World Health Innovation Network 2015-2016 Annual Report

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Scaling Innovation to Achieve Value in Health Systems

2015-2016 Annual Report World Health Innovation Network (WIN)


Scaling Up WIN embeds and scales innovations in health systems.

Making Waves WIN is generating new knowledge that makes waves in health care.

Hitting the Road Running WIN is developing health care leaders ready to innovate for tomorrow.

Building Bridges WIN is collaborating with partners in industry, government, health systems and academia 2

About Us The World Health Innovation Network (WIN) is based at the Odette School of Business at the University of Windsor, under the leadership of world renowned researcher Dr. Anne Snowdon. WIN brokers partnerships between key stakeholders to source, embed and scale innovations in health systems. WIN develops the evidence of impact and scalability across health systems and disseminates this information to accelerate health system transformation, drive economic growth and improve patient outcomes.

Message from the Dean Seeing opportunities and identifying the people who can help make them into reality are essential components of leadership. At Odette, we are committed to moving back and forth across the chasm between theory and practice. By leveraging the combined strengths of business, government, and academia, we have created an environment that enables our students to develop the essential skills of business leaders. The World Health Innovation Network offers a new and unique gateway into this impressive world of opportunities to be exploited. WIN is the first Canadian health innovation centre with formal ties to the U.S., building collaborative partnerships between the two countries to advance health system innovation and drive transformative change through providing innovators and entrepreneurs with access to the complete North American health market.

Under Dr. Snowdon’s leadership, WIN will deliver important achievements in the areas of education, scholarship and real world engagement in innovation adoption and scalability worldwide. WIN combines best business practices with innovation adoption concepts and key success factors within the health sector to achieve economic growth and tangible health benefits for all Canadians. This approach takes vision, courage, and grit to achieve

success, and has enormous potential to change the healthcare landscape. I look forward to the impact of the outcomes achieved by the radical solutions WIN contributes to our academic, commercial and health sectors.

With best regards,

Dr. H. Allan Conway

Dean of the Odette School of Business, Dr. Allan Conway, with the winners of the Dean’s Award for Excellence in Leadership.


Our Mission WIN partners with health system stakeholders to source innovation, create the evidence for value, and then develops models for scalability to embed innovative technologies, products and models of care into health systems to achieve value for Canadians, and drive economic growth for innovators.

Message from the Chair Located at the gateway to the largest trade corridor in the world, WIN enables essential collaboration across the Canada-U.S. border to design and implement health solutions that drive economic value. When innovation is scaled, health system performance and quality is strengthened, economic value for industry is achieved and Canada’s standing in global rankings of health system performance will improve. WIN contributes new ideas, conducts ground breaking research and provides education programs required by a new generation of trailblazers who will scale innovative solutions in health systems to achieve value for Canadians. WIN’s unique model engages the private sector, policy makers, health leaders and academic partners in Canada, the U.S. and globally. By creating the evidence for impact, scalability and value of innovations, WIN’s strategy fuels Canada’s leadership in transforming health systems, realizing value for populations and stimulating economic growth for Canada. I am honoured to be leading the World Health Innovation Network and working with such an outstanding team.

Dr. Anne Snowdon, RN, BScN, MSc, PhD

With best regards,

Chair, World Health Innovation Network & Professor, Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Odette School of Business, University of Windsor

Dr. Anne Snowdon


Our Lines of Business Research Demonstration Projects … because innovation takes collaboration.

Education … because innovation takes leadership.

Knowledge Generation … because innovation takes new thinking. 5

Our Areas of Focus Transforming Health Care Supply Chains … because serious harm from adverse events is preventable with new thinking.

Establishing Health Innovation Ecosystems … because collaborative models are required to embed and scale innovations in health care.

Executive Leadership Education Program … because this certified program develops leaders who can design, implement and scale innovation in health systems.


Our Network Releasing exceptional talent, resources and ideas to advance health system transformation, driving economic growth and improving patient outcomes.

Odette School of Business Faculty

Produce leaders of the future

Innovators & Entrepreneurs Develop innovations in industry, government, and health systems

Generate and disseminate new knowledge

Health Leadersin-Residence

Cross-Border Collaborators

Provide strategic expertise and mentorship

Connect with global partners to solve complex health care issues

Patients & Families

WIN Team

Deserve personalized approaches to managing their health

Embed and scale innovation in health systems

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World Health Innovation Network


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