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business management

the ideal prerequisite for success.

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Friendship. At Worldview Academy we train servant leaders, teach deep thinking, model bold grace, and forge long-lasting friendships. We stand on the truth of scripture, are unashamed followers of Christ, and we laugh a lot. That’s why 97% of our students say, “It was the best week of my life.”

Register now. 800.241.1123 • 110%.

Sold out.


unleash the leader inYou

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Are we servants or slaves? Slaves had no rights, but some servants did. So when readers see Christians called to be Christ’s slaves in the Holman Christian Standard Bible, the radical nature of discipleship is clearer. Accuracy, one of the reasons you’ll love reading any of the HCSB digital or print editions. HCSB Study Bible Now Available

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see |

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Join the movement‌

Help couples you know put the heart back in their marriage. Join FamilyLife and others across the nation to strengthen marriages with The Art of Marriage, a new video-based event that will help couples experience God’s design for their marriage in a fresh, dynamic way. Featuring influential pastors and experts such as Al Mohler, Voddie Baucham, Dennis Rainey, Mary Kassian, and more, this event is a great tool to build godly homes right where you are in your local community.

Al Mohler

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Voddie Baucham

Mary Kassian

Dennis Rainey

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power from on high The Person and Work of

The holY sPIrIT a IbIIblIcal examInaTIon of The sPIrIT and hIs Work for and In The church

march 8-10 2011

The sPrIng TheologY conference

greenville PresIbyterian Theological seminary

Dr. Morton Smith

Dr. Joey Pipa Jr.

Dr. Smith is the Founding Professor of Systematic Theology at Greenville Seminary.

Dr. Pipa is the President of Greenville Seminary and Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology.

The Person of the Holy Spirit

Dr. Joseph Morecraft

The Westminster Standards and the Spirit

The Spirit and Preaching

Ian Hamilton

Regeneration and Conversion / Sanctification

Dr. Morecraft is the founding pastor of Chalcedon Presbyterian Church in Cumming, Georgia.

Mr. Hamilton is the minister of Cambridge Presbyterian Church, England (EPCEW). He has served as a member of the Board of Trustees of Greenville Seminary since 2006

Bill Shishko

Dr. John Carrick

Mr. Shishko is the senior pastor of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Franklin Square, Long Island, NY.

Dr. Carrick is Professor of Homiletics at Greenville Seminary.

The Witness and Seal of the Spirit

Ryan McGraw

John Owen on the Spirit

Mr. McGraw is the pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Conway, SC. He is the president of the Greenville Seminary Alumni Association.

er regIs&Tsave


t-off Ibird cu early y, January is frida


The Spirit and Revival

Dr. George Knight

Cessation of the Gifts

Dr. Knight is Adjunct Professor of New Testament at Greenville Seminary and has served as the Chairman of Greenville Seminary’s Board of Trustees since 2005.

For a free brochure or to find out more phone (864) 322-2717 online mail gPTs conference, Po Ibox 690, Taylors, sc, 29687

Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary is committed to equipping powerful, articulate proclaimers of the Gospel revealed in God’s Holy Word and systematized in the Westminster Confessional Standards. We are dedicated to offering our students an exemplary faculty, useful learning resources and facilities conducive to study. If you are someone who highly values the commitment which we share to the timeless truths of Holy Scripture and the doctrines of faith and life which the Protestant Reformation rediscovered, we invite you to explore Greenville Seminary for your theological studies or support.

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JANUARY 1, 2011 / VOLUME 25 / NUMBER 26


24 2010 news of the year 72 Departures

WORLD CHAMPS: Iker Casillas of Spain celebrates with teammates as he lifts the World Cup after beating The Netherlands July 11 in Johannesburg, South Africa; photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images ON THE COVER: Gulf oil spill: Eric Gay/AP; Chile: Martin Bernetti//AFP/Getty Images; Rubio: Alan Diaz/AP; Haiti: Logan Abassi/ MINUSTAH via Getty Images; Hockey: Scott Gardner/The Canadian Press/AP

DISPATCHES: 11 News • 20 Human Race VoICES: 8 Joel Belz • 22 Janie B. Cheaney • 86 Mindy Belz 91 Mailbag • 95 Andrée Seu • 96 Marvin Olasky

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JANUARY 1, 2011

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“The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof; the world and those who dwell therein.” —psa l m 24:1

EDITORIAL Editor in Chief Marvin olasky Editor Mindy Belz Managing Editor TiMoThy laMer News Editor JaMie dean Senior Writers Janie B. Cheaney • susan olasky John PiPer • edward e. PlowMan • andrée seu Cal ThoMas • Gene edward veiTh • lynn vinCenT Reporters eMily Belz • alisa harris • edward lee PiTTs Correspondents MeGan BashaM • Mark BerGin anThony Bradley • reBeCCa Cusey • daniel JaMes devine John dawson • aMy henry • MeGhan keane • Jill nelson daniel olasky • arsenio orTeza • MaTThew P. risTuCCia saM ThielMan • alissa wilkinson Mailbag Editor les sillars Executive Assistant June McGraw Editorial Assistants krisTin ChaPMan • kaTrina GeTTMan

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c O R p O R AT E

Invest Wisely.

Founder Joel Belz Publisher niCkolas s. eiCher CEo kevin MarTin Associate Publisher warren Cole sMiTh

Send Him.

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Thousands of native missionaries in poorer countries effectively take the gospel to unreached people groups

God’s World Publications david sTrassner (ChairMan) in areas that are extremely difficult American missionaries to reach. MariaM Bell • Bryan ChaPell • kevinforCusaCk 4 They speak the local languages williaM JosePh • riChard kurTz • virGinia kurTz 4 They are part the culture howard Miller • williaM newTon • russell B. ofPulliaM 4 They never need a visa, airline david skeel • nelson soMerville • ladeine ThoMPson tickets, or furloughs rayMon ThoMPson • John whiTe 4 They win souls and plant


churches Native missionaries serve the Lord at a fraction of what it costs to send an American missionary overseas.

To report, interpret, and illustrate the news in a timely, accurate, enjoyable, and arresting fashion from a perspec tive Help provide for a missionary committed to the Bible as the inerrant Word of God. with $50 per month. world is available on microfilm from Bell & Howell Information and Learning, 300 N. Zeeb Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48106. Indexing provided by the Christian Periodical Index. Christian Aid Mission P. O. Box 9037 Charlottesville, VA 22906 434-977-5650

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IS NO GOD. . .“


“There is no God in Iraq,” says an American Soldier. “I’ve been here two times and I haven’t seen him yet.” Or that’s the way it feels. But you can change that. You can help the American Bible Society deliver God’s Word to our troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the globe. Many are in desperate need of the hope and peace that only Scripture can bring. It only costs $4 to help reach a troop member with God’s Word. Simply clip & mail the Bibles For Troops Coupon at right with your gift now, or give securely at (800) 433-8815 or

They’ve answered the call. Please answer theirs. ABS8148 Troops - WORLD.indd 1 Masthead.indd 7

BIBLES FOR TROOPS COUPON Yes! I want to provide the Good News to

a lonely American hero! Here is my special gift today to help reach troop members with God’s Word: ( ( ( ( (

) $20 to help provide God’s Word for 5 ) $40 to help deliver God’s Word to 10 ) $60 to help rush God’s Word to 15 ) $100 to help distribute God’s Word to 25 ) $_______ to help reach as many as I can!

Name: Address: City:



Email: Telephone: (


Mail this coupon and your check to:

PO BOX 96812 WASHINGTON DC 20090-6812 (800) 433-8815


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Joel Belz


Popular wisdom isn’t usually the best teacher of economics

O 


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benefits and the costs of “compound interest”; of the “welfare state”; of “collectivism”; of the “free market”; of “wealth creation”; of the “nanny state”; and maybe a hundred other key terms and concepts. No way can we allow another generation of young Christians to grow up largely ignorant of the truths, principles, and concepts that govern and shape macroeconomics. Instead, from the earliest years, we need to be preparing them to inherit the land, well instructed in such matters. So here’s a proposal: Sometime in the next  days, you share with me no more than three such truths or principles that you think are critical for the next generation to comprehend and implement in the national and world economy. State each concept in no more than  words—and make your statement simple enough that a fourth-grader (typically a -year-old) can understand what you’re saying. Send your submission to me (be sure to include your own name, address, and phone number) no later than Jan. . I’ll be eagerly reviewing what you have to say, and I’ll compile what I judge to be the  most pertinent and best expressed -word ideas. I’ll report back here in this column. But the ultimate goal will not be simply to satisfy our own intellectual curiosity, but to find a way actually to get such wisdom into the thinking of thousands of boys and girls. Send your submission to me personally either at the email address at the bottom of this page or to Joel Belz,  Magazine, Box , Asheville, NC . For each item I end up publishing, the sender will get a free one-year extension of his or her  subscription. I’m making that offer because I think the issue is critical—and because I think market economics work. A


      you’ve accumulated over your lifetime, how much of it came by the time you were  years old? I ask that because of the remarkable number of folks I’ve talked to recently who tell me—with rueful sadness— how they had to wait until they were otherwise mature adults before learning some important things about managing their money and finance. That lateness, they say, was often costly. It’s not that little kids learn nothing about economics. From the time that you as a kid heard the old saying that “finders are keepers, losers are weepers,” you’ve been stashing away various kinds of wisdom that have shaped your thinking on the subject. Sometimes that wisdom is helpful and constructive; sometimes (as in the “finders/ losers” ditty) it’s unethical, ungodly, and destructive. So if we fill a child through his or her formative elementary years with a sort of shapeless popular wisdom, and simultaneously do little or nothing to construct a consciously Godly worldview on money and finance, why should we be surprised a few years later to find young adults filled with the former and void of the latter? Why should we be surprised when at election time evangelical young people flock to the false ideologies of liberal collectivism and overweening governments? There’s more involved than simple home economics—although I’m thankful for a growing body of wisdom on that front. Crown Financial Ministries, for example, deserves enormous credit for helping rescue many Christian families from financial disaster. Crown’s solid teaching on the subjects of income, budgeting, saving, debt, tithing, and charitable giving has been critical for many in recapturing fiscal balance at the household level—and such wisdom, built with care and integrity into our Christian families, will have a beneficial impact on both our nation’s and the world’s economic welfare. I am urgently proposing here, though, that we must go a huge step farther. The children who will be tomorrow’s voters need to know more than simply how to balance their own family checkbooks. They need to be learning the principles, even at this stage in their lives, of what it takes to keep a nation economically afloat. The elementary classroom is not too early a setting for teaching boys and girls the sober meaning of terms like “trillion dollar deficits” (if indeed we adults understand such wording); of the


12/15/10 3:47 PM

“Covenant equipped me to see opportunities to be a

redeeming influence.”

in all things christ preeminent

An audit manager at one of the world’s largest consumer goods companies, Matt Potoshnick ’01 and his team are responsible for assessing the company’s multibillion-dollar business throughout North, Central, and South America.

At Covenant, we equip our students to live out extraordinary callings in ordinary places. We teach students to engage culture and cultures, to examine and unfold creation, and to pursue biblical justice and mercy.

“My Covenant education greatly enhanced my ability to critically think about and interact with the world’s complex marketplace of ideas and ideals,” says Matt.

Are you eager to grapple with difficult questions in pursuit of God’s calling as He redeems all things through Christ? We invite you to visit us.


“With every year that goes by since graduating, so much of what I began learning at Covenant becomes more evident to me. As I figure out how to live out my calling and learn how the gospel can rightly penetrate every area of my life, I continue to be encouraged and challenged by the community I discovered at Covenant.”

Call 888.451.2683 or visit 9_w-potoshnick.indd 1 Joel Belz.indd 9

11/8/2010 8:42:16 AM 12/13/10 9:35 PM


Now Brand World 1.11.indd 1 Dispatches Opener.indd 10

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“For [Democrats], it’s just the beginning of an election year filled with many, many surprises. There’s trouble everywhere and they know it.” Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass., ahead of his surprise victory in February.

“If I had to choose sides today, I’d choose the Taliban.” Afghan President Hamid Karzai at an October meeting with U.S. officials, including Gen. David Petraeus.

“I think religion is discipline.” Former President George W. Bush speaking to Rick Warren at Saddleback Church during his November book tour. Bush said he reads the Bible every morning: “I think you have to be disciplined, particularly when you’re being bombarded with stuff.”

“I will never have a heart attack. I give them.” “We have to pass the [healthcare] bill so you can find out what is in it . . .” Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., in a speech to the National Association of Counties on March .

—George Steinbrenner, owner of the New York Yankees through  seasons and seven World Series championships, who died of a heart attack on July .

“If the Chinese government has murdered my father, I beg President Obama to ask President Hu to let us bury him.” Grace Geng, -year-old daughter of Gao Zhisheng, the Chinese lawyer whose defense of dissidents, including imprisoned Christians, led to his arrest and disappearance. He was released on April  but after two weeks detained again and has not been heard from or formally charged with a crime.

JANUARY 1, 2011

Dispatches Opener.indd 11



12/15/10 6:22 PM

Dispatches > News

 rotation

“This means that one of their spies is worth two and a half of ours.” A radio presenter in Moscow after the U.S. caught and returned  Russian spies and demanded—and got—four top-level informants convicted of spying for the West. The dramatic exchange that included New York socialiteturned-Kremlin-spy Anna Chapman took place July  on the tarmac at the Vienna airport.


“Where’s Helen?” Statement popularized by Martha Mitchell during the Watergate era regarding Helen Thomas, the once sought-after veteran  correspondent and senior member of the White House press corps. Thomas quit the corps and her job as a columnist for Hearst Newspapers on June  following protests against her comments suggesting Israeli Jews should get out of the Middle East.

“It was like the Jets versus Sharks except there weren’t any Jets.” An unidentified White House official arguing that the White House had no choice but to make a tax deal with Republicans because congressional Democrats wouldn’t fight extending Bush-era tax cuts.

“Then give us our money back.” South Carolina Gov.-elect Nikki Haley to President Obama after she asked him to honor his commitment to state taxpayers and allow nuclear waste to be sent to Yucca Mountain. The state has collected . billion for the plan, she said, and “his answer was no.” Haley, in a White House meeting with other governors-elect and Cabinet members on Dec. , also asked the president to repeal the healthcare law.


It wasn’t until about ..  that a Christian teacher in Egypt made what historians believe was the first reference to the date Jesus was born. And no one can agree on whether it was chosen to coincide with a pagan winter holiday, an early Christian festival celebrated on Dec. , or a date that follows nine months after his conception. But around the world—and since the fourth century at least—Jesus’ birth is celebrated Dec.  in the West and Jan.  in the East.

Carbon regs

Beginning Jan. , the  will have the authority to regulate the use or production of any carbon-based energy source with a carbon dioxide footprint. Business leaders and the Chamber of Commerce have asked Congress to delay any new regulation the  might impose on industry.

Working longer

Germans seeking to retire with full benefits in Germany will have to wait until age  as of Jan. . Financial crisis and an aging workforce have caused Germany to seek out ways to make its welfare system solvent.

Tsunami anniversary On Dec. , , a massive

underwater earthquake touched off tsunamis in the Indian Ocean that hit Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, and Thailand—killing more than ,. Now, authorities hope, the Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning System, a network of seismographic and deep-water sensor systems, will provide the necessary warning to save lives in the event of another one.


Colombia, Germany, India, Portugal, and South Africa begin their terms on the  Security Council Jan.  after October elections put them on the -member panel. The five permanent Security Council members —the U.S., U.K., France, Russia, and China – hold veto power while the remaining  hold two-year rotating terms. President Obama recently called for Security Council expansion to include India as a permanent member.


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12/15/10 6:28 PM


Who have been winning Muslims to Christ and planting churches in the Islamic countries of Central Asia?


o 1 KazaKhstan 2 UzbeKistan 3 Kyrgyzstan 4 tUrKmenistan 5 tajiKistan


2 4

3 5 7


6 iran 7 afghanistan 8 PaKistan

Q. How is Christian Aid financed? A. Christian Aid is supported entirely by freewill gifts and offerings from Biblebelieving, missionary-minded Christians, churches and organizations.


Q. Do indigenous missions in other countries also need our financial help? A. Christian Aid is in communication with more than 4000 indigenous missions, some based in almost every unevangelized country on earth. They have over 200,000 missionaries in need of support. All Christians who believe in Christ’s “Great Commission” are invited to join hands with Christian Aid in finding help for thousands of native missionaries who are now out on the fields of the world with no promise of regular financial support.

Dispatches Opener.indd 13

Q. A.


Native missionaries trained and sent out by indigenous evangelistic ministries.

Who sends financial support to indigenous Christian ministries in Central Asian countries? Christian Aid Mission began helping indigenous evangelistic missions in Islamic Asian countries in 1974 and currently supports ministries working in every country of Central Asia.

