. 24, 2013 International Centre, 6900 Airport Rd, Toronto Ontario.

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12-09-18 3:41 PM

by Brent Wakeford

When mechanic and custom car hobbyist Wayne Stitt set his sights on starting a new project, he didn't imagine it would take him as far as Texas to find the bare canvas that would eventually be transformed into the piece of art you see here. After broadening his search from just Ontario to all of North America, he came across a tired 1964 Chevrolet half-ton Fleetside pickup truck. >



1964 Chevrolet half-ton fleetside pick-up


In 1964…

e ...... $5,880 Average annual incom ............ $0.25 Gallon of Gas ............... ............. $1.06 Gallon of Milk ............... ......... $0.21 Loaf of bread.................... ption ...$5/yr Life Magazine subscri TV ....$139.99 Admiral 19” portable .......... $0.05 1st Class postage.......... 4& CBS purchases NFL 196 8.2 million 1965 rights for ...........$2 Transistor Emerson (reel to reel) ...........$79 ..... ..... tape recorder .......... Rolls Royce .... $16,655 Silver Cloud III sedan..... ar on The Beatles first appe wers) vie n llio m mi .7 an (73 an iva lliv ullliv Sull E Su Ed

64 C ge as Ca as las ola hol ho Nich N Nic ck are born lo l llo Bu ra n nd a and Sa an on Goldfinger inss o in g gin beeg gb ng tin ooti Shoo Sh n Connery an Sea ng Se ing rin rri rri arr sttar sta

nd Roy Orbison’s d an o nd A ou I Get Ar an – hit the m ma om P etty Wo Pr rtss art ha C Ch to of h top


64 Over the next six years it sat there, waiting on the first brush stroke that would morph this backwoods farm horse into the masterpiece it has become


Originally manufactured in Missouri, the truck eventually found its way to the great state of Texas, where it spent some of its early days as a farm truck. After a couple of telephone conversations with the owner, he knew this was going to be the basis of his next project. Wayne and his brother decided late one Friday afternoon to take a road trip to Texas and check out the truck. The owner was taken aback when they showed up that weekend, looked it over and closed the deal. With the truck in tow and boxes of spare parts and a complete separate engine on board, they round-tripped back to Ontario and parked his future project in the shop. Over the next six years it sat there, waiting on the first brush stroke that would morph this backwoods farm horse into the masterpiece it has become. A full body off-the-frame transformation began and two years later, the project was finished. Wayne began to show the results of his hard work and quickly began receiving trophies. From sandblasting the frame, replacing every nut and bolt, to reupholstering the interior and building a 420 horsepower, 350 cubic-inch pavement-smoking engine, nothing was overlooked. Wayne found furniture-grade white oak to cover the truck bed frame, purchased parts from as far away as California and even went to the extreme of having custom-made wheels and adapters made to allow a wider offset so the hubcaps would fit properly. This was not just a bolt-back-together endeavor. Many sections and parts were customized to make improvements from the technology of the 60s. Power steering was added with power disc brakes all around, and the original factory air conditioning was removed. The add-

ed 700R4 automatic transmission delivers all 450 ponies through to a 12-bolt rear differential, into 3.73 gears before finally reaching the 15-inch rubber where it meets the road. The trucks’ fuel cell was relocated to the rear, eliminating the stock tank and filler set-up from behind the driver's left shoulder. The entire truck was eventually slammed four inches with all new springs and suspension components giving it a truly bad boy stance. Chrome accents and bumpers were either replaced or buffed and polished to original quality before reassembly. With so much effort placed on the exterior components of the ’64, it was time to pay some attention to the interior, so the original seat frames were recovered and interior upholstery was done to give it a fresh updated look. Factory gauges were utilized, including a rare stock tachometer that was uncommon for that manufacturing year. Wayne and friend Sam Das laid the Wimbleton Cream Sickle paint over the entire surface of the truck. To further compliment the base colour, Wayne and Sam highlighted the ’64’s unique lines with orange accents, with special help from Mike Komejan's paint shop. This Rembrandt has graced the roads in and around Ancaster, Ontario for the past three years and is unmistakable with the original Texas Farm Truck issued licence plate still mounted to the front bumper. The sweet rumble of performance emitting from under the hood through its monster exhaust pipes exiting just forward of the rear rubber puts a subtle grin on Wayne face as fires up his '64. So, what's next for Wayne? How about a cherry '66 Chev Nova SS, acquired from the East Coast? It awaits the first strokes from this master artist. DECEMBER 2012 | WORLD OF WHEELS | 21
















