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The Bridge Builders 2010 World Massage Festival & Massage Therapy Hall of Fame

“The Reunion” Berea College, Berea, Kentucky -- June 17-21, 2010

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a Building Better You

March 2010 www.mass ageto


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Florida State of 2006, at the annual convention,


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By Editorial Staff q

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), a division of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), recently EDITORIAL STAFF awarded a $30,000 grant to the Massage Therapy Association q Foundation to help support the second “HighMassage Therapy The American Board. lighting Massage Therapy in Complementary and elected its National (AMTA) recently election was conducted Integrative Medicine (CIM) Research� conferThe 2009 national its professional members. The conference takes place at the Red Lion among ence. ly electronical elected Presidentof Oregon was in Seattle May 13-15, 2010. Glenath Moyle 1, 2010, and Hotel office on March “This NCCAM conference grant is an imporElect. She takes when she February 28, 2011, tant demonstration of support...of massage therPresidentwill serve until of President. Current the apy’s presence in integrative medicine and supassumes the role assume Miller-Read will port of the Massage Therapy Foundation’s role in Elect Kathleen 1, 2010. Presidency on March Cynthia Ribeiro bridging research and massage therapy practice,�

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NCCAM Awards, continued on 5

What percentage of your clients are infants or children? s 0% to 25% s 26% to 50% s 51% to 75% s 76% to 100%

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Good Nut Keep It rition: Simple

May 2010


Health Care Refo

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By Editorial Staff q

Former Massage Today columnist, Ruth Werner, recently took the reins as the new president of the Massage Therapy Foundation. Werner, of Layton, Utah, assumed her role as president on March 1, 2010, and will be at the helm until February 28, 2012. Werner is a respected and long-time massage therapist, writer and educator with a passion for massage research and the role bodywork can play for those struggling with various health issues. Werner’s current work includes keeping her wellrespected 1998 textbook, A Massage Therapist’s Ruth Werner, continued on 22 mbraus

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Registration Open for 2010 Wor ld Massage Festival l Staff A 2010 of AM Comparison TA & ABMP ued on

By Editoria

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By Whitne

Ruth Werner is New President of Massage Therapy Foundation

NCCAM Awards $30,000 Grant

(PA)and Winona Bontrager Presidents and re-elected as Vice (CA) were both March 1, 2010. terms beginning will serve two-year

See Page 3

By Linda Baskin Rush, LMT



buting Association Wall, Contri Massage Therapy profession to the introduced the sed heat Your MasMassage Today 1 we discus “Have You Had ber issue effects in the treatdeveloped a increasingly popular ures These shirts soon In the Decem positive ent proced an efsage Today� t-shirt. and their ally By d treatm us give therapies read, especi We covere shopping cult-like following. will help minimizing is widesp plantar fascispotted in airports, was one ment room. typing, which q as foot pain The shirts were ent while use of an me there skin y treatm such as Soft-tissue . Problems such tunnel syndro the resorts. However, heat therap We mentioned the prelimicenters, spas and that Massage tarsal people disability. fective effect of the shirts began arrivin active es tendinitis, or on during of burns. c pain and be unintended side E-mails document ed the most comm the risks itis, Achill causes of chronithe foot should consent became aware of. This soon ed on or in review Today were wearing burns. inform ankle are comm another muscle tation and medial accidental assessment immediately. Therapists picking their flexor nary consul can lead to - ing almost However, when investigating ers of the ing and that out running errands, to formu Disord ked or the gather the shirts while mistakes out at the gym, considered ce foot pain. discuss ely overloo of information working let’s . , ive school, routin clients object month as some1 kids up from plantar-surfa (FHL) are tive and ent plan for our physiologignosed longus of subjec on 3 above. be misdia the hallucis the best treatmtant to review T-shirt, continued mentioned frequently is on the late the These involve and may problems impor 5 the FHL on of it’s body. foot ed First ment and the on the continu these other al attach of heat Safely, ior fibula muscles cal effects The proxim of the poster of three irds and It is one of the leg, distal two-th membrane. and/or rtment ed on 7 having a business interosseous posterior compa , continu Do you think that important to your practice? Dysfunction in the deep plan is

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The News


long Enclos

AMTA Elects New National Board

T-Shirt Contest Winners Revealed

By Dixie


Lowe, Whitney

Corruptibil ity of Facts

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baby massage techniques




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The 2010 World Massage Reunion,â&#x20AC;? Festival, will â&#x20AC;&#x153;A Massage at Berea Collegebe held June 17 By Kathr through June yn Feath in Berea, Massage 21 Kentucky. er Festival The World q where massage is a continuing-edu cation event For to 24 NCBTM professionals can register ceived many years B-approved By Edito hours of now, up phone continuing-edufor worksh rial Staff calls from Massage Today thera pists cation Attendees ops. has q two prima asking variou therapists can choose teaching and potenrefrom 42 s quest ry profe 56 massa Massa ions about tial ssiona with links different classes. A instructors ge and l assoc fession, ge schools are bodyw the Massa to class descrip list of instruct iation ork ge Thera and at www.w tions over! â&#x20AC;&#x153;The one of themthe foundation orldmassagefest is availabl Associons py Assoc industry: the s serving the iated Body e online html. New American iation is going of our by Massa Massage (ABM this year (AMT work and proto Schoo d on 11 is a medica /2010/classes.P). A) and l Make win a make Massa World ge Warehouse l aquatics In respo the over,â&#x20AC;? ge Profe Massa World Massag class sponsored nse, Mass ge Conf , Massage ssiona Alumni, Today ls e Festiva article comp erence, age Today students and the l, continue tember d on aring the massagetod and schoo begins May 6 2005 two assoc fi rst published 1, 2010. . (See sociations school iations an to nomi ls can go to â&#x20AC;&#x153;AMT to win a Comp www nate five-ye amass valued aredâ&#x20AC;?.) A and ABM in Separ nomi makeover.and vote for . P: Two ciationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s update to that This articl 30, 2010. nations, AsThe event their e serve votes and membersh comp Nom s Angie ip statis arison of eachas the Do you Patrick inees will be essays until will tics and Oct. of the of Massa notified provide event, benefi assoto peo 2010 Comp ts. and given ge Warehouse personally massage Massa ple in: by ge , origin arison, addition, Conference free access ator contin to the s Elderc ued on each schoo online for 6 their schooWorld l nomi s Hosp are (assisted living nated ice or nursing will also l. In home) receive If so, Make over,

Enter the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Mass School Makeo age verâ&#x20AC;?

Read about topics such as: Have you attended trade show a within: s The last five years s The last three s The previou years s year s none

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www.massaget 1-800-225-3963 m to cast your vote.


