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LUXURY Dining Destinations April 2024
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Mountain Hub Gourmet

Hilton Munich Airport - Munich - GERMANY

Right next to Munich Airport, you can immerse yourself in the pure essence of Alpine cuisine.

The Hilton Munich Airport has been collecting awards as the best airport hotel in Europe for many years - but a Michelin star? This honour is not a matter of course, even for a top hotel. However, with utter determination and dexterity, Mountain Hub Gourmet achieved this sought-after distinction in 2022, defending it directly in 2023.

Among others, the person responsible for this is Marcel Tauschek. A rough diamond of the new chef generation: Marcel Tauschek was part of the opening team at Mountain Hub Gourmet as Sous Chef since 2020. Since January 2023, he has been creating and delighting with his culinary highlights as Executive Sous Chef i/c Mountain Hub Gourmet. Extremely down-to-earth in the sense of regionality.

Extreme “new generation” in terms of umamiexplosive arrangements. Extremely organized and focused with creative elegance. Tasting his dishes, one feels bedded on a gentle mountain meadow with herbs and scents and a rippling freshness in one course. In another course, one feels overwhelmed by the vast vista and expense that’s in every bite. On the plate, precise discipline. The expected with the surprising. Familiarity with sophistication. A whole on the tongue. His dishes are a pleasure for all senses. Even if you want to do without meat and fish and you wish for a Vegetarian gourmet menu. You will not miss a thing.

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Rote Wand Chef’s Table

Rote Wand Gourmet Hotel - Lech - AUSTRIA

Built in 1780, Zug’s old schoolhouse accommodated the alpine dairy and the school for a long time. Today, all those looking for culinary delights that are in a class of their own have come to the right place at Zug’s Schualhus: they can try the Rote Wand Chef’s Table.

Experience first-hand how Julian Stieger - the new chef at Rote Wand Chef’s Table, who most recently worked at Geranium in Copenhagen & Eleven Madison Park in New York - and his team compose, create, stage, arrange and serve culinary highlights from predominantly regional products before your very eyes. Together with corresponding wines and drinks for each course, an unforgettable gourmet experience unique in the Alpine region is created at the Rote Wand Chef’s Table.

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Fouad Lebanese Cuisine

Lebada Luxury Resort & Spa - Crisan - ROMANIA

Discover the exquisite flavors of Lebanon at El Fouad, the premier Lebanese restaurant nestled within the vibrant culinary landscape of Lebada Luxury Resort & SPA. Renowned for its rich tapestry of Middle Eastern cuisine, El Fouad offers a sensory journey like no other.

Step into a world of tantalizing aromas and vibrant spices as you indulge in a symphony of authentic Lebanese dishes meticulously crafted by the skilled culinary team. From savory mezzes to succulent grilled meats and aromatic rice dishes, each bite is a celebration of tradition and culinary mastery.

Whether you’re dining al fresco by the water’s edge or in the inviting ambience of the indoor dining area, El Fouad promises an unforgettable culinary experience that will transport you to the heart of Lebanon.

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Café de la Paix

InterContinental Paris Le Grand - Paris - FRANCE

A legendary address in the Grands Boulevards, Café de la Paix has been fully renovated, flourishing once again its famous Napoléon III décor. Inaugurated in 1862, at the same time as Le Grand Hôtel which shares its premises, this institution has always been at the heart of Parisian art and art de vivre.

It has watched generations of Parisians meet, find love, and share moments together, over coffee, over a lifetime. Over the years, it has attracted the greatest intellectuals, artists, politicians and writers. Sitting down for a drink, you join an illustrious list of loyal famous guests, the spirit of Guy de Maupassant and Victor Hugo, the memory of Ernest Hemingway and Emile Zola, and the unforgettable presence of Serge Lifar, ballet master at the neighbouring Palais Garnier. The atmosphere, rich with history, offers visitors an unforgettable experience where the past and present harmoniously blend in a listed décor.

Café de la Paix menu is entirely created by Executive Chef Laurent André, driven by a passion for local produce, respect for seasons, and a love for classic dishes which he revisits with subtle nuances. Chef Laurent André in tribute to French gastronomy, showcasing iconic dishes such as French onion soup or sole meunière or grilled served tableside. These two mythical recipes belong to the history of Café de la Paix. With its timeless ambiance and culinary delights, Café de la Paix, a living symbol of the French way of life, provides its visitors with a unique experience infused with the soul of the French capital.

