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Niriides Single Member PC

Patras, Greece

Niriides Cruises, where adventure travel is redefined.

The mission of Niriides Cruises is to provide daring and life-changing experiences for travelers seeking something extraordinary.

Niriides Cruises are based in Mykonos and their speciality is weekly sailing trips. They own a Catamaran Lagoon 42 named ‘Aktaia’ who is their loyal companion on their adventures.

At Niriides Cruises, they believe in pushing boundaries and creating unforgettable memories.

Join them on a journey where adventure meets connection, and every traveller leaves as a friend.

Embark on a personalized voyage with their Private Charters and head to the Cyclades Islands.

Whether it’s a romantic getaway, a family adventure, or a special occasion, they tailor the journey to your desires. Sail the breathtaking seas and explore exotic destinations while enjoying the utmost privacy and luxury.

The experienced skippers will guide you through this majestic area where sunsets are bold, shores are embracing, the mellifluous sea and people sing naturally its lyrical melody.

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Horizon Yachts Milos, Greece

The HORIZON YATCHS team welcomes you aboard and promises you a unique and unforgettable experience. Amidst mysterious animal-shaped formations, volcanic rocks, natural caves and the rock formations in the pirate bay of Kleftiko Milos!

Kleftiko Milos or else “Thalassina Meteora” (Θαλασσινά Μετέωρα in Greek) as many call it, is a fantastic set of grey and white rocks with strange shapes and amazing formations.

Many caves and pits have been created over the centuries by the erosion of the winds and the sea. Enjoy and swim in its crystal clear turquoise waters and its unique formations with a speed boat or Sailing yacht.

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Sailing Cruises Chania Crete, Greece

Sailing Cruises Chania, pride themselves on their experienced and knowledgeable crew.

Their team is passionate about sailing and the history, culture, and natural environment of Chania. They strive to provide their guests with insights and information that they won’t find in any guidebook. They offer a wide range of private sailing tours that cater to different interests and preference.

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Yacht Sailing.Gr Cyclades, Greece

The Greek Islands at your fingertips and an experience of a lifetime are tailored by YachtSailing. Experience the authentic and genuine essence of Greek lifestyle, the history, culture, and flavours that this beautiful country has to offer.

You will be taken to breathtaking views, taverns, bars, and beautiful beaches, as well as incredible landmarks and monuments which will echo back into the ages.

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Sea Spray Cruises St Lucia

Sea Spray Cruises is one of the leading providers of tours in St. Lucia, offering a wide selection of sailing excursions. Their fleet consists of three large catamarans and a number of smaller speedboats.

There are so many exciting things to do in St. Lucia, and Sea Spray Cruises offers them all! Choose your style of adventure – by sea or by land and sea – with a variety of tour options onboard one of their stable and spacious catamarans.

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Kraalbaai LHB

Langebaan, South Africa

Kraalbaai Luxury House Boats is situated in the West Coast National Park (SAN Parks), an hour’s drive from Cape Town.

This unique experience offers you the opportunity of “living on the water”. With breath-taking lagoon views and all nature has to offer on your doorstep, this is ideal for a family getaway or even a romantic retreat.

Kraalbaai Luxury House Boats is self-catering and offers a range of unique vessels to choose from, sleeping from 6 to the biggest unit, up to 24 people on your own private vessel.

The Houseboat are great for a water-based holiday of fishing, swimming and even just enjoying a sundowner with a view like non other, Kraalbaai is a hidden Gem and will have you longing a quick return, Environmentally friendly and completely off the Grid living in Paradise.

This is where the Luxury is the experience.

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Halong Bay, Vietnam

Indochina Sails, Vietnam’s leading cruise operator.

Their internationally recognized cruises have taken Ha Long Bay & Lan Ha Bay holidays to new heights, making solid their position as one of Vietnam’s most trustworthy and reputable cruise operators.

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Rods & Reels Deep Sea Fishing Charter

Phu Quoc, Vietnam

One of the best things about holidaying in Vietnam is the access to beautiful stretches of sea, making it one of the best destinations for sea fishing.

Rods & Reels Deep Sea Fishing Charter use professional rods and reels, not traditional Vietnamese hand lines and are the first Western and Vietnamese-run deep sea fishing charter on Phu Quoc Island.

When you are in Phu Quoc, looking to experience something new, Rods & Reels offer a full day/night fishing experience.

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22 | Travel Temptations | September 2023 DESTINATION

Australia Zoo

Queensland, Australia

Australia Zoo, home of the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, has a team of passionate wildlife conservationists who are achieving monumental strides in the world of conservation and research.