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Practice Income in Your Massage

labor-intensive RMT on the time and By Don Dillon, from practicprovide care based reasonable living care, Many massage practitionersIf our desire is to make a capacity to provide in school. model limits our model they learned cient means to generate suffi 60 minute, all hands-on ing massage, this and limits our ability strain over time, induces repetitive d one-hour model our families. the well-accepte stress for ourselves and challenge and re-engineer day, while reducing But what if we could even more patients/clients in a care for potential? to provide better practitioners might improving our income beliefs massage I and strain, and commonly held profession. Moreover, challenge some I chosen article, their in this In a living culty of earning continued on 5 have about the diffi 12 Simple Ways,

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Simple Ways




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Tables as Desserts

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of The Art Authentic &)*%!-%&! )&/'!/'!,2). Listening

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y 201011 Page Januar

Releasing the Pain of an Old Story

Why You Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Make More Money

The Path of A Healer, Part 1

unity Spa Comm

April 2010

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provide service 1-800-22 as: this 5-39 s An empl 63 oyee www.som s Indep s Volun endent contr actor teer



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Â&#x192; ^Ä&#x17E;ůĨÄ?Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x152;Ä&#x17E; Â&#x192; DÄ&#x201A;Ć?Ć?Ä&#x201A;Ĺ?Ä&#x17E;žŽÄ&#x161;Ä&#x201A;ĹŻĹ?Ć&#x;Ä&#x17E;Ć? Â&#x192; ĹśÄ&#x161;Ć?Ĺ˝žƾÄ?Ĺ&#x161;žŽĆ&#x152;Ä&#x17E;Í&#x160;

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Visit ĨŽĆ&#x152;ŽŜůĹ?ĹśÄ&#x17E;ŽŜůÇ&#x2021;Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x152;Ć&#x;Ä?ĹŻÄ&#x17E;Ć?Í&#x2022;Ä?ĹŻĹ˝Ĺ?Ć?Ä&#x201A;ĹśÄ&#x161;žŽĆ&#x152;Ä&#x17E;Í&#x2DC;

Welcome to “The Reunion” ! This year’s Festival marks our fifth year. We welcome all the Hall of Fame Members, instructors, new attendees, vendors and old friends. We have a great weekend planned for you. There is more than you can possibly do, so just what you want. From the Bluegrass ambiance at the Jam Thursday in Old Town Berea (shuttle available), to shopping some of the Artists’ Studios, from restaurants around Berea to the Closing Ceremony, you will find something to enjoy at Festival. New or a veteran to massage conventions, you will see many things at Festival that you have not seen before at a massage convention. We like that. Let us know if you do too ... or not. The secret is not to try and get every credit hour that you can, we’ll be back next year. Take time to look at the entire schedule, including the entertainment venues and have fun!

November, 2006

June, 2010

We had 2 months to prepare. Bonnie Prudden was the keynote speaker and the first person ever inducted into the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame. The event took place at the Pensacola Fairgrounds and there were no classes. We had a Festival attendance of about 50 the first year.

Year Five, of course, is here at Berea College in Kentucky. In our search for a venue, we found a kindred spirit in Berea, whose mission fits in very nicely with our Bridge Builder philosophy. A campus location just feels so right! The lodging and meal costs are much more affordable. WiFi is available campus wide. There is plentiful parking....we may have found the solution to an affordable massage event!

October, 2007 The event was held at the Hadji Shriner Temple in Pensacola, Florida. We offered just a few classes and they all filled up! Our attendance was about 130. We learned we needed more instructors and had to schedule them earlier. August, 2008 Panama City Beach and the Edgewater Resort was our first experience in a resort setting. Our 270+ attendees enjoyed the beach setting, but were less enthused with the resort costs. Another learning experience for us.

July, 2011 The week long event will be at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, NC. Register early for maximum benefits, points and fun! Western Carolina offers residence hall rooms and baths with more privacy and we have a nearly unlimited supply of rooms for 2011, and a dining hall that is open for 13 hours a day! So, no matter what time your classes or event, you’ll still be able to fit in a meal now and then between the fun stuff!

April, 2009

With three years in Florida, one in Texas and now Kentucky, we are ready to “step up” to the next level in 2011, looking at 1500. Every year has been different and here are some thoughts of years gone by.

The Festival came to Texas at the T-Bar-M Resort. The Hill Country outside San Antonio made this location very different from the beach resort of 2008. Lodging was less expensive and meals on site were very well received. Our attendance this year topped 375, and we met Otis!

With a Research / Teacher Conference prior to the Festival itself, a location in the middle of the Nantahala Forest (a great spot to bring the family along for a vacation!) and the prospect of 131 individual classrooms...... look out!






Minneapolis, MN

Orlando, FL

Berea, KY


Sep 22-25

Jul 7-11

Jun 17-21

Max CE Hours




Cost Per CE Hour

$76.83 (member) $84.33 (nonmember)

$53.84 (member) $61.73 (nonmember)

$18.41 (everyone)


$395 (member, Early bird) $530 (nonmember)

$299 (member, Early bird) $449 (nonmember)

$250 (everyone, Early bird)

4-day's meals




4-nite's lodging



$80 inc tax

4-day's self-parking





$1435+tax (member) $1570+tax (nonmember)

$1079+tax (member) $1229+tax (nonmember)

$442 (everyone)


All at once

All at once

In TWO payments


Exhibits Marketplace Opening Night Reception Opening Session and Awards Presentation 2010 AMTA Awards Celebration First-Timers Luncheon Dinner Dance

Opening Ceremony Membership Meeting Orientation Cash Prize Drawings Dean & Dudley Evenson meditation Humanitarian Award Presentation Welcome Party with Exhibitors Education Summit Panel Discussion Dinner with Awards Dance

Bluegrass Jam Session Opening Qi Gong Breathing Class Stretching Class Yoga Class Lanny Moody Show Cash Prize Drawings Massage Symposium Fire performance / Poi spinning James Brewster Thompson Ventriloquist Massage Today Exhibition Hall Industry Awards Presentations Charlotte Hooten Full Scholarship Loyalty Awards Hall of Fame Reception* Massage Warehouse Sock Hop Saturday evening Presidential Service Awards Hall of Fame Ceremony Recognition of Pioneers of Massage Appalachian Singer Carla Gover Native America Closing Ceremonies


$40 (registrant) $125 (each guest)

$60 Dinner & Dance (everyone)

Free (registrants) * $10 (each guest)

Number of Teachers/Classes 27 instructors, teaching 34 classes

19 instructors, teaching 23 classes

44 instructors, teaching 56 classes

Student Day

$49 (member) $159 (nonmember)

FREE (everyone)


WHAT ELSE DO YOU GET FREE ONLY AT THE WMF Professional 40-page, full color Comemorative Magazine - The Bridge Builder FREE door prize ticket with registration 5th year registration FREE after 4 years attendance Registrations free FOREVER after 9 years attendance Bring 5 friends and your registration is FREE Bring 10 friends and your entire package is FREE, registration, meals and lodging Guaranteed to get the class you choose, not possibly one of four choices you must make We answer our telephone and emails PROMPTLY WiFi FREE campus wide, no need to find a sponsor for an internet kiosk No charge to add literature to "goodie bags" No charge to add samples to "goodie bags"


Festival Schedule The Berea College Campus is a unique and fascinating place. Berea continues to build upon a distinctive history of 150 years of learning, labor and service, and find new ways to apply their mission (the Great Commitments) to contemporary times by promoting kinship among all people, serving communities in Appalachia and beyond and living sustainably to conserve limited natural resources. Many of the buildings on campus have been updated to be highly energy efficient and much of the landscaping of the grounds has been reworked with native plants and innovative ways to conserve water usage as well. Feel free to roam around the campus and check out The Appalachian Center in the Bruce Building, the historic Boone Tavern Hotel & Restaurant, EcoVillage, the Geology Museum, and the Log House Craft Gallery. Before the Bluegrass Music & Jam Session, be sure to visit the Old Town Artisan Village in Berea and watch a glassblower, fudge shoppe, pewter items being made and much more!

