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In order to support the development and conversion of

Turkey, we are keeping the development of seven specific publications which are lightening their sectors. In addition to our periodical special publications such as Machine & Automation, Industry 4.0, Cutting Tools, Roller&Linear, Cad/Cam/Cae/Plm, Industrial Piping, we are making new publications from time to time. The bulletin you are currently reading is a special edition for Hanover Messe 2017: Machine Automation &Electricity Bulletin. Hannover Messe 2017 Special Edition in English Published on the first days of April and distributed extensively in the Hannover Messe Germany 2017 Fair. Our Hannover Messe Special Edition has given place to many pioneer companies on its pages. It has been published in English in order to be distributed more easily and extensively in whole Europe. We can proudly say that we made a productive work in favor of all our companies we work together. There is a great sympathy for World Media Summits There was a broad participation in our Industry 4.0 Summit we organized with the sponsorship of SIEMENS last year in Istanbul. Now we can easily say that in this year’s Industry 4.0 Summit there will be a broader participation. You can also be a part of this organization. Also we are organizing the first Metalworking and Cutting Tools Summit this year. You can follow our bulletins The World Media Magazines with their pioneer bulletins in sectorial publications not only enable you to reach your target audience but also makes the sectorial information transfer possible with the scientific- technical articles and news. You may have a contact with us for news, advertisements and subscriptions. Please continue following and reading us…

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Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017










Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017




“ he Energiewende is not only a big challenge for our energy system, it also offers enormous opportunities for society, inA smart platform dustry, and the environment. for the energy The corresponding innovatransition, tive technologies can only be innovative developed in close cotechnologies operation between scifor electric mobility and ence and industry,” says photovoltaics as the President of KIT, Prowell as a fessor Holger Hanselrevolutionary ka. “This also holds for process for the production of new technologies for elecglass: These are tric mobility, lightweight only some construction, or materials of the activities sciences. For this reapresented by we further inKarlsruhe Institute son, of Technology creased our traditionally (KIT) at Hannover strong commitment at Messe 2017. From Hannover Messe. Apart April 24 to 28, KIT from the stand at the will present & Technolits projects at two “Research of the leading ogy” leading trade fair trade fairs: For the and other theme stands, first we will also have a stand time, at the at the “Energy” lead“Energy” trade fair (hall 27, stand ing trade fair this year.” H51) and as in the On the first day, April past years at the 24, from 3.40 p.m., Fed“Research & eral Minister of Research Technology” trade Johanna Wanka will visit the fair (hall 2, stand of KIT at the “Energy” stand B16). leading trade fair in hall 27 (stand H51) to inform herself about KIT’s energy research activities. Among others, KIT will present the KITcoordinated ENSURE consortium, one of four Kopernikus projects for the energy transition funded by the Federal Government. ENSURE is aimed at developing and testing efficient, viable grid structures which are characterized by the interaction of both centralized and decentralized energy supply. “ENSURE 6

Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017

will decisively contribute to the economic success of the energy transition and to technology suppliers, infrastructure operators, and electricity consumers profiting from it,” Hanselka says. KIT in Hall 27, Stand H51 – “Energy” Energy Lab 2.0 – Smart Test Platform for the Energy Transition The Energy Lab 2.0 is the first system of its kind that smartly interconnects electricity producers, storage systems, and consumers. The grid consisting of plants at various locations links electric, thermal, and chemical energy flows as well as latest information and communication technologies and serves as a test grid, in which KIT scientists and their partners study the interaction of centralized and decentralized energy supply. Realization of the energy transition requires adequate and reliable storage technologies, smart grid extension, and maintenance of grid stability. The Energy Lab 2.0 pushes the Energiewende and in particular integration of renewable energy sources. Project partners are the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and Forschungszentrum Jülich (FZJ), which also are members of the Helmholtz Association. The Energy Lab 2.0 interconnects electricity producers, storage systems, and consumers.

INERATEC®: High-quality Fuel from the Minireactor Small natural gas resources and gases in thousands of oil fields, whose oil production was stopped, presently remain unused. INERATEC ®, a spinoff of KIT, has developed a marketable, compact chemical facility that converts methane-containing gases of such wells or gases arising from residues of oil production or biogas production into synthetic liquid fuel. Moreover, the plant can convert regenerative hydrogen and the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide into fuels. The main element of the new technology is a microstructured chemical reactor developed by researchers of KIT.

The microstructured chemical reactor can convert methane-containing gases into liquid synthetic fuels of highest quality.

Solar Cells: The Flexible Generation Organic solar foils might revolutionize energy production, because they have a number of advantages over conventional silicon solar cells. They have a small weight, are mechanically flexible, transparent, and can be produced in a large range of colors. This allows for use in new areas of application – examples being solar windows in buildings or sunglass-

es. Researchers of KIT will present these applications at Hannover Messe. Together with MJR PharmJet GmbH, they have developed a process for coating and printing organic solar cells that is environmentally compatible, while material and energy consumption and costs are reduced. For the production of this new type of organic solar cells, no hazardous solvents are required. Their efficiency corresponds to that of conventional organic solar cells.

Solar glasses with lenses made of semi-transparent organic solar cells.

2 in 1: The Superconducting Transformer A single device that is both a transformer and a current limiter: This is achieved by combining a normal conducting primary coil with a superconducting secondary coil. Scientists of KIT will present the prototype of a 2-in-1 transformer. When used at transformer stations, it will also protect the other grid components in case of fault currents. Technology Market RESEARCH TO BUSINESS, the technology market of KIT, will present 30 additional technology offerings at KIT’s Energy stand. These offerings are innovations made by KIT. Now, cooperation partners are needed for their commercialization.

KIT in Hall 2, B16 – “Research and Technology”

“Liquid Glass“ is viscous at room temperature and can be shaped into any form.

Liquid Glass – A Revolution in Glass Processing Glass is one of the most important and fascinating materials mankind has ever used. It is highly transparent and highly resistant to heat and acids. It is omnipresent in everyday life. Its outstanding optical, chemical, and thermal properties make glass an attractive material for extremely small components, such as minute optical lenses or complex microsystems, e.g. laboratories on chips for the analysis of smallest liquid volumes. So far, high temperatures and the use of hazardous chemicals were required to produce such microstructures. Scientists of KIT have now developed a simple alternative: “Liquid Glass” is viscous at room temperature and can be shaped into any form, pre cured under light, and baked out in the furnace. Hence, structuring glass components is (nearly) as easy as baking cookies. The initial material used for the process is a nanocomposite, a mixture of pulverized glass and plastic, that can be processed like a plastic material.

“Liquid Glass“, the simple replication of glass, is now possible. The 2-in-1 transformer combines a normal conducting primary coil with a superconducting secondary coil

KIT e²-Lenk: Steering Force in the Drive Train In conventional vehicles, the combustion engine does not only accelerate the car, but also supplies onboard auxiliary systems with energy, for e.g. assisted steering. In electric vehicles, this energy comes from the battery, while range is reduced. A novel concept for an intelligent assisted steering system with optimal energy efficiency for electric vehicles has now been developed by researchers of KIT and Schaeffler AG. The assisted steering function is integrated into the drive train by using an intelligent control concept for the drive torques of the individual wheels and a suitable chassis geometry. A conventional assisted steering system is no longer required. In this way, weight, energy consumption, and costs are reduced, while the range is increased.

ELF++ demonstrator vehicle for the evaluation of an assisted steering system by wheel-selective drives.

Thread Whirling: Increasing Efficiency through Synchronous Turning Whirling is an attractive method for producing threads of high surface quality for e.g. medical bone screws. By means of this method, precise profiles can be milled. However, productivity is limited by the necessary preceding process of turning the outer contour. Synchronized whirling is a high-performance type of the method for simultaneous turning and whirling of the component. In addition, the new process opens up potential for optimization. Engineers of Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017


KIT KIT study the performance of this new method in a research and development project in cooperation with the companies of Index, Paul Horn, and smith&nephew.

The new process allows for simultaneous turning and whirling of components.

Light and Effective: Power Electronics Components for Electric M o b i l i t y Researchers of KIT will present electric motors and power electronics components for the drive train of electric vehicles. Battery management systems, power electronics modules, inverters, and electric motors developed for electric mobility have a smaller weight, need less installation space, and achieve higher efficiency. They are based on silicon carbide power semiconductors and magnetic materials of customized geometries. By means of new winding and cooling technologies developed after several years of research, electric motors were improved considerably. KIT will present a machine with a permanent power density of more than 8 kW/kg. It is applied in the Formula Student, where it made the KA-RaceIng team reach the first place in the international “Formula Student Electric 2016.”

Rotors of a high-speed synchronous motor of 30,000 r.p.m. excited by a permanent magnet.

Unique Luminescent Characteristics: Photonic Markers At first glance, anti-counterfeiting and 8

Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017

error-free high-throughput sorting of plastics do not appear to have much in common. But placing of a unique fluorescent label within the product - whether this is a pair of designer sunglasses or a plastic milk bottle - combined with the ability to detect this unique label again may play an important role in both processes. Nanophotonics experts of KIT, in cooperation with Polysecure GmbH, develop various types of such photonic markers with unique luminescent properties, minimum environmental risk, and excellent stability.

Photonic markers exhibit emissions under infrared light excitation.

Technology Market

RESEARCH TO BUSINESS, KIT’s technology market, presents another 90 technology offerings at this stand of KIT. KIT at the Baden-Württemberg Pavilion, Hall 27, H71: Selected research institutions in Baden-Württemberg – Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Ulm University, the University of Stuttgart, and the Aalen and Esslingen Universities of Applied Sciences – have joined the XiL-BW-e Network of Laboratories for Electric Mobility, the first network of research facilities and laboratories of this kind. Expertise and testing infrastructures for electric mobility are pooled by a holistic approach for scientists to use them at other locations as well. Apart from an interconnection of test rigs, interfaces exist to the battery analysis network. Among others, it is possible to study drive train components in interaction with nov-

el batteries under real conditions. The Network of Laboratories can be extended as needed and is also available for use by industry partners. More information: www.xil-bwe. de (in German only). The Baden-Württemberg Test Area for Automated Driving is being established in Karlsruhe under participation of KIT for companies and research institutions to test future-oriented technologies and services for networked and autonomous driving in daily road traffic. The test field pools the activities of partners in research and application as well as of automotive and information and communication technologies industries. More information: pi_2016_105_karlsruhe-to-pioneer-autonomous-driving.php The alliance “Karlsruhe Priority Region for Mobility Systems” pools the competences of research institutions in Karlsruhe and several industry partners in the area of mobility systems. Among others, OPTICAR will be presented, a test vehicle for fully automated and driver-less driving, where the focus lies on the further development of optical perception of the environment. For this, the vehicle is equipped with twelve stereo cameras all around. They may also be coupled virtually to new stereo cameras. This enables precise all-around perception of objects and movements even at larger distances. More information: w w w. p r o f i l r e g i o n (in German only). KIT at Other Stands: *Hall 2, A01 – BIOKON joint stand: Lightweight construction and optimization of technical components modeled on nature *Hall 3 – daily presentation of various startups of KIT at the Young Tech Enterprises Network Park * Hall 2, C40 – TU9/VDI Industry 4.0 – in the Podcast and Magazine of KIT

For the research podcast on Industry 4.0, author Michael Lissek met experts of KIT working in the areas of computer science, production engineering, technology transfer, and technology assessment. They all work on realizing the Industry 4.0 vision and think about the impacts on society. Listen to our podcast at 7777.php (in German only). Parallel to the Hannover Messe, the latest issue of KIT’s research magazine “lookKIT” will be published. It contains a number of contributions on “Industry 4.0:” Among the topics covered are a graphics tool to illustrate data flows and to identify, combine, and represent a company’s process flows, Industry 4.0 guidelines, as well as the ScaleIT project focusing on hardware and freely configurable software for medium-sized enterprises. Click 60.php. For information on the stands and exhibits of KIT at 2017 Hannover Messe, click our digital press kit: www.

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) pools its three core tasks of research, higher education, and innovation in a mission. With about 9,300 employees and 25,000 students, KIT is one of the big institutions of research and higher education in natural sciences and engineering in Europe.

KIT KIT – The Research University in the Helmholtz Association Since 2010, the KIT has been certified as a family-friendly university.

This press release is available on the internet at The photos of printing quality may be downloaded under or requested by mail to presse@kit. edu or phone +49 721 608-4 7414. The photos may be used in the context given above exclusively.


GERMAN MACHINE TOOL INDUSTRY FINISHES 2016 WITH A SOLID RESULT The German machine tool industry ranks among the five largest specialist groupings in the mechanical engineering sector. It provides production technology for metalworking applications in all branches of industry, and makes a crucial contribution towards innovation and enhanced productivity in the industrial sector as a whole. Due to its absolutely key role for industrial production, its development is an important indicator for the economic dynamism of the industrial sector as such. In 2016, with around 69,900 employees (annual average for 2016, firms with more than 50 staff), the sector produced machines and services worth around 15.2 billion euros.

Dr. Wilfried Schäfer, Executive Director of the VDW (German Machine Tool Builders’ Association), Frankfurt am Main

Endüstri 4.0 sunu

Iorder n the fourth quarter of 2016, bookings in the German machine tool industry fell by four per cent compared to the preceding year’s equivalent period. Both exports and domestic orders showed a roughly equal decline. For 2016 as a whole, the rise came to seven per cent, with orders from abroad up by ten per cent, while domestic orders ended up at plus/minus zero.