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Thai Square Minories


Experience Thai culinary excellence at Minories Restaurant, an enchanting gem nestled in the heart of London. Beyond being a dining destination, it’s a vibrant haven for business meetings and exquisite gatherings.

Indulge in the signature dishes that promise a culinary journey like no other. Don’t miss out on the exquisite ‘Caramelised Sea Bass with Lemongrass,’ the flavorful ‘Tamarind Prawns,’ and the sizzling ‘Kaprao Bap’—a hot-stoned classic Thai stir-fried minced chicken on rice with a perfect blend of chillies and basil leaves.

Strategically located near The Tower of London, the restaurant has quickly become a go-to for those seeking a top-notch business meal. Elevate your lunchtime experience with an Express Lunch, offering swift delights of Thai street food exclusively available during lunch hours.

Step into the two-story haven, featuring an inviting bar and a spacious basement area. Explore a plethora of private hire options, including canapé receptions, buffets, cocktail services, and seated dining. The seasoned team excels in orchestrating flawless events, ranging from corporate gatherings to wedding receptions and company parties. Elevate your event with optional live entertainment, audio-visual facilities, and personalized touches to create an unforgettable experience.

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SOLE Seafood & Grill

Dublin - IRELAND

SOLE Seafood & Grill encapsulates the true taste of Ireland, offering the ultimate dining experience for any occasion. A restaurant like no other; the warm chic interior is complemented by a stylish bar and tasteful food and drinks menus.

From shore to soil, provenance is paramount in producing a menu wealthy in the best of Irish seafood and meat. The connection to their suppliers is key to their philosophy. Great care and time is taken to select the best quality produce, locally sourced where possible, and to grow a trusting relationship with suppliers in order to follow through the sea-to-SOLE experience.

Enjoy a warm Irish welcome at SOLE Seafood and Grill where the pleasure of fine wine and great food meet.

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The Rome EDITION - Rome - ITALY

Located on the ground floor at The Rome EDITION, Anima offers modern Italian Mediterranean cuisine with an international outlook.

Anima, meaning ‘soul’ in Italian, offers a menu influenced by the different regional cuisines of Italy, and has à-la-carte options that respect the seasonality of the local ingredients.

Anima seats up to 120 guests and spills out onto a private garden for alfresco dining, open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Anima is divided into three spaces; the Yves Klein blue room, the Chartreuse room and The Garden.

Luxury décor includes custom white oak dining tables with tulip-brushed brass base and light oak armchairs. The Yves Klein blue room is decorated with an abundance of greenery whilst The Chartreuse room features a pendant in alabaster by Emmanuel Levet Stenne above each booth.

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Cilantro Restaurant

Sun Gardens Dubrovnik - Dubrovnik - CROATIA

Cilantro Restaurant at Sun Gardens Dubrovnik stands as a culinary gem, offering an unrivalled dining experience. Here, each dish is a masterpiece, meticulously curated with an unwavering commitment to detail and the use of only the finest ingredients. The chef’s dedication to freshness resonates, resulting in a seamless blend of upscale cuisine, impeccable service, and an atmosphere exuding elegance.

Perched within the esteemed Sun Gardens Dubrovnik resort, Cilantro Restaurant boasts a vibrant terrace with breath-taking sea views, providing the perfect backdrop to savour exquisitely plated dishes expertly complemented by a selection of fine wines. From the moment one steps into Cilantro, a sensory journey unfolds, transcending the ordinary and captivating guests with the nuanced interplay of flavours, the refined ambiance, and the overall excellence that defines this culinary sanctuary.

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Sofitel Lisbon Liberdade - Lisbon - PORTUGAL

When hunger calls before, during or after your urban explorations around Lisbon, MATIZ takes you on a culinary journey that requires no walking.

Lunch and dinner feature a delicious array of contemporary Portuguese dishes, orchestrated by Executive Chef Daniel Schlaipfer. Turn any evening into a night to remember by ordering a tabletop barbecue featuring succulent lavender-smoked meat. Sample seafood and shellfish that was fished that morning, and cooked to order and perfection.

The outdoor terrace that spills out onto Avenue Liberdade is a charming setting at all times of day to see and be seen.