BY ROB BEINTEMA There’s a lot less stress on this side of the lights and sirens, testing Ford’s latest police vehicles – the 2013 Police Interceptor lineup. Ford’s Crown Victoria Police Interceptor (CVPI) has had a lock on the cop and cab market for the past 15 years. But the selling points of size, power and component simplicity couldn’t outlast an aging platform, so the old Crown Vic finally had its plug pulled, ending production last year. GM tried to elbow its way into the gap, expanding on their Impala entry with a PPV lineup based on the Caprice and Tahoe, while Chrysler bolstered its Charger Enforcer with the recently announced addition of a Durango police version. But Ford followed up on the Crown Vic’s demise with their 22 | WORLD OF WHEELS | DECEMBER 2012

own one-two punch – a sedan based on the Taurus and a utility based on new Explorer. Except you won’t hear either of those model names escape from the mouths of tight-lipped Ford execs. “Our all-new Ford Police Interceptors are purpose-built specifically for police duty,” said Dave Shuttleworth, Ford’s marketing plans manager for commercial vehicles. Okay, so they’re not exactly encouraging comparisons with your mom’s Taurus, or Uncle Ed’s Explorer. But those are, after all, the basic roots of these two vehicles. In fact, both the sedan and the utility are founded on a common Ford “D” platform and, according to the company, they both “share a host of safety, transport and mobile-office

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components, leading to many service, maintenance and upfit commonalities.” Both Interceptors come with shared elements that include V6 power through a sixspeed automatic transmission, police-tuned suspension, high-performance ABS brakes, high-volume cooling, and a heavy-duty battery and 220-amp alternator. Both vehicles also come standard with allwheel drive for sure-footed pursuit control, not that that is allowed much in Canada. A delete option in favour of front-wheel drive versions is also available. And both vehicles can even swap the same 18-inch five-spoke wheels. Even the standard engines in the utility and sedan share most parts in common. And those engines – three new V6 powertrains – are the heart and soul of Ford’s Police Interceptor strategy. “Our latest fuel-efficient V6 engines deliver on our promise for increased performance and improved economy, while providing government agencies with a money-saving solution,” said Bill Gubing, chief engineer of the Ford Police Program. Those new modern motors, mated to sixspeed transmissions, along with electric powerassisted steering (EPAS) and less parasitic power demands from cooling and electrical systems, are working to lower fuel economy numbers even as gas costs climb ever higher. The Ford Interceptor sedan harnesses a 288 hp 3.5-litre V6 with an optional 365 hp 3.5-litre Ecoboost turbocharged V6 which pays more of 24 | WORLD OF WHEELS | DECEMBER 2012

“Our all-new Ford Police Interceptors are purpose-built specifically for police duty,” said Dave Shuttleworth, Ford’s marketing plans manager for commercial vehicles. a pump penalty for the extra power. The Ford Interceptor utility, using a 304 hp 3.7-litre V6 to get the job done. Fuel economy ratings have improved by up to 25 per cent over the retired Crown Victoria. And, while our little test sessions might have involved pursuit scenarios, in the day-to-day life of law enforcement, most cop cars spend the majority of their lives idling. A recent study of Ottawa’s Police Services showed the average police vehicle idles for up to 6.7 hours in every 10-hour shift. And, according to Police Fleet Magazine, the typical police vehicle wastes two litres of fuel for each hour it idles. A quick tour of the Interceptor sedan and utility highlights police-specific features that

include a column shifter for more interior room, steering wheel auxiliary buttons that can be programmed to directly control lights and sirens, ballistic door panels and steel protective plates in the front seat backs for occupant protection and wide unbolstered seats that allow gun belt room and enough comfort to last through all-night patrolling, long lineups at the drive-thru donut window or through occasional quiet nights in the back or some discreet factory parking lot. Ford’s Police Interceptors offer most of the comforts and options available in Taurus and Explorer civilian versions but a long list of specialty packages and equipment is available to match the needs and desires or any police department. It’s a pretty impressive lineup, a sum total of in-common parts that offers performance a-plenty, evident in either model. Yes, both the sedan and utility models handle with more understeer tendencies than in the old V8-powered, rear-wheel drive Crown Vic. But modern dynamic handling technologies, especially when combined with the all-wheel drive system and blended with the performance and intrinsic features of these vehicles, make the Ford Police Interceptor lineup a viable tool in law enforcement’s arsenal. And they are also just plain cool to drive. I could rip around in them all day long, squealing tires, bashing pylons . . . But, okay, officer. I’m stepping out of the car, slo-o-owly.

