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Merit360 programs WorldMerit360, Merit360+ and Merit360i

Tackling Sustainability Everyone should work on the Sustainable Development Goals as often, collaboratively and dynamically as possible. World Merit lead the fight to achieve a better, more equal, more sustainable world. Running Merit360 programs in diverse communities is one of our core ways to engage people and have them take action. Building high impact programs like Merit360, that lead to coordinated activism and entrepreneurial action is the best way to secure the peaceful and prosperous planet we want.

We aim to host one Merit360 program on Every continent, every year.

Engage People Take Action Together The Merit360 philosophy

Three types of Merit360 program:

organised by World Merit

Led and delivered by World Merit HQ. Bigger targets for engagement and international reach, will normally conclude in a United Nations building or other prestigious venue.

Independently organised

Run by a World Merit Country Council, City Chapter, or individual

World Merit member. It is this type of independently organised Merit360 program that is most open and a great way for you to lead an event that makes an impact for the Sustainable Development Goals.

organised by World Merit in partnership

Run in conjunction with a partner, potentially adding to an existing conference or program so it also includes the SDG’s and/or youth element. Feel free to approach major conferences and programs in your country, then take a lead in delivery when a partnership is secured.

THE DRIVE TO SCALE IMPACT After our time at the United Nations in September 2016, our partners and participants were keen to create a way to quickly scale our impact for the SDGs. We see MERIT360i as the way we can drive engagement and activity around the world. We want you to take a lead in this. The following pages give a brief insight into MERIT360i with more details available upon request.

Core operating principles of Merit360i Engage people in The SDGs Each program hopes to engage a minimum of 360 people directly and help to increase the World Merit community. There may be less participants so think about engaging in different ways, aim to for an on-line social reach of 360,000.

Actions speak louder than words An Action Plan to be developed, pitched, and implemented from your Merit360. You will be given an Action Plan code for your program, i.e. Merit360(NewYork) [AP001]. Guidance and a template will be provided for consistency.

Beyond Beliefs & Borders WM HQ will support the marketing of your Merit360 program and you should target a minimum of 5 countries. Cross border collaboration and understanding is key to making a success of the 2030 agenda and we also require all Merit360 programs adopt a policy to be radically inclusive.

Checklist For Merit360i Engagement targets set and met. SDG Action Plan delivered (using the World Merit template). Program culture to be ‘radically inclusive’. Financially sustainable (participant fundraising to cover costs [HQ will provide a cost breakdown]). Surplus reinvested to Country Council and to subsidize Merit360 participants. Financially accessible (a plan for subsidized participation and scholarships to be developed). Strictly adhere to World Merit brand guidelines. Venue Partners and sponsors to be treated professionally and with a long term plan of engagement. Have support for participants such as an Action Plan Facilitator (APF), mentors, or experts. Diversity (participants should come from minimum of 5 different countries).

If you decide that you are able to lead a Merit360 in your country or city, contact World Merit HQ to obtain an initial license and guidelines. Permission to run a Merit360 program will be given for a pilot program and then, with success, on a perpetual annual basis.

Provide clear expectation setting of the program to all involved, use this to recruit and select suitable applicants. Include professional / personal development of participants (team building, speakers, workshops etc.). Impact measurement delivered (survey and feedback forms completed with other metrics). Clear schedule (balance fun and work), clear deliverables and time line available upfront. Present Action Plan at conclusion of program to leaders and preferably in venue of prestige. In-depth Implementation plan established before leaving Merit360 event. Film, photograph and record key elements and moments of the program. Provide World Merit HQ with all footage, metrics, and program deliverables within agreed time.

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