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Luxury Dining Destinations | April 2024 | 21 EUROPE
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El Arrozante

Barcelo Tenerife & Barceló Tenerife Royal Level - Santa Cruz de Tenerife - SPAIN

More than twenty varieties of paellas and fideuás make Arrozante an essential benchmark for the most demanding palates looking for the authenticity and the roots of Spanish gastronomy, and being able to enjoy from the Valencian paellas more traditional, or that of the señoret to soupy rice dishes or mellow.

For the start-up of Arrozante, advice was received from one of the best teacher’s and rice growers from the country, Carlos Otaola.

Arrozante faithfully believes in the importance of quality and origin of the product. For this reason, they work with the rice grown in the best possible place: Valencia. The Bombita rice from the Albufera de Valencia arrives at the diner’s plate, directly, from an environment such as the Ribera Baja region Valencia, cradle of rice cultivation in the country.

Arrozante is committed to the production of different recipes, using the variety of rice that grows near the Mediterranean Sea, a differential value for those who want to take a rice with the most high quality.

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Café Calma

Limassol - CYPRUS

Café Calma is owned and operated by Carob Mill Restaurants, member of the Lanitis Group of companies. This café, bar and restaurant is the ideal location for a memorable culinary experience in a relaxing and welcoming environment where guests can enjoy the tranquillity of the Marina’s view.

An all-day venue located at Limassol Marina’s Square, just steps away from the sea, with a large variety of options to choose from, of flavourful dishes, a selection of wines, extraordinary cocktails and beautifully presented desserts.

Open 7 days a week, it’s the ideal destination for breakfast, lunch and dinner where you can relax and enjoy the selection of Mediterranean cuisine carefully prepared by the Chefs. At Café Calma there is everything you might require to reach a plateau of luxuriant quietude.

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Le Pavillon



THE YEAR Dollenberg Schwarzwald Resort BAD PETERSTAL-GREISBACH, GERMANY +49 7806780
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Firedoor Fine Dining Restaurant

Grand Park Kodhipparu, Maldives - North Malé Atoll - MALDIVES

Step into a culinary paradise at our renowned award-winning fine dining restaurant, where extraordinary gastronomic experiences unfold.

Hosting esteemed celebrity and star guest chefs is a cherished tradition, ensuring a constant flow of culinary brilliance throughout the year. Nestled gracefully over the water, Firedoor restaurant serves as a captivating hub of culinary artistry. The talented Michelin-trained chefs curate an exquisite menu, inspired by the seasons, and paying homage to the finest French, Mediterranean, and Italian flavors. Each dish is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted with the freshest organic ingredients, and prepared using innovative cooking techniques like sous-vide, smoking, slow cooking, and the impressive Josper-grill.

Prepare to embark on a remarkable journey of taste and refinement, where every bite is an experience to be savoured.

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TUI BLUE Bahari Zanzibar - Zanzibar - TANZANIA

Savor the delightful oceanic flavors at Breeze, an exceptional à la carte restaurant where seafood is the star of the show.

With a menu meticulously crafted to highlight the bounty of the sea, guests will find an array of dishes featuring the freshest catch of the day, expertly prepared to tantalize your taste buds by their gifted chefs.

From succulent steaks to delectable pastas, their non-seafood options are just as scrumptious and cater to every palate. Whether you’re a seafood enthusiast or someone who enjoys a different culinary experience, Breeze has something for everyone.

Situated within the picturesque surroundings of TUI BLUE Bahari Zanzibar, The Breeze provides a truly unforgettable dining experience. As you enjoy your meal, take in the breathtaking views of the ocean or the lush tropical gardens that surround you.

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Mawimbi Seafood Restaurant & Café

Mawimbi Seafood Restaurant & Cafe offers spectacular romantic ambience. Sectioned into 4 spaces, each giving off a unique feel yet flows through each seamlessly, giving off a tropical journey experience with opulent class and elegance. With heavy emphasis on fine seafood cuisine playfully fused with the world class bar, crafting bespoke cocktails served in unconventional ways.

The tides from the Indian ocean bring the freshest catch that is elaborately prepared converting seafood into works of art on the table, delighting the taste buds in every way imaginable. The architecture captures the spirit of the sea with the waves imparted on the ceiling of the restaurant enhanced by the one of a kind neo modern paintings “the African woman” adorned all over.

This tropical paradise would not be complete without the born to serve true hospitality spirit in the team, carefully chosen to deliver the one of a kind Mawimbi experience and accentuate their motto “we are Mawimbi”. Website Email

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Luxury Dining Destinations | April 2024 | 33 AFRICA
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Tapa Wine Bar

Fairmont Taghazout Bay - Taghazout - MOROCCO

Discover the ultimate destination for exquisite flavors and an exceptional culinary experience.