Intercep tors' gu est seat ing




good car tips for bad winter weather Good Idea: Replace your wipBad Idea: Opening your er blades when the rubber is torn, window at the Timmies drive-thru when the tip is very bent and they when it is still frozen. This can are no longer cleaning your winddamage the mechanical composhield satisfactorily. When wiper nents of power windows. Allow blades are required a traditional OE the interior to warm up first. style steel wiper blade is an excellent choice however the hinge sysGood Idea: Making sure tem is prone to icing, which pre- Scott Cameron your air conditioning is working C O N T R I B U TO R vents the blade from properly fitting (even in winter?). Most cars use the contour of the windshield. A the A/C in defrost mode to aid in dedicated winter blade is another option, how- removing moisture from the passenger comever they tend to be ridged and lift off the win- partment to prevent fogging and also help to dow at high speed. A good compromise is beam prevent interior frost build up as the car intestyle blade as they have excellent flexibility, are rior cools down. This also keeps the A/C comaerodynamically superior, and resist icing. ponents working through the winter to ensure they will work the following season. Bad Idea: Replacing your blades when cleaning your wipers and windshield will do. Bad Idea: Never using your key to open Clean your wiper blades with windshield wiper the doors. We have a tendency not to use our fluid on a piece of brown paper towel, or an al- door lock cylinders (many cars today only have cohol wipe. Clean your windows inside and out one) with the keyless entry found on most cars. with water and newsprint or brown paper towel. By the time we need them they no longer funcWet one piece down and clean window then dry tion. Several times a year spray them with a with another piece until squeaky clean, literally. penetrant/lubricant and make sure the key These two things remove the oils to increase works smoothly. The lubricant part is critical as performance. some penetrants remove all the lubricants. I use a product called HoneyGoo by Kleen Flow as it Good Idea: Make sure your washer fluid is has a more pleasant smell, but there are lots of full and try a premium fluid that contains addi- suitable options. tives that help repel water and dirt such as RainX. Try lowering the defroster temperature and Good Idea: Removing the oxidation (yelredirecting the airflow when the car is warm. low fog) on your headlights. Oxidation reduces This will help prevent the road spray from bak- their efficiency greatly, and can be removed ing on the windshield. Both these things will from with do it yourself kits. Most shops also help keep that finger off the washer button. offer this service at a reasonable cost. If any light bulbs need to be replaced try to do this on a Bad Idea: Leaving your wipers on when warm day and consider warming things up with you turn your car off and not freeing them up a hairdryer as many things are attached with before turning them on. This is the number one plastic clips. reason for wiper replacement, and could damage more expensive wiper system components. Bad Idea: Checking your tire pressure when temperatures are around or below zero as Good Idea: Keep moisture from bond- ice can form in the valve letting the remaining air ing and causing doors and windows to stick out rapidly. If you must, try to warm up the tires by lubricating window tracks and door seals inside and be sure you are near an air supply. with spray silicone greaseless lubricant such as Kleen-flo kleen slip. Good idea: Be safe. 26 | WORLD OF WHEELS | DECEMBER 2012