OPEN DAILY ACTIVITIES 6:30 AM - 7:30 AM Open Swim /Weight Room Usage in Seabury Arena

12:00 NOON - 1:00 PM Open Swim / Weight Room Usage in Seabury Arena

7:00 AM - 9:00 AM Breakfast in the Dining Hall (advance purchase only)

4:30 PM - 6:30 PM Dinner in the Dining Hall (advance purchase only)

11:00 AM - 1:00 PM Lunch in the Dining Hall (advance purchase only)

Thursday, June 17

7:00 PM - 8:00 PM Open Swim /Weight Room Usage in Seabury Arena

Saturday, June 19

8:00 AM - 11:00 PM Early check-in for therapists and vendors in the Alumni Building

6:30 AM - 7:30 AM FREE Qigong at the Fountain near the Dining Hall

6:00 PM SHUTTLE BUS BEGINS RUNS at the Seabury Arena to the Bluegrass Music & Jam Session in Berea’s Old Town, at the Berea Visitor’s Center. If you play a non-electric instrument and would like to join in, bring it along! There will be refreshments available at the Jam Session and the local artists’ studios will be open for you to visit and shop. Be sure to tell them you are with the Festival to get your discounts!

8:00 AM - 6:00 PM VENDOR & EXHIBITORS AREA OPEN in the Seabury Arena

Friday, June 18 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM Therapist, Vendor & Student Check in at Seabury Arena 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM Vendor Set Up in Seabury Arena 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM VENDOR & EXHIBITORS AREA OPEN in the Seabury Arena 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM Comedian Lanny Moody & Massage Symposium Location is the Upper Gym in Seabury Arena -- Don’t want to be part of the Symposium? VISIT THE VENDING HALL! 9:30 PM - 10:00 PM Fire performance / Poi spinning demonstration by FSMTB President Kevin Snedden Outside Seabury Arena

1:00 PM - Massage Today drawings in the Vending Hall - wear your Massage Today T-shirt and win $500! 6:00 PM - James Brewster Thompson entertainment - Seabury 7:00 PM - Official WMF Photo on Seabury front steps 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM Massage Therapy Hall of Fame Ceremonies & Reception in the Seabury Arena. The SOCK HOP, sponsored by Massage Warehouse in the Upper Gym.

Sunday, June 20 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM VENDOR & EXHIBITORS AREA OPEN in the Seabury Arena 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM ON STAGE IN VENDNG HALL Appalachian Singer/Songwriter Carla Gover 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM “Fireside Chat with John Barnes” DVD Video 7:00 PM SPECIAL CLOSING CEREMONY Around The Fountain outside the Alumni Building

Please display your WMF Parking Pass, that you get at registration desk, in front window to avoid tow fees. Please leave your massage tables packed until needed. Download and then park in proper place.

Building E - James Residence Hall Building N - Rogers Residence Hall Building R - Danforth Residence Hall Building 3 - Boone Tavern Tuina Classes Building 7 - Woods Penn Hall Ashiatsu Class

Building 5 - Registration check-in on Thursday Dining Hall Esalen Classes, Marketing, Ethics, Intake Protocol, Reflexology Classes Building 22 - Seabury Area Registration check-in on Fri/Sat All Other Classes Vending/Exhibit Hall

2010 Workshop Instructors

Ilana CraigAlberico

Felicia Brown

Judith DeLany

Marty Ryan

Claire Miller

Laura Allen

Judi Calvert

Mary Ellen Derwis-Balaz

Patrick Ingrassia

Mitchell Mosher

Tina Allen

Cindy Ballis

Dan Bienenfeld

Cheryl Chapman

Kim Collier

Gloria Coppola

Julie Donnelly

Pat Donohue

Karina Braun

Katherine Correa

Robin Fann

Chris Hughes

Vivian Mahoney

Sudevi Linda Kramer

Paul Lewis

Kelly Lott

Terry Norman

Brita Ostrom

Tom Owens

Marcia Phillips

2010 Workshop Instructors

Ruthie Piper-Hardee

Les Sweeney

Sharon Puszko

Rick Rosen

Anita Shannon

Christian Thompson

Jonathon Tripodi

Eeva Vahla

Paul St. John 2010 Keynote

Susan Walsh

Ralph Stephens

James Waslaski

44 Instructors Teaching 56 Classes It’s Never Been Done - Until Now!!! We are so proud of this group of instructors. Each of them have made many sacrifices to be here for you. Anne Williams

Beth-ellen Zang

Want to Teach in 2011 at WCU? Fill in the form at instructor.html * Get exposure for you and your programs * Reach therapists, many of whom are attending their very first convention! * Take WMF classes on Sat & Sun at 1/2 price OR * Get $50 off vending booth

We hope you will get a better understanding of these modalities and instructors and take many of their courses in the future. Few therapists have this kind of opportunity to “test drive” a new technique before investing hundreds of dollars in certification. Thirty-two of these instructors, teaching 2-3 hour classes, give therapists and students this unique opportunity. Next year, we hope to at least double the number of instructors for our “Fast Track Friday” classes. Some have already “re-upped”. We hope you will join us again. And please let these instructors know you appreciate them. One-half, 22, of these instructors are either in the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame or will be inducted by 2012. If you have someone who has helped you or is a mentor, and you feel they should be in the Hall of Fame, please write them in at:

CHRISTMAS IN JULY On Christmas Day, 2010, the WMF will give away a Christmas Gift to 52 lucky therapists.....a gift that you can collect in July, 2011! One therapistâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s name will be drawn from each US State, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands and that person will get a FREE 2011 Workshop Registration to attend the Festival! So, how do you get your name in that drawing box? Easy! Just go to the website, and completely fill in the form. Only one entry per person. If you have already registered for the Festival by Christmas and your name is drawn, your registration payment will be refunded. Winners get free workshop registration only. Winners are responsible for all travel costs, lodging & meals. 336-957-8997

When you see these guys roaming around.........

