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HEAVENLY SPA GECCA Bousui Ryokan Shizuoka Hotel, Higashiizu - Japan

Ever since ancient times, people have believed in the mystery of the moon. Waxing-waning of the moon has deep relationships with the rise-fall of the tide as well as the biorhythms of people. HEAVENLY SPA “GECCA”, “under the moon”, invites you to a spa treatment that uses the power of the moon and offers a spiritual holistic experience. “Moon Drops”, stones from the local beach awaken “CHAKRA Balancing” and natural instincts within. Energies from the therapist’s all-hand works stimulate body, mind and spirit and sharpen the five senses. Moon Road that connects the moon and the sea is a symbolic “runway” to the night flight to spirituality.


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inSPArations - January 2020  

inSPArations - January 2020