“Tag-Teaming” Emerges As New Online Trend Of Illegal Car Sellers “Tag-Teaming,” the act of two illegal car sellers in different locations working together to hide their identities and lure unsuspecting car buyers to purchase vehicles, is emerging as a trend in online auto sales, according to the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council (OMVIC). Mystery Shopper research also revealed the growing trend of curbsiders (illegal sellers who usually pose as private sellers or small businesses) using online ads to sell popular vehicles and, more recently, high-end models. As part of this province-wide research, random calls were made to “private” vehicle sellers with ads posted on free online websites. “Stop asking stupid questions,” was one seller’s response to a potential buyer when she asked if the advertised vehicle had been in any major accidents. Another suspicious seller was confused about which vehicle the buyer was calling about. Why? Because he had numerous cars for sale; often a sign the seller is a curbsider. “Ontarians need to be careful when buying online. They need to become educated and learn to spot the common tactics curbsiders use,” says Carey Smith, OMVIC’s Director of Investigations. “And if the car is much cheaper than most other models of the same year and mileage, the consumer should be very cautious and should consider walking away from the deal.” “The trend of curbsiders using online ads to bilk unsuspecting car buyers who are looking for a deal is rapidly growing.” Industry research finds that 25 per cent of “private” classified ads on online marketplaces like Kijiji and Craigslist are actually posted by curbsiders, says Smith “It is becoming increasingly common for curbsiders to try to sell vehicles that are not registered in their name, so purchasers will have to be bold and check ID: ask to see the seller’s driver’s licence and compare it to the car’s registration. If they don’t match – walk; and don’t listen to the excuses they will try to use to explain it.”

By law, registered dealers provide: • Advertising disclosure and all-in pricing with no hidden fees • Mandatory full disclosure of a vehicle’s past use, history and condition • Cancellation or rescission rights if specified information is not disclosed • Access to the Motor Vehicle Dealers Compensation Fund – up to $45,000 for each valid claim made to the Fund.

autocatch.indd 1

7/29/11 10:57:00 AM


1/4 MILE

"See Tom ‘The Mongoose’ McEwen take on Don ‘The Snake’ Prudhomme in a best of three all-out match race!"...

Snake &M

ongoose H

ot Wheels

The Mongoose versus The Snake The Greatest Rivalry In Drag Racing BY JIM MCGONIGAL

This was the battle cry that once stirred excitement in the mid 1960s and early 1970s. The announcer over the radio conjured dramatic visions in a voice-over, complete with background sounds of nitro-burning funny cars, dragsters and diggers. As a young boy the thought of seeing the fire-breathing quarter-mile runners would set my racing heart alight, and leave my imagination wanting to emulate these larger-than-life heroes. I idolized names like Don ‘The Snake’ Prudhomme, Blue Max, the Ace, Tom ‘The Mongoose' McEwen, the King and Big Daddy Don Garlits. These names were the definition of tough. They were men who lived without limits or fear in cars that for an ear-splitting few seconds lived on an edge that could 28 | WORLD OF WHEELS | DECEMBER 2012

end in total fireball disaster, or earthshaking victory. And I could witness it all first-hand, if not in person, through the miracle of television. Their popularity appealed to all ages. You may have even had the Snake and Mongoose Hot Wheels cars – an exercise in master marketing, and corporate sponsorship that made the pair’s drag racing rivalry famous.

Don ‘The Snake’ Prudhomme There have been few drag racing personalities that have been as successful as Don ‘The Snake’ Prudhomme. He started out in his younger days as a car painter. By the late 1950’s he joined The Road Kings, a Los Angelesbased car club. Prudhomme attended drag

races, and worked as a crew member for Tommy Ivo. In the 1960s, Prudhomme toured throughout  the United States learning the ropes from Ivo, one of  the true pioneers of professional drag racing. Tommy Ivo’s fourengined Showboat thrilled drag racing fans from coast to coast. In 1962, Prudhomme picked up his first big victory in top fuel drag.  From mid-1962 through 1964, he teamed with Tom Greer and famed engine builder Keith Black. Their nearly  unstoppable Greer, Black and Prudhomme top fueler won nearly every event they would enter along the west coast. Prudhomme, driving Roland Leong’s Hawaiian top fueler, won the first NHRA race that he entered at the ‘65 Winternationals in Pomona, California. He was beginning a career that would make him one of the biggest names in drag racing history – a driving career that would see him take a

coming to the total of 35 NHRA funny car national event wins, along with 14 NHRA top fuel national event titles. What really rocketed The Snake’s career into the big time was when He started teaming up with his rival and off-track friend, Tom 'The Mongoose' McEwen, with their Hot Wheels team cars in the early 1970s. Since Prudhomme was known as ‘The Snake,’ Tom McEwen, always the showman, started to promoting himself as ‘The Mongoose’ to help build a rivalry between the two drivers.

