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World Merit Tech Mobilising Global Youth to Take Positive Action by Further Developing and Sharing our Bespoke Online Platform

Growing a Global Community of Young Activists The social media revolution has connected the upcoming generation to each other and to a vast expanse of information. It has had many cultural and psychological effects but at World Merit we have also shown that when used well it can build confidence, raise aspirations and launch global activism. We are developing version three of our platform having learnt much from the first two incarnations. We are looking to grow and stay close to the cutting edge of technology as a way to best communicate, connect, and facilitate the activism of young global citizens.

“For emerging youth in diverse communities, World Merit could be a conveyor of convener of connection and opportunity that proves an alternative to tribalism and radical indoctrination.� Jack Healey, former Exec Director Amnesty International

connect online to act offline With hundreds of World Merit events and thousands of SDG focused actions planned in 2017, our hub needs to be a place for people to connect, for them to highlight and showcase but also to measure the impact of all young global activists. We also offer increasing opportunities to our members who earn rewards by participating in challenges that are set, moderated, and measured online. Using gamification techniques to tap into competitive energy and to urge young global citizens to demonstrate their talent to peers and to potential employers has proved a successful engagement tool.

Make Connections

Take Action

Build Credits

Earn Opportunities

Leading the way to Sustainable development The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were formally adopted by the 193 member states of the United Nations. World Merit have adopted the 17 SDGs and their 169 sub-targets as our framework for member activity. We are at the cutting edge of building awareness for the Sustainable Development Goals, something that has been recognized by the UN directly. Now, and with facilitation from our online hub, we want to role model to the world just how to move people from awareness to action. People who earn points and share appropriate metrics and content will be invited to our prestigious programs and events, some of which conclude in the United Nations Headquarters, New York.

“At Merit360 I met people from 85 countries, we all connected online before getting to New York and still do a lot of work on our projects� Sampson Oboh - Ghana

Exceeding 750,000 Registered Active Global Citizens This year we will likely exceed a global population of 7.5 Billion. By the end of the year, World Merit, with support from the UN, has a target of recruiting 750,000 young global activists focused on the SDGs. These will represent every country and community and will be registered with us online. These beacons and role models will be tasked with building awareness and activity. In addition to building our own World Merit membership, one key part of our plan is to provide a white labeled platform to many youth movements. Each would agree to adopt common framing, language and reward. Pooling data and opportunities, will allow collaborative calls to action. It will also allow World Merit members and those of other youth movements to come together in tackling the most pressing issues of the 21st century.

Youth movements already considering the adoption of our platform.

Features of the new platform The hub design is still in process, but the main features have been decided upon and the ‘back-end’ workings are under construction. This is a summary of those features and some of the benefits of each.

Dashboard - View Posts - Create Events - Advertising Space - Points & Merits Counter

Profile - Bio - Connections (friends) tab - Points counter incl. lifetime points

Portfolio - Showcase skills, actions and awards - Action page for World Merit specific

Country Office - Own profile - Place for fundraising

Points - Complete actions to gain points - Form for off line actions. - Can be spent on opportunities

Merits - Community curated content



- ‘Friends’ but more network based - Suggested connections

- Tagging photos and posts - Paid membership support - Register/Login support

Events - Event is stored on the portfolio page - Sharable by linking

Global Chat - Accessible to all community members

Messages - Live chat, private chat for connections

Causes - Community fundraising for own goals - First with £150 limit

Merit Shop - Purchases with points or money - Virtual items e.g. profile skins, - Items shipped by our partners - Paid membership

Activities - Leader board pages for events - Loot box prizes for events

Settings - Options and preferences e.g. privacy - Make global chat is hidden or shown - Change password

ADMIN PANEL - Find users - Edit settings - Send global messages - Check donations - Edit web shop - Create opportunities and actions - See reports

Impact Measurement - Instant access to data - Encourage community

Required Investment We expect all signed up organisations to financially contribute to the ongoing sustainability of the platform, but we need investment to build and evolve Version 3 of the World Merit hub, past versions of which have taught us so much. Support to build the attractive opportunities showcased in the platform is also very much required. The basis of which is mutuality, as we are able to provide connection to such an active community.

120,oo0+ Members

119 country Offices

Merit Tech 2017  

Our plans to develop and share our bespoke online platform.

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