For more than 50 years Christian Aid has been sending financial help to indigenous evangelistic ministries based in unevangelized countries. More than 750 ministries are now being assisted in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe. They deploy over 80,000 native missionaries who are spreading the gospel of Christ among unreached people within more than 3000 different tribes and nations. Most are in countries where Americans are not allowed to go as missionaries.

Christian Aid . . . because we love the brethren.

Christian Aid Mission P. O. Box 9037 Charlottesville, VA 22906 434-977-5650

When you contact Christian Aid, ask for a free copy of Dr. Bob Finley’s 285 page book, RefORMAtiOn in fOReiGn MiSSiOnS. 58:0 W

12/13/10 9:39 PM

Dispatches > News

Uninformed consent Another “Jane Roe” is enmeshed in an abortion battle, but this time it’s a victory for Ohio’s informed consent law. when the 14-yearold Roe asked planned parenthood Southwest Ohio for an abortion, an employee called the number she gave them to get her parents’ consent. The person on the end of the line was really Roe’s 22-year-old boyfriend posing as her father. The girl’s parents sued planned parenthood for failing to notify them, get their daughter’s informed consent, and report suspected child abuse. On Dec. 7, a hamilton County judge ruled that planned parenthood

The Senate passed the president’s tax cut deal made with Republicans by a wide margin Dec. 15 despite Democrats’ complaints against the package. A few Senate GOPers, like Tom Coburn, objected to the upfront price tag—$858 billion over 10 years. The bill contains not just tax cuts but also extends unemployment benefits and ethanol, wind, and solar subsidies. Because the measure passed so broadly in the Senate, 81-19, it is unlikely to need the support of all House Democrats to reach the president’s desk. If the House can’t muster the votes for passage before Christmas, tax rates will jump at the beginning of the year, but the incoming House Republican majority has vowed that its first act would be to restore the tax cuts. House Democrats also hoped to change the estate tax provisions— raising the rate or lowering the taxable threshold—which would send the whole measure back to the Senate to approve again.


meet with Jane Roe privately to ensure her informed consent. The case goes to trial Feb. 7 to resolve the other allegations.

Highway fatalities dropped in 2009 to 33,963, a 22 percent decline from 43,510 in 2005—and the fastest rate of decline in traffic deaths in peacetime since the dawn of the auto age in 1913, say researchers working with federal highway data at the University of Michigan. But the number of drivers involved in fatal accidents who were eating, talking on a cell phone, or otherwise distracted rose 42 percent from 2005 to 2008. Those fatalities made up 7 percent of fatal car accidents in 2008.

Taking healthcare to court On Dec. 13 a federal judge ruled unconstitutional the central component of the healthcare law passed by Congress last March, but in striking down the insurance mandate, U.S. District Judge Henry E. Hudson of Virginia did not suspend the law in its entirety. His 42-page ruling, coming after two other judges had ruled in favor of the law, gives new momentum to conservative efforts to repeal the trillion-dollar overhaul. “At its core this dispute is not simply about regulating the business of insurance . . . it’s about an individual’s right to choose to participate,” Hudson wrote. Requiring most Americans to buy insurance or pay a penalty is one of the most controversial elements of the 2,000-page law. The ruling ensures that debate over the law’s merits will continue well into the 2012 election season, with nearly two dozen Obamacare lawsuits. Likely last stop: the Supreme Court.


Cutting a deal

breached its duties by failing to

Good news bad news


26 DISPATCHES-14.indd 14

12/15/10 3:27 PM

What the world needs now is...

You. The world can sometimes appear to be pretty empty. Perhaps it’s because the world desperately needs what only you have to offer. Perhaps the world simply needs an irreplaceable, indispensable you. The you who looks at the world and asks: why is it like this? What’s in me that can make it better – rather than just “what’s in it for me?” We’re Grove City College. We have a reputation as one of the finest liberal arts colleges in the country – and yet we’re one of the most affordable. Our graduates succeed not just in their careers, but at life. God gave you a mind for higher things. We’ll help you learn to use it well. And that is the first step to changing the world.

Grove City College • 100 Campus Drive • Grove City, PA 16127 CREDIT

724.458.2100 •

world_mag_worldview_8x10.5_fc.indd 1 26 DISPATCHES-14.indd 15

11/4/10 1:53 PM 12/13/10 9:43 PM

Dispatches > News

why not move to the Dominican? a presidential runoff scheduled for January in haiti marks the country’s first for the top office in 29 years, but a pressing question lingered: Who would be on the ballot? Rioting haitians said the elections were marred by fraud and chaos, and they protested preliminary election results on Dec. 7 that narrowly eliminated popular musician and candidate michel “sweet mickey” martelly. The electoral council said president René préval’s handpicked protégé, Jude Celestin, edged martelly by less than a percentage point for a runoff with former First lady mirlande manigat. after protesters threatened more riots, the council said it would allow candidates to appeal the results. With uncertainty ruling the day, the Interim haiti Recovery Commission, charged with post-quake rebuilding, showed one more sign of the country’s tenuous condition: It held its December meeting in the Dominican Republic.

Repeal repealed The year began with President Barack Obama promising Congress that he would fight to repeal the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy that prevents gay troops from serving openly in the military. New Pentagon rules in March relaxed enforcement of the policy, and in May the House voted for repeal. A Senate vote was the last hurdle, but in the Senate it bogged down: On Dec. 9 supporters came up three votes short of the 60 needed for repeal. Congressional Democrats hoped for yet another vote before Christmas, as 2010 may be the repeal movement’s only hope. A new Republican-led House in January does not have revisiting this policy on its 2011 agenda.

TweeT up Over the last year, more than 100 million people joined Twitter, the social networking site that allows users to post 140-character pronouncements. New users include the Dalai Lama, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, comedian Steve Martin, Jordan’s Queen Noor, and music star Joe Jonas. The site became a new communications tool for the magnificent and the mundane—when Russian President Dmitri Medvedev sent out his first tweet, the White House responded with a tweet of welcome. President



26 DISPATCHES-16.indd 16

Obama noted, “We may finally be able to throw away those red phones that have been sitting around for so long.” Dominating the Twitter conversation in 2010: i Gulf oil spill i World Cup in South Africa i Haiti earthquake Lighter threads formed around tagged topics, like #pakistani realityshows (tweets included ideas like “Jihadis Got Talent” and “So You Think You Can Dance?”). In 2007, Twitter users collectively posted about 5,000 tweets per day. Now they post 95 million a day.

what secrets? Federal authorities arrested a navy intelligence specialist Dec. 1 after a sting operation caught him selling secret documents to an undercover FBI agent posing as a foreign intelligence officer. Bryan Minkyu Martin, 22, allegedly exchanged the files for $3,500 and told the agent “that over his prospective 15 to 20 year career, he could be very valuable.” The incident comes as federal agencies are strengthening security measures after army intelligence analyst Bradley manning, also 22, allegedly obtained classified material and passed it to Wikileaks.

Don’T ask, Don’T TEll: ChaRlEs DhaRapak/ap • haITI: aFp/GETTy ImaGEs • maRTIn:CREDIT U.s. navy/ap

RIOT: Haitians protest the election results.

12/15/10 4:43 PM

Teaching is one of the greatest responsibilities in society. It’s also an art form that requires craft, creativity, and intelligence. The Art of Teaching: Best Practices from a Master Educator is designed to help you achieve lasting success as a teacher. Award-winning Professor Patrick N. Allitt, a celebrated teacher with decades of classroom experience, will help you develop and enhance your teaching style; provide you with tools and advice for handling all manner of teaching scenarios; and open your eyes to how other teachers approach this life-changing professor. The insights in these 24 lectures, useful to a variety of teachers and people in leadership positions, will serve as a source of guidance and inspiration to last your entire career. This course is one of The Great Courses , a noncredit, recorded college lecture series from The Teaching Company . Award-winning professors of a wide array of subjects in the sciences and the liberal arts have made more than 300 college-level courses that are available now on our website. ®


Order Today! Offer Expires Wednesday, March 2, 2011 The Art of Teaching: Best Practices from a Master Educator Course No. 2044 24 lectures (30 minutes/lecture)



© Brent Ward/Alamy.

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Successful Teaching The Broad Range of Learners Starting Out Right The Teacher’s Persona Planning the Work The Teacher-Student Relationship 7. Dynamic Lecturing 8. Teaching with PowerPoint 9. Demonstrations, Old and New 10. Teaching the Critical Skills 11. Engaging with Discussion, Part 1 12. Engaging with Discussion, Part 2 13. Cogent Thinking and Effective Writing

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Dispatches > News

Called out

A PBS series on vocation  fails to ask the hard  questions  By megan Basham




26 DISPATCHES-Documentary.indd 18

Religion, of course, plays a role in their goals and their obstacles, but it’s not so different from what young people pursuing any profession might experience. And when the opportunity to focus more deeply on faith and calling presents itself, such as when Ahmed simply drops out of the film after getting married, series director Daniel Alpert squanders it. Did Ahmed’s new husband take issue with her work? Did some new understanding of Islamic teaching prompt her to withdraw from the project? Alpert either didn’t investigate or decided that the material was too hot for a documentary that avoids anything that might smack of judgment. The second half picks up considerably, thanks to the addition of two young men who display the passion and purpose their co-stars seem to lack. Newly ordained priest Steven Gamez from San Antonio, Texas, and rabbinical student and political activist Shmuly Yanklowitz from New York couldn’t be more different in style, yet they are the only two who appear to possess the clarity of calling. Father Gamez frankly discusses the challenge of celibacy (“I love women,” he tells friends, “but I love God more”) and his determination to rehabilitate a Catholic church rocked by sexual scandal. Yanklowitz, who positively crackles with energy, encourages orthodox undergrads to apply the tenets

of Jewish law to social issues. Could Jesus be considered a Jewish leader? he asks them. But these are the only moments that get to the heart of the subject. Alpert’s greatest sin of omission is in failing to draw a line from doctrine to behavior. Do the teachings of Islam cause a Muslim chaplain to pursue calling differently than a rabbi or a priest? What do they each hope to accomplish in their ministerial roles, and are those goals different as a result of their beliefs? Asking these questions would have gone a long way toward cutting through the ho-hum ecumenical mire to something solid and contrasting, which is perhaps why Alpert never asks. In a Dec. 3 column for Jewish Week, Rabbi Yanklowitz writes of his participation in the film, “The language of ‘calling’ feels to me more Christian than Jewish since I think of a Jewish calling as more autonomous and internally cultivated with struggle rather than an external idyllic voice.” What an intriguing comment—both in how it differentiates the Jewish concept of calling and how it may (or may not) misinterpret what Christians mean when they use the word. Clearly the rabbi is willing and able to articulate his thoughts on this thorny but important topic. What a shame PBS never lets him do so. A

PASSION AND PURPOSE: Rabbinical student Yanklowitz prepares for a debate about kosher meat.

CouRTEsy of ThE KInDlIng gRoup/pBs CREDIT

When PBS PutS the Word out that it will be airing a four-hour documentary about what drives young people of various faiths to pursue ministry as a profession, a WorLd entertainment reporter is going to sit up and take notice. When the network titles it The Calling and describes it as an examination of would-be clergy struggling to “uphold timeless truths in an era that values quick fixes and hot trends, and face a public that challenges the very relevance of their mission,” well, that’s practically must-see tV. Yet while the special, which airs December 20 and 21 at 9 p.m., is fascinating in a National Geographic, cultural spectator sort of way, it offers very little exploration of the concept of calling or how it relates to different religious doctrines. The first two hours develop slowly, introducing us to a seminary student at Azusa Pacific, a married rabbi leading his first congregation, a single mom who’s just been ordained in the African Methodist Episcopal church, and two Muslim chaplains. As we follow them through their ministerial responsibilities, we get to know the milestones and trials inherent to their unique career paths. A recent graduate of Yeshivat Chovevei Torah, Yerachmiel Shapiro, worries that his plan to be the primary caregiver for his and his wife’s new baby will offend orthodox congregants. As a single Muslim woman, Tahera Ahmed clashes with some of her male classmates. Black Muslim Bilal Ansari feels discriminated against in his work ministering to prisoners and wonders whether he should pursue legal action.


12/15/10 3:37 PM


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Dispatches > Human Race DIED

A jury found Brian David Mitchell guilty Dec.  of kidnapping Elizabeth Smart in  from her Salt Lake City bedroom and holding her hostage for nine months. Mitchell’s lawyers had sought to convince jurors that he was not guilty by reason of insanity, a claim the jury ultimately rejected after Smart, , testified about her ordeal and detailed repeated rapes, forced drug and alcohol usage, and mental torture. Smart told reporters she hopes her experience will serve as an example “that it is possible to move on after something terrible has happened.” Mitchell faces sentencing on May .

U.S. special envoy on Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke died Dec.  at  after suffering complications from a torn aorta. Holbrooke, whose longtime diplomatic career included serving as U.S. ambassador to the , is often credited for his role in negotiating an end to the Bosnian war through the  Dayton Accords.

MURDERED In an apparent honor killing, unidentified gunmen shot and killed a -year-old Somali girl who had converted from Islam to Christianity. Nurta Mohamed Farah reportedly had fled her home and moved in with relatives after suffering repeat beatings, isolation, and other abuse by her parents, who pressured her to recant. Sources believe the gunmen were acting on behalf of the family or relatives.


DIED Theologian Roger Nicole, (above) professor at Gordon Conwell for  years and more recently at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, died Dec.  at . Nicole was associate editor for the New Geneva Study Bible (now the Reformation Study Bible) and an assistant translator for the New International Version Bible. He was a founding member of the Evangelical Theological Society and of the International Council on Biblical Inerrancy. He had “such power of mind, clarity of thought,

range of knowledge and strength in argument,” wrote J.I. Packer in a  biography introduction, while his “patience and courtesy toward the less well favored is a marvel that has become a legend.”

DIED Mark Madoff, son of imprisoned stockbroker Bernie Madoff, committed suicide Dec.  on the second anniversary of his father’s arrest for perpetrating perhaps the largest investment fraud in Wall Street history. Madoff, , who along with his brother Andrew once worked at their father’s firm, suffered from deep

depression over his father’s actions and his difficulty finding a new job. Although never criminally charged, Madoff and his wife and young children were also named in lawsuits aimed at recovering funds for Bernie Madoff’s victims.

DIED M.A. Thomas (below), founder of the India-based orphan ministry Hopegivers International, died Dec.  at age . A native of India, Thomas started the ministry in  and led Hopegivers to help launch more than  orphanages and , churches in India. “All who knew him as Papa—orphans, Bible students and pastors—also need your prayers as they grieve the loss of perhaps the only parent they have ever known,” said his son Samuel,  of Hopegivers, in a statement following the death. A




26 HUMAN RACE.indd 20

12/15/10 3:39 PM

MITChEll: ColIn E. BRalEy/aP • holBRookE: ManuEl BalCE CEnETa/aP • nIColE: REfoRMED ThEologICal SEMInaRy • ThoMaS: hoPEgIvERS InTERnaTIonal CREDIT

12/15/10 3:39 PM

26 HUMAN RACE.indd 21

Janie B. Cheaney



After Christ came in the flesh, nothing would ever be the same

   where you were when you first heard about the bombing of Pearl Harbor? The assassination of ? The fall of the World Trade Center? There’s a ground-shaking quality about epic events that spears all hearts and inspires grandiose rhetoric. This changes everything, people say; our world will never be the same. We often overreact when dramatic events play out on the world stage (perhaps it’s a form of applause). But sometimes it’s true: Our world has changed. The event may be the inauguration of a new age or the exclamation point of a developing trend, but things will never be the same. The event that really changed everything, which we celebrate this month, was notably undramatic. Except for angel sightings in the sky and a single wandering star, it looked like an ordinary birth. Movies and artwork almost always picture the scene at night, the better to illuminate with a heavenly glow. But it just as likely occurred in the daytime, with the clamor of street vendors and the squeal of animals masking Mary’s cries. The world before Christ was ruled by cycles: the turn of seasons, the rhythm of tides, the rotation of stars. The .. world was linear—beginning at Creation by Christ, leading to redemption in Christ, ending with the return of Christ. The post-Christian world pictures the universe beginning with a sudden rapid expansion that will someday reach its limit, collapse on its own space, and shrink to the infinite point at which it began. One of the most popular literary genres today, especially among young people, is dystopian fiction. This is the portrayal of a shrinking future in which the line of progress has broken, due to total warfare or environmental carelessness or unexplained disaster. The old order has collapsed and

pockets of humanity here and there struggle to put the pieces back together. In the real world, we feel a persistent uneasiness: How precarious is this free world we’ve built? What will it take to send us all sliding back to the law of the jungle? How deep must we scratch the veneer of any modern to expose the blue-painted pagan beneath? Not very deep, I’m thinking. But it would be a mistake to fall into the dystopian anxiety of the times. The universe may indeed contract someday (think of God rolling up the heavens like a scroll), but history will not. There is no going back to a pagan world. That world had a certain guileless ignorance about it. When Naaman the Syrian met the one true God, he was allowed to capture Yahweh in a load of dirt and continue escorting his king to the Temple of Rimmon ( Kings :-). When foreigners colonized Samaria, they were besieged by lions until a priest was dispatched to teach them “the law of the god of the land” ( Kings :). Even the sophisticated Athenians saw fit to build a monument to an unknown deity, which Paul used to confront the agnostics on Mars Hill. No more groping after God: God has come to us. No more excuses, for He “will judge the world in righteousness through the Man whom He has appointed” (Acts :). The way back is closed, as if an angel with a flaming sword were standing guard. The ancient gods have dropped their masks to reveal the demons beneath. Humanity can’t reorganize itself on a tribal model or polytheistic practice because Christ has planted Himself squarely in our midst like a bronze serpent on a post. That’s bad news for the unbeliever. But for those who look to Him, it changes everything. We don’t know what lies ahead, but it will not be a return to endless cycles or expansion and decline. However difficult, the future will be progress—a triumphant procession, in fact ( Corinthians :). Silently and scarcely noticed, the Infinite has slipped into the bloodstream of history, and the world, truly, will never be the same. A




Janie B. Cheaney.indd 22


12/14/10 8:06 PM

s d a 4 5 ,7 1 w a s e l p o Last week, most pe . s s e in p p a h g in t promisingblibalse and thirty minutes. you‘ve got a g to do with it? what are you goin

the SouthweStern mdiv. the SouthweStern dmin. As serious as the call to preach.