Tom 'The Mongoose' McEwen

Tom The Mongoose McEwen is still one of the best-known drag racing personalities. McEwen, always the promoter, was responsible for bringing the first big time non-automotive sponsor into the drag racing arena – a move that changed drag racing forever. In the early ‘60s, He raced at many of legendary southern California tracks. Never afraid of being innovative, McEwen tried many top fuelers out and became the driver of the Super Mustang, an unusual streamlined car built with Ford Motor Company backing. There was also the 1965 Plymouth Barracuda,

a first-of-its-kind funny car, which was a rearengined machine. One night, at the Lion’s Drag Strip, He and his 1965 Barracuda took off of the starting line and went airborne at 150 miles an per hour. The car, with McEwen in it, become a work of twisted metal and fiberglass shards in a dramatic, bigtime crash. McEwen, undeterred, rebuilt the rear engined Barracuda and ran it again. His biggest contribution to drag racing may very  well have come through sponsorship. It was McEwen who convinced the Mattel toy company to sponsor himself and rival Don Prudhomme through the company’s Hot Wheels brand. This  was the first time a major non-automotive company had been involved in drag racing. Even though McEwen  won only five NHRA national events during his 35-plusyear career, he had the gift of gab and great promotional abilities that  made him one of the sport’s most influential and controversial figures. It’s hard to believe that almost 40  years have passed since Prudhomme and McEwen, joined forces in forming Wildlife Racing with the then-unprecedented corporate backing of Mattel’s Hot Wheels brand. These two men still hold  two of the most hallowed nicknames in drag racing history, ‘The Snake’ and ‘The Mongoose.’

Big Screen SNAKE & MONGOOSE, the MOVIE, tells the story of one of the greatest rivalries in sports history, and of the groundbreaking accomplishments of Don 'the Snake' Prudhomme and Tom 'the Mongoose' McEwan in the world of entertainment sports marketing and sponsorship. It's is the inspiring tale of two revolutionaries whose battles on the track stood in stark contrast to deep and profound friendship they experienced off it. Set in the heyday of drag racing, the movie brings to life all of the colourful characters and legendary races that defined the times.

Coming in n 01 13 Spring 2013



the 2012 John Deere

844k Loader BY BRENT WAKEFORD One of John Deere’s recent additions to its lineup is attracting do-it-yourselfers and weekend warriors alike as the ideal tool to assist with those honey-do backyard landscaping jobs. The John Deere 844K II wheel loader can certainly do it all, from moving the dirt around the yard, grading the lawn, or digging out for a pool or pond. And when summer gives way to snow, the 844’s ability to swap out its bucket for a blade makes it a capable driveway clearer too. Like all models in the K-Series, this loader was designed by employing big ideas from customer feedback and guys nagged by their wives to get off the couch and get the yard work done. Sure a tiny lawn tractor will do in a pinch, but it’ll take much longer to complete the tasks at hand and it just wasn’t as much fun, not to mention the 844 will scare the neighborhood kids and have squirrels running. Enhancements include all-new heavier-duty axles with traction-boosting locking differential and auto-engagement


options for fewer spin-outs and reduced tire wear. And six percent more full-turn tip-load capacity plus a wider stance when equipped with optional low-profile tires. But not everything on the 844K II is new. Features such as Quad-Cool with reversing on-demand fan, smooth-shifting SmartShift transmission, and ride control carry over from the previous model. These features make the job go faster and get you back on the couch for those more important tasks of cheering on your favorite team and eating more nachos. If you are still determined to get a handle on increased productivity, put yourself behind the controls of a K-Series loader. Its enhanced multifunction LCD color monitor provides a wealth of machine info and hey, they are real cool to look at. And enables you to customize machine operation and response, weigh each bucket load, and view the action out back — all at the push of a button. Hmmm, now if they could only get it to receive satellite TV. John Deere convenience means no keys are required. You just input your four digit code and push the start button. No need to hide a key if you want to go away for the weekend

and keep your kids from joyriding through the neighborhood – just change the code or set a lockout. On the safety front, the standard-equipped turf tires give you great traction in the mud or snow. The 844 K II now comes equipped right from the factory with plenty of productionenhancing features. For those special jobs, they’ve got you covered with a wide variety of factory or dealer-installed options if you need to work in a high-debris area navigating around swing sets and kids toys or extremetemperature, or when you feel that bead of sweat from too much manual digging. For you spec junkies, it has 380 hp pushing out of an 824 cubic inch turbo-diesel engine with 1,323 foot pounds of torque, Oh yeah! As pretty as this little digger is, we don’t suggest parking it in the garage to admire along with your hobby car. After all, it’s a loader and meant to be kept outside where it belongs. Beyond that, it weighs 70,629 pounds and is a little over 12 feet tall. Now, get off the couch and go get one before your neighbor beats you to it and makes you feel like less of a man!

