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Try an exclusive Whisky Festiva in Terminal 1

in Terminal 3

Cheese selection with chutney, biscuits and fruit. Served with a glass of Chivas Brothers’ Blend.


Scottish smoked salmon with shallot, caper &

cucumber salad, parsley crème fraiche & Glenlivet whisky dressing.

£9.95 Manhattan Single malt Scotch whisky with Sweet Vermouth & Angostura bitters shaken over ice.

£6.50 Dark chocolate mousse with shortbread.

Served with a glass of Chivas Regal 18 Year Old.


Get Double Points* on food and drink when you spend £15 or more. *Until 31 May 2014. †Until 2 June 2014. Terms and conditions apply, please visit for details.

al dish at Heathrow restaurants in Terminal 4

in Terminal 5

Shetland mussels with smoked bacon, steamed in Glenfiddich Select Cask whisky. £12.95

Rib Eye Steak with whisky sauce

Char-grilled rib eye with “The Spice Road” cream sauce, chunky British chips, onion rings & a rocket salad.


Chocolate tart with whisky ice cream. £6.00

Spice Road Manhattan

Scottish Berry Mule

Johnnie Walker Explorers’ Club Collection - The Spice Road with Sweet Vermouth & Angostura bitters shaken over ice.

Single malt whisky, blackcurrant and raspberry purée, cranberry juice and ginger ale.




Plus, get Double Points† when you spend £50 or more on whisky or bourbon at World Duty Free or World of Whiskies.

Welcome to Whisky Festival 2014 Whisky Festival has become our annual celebration of the world’s most noble spirit. We are passionate about whisky and want to ensure that you experience a rich and rewarding journey of discovery with us. This year we have worked with Charles MacLean, our long-time World of Whiskies expert, and Miss Whisky the alter-ego of London-based, Canadian expat journalist and editor Alwynne Gwilt to bring you some inspiring ways to approach whisky. So whether you are new to whisky or a devoted connoisseur there is something for everyone in our Whisky Festival. To help you get more out of every bottle discover our generous savings in store and throughout our event....

Up to 30% off selected whiskies*

Expert advice

Whilst every bottle is always at least 20% less than the Average UK high street price*, throughout our Whisky Festival you will save up to 30% on selected whiskies wherever you are flying to.

Our expert staff are often involved in tastings and training sessions and this allows them to offer you invaluable advice. Their passion is matched by their knowledge so whatever occasion you are buying for or whatever your budget our staff are on hand to help.

Up to 60% off duty free whiskies* If you are travelling outside of the EU, you can enjoy even greater savings of up to 60% off the Average UK high street price*. This applies across our £2 for £22 and £2 for £26 promotional ranges.

Exclusive whiskies We always work hard to try and find you, our customers, that something extra special and so this Whisky Festival you will find an extensive range of exclusive whiskies that you won’t find anywhere on the high street!

Half Price Hip Flask Take your whisky with you. Stylish hip flask half price with any whisky purchase Only


*Calculated by surveying over 25 stores including the leading supermarkets, high street and department stores.

Did you



During 2013 our UK stores sold enough whisky to fill 10,000 standard whisky casks.

In the UK, our stores sell 5 bottles of whisky every minute!

Across all our stores in the UK we sell over 90 Travel Retail Exclusive Whiskies. That means you won’t find them anywhere on the high street.


4 6 During our 2014 whisky festival in May and June, over 21 million passengers will travel through our UK stores and over 150 different nationalities will buy whisky from our Whisky Festival.

3 Out of these 5 bottles sold, at least 2 are a malt whisky.

Of these 90 Travel Retail Exclusive Whiskies, 6 are available ONLY in our stores. That means you can’t buy them anywhere else!


Global explorer We have a wide range of Scottish whiskies available in our stores but we also offer a selection of whiskies from around the world. Most Canadian whiskies are blends. The usual practice is to combine more than one spicy rye whisky with a further 15-20 flavoursome whiskies, and balance the blend with a high strength neutral spirit. As a result, the whiskies are generally light in body, smooth and clean tasting, but full in flavour. Canadian Club Whisky, 1 litre Our price £14.49 Tasting notes Bright gold in colour, with a fresh, soft aroma hinting at almonds, spice and oak. The flavour is spicy and zesty, with hints of wood and vanilla and a clean, dry and lingering wood finish.