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 ne ws of the yea r Photo illustration by K B

Disasters come knocking these days like other news—via text message. And so my phone vibrated at six in the evening on Jan. , a simple message from news editor Jamie Dean: “. earthquake in Haiti.” ` Anyone who’s been there, as Jamie had, needed to know nothing more to understand that a quake of that magnitude on that island would be catastrophic. And thus began a long night of our cross-checking sources in Haiti, finding out whether they were alive and what they saw, just as most Haitians around the world were learning via texts and Twitter photos through the night of the magnitude of the disaster and of loved ones missing or dead. ` Haiti’s U.S. ambassador in Washington at the time, Raymond Joseph, would later tell us of frantic calls from his own cell phone—to the foreign minister, his deputy, the president—and finally reaching the president’s deputy, who answered as he walked the streets of Port-au-Prince after abandoning his car, alone. No one could find Haiti’s president, and Joseph was to become the acting face of the government for those early hours. ` And so disasters would dog , whether they engulfed whole countries or whole towns— Chile, Indonesia, New Zealand, the villages of the Indus River basin, and Montcoal, W.Va. Nearly , people died in such events compared with , in —the highest number of disaster-related deaths since . ` And there were the disasters of man’s making—that sent oil leaking into the Gulf of Mexico three months of the year, that yielded a November catastrophe for Democrats, and left a continuing scroll of war dead in Iraq and Afghanistan. ` Many experienced what the prophet Joel powerfully describes: “Fire devours before them, and behind them a flame burns.” But Joel also writes of a God who “relents over disaster.” Between the vestibule and the altar, a mere heritage a reproach.” We end the year with that cry. We look for seedlings of restoration to flourish in the scorched earth that is life in a fallen world. And we await deliverance. —M B



stroll, Joel tells the priests of Zion to weep, and say, “Spare your people, O Lord, and make not your


26 YIR intro.indd 24

12/14/10 9:57 PM


26 YIR intro.indd 25

12/14/10 2:09 PM

26 YIR January.indd 26

12/13/10 9:57 PM

january | 2010

the earth roared After a 7.0-magnitude earthquake ravaged Haiti on Jan. 12, the smell of death hung in the air and clung to the rocks. With the capital of Port-auPrince just 16 miles east of the epicenter, mountains of rubble filled the streets and surrounding areas after the quake, which killed more than 220,000. The 300,000 injured faced another disaster: Hospitals collapsed and besieged doctors amputated scores of arms and legs, sometimes without anesthesia. Aid groups battled a quake-torn runway to deliver relief supplies, while some Haitians sought higher help: At one makeshift tent city, Christians huddled to sing hymns and pray while aftershocks rumbled. Could things get worse? In October they did. More than 2,000 Haitians died from a cholera outbreak, and riots erupted over rumors that UN peacekeepers brought the disease from Nepal. Presidential elections on Nov. 28 turned chaotic, and nearly a third of the leading candidates called for new contests. By year’s end, workers had removed only an estimated 2 percent of the rubble in Port-au-Prince. And more than 1 million Haitians remained homeless.


JANUARY 1, 2011

26 YIR January.indd 27



12/13/10 9:57 PM

2010 | january

go away, guantanamo One year after President Obama signed an executive order to close the military prison at Guantanamo Bay, the deadline to do so came— and went. The prison still holds 174 detainees from the war on terror, including 9/11 master­ mind Khalid Sheikh Mohammad. The president has acknowledged that at least 75 of the prisoners must be detained indefinitely, and Congress blocked funding for transferring those detainees to the United States. The latest blow to Obama’s plans for civilian trials came with the Nov. 17 verdict for Ahmed Ghailani, whom a federal jury acquitted of all but one of 285 charges related to the bombings of two U.S. embassies in 1998—a relatively light ruling that may undermine public support for further civilian trials of terrorists, confessed or otherwise. The Bush administration transferred 550 detainees out of Guantanamo; the Obama administration by the end of 2010 had transferred 66.


fighting words By tradition at year’s beginning, all three branches of the federal government convene in the House chamber to hear the president discuss the State of the Union. The evening usually rivals the Oscars for the amount of clapping and acting by the lawmakers, but Supreme Court justices traditionally form a stolid line on the front row. That changed Jan. 27 when President Obama called out the justices, disagreed openly with their recent verdict on a campaign finance case, and urged Congress to pass a bill “that helps to right this wrong.” Democratic lawmakers rose to their feet in applause, while Justice Samuel Alito, no longer unmoved, shook his head and mouthed the words “not true.” But don’t expect a sequel: Alito in October said of a 2011 rematch, “I doubt I will be there. We have to sit there like the proverbial potted plant . . . and that’s sometimes very hard.”



26 YIR January.indd 28

Ted Kennedy was the Democratic Senator from Massachusetts for 47 years, and when he died in 2009, Democrats nominated state attorney general Martha Coakley to run for his seat. It was to be a perfunctory special election. Coakley polled well ahead of her challenger, Republican state legisla­ tor Scott Brown, until just over a week before the election. Then Coakley paved the way for Brown’s stunning victory with gaffe after gaffe—going so far as to call former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling a Yankees fan. President Obama, stumping for Coakley, joined in, mocking Brown’s pickup—a GM truck Brown drove all over the state. “Anyone can buy a truck,” said the president. When Brown won, his truck became an emblem of Democrats’ disconnect, and Brown became the 41st Republican in the Senate, ending the Democrats’ filibuster­proof majority. Brown’s win shook Democrats’ plans for passing healthcare reform. With Republicans warning that it was a repudiation of the bill already passed in the Senate, Democrats instead of revisiting healthcare forced House Democrats to take up the already­ passed Senate version of the bill.


12/13/10 10:15 PM

26 YIR January.indd 29

12/13/10 10:15 PM

chile’s turn

HOCKEY: GEnE J. PusKar • Iran: aTTa KEnarE/aFP/GETTY ImaGEs • PalIn: JOsH anDErsOn/rEuTErs/lanDOv

Six weeks after Haiti’s disaster, Chile faced a bigger trembler: An 8.8-magnitude earthquake on Feb. 27 released 500 times more energy than Haiti’s quake and became the fifth-strongest earthquake ever recorded. But Chileans fared better: An offshore epicenter, smaller population centers, and better building standards preserved the country from the level of Haiti’s destruction. The Chile quake killed some 500 victims and left another 500,000 homeless.

26 YIR February.indd 30

12/14/10 4:08 PM

february | 

north and north


Vancouver’s Winter Olympic Games included athletes from  nations showing their grit on ice or in snow. But in the end it was a cross-border battle between host Canada and the United States. On the closing weekend Canadian favorite son Sidney Crosby (who plays in the  for the Pittsburgh Penguins) scored a winning goal in sudden death overtime to secure Canada’s - win over the  in the hockey championship final. That also put Canada over the line for gold medals—at — making it the winningest host nation in Winter Olympics history. U.S. athletes took home the most medals overall, at  a new record. But Canada needed the boost: With delays, cost overruns, a private developer who backed out, and recession, Vancouver taxpayers were on the hook for over  billion when the opening ceremonies began.

movement politics

charity reversal

Tea Party activists began  hoping to cultivate substance to go with their style. About  party-goers descended on Nashville in February for the group’s first-ever convention. Plopping down  (plus an extra  to hear former Alaska governor Sarah Palin speak), attendees took notes at seminars on how to employ social networks and how to register voters. The movement’s naïveté suggested serious questions: Could it command traction among congressional lawmakers and the nation’s voters? As the year progressed, Tea Party– endorsed upstarts unseated one establishment candidate after another. Four in  voters in the -midterm elections expressed support for the movement in exit polls—translating into nearly  new House members with Tea Party credentials. But controversial Tea Party affiliates also cost Republicans once likely Senate pickups in moderate states like Delaware.

Following the Washington, D.C., council’s vote to legalize same-sex marriages in February, the city’s largest private provider of social services, Catholic Charities, ended its -year-old foster care and adoption services for the city, transferring its caseload to other groups. The organization, which is under the authority of the Catholic Church, had promised that it would allow its city contract to expire if the city legalized gay marriage because the new law could obligate the group to provide adoptions for same-sex couples. In November Pope Benedict  named Washington’s archbishop Donald Wuerl—the primary voice warning the city government that the new law would jeopardize the charity’s work—to the College of Cardinals in the Catholic Church.

JANUARY 1, 2011

26 YIR February.indd 31



12/14/10 10:45 PM

Books to Inspire. The Milk and Honey Man

Happened to Them . . . Written for Us William A. Troth The events of the Egypt—Wilderness—Canaan journey are types and shadows of the Natural Man—Carnal Man—Spiritual Man pilgrimage of the 21st century Christians. There are three thresholds to cross: Savior, Lord, and Life. Becoming a “Milk and Honey Man” is victory in the Christian Life.

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The Sufficiency of Scripture The Key to Revival Joseph Stephen In a day of rife apostasy, many seek answers to why the family and the church are disintegrating. Some look to psychology, others to philosophy and some to history. This book looks at personal, family and church revival in light of The Sufficiency of Scripture, a doctrine for which many were once martyred, but that has largely been abandoned by the church today. If you care about your personal relationship with God, your children’s faithfulness to Him and your church’s effectiveness in evangelism and discipleship, this book is essential reading.

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12/13/10 10:17 PM


march | 2010


pro-life democrats on the line Pro-life groups watched as pro-life Democrats in Congress became the decisive votes in passage of a healthcare overhaul bill many predicted would lead to an expansion of taxpayer-funded abortions. In the 11th hour the lawmakers, led by Rep. Bart Stupak of Michigan, succumbed to party pressure and traded in tough pro-life protections in the bill for a benign, symbolic, and reversible executive order regarding abortion. With their capitulation, the overhaul cleared its final hurdle, passing the House, 219-212, in a Sunday night session March 21. For all their healthcare pretzeling, pro-life Democrats became the first political casualties of Obamacare as pro-life groups went on the offensive: Stupak, stripped of his “Defender of Life” award from Susan B. Anthony List, soon announced his retirement. Rep. Alan Mollohan, D-W.Va., lost his primary. Susan B. Anthony List alone spent $3.4 million to defeat so-called pro-life Democrats. Family Research Council targeted 20 pro-life Democrats who voted for Obamacare and took down 19 in mid-term elections. Americans United for Life spent $600,000 on a “Life Counts” campaign that defeated 11 of the 12 Democrats it targeted. The end result: Next year’s 112th Congress will have a pro-life tilt. Of the 87 new Republicans in the House, 80 are pro-life. Of 16 new senators, 12 are pro-life. Meanwhile more than half of the approximately 40 pro-life House Democrats are gone.

JANUARY 1, 2011

26 YIR March.indd 33



12/13/10 10:20 PM

2010 | march

subway violence The peak of Moscow’s morning rush hour turned violent on March 29 when two suicide bombers detonated shrapnel-laden explosives in the city’s packed subway system. Thirty-nine victims died, and dozens suffered injuries. Islamist rebels from the nearby Caucasus claimed responsibility. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin vowed to hunt the criminals: “Terrorists will be destroyed.” As authorities in Russia and other former Soviet states continued an ongoing clampdown on Muslim extremists, Christians said they encountered bureaucratic hassles: Local authorities denied visas to foreign workers and stalled registrations for hundreds of churches.

nigerian slaughter

iraqis vote Iraqis went to the polls March 7—the third nationwide elections since the 2003 U.S. invasion. Violence in Baghdad killed at least 30 but did not hamper turnout: Sixty-two percent of eligible Iraqis voted. Yet the parliamentary slate led by incumbent prime minister Nouri al-Maliki trailed one led by a former interim leader, Ayad Allawi, 89 seats to 91, giving neither enough votes to form a government. Jockeying to form a coalition persisted for months— and was not resolved until November, when an agreement to form a unity government was reached. It includes prominent posts for Allawi’s party and won support of the Kurds.



Women wailed and mourners sang hymns as a dump truck carried dozens of corpses to a mass grave. On March 7 Muslim gangs raided three predominantly Christian villages near the central city of Jos during pre-dawn hours, killing more than 300 victims—mostly women, children, and the elderly. The attacks punctuated an ongoing pattern of violence between Muslims and Christians in a country nearly evenly split between the two groups. Goodluck Jonathan—a Christian installed as president after the May death of President Umaru Yar’Adua (a Muslim)—said the conflicts are ethnic, not religious. But many Nigerian Christians said they’re both. Jonathan Kangdim, a professor of religious studies at the University of Jos and an associate pastor at a local church, fears Muslim extremists have a broader agenda to expunge Christianity from the region. “They are out to destroy,” said Kangdim. “And some of them are seeing it like an advancement of jihad.”


26 YIR March.indd 34

12/14/10 10:47 PM


12/13/10 10:23 PM

26 YIR March.indd 35

2010 | april

running red Earth’s deep blue waters turned a Mars-like red after a nighttime explosion rocked the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico on April 20. Eleven men died in the blast. Rescuers safely evacuated the remaining 115 workers from the waters nearly 50 miles off the coast of southern Louisiana. The next task was formidable: Rescue the Gulf. Workers for BP—the company leasing the rig at the time of the explosion— spent 87 days trying to stop the oil that began gushing 5,000 feet below the surface at a peak rate of 62,000 barrels a day. The worst offshore oil spill in history produced a swirling oil slick the size of Delaware. The spill also produced political havoc as coordination crumbled between BP officials and the federal government. The Obama administration announced a six-month moratorium on offshore drilling, though locals warned the ban would cost thousands of jobs in an alreadybeleaguered economy. The government lifted the ban in October, but industry workers said murky regulations still cripple new work. U.S. CoASt GUARd/AP



26 YIR April.indd 36

12/13/10 10:34 PM

26 YIR April.indd 37

12/13/10 10:34 PM

2010 | april

apple, again Fans began lining up April 2 at Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ hometown store in Palo Alto, Calif. Employees handed out Krispy Kreme doughnuts to more than 200 people, but what the early birds really were after was an iPad. Tablets once accounted for a fraction of a fraction of the personal computer market, but by launching its latest product with new touch technology and an abundant choice of applications, the personal computing giant sold 7 million iPads by year’s end.

cutting coal On April 5 Tommy Davis said goodbye to his son Cory after lunch. “I looked at Cory Boy, and I said, ‘I love you, boy,’” Davis told The Wall Street Journal. “I love you too, old man. I’m going to go in and cut me some coal.” Cory descended about 1,000 feet underground at Massey Energy’s Upper Big Branch coal mine in Montcoal, W.Va. Three hours later an explosion—likely brought on by high methane levels in the shaft—killed 29 miners, including Cory, his cousin, and Tommy Davis’ brother Timmy. The blast was the deadliest at a U.S. coal mine in 40 years and triggered criminal and civil investigations. On April 25 President Obama delivered the eulogy for the dead at a memorial service in Beckley, W.Va.

adoption reversal A Tennessee woman jeopardized the efforts of thousands of Americans to adopt children from Russia when she put her 7-year-old son on a plane to Moscow with a knapsack bearing candy, magic markers, and a typewritten note: Torry Hansen said the boy she adopted from Russia had severe behavioral problems, and that she didn’t want to be his mother. Russia’s reaction was swift: Authorities said they would halt all American adoptions of Russian children until U.S. officials signed a new adoption accord with Russia—an agreement that was still in process in December.