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BY SCOTT MACDONALD Imagine you could take your own Corvette ZR1, your Mustang Shelby Cobra, your BMW M5, or even your real-world beater to a place where speed limits don’t exist – a world where you can run your car on the open road and never worry about getting a ticket. Where your only interaction with the sheriff might be when he gives you a friendly smile and a wave as you smoke past him doing 200 kph. That place does exist. It’s called Arnold, Nebraska. Arnold is located almost dead centre in the state, some 225 miles west of Nebraska’s capital city, Lincoln. It’s an almost forgotten mid-west community, off the


Lin "Holding the



beaten track, where close to 600 residents live and work, and where small town values still exist. Although the U.S. mid-west is primarily driven by agriculture, the landscape of Nebraska can be somewhat flat and uninteresting. Yet Arnold manages to more than mitigate any visual shortcomings with the hospitality of its residents, rewarding visitors with to-the-horizon views of dramatic landscapes and fantastic light effects. For one special week every August, the village of Arnold and its surrounding communities play host to the Sandhills Open Road Challenge (SORC). The Challenge is a week-long car enthusiast event open to anyone

"On the G



who would like to test their driving skills and their car’s performance on a section of two-lane highway. They close a section of road with the sole purpose of letting people pin the pedal to the floor in a competition of driver against the clock. The first SORC was held in August, 2001. Some 34 enthusiastic drivers came from 17 states to participate in the first event of its kind ever held in Nebraska. The event now sells out its grid of 120 each year on the first day of registration, with many more drivers eagerly hoping to be selected from the waiting list. Thousands of spectators from Custer County and surrounding communities flock to Arnold each year to watch the shootout, the parade and car show, the road race, and the crowd favourite – the burnout contest. Drivers from Canada and more than 40 states enjoy unrivaled hospitality from local inhabitants who open their homes to lodge upwards of half of all drivers and navigators. As one driver proclaimed loudly at the 2008 SORC barbeque, “Nobody does it like Arnold!” The biggest highlight of the event is the road race. After all, it’s what started the whole thing. The SORC is an annual 55 mile open road race similar to European rally racing. It is arguably

Imagine a place where speed limits don’t exist – a world where you can run your car on the open road, and never worry about getting a ticket. Where your only interaction with the Sheriff might be when he gives you a friendly smile and a wave as you smoke past him doing 200 kph. the most demanding event of its kind held in the U.S. With more than 50 hazards and straits as long as three miles, the course offers a true challenge to drivers in every speed class. On the track there are no hay bails lining the course and no run off areas, drivers are faced with unforgiving roadside ditches and barbed wire if they go off the road. The course tests a driver's skills constantly, with long straightaways where

you need to run as fast as you can to make up for time lost as you try to navigate the heart thumping, brake-burning 90-degree corners. The SORC is comprised of nine separate speed classes, beginning with the 80 mph group and stretching to the unlimited class. Individual driver’s experience and car safety equipment determines the class drivers are eligible to participate in. It’s a race against time, just you and the clock. To win in your class, you must be the closest to or maintain an speed average over the outbound and inbound runs dictated by your class. In the unlimited class, victory is a measure of the fastest elapsed time and highest speed to complete the course. Victory on this course is regarded as a personal triumph. But it’s okay if you are not interested in testing your skills behind the wheel, nobody minds in Arnold. In fact, you are welcomed with open arms to simply sit back and enjoy. That’s precisely what most folks do. If you are interested in visiting or participating in the 2013 Sandhills Open Road Challenge, you can visit You can signup as a driver or just get the information you need to witness what can only be described as an eyepopping spectacle. DECEMBER 2012 | WORLD OF WHEELS | 33