Make Sure You Smile! Official WMF Photographer Rich Bistyga, Pennsylvania

Our Philosophy THE BRIDGE BUILDER An old man, going a lone highway, Came at the evening, cold and gray, To chasm, vast and deep and wide, Through which was flowing a sullen tide. The old man crossed in the twilight dim; The sullen stream had no fears for him; But he turned when safe on the other side And built a bridge to span the tide.

Official WMF Videographer Ryan Hoyme, Minnesota

“Old man,” said a fellow pilgrim near, “You are wasting strength with building here; Your journey will end with the ending day; You never again must pass this way; You have crossed the chasm, deep and wide -Why build you the bridge at the eventide?” The builder lifted his old gray head: “Good friend, in the path I have come,” he said, “There followeth after me today A youth whose feet must pass this way. This chasm that has been naught to me To that fair-haired youth may a pit-fall be, He, too, must cross in the twilight dim; Good friend, I am building the bridge for him.” Will Allen Dromgoole

Next Year,

Your Business card could be here! Contact Cindy

Hall of Fame Members & Instructors From Past Festivals 2006 Hall of Fame 2008 Hall of Fame Frederick Alexander, Robert Noah Calvert, Sister Rosalind Gefre, Ruthie Hardee, Hippocrates, Eunice Ingham, George Kousaleos, Aunty Margaret Machado, Jack Meagher, Bonnie Prudden, Ida Rolf, Milton Trager

Judi Calvert, Erik Dalton, Elizabeth Dicke, Tiffany Field, Sandy Fritz, Raul Sr. & Estrellita Izquierdo, Vivian Madison-Mahoney, Ralph Stephens, Paul St. John, John Upledger, James Waslaski

2007 Hall of Fame Laurie Azzarella, Bruce Baltz, John Barnes, Michael Buck, Judith DeLany, Aaron Mattes, Tom Myers, Brita Ostrom, David Palmer, Therese Pfrimmer, Linda Tellington-Jones, Janet Travell

2008 Instructors Michael Buck, Nathalie Cecilia, Sandy Fritz, Julia Hayes, Vivian Madison-Mahoney, Margie Meshew, Karen Reifinger, Ralph Stephens, James Waslaski

2009 Hall of Fame

2007 Instructors

Tina Allen, Tom Bowen, Nathalie Cecilia, James Cyriax, Moshe Feldenkrais, John Harvey Kellogg, Cliff Korn, Peter Ling, Mary McMillan, Margie Meshew, Jenny Ray, Jean Shea

Laurie Azzarella, Bruce Baltz, Michael Buck, Nathalie Cecilia, Brita Ostrom

2009 Instructors Nathalie Cecilia, Margie Meshew, Margie Schaeffer, Anita Shannon, Ralph Stephens, James Waslaski

2010 Hall of Fame Inductees/Award Winners

Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Joe Ferguson Ben Benjamin

Elliot Greene

Steven Halpern

Aunty Margaret Humanitarian Award Winner Nina McIntosh

Insititution of the Year Award Julia Hayes

Bob King

Sudevi Linda Kramer

Loyalty Awards

Jacob Liberman

Claire Miller

Carole Osborne

Shawn Brinza, Florida Scott Farr, Georgia Michael James Hinkle, South Carolina Darcy Neibaur, Florida Awards to be announced at the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame Ceremony

Karen Reifinger

Rick Rosen

Howayo Takata


2010 Association of the Year 2010 Media Award 2010 Teacher of the Year 2010 School of the Year 1st Annual Charlotte Hooten Memorial Scholarship Award Presidential Service Awards Recognition of the Pioneers of Massage

Chinese Sports Massage Training Video The following areas are addressed for orthopedic and soft tissue trauma: • ankle • cervical

• knee • lumbar

• shoulder joint

“This is an exceptionally high quality video....I would highly recommend to anyone interested in Sports Tuina.” ---Laurie Craig, Dir. of Ed., Atlanta School of Massage

by Terry Norman, NCBTMB Provider with over 30 yrs. experience

$60For Information call: 817-477-9409 E-mail:

Have a massage-related story or news item? Send it to

Summer in the foothills One of the coolest little towns in America is right here in your own backyard. Offering the kind of authentic, hands-on experiences that make it a top 25 art town.

11th Annual L&N Day. Saturday June 5th A treat for train buffs in Old Town.

Blast From The Past Car Show. Saturday June 26th Music, food and chrome on North Broadway.

28th Juried Craft Festival. Friday July 9th - 11th

New works from over 100 artists, workshops and music at Indian Fort Theater.

Berea where art’s alive Kentucky’s Folk Arts & Craft Capital U just off I-75

2010 Charlotte Hooten Memorial Scholarship Charlotte was a sweet and gentle lady and an ardent supporter of the WMF and our bridge building philosophy. Each year she registered for the next year’s Festival before she left for home. In 2009, she registered for the 2010 Festival on April 27. On July 14, 2009, Charlotte lost her battle with recurring breast cancer in her bones. Charlotte was a “Bridge Builder” throughout her life, including a commission as an Air Force nurse and a 1989 nomination for the President’s Volunteer Action Award. In honor of Charlotte and her commitment to volunteerism, the massage profession and the WMF, each year we will award a fully funded package for the next year’s Festival. It is our hope that this year’s winner of the Charlotte Hooten Scholarship will joyfully attend the 2011 Festival and celebrate Charlotte’s life. Her husband, U.S. Air Force Colonel (retired) Byron R. “Hoot” Hooten, will join us to honor Charlotte and to draw the winning name during the Hall of Fame Ceremony.

Didgeridoo .... a wind instrument developed by Indigenous Australians of northern Australia at least 1,500 years ago Traditionally and originally, the didgeridoo was primarily played as an accompaniment to ceremonial dancing and singing, however, it was also common for didgeridoos to be played for solo or recreational purposes outside of ceremonial gatherings. You will see Cory Costanzo and hear his talent throughout the Festival. He will have a special presentation at the Saturday evening Massage Therapy Hall of Fame Ceremony in the Seabury Arena.