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eyjafjallajökull When the Iceland volcano with the unpronounceable name (Iceland embassy spokesmen said it was “AY-yah-fyah-lah-YOH-kuul”) erupted for the second time in less than a month, it melted ice, shot smoke and steam into the air, and forced hundreds to flee rising floodwaters. The cloud of ash it sent across the Atlantic forced the cancellation of flights and disrupted air traffic across northern and western Europe, stranding thousands of passengers in what became the worst disruption in transportation since World War II. One of those stranded: Gen. Stanley McChrystal, commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, whose few scheduled hours of interview time with Rolling Stone writer Michael Hastings turned into days of idle hotel time in Paris and then Berlin (reached by bus). It was enough time for Hastings to take notes as McChrystal and his staff made disparaging remarks about Obama officials, comments that lead President Obama to relieve him of his command on June , shortly after the magazine article appeared.

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Cameron: Peter maCdiarmid/Getty imaGes • GlassPool: mark J. terrill/aP • PoPe: VinCenZo Pinto/aFP/Getty imaGes • GreeCe: aris messinis/aFP/Getty imaGes

new day in u.k. Conservative Party leader David Cameron took charge of Britain’s first coalition government in 65 years on May 11 after winning an electoral victory too narrow to govern without linking up with Liberal Democrats. At 43, Cameron became Britain’s youngest prime minister in nearly 200 years. He wasted no time in moving the country away from 13 years of Labour Party rule and mounting deficits: On Oct. 20 Conservatives unveiled the most drastic government spending cuts in a lifetime—an average of nearly 20 percent per department. Cameron and the Conservatives also pushed through cuts in welfare spending and a rise in the retirement age to 66 by 2020.

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may | 


regrettable The Episcopal Church’s second openly gay bishop received ordination the same year the Church’s first openly gay bishop announced his retirement. On May , the Church ordained Mary Glasspool as Bishop of the Diocese of Los Angeles, the first lesbian bishop. Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, considered the spiritual leader of the worldwide Anglican Communion, called Glasspool’s election “regrettable” and warned it would have “important implications” for the unity of the Communion. Bishop Gene Robinson—whose  ordination as the church’s first openly gay and noncelibate clergyman launched a division that forced thousands of U.S. Episcopalians to leave the church for more conservative Anglican communions—announced his early retirement in . Robinson said the years of controversy have been a “constant strain.”

greek revival Europeans were forced into bailouts and austerity measures to deal with soaring deficits, high unemployment, and an accompanying debt crisis. Austerity measures enacted in March did not prevent Greece from needing the European Union to engineer a  billion bailout for Greece in May. As market confidence fell and stocks along with the value of the euro tumbled, European leaders gathered in Brussels May  not only to shore up Greece but to fret over which country was next.

spreading scandal In May, -year-old William Lynch allegedly lured a Roman Catholic priest from his California retirement home and then severely beat the priest, who Lynch says sexually abused him  years ago. The Roman Catholic sex-abuse scandal continued to fester with revelations of abuse and cover-ups in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, and Ireland. Five hundred victims came forward for the first time in Belgium, including the nephew of the Bishop of Bruges, who resigned in disgrace along with five Irish bishops who covered up the scandals. Pope Benedict  drew criticism for the way he handled sex-abuse cases years ago when he was archbishop of Munich and Prefect for the office that dealt with clerical sexual misconduct. In one instance, Benedict approved the transfer of a priest who then resumed parish duties although he already had been convicted of sexual abuse. Benedict dealt with the growing European scandal by issuing a letter that sternly rebuked Irish church leaders and announced an investigation of churches and seminaries. The Vatican also revised its internal code to deal with offending priests more quickly.

JANUARY 1, 2011

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2010 | may

rain and response

times square bomber

finale Lost, the groundbreaking drama that launched a thousand (or what felt like a thousand) imitators, wrapped up after six often frustrating but always riveting seasons. Some fans were disappointed by a finale that failed to resolve all the mysteries the island presented. Others found the emotion-heavy reunions of Oceanic Flight 815 enough, never mind what the deal was with the four-toed giant statue. Either way, ABC proved that a deeply philosophical series that required more of its audience than mere passive viewing could score with the American public.


The neon-filled streets of Times Square pulsed with tourists, shoppers, and theater fans on a warm May evening when Faisal Shahzad lit the fuse of a crude bomb in a parked SUV and walked away. The propane-and-gasoline explosives that could have killed scores of bystanders didn’t detonate. The FBI captured Shahzad—a Pakistani immigrant and naturalized U.S. citizen—as he boarded a plane. He pleaded guilty to 10 terrorism and weapons counts, and smirked while accepting a life sentence in a federal court. Before jailers escorted him from the courtroom, he said, “Brace yourselves, because the war with Muslims has just begun.”

flooding: AngelA lewis/ChAttAnoogA times free Press/AP • lost: mArio Perez/AbC/AP • times squAre: Alfred giAnCArli/new York dAilY news/AP

When nearly 14 inches of rain fell on Middle and West Tennessee in May, the damage was vast—24 dead, 1,500 homes destroyed, and billions of dollars in damage. The rains left downtown Nashville underwater and flooded many of its iconic attractions, including the Grand Ole Opry. But if the damage was vast, so was the local response: The nonprofit Hands On Nashville coordinated most of the volunteer efforts, including 21,300 volunteers who logged 88,287 hours delivering meals, helping with cleanup, and rebuilding the region.

WORLD JAnuArY 1, 2011

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 | june

supremes rule

primary upsets

to infinity . . . and beyond Woody and Buzz never get old, even if Andy is going off to college. Fans of the Toy Story franchise turned out in record numbers for its third installment, making Toy Story ’s opening day the biggest gross ever for an animated film, and its opening weekend the highest-grossing of any Pixar film. In this case crowd appeal and critical acclaim go hand in hand; by year’s end it was on the short lists for a Best Picture Oscar nomination.



By early June incumbents were getting the voters’ message: Your reelection is not guaranteed, not even in primary contests within your own party. Three-term Republican senator from Utah Robert Bennett lost in May. Then a House member and -term Democrat, Alan Mollohan from West Virginia, lost his primary to a state legislator. And anti-establishment fever toppled the five-term Republican-turned-Democrat senator from Pennsylvania, Arlen Specter. “They’re angry and they’re angry at Washington. And I’m in Washington,” said Bennett, explaining the end of his nearly two-decade career representing Utah. The anger continued through the summer and fall. Even endorsements from the nation’s most powerful lawmakers proved meaningless: Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell’s pick for the next senator from his own home state of Kentucky got crushed by Tea Party firebrand Rand Paul.

A surprising Supreme Court decision in June means that a Christian student group won’t be recognized on campus any longer. The court ruled - against the Christian Legal Society, which the University of California Hastings School of Law barred because it required voting members to agree to a statement of faith. The school’s policy forbids student groups to have membership requirements like faith statements. While the court found that policy to be constitutional, several justices criticized the policy as “ill-advised” and “weird” because it would require a Democratic group to admit Republicans into membership, for example. Scholars of the court had expected the court to rule in the Christian group’s favor, as it had in past instances of universities banning Christian groups, like the  case Rosenberger v. University of Virginia. In another decision, the court ruled - to allow the Mojave cross, built more than  years ago to honor the World War I dead, to stand in the desert. Just after the long-running case was decided, however, the cross itself was stolen and has not been replaced. Justice Anthony Kennedy proved to be the swing vote in both the cross and Christian student group cases.


26 YIR June.indd 46

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12/13/10 11:33 PM

26 YIR June.indd 47

Damare, a 10-year-old Sudanese boy, was nailed to a board and left to die.


World Mag Sudan 2-page Ad.indd 1 26 YIR June.indd 48

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Christian Persecution Exists FOR ME.

Sarah was born in a restricted nation where freedom of religion simply does not exist. When she openly practiced her faith, she was arrested and tortured. She was forced to walk barefoot in circles around a room while interrogators beat her hands and feet. Eventually she was walking in a trail of her own blood. But Sarah would not deny Christ. “I thought of Christ being beaten on the way to the cross,” she said later. “He suffered for me and in a small way I shared in that suffering for Him. It gave me courage to survive my time in prison.”

Sarah Liu


Damare was only 10 years old when he was sold as a slave. Because he was a Christian, one Sunday he snuck off to attend a church service. Damare was discovered and dragged to a field where his owner nailed his hands and knees to a board and left him to die. Miraculously, Damare was rescued. Later he told us, “I forgive the man who did this to me. Jesus was also nailed [to a cross], and He forgave me.”



Richard Wurmbrand was imprisoned a total of 14 years for being the pastor of an underground church. He spent three years in solitary confinement where he faced torture and despair beyond imagination. Yet through that despair, Richard found a depth of faith he never knew existed. “It was in the midst of suffering I experienced the everlasting love of Christ.” Pastor Wurmbrand went on to establish The Voice of the Martyrs. Richard Wurmbrand

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The Voice of the Martyrs

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2010 | july

world cup For fans and players of the disappointing French and Italian national soccer teams, the 2010 FIFA World Cup is one they’d like to soon forget. But for billions of soccer fans around the world the summer tournament in South Africa will ring in their memories—and ears—for years to come. Record audiences from 70 nations tuned in to watch broadcasts of the 64 matches and were met with the irrepressible drone of buzzing vuvuzelas—a sound so oppressive and constant from thousands of hornblowing spectators that French player Patrice Evra sought to blame his team’s abysmal performance on the noise. But the tournament represented the most-watched television event in history: More than 700 million people witnessed Spain’s 1-0 victory over the Netherlands in the final. Nevertheless, the 2010 World Cup may be long remembered not for Spain but for aural pain.

gay marriage Gay marriage supporters in California and Hawaii took their cases to the courts—and appear likely headed to the Supreme Court. After Gov. Linda Lingle of Hawaii vetoed a same-sex civil union bill, gay-rights groups filed a lawsuit claiming that Hawaii denies same-sex couples the rights and protections it gives to heterosexual couples. But the election of Neil Abercrombie, a Democrat who supports same-sex civil unions, as governor means legislation is on the table again. In California, U.S. District Court Judge Vaughn R. Walker reversed California’s state amendment banning gay marriage, sending the case to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in August, which heard oral arguments on Dec. 6. Walker faulted defenders of the measure, known as Prop 8, for bringing only two witnesses and threw out the testimony of one witness entirely. After the ruling, lawyers waged another brief battle over whether same-sex marriages could continue while the case is being appealed, a fight that Proposition 8 defenders won when the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that same-sex marriages could not proceed until the case is decided. Both sides have vowed to take the case to the U.S. Supreme Court.



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2010 | july

recess excess

waterlogged So-called natural disasters piled up, as China endured its worst flooding in decades, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs estimated some 1,400 people had died by August. Pakistan and India also suffered severe floods, with Pakistan facing an added threat: Terrorist groups mobilized quick and effective aid efforts that government officials feared would endear corrupt forces to needy Pakistanis. Meanwhile, Christian relief groups covertly shuttled aid to Pakistani churches facing the long-standing danger of being a washed-out religious minority in a predominantly Muslim nation.


china: afp/Getty imaGes • Berwick: scott J. ferrell/conGressional Quarterly/Getty imaGes

Barack Obama knew he had a fight on his hands with Senate Republicans over his choice for a top medical post. So during the Independence Day recess, when nominations don’t require normal Senate approval, he bypassed the Senate to make the key administrative appointment. By tapping Harvard professor Donald Berwick to head the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services, Obama placed at the center of America’s new healthcare program a proponent of medical rationing and a supporter of England’s socialized national health system. Berwick, who said it is “not whether or not we will ration care—the decision is whether we will ration with our eyes open,” was placed in charge of a Medicaid program that is expected to expand by at least 16 million more patients thanks to Obamacare. Over the August recess, Obama did it again, making four recess appointments to top administrative posts without Senate approval. But that would be the last time: Senate Democrats joined with Republicans in October to block additional recess appointments. By going into “pro forma” sessions throughout the campaign season recess, senators signaled to Obama that sidestepping congressional privilege is not condoned by lawmakers from either party.

WORLD January 1, 2011

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How will they hear...

china: afp/Getty imaGes • Berwick: scott J. ferrell/conGressional Quarterly/Getty imaGes


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august | 2010

leaving iraq America’s last combat brigade peacefully rolled out of Iraq in the middle of August. While most troops journeyed into Iraq seven years ago riding inside lightly armored Humvees, this last unit departed for Kuwait in heavily armored combat Strykers. With the exit, U.S. troops in Iraq dropped below the 50,000 mark, the lowest level since the war began. U.S. service members killed since 2003 stood at 4,420. While a handful of noncombat U.S. brigades and about 4,500 Special Forces troops will remain at least another year, the heavily hyped combat exit kick-started another debate: Is Iraq a safer place? It did not take long to find out that challenges remain: The day after the 2nd Infantry Division left, bombers and gunmen killed at least 55 Iraqis and wounded hundreds in nearly two dozen coordinated attacks across the country.

MAYA AlleRUzzo/Ap

JANUARY 1, 2011

26 YIR August.indd 55



12/14/10 10:20 AM

2010 | august

to fund or not to fund Judges and scientists clashed this year over the funding of human embryonic stem-cell research. In May, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced that it was opening 13 new embryonic stem-cell lines eligible for federally funded research. But in August, a federal judge barred the NIH from funding the research, saying it violated a federal amendment that bans the funding of research that destroys human embryos. Stem-cell researchers quickly called the decision “criminal” and “devastating,” but Judge Royce Lamberth said that allowing the funding would “flout the will of Congress.” But the money still flows for now, since the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit said that funding could continue while the Department of Justice appeals Lamberth’s decision. Francis S. Collins, director of NIH, defended embryonic stemcell research before the Senate Subcommittee on Labor, saying it’s “one of the most promising research avenues of recent times.”


voting for change Church leaders in Kenya are living with their country’s new constitution after working earlier this year to defeat it. They and pro-life leaders opposed the constitution because it liberalized Kenya’s strict abortion law, allowing a “trained health professional” to authorize abortion “for emergency treatment” or if the life or health of the mother is in danger. Pro-life leaders in Congress accused USAID of inappropriately campaigning for the constitution, pointing to an audit that discovered USAID gave at least $23 million to grantees that pushed the constitution. The constitution passed peaceably by a two-thirds majority in August, and in October a regional committee for the National Council of Churches of Kenya called for amendments to the constitution. They cautioned that Kenya’s prosperity depends on embracing “godliness and righteousness.”

little: COURteSY OF tHe little FAMilY/AFp/newSCOM • kenYA: liU CHAn/XinHUA/SipA pReSS/newSCOM • SteM CellS: SpenCeR plAtt/GettY iMAGeS

Gunmen surrounded a medical team in Afghanistan’s remote Nuristan province on Aug. 5, shooting and killing 10 humanitarian workers, including six Americans, a Briton, a German, and two Afghans. It was one of the most brutal attacks on civilians in Afghanistan since war began there in 2001, and the Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. In November the White House announced that team leader Tom Little, 61, an optometrist from New York who had worked in Afghanistan since 1976 and helped to establish an eye hospital in Kabul, would posthumously receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor awarded in the United States.


26 YIR August.indd 56

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afghan atrocity

august | 2010

bad eggs



little: COURteSY OF tHe little FAMilY/AFp/newSCOM • kenYA: liU CHAn/XinHUA/SipA pReSS/newSCOM • SteM CellS: SpenCeR plAtt/GettY iMAGeS

A salmonella outbreak prompted the recall of a half billion eggs and the passage of food safety legislation. Conditions at two Iowa egg companies caused an outbreak that led to the largest egg recall in U.S. history and over 1,800 illnesses in six months, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The FDA failed to inspect the farms before the outbreak and was still trying to enforce its standards in October, when it cleared one company to resume egg shipments but told another company its “insanitary conditions” still failed to make the grade. FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg used the outbreak as an opportunity to urge Congress to pass food safety legislation requiring more food inspections and allowing the FDA to recall contaminated food.

On Aug. 17, a jury found former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich guilty on just one federal count after facing 24 federal charges of corruption and abuse of power. Blagojevich, who faced accusations that he auctioned off the Senate seat once held by President Barack Obama for personal gain, was convicted of lying to the FBI only. The other counts drew a hung jury. The prosecution team has asked for a retrial, which a federal judge has delayed until April.

kagan The Supreme Court welcomed for its fall term a new justice, Elena Kagan, previously the U.S. solicitor general, the attorney that argues on the government’s behalf before the court. She replaced 90-year-old retiring Justice John Paul Stevens. Kagan sailed through her confirmation hearings, winning the support of five Republican senators, despite her lack of experience as a judge and her background as a political adviser in the Clinton White House.