2013 Ram

Details are everything Story and photos by Jim Robinson When it comes to pickups, details are everything — something not lost on engineers when it comes to the new 2013 Ram 1500. Forgetting trim levels, there are literally hundreds of ways to fit out light pickups due to the myriad of needs and uses. A new wrinkle these days are ever-rising fuel/ operating costs and that means combining expected brawn with new weight saving and fuel economy. It starts with the use of an eight-speed automatic transmission, the first I know of is a pickup truck. The TorqueFlite 8 also does away with column or floor shifters supplanted by a rotary knob mounted to the left of the centre stack. Appreciated by those who know trucks is the ability to shift from Reverse to Drive quickly when towing or navigating in snow, mud, loading ramps, work sites and parking lots. The eight-speed is part of a new thermal management system that quickly raises the temperatures of the transmission and engine. Ram engineers found that heating fluids as soon as possible improved fuel efficiency by 1.7 per cent purely by cutting parasitic losses. The eight-speed will be standard on the new 3.6-litre V6 and will be optionally available on the 5.7-litre Hemi V8 later this year. The quad cam V6 is used widely across the Chrysler model lineup and, in the Ram, it produces 305 hp and 269 lb/ft of torque. More importantly, 34 | WORLD OF WHEELS | DECEMBER 2012

it offers 42 per cent more horses, 11 per cent more torque and an expected 22 per cent better fuel economy than the 3.7-litre V6 it replaces. The second engine choice is the proven overhead valve 5.7-litre Hemi V8 with 395 hp and 407 lb/ft of torque with a stated 12 per cent fuel consumption improvement over the 2012 version of the Hemi. Standard transmission is a six-speed automatic. Lastly is the 4.7-litre SOHC V8 with 310 hp and 330 lb/ft of torque mated to a six-speed automatic and aimed primarily at fleet sales. Ram is offered in 4X2 and 4X2 versions in short and long boxes, three cabs sizes (Regular, Quad and Crew) and no less then seven trim levels (SXT, SLT, Outdoorsman, Big Horn, Sport, Laramie and Laramie Longhorn). Essentially, the V6 with eight-speed is $1,200 over the 4.7 and another $200 for the Hemi 5.7 with six-speed. So $1,400 for a Hemi over the base 4.7. But on the SLT you can actually choose the V6 or the Hemi for same price (again different packages, etc.). At the press launch in Nashville I spent the whole day in the 3.6-litre in the SLT trim model which is one step up from the base SXT and what I thought will prove the most popular choice especially in the Crew Cab version I drove. Ram claims the 3.6-litre has the same grunt as a V8. The ride, not the power, was the best part. Even

without the optional air suspension, the Ram tracked the narrow roads tenaciously. Later towing a big trailer with a large ATV strapped to it, the Ram pulled up and down gentle grades with no discernable sense of the transmission hunting the rev range for more power. Even thought our SLT was basically entry level, the seats were big and supportive with dozens of cubbies and storage areas scattered throughout which is what those who will gravitate to the SXT or SLT are looking for. But if you want premium luxury like fittings, the Longhorn has without doubt the most opulently equipped interior offered by any vehicles under the Chrysler Corporation banner. The air suspension optional ($1,500) offers five ride heights that raise or lower the body over a range of four inches. It changes ride height at speed as selected manually from the console or key fob. Little details, as noted above, are a big deal with pickup buyers and the Ram has sweated a lot of them. There are some 45 safety/driver aids on every Ram, most standard. With 16 per cent of Canadian vehicle sales being pickups, obviously a lot is riding on the 2013 Ram and officials in Nashville were buoyed by the fact their sales are up 28 per cent so far this year, which they see as encouraging. Could this be the Year of the Ram?