10 Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017

“Although 2016’s fourth quarter performed less strongly than the preceding quarters, the German machine tool industry ended 2016 with yet another order record, thus confirming the upbeat forecast of the previous year,” comments Dr. Wilfried Schäfer, Executive Director of the sectoral organisation VDW (German Machine Tool Builders’ Association) in Frankfurt am Main. The fall in orders towards the end of the year is attributable to weaken-

ing project business in China and the USA from the year’s first nine months. In 2017, the sector will be benefiting overall from a good order backlog accumulated in 2016 for delivery this year. “The German machine tool manufacturers are in good shape for 2017, and expecting another rise in production output, this time of three per cent,” says the VDW’s Executive Director Wilfried Schäfer.



tapping general steels, aluminium and aluminium wrought alloys, stainless and acid-resistant, high-tensile steels or cast iron – Guhring’s PowerTap range promises powerful taps for all common threads. Golden Power “Made in Germany” Guhring’s Powertap range can be visually identified by its gold ring. The message is: With universal PowerTaps you are always spot-on. State-of-the-art manufacturing technologies guarantee maximum quality “Made in Germany” at an unbeatable price performance ratio. Guhring has developed its own production machines for the manufacture of uni-

versal taps, where the highly accurate geometries of the PowerTaps are ground.

Wide range of application thanks to optimised geometry The special geometry of Guhring’s PowerTaps turns them into true allrounders and enables outstanding machining results for a wide application range. Thanks to the optimised geometry a long and consistent tool life is achieved. Straight-fluted taps for through holes as well as spiral-fluted tools for blind holes achieve optimal machining results thanks to highly accurate cutting edge geometries.

HSS-E- as well as HSS-E-PM quality steels are used as tool materials. Universal Powertaps are surfacetreated with TiN-coating to maximise their performance and to achieve higher cutting rates as well as providing long tool life. As well as the conventional B and C forms for machine taps, Guhring’s PowerTap range also includes specialists with the short chamfer lead of form E. With blind hole machining this form enables the production of threads where the thread depths are close to the base of the hole.



The universal taps of the PowerTap range are available for the most important thread types and thread sizes.

Optimal tool materials and forms Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017 11

Elk Motor

First of all, who is Alkan Demircioğlu?


Alkan Demircioğlu, Electrical Engineer. I’m graduated from Technical University Istanbul in 1998, and ever since than I’ve always been active in Industry. My professionality is especially about electrical motors, inverters, gearboxes-couplings, and automation systems. Between 1999-2016, I’ve worked for SIEMENS TRK Organisation at the Industry Department, in Sales&Marketing Division. Starting from November 2016 onwards, I’m working for ELK MOTOR Family and my responsibility is about all Sales&Marketing activities inside and outside the country.

C ould you tell us about the establishment and development of your company?

As YILMAZ Family, we have a long business background and a positive role in the manufacturing world in Turkey. As a Company, YILMAZ REDUKTOR has always been the leader company in gearbox manufacturing sector in Turkish market. From this point of industrial character, ELK MOTOR Company has also been initially built up approx.5 years ago again by YILMAZ Family for this pur12

Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017

pose of manufacturing high efficiency electrical motors for complete use in YILMAZ REDUKTOR gearboxes. So, we can easily call both of our companies as sister companies. From this point of view, we have the great opportunity to serve all our customers our gearboxes, together with our electrical motors. At the moment, we are the only local manufacturing company in Turkey who can serve both products at the same time from one unique plant, and this is a great advantage on ourside and surely we serve

this as a big benefit to all of our customers in the market. As of today, our motor factory is located in Cerkezkoy with its capacity of 1 million motor pieces/year. At the moment we are manufacturing 250.000 pcs of ELK Motors. 100.000 pcs are used in our gearboxes. The rest is sold to the market locally/globally. We also have our own diecast plant, which we call MES DOKUM Company. We are able to manufacture our own cast bodies for our gearboxes and motors. So, we

have the great advantage to serve our customers with our full drive train. We’re the solution providers. Where/how do you position yourself in the ındustry sector? ELK MOTOR’s target is to support as much as of our customers in all sectors. To do this, we manufacture our electrical motors with the highest efficiency levels. We normally do not differentiate any of the sectors from each other. But nevertheless, our concentration would be morely on fan, pump, compressor, and conveyor technologies. As we reach higher motor frames in our factory with our manufacturing strategies, we would easily be focusing morely also on heavy industries such as cement, iron-steel, pulp-paper, refineries in the coming near future. What’s in your product range? We manufacture 3 Phase Squirrel-Cage Asynchronous AC Motors between 71-200 frames both for the IE2, and IE3 Efficiency Classes at the moment. Our Company plan is to have our 280 frames which means the 90kWs in our product portfolio by the end of this 2017.

315 frames will follow in early 2018. This means, we will shortly be able to serve 200kW ELK MOTOR in a very short period of time. Besides our standart motors, we are technically able to produce special design ac motors for special applications. This can be shown as our following special products, S3-duty motors, 8-pole 750rpm motors, Dahlander motors, Crane motors with double speed, increased output motors, motors with non-standart windings for country specific supply voltages, 87Hz application motors, and etc. When also required, our motor factory is also capable of manufacturing our motors with the following additional technical features such as, special shaft, IP56, IP65, and IP66, regreasing devices, external fan, encoder, brake units, strengthened bearings, H insulation, etc. Which of your products are the most demanded products? We are more likely focusing on our high efficiency IE3 ac motors. This is an definite advantage on our customer side. When our customer prefer our motors at their plants, they have the advantage of energy saving. Energy Saving topic is a very

Elk Motor important subject in our market for many years. We as ELK MOTOR, always keep our internal target to reach the highest efficiency values at our motors. Besides our production, we are the one and only local motor manufacturer who has IE3 Efficiency VDE Quality Certificate which is valid globally. This certification acts as an international and official written proof that we, as ELK MOTOR, really manufacture and can stamp IE3 logo on our motor nameplates according to Independant VDE Quality Laboratory. This quality certiciation surely enpowers us especially in the global markets at export business. Finally is that you

there anything want to add?

Both inside, and outside of our country our company target is to reach as much of our customers in Industry area. To do this, we organise sector-specific product/system trainings. We try to give advertisements. We prepare technical articles in sectoral, public magazines. We simply talk about Energy Saving, we follow energy saving projects. We follow and implement both active and passive sales activities. We make intense customer visits.

Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017


Yılmaz Drive


Yılmaz Redüktör AŞ, Automation Div. (Elk. Eng.) Özgür Biliz ozgur.biliz@

Y ılmaz Redüktör AŞ (YR) has been offering the gearbox and

AC motor portfolio of its own manufacturing plants to industry sector for 60 years by now. Recently YR has established Automation Division to include AC drives to this portfolio to provide complete drive train solutions to worldwide distributors, OEMs and end users under same roof. By this horizontal growth move, YR targets to more efficiently serve his powerful engineering experience and skills to all users within same brand name. A quick glance at YR drive family products reveals that drive products are categorized within four sub groups. These are; -YI – Yılmaz Integrated Serie -YB – Yılmaz Basic Serie -YA – Yılmaz Advanced -YE – Yılmaz Expert


Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017




This serie differs from other groups mostly by its physical location. YI series are installed on top of motors’ terminal box to give a spee controlled motor solution. Because of its physical location – as being “together” with motor – the YI drives had to have a very high protection, such as IP65, rating. The obligation comes from straight logic that, being together at all times, YI drives may not have a lower IP rating than the motor itself. After all, all environmental conditions supposed to apply to motor will also effect the YI drives… This high IP rating may seem to bring a higher cost for the product at first glance. However, the integrated benefits such as; no space or even no need for a electrical panel, the best EMC performance due to the shortened to almost zero inverter-motor power cable, being together with motor

offers very easy and intuitive motor speed manual control possibilities and a few more benefits can be accounted as good pay backs. Especially using PWM high frequency, high voltage/current triggering output of almost all drives alarms engineers to pay most focus on laying and protecting/screening drivemotor power cable for providing best electromagnetic interference free installations at site. In YI experience, the only power cable we see will be, relatively speaking, very clean mains power cable for power supply to YI drive. While eliminating drive-motor power cable offers a good solution in this branch, the integrated EMC filters also doa similar trick for the conducted electromagnetic possible interference problems. In Yılmaz’s drive portfolio, YI series are available up to 7.5kW power range.

communication. The optional versions of YI drive with almost all standard communication hardware and protocol will be the answer in this case. Profibus, Profinet, CANopen, Modbus etc. can be selected some of the possibilities to give an idea. YB1000

The whole range is classified as suitable for heavy duty operation i.e. all drives will have reserve for 60s %150 overload whenever necessary for the mechanical load needs. Also for best motor control performance, together with an encoder mounted at motor, YI drives are perfectly capable of offering all the benefits of a cutting edge closed loop vector control operation. In this case, it is safe to assume that the YI drives will provide zero speed full torque if ever application asks for it. YI drives also offers a highly sophisticated programmimg capabilities to engineers. YI drives can be fitted to most complex logical demanding drive applications by the help of, so to say, integrated PLC which is programmed by IEC61131 defined standard programming languages. Those became a standard among PLC programmers and automation engineers by now. This well-known standard platform is provided to eliminate the “rediscover the wheel” process for an application engineer. Pragmatially it is safe to imagine the YI drive as a PLC + Drive product… However, sometimes the application is as simple as having a knob to turn to start the motor and adjust the speed. Then, cover with potentiometer approach will give the most possible simple to use version of the same advanced product. Certainly, YI drives may also be commanded by typical industry standard I/Os such as analogue inputs, digital inputs etc. However, somewhat more complicated, distributed intelligence automation systems more often require a more sophisticated way of



This panel type drive serie goes up to 37kW power range. This serie, hint is in the name, is specially designed for the most common and less demanding drive applications. This reduction of complicated logic functions inside the drive brings one very important benefit with it: SIMPE TO USE! For the whole range, the labelled power ratings are always for heavy duty usage i.e. the mentioned power rating comes with 60s %150 overload capability. Despite this is the simplest serie in the group, the onboard Modbus communication protocol still offers engineers to access all available realtime information while operation or simply adjust the drive’s opertional parameters. YB1000 series applies open loop V/f control for motor speed/frequency control and automatic torque boost is available to fit almost all mechanical load types. YB1000 also implements some important defence mechanism against a tolerable user parameterizing mistakes, with one example: If a short ramp down time is selected for a heavy load, the physical laws do not permit this action. The result will be the trip of drive, most probably with over-voltage indication. YB1000 is capable to extend the ramp down time automatically in such case to provide trip-free operation. The onboard knob offers the most intuitive way of speed adjustment of a motor. Also similar knob is available with extenal keypad option. The external keypad with 2m cable provides all visualisation and control functions onboard the drive, but at a remote distance. For stopping the motor profiles; YB1000 offers classical way of ramp down but can also be programmed to coast to stop or application of DC

Yılmaz Drive braking at the beginning/end of stopping profile - automatically. Multi fixed speed selection via digital I/O is possible. However tht’s not all. A simple PLC functionality with a few parameters can be used to switch from one frequency setting to another with pre-programmed time lapses. Intgrated PID controller offers to simple control of a process variable such as pressure, flow, temperature, level etc. The coated PCBs offer a powerful shield against harsh environments. This definitely increases robustness of the YB1000 drives to another level.

The most typical applications for YB1000 can be; •Conveying •Fans •Pumps •PID control •Any less demanding applications YA10 – Advanced Serie YA10 series go up to 180kW power rating. On top of basic serie drives, YA10 advanced models offer a limited use of PLC block to help with more logical operations demanding applications. By the help of those add,t,onal logical blocks, YA10 drives can offer more than a typical speed control drive but handle some simple process logical operations without the need of an external controller. YA10 series implement open loop vector control motor control mode and offers %0.5 speed accuracy. All drives are EMC filtered and labelled power Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017


Yılmaz Drive ratings are always for heavy duty operation i.e. 60s %150 overload capability. Once again, YA10 series always having coated PCB boards offer higher durability and robustness against harsh environmental conditions. Easy to use programming structure is very user friendly – although YA10 series also offer some advanced use possibilities such as above mentioned logical blocks. The good news to mass users is cloning device. This cloning device easily fits in a palm and offer copy-paste functionality by only two buttons. This makes life comfortable once a perfect application is first made and the experience is supposed to be repeated many times.