See you at “the hop”




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2011 WMF 1ST ANNUAL RESEARCH/TEACHER CONFERENCE CALL FOR POSTERS AND FOR RESEARCH PRESENTATIONS Poster and Presentation Guidelines: Must be an original work that has NOT been presented at any other conference. Poster Specs - The suggested poster size is 4’ x 6’. Poster materials should be of the size and type that will fit within the allotted space and can be secured with either Velcro or push pins. The poster should present an abstract of the project that includes the following: your name, the institution where the project was based, project title, the purpose of conducting the project, a description of the population, procedures, critical results, and a discussion of the significance of the outcome. Poster presenters are encouraged to make handouts of their abstracts and findings available to attendees. These materials can be shipped to WMF staff in advance or can be brought by the presenter if he/she plans to be present. Tables and bulletin boards will be provided. Poster review guidelines: 1.) Significance: Does the study address an important problem? - Relevance for Massage and Bodywork Profession. 2.) Scientific and Technical Merit: Are the conceptual framework, design, methods, and analyses adequately developed? Does the applicant acknowledge any potential problem areas? - Design is well developed and appropriate to the study aims- Study aims are original and innovative Please send a complete proposal to Include all of the following information: * Title/Abstract (50 word maximum for abstract; appropriate for inclusion in program booklet) * Learner Objective(s) include 1 or more learner objectives to be addressed through this presentation * Description (300 word maximum providing sufficient information concerning the presentation for reviewers to evaluate its suitability for this year’s Festival * Bibliography (5-10 references that are relevant to the content of this presentation) * Target Audience - Students, Entry Level Professionals or Experienced Professionals * Key words - list one or more key words that denote the main topic(s) of the presentation

Sign Up Now at the Registration Desk or use our online form at


are still at the heart of Berea College Crafts

Visit us in our new demonstration and sales gallery on College Square and watch talented young artisans weave, create jewelry, build brooms, turn at the wood lathe, and throw at the potter’s wheel. Experience the work as it is created.



SCO TS Open seven days a week, excluding holidays and student breaks. M-F 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Sat. 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Sun. 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Shop Berea College Crafts at or 1.800.347.3892

photos by Ray Davis, ’11

Also visit Log House Craft Gallery and Boone Tavern Gift Shop

Blast From The Past




In 1992 in Philadelphia, PA, Elliot Greene gave out the national awards. Pat Donohue received the National Meritorious Award, George Kousaleos received the award for Distinguished Service Award, and John Fred Speck was honored with the Outstanding Government Relations Activist Award.


Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Miss The Fun!!

Pics of Aunty

Qi Gong

Thursday 6pm

Saturday 6:30am



Saturday 1pm

$500 cash giveaway!




Sunday 7pm Sunday 7pm

Friday 7pm


Lanny Moody

Closing Ceremonies

YEP!! Saturday 6pm

Weight Room Free Swim Times

Poi Spinning Hall of Fame Saturday 7pm

....and more coming!

Friday 9:30pm

Carla Gover

2010 FEST?

Sunday 1pm


1921 - 5 years old at Susannah Wesley Home

A Tribute to Aunty Margaret Aloha,

somebody cares for me. Somebody loves me.”

This goodbye letter was written by Judi Calvert, co-owner of Massage Magazine and President of The Hands-On Trade Association.

Massage Magazine staff writer Stephen Bogardus went to visit Auntie Margaret and wrote the article about her. After she worked on him, he wrote, “The touch of Auntie Margaret’s hands is unforgettable.” She taught that love and heat are in the palms of the hands, and the power that came through hers was too strong to measure on the Aloha Meter.

I met Auntie Margaret in 1985, when my late husband Robert and I moved to the Big Island from Spokane, Washington. Robert had a vision that we should create a magazine devoted to massage and bodywork. We published our first issue of Massage Magazine in November, 1985. We had heard from several people that it was a Hawaiian custom to have your business blessed before you opened your doors. We asked Auntie Margaret to come and bless Massage Magazine before we sent our first issue out into the world. I will never forget Auntie Margaret’s beautiful smile and her warm aloha as she entered our business. I thought to myself, ‘ah so this is the Hawaiian aloha that people talk about. ‘ The beautiful words that she expressed that day about our magazine, touch and the importance of massage in the world will always stay with me. Robert and I decided to interview Auntie Margaret for our first issue, so therapists could learn about lomilomi massage and Auntie Margaret’s work. As we drove into the driveway of her school of Hawaiian Lomilomi at Ke’ei Beach, I felt the peace and love that infused the land where she had her school. She told us in the interview that her definition of Hawaiian lomilomi is “The loving touch - a connection between heart, hand and soul with the Source of all life.” This is what I experienced when she worked on my shoulders to demonstrate the technique she had developed over 50 years at her healing career. I was just starting out with my career as a therapist, and I learned that day from Auntie that it it’s not only through technique that your clients will get better. It is that “loving touch” that helps heal the body. “Love that body as if it were your own,” she said. “Hawaiian lomilomi is a praying work.” This is the first thing Auntie would tell her students. “When I pray over a patient, a great feeling of calm comes over me. Sometimes I could weep for this person’s pain and troubles,” Auntie told us. But she does not weep. She invokes the Lord’s help and begins to rub. “Then the person relaxes deeper and deeper. If the person feels your heart is sincere, he will receive your energy. His heart will respond: Oh

This was Auntie Margaret’s destiny in this lifetime. She taught lomilomi to hundreds of massage students, and she taught about love. This is what I walked away with after leaving her presence. That is why I am still a massage therapist after 25 years. Robert and I decided to put Auntie Margaret on the front cover for our first anniversary issue of Massage Magazine in 1986. This was also Auntie Margaret’s 70th birthday. During the year, she had been acknowledged as a “Living Treasure of Hawaii” by the Hongwanji Church (Buddhist) on St. Valentine’s Day. She and her husband, Uncle Dan, and their two-and-a-half-year-old adopted daughter, Alohalani, often traveled to the mainland and did teachings and cleansings with their “Kupuna power” - -the energy, or “mana,” of our vital elders. Nothing seemed to slow them down. Auntie Margaret and Uncle Dan were kind enough to travel to San Francisco in 1992 to attend and teach lomilomi at the Anatriptic Arts Expo- an international showcase of hands-on healing arts that Robert and I had organized. Over 12,000 people attended the largest-ever gathering of massage and bodywork practitioners. Robert and I wanted to bring together the original creators of massage and bodywork styles from all over the world. We wanted the public to come to this expo so they could learn about all of the different massage and bodywork modalities that were being taught. The public and massage students loved Auntie Margaret’s speech about lomilomi, and felt her kind, loving heart come through her hands when she demonstrated her techniques to the public during her demonstrations. I feel so blessed to have met Auntie Margaret, and am so happy that she was a part of Massage Magazine throughout the years. Her message was for therapists to send love to their clients through their hands. That is what this world

needs. She knew that, and taught it well.