Ireland Canada Exclusive



The whisky heartland modern America produces Bourbon, Tennessee, Rye, Wheat, Corn and Blended whisky. Their distinctive flavours come not only from the different grains used for the mash, but in the way they are stored. Bourbons, for instance, are made from at least 51% corn and are stored for at least two years in new, charred oak barrels; Tennessee whisky is always filtered through sugar-maple charcoal and Corn whisky doesn’t have to be aged in wood at all. Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller No.2, 1 litre Our price £33.99 Tasting notes Hints of vanilla and soft oakiness on the nose. Vanilla notes follow through on to the palate along with nuttiness from the corn. The finish is pleasantly sweet with hints of maple syrup.

Whisky had been distilled in Wales for hundreds of years and are typically sweet, fruity and quite thick. Sometimes exhibiting tropical fruits and herbal notes, oak and chocolate. However, in the late 1800’s whisky production actually ceased due to the force behind a Welsh religious movement. In September 2000 history was made when the first distillation since those times was carried out at The Welsh Whisky Company’s Penderyn Distillery, in the picturesque Brecon Beacons National Park. Penderyn Single Malt Welsh Whisky, 1 litre Our price £46.49 Tasting notes Penderyn has an exceptionally balanced taste with an aroma of cream toffee and fleetingly of fresh new leather. Then, as the initial sensations fade, there are finishing notes of tropical fruits, raisins and vanilla.

The contribution Ireland has made to the tradition of whisky distilling is vast. Irish whiskies are easily identified by their fragrant bouquet, faintly oily palate and smooth, firm body. Connemara Irish Whiskey, 70cl Our price £24.99 Tasting notes Smoky peatiness balanced by heather floralness with hints of honey and oak.


Whisky produced in Japan is made in a very Scottish way and is often described as being somewhere between Speyside and Lowland whisky in character. The industry in Japan must be credited to two men: Shinjiro Torii, who founded Suntory and built the first distillery – Yamazaki – in 1923, and Masataka Taketsuru, who travelled to Scotland to learn whisky production, before returning and building the Yoichi distillery. Yamazaki Malt 12 year old 70cl* Our price £40.49 Tasting notes The spiced wood arrives first then dried cranberries with a lasting muddle of orange marmalade and honey sweetness with hints of wood and vanilla *Yamazaki Malt only available through and a clean, dry and lingering wood finish. World of Whiskies

Meet the

experts This year we have worked with 2 industry experts to bring you great whisky advice

Miss Whisky: I fell for whisky in 2008. Like the best of love affairs, it came out of the blue – but when it did, oh how I tumbled. The smells, the tastes, the places it’s made, the people that surround the spirit – all are entrancing. And now I love sharing my experiences with others, to show that whisky doesn’t only fit into the stereotypes that have been set for it in the past. It can be fun, beguiling, for summer or winter, for drinking by the fire or at a rooftop party. Play around with whisky, attend a tasting where you can sample a variety or pick up a random bottle next time you’re in the airport. Each of our palates is different and when I host tastings I always say to people the most important thing is whether or not you enjoy it. Does it make you think of bygone times? Does it make you smile? Does it make you want to gather your friends and have a laugh? If so, then great. Whisky makes moments matter more and I hope you find some to love as much as I do.

Charles Maclean: I have been researching and writing about whisky for over thirty years, and during this time have published over a dozen books about Scotch. I also travel a lot, presenting tastings and talking about whisky – 23 countries last year – and I became a film-star in 2012 when I played a whisky expert in Ken Loach’s feature film, ‘The Angels Share’ (it won the Jury Prize at Cannes). I was trained in whisky tasting by the Scotch Whisky Research Institute in 1992 and am often asked ‘how whisky should best be enjoyed?’ For simple enjoyment, drink it as you like – with or without water, ice, mixers; in cocktails – but for full appreciation there are simple guide-lines. First use a glass which allows you to consider the whisky’s aroma. Second, feel free to add a little still water (this opens up the aroma and makes it more comfortable to taste). Third, don’t add ice: this closes down the aroma. Fourth, take your time, share with friends – and enjoy!

Great whisky occasions & how to serve

Whisky is a drink that can be enjoyed on many occasions and below Miss Whisky shows you how Party Time

Summer Barbeque

With summer on the horizon, it’s time to start thinking of alternative ways to drink whisky. This recipe –also known as a Jameson Mule – is easy. Simply mix your desired amount of Jameson Irish Whiskey, with double the amount of ginger beer and a few wedges of freshly cut and squeezed lime, over ice. You’ll be keeping the party going till dawn – and converting friends to whisky in no time!