Typical applications for YA10; On top of basic serie drives; • Centrifugals • Mixers • Packaging machines • Textile applications • Labelling machines • Washing machines • CNC spindle motor • Automatic doors/barriers • Majority of applications requiring vector control implementation 16

Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017




Available up to 250kW. The hint is in the name, this is the expert serie drive family and they are especially designed to overcome most demanding drive applications by any industrial sector. YE30 series can be programmed completely with IEC61131 standard programming languages. It is safe to consider this drives as PLC + Drive packed in one casing. Apart from closed loop (encoder feedback) vector control performance, this drives can be configured for other sophisticated engineered drive applications such as; regeneration and common DC link applications etc. The standard coated boards fights against harsh environmental conditions to provide best possible robustnest and durability. Also integrated EMC filters do a similar trick for electromagnetical dirt. The YE30 serie drives are labelled for both heavyduty and normal use power ratings. It is up to engineer to select and optimise the correct drive to the mechanical load and operation conditions under question. Optional add-on cards offers additional hardware for many different reasons such as; additional I/O needs or a selection from a good spread of communication boards to fit in nicely within any master automation scenario. Double encoder feedback capability offers synchronisation and/or master follower applications. Special energy optimisation and savings possibility is a huge benefit especially for variable torque loads such as fans and pumps. Considering the PLC functionality, YE30 are limited to only creativity of the user… The typical applications for

YE30 can be viewed as below; On top of advanced serie applications; • Implementation of dreams with the help of IEC61131 programming languages and PLC functionality • Process control and time based operation • Some pre-offered advanced application blocks such as winder/unwinder • Double encoder support for synchronisation / master follower • Crane applications o Synchronous hoist o Synchronous travel o R e g e n e r a t i o n o Load dependant hoist speed… • F a n s / P u m p s dedicated functions; o Belt failure detection o Dry running of pumps o Cogging detection and action (reversing for a short time or hammering start) o Özel enerji verimlilik optimizasyonu o Fire mode o Cascade fan/pump control

Elk Motor

Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017



AVENTICS ANNOUNCES ACQUISITION OF VECTOR HORİZON TECHNOLOGY * Aventics increases its product portfolio to create a strong base on the global market for electric actuators *Vector Horizon Technology, LLC develops clean energy systems with a focus on emission control systems and advanced mechatronic devices

Tworld’s oday Aventics, one of the leading manufactur-

ers of pneumatic components and systems, announced the * The company acquisition of Vector Horiis located in zon Technology LLC (VHtek), the Center for based in Bowling Green, KenResearch and tucky, USA. By this acquisiDevelopment of tion, the pneumatics specialthe Western ists will further strengthen Kentucky University which their position in the global reflects the smart commercial vehicles business. and Aventics makes a move to entrepreneurial spirit of VHtek. expand its business beyond pneumatics in order to offer the market both pneumatic and electronic systems and components in response to customer demands.The internationally operating Aventics Group has announced the acquisition of Vector Horizon Technology, a technology company leading innovation in advanced mechatronics primarily for the global truck industry but also covering other areas of Aventics global sectors and market. The company focuses on engine emissions technologies and develops electric actuators, valves, emissions controls, and other components to increase efficiency and reduce emissions. The business of VHtek is de18

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fined as the management of design, research, development, prototyping of products and applications around the electro-mechanical actuation and electro-hydraulic actuation including air valves such as Exhaust Gas Recirculation (“EGR”) valves, exhaust flap valves, and backpressure valves mainly for application on medium and large engines. This business and technology will primarily support further development of Aventics’ commercial vehicle sector. In addition, VHtek technologies and the increased R&D capacities provided by the owners and employees of VHtek, will further benefit Aventics core sectors such as Industrial Automation, Life Sciences, Energy, Food & Beverage, and Railway Technologies. Aventics Corporation, Lexington (USA) acquired the business of VHtek beginning of March 2017. The CEO of VHtek, Mr. Jon Bigley, is already part of the Aventics organization and has taken over the important role of Global Sector Head Commercial Vehicles. In this role he will further strengthen Aventics commercial vehicles business.

“With this acquisition we are increasing our impact in the commercial vehicles sector, and complementing our existing portfolio. The products and services of VHtek match well with our pneumatic components and systems. Together we will be a stronger partner for our worldwide customers,” said Mr. Paul Cleaver, CEO of Aventics. “As the global demand for energy-efficient products increases, Aventics together with VHtek will master the technological challenges that face our customers and provide them with competitive solutions for their future requirements”, stated Mr. Cleaver. “VHtek and its employees are excited to be taking this next step in joining Aventics. This solidifies us as one company to achieve our common goals of providing our customers with the necessary technology and best value. Furthermore, our collective desire is to grow our business and establish a strong and lasting position across sectors in our diverse markets.” concluded Mr. Bigley.



D espite the German phaseout from nuclear power, this

technology still plays a major role in Europe. Due to this fact, it is all the more important for Germany to be able to assess the condition of international nuclear power plants. In a nuclear power plant (NPP) an average of 25,000 cables with a total length of 1,500 km are installed. These cables are partially exposed to harsh environmental conditions such as increased temperature or radiation: Under these circumstances, the cable insulation deteriorates with the risk of cracks occurring as a result of embrittlement. How can nondestructive procedures detect possible fatigue processes of the cables at an early stage? And how can these procedures be brought in line with practical aspects? A team of engineers and scientists at Fraunhofer IZFP in Saarbrucken is working on these questions. Within the framework of an EURATOM project funded by the European Union which 20

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focuses on both research and innovation, the Fraunhofer Institute for Nondestructive Testing IZFP will contribute to the determination of the exact state and age of the cable insulation. The institute is part of a consortium of 13 partners from Germany, Finland, France, Italy, Poland and Czech Republic. Currently, the cables are replaced preventively on the basis of experience, but without reliable information on the actual condition. Thus, the actual condition can vary in a wide range: Maybe an expensive replacement is not yet required, but maybe a critical condition has already been reached before the scheduled replacement. To date, few nondestructive methods have been used to investigate cable insulation. However, the economic and safety-related benefits could be significant. This will be examined in detail by Fraunhofer IZFP within the framework of the EU project “TeaM Cables”, and

the results will be transferred to the application-oriented practice in the long term. “Using an enhanced terahertz approach on the basis of highfrequency electromagnetic waves, we are going to identify the aging state and the condition of the insulation,” explains Christopher Stumm, responsible project engineer at Fraunhofer IZFP. Additionally, these terahertz-based examinations provide information which allow for revision scheduling and timely inspection of the cable insulation. Hence, brittle cables can be replaced promptly while sound cables can stay in operation safely. This way, Fraunhofer IZFP has a significant share in increased safety and cost savings – also in the context of nuclear decommissioning – at increased economy and competitiveness. The “TeaM Cables” project has a total duration of 4.5 years with 682,000 € of research funding for Fraunhofer IZFP.



U nder the motto “Hello Industrie 4.0 we connect you”,

KUKA unites automation and digitization expertise at this year’s Hannover Messe. The Augsburg-based automation specialist has developed its “smart factory” further – and is now opening the next chapter in Industrie 4.0. Highly customized products and a transparent, digitally networked manufacturing process which can be enhanced by human operators and innovative KUKA products: In the further developed “smart factory” at the 2017 Hannover Messe, all of the expertise of the Augsburg-based automation specialist comes together in one system. This enables flexible, fast and intelligent production which visitors can interact with on site. “Mass Customization” – the inexpensive manufacture of customized “batch sizes of 1” in automated production – is thus becoming a reality: From the settings in the system to the various networked production steps (including the associated intralogistics) through to the delivery of the product. Through this intelligent interaction of machines, mobile systems, software and robots, human operators hold the reins in their hands. Thanks to cloud-based communication, various end devices, such as the smartphone, can be used to comfortably track and in-




Behind this central “smart factory”, the largest networked trade fair application in the history of KUKA, there lies an intelligent interplay between various companies of the Bavarian automation specialist: Robotic and system expertise from Systems, Industries and Robotics as well as production logistics from the Swisslog subsidiary. Add to this the IT and software expertise of various associates parties. In this way, KUKA supports customers from the idea through to the finished factory. Innovative partners for new business models From 24 to 28 April in Hanover, KUKA offers insights into new areas – customized products and services for customers which even stretch beyond KUKA’s core business area. KUKA also has innovative partners to create a comprehensive ecosystem for customers in which flexible Industrie 4.0 solutions become a reality. You can thus easily gain an overview of your entire production process and also network and control it. Here, KUKA brings its experience to help customers, partners and startups to jointly create something new.

KUKA Aktiengesellschaft develops 3D-perception for ro- The KUKA Group bot systems and an enterprise is a global autoin which KUKA holds a stake mation corporation with sales of – will also be represented around 3 billion directly at the KUKA booth. euro and 12,300 employThe scientific competi- ees. As one of the tion for young talents: The leading providers of industrial robotKUKA Innovation Award ics, KUKA offers robots of all Whether an airbag system for sizes. As a leading human-robot collaboration, global supplier of robot use for human rescue intelligent automation solutions, and new automation solu- KUKA offers its tions for finishing processes or customers in the mounting of heavy parts: the automotive, this year’s finalists for the In- aerospace, elecnovation Award 2017 will pre- tronics, consumer goods, metalworksenting their applications on ing, logistics/ethe topic of “Advanced Mechacommerce, tronics” at Hannover Messe. healthcare and Directly at the KUKA booth, the service robotics teams of young researchers industries everything they need from all over the world present from a single their concepts, which they source: from components have implemented in a few months using KUKA products. and cells to fully Finally, an international jury automated systems. The Group is of experts selects the winner headquartered in of the scientific competition Augsburg. (31 Dec. 2015) and the 20,000 euro prize, and the champion is crowned directly at the KUKA booth.

Connyun, a KUKA start-up company for cloud technology, will introduce itself directly at the KUKA booth in Hall 17 in the “Industrial Automation” area. Roboception – a young Munich-based company that Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017




SICK AG and Silicon Software GmbH extend the SICK AppSpace eco-system

SICK AG and Silicon Software GmbH are combining their expertise and working together to extend the SICK AppSpace ecosystem with FPGA programming for embedded sensor and integration hardware. This collaboration is diversifying the range of application solutions available with his collaboration is allowsensors from SICK ing SICK to offer its custom– even in areas such as industrial ers the right sensor solution image process- with an even more focused ing. In addition to its own FPGA approach. The wide range of algorithms, in the functions offered by Visualfuture SICK will Applets – with over 200 opalso use Visu- erators – and the approach alApplets from of FPGA programming using Silicon Software for the graphical data flow models on a graphiprogramming of cal user interface are opening tailored sensor up new markets and applicaand integration tions. “VisualApplets repretechnologies. To sents the logical next step for ensure compatibility between our SICK AppSpace software VisualApplets and eco-system,” explains Detlef sensors from SICK, Deuil, Head of Product ManVisualApplets agement Vertical Integration Embedder was Products. “For our in-house implemented as a one-off solution. application software developBoth companies ers, and potentially for selectare market leaders ed OEMs and system integrain their respec- tors as well, it is very easy to tive fields and use real-time data processing hope to use their combined knowl- in our sensor and integration edge to share in hardware and implement the strong growth powerful application soluin the sensor and tions. All application developimage processing ers from the various industrial market. sectors can benefit from the easy use and integration of VisualApplets in SICK products.”



Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017

Shared synergy effects benefiting customers SICK offers a broad sensor and integration portfolio, ranging from compact sensors that are easy to operate, through configurable standalone solutions, and right the way up to flexibly programmable sensor systems for the most demanding of requirements. Access to SICK’s own sophisticated FPGA functions – and, in the future, to extensive operator libraries from Silicon Software – is being provided in order to minimize the complexity, costs, and risks associated with implementing programmable sensor solutions. From established modules, this creates new, perfectly tailored solutions suitable for any customer requirement in any industry. “We are delighted that SICK was won over by our embedded concept and that the powerful functions of VisualApplets are being used in a wide range of sensor and integration technologies, enabling SICK AppSpace to be developed further,” adds Dr.

Klaus-Henning Noffz, Chief Executive Officer at Silicon Software. “The reliable VisualApplets algorithms, which are used all over the world, will enable SICK to expand into new markets and industries. This will allow both companies to grow together and pass the beneficial effects of this synergy onto their customers.” The collaboration between SICK and Silicon Software represents a union of two strong brands. The perfect coordination between the two companies extends beyond just their products: SICK has an international reach as a leading manufacturer in the sensor sector, and has extensive expertise in the field of hardware. As a technology leader for customizable FPGA programming and frame grabbers, Silicon Software GmbH represents the perfect partner in this case. This cooperation benefits customers in a range of industries, making it easier for them to access high-performance sensor solutions.



Eall asy to open and fill from sides as needed: the E4.1L

offers outstanding flexibility for harnessing. This is made possible by the unique design principles of the e-chain. “The easy accessibility of the complete interior from both sides, the innovative separation system with new separators and one of the fastest opening mechanisms – these are the characteristics that make the E4.1L the e-chain that can be filled the fastest”, said Michael Blass, Vice President e-chains at igus. The advantage: With this energy chain, customers can reduce the installation time by up to 80 percent” Combination of separators and openable crossbars for faster filling At its stand in Hall 17 at Hannover Messe 2017, igus will

be showing a new innovative separator system for the E4.1L. This means that it is now very easy to insert shelves on several levels for interior separation according as needed. In addition, the opening mechanism of the crossbars along the inner and outer radii guarantees fast filling with cables and hoses. These captive crossbars, which can be opened with a screwdriver, can be pivoted open to 115 degrees and latched into their final position. If necessary, they can even be removed completely, fitted again and closed by just pressing down. The rounded edges of the crossbars and separators of the chain also ensure a long service life of hoses and cables. In addition, notches and a positioning scale enable optimum separation of the energy chain.