Guests can meet over 1,200 animals and check out exciting habitats like the African savannah, Grace’s Bird Garden, the Tiger Temple, Elephantasia and the Crocodile Environmental Park. Visit their newest habitat, Cheetah Grasslands, with 2.5 acres of open grassland and natural waterways, providing a wide and spacious area for cheetahs to roam.

Terri, Bindi and Robert Irwin are determined to make a positive impact on the planet and create a world where humans and wildlife can peacefully coexist, as Steve envisioned.

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Dinosauria Park Athens, Greece

Where Dinosaurs Come to Life.

Dinosauria Park is located in Crete. The park’s facilities host over 50 different species of dinosaurs, statues and robotic exhibits, on a route that takes the visitor from the present to prehistory and the imposing world of dinosaurs.

During your walk through the park visitors will pass by the fossil museum, the time machine, the dinosaur hospital and the special excavation sites. In addition, there is the opportunity to watch augmented reality movies in the specially configured 5D Cinema and also in the simulators with VR masks.

There is also a large, outdoor certified (TUV) playground for more carefree time, as well as a well-organized snack bar/restaurant. Finally, the little visitors at the park can buy all kinds of educational toys that they will find in the shop before leaving.

So every visitor has the opportunity to spend an interactive and fun day – for everyone and their whole family!

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Greek Mythology Thematic Park

Psihro, Greece

The park of Greek mythology is located in the village of Psychro in the Municipality of Lassithi Plateau. Near the Dikteo Cave, which according to the Myth, is where Zeus, God of the ancient Greeks was born.

The park includes topics related to the tradition of Greek mythology, Minoan civilization and rural life of Crete.

The creation of this park was made to meet the needs of thousands of visitors who sought to find and learn more about the Myth and culture of the ancient Greeks.

The park has an area of 3000 sq.m. Its construction was started by the Pitarokili family, Nikos and Kaliopi in the year 2014 and was completed in the year 2020.

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Lido Waterpark

Kos, Greece

A cool water park with 75,000 square meters where you can experience the ultimate fun and adventure for the whole family.

Located in a beautiful setting near the village of Mastichari, Lido Water Park is an exciting escape from the heat of summer. It offers a variety of attractions including water slides, lazy rivers, wave pools and play areas for children.

Whether you are looking for a fast-paced thrill or a relaxing ride on the Lazy River, Lido Water Park is the perfect place to be. A variety of amenities, including a restaurant, snack bar, and gift store, are available to guests. The staff will make sure your visit is a memorable one and that you have everything you need for a fun and safe day at the water park.

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Sixtowns Gin

Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom

A unique story of heritage in every bottle.

The story began in the city of Rezekne, Latvia, where the founding brothers’ Great-Grandparents began distilling from grain. The two brothers, Vitalijs and Alex, grew up watching their grandparents growing grain and using secret family recipes passed down from generation to generation to produce fine spirits. Entrusted with their family’s secret family recipes, brothers Vitalijs and Alex decided each recipe should become a chapter to the Sixtowns story. Turning their distilling skills to vodka production.

Sixtowns Triple Distilled Vodka. A smooth and refreshing vodka carefully crafted for neat sipping, use in cocktails or long drinks and made with the same passion and expertise as their gin.

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The Glenturret

Crieff (Scotland), United Kingdom

Crafted at Scotland’s Oldest Working Distillery since 1763 entirely by hand in exclusive small batches, The Glenturret single malt is defined by its outstanding quality and exquisite taste.

Located in the ‘Hosh’, Crieff, surrounded by the beautiful Perthshire countryside, The Glenturret offers daily distillery tours, whisky flights at the Lalique Bar, a dedicated retail store including an exclusive Lalique Boutique, and The Glenturret Lalique Restaurant, the distillery’s Michelin Star unique dining experience.

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Saudi Arabia Tours Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Customers’ Needs First.

Saudi Arabia Tours have built their business to meet customers’ needs so that is always top of mind. Saudi Arabia’s leading travel agency licensed and insured.

Their vision is to be Saudi’s leading travel agency for personalized luxury experiences. The mission for Saudi Arabia Tours is to make it easy, more affordable and locally sustainable for travelers to travel in Saudi Arabia. They also support women in the travel industry and travel start-ups.

Sustainability through continuous innovation and creativity.

Passion. Saudi Arabia Tours choose people who believe in the same vision. Those people come in to join them because they believe in the same dream, mission, and vision.

Fairness. Teamwork. Commitment. Never Give Up.

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Heli Air Greece I.K.E. Santorini, Greece

Heli Air Greece offers helicopter and private jet charter flights throughout Greece.