JAnUARY 1, 2011

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2010 | september

we pledge

At least 25 people were killed on Sept. 2 in a gun battle between Mexico’s army troops and drug traffickers in the violent border state of Tamaulipas, south of Corpus Christi, Texas. Troops pursued the gunmen near Ciudad Mier after they were detected by aerial patrols, and in addition to killing the traffickers, the army rescued three kidnapping victims. As Mexico’s drug war entered its fourth year, violence at its border with the United States continued to mount. In Tamaulipas, one drug cartel is battling former allies, the Zeta paramilitary gang, plunging the state further into chaos. The same day that troops confronted drug cartels in Tamaulipas, Mexican President Felipe Calderon delivered his annual state of the union address in downtown Mexico City, urging Mexicans to fight on: “I say with absolute certainty, it is possible to defeat the criminals.” In the past four years more than 28,000 Mexicans have died in drug-related violence. Those killed in 2010 include 30 journalists and 11 mayors.

On Sept. 20 the Business Cycle Dating Committee of the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) met by conference call and issued their official finding: A trough in business activity occurred in the U.S. economy in June 2009. That meant the endpoint of a recession that began in December 2007 and the beginning of an expansion. With unemployment hovering at 10 percent, Americans feeling squeezed by higher prices and lower wages, and banks holding tight to cash reserves instead of lending to businesses, few could believe in an upswing. That’s because the recession lasted 18 months, making it the longest recession since World War II. The NBER’s conclusion was controversial, but the committee insisted that it determined only that the recession—a period of falling economic activity spread across the economy—ended. Recovery normally visible in real GDP, real income, employment, industrial production, and wholesale-retail sales, is the next sign to watch for.


MeXico: toMAS BRAvo/ReUteRS/lANdov • ReceSSioN: MAtt RoURKe/Ap

what recession?


26 YIR September.indd 58

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pledge: J. Scott Applewhite/Ap • MoSQUe: MoNiKA gRAFF/Upi/lANdov

mexico’s drug wars

Six weeks before mid-term elections, conservative lawmakers unveiled their “Pledge to America” from a suburban Virginia hardware store. Reminiscent of the GOP’s 1994 “Contract with America,” the Sept. 23 pact promised to extend tax cuts, to gut the healthcare overhaul, and to certify the constitutional legitimacy of all legislation. Polls would later show that more than 50 percent of voters took notice of the pledge, which, Republicans hoped, would propel candidates to November victories and show voters that they were not just the “party of no.”

MeXico: toMAS BRAvo/ReUteRS/lANdov • ReceSSioN: MAtt RoURKe/Ap

pledge: J. Scott Applewhite/Ap • MoSQUe: MoNiKA gRAFF/Upi/lANdov

ground zero A brewing controversy over construction of a mosque near Ground Zero spilled over into persistent street protests in New York City as the ninth anniversary of 9/11 drew near. Imam Abdul Feisal Rauf proposed building a Muslim community center in an empty building two blocks from Ground Zero, and a range of leaders and organizations—from former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich to the Anti-Defamation League and Saudi Prince Al-waleed bin Talal—criticized the project. The furor influenced New York’s primary election and reached its height when Florida pastor Terry Jones threatened to host a Quran burning in protest on 9/11. Fearful that al-Qaeda would use Jones’ actions as a recruitment tool, Defense Secretary Robert Gates phoned Jones to ask him to desist. The pastor backed down. Plans for the Muslim center continued forward but met protests again in November when the mosque’s developers applied for a $5 million federal grant to fund the project.

JANUARY 1, 2011

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26 YIR October.indd 60

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chile: MARTiN BeRNeTTi/AFP/GeTTy iMAGes • KiM JoNG UN: yAo DAwei/XiNhUA/AP • BAGhDAD: Ali ABBAs/ePA/lANDov

october | 2010

chile: MARTiN BeRNeTTi/AFP/GeTTY iMAGes • KiM JoNG UN: YAo DAwei/XiNhUA/AP • BAGhDAD: Ali ABBAs/ePA/lANDov

chilean rescue Comfort and joy greeted 33 Chilean miners rescued more than two months after a tunnel collapse buried the workers nearly 2,300 feet underground. Rescuers spent weeks boring a narrow escape shaft and hauled the miners to the surface one by one on Oct. 13. The elated men emerged surprisingly healthy and happy, as tearful family members embraced them, and onlookers burst into the national anthem. The oldest miner in the group, Mario Gomez, 63, dropped to his knees in grateful prayer: “I never lost faith that they would find us.” Rescue workers had sent miniature Bibles to the men— along with food, water, and medical supplies—through a bore hole the size of a grapefruit. Miner Mario Sepulveda, 40, described a spiritual battle in the dark, humid cave the men inhabited for 70 days: “I was with God and I was with the devil. They fought and God won.”

il to un The stone-faced son of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il somberly watched a massive military parade marking 65 years of Communist rule, and faced the prospect of ruling the reclusive nation on his own: Kim Jong Il—the country’s so-called “Dear Leader”—initiated a process in October that will eventually transfer power to his youngest son, Kim Jong Un. Little is known about Jong Un—even his age is a mystery. (Media reports speculate he is 27.) But the young man will inherit toxic policies from his ailing father: An active nuclear weapons program, a possible routine for funneling weapons to Iran, and a habit of sparking hot conflict with neighbors. In March, North Korea torpedoed a South Korean submarine, killing 48 sailors. In November, it fired artillery rounds at a South Korean island, killing two South Korean marines and two civilians. But the nation’s ruling party may be doing the most damage to its own people: Amnesty International reported a collapsed healthcare system. And a collapsed monetary system may be inducing the kind of famine that killed massive numbers in the 1990s. A North Korean Christian told Open Doors International that humanitarian conditions were plummeting: “It’s downright chaos and utter panic.”

‘killing sword’ U.S. forces may have left Iraq voluntarily, but Christians fled because they had no choice. On Oct. 31, attacks on a Baghdad church service left 58 dead and more than 70 wounded. The slaughter was the deadliest recorded against the nation’s Christian minority since the U.S.-led invasion. Days later a string of bombings hit Christian homes in Baghdad. By mid-November the strikes against Christians, many claimed by an al-Qaeda-backed group, had spread to other cities. And with attackers boldly entering Christian homes to claim their victims, Iraq’s dwindling Christian population braced for more exoduses. The Islamic State of Iraq, the al-Qaeda front group, declared that the “killing sword will not be lifted” and said Christians everywhere are “legitimate targets.”

JANUARY 1, 2011

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12/14/10 10:53 PM

 | october

lausanne congress: chinese and internet The Lausanne Movement on World Evangelization, which launched its first congress over  years ago under the leadership of evangelist Billy Graham and theologian John Stott, held its third congress in Cape Town, South Africa—an appropriate venue to showcase the growth of Christianity in the “global south.” Chinese authorities apparently weren’t impressed: In the days leading up to the October event, they blocked all of the Chinese delegation—at over  the second largest—from attending. That move ironically prompted worldwide attention on the event (and China’s human-rights record), which sought to reaffirm the church’s global commitment to discipleship and obedience to the gospel beyond evangelical media and other outlets. And by Day  of the week-long congress, it was obvious that China had retaliated: Without formally naming China, Lausanne leaders acknowledged that their internet system had been under continual cyberattack, threatening not only media coverage but a global link set up to broadcast congress sessions to more than  sites in  countries. Internet specialists said the system was bombarded with millions of hits coming from  locations in China. That’s when two delegates to the congress from India stepped forward. Within hours, Vijay Kumar, an employee of Unisys in Bangalore, and his cousin Daniel Singh, a pastor with a doctorate in computational biology, had helped to resolve the problem.

Two foiled terror attempts showed the determination of enemies from without and within: In October, authorities discovered explosives on U.S.-bound cargo planes after Yemen-based terrorists mailed the bombs in packages. A month later, authorities arrested Mohamed Osman Mohamed, a Somali-born U.S. citizen who attempted to detonate explosives at a Christmas tree–lighting ceremony in Portland, Ore. Undercover  agents spent months intercepting and dismantling his plan. Agents say Mohamed, , said he wanted to destroy “the enemy of Allah.”


sudden danger Indonesia’s Mount Merapi volcano began erupting in October, spewing gas and ash that drove some , Indonesians from their homes and killed more than  people within a few weeks. Rescuers expected to find more bodies when villages buried in hot ash cooled enough to excavate.




26 YIR October.indd 62

12/14/10 9:31 PM


Welsey: A Heart Transformed Can Change the World Step into eighteenth-century England and experience the transformation of one man, whose heart-wrenching search for peace haunts him even as he pours himself into a life of service and evangelism. This feature film, based on the personal diaries of John Wesley, is a story that reads like a Hollywood screenplay—house fire, near shipwreck on the high seas, adventure in a new world, and ill-fated romance! Uncover Wesley’s spiritual struggle and renewal as never before while you learn about his controversial “Method.” Marked by confrontation, tension, and mob violence, Wesley’s perseverance compelled him to a new type of itinerant, open-air ministry to the lowest classes of society. John Wesley is well known as the spiritual father of Methodism. His heartfelt struggles, his passion for authentic faith expressing itself through meaningful kingdom work, and his message of saving grace resonate with audiences of all ages. Directed by the Reverend John Jackman, the feature-length film stars Burgess Jenkins, June Lockhart, Kevin McCarthy, R. Keith Harris, and Carrie Anne Hunt. 2 hours. $ 99 DVD - #501370D, $24.99 Introductory Sale Price

Picking up where the events of the acclaimed Passion of the Christ left off, A.D. vividly recreates the turbulent years following the death of Christ. The earliest experiences of the Christian church after Jesus' ascension are powerfully dramatized in this remarkably authentic TV miniseries epic covering the years A.D. 30-69. The perfect resource for any church or home study group wishing to explore the New Testament period, the Early Church, or the Book of Acts. This Biblically and historically accurate drama comes complete with a 56-page study guide in PDF, providing a 12-week course. Performances from an all-star cast, together with the scope of the project, also make this great Bible-based family entertainment. This Vincenzo Labella production features: Anthony Andrews, Colleen Dewhurst, Ava Gardner, David Hedison, John Houseman, Richard Kiley, James Mason, Susan Sarandon, Ben Vereen and many others. $ 99 DVD - #109269D,

Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace

Peter and Paul

What is a moral person to do in a time of savage immorality? That question tormented Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German clergyman of great distinction who actively opposed Hitler and the Nazis. His convictions cost him his life. The Nazis hanged him on April 9, 1945, less than a month before the end of the war. Bonhoeffer’s last years, his participation in the German resistance and his moral struggle are dramatized in this film. More than just a biographical portrait, Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace sheds light on the little-known efforts of the German resistance. It brings to a wide audience the heroic rebellion of Bonhoeffer, a highly regarded Lutheran minister who could have kept his peace and saved his life on several occasions but instead paid the ultimate price for his beliefs. Starring Ulrich Tukur, Robert Joy, Johanna Klante and Ulrich Noethen. Drama, widescreen, 90 minutes (includes Spanish, Portuguese, German, optional English subtitles, actors’ bios). $ 99 DVD - #4638D,

This Emmy Award-winning production, starring Anthony Hopkins and Robert Foxworth, captures the vitality, intensity, and humanity of two who were entrusted by Christ to carry the Gospel into all the world. Based on the Scriptures by and about Peter and Paul, this video shows how they were driven by a heavenly vision for a different kind of world. They paid a horrendous price for their devotion—Peter crucified and Paul beheaded—but their ministries transcended the cruelty of their enemies to become important pillars of the Christian Church. Drama, 194 minutes (includes Spanish, optional English subtitles, actors’ bios). $ 99 DVD - #4628D,


Lausanne: Micah chiang/Lausanne MoveMent • Merapi: aDeK BerrY/aFp/gettY iMages • BoMB: ap





The best special of the year for all 4 DVDs – a $94.96 value for only $39.99, #98059D. Save $54.97! Use promo code “wmsale2” when ordering to receive this special price. Sale good until Jan. 31, 2011. TO ORDER, CALL:

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Please mention source code “WM0111” when ordering.

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2010 | november

change the gop can believe in The day after voters went to the polls, President Barack Obama faced reporters at the White House and provided a one word post-election analysis, shellacking, for what happed to Democrats on Nov. 2. After nearly two years of watching lawmakers vote on costly healthcare, stimulus, bailouts, and takeover packages, the nation’s taxpayers finally got a chance to cast some votes of their own. The results were almost anticlimactic, as voters had signaled in primary upset after primary upset that business as usual was over. Republicans gained 63 seats in the House, besting a 1994 pickup total of 54 and giving Republicans the most seats (242) they’ve held in the U.S. House of Representatives in over 60 years. On the other side of Capitol Hill, Democrats managed to hold off a GOP takeover of the Senate. But Republicans picked up six seats for a total of 47. Two incumbent Democrats (Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas and Russ Feingold of Wisconsin) lost while the GOP won open seats in Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois, and North Dakota.

state supremacy The real Republican revolution in November was at the state level: The GOP posted whopping gains of at least 680 seats and now controls 25 state legislatures, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL). The last time a party came close to approaching that number of pickups in recent memory was in 1974, when Democrats captured 628 seats. In addition, at least a dozen state legislators have switched parties from Democrat to Republican since the election. The timing is what makes these wins so important. With the once-a-decade census just completed, most state legislatures will be overseeing redistricting when they receive the census data in February. NCSL estimates that Republicans will have control over the redrawing of 195 districts while Democrats will have control over 45. And the GOP has control in the states projected to change the most seats after the census: Texas, Florida, and Ohio.



26 YIR November.indd 64


12/14/10 9:39 PM

26 YIR November.indd 65

12/14/10 9:39 PM

2010 | november

celtic tiger no more Officials with the European Union and the International Monetary Fund agreed to a $112 billion bailout package for Ireland after it became clear that Ireland’s high bank debts could destabilize the euro and further spread Europe’s debt crisis. Regulators believed they had to craft a bailout to ward off rising interest rates, but analysts fear that bailouts of debtridden members of the EU—with Spain or Portugal likely next—could threaten currency stability. Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen quickly asked Parliament to enact austerity measures that will cut $8 billion from the government’s budget this year, and he will likely call for general elections in 2011 after his own ruling coalition fell apart in the midst of the crisis. Thus ended two decades of Ireland’s rapid growth: During that time Irish GDP per capita doubled, but so did government spending and debt as a percentage of household income.

detroit moves

bankrupt The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), often attacked for shoddy voter registration, declared bankruptcy on Election Day under the weight of millions of dollars in debt. The dissolution of ACORN began in March after months of controversy, when the organization announced it would begin shutting down its offices. In several cases, some of the staff of local ACORN branches remained the same but instigated a rebranding. The New York branch, for example, became New York Communities for Change. ACORN’s chief executive officer, Bertha Lewis, attributed the November bankruptcy to a “right-wing media blitz.” The organization lost support in Congress for its federal funding after conservative activists released compromising videos showing ACORN employees helping two individuals evade taxes and seek to set up a business related to prostitution. But the organization’s record was already in question: Its founder had covered up his brother’s $1 million embezzlement from the organization, and dozens of ACORN employees have been charged with election fraud, with two recently convicted in Nevada and Minnesota.



Seventeen months after a governmentarranged bankruptcy, General Motors returned to the public market in November with a $20 billion initial public offering that cut the U.S. government’s ownership stake in GM from 61 percent to 36 percent. GM has a way to go, but CEO Daniel Akerson said the auto maker is “very well-positioned” to reap profits in 2011 if auto sales continue to pick up.

WORLD JANuARy 1, 2011

26 YIR November.indd 66

12/14/10 9:40 PM


“ To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that he might be glorified.” (Isaiah 61:3)

Please help Vision for Israel.

An inferno raged across Israel’s Carmel Forest for four days. Over 5 million trees were consumed. 12,300 acres of land was destroyed. 17,000 people were evacuated. Three communities were totally wiped out including a kibbutz and one of the country’s oldest artist colonies. 219 people were left homeless. And 42 lost their lives in the fire. Vision for Israel is a humanitarian ministry run by Israelis with deep connections throughout the country. We are determined to stay and help for as long as it takes to meet the needs created by this terrible disaster and see that the beauty of Mount Carmel will rise again from the ashes. Please join Vision for Israel in the process of comforting the people and rebuilding the land. Together we can be vessels of God’s love for the people of the region and custodians of this land so rich in Biblical history.

Yes! I want to help Vision for Israel assist the rebuilding of Israel’s north that has just suffered the worst disaster the country has seen in over 40 years. Name: _______________________________ Address: _____________________________ City:_________________ State: ___ Zip: _____ Email: _______________________________ Telephone: ____________________________ ( ) $20 to help rebuild Israel’s north. ( ) $40 to help rebuild Israel’s north. ( ) $100 to help rebuild Israel’s north. ( ) $_______ to help rebuild Israel’s north. Mail this coupon and your check to:

P.O. Box 7265 Jerusalem 91073 Israel

26 YIR November.indd 67

12/14/10 3:16 PM

2010 | december

in absentia

The 2010 federal budget deficit hit a near-record $1.294 trillion, only slightly less than 2009’s overspending. The Congressional Budget Office projected the national debt would reach a level equal to 90 percent of the U.S. gross domestic product by 2020—up from just 40 percent two years ago. In a December report, the bipartisan National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform warned that “if the U.S. does not put its house in order, the reckoning will be sure and the devastation severe.”