Save 80 percent time with an energy chain that can be harnessed faster than any other energy chain in the world

Fast harnessing saves time and money. But this is only of benefit if the energy chain to be harnessed has been optimised to this end. The E4.1L from motion plastics specialist igus is the lightest cablecarrying e-chain on the market. Thanks to the new type of separator system, which igus Everything from one source will be showIn addition to special harness- ing to visitors at ing, the user can take advan- Hannover Messe tage of igus’ 20 years of expe- 2017, individual division of the rience in this area. igus offers energy chain’s harnessed systems from a interior is even single source, whether they easier for the customer. be simple or complex, from planning and design of the energy chain systems through to individual harnessing and on-site installation. All moving components were developed, tested and optimised to work with each other in igus’ own test laboratory. With these readychains, customers receive a complete and reliable pre-harnessed system direct from the manufacturer, including a guarantee. At the same time, the number of suppliers and orders can be reduced by up to 75 percent, while storage and process costs are avoided. Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017





arker’s IOT-solutions comParker Hannifin, the global leader prising wireless sensors, in motion and smart actuators, intuitive softcontrol technolo- ware and advanced analysis gies, will present a network of smart tools support users in equipsolutions at this ping their machines with into year’s Hanover dustry-4.0-connectivity Trade Fair. Parker’s provide all data and descriptechnologies tions needed for analysis and enable industrial companies to optimisation. Through this optimally utilise technology, Parker supports the enormous sustainable options for more benefit potential- flexible production environof digital network- ments and predictive maining. The company will also present tenance and the opportunity components for to increase system efficiency. smart IoT solutions from a single Directly controlled source that can proportional directional be easily intevalve series for closed grated into plant control circuits and machinery to provide a comprehensive tech- Parker completes its offer of nology- system directly controlled proporsolution made up of hydraulic, tional directional valves with fluid connec- the new zero-overlap pistons tion technology, for its D1FC/D3FC series. electromechanical With this option, valves can and pneumatic now also be used in closed components. The range forms a plat- control circuits. The highly form for process dynamic directly-controlled and productivity valve series with high volume improvements. flows is positioned between the D1FB/D3FB series for

mid performance applications and the DFplus-valves of the D1FP/D3FP series for maximum performance. The most important innovation of the D1FC in the rated size NG06 and the D3FC in the rated size NG10, is the path measuring system that – in contrast to comparable valves from other manufacturers – is completely integrated into the housing and reduces required installation space. Push-Lok® low-pressure hoses with diverse use The new Push-Lok® low-pressure hoses cover a broad application range and are even more strongly customised for their specific applications. In order to support various markets as a complete solution, the Push-Lok®-range comprises a total of nine hose types. Customers can choose between various hose constructions and materials to suit their applications. Six rubber hose types, two thermoplastic version and one hybrid hose (inner rubber layer with

Parker’s directly controlled proportional directional valve series D1FC/D3FC is now also available with zerooverlap pistons for closed control circuits. 24

Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017

outer polyurethane layer) are available. To permit identification of various media, they are available in six different colours. Installation is very simple with assembly possible in seconds, saving valuable production time and costs. Hose classification for simpler hose and fitting selection Parker offers a new hose classification in the three quality levels “Good”, “Better” and “Best” to address different market requirements – an essential key to success. The quality level “Good” is aligned with demanding smaller and medium-sized OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and Parker trading partners. It has been constructed strictly based on price-performance considerations, but nevertheless outperforms international standards. The quality level “Better” includes hydraulic hoses from popular brands Elite No-Skive in the middle pressure and Parkrimp® NoSkive in the high pressure ar-

Parker’s new Push-Lok® low-pressure hoses are even better adjusted to their specific applications.


Under the product classification “Good – Better – Best”, Parker now offers a simpler hose and fitting selection and thus hands its customers the key to success.

eas. The hoses, which exceed their standards, are the preferred choice in the demanding MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) and OEMmarkets. Parker’s GlobalCore hose series meets the requirements of the highest quality category “Best”. These state-of-the-art hoses exceed the requirements of ISO 18752. GlobalCore therefore offers outstanding technical and economic properties for the most demanding applications. Sensor monitoring of oil aging and contamination Parker’s new FCS sensor to record the fluid condition monitors the critical oil parameters permittivity (dielectricity), water content, temperature, thickness, pressure and conductivity. It is the only sensor of its type that can measure conductivity in Nanosiemens per metre. The FCS-sensor determines when the oil must be treated due to deterioration of its chemistry (oil condition) or contamination by fluids such as water or foreign oil. As part of a proactive maintenance program, the FCS

Parker’s new FCS sensor for recording the fluid condition monitors the critical oil parameters permittivity (dielectricity), water content, temperature, density, pressure and conductivity.

sensor contributes to reducing the overall operating costs of machines and to minimising downtimes and the number of inspections and lab examinations. The Parker FCS sensor is suitable for all mineral-oil based hydraulic liquids and lubrication oils. Integrated drying and filter systems set new standards The new integrated CDAS (Clean Dry Air System) and OFAS (Oil Free Air System) drying and filter systems by Parker Zander set new standards in terms of economic efficiency, performance, quality, function and service life. CDAS and OFAS meet the requirements to ISO 7183 and ISO 8573-1 for purity of compressed air. OFAS also corresponds to the purity class 0 for the total oil content – this applies both to oil-lubricated and oilfree compressors. This classification ensures optimal air quality at a fraction of the costs of an oil-free compressor even for critical applications. Increased energy efficiency with Push-to-Fit drive solutions

Parker presents innovative push-tofit drive solutions for pressing and joining applications: The electro-mechanical system for forming technology is an energy and cost-efficient solution for the production of highquality vehicles, engines and gears, in particular in the automotive industry where push-to-fit can be used in all common joining processes. Many processes and applications can be implanted easily and quickly thanks to the product and system flexibility of Parker’s push-to-fit system. Parker will be present at Hanover Trade Fair 2017 with three stands: The main stand will be located in the MDA trade fair hall 23, stand A48. The Parker Hiross, Parker Zander and Parker domnick hunter brands will present innovations for compressed air and gas treatment at Parker’s ComVac trade fair stand in hall 26, stand B78. Advanced sealing solutions are presented by Parker-Prädifa in hall 19/20.

Parker’s push-to-fit drive solution for energyefficient pressing and joining applications

The new integrated CDAS (Clean Dry Air System) and OFAS (Oil Free Air System) drying and filter systems by Parker Zander set new standards. Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017



ROCKWELL AUTOMATION SCALES SERIALIZATION SOLUTION FOR PHARMACEUTICAL AND MEDICAL DEVICE MANUFACTURERS proactive maintenance by pro- brary of pre-engineered gateM andated serialization viding direct visibility into the way channels to drive down standards across markets reScalable, end-to-end platform easily integrates into existing production processes, improving data visibility across The Connected Enterprise

quire pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers to adopt specified standards to track and trace products across their supply chains. The newly updated serialization solution from Rockwell Automation is helping these manufacturers and OEMs think beyond compliance and capitalize on major business benefits, such as long-term profitability, with a comprehensive, scalable, endto-end supply-chain platform.

Built on the latest Rockwell Software PharmaSuite manufacturing execution system (MES) software, the new serialization solution v4.1 is more scalable to adapt to a wide variety of packaging-line technologies and production-management systems. Easy integration across control and enterprise levels means the solution provides a centralized platform for managing serialization data and facilitates product traceability across the entire supply chain. A new Logix-based unit controller with FactoryTalk View HMIs from Rockwell Automation enables scalability, allowing the company to apply this solution to a variety of delivery models – from full, turnkey solutions to retrofit and OEM solutions – to meet the needs of virtually any customer. The unit controller acts as the connection point between each production line and various system devices. Beyond providing serialization, the solution helps manufacturers improve troubleshooting and


Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017

full, end-to-end process – production through distribution.

costs and deployment of business systems integration.

“Many customers are struggling with how to best meet serialization requirements or solutions that aren’t delivering as promised,” said Markus Rosenkranz, serialization solution leader, Rockwell Automation. “Leveraging our portfolio, domain knowledge and global execution capabilities, we’ve designed our solution so it can be customized and easily integrated into each customer’s standard architecture and existing production processes.”

Additionally, the platform is equipped with a manual serialization and aggregation workflow – a prevalidated, optimized tool for manufacturers with manual packaging lines. Approximately 90 percent of the potential serialization customer base uses manual processes for handling unit aggregation and labeling. The Rockwell Automation serialization solution provides an embedded label-design software for Windows driver printers and a user-friendly aggregation workflow to help these customers simplify their manual aggregation process, saving additional time and money.

“This not only helps producers meet approaching deadlines for regulatory compliance, but means they will more quickly see the business benefits of the application and see a true return on investment. Our solution offers seamless interoperability among all machine devices, information and business systems, giving manufacturers the tools to increase yield, improve long-term profitability and easily adapt to future production or regulatory changes,” added Rosenkranz. The updated serialization solution includes a serialization integration gateway with preconfigured channels for order creation and EPICS data exports to easily integrate into each customer’s system, greatly helping to reduce upfront engineering costs. The goal of Rockwell Automation is to build a comprehensive li-

About Rockwell Automation Rockwell Automation Inc. (NYSE: ROK), the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and information, makes its customers more productive and the world more sustainable. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis., Rockwell Automation employs approximately 22,000 people serving customers in more than 80 countries.

SMS Tork

SMS-TORK TURKEY ORIGINATED Thasurkey originated SMS-TORK been active in fluid con-

trol market since 1985 with its self-manufacturing of solenoid valves, electric and pneumatic actuators, pneumatic piston valves, pulse diaphragm valves and natural gas products with its registered trademark ‘’TORK’’. Our company is ISO9001:2008 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified by BSI for our complete high quality management system. SMS-TORK is exporting to more than 87 countries all over the world. With 4000 meter square factory at IMES OSB and R&D department, we produces 100% domestic products and create solutions to our customers. Process automation systems design, project planning and start-up service is also given to the customers. Besides, TORK is the distributor of some of the reliable firms’ flow, level and pressure measument devices such as GHM, Honsberg, Tecfluid, Aflowt, Tecsis, Graisinger, Beck and Power Genes.

and related certificates can be counted as follows: Beside the general purpose Pneumatic actuators with double acting pneumatic actuator, spring return pneumatic actuator, Scotch Yoke pneumatic actuator, 3 position features, Low temperature Pneumatic actuator designed for arctic regions can work down to -50 C degrees. And hygienic pneumatic actuators are applied for food and sanitary applications. Solenoid valves are also specialized for many different conditions, such as latching application, oxygen and hydrogen application, proportional control, zero pressure servo assisted version, solenoid valves for drinking water applications with NSF certificate, PTFE coated for under water applications with IP68 coils, aggressive fluid applications, PVC irrigation solenoid valves, solenoid valves for cooling systems, 3 way solenoid valves, pulse solenoid valves, natural gas solenoid valves, group solenoid valves, drain solenoid valves with timer, ATEX flame proof coils.

On the other hand many other products and accessories are designed and served for SMSTORK customers, such as Limit Switch boxes (on request ATEX version is available), control valves as stainless steel, brass, PVC ball or butterfly valves combined with pneumatic or electric actuators, angle seat valves (Piston valves), mini motorize valves for not clear fluid applications, pinch valves for fluids as bigger solid particles for cement or wood industries, regulators natural gas applications or motion-sensitive mechanical Earthquake valve. SMS-TORK is always going to be glad and proud to serve to its multicultural customer range and their special request with its R&D team and production facility. Our goal; represent our country in the world proudly and produce products that will be targets of our competitors and ensures benefits to them. We thank to our customers that supports us on the way to the walk towards our destination.

SMS-TORK has wide range of products satisfying many customers all around the world from different industries, such as water treatment, agriculture, machine producers, cooling systems, petrochemical industry, cement and ceramic industry, iron steel industry, textile industry, pharmaceutical industry, energy Industry and automotive industry. The product range consists special products based on customer request and regional needs of the world, as well as general purpose mass production units. Some


products Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017




Stemchaeffler’s Smart Ecosys4.0 offers a comprehen-

sive, cloud-based hardware and software infrastructure Entering the world that includes every stage of of Industry 4.0 digital added value – from is now fast and components equipped with easy thanks to a sensors through to digital serstandardized and flexible digital vices. The flexible architecture infrastructure of this system gives manufacfrom Schaeffler. turers and operators of maWith components chines and equipment a simequipped with ple and application-oriented sensors, application-specific solu- point of entry into Schaeffler’s tions, and cloud- range of digital services that based services, can be expanded at any time. manufacturers The rolling bearing, its meand operators chatronic derivatives, and the of machines and equipment can corresponding domain experuse and apply the tise provide the central source Internet of Things of information in this field. in practice. At the 2017 Hannover Components equipped with Messe, Schaeffler will be presenting sensors are central to the ways of integrat- drive systems used in maing new compo- chines and equipment – they nents equipped record data and are the funwith sensors into damental “enablers” for these overall systems and specific busi- digital services. Schaeffler’s ness models. aim is to continuously transform conventional mechanical products and integrate them into the digital world. Bearings and guidance systems equipped with sensors have already been on the market for several years. At the 2017 Hannover Messe, Schaeffler


Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017

will be presenting a rolling bearing system that is based on standard products and can be configured in a modular fashion with various different sensors, which allows virtually every desired bearing position to be equipped with sensors: The FAG VarioSense. This represents an important step towards a future in which not only complex systems but also simple assemblies and machines will have easy access to digitalization and the Internet of Things.