The menu showcases a wide array of tapas and small plates, brimming with creativity and taste. Each bite is crafted from fine ingredients and enhanced by an exclusive selection of wines, ensuring an authentic experience.

Visit the website or email us for reservations and experience the pinnacle of fine dining. Website Email

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Phulay Bay, A Ritz Carlton Reserve 2023 GLOBAL HOTEL OF THE YEAR

Sakana House

Grand Hyatt Al Khobar Hotel and Residences - Al Khobar - SAUDIA ARABIA

An artisanal multi-Asian cuisine influenced by the Pan-Asian culinary tradition, features tantalizing flavors from across the region.

Sakana house bar will intrigue your senses with the aroma of hand-crafted signature mocktails.

38 | Luxury Dining Destinations | April 2024
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Luxury Dining Destinations | April 2024 | 39 MIDDLE EAST
40 | Luxury Dining Destinations | April 2024 MIDDLE EAST

The Ritz-Carlton, Riyadh - Riyadh - SAUDI ARABIA

Renowned for its bold flavors and impeccable service, Hong Restaurant redefines luxury fine dining, seamlessly blending opulence into every aspect of the experience. Patrons can indulge in an atmosphere of pure elegance, where meticulous attention to detail is evident in the exquisite decor and attentive service.

Hong harmoniously fuses contemporary and traditional Chinese-style cuisine, showcasing the chef’s artistry in a menu that tantalizes the palate. The luxury setting, characterized by dim lighting, plush furnishings, and tasteful decor, enhances the overall ambiance, creating a haven for patrons with Chef Wang, an accomplished Head Chef who is a dynamic veteran of Chinese cuisine hailing from Henan Province. Bringing a wealth of experience from his time at the Michelin-Star Restaurant in Dubai, Chef Wang is well-versed in Cantonese, Szechuan, and Hunan style cuisines.

The menu, curated under his expertise, caters to a diverse palate, seamlessly intertwining traditional roots with a contemporary flair of flavors. Website Email

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s i n g a p o r e b r i d e s . c o m

Feast Restaurant

Sheraton Nha Trang Hotel & Spa - Nha Trang City - VIETNAM

Feast is the main restaurant at Sheraton Nha Trang Hotel & Spa, offering not only a hearty Breakfast Buffet but is also famous for the signature Seafood Buffet Dinner and an expansive à la carte menu with picturesque views of the bay.

This makes Feast the ideal destination for all food lovers when they visit Nha Trang city.

Feast offers a vibrant interactive dining complex where the freshest ingredients are prepared in creative and enticing show kitchens, bringing guests an excellent alternative to traditional restaurant dining.

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Altitude Rooftop Bar

Sheraton Nha Trang Hotel & Spa - Nha Trang City - VIETNAM

From the 28th floor of Sheraton Nha Trang Hotel & Spa, Altitude Rooftop Bar boasts a luxurious character and 270-degree panoramic views in the heart of Nha Trang city.

The adjacent coastline and city lights provide the perfect background during the transition at sunset.

Altitude rooftop bar is a popular hangout for both hotel guests and locals with their handcrafted cocktails and sleek décor. Altitude’s menu serves a wide range of crafted cocktails using fresh local ingredients. With a relaxing atmosphere, the bar can also serve as a remarkable event space. Besides that, their highly trained bartenders and service team always ensure to provide the best guest experience. Website Email

Luxury Dining Destinations | April 2024 | 47

Cerulean Restaurant

The ShellSea Krabi - Krabi - THAILAND

Cerulean Restaurant, the casual all-day dining restaurant at The ShellSea Krabi hotel, is located on the lobby level and features a cosy lounge-style decor.

The day starts with a hearty breakfast and continues through to dinner in the late evening.

Thai and international cuisines are served, and there is a broad selection of cocktails, spirits, local and international beers, world wines, soft drinks and juices. Website Email

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Luxury Dining Destinations | April 2024 | 49 ASIA
50 | Luxury Dining Destinations | April 2024 ASIA

The Cliff Bar & Grill

The Cliff Bar and Grill has been in business since 2004, and is proud to always source the highest quality products. Being it food or beverage, in turn striving to give their customers a great dining experience whilst in their care.