WikiLeaks began releasing portions of 250,000 diplomatic cables after Thanksgiving to select newspapers and via its own website. The messages rocked international relations as well as the United States’ intelligence-gathering operations. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the “attack” endangered humanrights activists and others working with the U.S. government. The organization also leaked classified information including a list of infrastructure sites around the world vital to U.S. security. Bradley Manning, an Army intelligence specialist currently in military detention, is allegedly responsible for providing all the files to WikiLeaks. The organization’s leader, Julian Assange, said the documents would show that the United States had broken international laws, but they prominently contained embarrassing assessments of various government officials. The first week of December, British authorities arrested Assange, wanted for questioning on sexual offenses in Sweden, but two weeks later, appeared near to releasing him on bail. The U.S. Justice Department is pursuing a criminal investigation against him, and may press espionage charges that could cover other 2010 leaks of classified material: more than 76,000 documents related to the war in Afghanistan released in July, and 400,000 documents concerning the Iraq War released in October. Amazon, which hosted WikiLeaks’ website, cut off service, and PayPal, Mastercard, and Visa cut financial ties with the organization. Then a global coalition of hackers supportive of WikiLeaks, known as Anonymous, retaliated, launching denial-of-service attacks on websites for the State Department, Amazon, PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, and even websites for politicians who had denounced the organization, like Sen. Joe Lieberman and Sarah Palin. U.S. agencies, which began sharing more information on central databases in the wake of 9/11, are tightening access to classified data.

LIU: HeIko JUnge/ScanpIx/ap • WIkI: THoMaS coex/aFp/geTTy IMageS • RangeL: J. ScoTT appLeWHITe/ap

deeper in debt

wiki wars

WORLD JanUaRy 1, 2011

26 YIR December.indd 68

12/15/10 5:38 PM


In 2009 leaders and heads of state clamored to see Sweden’s Nobel committee award its annual Peace Prize to President Barack Obama. This year 20 countries boycotted the event—and the head of the Nobel committee placed this year’s prize on an empty chair Dec. 10 as he called on Beijing to free the 2010 laureate Liu Xiaobo from his Chinese prison cell. Liu, an author and former professor who helped lead the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests, has been in jail for the past year for co-authoring Charter 08, a manifesto calling for political reform and greater freedom in China. Chinese authorities censored live broadcasts by CNN and the BBC of the Oslo award ceremony. “We regret that the laureate is not present here today,” Thorbjoern Jagland, chairman of the committee, said, standing on a flowercovered podium in Oslo’s city hall under a large smiling portrait of the absent laureate. Liu is in isolation in a prison in northeastern China, and authorities did not allow the laureate’s wife Liu Xia or relatives to travel to Oslo in his place. It was only the second time in the 109-year-old history of the prize that a Peace Prize laureate failed to attend. Jagland said Liu’s medal, diploma, and prize money ($1.5 million) will be awarded “at a later date.”

house censure

LIU: HeIko JUnge/ScanpIx/ap • WIkI: THoMaS coex/aFp/geTTy IMageS • RangeL: J. ScoTT appLeWHITe/ap


Once the House Ethics Committee found veteran Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-N.Y., guilty of 11 counts of ethics violations, he received the harshest punishment short of expulsion from Congress: censure, a largely symbolic measure that requires Rangel to stand on the House floor while the censure is read aloud, which he did defiantly on Dec. 2. Congress has censured only 22 lawmakers in its history. According to the 11 guilty counts, Rangel left about $600,000 in income and assets unreported over the course of 17 years, and the committee ordered him to pay the back taxes owed. He also leased a rent-controlled apartment for his campaign offices, and used congressional letterhead to raise money for a foundation in his honor.

status upgrade The tiny Christian population of Bhutan awaited an end-ofthe-month meeting in December that could change its status in this remote nation in the eastern Himalayas. The religious minority figures at less than half of a percent of the population in the predominantly Buddhist nation, but the government authority that regulates religious organizations is set to discuss whether a Christian organization can be registered to represent its community. Currently only Buddhist and Hindu organizations can be registered and openly practice their religion, and earlier this year a Christian worker from Nepal was sentenced to three years in prison for “attempting to promote civil unrest” by showing films on Christianity. For more than a century, Bhutan has been ruled as an absolute monarchy, but it became a constitutional monarchy two years ago. Asked if Christians were likely to win the same rights as Buddhists and Hindus, official Dorji Tshering told Compass Direct News, “Absolutely.”

JanUaRy 1, 2011

26 YIR December.indd 69



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de p a r t tokunboh adeyemo

ivy bean

, Oct.  | Artist who created Crusader Rabbit, television’s first animated cartoon series in , and also the popular s  cartoon characters Rocky and Bullwinkle, a flying squirrel and luckless moose.

, July  | British centenarian who, with her donated nursing home computer, became the world’s oldest Twitter user, attracting , followers on the short-messages networking website, which she joined when she reached Facebook’s maximum number of friends (,) but still had , Facebook “friend” requests.

sparky anderson , Oct.  | Hall of Fame baseball manager who led the Cincinnati Reds and Detroit Tigers to World Series championships.

louis auchincloss , Jan.  | New York lawyer and prolific polished writer of many novels (Venus in Sparta, The Partners, East End Story), biographies (Woodrow Wilson), and short stories.


vernon baker , July  | Heroic U.S. Army lieutenant in World War II, the last survivor among only seven black men who received the Medal of Honor, the nation’s highest award for battlefield valor—belatedly,  years after the war

glen bell , Jan.  | Restaurateur who founded the Taco Bell fast food chain in  and sold it in  to Pepsico for  million.


alex anderson


26 Departures.indd 72

12/14/10 10:12 PM


ended, in , having been denied the honor because of their race.

, March  | Nigerian Muslim convert to Christianity in  who became a leading evangelical scholar (two doctorates), African educator, editor (the monumental African Bible Commentary), head of the Association of Evangelicals in Africa and Madagascar for  years, and executive director of the Center for Biblical Transformation in Nairobi, Kenya.

rtures compiled by E E. P

lisa blount , Oct.  | Academy Award–winning film actress known for her roles in An Officer and a Gentleman () and Prince of Darkness ().



jerry bock , Nov.  | Broadway composer of Fiddler on the Roof and other acclaimed musical productions, including, with lyricist Sheldon Harnick, the Pulitzer Prize– winning drama Fiorello!

jim bohlen barbara billingsley , Oct.  | Film and television actress best known as June Cleaver in TV’s Leave It to Beaver.

george blanda , Sept.  | Hall of Fame quarterback and field goal kicker for the Chicago Bears, Houston Oilers, and Oakland Raiders, whose -year career was the longest in pro football history.

donald bloesch , Aug.  | Evangelical theologian ordained in the United Church of Christ and longtime professor at Dubuque Seminary

(Presbyterian), whose opus magnum was his sevenvolume Christian Foundations (InterVarsity Press).

, July  | Quaker-inspired activist environmentalist and co-founder of Greenpeace International.

manute bol

tom bosley , Oct.  | Actor best known for his  series roles as Howard “Mr. C” Cunningham in Happy Days, Sheriff Tupper in Murder, She Wrote, and the priest in Father Dowling Mysteries.

, June  | Lithe -foot- pro basketball shotblocker for four  teams over  years, known for his humanitarian work in his native Sudan.

denise borino-quinn , Oct.  | Actress who played weight-battling Mafia wife Ginny Sacrimoni on the  series The Sopranos.

JANUARY 1, 2011

26 Departures.indd 73



12/14/10 10:12 PM

robert bratcher

recorded by top artists, including Elvis Presley, Willie Nelson, Patsy Cline (“I Fall to Pieces”), and Eddy Arnold (“Make the World Go Away”).

, July  | Controversial Southern Baptist translator of Good News for Modern Man, the New Testament portion of the American Bible Society’s Good News Bible, who rejected claims that the Bible is inerrant and infallible.

gary coleman , May  | Actor who started out at age  as Arnold Jackson, a cute and mischievous black child adopted by a wealthy white Manhattan family, on the -  sitcom Different Strokes.

david brown , Feb.  | Movie producer (Jaws, Cocoon, The Sting) and editor who married Helen Gurley (Brown) in , helped her to revamp Cosmopolitan magazine, and coaxed her to write Sex and the Single Girl, a  bestseller based on her freewheeling single years.

robert byrd

dixie carter

solomon burke , Oct.  | Grammywinning  gospel and soul singer (“Everybody Needs Somebody,” “Don’t Give Up on Me”) nicknamed “King Solomon” for often wearing a crown and carrying a scepter.

orval butcher , Oct.  | Influential suburban San Diego megachurch founder, a mentor to pastors, and a leader in the Wesleyan Church.


, April  | Actress known for her sevenseason role as Julia Sugarbaker in the  series Designing Women, and as a scary mother-in-law on Desperate Housewives.

art clokey , Jan.  | Animator who created the green clay cartoonish figure Gumby in the early s that debuted on the Howdy

Doody Show and became the star of his own successful  show, and who in  created and produced the long-running Lutheransponsored Davey and Goliath Christian  series.

hank cochran , July  | Nashville songwriter who wrote or cowrote hundreds of songs that were

cammie king conlan , Sept.  | Actress who at age  played Bonnie Blue Butler in Gone with the Wind and also voiced the fawn Faline in Walt Disney’s Bambi ().

paul conrad , Sept.  | Syndicated Pulitzer Prize–winning liberal editorial cartoonist for the Los Angeles Times.

don coryell , July  | Wellliked former San Diego Chargers head coach widely credited with modernizing the offensive passing game in the National Football League.


, June  | Fiddle-playing self-educated son of a coal miner who became U.S. senator from West Virginia from  until his death in , the longest-serving member of Congress, known for his flamboyant and sometimes fiery oratory, his evolution from segregationist to anti-war liberal, and his funneling of over a billion federal dollars to his home state.


26 Departures.indd 74

12/14/10 10:15 PM


 | departures



robert culp

robert dugan

, March  | Veteran actor best known for his role as Kelly Robinson, starring next to Bill Cosby’s Alexander Scott, in the - adventurecomedy  series I Spy.

, May  | Conservative Baptist leader and respected director of public affairs at the National Association of Evangelicals’ Washington, D.C., office -, who successfully pushed passage

with cancer during his first White House run and with its return during his - campaign, and separated after his admitted adultery, she went on to become an activist for healthcare reform.

mohammed hussein fadlallah , July  | Sometimes called the spiritual leader of Hezbollah, was accused of masterminding the  U.S. Marine barracks bombing that killed  Americans.

eddie fisher

tony curtis , Sept.  | Handsome Hollywood actor who starred in films like The Prince Who Was a Thief (), The Defiant Ones (), Spartacus (), and The Boston Strangler ().

jimmy dean , June  | Baptist-bred Country Music Hall of Fame singer (“Big Bad John,” “Little Black Book”),  host of The Jimmy Dean Show, and founder and pitchman for  years of the meat company that makes the sausage bearing his name.

of bills on drunk driving, church audit procedures, and equal access to publicschool facilities for religious organizations.

allan emery , Sept.  | Business leader and long-time president and  of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

elizabeth edwards , Dec.  | Author and estranged wife of  vice presidential nominee John Edwards, diagnosed

john forsythe , April  | Star in three  series spanning four decades: Bachelor Father, Charlie’s Angels, and Dynasty.

, Sept.  | Hugely popular clear-voiced singer of the s who sold millions of records with  hit songs (“Oh, My Pa-pa,” “I’m Yours,” “Lady of Spain”) but lost his fame and fortune to marriage scandals (Debbie Reynolds and Elizabeth Taylor were among his ex’es), gambling, and drugs.

antony flew , April  | Noted English philosopher, author, and atheist who in  became a deist after his research into genetics and  convinced him it displayed intelligent design.

dick francis , Feb.  | Champion steeplechase jockey and internationally popular British mystery novelist, many of whose horserelated thrillers were adapted for television.

JANUARY 1, 2011

26 Departures.indd 75



12/14/10 10:17 PM


 | departures

raymond franz , June  | Former highranking leader of Jehovah’s Witnesses who was banned by the sect in  for questioning its authoritarian policies and other teachings and for advocating reform, and who then wrote books (Crisis of Conscience and In Search of Christian Freedom) that helped expose the inner workings of the secretive group.

peter graves

donald goerke , Jan.  | Campbell Soup researcher who invented SpaghettiOs.

, March  | Best known as Jim Phelps on the hit  show Mission: Impossible and Captain Oveur from the comedic spoof Airplane!

guru , April  | Born Keith Elam, the throaty-voiced rapper was half of the duo Gang Star who helped bridge hip-hop and jazz.

vernon grounds

bob guccione

miep gies

henryk gorecki

, Jan.  | Teenager Anne Frank’s Dutch protector - until the Gestapo found and arrested the Frank family and other Jews.

, Nov.  | Polish composer whose beautiful heart-tugging Symphony No. , the “Symphony of Sorrowful Songs,” became a recording phenomenon of the early s, topping charts in Europe and America.

daryl gates , April  | Tough and innovative Los Angeles police chief who defended his officers after the Rodney King beating and subsequent  race riots, the worst in U.S. history, that left  dead and forced him to resign.


harold gould , Sept.  | Film and  actor for nearly  years (as Martin Morgenstern in the sitcoms Rhoda and The Mary Tyler Moore Show,, and many more).

, Oct.  | Catholic seminary dropout and American expatriate who founded Penthouse magazine.

alexander haig , Feb.  | Former Army general who served as Richard Nixon’s last-days chief of staff,  commander -, and secretary of state under Ronald Reagan.

corey haim , March  | s drug-troubled teen heartthrob best known for his role in Lucas and The Lost Boys.


, Sept.  | Influential leader in the formation of the evangelical movement who later advocated joining social action to evangelism; president of Conservative Baptistfounded Denver Seminary -.


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walter hickel

lena horne

, Jan.  | Internationally noted leader of the charismatic movement in the Church of England for  years who switched to the Antiochian Orthodox Church in  after the  decided to ordain female priests.

, May  | Twotime Alaskan governor who served as Interior secretary under President Nixon until he was fired for objecting to the treatment of Vietnam war protesters.

, May  | Pioneering AfricanAmerican singer and actress who cracked the race barrier in Hollywood in the s.

richard holbrooke

walter hawkins , July  | Grammy Award– winning gospel singer (“The Lord’s Prayer”), composer, a founder of the famed Edwin Hawkins Singers, and Church of God in Christ pastor and bishop, whose hit albums included the Love Alive series.

, Dec.  | U.S. diplomat who most recently served as U.S. special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan and was U.S. ambassador to the  from  to .

benjamin hooks , April  Lawyer, Baptist minister, first African-American appointed to the Federal Communications Commission (by President Nixon), and long-time head of the .


dorothy height

dennis hopper

, April  | Unheralded but effective champion of rights for African-American women as head of the National Council of Negro Women for  years and high-ranking leader of the .

, May  | Film actor, director, and star of the  film Easy Rider, an icon of the counterculture who renounced drug abuse and quietly became a Republican in the s.

ralph houk , July  | Former New York Yankees manager who led his team to three straight American League pennants and two World Series championships in the s.

andy irons

gladys “rusty” hunt

hank jones

, July  | Christian author and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship leader.

, Nov.  | Three-time world champion surfer.

mildred jefferson , Oct.  | First American black woman to graduate from Harvard Medical School; pro-life trailblazer who helped found the National Right to Life Committee and served as its president for three years.

, May  | Prolific and versatile jazz piano virtuoso.

lech kaczynski , April  | Staunch Catholic and Poland’s third post-Communist-era president until a fatal plane crash,


michael harper


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 | departures

nications empire, whose sale made him one of the richest men in the world.

, May  | Pioneering radio and television talkshow host best known for soliciting hilarious unrehearsed remarks from children on his “House Party”  show that aired from  to  and spawned his bestselling book, Kids Say the Darndest Things, and sequels.

, Sept.  | Presbyterian minister, author, and a leading conservative voice for greater recognition of “America’s Christian heritage,” especially in school textbooks and among historians and politicians.

kevin m c carthy , Sept.  | Actor best known for his starring role as the terrified doctor who tried to warn the world about the alien “pod people” who were taking over in the  sci-fi classic, Invasion of the Body Snatchers.



art linkletter

peter marshall jr.

who in  firmly opposed the European Union’s Lisbon Treaty prohibition of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and won an opt-out provision for Poland.

james j. kilpatrick , Aug.  | Former Virginia newspaper editor who left his pro-segregation views behind and became one of the most commanding conservative writers of his generation; his column, “A Conservative View,” ran in hundreds of newspapers for nearly  years.

john kluge , Sept.  | Entrepreneur and philanthropist who built an investment in a radio station into the Metromedia broadcasting and commu-

, Jan.  | Cousin of Saddam Hussein better known as “Chemical Ali” for the  gassing of over , Kurds, the largest use of chemical weapons in history, executed in Iraq for crimes against humanity.

james m ac arthur

rue m c clanahan

, Oct.  | Stage and screen actor who was Dano, the No.  cop in television’s Hawaii Five-O series from  to .