Their services include private VIP helicopter transfers, business jet flights, helicopter tours, and helicopter rentals for special events. As an independent brokerage airline with years of experience, they prioritize your safety and comfort.

Simply provide them with your destination and They will provide the ideal flight solution for your journey.

Book your next flight with Heliair Greece today.

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40 | Travel Temptations | September 2023 AIR

Diamonte Jets United Kingdom

Luxurious breaks, holidays and experiences to all parts of the world.

From romantic city break weekends away with sumptuous suites, to exclusive island takeovers, they are able to deliver the most indulgent and memorable experiences. Their packages are individually crafted to your needs and itineraries are entirely flexible.

They’ve painstakingly planned and designed everything to ensure that you and your partner can simply enjoy the experience.

They are always on hand to accommodate every request and will happily suggest plenty of ideas to make your time together memorable and unforgettable.

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Brazil, South America

Flapper is a technology-enabled private jet and helicopter charter company. The company’s disruptive mobile app combines by-the-seat flights with on-demand charters, allowing for near real-time booking.

Flapper is headquartered in Brazil with operations in twenty countries and have so far accrued more than 370.000 users on its platform.

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• Pure & premium spa products & lifestyle amenities

• Natural active ingredients

• Earth-, animal- & people-friendly

• Holistic wellbeing rituals

• World-class health retreats

• Spa & wellbeing education & training

• Turnkey spa & wellbeing operator

• Globally renowned
s i n g a p o r e b r i d e s . c o m
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Bike Odyssey Australia

Bike Odyssey specialise in running journeys of a lifetime. They only tour in exceptional corners of the world. They create exceptional routes, and follow exceptional historical figures. Unsurprisingly, their tours are exceptional.

Exceptional Cycling - Riding that will exhilarate and challenge you every day as well as taking you across countries and continents.

Exceptional History - They love a good story and they believe this adds so much atmosphere and interest to the journey. Let your journey with them become your ‘Odyssey’ - an epic, historical, unforgettable journey.

Exceptional Food and Wine - During a challenge you need good food to sustain you and why shouldn’t this be as much a pleasure as the ride!

Exceptional Accommodation - High end, unique and memorable. A huge amount of research and thought goes into their lodgings. To ensure a good rest after a busy day.

Exceptional Tour Leader - They design their routes with their Tour Leaders to create a journey which they love and know intimately and to guarantee the best experience possible.

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48 | Travel Temptations | September 2023 LAND

Ride and Seek Sydney, Australia

Discover Carefully Crafted Bike Tours with Ride and Seek.

Ride and Seek is a cycling tour operator that doesn’t use the word ‘epic’ lightly when they design their portfolio of Epic Cycling Adventure Tours.

Their bike tours help their guests become adventurers, connecting with their tribe along the way.

Ride and Seek believe that cycling holidays are the best way to connect with the stunning landscapes they traverse, allowing them to see an incredible range of different countries and cultures on each of their journeys.

If you’re not sure where to get started, their Cycling Tours in Europe have the most diverse range of experiences to choose from.

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50 | Travel Temptations | September 2023 LAND

Railbiking in Greece GP Megara, Greece

Railbiking in Greece provides cycling tours using specially designed pedal-powered railroad carts on the inactive railway network in Megara, Greece.

Join Railbiking in Greece for a unique and unforgettable adventure, like a railway rider. See Greece from a whole new perspective.

Explore breathtaking landscapes and discover hidden treasures from a unique perspective. Book now for an unforgettable journey through nature, history, and mythical heroes.

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Book now for the railbiking tour at Kakia Skala, no prior skills required. Riders aged 10yrs and above are welcome Enjoy 15 km of easy cycling and let’s ride!

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Roll in Athens Athens, Greece

Roll in Athens is a micro tour provider offering bike and walking tours in Athens. Their personalized tours are unique in that they accommodate one to five individuals on each tour, allowing them to consider each person’s particular needs and desires.

They will show you their favourite spots, including Greek and Roman monuments, Byzantine churches, Ottoman mosques, picturesque alleys and notable places that are not listed in the average guidebook. You will experience insider’s look into their city.

Their guides come from diverse backgrounds with a variety of interests and share a passion for Athens ancient and modern. They would love to share their city and all its attractions with you.

Travel Temptations | September 2023 | 53
54 | Travel Temptations | September 2023 LAND


Rhodes, Greece

If you like adventures, and cycling, then this is the right activity for you.

Meet at “Route Concept Store” where a member of the team will introduce themselves, and inform you about their E-bikes and the tour.

Once you are set, it is time to ride these beauties. You will ride the E-bikes around the New Town, The old Town and the Acropolis of Rhodes. After the Tour you will visit the Route Concept Store and enjoy a complimentary beverage.