The recorded data are transferred via a flexible Schaeffler gateway to the Schaeffler cloud, where Schaeffler’s rolling bearing domain expertise is made usable in the form of digital services. For example, automated rolling bearing diagnosis and remaining useful life calculation can be used to provide precise information on the condition of the bearing and thus of the machine being monitored, which in turn allows specific actions to be recommended. It will even be possible to use real load data to make adjustments to operational machine processes in real time. Schaeffler’s cloud-capable FAG

SmartCheck, which for the first time allows a simple and flexible point of entry into the digitalization of machines and equipment based on vibration monitoring, will also be on display at the 2017 Hannover Messe. This latest version of the FAG SmartCheck uses an MQTT interface to provide a direct link to the Schaeffler cloud or to any other platform based on IBM technology. It is also possible to communicate with other cloud technologies via a Schaeffler gateway or alternative gateway solutions using an OPC/ UA interface. The connection between the SmartCheck and the Schaeffler cloud is remarkably easy to make via smartphone, e.g. by scanning the relevant product’s QR code or using the free app. This gives the customer direct access to services such as Schaeffler’s automated rolling bearing diagnosis, which is based on the vibration data that the FAG SmartCheck has gathered from rolling bearings as well as shafts and other rotating components. Depending on his or her contract, the customer receives access to the condition data, partially-au-


tomated recommended actions or, in the case of more complex machines, a connection to the Schaeffler Service Center, which provides specific and individual recommended actions. In the next stage, it will also be possible to use the SmartCheck to record speed and torque and to classify these load data. In the cloud, the Bearinx rolling bearing calculation tool is then used to compare the real load data with the fundamental load data used during the design phase, and the rolling bearing’s remaining useful life is then calculated on this basis. These applications will be available for all products based on the SmartCheck technology, including railway technology applications like those presented by Schaeffler at the 2016 InnoTrans. The rolling bearing is ideally suited for gathering information, since it is located at the heart of the application’s flow of force and thus exposed to all of the loads that occur. Combining them with the domain expertise about rolling bearings in specific applications that is made available via the cloud allows this information to be used to control the process in a targeted manner in order to achieve the maximum degree of capacity utilization and optimize product quality. The prerequisite for this is a holistic and standardized infrastructure from the sensor through to the cloud, which Schaeffler now provides with its Smart Ecosystem 4.0.

In the Schaeffler cloud, Schaeffler’s rolling bearing domain expertise is made usable in the form of digital services. For example, automated rolling bearing diagnosis and remaining useful life calculation can be used to provide precise information on the condition of the bearing and thus of the machine being monitored, which in turn allows specific actions to be recommended. The FAG VarioSense is a rolling bearing system that is based on standard products and can be configured in a modular fashion using a range of different sensors, which allows virtually every desired bearing position to be equipped with sensors. Schaeffler is thus paving the way towards a future in which even simple assemblies and machines will have access to digitalization and the Internet of Things.

Schaeffler’s Smart Ecosystem 4.0 offers a comprehensive, cloud-based hardware and software infrastructure that includes every stage of digital added value – from components equipped with sensors through to digital services.

The latest version of the FAG SmartCheck allows a direct link to the Schaeffler Cloud or communication with other cloud technologies. The connection between the SmartCheck and the Schaeffler cloud is remarkably easy to make via smartphone, e.g. by scanning the relevant product’s QR code or using the free app.

Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017




50 years of successful cooperation between Festo and the Polish economy

For over 50 years, Festo has been a pulse generator in Polish industry. With its know-how in automation and technical training, the company supports growth and competition in the country as a production site for international companies and the domestic economy, increasingly with a focus on Industry 4.0.

2 7 years ago, the company founded its own Festo nation-

of how it works together with Polish industry. Festo cooperates via its subsidiary with the Polish industry by producing specialised solutions, designing production automation equipment and systems for all the different industries in Poland and combines this with suitable training courses, including educational support for schools and technical colleges. This cooperation dates back to the 1960s and is now increasingly focused on training for Industry 4.0,” Marcin Zygadło explains.

“Polish industry is not yet as advanced as industries in other European countries when it comes to production automation, with many companies still being at the stage of Industry 2.0. There are many opportunities to develop and implement automation, training and innovation,” says Marcin Zygadło, General Manager of Festo Poland.

In Poland, Festo primarily develops and manufactures individual automation solutions for the automotive, food, packaging, water technology and power plant technology fields. The company produces for the Polish market, for Germany as well as for neighbouring countries such as Austria, Hungary, Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bulgaria.

al company in Poland, Festo Sp. z o.o. in Warsaw. With 120 employees, Festo Poland has looked after approx. 6,500 customers in factory and process automation. Poland is on a growth trajectory and intends to drive forward the domestic industry as well as strengthen its competitiveness on the booming markets of Asia and America through education, know-how and a high degree of automation.

“The activities of Festo Poland are an excellent example 30

Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017

In the1960s, Festo began its first training programmes in the country, including courses in schools and technical universities. Today, the learning systems of Festo Didactic are employed in 600 higher education and other educational establishments in Poland. It is no coincidence that Poland is currently home to a large number of very well educated engineers whose standard of education and know-how is on a par with all of their counterparts from other European countries. These specialists are driving forward Polish reindustrialisation 4.0 and bringing Polish machine and equipment suppliers to the global market. For Qualification 4.0, Festo Didactic developed a cyber-physical training factory as a research and qualification platform. Festo is currently working together with Polish educational establishments on developing Qualification 4.0 training and further training programmes for students and professionals in Poland.



Dr. Wilfried Schäfer, Executive Director of the VDW (German Machine Tool Builders’ Association), Frankfurt am Main


“ he EMO Hannover 2017 will be the highlight of the year for the metalworking sector,” says a gratified Dr. Wilfried Schäfer, Executive Director of the EMO’s organiser VDW (German Machine Tool Builders’ Association), in Frankfurt am Main. From 18 to 23 September, it will once again be the international meeting point for trade visitors interested in production technology. Under the motto of “Connecting systems for intelligent production”, the focus here will be on networking and digitisation. The VDW will shortly be publishing the provisional EMO exhibitors’ directory under So far, around 2,000 exhibitors from 42 different countries have registered. That means that this year the event is well on

the way to topping the record figures achieved by the EMO Hannover in 2013. The major exhibitors in 2017 include DMG Mori, Mazak, Fanuc, FFG, Grob, Doosan, Okuma, Makino and Siemens. “The complete EMO exhibitors’ directory reads like a Who’s Who of international production technology manufacturers,” says Wilfried Schäfer. Numerous supporting events will round off the EMO Hannover’s attractions The EMO Hannover is not only the most important meeting point for all protagonists in the metalworking sector, manufacturers and users alike. It is also traditionally a forum for innovations and trendsetters. “We shall be organising numerous events designed to address and indeed progress important technical and commercial issues in the world of

metalworking,” reports Wilfried Schäfer. They complement the manufacturers’ range of exhibits, and communicate to visitors a comprehensive picture of trends and issues themed around metalworking.

EMO Hannover 2017 once again a premier-status event for the metalworking industry

They are exemplified by the “Industry 4.0 Area” with its presentation forum addressing multifarious aspects of the motto embraced by the EMO Hannover 2017: “Connecting systems for intelligent production”, the “India Day”, the conference on the topic of “Additive Manufacturing”, the seminar on machine safety, or the special show on “Aerospace Technology”. The picture is rounded off by other activities themed around youth recruitment, a match-making initiative, or a special stand featuring international start-ups. Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017


Festo The family enterprise Festo follows a hybrid strategy



The globalised he consumers’ needs for markets are individual design of their placing two key products is currently giving requirements on the manufactur- rise to entirely new product ing companies: worlds. Digitalisation is opengreater speed in ing up interactive spaces for all entrepreneurial processes on the encounter between customone hand, and a ers and manufacturers. The broader range of high speed of software deindividual op- velopment is a driving force tions for the end in hardware development consumer on the other. Digitalisa- for machinery and plant contion offers the struction. In parallel with this, necessary key cost-efficiently manufactured technologies and rapidly available massto meet these produced goods are needed requirements. Information and to cater to the quickly growcommunication ing world population. The technologies are automotive producers must merging with find ways of fulfilling both of classical industrial these requirements. Dealing mechanics to yield cyber-physical with this complexity and the systems. Product increased speed of developdevelopment ments are a great challenge. and production processes must Dr. Ansgar Kriwet, Member undergo significant changes here. of the Management Board Sales at Festo AG & Co. KG, commented at the Preview to the Hannover Messe trade fair: “We have very carefully examined and analysed our standing as a leading supplier of automation solutions 32

Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017

for factory and process automation. We must on the one hand further develop our existing structures, products and processes, but on the other hand we also need completely new technologies, products and solutions.” Digitalisation is a mammoth task Supplying the steadily growing world population with the necessary goods can only be ensured by a highly automated production world. The needs of the consumers in the global markets differ very strongly in accordance with their state of development. The markets require constantly increasing speed. Dr. Kriwet: “Digitalisation will accelerate processes within Festo, so that we can help our customers more rapidly. Digitally extended products from Festo accelerate our customers’ processes – from the machinery design process right down to service.” Besides the mass production of goods, a trend has

developed towards more and more individually adaptable products, which places heavy demands on the flexibility of production environments. The end consumers want to design and configure products for themselves – beginning with the car, through wearables such as watches or glasses, and up to the personalised dispensing of medicines and to self-designed pasta. This is all made possible by digitalisation. The family enterprise Festo, with over 18,000 employees and around 300,000 customers worldwide and an overall range of more than 33,000 products, is advancing its own transformation process in two directions of impact: Evolution of the standard products The core product range for high-quantity series production is still important. Success can only be achieved together with the customers. Dr. Kriwet said in this regard, “Reduced manufacturing costs and the preservation of resources are

innovations that generate lasting added value.” Festo is therefore focusing its innovative power firstly on the development of new products for the more rapid, simplified manufacture of bulk goods; secondly, Festo is advancing digital penetration within the company in order to benefit from the advantages of Industry 4.0. For Festo, evolution also means using investments in the infrastructure to secure lasting added value in a high-wage country such as Germany. The company has established one of the world’s most modern production lines at the Technology Plant in Scharnhausen near Stuttgart. Thanks to its modular structure, this facility is optimally prepared both for fully automated high-volume production and for highly flexible production in small batches. Festo manufactures its own products in its own factories with Festo products. The company thus knows exactly how its products perform in everyday use. For all these developments, the human nevertheless remains at the centre of attention. Robots are used wherever they can relieve the burden on the human operator and can form collaborative teams. The employees can acquire the new skills required for the production of the future in an integrated learning factory and at training stations. Revolutionary products for the future However, the leap into the future cannot be achieved by evolution alone. In order to survive, fundamental new concepts must be introduced in the product range. Festo has therefore also asked itself what revolutionary new products must look like. How can largely mechanical products be transferred to intelligent cyber-physical systems? How can we boost our productivity and accelerate the supply chain? What additional benefits and what addedvalue models will these new products offer our customers in future?

How can new tasks be assigned to machinery in the course of regular operation? How can the operator communicate with them better and make them even more versatile? In the laboratories, products are currently being developed which are fit for applications that we can perhaps not even imagine today. Festo relies here on agile, interdisciplinary teams comprising both hardware and software developers who are for example revolutionising mature technologies such as pneumatics with entirely new capabilities. Nature is a source of inspiration: Festo makes systematic use of the Bionic Learning Network to transfer new technologies such as swarm intelligence, communication capability and autonomy to new technological systems in the form of prototypes. Digitalisation of the customer interface The manner of cooperation with customers is also rapidly changing. Along with the classic sales channels, customers are increasingly using the company’s online product catalogue to immerse themselves into the virtual world. Festo speaks here of the “digital customer journey”. This catalogue shows in digital form all of the contact points – from the engineering process with CAD tools, via product selection, configuration, virtual initialisation, up to monitoring over the entire product life cycle.

Festo Cloud applications process the resource data into valuable information in real time. Anticipatory maintenance reduces the risk of machine downtime and production losses. Surveillance of temperature curves, compressed air consumption, wear data or mixing ratios, and locating leakages are just some examples of the possibilities now open to operators. A “machinery memory” of the processes is generated that provides the basis for optimal configuration and parametrisation. Hanover is the ideal showcase The Hannover Messe trade fair is the ideal venue for Festo to present its latest innovations: here, tried-and-tested solutions encounter astoundingly new applications. Festo sees itself as both a traditional family enterprise and a pioneer of digitalisation. The market will ultimately be the deciding factor. “This year, we have a special highlight in store for visitors to the fair. We are convinced that we will be taking not only ourselves, but also our customers along on a journey into a new era of digitalised pneumatics,” promised Dr. Kriwet. Festo will reveal details of this innovation at its Online Press Conference on 27th March.

“Digitalisation enables our customers to design, simulate and operate their production systems as a virtual twin. They thus already know in advance whether the modules of their systems will work together as desired. The complexity of flexible, adaptive production is made controllable through integrated intelligence,” said Dr. Kriwet in Hanover. The data acquired during operation of the systems open up completely new insights into the processes and machinery conditions. Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017


Festo The simple way to speed up parallel engine block assembly


W hen a gripper unit is being used for engine block as-

Adaptability, flexibility and the use of the OPC sembly, it is clear just how UA communica- flexible and efficient a system tion standard are it is: the engine block, seal, some key Industry pistons, cylinder head and 4.0 features that screws are gripped in parallel are typical of the gripper units used and assembled in two steps. for engine block The secret lies in the parallel assembly in the method of engine block asautomotive indus- sembly, which is faster and try. Festo is using less expensive than sequenthese features to respond to the tial manufacturing – and can major issues that be carried out with the option Industry 4.0 pres- of servo-pneumatic or elecents, such as the tric axes such as the toothed dynamic assembly belt axis ELGA-TB-KF or the processes in systems that undergo electric cylinder ESBF-BS. many changes.