, June  | Actress who played the disrespectful Southern belle Blanche Devereaux in the longrunning hit  series The Golden Girls.

wilma mankiller

alexander m c queen

, April  | Chief of the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma -, the first female in modern history to lead a major Native American tribe.

, Feb.  | British-born creative director of the luxury label Gucci and reputedly one of the most respected fashion designers in the world.

JANUARY 1, 2011

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 | departures

buddy morrow , Sept.  | Trombone great who took over as bandleader of the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra -.

john murtha

don meredith

patricia neal , Aug.  | Actress and Academy Award–winner known for starring roles in The Day the Earth Stood Still, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and The Homecoming: A Christmas Story (the pilot episode for The Waltons).

roger nicole , Dec.  | Theologian and professor at Gordon Conwell Seminary and Reformed

mitch miller , July  | Goateed orchestra leader who asked Americans to “Sing Along with Mitch,” and record producer who headed Columbia Records in the s, showcasing artists like Johnny Mathis and Tony Bennett, and discovering an  artist named Aretha Franklin.


Theological Seminary who helped found the International Council on Biblical Inerrancy and the Evangelical Theological Society, along with editing recent Bible translations, including the  and New Geneva Study Bible.

leslie nielsen , Nov.  | Veteran drama actor but probably best known for his comedic roles in Airplane! and The Naked Gun series.

marshall nirenberg , Jan.  | Nobel Prize– winning biochemist and geneticist who in  deciphered the  code that lies at the basis of life.

doug oldham , July  | Award-winning gospel singer and former praise leader at  pastor Jerry Falwell’s church.

charlie o’donnell , Oct.  | Best known as the announcer on the game show Wheel of Fortune.

edwin newman , Sept.  | Witty and laid back but brainy  newsman, Today show host, commentator, and substitute anchor for more than  years, and assertive protector of proper English grammar.

merlin olsen , March  | The “Gentle Giant” Pro Football Hall of Fame lineman for the Los Angeles Rams for  seasons who later became an actor (Little House on the Prairie) and sports broadcaster.


, Dec.  |  quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys better known as color commentator for ’s Monday Night Football beginning in  alongside Howard Cosell and Keith Jackson, bringing pro football to prime-time television as part of a show he co-anchored until .

, Feb.  | Democratic congressman from Pennsylvania since  known for funneling hundreds of millions in earmarks to his district and for switching from hawk to anti-war critic in .


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fess parker

pernell roberts

dan rostenkowski

, March  | Actor best known as Davy Crockett in the mids Walt Disney television series.

, Jan.  | Best known for his role as Adam Cartwright, Ben Cartwright’s eldest son, on the popular  western series Bonanza and his title role as the chief surgeon on Trapper John, M.D.

, Aug.  | Eighteen-term Illinois congressman who chaired the House Ways and Means Committee for  years before serving  months in prison for mail fraud, pardoned in  by President Clinton.

robert brown parker

thomas c. peebles , July  | Physician and scientist who isolated the measles virus, leading to a vaccine in .

robin roberts , May  | Hall of Fame pitching ace who won  games and led the Phillies to the  National League pennant.

moishe rosen whose views evolved from mainstream evangelical to “open theism,” where God is self-limiting, not allknowing, and can be persuaded to change His mind.

elizabeth post , March  | Etiquette expert, author, and syndicated columnist who carried on the work of her grandmother, Emily Post.

lynn redgrave

teddy pendergrass , Jan.  | The booming “black Elvis” baritone who defined the genre of seductive rhythm and blues soul music (“The Love I Lost,” “Turn Off the Lights”).

clark pinnock , Aug.  | Well-known theologian


, May  | Actress (Georgy Girl) who was a member of Britain’s celebrated Redgrave family acting dynasty, including her sister Vanessa, with whom she costarred in ’s Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

rosa rio , May  | Last of the silent movie and early radio soap opera organists.

, May  | Colorful activist and founder of the Jews for Jesus outreach ministry.


, Jan.  | Prolific bestselling mystery writer who created Spenser, the Boston private eye who was the hero of nearly  novels, movie adaptations, and a popular  series (Spenser: For Hire).


26 Departures.indd 82

12/14/10 10:34 PM


 | departures



who in  revealed the excesses of Philippine first lady Imelda Marcos, including her , pairs of shoes, and was redistricted out of his seat in  after cosponsoring the resolution authorizing President George H.W. Bush to wage war in Iraq.

ted sorenson , Oct.  |  aide and speechwriter who ghosted much of Kennedy’s Pulitzer Prize–winning Profiles in Courage and who helped draft the letter to Nikita Khrushchev that diffused the Cuban Missile Crisis.

j.d. (jerome david) salinger

erich segal

elinor smith (sullivan)

, Jan.  | Reclusive American author of the perennial youth favorite, Catcher in the Rye, a  novel about adolescent angst.

, Jan.  | Yale and Oxford classics professor and best-selling novelist (Love Story).

allan r. sandage

, June  | A nurse in Times Square on the day Japan surrendered, whose kiss by a sailor was immortalized in Life magazine.

, March  | Pioneer aviator who flew beneath all four of New York City’s East River suspension bridges at age , and piloted an experimental plane at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia at age .

, Nov.  | Astronomer and protege of cosmologist Edwin Hubble (“the universe is constantly expanding”) who spent much of his life trying to estimate the age of the universe (he set it high at  billion years).

edith shain

stephen j. solarz , Nov.  | New York Democratic congressman

johnny sheffield

daniel schorr , July  | Aggressive, unbending television news reporter and analyst at , , and , and bane of conservative political leaders (he was No.  on President Nixon’s “enemies list”).

, Oct.  | “Boy” in the Johnny Weismuller Tarzan movie series who later starred in Bomba, the Jungle Boy film series.

jean simmons , Jan.  | Versatile Britishborn star of many films (The Robe) and Emmy winner for the  mini-series The Thorn Birds.

JANUARY 1, 2011

26 Departures.indd 83



12/14/10 10:38 PM

 | departures

jack sparks

james “jimmy” wall

, Feb.  | College professor turned Campus Crusade for Christ staffer who helped found the Christian World Liberation Front, and later helped start the Evangelical Orthodox church.

, Oct.  | Captain Kangaroo’s neighbor “Mr. Baxter” on the children’s  show.

george webber , July  | Prominent liberal Protestant minister with the United Church of Christ, social action advocate, and former president of New York Theological Seminary.

michael spencer , April  | Baptist minister and voice of the popular and sometimes controversial religion blog “Internet Monk.”

charles wilson , Feb.  | Twelve-term Democratic Texas anticommunist congressman who funneled billions to the  to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan, and whose life inspired the  movie Charlie Wilson’s War.

, Oct.  | Playwright who wrote the book for the musical Fiddler on the Roof and the librettos for more than a dozen Broadway musicals.

george steinbrenner , July  | “The Boss” businessman and owner of the New York Yankees who led the team to seven World Series trophies.

gloria stuart

albertina walker

, Sept.  | Actress (the sweetheart in The Invisible Man and Old Rose in Titanic) and a founder of the Screen Actors Guild.

, Oct.  | Gospel Hall of Fame Grammy Award– winning “Queen of Gospel” music (more than  albums) whose goal was to “deliver the message and win souls for Christ.”

joan sutherland

ted stevens , Aug.  | Moderate Republican senator from Alaska for a record  years -, who as chair of the Appropriations Committee delivered billions in federal contracts to his state, and who before he died in a plane crash saw indictments against him for corruption dismissed for prosecutorial misconduct.


, Oct.  | Australian coloratura soprano who was one of the most celebrated opera singers of all time.

bobby thomson , Aug.  | Baseball power slugger known for his three-run “Shot Heard ’Round the World” home run against the Brooklyn Dodgers that won the National League pennant for the New York Giants in .

john wooden , July  | Legendary Bible-reading Hall of Fame  basketball coach who led the Bruins to   championships.

howard zinn , Jan.  | Controversial liberal historian and writer whose  book, A People’s History of the United States, was a rallying beacon for the American left. A


joseph stein


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Proven leaders ... equipping leaders at Patrick Henry College Alex and Brett are on a mission to combat apathy in their generation. They aren’t waiting until after graduation to start making a difference. At Patrick Henry College they’re helping to prepare a new generation of Christian leaders.

Patrick Henry College is certified by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia and accredited by the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools.

26 Departures.indd 85

and << Alex Brett Harris

Class of 2012

Bestselling authors of Do Hard Things and founders of

Where Leaders Go.

To learn more, go to For Christ and for Liberty

12/14/10 3:23 PM

Mindy Belz

the smell of death and the aroma of Christ


Like martyr Tom Little, we carry both



26 Mindy Belz.indd 86


ometime after Taliban affiliates gunned down Tom Little in northern Afghanistan, the fbi visited his wife Libby to give her personal items recovered from his body. Included was a small notebook, and in between the pages listing medical equipment and supplies for the team he led to the upper reaches of Nuristan province last summer were what looked like penciled sermon notes. “They were stained with blood and blotted with sand,” said Libby, carefully unfolding them before an audience of several thousand at Cape Town’s Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization in October. “Were these some of the things he shared with the team on that last Sabbath rest before they were killed? I’d like to think so.” There were several notations from Ephesians and a reference from 2 Corinthians 2:15, where Tom wrote, “For we are to God the aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing, to one we are the smell of death and to the other the fragrance of life.” To the side Tom had jotted, “Use the Nuristani goat cheese story.” As Libby explained, “Some aromas take some getting used to,” and Nuristani goat cheese is packed on donkeys in animal skins and carried for weeks, permeating even the saddlebags with its strong sour scent. Herdsmen who carry it are smelled from far off, she added, but once you have acquired a taste for it, you’re hooked. Folks travel miles for a taste of Nuristani goat cheese. Think of Tom Little with his colleagues, hiking mountains and fording rivers in Nuristan and Badakhshan provinces last August, reeking of Christ as they delivered medical care to remote villages—before militants killed them one by one in a forest. The Taliban accused them of spying and proselytizing. Dirk Frans, the head of their organization, International Assistance Mission, insisted both charges were “out of the question” as they were “against the laws of this country and the rules of our organization.”

What Frans didn’t say is that those accusations were beside the point, the aroma of Christ already so strong among them. Little, a 61-yearold optometrist, had worked four decades in Afghanistan, spoke fluent Dari, was referred to among Afghans as one of “the ones who stayed”: He and Libby reared three daughters there, survived the Russian occupation, civil war, and Taliban takeover. When a rocket attack flattened one of his eye hospitals, he built clinics and expanded into remote areas. He was on his fifth trip to the Nuristan region when he and nine other aid workers were killed Aug. 5. The year 2010 has brought multiple encounters with people like the Littles, “ones who stayed,” men and women of whom the world is not worthy, as the writer of Hebrews calls them. One is Joel, pastor of an evangelical church in Baghdad. Asked how to pray for a congregation that has faced death all year long, he didn’t ask for safety or prosperity but for his church to experience deliverance from a “spirit of religion, where we worship creation instead of the creator” and from “our spirit of pride, rooted as we are so close to ancient Babylon.” Another, Baptist pastor John Bell in Zimbabwe, told me that living through dire crises has taught his church better to appreciate the reality of Jesus’ life. Feeding 5,000 or walking on water are sought-after traits when grocery shelves are empty. “There are certain things about Christ you only learn in a storm. That has been our privilege here to have Christ manifest Himself in ways that you do not see in the calm,” he said. And there is my friend Labib, an Arab Christian living in a Jewish settlement facing the security wall that separates Israel from the West Bank. How do you survive this place? I asked him one day waiting in Jerusalem traffic. “The importance of the Christian community does not come from its numbers but from our presence and our service and our witness for Jesus Christ,” he said calmly. Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us run with endurance the race set before us in 2011, looking to Jesus. A Email:

12/14/10 10:58 PM

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bible study I BIBLE STUDY—Teachings of Jesus with Study Helps: Concise, paraphrased, almost chronological words of Jesus. To

NEW MEXICO BOYS AND GIRLS RANCHES are seeking Christian married couples to serve as Resident Advisors and Associate Resident Advisors with youth ages 10-18. Our program focuses on educating youth, teaching life skills and values. Salary, on campus housing, moving allowance and other benefits.

I PLYMOUTH CHRISTIAN ACADEMY, a college prep PreK- school in the Detroit/Ann Arbor area with an enrollment over  students, is searching for a Head of School/Secondary Principal to begin July . Our school community is seeking a leader in God’s timing and patterned after Psalm :. To learn more, or to submit a resumé, e-mail

school employment I HEAD OF SCHOOL: Hickory Grove Christian School, founded in  in Charlotte, NC, is a K- collegepreparatory school with an enrollment of approximately  students. HGCS is accredited by SACS and is looking to replace its founding Head of School who is retiring. Successful candidate must be a professing Christian, possess at least a master’s degree preferably with administrative experience in an educational setting, and have three or more years of classroom teaching experience. Position will be responsible for the administration and supervision of the school including, but not limited to, vision, academic rigor, leadership, strategic foresight, community development, and church collaboration. For more information, contact Mike Daniels at I Rockbridge Academy is seeking a Rhetoric/Literature teacher for the

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eleventh and twelfth grades. Teaching rhetoric includes lecturing on the classical canons of rhetoric, critiquing papers for the proper application of rhetorical skills, and guiding juniors and seniors through the successful research, writing, and final delivery and defense of their thesis papers. Applicants should be familiar with the five canons of rhetoric, and should possess a degree in rhetoric, English literature, or classical literature. Please contact the school’s headmaster, Michael McKenna, at () -, or

ministry employment I Director of Development for pregnancy care center in NC, full time; minimum three years management experience in major donor development, plus successful six-digit fundraising. Requires spiritually mature Christian candidates. Reply to

For more information, please call 1-800-660-0289

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Providence Christian School of Texas • Dallas, Texas Athletic Director/Head Coach/Faculty (Fall 2011) Founded in 1989, Providence is a conservative, classical, independent, K-8, Christian day school located in the heart of Dallas, Texas. Our mission is to provide academically able students with a challenging educational experience designed to help them know, love, and practice that which is true, good, and excellent and to prepare them to live purposefully and intelligently in the service of God and man. Our core values are: faith, family, intellect, counterculturalism and stewardship. Our athletic program consists of football, cross country (boys/ girls), volleyball, soccer (g), basketball (b/g), lacrosse (b/g), and track (b/g) with virtually 100% student participation. Primary Job Requirements

If you’re a Christian CEO desiring the proven benefits of an executive roundtable, we invite you to explore The C12 Group, America’s leading Christian business forum. Unlike secular alternatives, C12 combines best practice application and timeless Biblical truth. C12 MEMBER

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SPiriTual BaCKGrOunD: We seek a candidate who is a mature Christian, who is passionate about Christ, and who treasures Him above all else. The candidate’s lifestyle must exemplify Christian character, and a commitment to personal holiness. The candidate should be an active member of a local church and experienced in mentoring and discipling young people. The candidate must be able to articulate a Christian worldview of athletics and be able to implement Biblical principles and character training in all programs. COaCHinG: The School seeks a candidate who has the vision and leadership skills necessary to build a superior athletic program known for its commitment to excellence in all aspects. a minimum of five years of successful

coaching experience is required and the ideal candidate should have the ability to coach more than one sport. Head coaching opportunities are available in all offerings except football. COmmuniCaTiOn SKillS: The candidate must be able to speak and write persuasively to a variety of groups, possess strong interpersonal skills, and be able to successfully resolve conflict. EDuCaTiOn/ExPEriEnCE: The candidate must have a Bachelor’s Degree and a minimum of five years of teaching or related experiences. note: The current position involves administration, teaching (PE), and coaching. We are open to considering a candidate whose background and experiences are outside of a traditional educational model or whose teaching background is in a different subject matter. aDminiSTraTiOn: Strong aptitudes and interests in planning, organizing, promoting, implementing and scheduling are required for this position. The candidate must be able to effectively recruit, develop, and retain outstanding coaches and faculty. Compensation: Highly competitive salary and benefit package Candidates should first request and then submit the School’s Employment application (please secure from our website at and all supporting materials. Contact: Pat Sissom, Headmaster’s assistant, via email at psissom@pcstx. org or (214) 302-2801.