This Tour is ideal for people that want to explore most of the city of Rhodes in a couple of hours.

*All the photos are taken by a member of the team, with a professional camera, and after the tour they will be edited and sent to you via email. (This service is included in the tour, so you just enjoy the riding).

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Amigo Car Rental

Mahebourg, Mauritius

Amigo Car Rental has a large fleet of vehicles and we have categorized our fleet to make it easier for you to chose from.

We have both Manual and Automatic transmission cars in all categories. Choose a category according to your budget and our team will get you the right car at the best rate in Mauritius.

Every customer is different and our team strives to deliver the best possible rental experiences for each and every customer.

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60 | Travel Temptations | September 2023 LIFESTYLE

Abercrombie & Kent Melbourne, Australia

Abercrombie & Kent has been pioneering luxury experiential travel for more than 60 years. Today they are the world’s undisputed leader in luxury travel, offering an uncompromising combination of exclusivity, comfort and authenticity on all seven continents.

Rest assured that when you travel with A&K you’ll be taken to the very heart of a destination in extraordinary style and comfort, with authentic local insight, unforgettable experiences and encounters, and exclusive access privileges.

Specialising in private, tailor-made and flexible small group travel, as well as luxury expedition cruising to every corner of the globe, A&K has a wholly owned portfolio of cruise boats, luxury lodges, tented camps, hotels, and all-terrain vehicles.

Abercrombie & Kent is also committed to responsible and ethical tourism through A&K Philanthropy.

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62 | Travel Temptations | September 2023 LIFESTYLE

Paris Top Sights Tours Paris, France

The founder of Paris Top Sights Tours has traveled all over the globe and wanted to bring the best parts of the tours that he experienced to Paris.

The tour guides will show you the sights, history, culture and legends of Europe’s best loved city.

Walk with the guides through the streets of Paris and learn the Paris metro when travelling from one historic part to the next.

Paris has a rich tapestry of history and stories that the guides will unravel on their Top Sights tour.

They understand what going on holiday is all about. They have been there themselves and know what works and doesn’t work for tourists. You are guests in their City and you are customers of their company. You are at the forefront of everything they do.

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64 | Travel Temptations | September 2023 LIFESTYLE

Adventurous Appetites

Madrid, Spain

Adventurous Appetites’ Madrid Tapas Tours mix a bit of sight-seeing, light history, culture and anecdotes with amazing, traditional Spanish food and drink, on a unique and deliciously adventurous introduction to the inside culinary world of Madrid.

Their goal is to leave you with an authentic and memorable feel for the city and its people through what they believe is the best way possible - eating and drinking like a local!

They visit four very different, but very Spanish bars, to enjoy the local specialties. As they walk you through the streets of Madrid they regale you with fascinating local facts and anecdotes about Madrid and its culture and giving you insider tips and ideas for the rest of your stay!

Travel Temptations | September 2023 | 65
66 | Travel Temptations | September 2023 LIFESTYLE

Iles Tours Newcastle, United Kingdom

The best trips live on in the memories that stay with you.

That’s why Iles Tours doesn’t do ordinary walking tours. Instead, they take you on a journey into the fascinating stories that have shaped the North East of England’s unique history, people and culture for over 2,000 years – and are still unfolding today. You’ll have fun, learn new things, and come away with a great story to tell.

Their North East trips include a wonderful mixture of locations and activities. Visit the greatest sights in Newcastle, Durham, and Northumberland. They’ll show you North East England as you’ve never seen it before.

Travel Temptations | September 2023 | 67
68 | Travel Temptations | September 2023 LIFESTYLE

Geographic Expeditions San Francisco, United America

GeoEx is a premier US-based travel company with a rich history spanning over three decades. A pioneer to remote and challenging destinations since 1982, they are dedicated to crafting extraordinary, immersive, and transformative luxury travel experiences for adventurous explorers. Specializing in luxury journeys and small group trips, including cultural tours, treks, safaris, cruises, and train journeys, they are committed to unveiling the world’s most astonishing places to curious travelers.

From remote corners of the globe to off-the-beaten-path destinations, they specialize in designing customized itineraries that allow travelers to truly connect with local cultures and environments. Their extensive expertise in curating unique journeys, coupled with their deep commitment to authenticity, cultural immersion, and sustainable practices, has earned them a stellar reputation in the industry. Recognized as “Top Travel Specialists” by Condé Nast Traveler, their tours have garnered accolades from National Geographic Traveler, AFAR, and Travel + Leisure.

With a legacy of excellence and a passion for exploration, they continue to push the boundaries of adventure travel, making dreams come true for travelers seeking unforgettable experiences.

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