Adaptive and flexible Thanks to decentralised intelligence on the valve terminal CPX/VTSA, the space-saving parallel grippers HGPL-B together with vacuum grippers and a vacuum generator OVEM, are flexible, adaptive and versatile when carrying out different gripping processes. The sturdy valve terminal 34

Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017

VTSA with a high flow rate, and the automation platform CPX, create a strong partnership as clever diagnostics concepts with CPX decrease idle time, increase availability and reduce operating costs. The gripper unit can be adapted to suit the user’s own individual requirements. Thanks to its intelligent design, it is faster than conventional gripper systems – and includes complete, integrated sensor technology and mechanics as well as direct signal processing. A CODESYS controller CPX-CEC in IP65/67 provides a compact and on-site control system for the gripper unit. As a result, the gripper unit has no need for a control cabinet at all and valuable space can be saved even during the planning process. All fieldbuses and Industrial Ethernet, as well as the OPC UA Industry 4.0 standard, are available as interfaces. Training 4.0 Generating more data is one issue, but interpreting it and arriving at the right conclusions is another. Employees in industry as well as students at vocational colleges and universities will therefore need to be trained specifically for Industry 4.0.

  An understanding of fully automated digital production technologies and knowledge of the layout and programming of digital system networks is crucial. Otherwise, tomorrow’s employees will not be able to operate and optimise systems or develop flexible, intelligent components, and thus make a contribution to the necessary versatility and adaptability of the systems. Festo Didactic offers a cyberphysical learning and research platform in the form of the CP Factory. This platform models the stations in a real production plant. Learning content includes, for example, systems programming, networking, energy efficiency and data management. The platform also enables flexible software solutions to be developed and tested so that they can be used in production.

General Electric

GE DEMONSTRATES ITS DIGITAL INDUSTRIAL STRATEGY AT HANOVER FAIR A t this year´s Hanover Fair, GE will demonstrate its digital industrial strategy with a focus on its businesses GE Digital, GE Energy Connections and GE Power. GE believes the digital industrial transformation will be driven by the combination of best-in-class industrial technologies and domain expertise with modern, leading digital technologies and ecosystems.

GE is combining the industrial power of the past with the software brains of the future. By pairing digital technology with domain expertise across industries, GE is transforming industry with software-defined machines and solutions that are connected, responsive and predictive. The ability to derive more productivity and value from existing assets facilitated by analytics is what will drive more impact for industrial companies around the world. Every industry is currently being challenged by digital technologies and companies count on software solutions, data and analytics to gain competitive advantage. GE has developed an operating system – Predix

- to power the digital transformation of the industrial internet. The software platform was opened up to external users one year ago to contribute to the growth of the digital industrial ecosystem. In early 2017, there were 21,000 developers working on Predix, more than 100 applications have already been developed on the platform, and customers around the world use data and analytics on Predix to improve operations, increase productivity and drive new revenue streams. By 2020, GE expects 100,000 developers working on the platform. To further grow the community of developers, GE collaborates with a large number of leading companies, institutes and universities, among them Schindler, SAP, Bosch, T-Systems, Bearing Point, Accenture and PwC. The solutions that make up the core of GE Digital’s offerings are Asset Performance Management (APM), Brilliant Manufacturing, Automation and Cyber Security, all powered by Predix, allowing companies to quickly and securely connect their assets, collect data, and build and run applications:

• Asset Performance Management is a suite of software solutions that gives industrial businesses a comprehensive, integrated view of their assets and equipment at multiple levels. With the insight provided by APM, CIOs and operators can make smarter decisions and improve the reliability, availability and performance of their industrial assets. • Brilliant Manufacturing enables manufacturers to make precise, real-time decisions through data-driven insights and is the digital technology behind GE’s Brilliant Factories. The result — minimal down time, significant cost savings and virtually zero defects. • The GE Digital Automation suite provides real-time visibility into plant processes, equipment and resources, allowing operators to know the information that requires attention and the right actions to take. • GE relies on a combination of OT (machines) and IT (software) solutions to embed security at every level of its machines and software to protect infrastructure and assets from attacks and breaches.

About GE GE (NYSE: GE) is the world’s Digital Industrial Company, transforming industry with software-defined machines and solutions that are connected, responsive and predictive. GE is organized around a global exchange of knowledge, the “GE Store,” through which each business shares and accesses the same technology, markets, structure and intellect. Each invention further fuels innovation and application across our industrial sectors. With people, services, technology and scale, GE delivers better outcomes for customers by speaking the language of industry.

Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017




Imission n accordance with the new statement I5 {ai five} I5 stands for our new strategic focus: IBG’s actions are synonymous with Initiative, Inspiration, Innovation and Integration. IBG / Goeke Technology Group at the Hannover Messe 2017 (Hanover Fair): custom-designed integrated solutions / predictive maintenance / vision technology / moving technology

– Initiative, Inspiration, Innovation and Integration = IBG, IBG “will treat the impossible, as if it was possible,” to meet the complex requirements of Industry 4.0. To achieve this, IBG takes the Initiative and develops new technologies in robotics and plant engineering for its customers. The team is a source of Inspiration for the optimisation of its customers’ production processes. It thus improves both quality and efficiency; it is a pioneer and driver of Innovation. The IBG employees’ actions and thinking revolve around our customers with solutions promoting Integration.

At this year’s event in Hanover, IBG / Goeke Technology Group will present their entirely new strategic focus in Hall 17, Booth E18: from now on, our customers and their challenges will be the very focus of our joint projects.


Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017

This is clearly demonstrated by the integrated solutions presented by IBG / Goeke Technology Group at this year’s Hanover Fair. The solutions from the segments Industry 4.0, assembly technology and automation are tailored exactly to the customers’ requirements. Our 250 employees see to this and thus enable the respective specialist team to make the impossible possible.

At the tradeshow, the company will illustrate Predictive Maintenance with a presentation on proactive maintenance combined with simultaneous monitoring of entire systems—a contribution which turns Industry 4.0 into more than just a vision: it becomes a reality which simplifies both service and maintenance.

Vision technology helps the IBG team to tackle more complex challenges: optical methods based on 3D measuring technology facilitate the measure and capture of three-dimensional geometries without touching the objects. In quality control, it helps to confirm that all geometric measurements are correct and ensures the completeness and quality of the assembly process.  

Under the headline Moving Technology, visitors to our stand can look forward to surprising exhibits which demonstrate the particular use of automation technology for marketing and communication.

Bosch Rexroth Predictive maintenance makes maintenance in the ruba normal health condition for ber industry more the roll mill. After the learnefficient . ing phase, ODiN uses a databased model to continuously monitor the roll mill’s health index. If a single measured As roll mills run in value moves outside the tol- three-shift mode erance range for a short time, almost continuthis does not necessarily lead ously, machine availability plays a to a – possibly unjustified hugely important – warning, as wear can rarely role. Failures on be detected with just one a single machine single signal. However, if the ultimately delay health index deteriorates due the entire production process to changes in the data from and thus cause several sensors, the system extremely high warns of a problem – even costs. To prevent if the individual changes are this, machines are normally within the defined limits. In maintained after a the health index reports cre- certain number of ated on a regular basis, ODiN operating hours. uses machine learning to pro- On its new roll vide appropriate information mill, KRAIBURG and helps to create specific wanted to find out how to do this recommendations for action. differently and took its first step toward the maintenance method of the future.

NETWORK TO PREVENT DOWNTIME Fhydraulic or some time, Hägglunds radial piston mo-

tors from Bosch Rexroth have been driving the roll mills used to homogenize and roll out the rubber compounds. For its new machinery, KRAIBURG uses predictive maintenance services from Rexroth including the Online Diagnostics Network (ODiN). The core idea of this service package is to carry out maintenance work before a machine stands still by using a combination of sensors, cloud-based applications, and machine learning methods. In the new machinery at KRAIBURG, sensors first record detailed data about the oil tank, pumps, motors, and electric drive. The measurements taken include temperatures, oil lev-

els, flow rates, and pressures. The data collected is then sent to a Bosch Rexroth server, where it is analyzed using complex algorithms. The collected data, separately encrypted and handled for each customer, is transferred to the ODiN system. It is stored and processed on comprehensively secured Bosch servers in compliance with the Group’s very stringent data protection guidelines. Clever prediction After installation of the new roll mill, ODiN initially collected data on all monitored components over a training phase lasting several months. Based on these signals, a machine learning algorithm determines

Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017



METAV 2018: THE REGISTRATION PHASE HAS BEGUN From 20 to 24 February 2018,

the METAV 2018 will be held in the Düsseldorf Exhibition Halls. The registration documents have just been dispatched. The 20th International Exhibition for Metalworking Technologies will be continuing the successful concept adopted for the preceding event. The thematic expansion to incorporate specific areas for quality, additive manufacturing, moulding and medical was acclaimed by exhibitors and visitors alike. “At the METAV 2016, we introduced four new areas to extend our coverage on the entire value added chain themed around production technology. The area concept was extremely well received. Our exhibitor survey revealed that directly following the conclusion of the 2016 fair nine out


Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017

of ten exhibitors were intending to participate in the METAV 2018 as well. So for the METAV 2018 we shall be providing a significantly larger area,” says Dr. Wilfried Schäfer, the VDW’s Executive Director, who’s highly gratified by the concept’s success. Besides the areas for quality, additive manufacturing, moulding and medical, the classical keynotes are still comprehensively represented: machine tools, manufacturing systems, high-precision tools, automated material flow, computer technology, industrial electronics and accessories. The fair will also be spotlighting the topic of Industry 4.0 with a dedicated theme park. “Under the aegis of the METAV 2018, we shall once again be devoting a separate keynote focus to the digital transfor-

mation,” is how Dr. Schäfer describes the concept for the fair. “In the case of Industry 4.0, the sense of optimism is almost tangible. But in view of the digital transformation, many mid-tier companies are also still looking for new solutional approaches. The METAV 2018 will be offering important food for thought here.” And the congresses and specialist forums planned to coincide with the fair, featuring examples of best practice, will also provide fresh impetus for state-of-theart manufacturing solutions. To coincide with the registration phase, an extensive advertising campaign will be launched for the METAV 2018. Online registration will be possible as from mid-April under . The registration deadline for exhibitors is 31 August 2017

Bosch Rexroth

Pre Hannover Messe



Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017

Pre Hannover Messe

Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017


Pre Hannover Messe


Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017

Pre Hannover Messe

Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017


Pre Hannover Messe


Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017

Pre Hannover Messe

Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017



Patrick Raffler

• Trade fair slogan: ContiTech.Smart Solutions Beyond Rubber • Predictive maintenance seen as a future driver in numerous industries • Premiere: Digital monitoring system reduces downtimes and maintenance costs • Other highlights: Vibration measurement and translucent surfaces apps



Ipany nternational technology comand industry partner Con-

tiTech is experiencing considerable growth potential thanks to increasing connectivity in the industrial sector. “Digitalization is a major opportunity for us to work with our customers to generate added value on a lasting basis. Because we are part of the overall value chain, we can establish the conditions this requires as a supplier and industry partner, and play a key part in shaping the industrial infra-structure. Intelligently connected systems, machinery and equipment pave the way for this. Which is why we’re working tirelessly to make our products and systems smarter and offer end-to-end solutions,” explains Hans-Jürgen Duensing, member of the Continental Executive Board responsi-ble for

Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017

the ContiTech division. From April 24 to 28, 2017, in Hall 6, Stand F18, ContiTech will be presenting its smart solutions for industrial applications under the strapline “ContiTech.Smart Solu-tions Beyond Rubber.” One of the distinguishing features of the fourth industrial revolution is the intelligent connectivity of production and maintenance processes. Key data is now being made available in real time on a global scale. “This is giving rise to a number of new business opportunities. Going forward, predic-tive maintenance – the anticipatory maintenance and repair of machinery and equipment – will be a key driver of growth and efficiency in a large number of the industries in which we operate,” adds Duensing. The Hannover Messe trade fair will see ContiTech unveil its permanently installable and digitally connected monitoring system for steel cord conveyor belts for the first time. Predictive maintenance reduces downtimes and maintenance costs Whether in open-pit or underground mining, for steep inclines or across distances spanning kilo-meters – conveyor belts are the beating heart of many industrial sectors. In harsh operating conditions, they transport loads weighing several tons not to mention sharp, hot, oily and greasy goods. Smooth running of these belts is crucial for cost efficiency. If the belt system experiences an ex-tended downtime, the entire production

chain frequently collapses. This in turn results in consider-able sales losses for the operators. To allow conveyor belt systems to run free of faults and cost-effectively in the long term, even when subjected to high loads, the operators are focusing more and more on prevention. Innovative electronic monitoring systems make it possible to identify the exact condition of the conveyor belts at any time. “More serious damage such as longitudinal slitting or splice faults on the conveyor belt can have serious consequences for system operation, and lead to total failures in a worst-case scenario. The monitoring system Conti MultiProtect helps to detect such damage at an early stage during opera-tion and repair the damage in good time. This helps us to avoid extended downtimes,” explains application engineer Patrick Raffler. The way it works is that rip inserts implanted into the conveyor belt are checked for longitudinal slitting by means of their characteristic magnetic fields. Using RFID (radio-frequency identification) chips, ContiTech has been able to optimize localization of longitudinal slitting on the belt. Conti MultiProtect is also able to monitor the condition of the joints and identify damaged spots within the carcass. The user-friendly system has an intuitive operating design that uses a graphical interface. “This permanent monitoring gives us a detailed picture of the condition of the conveyor belts at all times without having to in-


terrupt operations. This allows cover repairs to be scheduled preventively in good time, thereby reducing maintenance costs,” says Raffler, outlining the advantages further. ContiTech is using software developed in house. “We’re putting our longstanding expertise to good use in the development of intelligent software solutions. This enables us to assist our customers in the best way we can. The new system permits more-accurate-than-ever monitoring of steel cord conveyor belts,” says Raffler. Other product highlights at Hannover Messe ContiTech will also showcase a new development for its ViProtect app designed for iOS and An-droid systems at this year’s Hannover Messe. The app allows users to analyze vibrations in driver cabs, engines and other industrial devices using a smartphone. Excessive vibrations put too much strain on the components, and this can result in expensive and time-consuming downtimes and repairs. Taking accurate measurements helps to assess the vibration behavior of industrial vehicles and machinery. The app uses this data to find the right solution and suggests options for a suitable bearing system – thereby helping to increase service life and comfort over the long term. The company will also be presenting its latest development for intelligent surface materials. The integration of digital functions in decorative surfaces is featuring more and more on customers’ radars. Light integration is a vital development step in this respect. The translucent cover material Acella Hylite produces special lighting effects that can be used, for example, for backlighting a ve-hicle door. Varying light sources can be used to create customized color effects or to light up warn-ing signals. ContiTech will be presenting its strategic solutions and product highlights at a press conference taking place on April 25 from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at the trade fair stand (Hall 6, Stand F18). Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017