With numerous accolades, such as being recognised as Thailand’s Best Restaurant 9 times since 2005 by Thailand Tatler, as well as awards from Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards and Wine Spectator. Be sure to visit and discover why at the Cliff.

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Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel - SINGAPORE

Award-winning Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant checks all boxes for one of the finest dining destinations along Orchard Road.

Known as the reliable stalwart of Cantonese dining and dim sum creations since 1995, diners will experience the finest and unparalleled delights of authentic Cantonese cuisines.

Nestled amidst resplendent décor with Chinese gold leaf calligraphy and chinois artwork, the restaurant marries both fresh ingredients together with traditional and modern culinary craftsmanship. Diners can expect to journey through a repertoire of alluring signature dishes such as Roasted Spanish Suckling Pig wrapped with Wok-fried Glutinous Rice and Chinese Sausage, Peking Duck with Chinese Crêpe, Double-Boiled Boneless Quail Filled with Bird Nest, and more..

52 | Luxury Dining Destinations | April 2024
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Luxury Dining Destinations | April 2024 | 53 ASIA
54 | Luxury Dining Destinations | April 2024 ASIA


W Suzhou is an icon of visionary design, a destination for the bold traveler, daring to connect with the old and the new. An unmistakable and dynamic lifestyle hub in Suzhou, W hotel and Suzhou center energize and modernize the city.

Setting the scene with its dramatic living room; high floor venues overlooking the Jinji lake, provide a renewed perspective.

Suyan redefines Chinese classics as sleek, sophisticated presentations that showcase the magnificence of local flavors dressed in global gourmet sensibilities.

SOL37, a mastery of shadow or light in all forms. From the moment you arrive, you are transported to a world of color, light, sound and taste. Innovation in dining experience, showcases the interplay of fire and ice, solid or liquid. SOL37, a gastro lounge, the icon of Suzhou.

Luxury Dining Destinations | April 2024 | 55
W Suzhou - Suzhou - CHINA
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Wei Lou

Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas - Seoul - SOUTH KOREA

Modern Chinese restaurant Wei Lou opened its doors on the 34th floor of the Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas in May 2016. Meaning “outstanding taste,” Wei Lou guests can experience Chinese fine dining, including savoury and healthy traditional Beijing duck and Shandong cuisine along with magnificent views of the entire city.

Wei Lou boasts 11 private rooms as part of its 512 square-meter layout. 78 of the 110 seats available (over 70%) cater to the prevailing customer preference for private rooms. From 4 guests to 24 guests, there is a room to satisfy almost every small group’s needs.

With a blue and white interior, the atmosphere evokes the sense of being in a king’s greeting room, with an appeal to not just Asian sensibilities but also to classic European royalty. The entire restaurant has a modern Chinese feel with its blue and white colour pattern, and in the private rooms a sense of “wealth” has been instilled with the use of gold trim on the walls along with the white and blue.

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Luxury Dining Destinations | April 2024 | 57 ASIA

Dining KANRO

Hyakuna Garan - Nanjo City - JAPAN

The dining space of Restaurant Kanro extends horizontally along the ocean.

From the large panoramic windows you can enjoy the breathtaking ocean view, which locals call “fertile sea fields.”

Fresh and colorful local ingredients are happily served for the traditional Japanese-Okinawan courses, with mindfulness of hospitality.

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58 | Luxury Dining Destinations | April 2024
Luxury Dining Destinations | April 2024 | 59 ASIA
60 | Luxury Dining Destinations | April 2024 ASIA

KURA - Teppanyaki

Conrad Osaka - Osaka - JAPAN

KURA – Teppanyaki carefully selected ingredients with exquisite hospitality; guests can enjoy the gastronomic art performed in front of their own eyes by masters of the art whose refined skills have been acquired working exclusively for the restaurant, seated at four counters for teppan-yaki, serving a maximum of eight people.

The name “Kura” was bestowed in the hope of inheriting the history of the Nakanoshima area, where the hotel is located, for the contemporary dining experience. Nakanoshima was where Kuranayashi once supported the kitchen of Japan. With 10,000 pieces of lacquerware to hand, many partitions divide up the interior of the shop in a gentle fashion, and in Teppan-yaki you can enjoy a delicious Japanese modern space with a feeling of openness and a sense of privacy both at the same time, as you dine on the stunning Kobe and Omi beef.