Thanks to our Sponsors! Massage Today ** Massage Envy ** Massage Warehouse ** Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP) ** Massage Professionals ** Hands On Trade ** Day-Break Geriatric Massage Institute ** Earth Angel Oils ** Integrated Massage Therapy ** Massage Therapy Radio ** Sacro Wedgy ** Laura Allen ** Tina Allen ** Cindy Ballis ** Felicia Brown ** Gloria Coppola-Gaber ** Judith DeLany ** Mary Ellen Derwis-Balaz ** Pat Donohue ** Robin Fann-Costanzo ** Chris Hughes & Marty Ryan ** Patrick Ingrassia ** Sudevi Linda Kramer ** Kelly Lott ** Claire Marie Miller ** Mitchell Mosher ** Terry Norman ** Brita Ostrom ** Marcia Phillips ** Ruthie Piper-Hardee ** Sharon Puszko ** Rick Rosen ** Paul St. John ** Christian Thompson ** Jonathan Tripodi ** Eeva Valha ** Susan Walsh ** James Waslaski ** Beth-ellen Zang ** Vivian Madison-Mahoney ** Jenny Ray & Janelle Lakman ** Raul & Estrellia Izquierdo ** Julia Hayes ** Karen Reifinger ** Joe Ferguson ** Darcy Neibaur, Young Living Oils Kay Jewelers of Lake Wales, FL , Debby Darrow-Oman, Manager The Pressure Positive Company Body Support Systems Inc. ** Health For Life ** Bamboo-Fusion ** Sedona College of Natural Health ** Julstro Muscular Therapy ** Full Circle Bodyworks ** Petals for Healing ** Massage Nerd.Com ** Washington DC Centre of Indian Champissage ** Body Therapy Institute

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We look forward to working with all of you in 2011 in Cullowhee, NC

Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Miss the Symposium - No one Else in the Industry Does This For You!!

Ralph Stephens and Mike Hinkle will be Masters of Ceremony for this yearsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; 2010 World Massage Festival Symposium. A panel has been assembled to answer questions from the Massage Industry and you. Panel members are listed in the sponsors list to the left in red. New Kentucky Laws, Body of Knowledge, State to State Portability, Research and State of the Industry will be some topics for discussion. What would you like to ask? Think of your questions and join us Friday in the Upper Gym for the 2010 World Massage Therapy & Massage Therapy Hall of Fame Massage Symposium. Special door prizes for the Symposium provided by BioFreeze & Massage Warehouse.


Loyalty Awards - Attend 4 consecutive years and your 5th is FREE! Attend 9 consecutive years and your education is FREE FOREVER!

Recognition of Pioneers Entertainment/Fun World Class Education FREE Door Prize Tickets

NO Membership Fees One Price For All

Hall of Fame Ceremony


And many more surprises!

$3 Register by phone! 336-957-8997

The BEST Massage Convention!

“Massage Today” Around the World On my last trip to Egypt we took a tour to visit the pyramids at Giza. I knew I had to wear comfortable clothing since the trip was an all day trip that included being in the Desert, climbing around Pyramids and riding on camels. I chose my Massage Today T-shirt thinking to myself this will be fun, it should inspire some interesting conversation and maybe, I laughed to myself, I’ll run into another Massage Therapist and we will compare international notes. The chances of that seemed not too high, but I should have played the Lottery that day because as good luck would have it I actually did meet a young man from Egypt who is a Massage Therapist on one of the cruises on the Nile. He walked over and approached me because he saw and read the T-Shirt. It turned out that my tour was going to be on the ship he was working on in the next few days for a Nile Cruise. Well, can you believe, we hooked up on the cruise at his wonderful Spa on the boat and did a Massage Trade with each other. It was a lovely international experience. I think someone once said “Don’t leave home without it”. Good Advice for an unexpected, shirt-inspired adventure. Sharon Puszko, PhD. LMT Owner/Director/Educator Day-Break Geriatric Massage Institute

WMF Research Advisory Group Selected The following group will work in an advisory capacity to organize the 2011 WMF Research Conference. They will organize the Research Conference, awards and set standards to start an alternative Massage research conference. Sally Chamness - UK Gloria Coppola - NC Bert Davich - MO Rick Morgan - VA Darcy Neibaur - FL Julie Onofrio - WA Susan Salvo - LA Wendy Smith - TX Don Solomon - BC Robin Thomas - AZ

Get your WMF or Massage Therapy Shirts, lapel pins and Tote Bags at the Registration Desk now! or Order online at:


WMF FYI Howayo Takata was inducted into the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame for keeping Reiki alive and growing it. Make sure you stop by the JOPA Booth and check out how Pat Donohue is doing the same thing for Bindegewebsmassage.

John Barnes’ Special showing of his “Fireside DVD Chat” Sunday at 1pm in Handball Court 1 &YQFSJFODFBEJGGFSFOUEBZ IBWFBNBTTBHF

   


   






Our seminars will teach you how to make your practice recession proof and ensure a high degree of success with your patients by utilizing Integrative Neurosomatic Therapy, Paul St. John’s newest therapeutic system. The Accelerated Learning Program provides the therapist with all of the courses required for Integrative Neurosomatic Certification. Each level is offered in two (1) week parts. Each one week intensive program allows the student to be immersed in the work and allows for more hands on time than traditional seminars. The ALP allows the student to incorporate the work as a whole rather than learning the information piecemeal. This comprehensive approach to learning allows students to more effectively create treatment plans for their patients. Small class size allows connection with instructors you won’t find in any other class.


Paul St. John

Randall Clark

Tracy Alan Jones

“Extended classes are the way to go. It makes it cohesive, so one can see how the parts fit together. I thought the course was fantastic—I simply loved it. I love learning, but this course went far beyond that. I found it truly inspiring to see what is possible.” Vreni Gurd Vancouver, BC “The information presented in this course was inspiring. I don’t think I knew what therapeutic massage was until I took this course. I learned more useful therapeutic massage in two weeks than I learned in six months at massage school.” Dominic Diliberti Clinton Township, MI


Somatic Level—Part 2

Houston, TX


Somatic Level—Parts 1&2

Tampa, FL


Neuro Level—Part 2

Seattle, WA


Neuro Level—Parts 1&2

Tampa, FL

*All dates subject to change-contact Neurosomatic Educators for information and payment options.

Weekend seminars available in: Madison, WI Tampa, FL Scarsdale, NY Check website for details.

Part 1 48 CEs, Part 2 48 CEs

Payment plans available



You’re invited to become a member of the new national organization for massage schools, teachers and continuing education providers

Mission: The Alliance is the voice and advocate for the community of massage therapy schools and educators. Our Goals: ▶ Strengthen and improve massage education by providing information, resources and educational opportunities to institutions, administrators and teachers ▶ Advocate for the interests of members ▶ Provide forums for learning, fellowship and mutual support ▶ Serve as the designated representative for massage therapy education in dealing with other stakeholders in the field, as well as organizations and regulatory bodies outside the field ▶ Develop standards that guide and inform the effective teaching of massage therapy ▶ Promote access to massage therapy education to those who are seeking it, from entry-level training through post-graduate studies Membership: The Alliance features separate categories of membership for Massage Therapy Schools, Teachers, and Continuing Education Providers. There is also an Associate category for industry partners who provide services and products to our members, as well as a Supporting Member category. Design and Leadership: The Alliance is an independent non-profit organization created by educators, for educators. It’s govered by a nine-member Board of Directors, and the day-to-day operations are handled by a world-class management company in the Washington, DC area. Benefits: The Alliance stands up for the interests of its members! Joining the Alliance will also give you access to exclusive resources that will keep you up-to-date on the issues and changes that affect the domain of massage therapy education. You’ll get discounts on the Annual Conference and other meeting opportunities. Questions? Email the Alliance at <>.