Power management company Eaton will be at the heart of global discussions around key drivers of industrial digitization and energy at the Hannover Messe. Eaton expects the trade show to be a global hotspot for international technology drivers such as Industry 4.0 and smart energy storannover Messe, which age solutions, takes place from 25 to 29 April leading to new partner- in Hannover, Germany, has ships and a particularly strong internabusiness tional flavour this year, with models across Partner Country the United continents. States of America bringing its largest-ever delegation, capped by President Obama planned visit to the show.


Frank Campbell, Eaton’s President, Corporate and Electrical Sector, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), said: “Eaton is a global company with more than 100 years of history in the US and Europe. We look forward to bringing that historical expertise to host discussions around the most up-to-date trends such as the industrial Internet of Things and the need for more efficient energy stor48

Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017

age solutions. Eaton has an extensive product portfolio that will help underpin the digitisation of the manufacturing environment in international markets, leading to smarter and more efficient production.” Visitors to Eaton’s main stand C63 in Hall 11 will have the opportunity to experience the company’s best-in-class industrial process and machine control technologies, including electrical and hydraulic power management systems. Visitors will experience how these can help build intelligent machines and systems that are more reliable, safer and more efficient while reducing time and cost across the entire manufacturing process. Smart wiring solutions that lay the foundation for Industry 4.0 will also

be on show. Moreover, the stand will focus on export support for machine builders. Inside Eaton’s custom-built two-story truck, located between Hall 11 and Hall 9, the company will showcase its industrial and commercial building offerings, with active demonstrations of systems aimed at the power quality, lighting, electrical distribution and building safety sectors. Here, Eaton will also focus on energy storage, following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Eaton and automotive manufacturer Nissan to explore the feasibility of jointly developing, industrializing and commercializing energy storage and control systems. The stand will provide details of how Nissan batteries com-


bined with an Eaton uninterruptible power supply (UPS) can deliver an energy storage solution that has applications across industrial, commercial and residential settings. Eaton will in addition highlight the AES Advancion Energy Storage Platform, having signed an alliance agreement with AES Energy Stor-

age to offer the technology as the core of its grid-scale, integrated energy storage systems across EMEA. The breadth of products and services on show on Eaton’s stands at the Hannover Messe will put the company at the heart of discussions around global industrial technologies. “This will be a really special show,” added

Campbell. “The size of the US delegation, and President Obama’s planned participation, will make it a powerful vehicle for next-generation industrial policies of global scale. Eaton has a proud history of highend manufacturing, research and development in the US, and we look forward to holding discussions with US officials and representatives.” Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017



CLEAN-CUT SOLUTIONS AVENTICS PRESENTS CCL CLEAN LINE CYLINDER SERIES With two new cylinder series to ISO standards, Aventics has expanded its actuator product range for applications with high hygiene requirements. The pneumatics specialists now offer a solution to meet strict requirements placed by the food and pharmaceutical industries. Aventics will present its new CCL-IS and CCL-IC cylinders for the first time at the 2017 Hannover Messe.

Tcomply he new Aventics cylinders with all relevant Eu-

ropean standards for applications in food splash zones. Both the CCL-IS standard cylinder to ISO 15552 and the CCL-IC compact cylinder to ISO 21287 correspond to the basic principles of hygienic design: The cylinder bodies consist of anodized aluminum, while the screws and piston rod are made of stainless steel. The scraper material and the lubricants are also FDA-approved. The CCL-IS standard cylinder is available in eight sizes covering diameters from 25 to 125 mm. The maximum stroke is 2,750 mm. Depending on their requirements, users can choose between elastic and pneumatic cushioning. ST6 series proxim-

ity sensors can be installed in just a few steps, without the need for any special tools. The ST6 sensor series includes a wide range of versions with different line lengths and connections. A special feature of the new cylinder series is the option to configure the air connections either on the cover or the base or both. Supply air and exhaust on one side increase flexibility for engineers, especially since the connections can be changed later on. The unused air connections are sealed off with locking screws. With nine sizes, the CLC-IC compact cylinder covers the widest range available on the market, with diameters from 16 mm to 100 mm. This gives engineers a maximum degree of freedom, since they can exert both lower

and higher forces. The maximum stroke of the compact cylinder is 500 mm, and is measured by a proximity sensor from the ST6 family tailored to the application. The CCL-IC can be mounted directly, without any additional fastening elements. With the Aventics Engineering Tools, users can configure Clean Line cylinders online. Aventics can be found at the 2017 Hannover Messe in hall 23, booth C31.


its own stand with a complete Internet of Things arena, Aventics will present another exhibit in hall 19 of the Hannover Messe in the special predictive maintenance area. Under the motto “Smart Pneumatics. The Driver for Predictive Maintenance�, the pneumatics specialists will showcase an application example: the monitoring of 50

Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017

shock absorber functions and cylinder speeds based on an electro-pneumatic valve system. The existing sensors in the system are monitored along with the control. The data is analyzed with the AV/AES series valve systems and the Smart Pneumatics Monitor, an additional module for the AES valve electronics. Monitoring the load allows the system to determine the current state of the shock ab-

sorber and detect wear early on. The information is then provided to the user in standardized data logs, such as the OPC-UA. The company Boge will also demonstrate how intelligent pneumatics can ensure efficient system operation at its stand. Using existing sensors, Aventics provides the compressor manufacturer with information on the current state of its systems and their air consumption in


Data hub for IoT services The AV valve system with AES electronics and existing sensors provide data to the Smart Pneumatics Monitor, which generates valuable information.

Dieter Michalkowski the standard OPC-UA data format. This allows Boge to optimize the entire compressed air mains of a system and to operate it more efficiently. The application is also on display in hall 19. Forward-looking maintenance “The advantages of predictive maintenance are nothing new to us,” states Dieter Michalkowski, IoT expert at Aventics. “But the IoT has now made it possible to generate the information required for predictive maintenance that really lives up to its name.” Preventive maintenance with intelligent data analyses is now considered an important value driver in the industrial

sector as it can prevent unplanned machine downtime and increase system availability. In addition, maintenance costs are reduced since only the components that have reached the end of their life cycle are exchanged. 2 AVENTICS, Corporate Communications, Ulmer Str. 4, 30880 Laatzen, Germany, w w w. av e n t i c s . c o m / p r e s s Based on the relevance of predictive maintenance for IoT environments, the exhibition organizers have again given the topic its own exhibit area in 2017. The special exhibit will take place as part of the “Motion, Drive & Automation” (MDA) trade

fair, which focuses on drive and fluid technologies within the context of the Internet of Things. Companies already using maintenance systems today will present on the special space, measuring around 500 square meters. The special exhibition also includes lectures arranged by the German Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (VDMA). Dieter Michalkowski from Aventics will give a lecture on ““Predictive Maintenance – A Direct Benefit of the Internet of Things” on Wednesday, April 26, 2017, from 2:30 to 3:00 p.m. This lecture will be held in the MDA Forum in hall 19, stand C49.

Hannover Messe: Hall 19 transforms into a platform for predictive maintenance During the 2017 Hannover Messe, Aventics will present information on the topic of predictive maintenance at a special exhibition space of the same name. In hall 19, the pneumatics specialists will show how intelligent pneumatics can anticipate system maintenance. For this, Aventics uses already available sensors and the new “Smart Pneumatics Monitor”, the company’s first IoT device.

The new Smart Pneumatics Monitor from Aventics provides reliable and valuable information on the state of wear and energy efficiency of pneumatic systems to end users.

Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017





Tappointed he Schmersal Group has Uwe Seeger its Di-

rector for Asia Pacific Middle East (APME). In this newly created role, he will be responsible for the further development of markets and for expanding customer relationships in the APME region. To do this, he will be founding new Schmersal Group subsidiaries in the region and expanding the services offered by the new tec. nicum safety services division. Uwe Seeger also takes over a leading responsibility for the Schmersal factories in India and China. The aim is to achieve an 52

Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017

improved integration of these two production sites and to leverage synergies. In this role, Uwe Seeger works closely with Sagar Bhosale, Managing Director of Schmersal India Private Limited Ranjangaon / Pune, and Felix Liu, Managing Director of Schmersal Industrial Switchgear Co. Ltd., Shanghai. Uwe Seeger held leading positions for global companies for many years. He has extensive management experience in an international context and speaks fluent Chinese. “The Asian market for machine

safety components has seen two-figure growth in recent years, especially in China,” explains Uwe Seeger. “Companies in this region are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of safety in industrial working environments, as safety reduces the potential for accidents, ensures shorter downtimes and thus improves productivity. As a leading international systems and solutions provider for machine safety, we support our customers in the APME region with our quality safety technology and our profound expertise in this area.”

Ayın Firması Makine Makine & & Otomasyon Otomasyon // Ocak Kasım- -Şubat Aralık 2017 2016 51 53


At Interpack 2017, SICK will present itself as the supplier of a wide range of sensors for the consumer goods industry. The products, systems and services that it puts on display will include compact, easily integrated devices, configurable stand-alone solutions and programmable highspeed cameras. As well as individual components, the sensor manufacturer offers a comprehensive portfolio of technological solutions to meet individual customers’ requirements.


squality ICK will focus in particular on assurance at Interpack.

The fast throughput speeds and short cycle times of production lines and machines in the packaging industry allow for high productivity. However, this can only be achieved if a comprehensive quality control At Interpack system is in place. SICK will 2017, SICK present new solutions consistis presenting itself as a ing of its own modules and insupplier of a tegrable functions from image comprehensive range of high-tech solutions for the packaging industry.


Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017

processing libraries that offer intelligent support for the packaging industry in areas such as quality assurance, traceability, object data acquisition and preventive maintenance. A 3D inspection system is the ideal solution in this area. It can reliably identify faulty product features, incomplete packaging units and inadequate labeling. The data and measurements produced by the vision sensors and their integration into real-

time fieldbus environments enable them to provide valuable information that can be used in today’s manufacturing plants and in the smart factories of the future. The vision sensors have the necessary intelligent detection, measurement, assessment and communication functions to allow for future-proof process and quality controls in the context of Industry 4.0.



At the Hannover Messe 2017, SICK will present the next step toward Industry 4.0. Using an example of a value added process, the company will demonstrate the sensor features that lead to more flexibility for machine operators. As a result, visitors to the exhibition will be able to experience the enhancements at first hand.


SICK allows visitors to the Hannover Messe 2017 to experience Industry 4.0 at first hand.

Tchallenges he exhibit will highlight the relating to Industry

4.0 and the appropriate solutions from SICK’s perspective. These challenges occur at basic levels of the value added process and find solutions in the form of SICK sensor technology, systems, and services. The products that will be on display are actively enabled for communication, ensuring that they can establish links with the world of data. With the aid of a cloud provider, the data that is collected is compiled and then evaluated and visualized accordingly.

Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017

Flexibility, profitability and transparency The Internet of Things makes information available to everyone at any time. In addition, customers increasingly expect fast, flexible services. As a result, production and logistics processes must also be as flexible as possible, while at the same time allowing for increases in productivity. This can be achieved by using intelligent and flexible sensors that enable batch size 1 to be manufactured quickly and cost-effectively. Intelligent sensors offer significant added value in this respect. They allow improvements to

be made while the system is in operation, without production having to be interrupted. The challenges involved in Industry 4.0 cannot be overcome without the large volumes of data captured and pre-evaluated by intelligent SICK sensors before they are sent out into the world of data. SICK sensors guarantee transparency at every stage of the value added process. In addition, they are backwardly compatible. Industry 4.0 sensors can be used in existing automation architectures, but they can also communicate with higher-level systems.