12/14/10 3:24 PM

“An excellent wife, who can find?” Proverbs 31:10

The Excellent Wife Day by Day Karen Eiler

Do you think you can’t be an “Excellent Wife” because it’s too hard—or just plain impossible? Be encouraged! It is possible for you to be the wife God wants you to be, and by His grace, He will help you make it happen. Here is a long-awaited daily devotional that will help you see areas in your marriage where God can make you perfect in your weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9). Endorsed by Martha Peace, author of The Excellent Wife, this book will become your cheerleader to give you hope and help for the daunting task of demonstrating the principles of love and respect to your husband. ISBN 978-1-885904-86-7 6 x 9 / Soft Cover / Retail: $14.95


Mailbag.indd 90

Based on The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace

A Half Million C opies Sold!

12/14/10 3:28 PM


business of socialism. It is up to us to save for our retirement, our health bills, and our food. ..  Park Ridge, Ill.

“Tea Party transit” (. ) I enjoyed the article but would feel much better if Tea Party organizer Danita Kilcullen, instead of saying that we will not let new Tea Party lawmakers forget that we are their “boss,” had indicated that we are ready with our prayers and support to fortify them against the immense pressure they will face in the Capitol. Getting them elected is only the first step; now we must enable them to do the work.  , Mount Vernon, Wash. “Grown up honesty” (. ) I appreciated Joel Belz’s comments about what’s wrong with an entitlement attitude and his willingness to sacrifice for the system. We will all need to tighten our belts for “the greater good,” and soon. But here’s my rub: We send billions (not including disaster aid) abroad to support other nations. How can we ask our own elderly to sacrifice? Why not cut back on foreign aid, too?

time at my current job, but my heart seems to be telling me that God now has something else for me to do.   Raymond, Miss.

It’s easy for Joel Belz to say he could give up such a large percentage of his Social Security benefit. Most of us get far less than , per month. My husband and I paid into the system for  years and get less than , combined, and we have no other income.    

Mooringsport, La.

“Deeds done in darkness” (. ) Articles like this one challenge the American church to repent of its self-centered, comfort-driven lifestyle as we consider the lives of our brothers and sisters in other nations. The testimony of their lives is a much-needed corrective to our easy Christianity.  

Houston, Texas

“Uncle Sam” needs to tell the truth: Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are Ponzi schemes. Let’s say it clearly: Get the government out of the

While in Kabul some time ago, I asked a female humanitarian volunteer if Afghanistan was getting better. Would

  Columbia, Md.

If we had  million more people in the system paying Social Security tax, there would be no problem. We are now hearing the “silent scream” of abortion and have to deal with it as a society. We could pass immigration reform, to get more people paying into the system, and help change the culture of death to one of life by encouraging and supporting families. But will we? Probably not.

Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa /     around the world

 

Morristown, N.J.

I am going through my own personal tug of war as I plan to retire in a few months myself. I am most grateful to have Social Security, yet angst-ridden over receiving it at the same time! My Midwestern work ethic tells me I should keep working fullSend photos and letters to:

Mailbag.indd 91

JANUARY 1, 2011



12/14/10 3:37 PM

Where can you find a seminary that has existed for

200 years ...

... and is still committed to the historic Reformed faith?

democracy and freedom eventually somehow ooze out of this mess, as Western embassies fantasized? And what of her safety? “It’s going to come to the shedding of blood,” she told me quietly. “And I’m willing for that blood to be mine.” Since then more than one volunteer I’ve met has paid the ultimate price. Will Sayed Mossa be next? How can this happen in a country whose justice system American taxpayers are funding?

from Nepal when adoptions from that country were suspended. You cannot imagine the grief and shock. Because our government says they don’t have the right paperwork, these children will likely spend the rest of their childhood in an orphanage. Some say we need more people to come forward to adopt, but there are so many families with broken hearts because of failed adoptions or long waits. Something is wrong with the system.  

 

Lancaster, Pa.

In Pittsburgh, at the

Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary. The late John Gerstner once said of RPTS at a public gathering that no other seminary had ever “made it” for 150 years while still proclaiming the great truths of the Reformation: salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, for the glory of God alone, as revealed in the Scriptures alone. Learn about God’s gracious blessing on our rich history as we celebrate 200 years!

Degree Programs

M.Div. • M.T.S. • D.Min. Now offering concentrations in Biblical counseling through the new RPTS Biblical Counseling Institute directed by Dr. George C. Scipione!


I was shocked to find that, apart from religious news services, the persecution of Christians in Afghanistan is going grossly unnoticed by the Western press. Thank you for opening our eyes to the persecution brothers and sisters in Christ are facing, and going where our nation’s press is not.  

Hendersonville, Tenn.

“Overcoming evil” (. ) As a children’s librarian and blogger, I related to Janie B. Cheaney’s column. In a recent post I criticized a pro-homosexual novelist who thinks that children’s books are a wonderful way to educate people about the normalcy of all human experience. The post received , hits and  venomous comments from Christians and non-Christians alike, clamoring for tolerance—except, of course, when it comes to people like me.    Pittsfield, Ill.

“Climbing the Hill” (. ) I was very disappointed to see that you left Todd Young, who defeated a Blue Dog Democrat in Indiana’s th congressional district, off your list of new faces to watch. Our family worked on his campaign, and I look forward to seeing him take on Washington. He’s a former Marine and won’t back down!  

Jeffersonville, Ind.

“Adoption obstacles” (. ) Thank you for acknowledging that there is an international orphan crisis. Our family was in the process of adopting

Mailbag.indd 92

Goshen, Ind.

“Real life” (. ) Although we haven’t yet seen Secretariat, we probably will in the near future, having read Andrée Seu’s review. She did a masterful job defending a film that doesn’t promote wickedness. Goodness knows, there are already plenty of those out there. Let Salon defend those and leave the good, the pure, and the lovely ones alone.    

Gladstone, Ore.

“Blue bloods” (. ) For those of us over , Tom Selleck is reason enough to watch this well-done police drama. This show, , and -, are television shows I can enjoy without compromising my worldview. Way to go, .   Okinawa, Japan

“Getting over Brett” (. ) Shame on you for picking on our quarterback, Brett Favre. He has done a remarkable job for our Minnesota Vikings and given us countless thrills while playing through pain. Many of his interceptions have not been his fault. We love him.   Ogilvie, Minn.

“Asteroid insurance” (. ) In  I led the Planetary Defense Panel at the Air War College in Montgomery, Ala., so I read this article with great interest. We concluded that it was “not if but when” a near-Earth object would hit. There was a  event in  over the forested areas of Siberia that, had it hap-

12/14/10 3:37 PM

magazine pened three hours later, would have devastated Europe. Only the  has the total technical capability to lead a planetary defense strategy, but all nations should join to ensure the survival of life on Earth.


Reformed Seminary

offers daily Bible studies

Huntsville, Ala.


“Oil from a rock” (. )


Preparing pastors as faithful servants of the Word and sacraments in the rich tradition of the historic Reformed faith.

scholarship and downto-earth writing, in addition to thought-provoking topical articles.



  Littleton, Colo.


“‘We will fight you’” (. ) If Christians at the University of California-Irvine spoke that way about homosexuals, abortionists, or Muslims, it would be labeled “hate speech.” It saddens me that a state-funded university allows on campus a Muslim group that supports terrorist organizations. Excellent news reporting.



 .  .,   ()

You mention the vast amount of water needed to ramp up the “in situ” process for extracting oil from the shale in the Rocky Mountain states, but not that so much water is nonexistent on the western slope. As well, the process would need new power plants, which take years to permit, plan, and build. Meanwhile we’re knee-deep in natural gas. Why not adapt cars to run on what we have in abundance?

Because Ministry is More Than a Degree...

...It’s a Calling. Mid-America Reformed Seminary 229 Seminary Drive Dyer, Indiana 46311 888-440-6277 • 219-864-2400

What we’ve discovered about real grace.

  Saybrook, Ill.

“Finders keepers” (. )  reported that Graham Barker prefers to keep a low profile on his bellybutton lint collection. I, for one, would feel just a little better today if  had respected those wishes. The description was unpleasant enough, but to include a photo was decidedly barfalicious.  

Gridley, Ill.

LETTERS AND PHOTOS Email: Write:  Mailbag, P.O. Box , Asheville,  - Fax: .. Please include full name and address. Letters may be edited to yield brevity and clarity.

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eal grace in this world comes through real adults. Not Christians who imagine life in Christ with only smiles. Not Christians who are scared of teens who talk back. We parent children who need help through steady and joyful hands. At Cono, we teach them, too. Jesus blesses. We are doing this with teens who need a safe, yet challenging, place to overcome hopelessness, disruptive behavior, and attachment difficulties. Whether you need help for a child, or want to join us in this work.... Contact: 888-646-0038 x250 Cono Christian School, Walker IA

12/15/10 3:42 PM

krieg barrie

Andree Seu.indd 94

12/14/10 3:46 PM

Andrée Seu




It’s fun to see how well God’s commands work in restoring relationships

    with five people last week. It wasn’t my best week. Today I am at peace with all five of them. That fact dawned on me while driving home from the market this afternoon: bang, bang, bang, bang, bang—five brushfires doused, five bloodlettings stemmed, five fellowships restored. Praise God! Two instances were people I had sinned against. They weren’t first-tier sins, but they were sins. The way I handled those was to ask forgiveness. I made the apologies twice in the course of the conversation, just to make sure they knew it wasn’t a throwaway line. So then, the modus operandi was Matthew :-: “If you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there before the altar and go. First be reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer your gift.” Two other instances were people who had sinned against me. Not third-degree burns, but somewhere between first and second. I went to each of them and told them I was hurt, and each of them told me he was sorry. Just the word sorry made me feel much better—so that was two more relationships squared away: “If your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault, between you and him alone. If he listens to you, you have gained your brother.” The fifth was an offense against me that I thought about a while, and decided it wasn’t significant enough to make an issue of. I arrived at the determination to overlook it: “Good sense makes one slow to anger, and it is his glory to overlook an offense” (Proverbs :). I feel quite happy at the moment. Not with myself, precisely, but with the Lord. I had done things His way, and His way paid off. I have peace. Peace is nice, I like it. Please understand, I am not viewing this repentance business mechanistically, nor appreciating doctrine from a Email:

Andree Seu.indd 95

purely utilitarian point of view. Nevertheless, it is fun to see how well God’s commands “work.” I feel like I just bought a new double-flex rod “pocket fisherman,” and it practically catches trout by itself. I had considered staying mad at one of the above persons and writing a long letter educating him in better ethics. But my friend Kathleen told me that people who are mad at you don’t learn much from you, so it would be a waste of time. Kathleen thinks like God. Another thing that dawned on me was that my little triumphs were answers to a specific prayer I had been praying on automatic for a long time: “Make me to know your ways, O Lord; teach me your paths. Lead me in your truth, and teach me” (Psalm :). Here, then, was one of God’s “ways”—if what you really want is peace, do this. If you are not interested in peace but in your pound of flesh, do it your way. I have tried both. His way is better in the long run. Growing up means being concerned about the long run. The theological question of the perfectibility of the believers in this world has long been hotly debated. Christ says, “Be perfect,” so if He commands it, I assume it is attainable in any given moment on the clock. “Absolute perfection” would have been not to sin against Joe to begin with. But I am learning not to take lightly this present moment’s opportunity for the “relative perfection” of doing the right thing now that I have done the wrong thing. When you are on the outs with five people is actually a good time to try out all the stuff you preach and say you believe. Right? Isn’t this where it all has to mean something? One of the persons I had confronted promptly emailed the following response: “Sorry. . . . Thanks for just now making me thankful, once again, that Christ died for all our sins.” I read it and thought what a clever man he is, and wise as a serpent. It was all there in one sentence—apology; reminder of his own rightness based in Christ; and reminder that I am just as guilty as he is. It gave me no choice but to accept. A JANUARY 1, 2011



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Marvin Olasky


But the Walter Cronkite of Bibles is dead

W 


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    Walter Cronkite turned against the Vietnam War in , President Lyndon Johnson famously told an aide, “If I’ve lost Cronkite, I’ve lost America.” Cronkite, repeatedly cited in opinion polls as “the most trusted man in America,” was truly that important. He ended his broadcasts with “and that’s the way it is”—and few Americans doubted that. Now, though, we learn what’s happening from , , talk radio, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, whatever. We don’t believe any journalist knows “the way it is.” When  in  broke the news that Zondervan was about to make the New International Version gender-neutral by often getting rid of “man,” “he,” “brothers,” and so on, the evangelical world flamed like a California brush-covered hill. The  was then the most trusted Bible in America, with slightly over a  percent market share. Many evangelicals felt betrayed when a small committee secretly made changes that appealed to feminists.  called the new translation the Stealth Bible, and that designation stuck. Here’s the upshot: Zondervan gave up its plans for several years, pledging to maintain the  as it was. When the blaze burned out, Zondervan continued publishing the  but added a gender-neutral  (the  standing for “Today’s”) and tried to market it, with little success. Although Zondervan does not reveal overall stats, its Bible market share is probably less than half what it was in . New, competing translations— most notably Crossway’s English Standard Version—have emerged. Two months ago Zondervan released online a new , after spending a year preparing the way. This time Zondervan was open about its plans. This time its affiliated Committee on Bible Translation reached out to critics and solicited their input. This time the Stealth Bible’s leading critic, the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (), praised “significant improvements.” Partly because of those better processes and results, there’s little fire this time—but even had those improvements not occurred, history would not be repeating itself. The Walter Cronkite of Bibles is dead. More than , different Bible editions now exist. People read eBibles on computers, Kindles, iPads, or whatevers. I doubt that the new  will win back readers from other translations. For the record, blogger John

Dyer found that  percent of the words in the new , expected to hit bookstores in March, are unchanged from the old version. Most-removed words: “He,” “his,” or “him” , times, “man” or “men” , times, and “fathers,” “forefathers,” or “brothers”  times. “Person,” “ancestor,” and “they” are three of the gap-fillers, but this translation sometimes maintains the role of the individual (Psalm  begins “Blessed is the one,” not “Blessed are they”) and sometimes doesn’t (Psalm :). The most-criticized retranslated verse is  Timothy :. The  notes that virtually every translation, whether traditional or modern, has Paul writing that in church a woman is not to “have” or “exercise authority” over a man—but the new  has “assume authority.” Critics argue that readers may conclude women can be pastors as long as they don’t engage in a power grab. A second set of critiques concerns tonedeafness: For example, the famous Psalm  metaphor about “the valley of the shadow of death” now reads, “Even though I walk through the darkest valley. . .” Ugh! In the new  “mankind” happily beats out “humankind,” but the translation also mixes singulars and plurals, as in “Anyone who is never at fault in what they say is perfect” (James :b). The translators defend their choice by writing that many people use sentences like, “The person who eats too many hot dogs in too short a period of time is likely to become sick to their stomach.” That sentence makes me sick to my stomach. I’m not a fan of the new  but don’t have room to mention some other beefs—and in fairness I should note some improvements. In Esther :, Haman builds not a gallows but a pole on which to impale Mordecai—and that’s indeed how Persians killed their enemies. Philippians : now reads, “I can do all this through him who gives me strength”—the “this” refers to contentment in all circumstances— rather than “I can do everything through him who gives me strength.” And Zondervan  Moe Girkins deserves credit for an improved process—but she should now make sure that the old  stays in print so its fans can replace worn-out copies. A Email:

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The Word of the stands forever.

LORD 1 PE TER 1:25

Two conferences hosted by Union University in 2011

Part of the initiative by George Guthrie to improve biblical literacy in the culture and the church

A celebration of the broad cultural impact of the King James Version in honor of its 400th anniversary

April 15-16

September 15-17

David Platt

Michael Card

Timothy George

Leland Ryken

John Woodbridge

Sponsored by The R.C. Ryan Center for Biblical Studies For more information and to register visit or contact Brian Denker 731.661.5579 | | Jackson, TN krieg barrie


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C H R I S T- C E N T E R E D





12/14/10 3:50 PM

There’s still

health care for people of faith after health care “reform” If you are a committed Christian and do not want to purchase mandatory health insurance that forces you to help pay for abortions and other unbiblical medical practices, you can put your faith into practice by sharing medical needs with fellow believers through Samaritan Ministries. The provisions below are on pages 327 and 328 of the 2,409-page health care “reform” bill, and they protect people of faith who join in sharing medical needs through health care sharing ministries.

“…an organization, members of which share a common set of ethical or religious beliefs and share medical expenses among members in accordance with those beliefs…” Sec. 1501 (b) of HR 3590 at pg. 327, 328 Every month the more than 15,000* households of Samaritan Ministries share more than $3.5 million* in medical needs directly—one household to another. They also pray for one another and send notes of encouragement. The monthly share for a family of any size has never exceeded $320*, and is even less for singles, couples, and single-parent families. Also, there are reduced share amounts for members aged 25 and under, and 65 and over.

For more information call us toll-free 1-888-268-4377, or visit us online at: Follow us on Twitter (@samaritanmin) and Facebook (SamaritanMinistries). * As of August 2010

Biblical faith applied to health care

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2010 News of the Year  

2010 News of the Year