Trailer Hitch

Hammock by Hammacka Looking for a new way to lounge at your next tailgate? With Hammaka’s Trailer Hitch Stand and Hammock Chair Combo you will never get tired of standing again. Be forewarned though, it might be hard to get a seat once your friends show up. The chairs are super comfortable and keep you right in the thick of the drinking and conversation at your tailgate. Just don’t pass out and miss the game! The Hammaka Trailer Hitch Stand and Cradle Chair Combo comes ready to mount on your truck or RV so you can relax anywhere you go. It is easy to assemble and break down, and the chairs are super durable for your heftier friends. Rest those feet all day so you can stomp the stadium down during the game. Visit: MSRP: Approx $199.00


Next Generation

Silverado to Debut in December Built and priced with homeowners in mind, the SnowSport 180 Utility Plow gives you a 7-foot swipe on the back of your SUV, Mini-Van or Crossover Vehicle that makes clearing snow a breeze. The SnowSport 180 is an easy-to-install and operate rear snow plow that attaches to any 2" receiver hitch and weighs a mere 56 lbs. A 1" rubber-cutting edge makes a clean cut in the snow that leaves the surface of the driveway smooth and flat. The blade can fit on either the front or back of the vehicle, giving you two ways to remove snow! This heavy-duty utility snow plow is easy to use and install. No complicated wiring is necessary since the blade is entirely self-adjusting. All you have to do is attach the mount using a simple bolt system. Once in place, the blade can be easily adjusted into plowing mode or safely secured for transit. MSRP $1,070.00

Check out this video

Chevrolet will take the wraps off the all-new Silverado 1500 full-size pickup on Dec. 13 at a special event in the Detroit area. The bold exterior design of the new Silverado reflects the enhanced capabilities of the truck while features such as jewel-like, projector beam headlamps showcase the careful attention given to every detail. The new Silverado will be on public display for the first time at the 2013 North American International Auto Show in January, and will start production next year. DECEMBER 2012 | WORLD OF WHEELS | 35


Could this be the NextGen Stang? According to the rumour mill tales of an EcoBoost four-cylinder coming to the 2015 Ford Mustang have been all but confirmed, but the technical specifications of the engine including displacement and horsepower and torque outputs are still up for debate. Speculation early on in 2012 said that the same turbocharged 2.3 litre four banger was the probable choice which is slated to appear in a new generation of Ford Focus RS. It’s also rumoured to produce nearly 320 hp. Confidence is high that Ford may ditch the six cylinder all together. This writer for one is not confident that’s the best direction to take, buyers like a buffet of choice, not to be force fed through a feeding tube, especially if it means giving up displacement. According to one forum user over at, though, the rumor of a 300+ horsepower four-cylinder offering is correct, claiming to be have been part


of a market research study for the next generation Mustang. Rumours continue to abound regarding the upcoming 2015 Ford Mustang, the latest being that the Blue Oval’s next generation pony car will rely heavily on design cues from the Evos Concept that debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September of last year. It’s hard to imagine how the styling from the Evos would be implemented on the Mustang, but the folks over at Inside Line have given their best shot they release two new renderings of what they think the 2015 Mustang will look like. The design mockup ticks off all the boxes of what’s supposed to be in store for the new Mustang – a shorter, smaller body with a more futuristic, sleeker design that retains the car’s signature items like the rear quarter windows and triple-lens taillights. Rumour has it a Ford insider has seen the renderings and gives the nod that they are fairly close to the design of the

production car. A new independent rear suspension will likely replace the current solid rear axle design, and Ford is doing its best to shed as much weight – possibly several hundred pounds. Finally, the new Mustang will be a true global car and will likely be marketed in several international markets and even be available in right-hand-drive for places like Great Britain. Of course, all of this information is still just rumour and speculation. It’s likely specifications and the design of the 2015 Mustang could still be and will be tweaked or nothing like what has been described. Either way, I think it may be safe to expect some variant of the four-cylinder option for 2015 with power outputs and fuel mileage as good or better than the current Mustang V6.

But, don’t take our word for it.

Choosing the tire that’s right for you and your family this winter can be a tough decision. There are a bewildering number of brands, types and sizes that at first glance, all look remarkably similar: black and round. For honest advice, great selection and an exceptional price, visit a Tire Choice location nearest you. They will help you choose from a variety of popular brands and recommend the tire that’s right for your needs, driving style and budget. Helping you make the Right Choice, choose Tire Choice.

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IT’S FUN. TURBOCHARGED. With a 1.4L Turbocharged Engine, the 2013 Sonic is shockingly powerful and ridiculously fuel efficient. The best of both worlds, mastered for yours.

ɕ Motorcycle inspired gauge cluster. ɕ OnStar RemoteLink™ mobile app. ɕ Wireless Audio Streaming, Bluetooth® and more.

OLET R V E H C 2013


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