ZIRKOR OXYGEN ANALYZERS FROM SICK The oxygen analyzers in the ZIRKOR series provide reliable measurement results. Reliable measurement results under tough conditions

Waldkirch, February 2017 – The new oxygen analyzers in the ZIRKOR series are extremely rugged and combine high quality with innovative performance. The precise devices for combustion optimization are easy to operate and completely reliable. They take measurements directly after combustion so the oxygen value can be perfectly adapted to the fuel.


R eliable oxygen measurement is just as important for

controlling an optimized combustion process as it is for emissions monitoring. In one of the toughest applications of industrial process automation, the analyzer must be easy to integrate and extremely resistant. Optimal combustion, however, relies on perfect dosing. Too little oxygen will result in incomplete combustion and, therefore, increased CO emissions. Too much oxygen, on the other hand, leads to very high heat loss via the exhaust gas. The ZIRKOR series provides an oxygen reference value for emission measurement in order to ensure reliable mea-

Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017

surement results. There are three versions available: ZIRKOR100 for smaller plants, ZIRKOR200 for large combustion plants, and ZIRKOR302 for adjustment without test gas. Tough performance – easy to operate – precise analysis The ZIRKOR100 is extremely rugged thanks to its innovative cell technology. The integrated cell diagnosis function keeps maintenance work to a minimum and all important information can be accessed via ZIRKOR Remote. The ZIRKOR200 is a high-tech analyzer with simple connection options. It can work in ambient temperatures of up to 1,600 °C without any problems and calibrates itself auto-

matically. Thanks to its variable probe lengths and a higher number of interfaces, it can be installed in all kinds of plants and applications. The model that works in temperatures of up to 600 °C is also certified in accordance with EN 15267. The main difference between ZIRKOR302 and the other two analyzers is its automated calibration using the ambient air. The tried-and-tested flow sensor principle does not require any test gases for this calibration and ensures a continuous, exceptionally precise measurement even at high temperatures. The analyzer is available with an optional integrated measuring gas pump or an ejector powered by compressed air.


NO FALSE MOVES ENCODERS AND INCLINATION SENSORS FROM SICK The AFS/AFM60 Inox and DFS60 Inox encoders are ideal for the use in the food and beverage industry, packaging machines, medical technology, and outdoor applications in port and offshore plants.

Sflexible imple configuration and programming options

are important features of SICK encoders. Based on optical and magnetic technologies, the encoders offer the ideal solution for a variety of different sectors. For decades SICK encoders have proven their performance across a number of applications, with the product range featuring everything from motor feedback systems for drive technologies to encoders for mechanical engineering. AFS/AFM60 Inox: Resistant, precise, programmable With a high resolution of 18 bits (AFS60 Inox) or 30 bits (AFM60 Inox) and a large selection of programmable parameters, the AFS60 absolute singleturn encoder and the AFM60 absolute multiturn encoder set new

standards in the field of stainless-steel encoders. Thanks to their high resolution, high IP enclosure rating, and stainless-steel housing, they can be used in applications with harsh ambient conditions and strict requirements regarding resistance to aggressive media such as cleaning agents or salt. The encoders are equipped with the SSI interface; the AFM60 Inox is also available with combined SSI + incremental and SSI + sin/cos interfaces. Both encoders can be programmed via the PGT-08-S PC-based programming device or the PGT-10-Pro handheld programming device. DFS60 Inox: High-resolution incremental encoder The DFS60 Inox is a high-resolution incremental encoder with a diameter of 60 mm in stain-

less-steel design. It offers a large range of mechanical and electrical interfaces and can be programmed by the customer if desired. The rugged mechanical design, the wide temperature range as well as IP 67 enclosure rating make the DFS60 Inox the ideal encoder for applications in harsh ambient conditions. The range of options for programming the electrical parameters – such as the output signal level, the number of pulses per revolution, or the zero pulse width – is unique on the market. Both encoders are ideal for the use in the food and beverage industry, packaging machines, medical technology, and outdoor applications in port and offshore plants.

Waldkirch, January 2017 – Encoders from SICK monitor and secure motion sequences and ensure precise and efficient processes. They will detect the exact speed, revolution, path, or angle of a movement and deliver the result to the process control or the Cloud in data that can be used for further calculations.

Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017


Ziehl Abegg Ziehl-Abegg offers an extremely broad range of products with a consistent user concept

“All of our products have the same genetic code”, says Peter Fenkl, CEO of Ziehl-Abegg. Anyone who can operate one device can easily cope with any other device from the Künzelsau-based fan manufacturer. “Many customers were interested in this unique logic”, said Fenkl. We have obviously touched on a key topic here.” The company has been able to achieve this because the in-house development, programming and manufacture of motors and control devices has been the strength of the technology leader from Künzelsau for decades.


CEO Peter Fenkl explains the benefits of the ZAcode at Chillventa in Nuremberg: The installation and operating logic is identical for all Ziehl-Abegg products, whether they’re a control unit or motor.

Scilityervicemanagers technicians and faoften work

under time constraints: ventilation systems have to readjusted, customised control units adapted accordingly, or a system needs to be expanded. Even if an element has to be replaced, a continuous operating and communication concept helps to save time. Uniform concepts in all Ziehl-Abegg products provide the essential basis both for internal and external communication. “Anyone connecting one of our EC fans also automatically knows how to connect a Ziehl-Abegg frequency inverter”, says the CEO, explaining the ZAcode. From the moment Ziehl-Abegg products are installed the systems designer doesn’t need to bother him/herself with different electronic systems. ZiehlAbegg is the only manufacturer


Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017

in the market that can connect, control and regulate all systems and products with a single logic. “This has enabled us to reduce the complexity and eliminate error sources” emphasises Fenkl. The integrated operating concept extends across the wide performance range from a small 1 kW to approximately 30 kW output. It includes axial fans and centrifugal fans. In addition, the company offers solutions both with the energy-saving EC technology as well as the conventional AC technology. The uniform handling is particularly important with applications in which EC fans and frequency converters are used to equal extent. So all Ziehl-Abegg’s products have standardised connections and can also be expanded on a modular basis. The basic structure, the socalled “basic design”, is the

same for all products and offers the option of analogue control at any time. Up to now this has been the preferred application in the systems. With the help of an add-on module, a bus interface can be fitted to a basic design at any time so it can be integrated into modern system concepts. This product design reduces inventories as there is no need to hold multiple versions in stock. At the same time, the user retains the flexibility to expand a simple and inexpensive product at any time – “Buy only what you need”. ZiehlAbegg offers various pluggable, add-on modules for integration into the desired bus systems on the customer side: CAN-open, Lon, Modbus, PROFIBUS; PROFINET or EtherCAT are currently available. Add-on modules for other systems are developed and supplied as required.

Ziehl Abegg

TARGETED AIRFLOW CREATES DOUBLE-FIGURE INCREASE IN EFFICIENCY Tterest”, here was a great deal of insays Fenkl, expressing

his delight. After all, particularly in the case of switch cabinets which are in constant use, every kWh of electricity counts. “In this area everyone is taking a very close look at the level of electricity consumption by the fans” and the new ZApilot system is up to ten percent more efficient than products currently available on the market.

managed to achieve a marked improvement in efficiency. The spacers on the air outlet are normally in the way: this causes unnecessary losses. “We have positioned guide vanes there and this improves the flow situation”, explains Nils Kowalke, Product Manager at Ziehl-Abegg. In addition, a vertical diffuser increases the flow profile. Kowalke: “This further transforms dynamic pressure into static pressure”.

ZApilot meets all the normal market standards for installation dimensions and mounting points. The integrated inlet nozzle includes mounting lugs for attaching a suction side grille. Nevertheless, the development engineers have

An application has already been made to register a patent for the new development, ZApilot. In the case of standard installation systems the compound material housing reduces the fan’s efficacy, whereas the use of ZApilot achieves an

Ziehl-Abegg presents ZApilot for electronics increase in efficiency. “The re- cooling and domestic sult is energy savings of ten- ventilation percent”, emphasises Kowalke. The design of ZApilot is meticulous down to the smallest detail. The cable management has also been optimised: fixing channels have been integrated into the compound material housing in a way that protects the cable from damage. This enables the cable to be laid to the back as well as the front. To avoid the unnecessary use of material the structure of the system has been implemented using a biomimetic lightweight design: similar to the construction of honeycombs.

“Extremely compact, aerodynamically enhanced and ready for immediate use”, Chairman of the Executive Board Peter Fenkl lists the advantages of the new ZApilot. Ziehl-Abegg launched an innovative radial fan system for electronics cooling and controlled domestic ventilation.

Guide vanes instead of spacers: ZApilot is markedly more efficient in electronics cooling or domestic ventilation than comparable system currently available on the market.

Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017




Sensors play an important role as “organs of perception” in automated solutions. To implement Industry 4.0 concepts in the automation industry, sensors do not only need to provide measured values or signals, but the latter also need to be communicated. This type of communication should always be simple and efficient – from sensor level via control and process control level up to company level. This is the only way to benefit from the many advantages offered by Industry 4.0.


Isimple fm opts for IO-Link to ensure and efficient digital sen-

sor communication. This interface, which is integrated in almost all new sensors that ifm puts on the market, is added to the standard analogue interfaces such as 4...20 mA. What is more, IO-Link has the potential for replacing analogue transfer of measured values. Since IO-Link data transmission is digital, measured values cannot be distorted by interference on the cable. Another great advantage of IO-Link transmission is the option to add further information, such as status information of the sensor, and to communicate it simultaneously. Also when it comes to sensor configuration, IO-Link offers many advantages: since parameter settings

Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017

can, for example, be directly adopted from an IO master. Hence, time-consuming sensor setting is no longer necessary. The new generation of IO-Link masters from ifm is extremely robust and offers two Ethernet ports with a switch for Profinet. The LR Device software is used to configure the connected sensors and actuators. The intuitive software finds all IO-Link masters in the Ethernet network and creates an overview of the whole plant. This is something entirely new on the market. Additionally, integrating sensors with IO-Link makes it possible to use sensor data for higher-level ERP systems. For this, ifm offers the Linerecorder. It enables bidirectional communication between many different interfaces. This allows communication between ERP

systems and data from units at field, control and process control level. With this system, the data can be transmitted directly to the ERP system without putting additional strain on the PLC in the automation solution. ifm has termed this direct sensor data path, which bypasses the control level, “Y path” because the data reaches both the PLC and the company management level by splitting up like the letter Y. ifm is fully convinced that IOLink is the foundation for a successful implementation of all Industry 4.0 concepts. This is why all new ifm sensors come with an IO-Link interface as a standard feature. Currently, ifm’s product range includes about 500 IO-Link products, and every year 100 to 150 new products are added.

World Media


Date: June 17, 2017 Location: Istanbul / Turkey

COMMUNICATION FOR SPONSORSHIP e -mail : - Tel : 0 505 400 94 34 - 0 505 400 94 33 - 0 546 675 59 49 - Endüstriyel Borulama - Mekanik Tesisat - Basınçlı Kaplar 2016 / 4


İfm On the basis of the PMD technology the new 3D camera sees various scenes and objects in their spatial dimensions at a glance. The heart of this device from ifm electronic is a new image chip with 23,000 receiving elements. Output is done via a grey-scale value and distance image, evaluation is easily possible using common libraries. *********** This 3D smart camera from ifm electronic designed for mobile applications is the first 3D sensor system with integrated additional 2D camera. The overlay function allows to show obstacles and display warnings, symbols and even complex drawings in real time. The signal processing in the sensor makes an external process unit unnecessary. The ifm Vision Assistant allows user-specific parameter setting in just a few steps.




ıwhich n contrast to laser scanners only have one receiv-

ing element the image chip of the new O3D type device features 23,000 pixels! Therefore the 3D camera has no moving parts, making it wear-free and robust. The intuitive parameter setting software allows easy and quick setting of the camera-specific parameters. Connection to MATLAB, HALCON, PCL and ROS is possible.




As each individual pixel measures the distance it is, for example, possible to precisely dimension and position suitcases, parcels and pallets. Moreover, the device facilitates automatic loading and unloading of containers, storage room optimisation, collision avoidance, navigation of driverless transport systems as well as counting of people and room monitoring. Even trunk measurement in

a saw mill poses no problem. There is a wide selection of applications in different industries. Compact 3D camera, type O3D in a robust aluminium housing

FIRST MOBILE 3D SENSOR SYSTEM WITH INTEGRATED 2D CAMERA AND OVERLAY FUNCTION – NOW ALL IN ONE Augmented reality - now in real 3D All text messages and graphic elements are either triggered by the integrated driver assistance system or by the machine controller via CAN. Thus, the user can always see all relevant warnings or other relevant details in the clearly structured camera image. Integrated assistance system In addition to the 3D and 2D image sensor a complete evaluation system is integrated in

64 Machine - Automation & Electricity / HM 2017

the housing. This system also provides an independent assistance system for collision avoidance for the user. Set-up only requires just a few steps using the Vision Assistant PC software. In addition to the analogue video output the smart camera also features a CAN and Ethernet UDP interface. The system can use this interface to supply warnings in critical situations autonomously. This trendsetting technology allows a completely new and quick perception. O3M251 3D sensor system with integrated 2D camera and overlay function

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2 th - INDUSTRY 4.0 SUMMIT Date: December 2, 2017 Location: Istanbul / Turkey COMMUNICATION FOR SPONSORSHIP e -mail : - Tel : 0 505 400 94 34 - 0 505 400 94 33 - 0 546 675 59 49 -




News Communication İlker Kaplan WORLD MEDIA EDİTOR İN CHEİF 0 505 400 94 34


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