Visit the Alliance online for more information at 1760 Old Meadow Road, Suite 500, McLean, Virginia 22102 | 703-506-2888


Massage Pro CE Continuing Education for the Massage Professional

DVD--$39.95 Book and CD--$23.95 DVD, Book & CD--$59.95

Lomi Lomi Massage Trainings & Retreats Medical Massage, Yoga for Bodyworkers, Ethics Online & More! NCBTMB Approved # 336538-00 Florida Approval # 50-11601

(828) 713-3521

DVD-$49.95 Book and CD-$26.95 DVD, BOOK& CD-$71.95




June 17-21, 2010 -2,186


6KULQHUV&KLOGUHQ·V +RVSLWDO +(/3867+$1. 28563216256 Â&#x2021;%219,7$/ Â&#x2021;7+6721( Â&#x2021;6$:$1 Â&#x2021;6227+,1*728&+ Â&#x2021;0$66$*(72'$< 0XVLF3URYLGHG%\



THE WASHINGTON DC CENTRE OF INDIAN CHAMPISSAGEâ&#x201E;˘ ď&#x20AC; ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC;&#x201E;ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC;&#x2026;ď&#x20AC;&#x2020;ď&#x20AC;&#x201E;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2020;ď&#x20AC;&#x2C6;ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;


ORIGINAL Indian Head Massage and

@V\ÂťYLKLKPJH[LK[VOLSWPUN`V\YJSPLU[Z[OYV\NO[OLPY WYLNUHUJPLZ¡[OH[ÂťZ^O``V\OH]LHK]HUJLK[YHPUPUNPU Indian Champissageâ&#x201E;˘ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2030;ď&#x20AC;&#x2026;ď&#x20AC;&#x160;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;Kansa Vatki Foot Massageâ&#x201E;˘ď&#x20AC;&#x2021; WYLNUHUJ`THZZHNL4LTILYZOPWPU[OL(TLYPJHU7YLNUHUJ` 4HZZHNL(ZZVJPH[PVUYLJVNUPaLZ`V\YL_WLY[PZLHUK^PSSOLSW ď&#x20AC;&#x2030;ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2030;ď&#x20AC;&#x2026;ď&#x20AC;&#x2039;ď&#x20AC;&#x152;ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC;&#x2026;ď&#x20AC;&#x2020;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2020;ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC;&#x2030;ď&#x20AC;&#x2020;ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC;&#x2026;ď&#x20AC;&#x2020;ď&#x20AC;&#x201E;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x201E;ď&#x20AC;&#x2020;ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC; ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC;&#x160;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x152;ď&#x20AC;&#x2026;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2039;ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC;&#x2026;ď&#x20AC;&#x2020;ď&#x20AC;&#x17D;ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;ď&#x20AC;&#x152;ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC;&#x201E;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;&#x2021; ď&#x20AC;&#x2018;ď&#x20AC;&#x2019;ď&#x20AC;&#x17D;ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;ď&#x20AC;&#x201C;ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC;&#x160;ď&#x20AC;&#x152;ď&#x20AC;&#x2039;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2039;ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;&#x2026;ď&#x20AC;&#x2019;ď&#x20AC;&#x201D;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2022;ď&#x20AC;&#x2C6;ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC;&#x201E;ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x17D;ď&#x20AC;&#x2026;ď&#x20AC;&#x152;ď&#x20AC;&#x2013;ď&#x20AC;&#x17D;ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2020;ď&#x20AC;&#x2C6;ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;ď&#x20AC;&#x2030;ď&#x20AC; ď&#x20AC;&#x152;ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC;&#x201E;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2039;ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;&#x2014;ď&#x20AC;&#x152;ď&#x20AC;&#x2026;ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021; `V\I\PSK`V\YWYLNUHUJ`THZZHNLWYHJ[PJL

Kansa Vatki Foot Massage Courses ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;

ď&#x20AC; ď&#x20AC;&#x2C6;ď&#x20AC;&#x2019;ď&#x20AC;&#x201E;ď&#x20AC;&#x152;ď&#x20AC;&#x2039;ď&#x20AC;&#x2030;ď&#x20AC;&#x2DC;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2030;ď&#x20AC;&#x2026;ď&#x20AC;&#x160;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x201E;ď&#x20AC;&#x17D;ď&#x20AC;&#x2014;ď&#x20AC;&#x2020;ď&#x20AC;&#x2DC;ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;&#x2030;ď&#x20AC;&#x201E;ď&#x20AC;&#x201E;ď&#x20AC;&#x2030;ď&#x20AC;&#x2122;ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x161;ď&#x20AC;&#x152;ď&#x20AC;&#x2020;ď&#x20AC;&#x2C6;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC;&#x2026;ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;ď&#x20AC;&#x2122;ď&#x20AC;&#x2019;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2014;ď&#x20AC;&#x2030;ď&#x20AC;&#x2DC;ď&#x20AC;&#x2030;ď&#x20AC;&#x2026;ď&#x20AC;&#x2039;ď&#x20AC;&#x152;ď&#x20AC;&#x2026;ď&#x20AC;&#x2122;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021; ď&#x20AC;&#x2020;ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC; ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;&#x160;ď&#x20AC;&#x17D;ď&#x20AC;&#x2039;ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC;&#x2DC;ď&#x20AC;&#x152;ď&#x20AC;&#x2026;ď&#x20AC;&#x2122;ď&#x20AC;&#x201E;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC; ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC;&#x2039;ď&#x20AC;&#x2020;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC; ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC;&#x2030;ď&#x20AC;&#x2039;ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC;&#x201D;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;




ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;For more information or to register, visit:ď&#x20AC;&#x2021; M. Susan Walsh, CMT, NCTMB, LCICI NCBTMB Approved Provider #450489ď&#x20AC;¸07

ď&#x20AC;&#x2021; ď&#x20AC;&#x2021; ď&#x20AC;&#x2021; ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;



american pregnancy massage association


Learn Geriatric Massage â&#x20AC;˘ Expand Your Client Base â&#x20AC;˘ Increase Income

Beginning and advanced classes Include valuable hands-on work with seniors from robust to frail. Approved by NCBTMB and FSMTA


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Internationally Acclaimed Lecturer and Author Sharon Puszko, PhD, LMT 317-722-9896 e-mail: Sharon Puszko, Phd, LMT

Massage Therapy Hall of Fame Class of 2011 Inductees Come honor those who built the bridges Laura Allen Judith Aston Ben Benson Leon Chaitow

Gloria Coppola Jonathan Goldman Joseph Heller Deane Juhan

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the best massage convention! * GET UP TO 34 CE HOURS! * FREE Door Prize Ticket * FREE Admission to all Events * FREE copy of The Bridge Builders * Massage Student Program * Huge Vendor/Exhibit Hall * COST INCLUDES ROOM & MEALS * ONE PRICE FOR EVERYONE! * Goodie bag with samples & more * Meet ‘n Greet gathering * Massage Symposium * Hall of Fame Ceremony & Reception * Special Entertainment Saturday night * Self Defense Workshops * Special Closing Ceremony * NO MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED!