You can also experience a special time with luxurious cuisine such as abalone and Ise shrimp. KURA-Teppanyaki restaurant delivers a truly theatrical dining experience from the moment you enter. Be entertained by a chef who prepares Teppan-yaki grill at your private table while looking out at the breathtaking view of the city from the Japonesque room which blends traditional Urushi lacquer decorations in a contemporary design. And enjoy an array of Sushi and Sashimi prepared fresh upon order from the Sushi bar. KURA is indeed unlike any Japanese restaurant you’ve ever encountered.

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62 | Luxury Dining Destinations | April 2024 ASIA

AMUZ Gourmet Restaurant


AMUZ Gourmet Restaurant invites guests to a luxurious fine dining experience in its lavish confinement, a short getaway from the busy streets of Jakarta.

Adorned in contemporary Eurasian style, AMUZ Gourmet Restaurant embodies simple elegance and luxury that is just perfect for any occasion.

Led by Chef Gilles Marx, a seasoned chef in French cuisine with over 20 years of experience, AMUZ Gourmet Restaurant offers guests a remarkable fine dining experience. Discover the exquisite taste of AMUZ by tasting different dishes at the degustation dinner or through the curated wine pairing dinner.

AMUZ Gourmet Restaurant offers contemporary French cuisine and a selection of French wines as well as other European and New World wines that are perfectly stored in a walk-in glass cellar. Guests can enjoy AMUZ Gourmet Restaurant’s refinements in the spacious dining area as well as the private dining room that seats up to 14 guests and is perfect for your exclusive events. Chef Gilles also provides an interactive Gourmet dinner at the Chef’s Table that can fit up to 6 persons for those looking for a one-of-a-kind fine dining experience.

With perfect presentation, an ever-changing menu based on the best seasonal markets around the world, exclusive desserts as well as fine wines that are all delivered with quality service, your fine dining experience at AMUZ Gourmet Restaurant will be a perfect one.

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64 | Luxury Dining Destinations | April 2024 ASIA

Roosterfish Beach Club

Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa - Bali - INDONESIA

Roosterfish Beach Club is located at Pandawa Beach, one of the most famous and beautiful beaches in Bali.

With a large beachside pool flanked by bamboo cabanas and sun loungers, a restaurant and a bar, live DJ’s and daily entertainment Roosterfish Beach Club offers a great beach day out for everyone.

Visit and chill with your friends and family. Bask under the Bali sun and swim into the refreshing pool. Laze by the beach, savor fresh seafood from the open kitchen and treat yourself with inventive cocktails from the interactive bar. The ocean-inspired menu is served all day long, featuring a selection of bites, salads, mains, wood-fired pizzas, local favorites and fun desserts.

Sip handcrafted cocktails by glass or jug, freshly squeezed juices, a wide variety of local and imported wines, icy cold beers and much more.

Roosterfish is the perfect spot to sit down, unwind and have a good time with chilled drinks.

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Spirit Hotel Thermal Spa

Papagayo Beach Club


Papagayo Beach Club is one of the trendiest hotspots on Curaçao with a sparkling infinity pool and an enticing white sandy shoreline. From sleek lounge areas to colorful chairs there are plenty of spots to bask in the sun.

The team behind the well-stocked beach bar will keep you hydrated as you work on your tan. Throughout the day the Club’s restaurant serves casual beach fare – appetizing bites to nibble on or more ample dishes before kicking off your night out. Each weekend, catch the live acts and DJ sets from the comfort of your corner over in the infinity pool.

Whether you are enjoying the local delights, happy hour with your toes in the sand or freshly rolled sushi from your lounge chair, there is always something to look forward to at Papagayo Beach Club!

The beach is freely accessible for all guests as well as dipping in the large infinity pool in front of the beach club. There is no fee for the use of the beach beds for all guests staying at the hotel or in a villa, so you too can claim your own piece of paradise for the day.

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Luxury Dining Destinations | April 2024 | 69 NORTH AMERICA

Sabine Bistró & Lounge

Bastión Luxury Hotel - Cartagena - COLOMBIA

Sabine Bistro and Lounge are proud to offer an exceptional dining experience that combines the elegance of French cuisine with a fusion of international flavors.

Their goal is to transport you through an unforgettable culinary journey, where each dish is a work of art carefully crafted with fresh, highest-quality ingredients.

70 | Luxury Dining Destinations | April 2024
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Luxury Dining Destinations | April 2024 | 71 SOUTH AMERICA

Australia Zoo 2023 GLOBAL TRAVEL



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