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Western Carolin

a University, Cu llowhee, NC July 12-18, 201 1

“Research & Education Are Our Future” A Research/Teachers Conference will precede the World Massage Festival in 2011. In addition to posters and research presentations, Ruth Werner, Nancy Porambo and Carey Smith will present research workshops and classes for instructors. Register and attend four consecutive Festivals and your registration at the fifth is FREE! In 2010, we have four WMF friends who have earned a free registration for 2011! Come relax and renew and rejuvenate yourself in this sacred mountain setting. We have planned a week of world class education, special entertainment, networking and good food. Reconnect with old friends and meet new ones.


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Judith Aston Cindy Ballis Ben Benjamin Michael Buck Gloria Coppola Julia Hayes Peggy Lamb Vivian Madison-Mahoney Carole Osborne Nancy Porambo Sharon Puszko Jenny Ray Richard Rossiter Carey Smith Ralph Stephens James Waslaski Ruth Werner .........and more!!



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BODYWORK Â&#x201D; MOVEMENT Â&#x201D; ERGONOMICS Â&#x201D; FITNESS AstonÂŽ Kinetics Is A New Paradigm for the Body!

"All movement reveals a pattern. These patterns can either support or conflict with our ease and expression in life. Aston Kinetics has been developed over decades to empower every individual to reclaim their own body wisdom and thereby more fully participate in their life" - Judith Aston What is AstonÂŽ Kinetics? This paradigm is an evolution of realizations by visionary and master teacher Judith Aston. It is about the nature of human existence and reveals our relationship to the planet. It is a comprehensive therapy that teaches therapists how to understand the relationship between the bodyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s alignment and itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s symptoms in relationship to the earth. Aston Kinetics is the umbrella for all forms of movement, bodywork, fitness, ergonomics and products for personal and/or professional use. Astonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s system includes massage, myofascial and bodywork, movement education for daily activities, and fitness: loosening, toning and stretching, as well as specialized trainings for Pilates, Yoga, Golfers, Musicians, and more. This work can also facilitate the healing process from injury or surgery. Aston-PatterningÂŽ is the designated name used by our Certified Aston Practitioners who have completed 100 days of training. JUDITH ASTON IS THE KEYNOTE SPEAKER FOR THE 2011 WORLD MASSAGE FESTIVAL. THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO LISTEN AND LEARN FROM A MASTER TEACHER! FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT JUDITH ASTON AND ASTONÂŽ KINETICS PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT or call us at 775.831.8228 TODAY!

WMF - FYI - The Aunty Margaret Humanitarian Award was named after Aunty Margaret Machado solely for her unselfish sharing of Lomi Lomi with the world. Aunty can rest assured Lomi Lomi will flourish and thrive.







Sudevi’s Thailand Study of Nuad Boran, Thai Yoga Massage I spent a month in Thailand in I.T.T.A’s Thailand externship. When in Thailand, after classes, I took a daily Thai massage and exposed myself to many different practitioners. Much of what I learned about Thai Massage, I didn’t learn in the classroom. I absorbed the Thai culture like a pliant sponge. One of the highlights of my travel was meeting the legendary Mama Lek in Chiang Mei during my free time and having tea with her. Mama Lek’s Chiang Mei school, Lek-Chaiya Nerve-Touch Massage, is well known and her books have been translated in over 30 languages. Mama Lek’s school is famous and is known for it’s use of herbal medicine balls which are filled with Lemon grass and many other fragrant Thai herbs, which are applied on the sen lines all over the body. I have been practicing with the medicine balls since my return in December, 2009. One of the most precious gifts of the Thailand study was a direct blessing from Mama Lek for my success with clients and students, and the prayer that all my work be blessed. Meeting Mama Lek was the true blessing. Another transformational moment for me was chanting the teacher student mantra in the Temple of the Golden Mount over the burial tomb of King Rama where a mysterious energy came into my hands and changed my practice and application of this ancient mysterious folk art. Indeed sound is part of a Nuad Boran. A deft practitioner will silently chant a mantra or healing prayer throughout the session transmitting healing to the receiver. Thai Yoga Massage, or Nuad Boran is a spiritual practice in prepare for their day by lighting candles at their altars, offering Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha,The Auryuvedic father of Thai Massage, is warm, and the windows are often and bowls of ylang ylang the Thai studios. Every day Jivaka Kumar is honored in this Yoga is often practiced before a day of work begins. Yoga and training for a Thai Massage Therapist in Thailand.

Thailand. Thai Massage Therapists flowers, rice, and incense to Dr. and medicine in Thailand. The air and lemon grass oil are burned in way, be it a class room, or a studio. meditation are part of the classical

One of the most interesting sessions I received was from a studio whose therapists were all blind. Truly these therapists learned to see with their spirits and get out of their heads. Western students are always wanting to know EXACTLY where the sen lines and marmas are. Their blind Thai counterparts intuit their way through the meridians missing none of them. The blind therapists are so adept that they are frequented by the King and Queen of Thailand. As western practitioners we can learn from the blind. We can learn the Braille of the nadi’s, learn to feel, and see with our fingertips, and get out of our heads, out of our own ways so that we are facilitators in another’s transformation. Lest you think that all of Thailand is tranquil, you must eat their spicy Thai food. The peppers grow on the trees and are picked fresh daily, and hot means hot in Thailand where curries abound. Interestingly enough, dessert was not a big deal and often consisted of sticky rice. In Peing Lang villages I was taught by the locals to steam sticky rice in bamboo shoots. Imagine walking into the garden and through nature to get your food for the day. In Thailand there are over 11 scrumptious varieties of bananas. What we can learn about Bodywork and healing from the Thai cannot be limited to this news brief. To sum it up, my experience was that the Thai people live close to nature, honor her, and see everything as a living Spirit and honor it as such. There are altars everywhere. The Thai people leave the mystical powers of nature and spirit in their work, yet it is medicine. The Bangkok temple of Wat Po is sacred to the Thai people because of the engraving of the healing lines in the stone. These lines are the secret pathways of acupuncture and meridian maps of healing. This knowledge was treasured and King Rama ordered it’s preservation so that it would not be burned in the frequent wars over territory. The Thai people see this bodywork as medicine. And in the practice of this medicine, they do not separate the spirit from the work. It is the union of the mind body connection that is honored, and the health of the spirit is addressed. May we learn from the beautiful people of Thailand. Swadee. Sudevi Linda Kramer is an inductee in the Massage World Festival Hall of Fame 2010. Sudevi is also a certified teacher Bodywork teacher for the Vedic Conservatory, in Florida.

2010 World Massage Festival Bridge Builder  
2010 World Massage Festival Bridge Builder  

Program from the 2010 World Massage Festival and Massage Therapy Hall of Fame