Whisky over ice, or whisky on the rocks, is a classic serve named – according to industry tales – after the practice of putting ice cold river stones into a glass of whisky in hotter months. Simply take a glass, drop in a few ice cubes and add a measure of Glenmorangie Original. An ideal way to drink whisky when it’s hot and humid – at a BBQ or a rooftop party in summer!

Dinner Party

Anytime Anyplace

Whisky Sour: Want to impress friends coming over for dinner or drinks night? Look no further than the whisky sour, a perfect year-round drink that looks great in the glass and tastes spectacular. To make, grab a cocktail shaker, fill with ice and pour in 50ml of Chivas Brothers’ Blend, 25ml freshly squeezed lemon juice and 15ml sugar syrup. Put the cap on the shaker and shake until it’s ‘too cold to hold’ before pouring into chilled glasses with ice and receiving a raucous round of applause.

Whether it’s the heat of summer, the cool autumn or chilly winter, whisky served in its most simple form – neat – is always a pleasure. If you’re new to whisky, choose a dram that has character but won’t singe your taste buds with the strength. Good options are The Balvenie Triple Cask 12 year old or Benromach 10 year old.

Miss Whisky’s dinner party Great reasons to explore new flavours STARTER: Talisker Dark Storm Bottle Size Our Price


1 litre £46.99

This rich, intense, sherry-cask influenced Talisker is a powerhouse, smelling of nutty caramel, leather, salt, liquorice and oranges and tasting of creamy hazelnuts, fruit cake, caramel and smoke. Pair with an oily fish like mackerel or a dark meat like roasted duck to keep levels of intensity similar between your food and dram.

MAIN: Glenfiddich Vintage Cask Bottle Size Our Price


70cl £70.99

As a rarity for Glenfiddich, this whisky has a peated, smoky influence mixed in with the more classic apple and oak notes the company’s releases tend towards. Pair this with a char-singed salmon or duck confit with apple and celeriac coleslaw, to work with both the smoky and sweet notes of the whisky.

PUDDING: Jameson Signature Reserve Bottle Size Our Price


1 litre £35.99

With refreshing green apple notes mixed with the sticky-sweet classic Jameson honey flavours, vanilla, fresh wood and dried fruits, this Irish whiskey is multilayered and approachable. Pair it up with an apple tart with vanilla ice cream to both enhance the notes of the dram and allow the whiskey to have something creamy to cut through, making for a delight on the palate.

CHEESE: Laphroaig QA Cask Bottle Size Our Price


1 litre £47.99

Cheese loves whisky and whisky loves cheese so why not bring the two together and experiment using this special travel retail release from super-peaty powerhouse Laphroaig. This whisky takes the traditional smoky richness of the Islay distillery’s output and relaxes slightly with a finish in virgin American oak casks that lend a vanilla and caramel influence. Sample with a variety of cheese – blue, Wensleydale with fruit, camembert – to discover your perfect pairing! For recipes visit

Whisky cocktails New ways to enjoy your favourite whisky Charles McCarthy, our resident cocktail expert, has created 4 whisky based drinks for you to enjoy.

‘Catch me if you can’



1 litre £52.99

Ingredients 40ml Balvenie Triple Cask 12 year old 10ml dry vermouth 25ml aloe vera juice 25ml pink grapefruit juice 15ml Aperol Method Add all the ingredients to a cocktail shaker with ice and shake hard. Fine strain into a chilled coupette glass. Garnish with a grapefruit twist.



JURA TURAS MARA Bottle Size Our Price

1 litre £43.99

Ingredients 50ml Jura Turas Mara 20ml Martini Rosso 1 dash Angostura bitters Method Combine all ingredients in a glass or steel vessel, top with ice and stir for 30 seconds. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with an orange zest, or a maraschino cherry.

‘Long and spicy road’


‘Whisky sour’




Bottle Size Our Price

Bottle Size Our Price

1 litre £32.99

Ingredients 3 Sticks of fresh ginger 45ml Johnnie Walker Explorers’ Club Collection - The Spice Road 10ml Lemon juice 2 tbsp apricot jam 2 dashes of Angostura bitters 10ml elderflower cordial 3-4 leaves of sage Method Muddle the ginger in a cocktail shaker. Add all the ingredients with ice and shake hard. Fine strain over ice in a highball. Top with soda. Stir. Garnish with ginger sage & lemon.

1 litre £35.99

Ingredients 50ml Jameson Signature Reserve 1 egg white 30ml fresh lemon juice 15ml gomme syrup Method Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake without ice. Add plenty of ice and shake hard. Strain into an ice-filled old-fashioned tumbler and garnish with a lemon wedge.

To your taste Choosing a whisky that suits your palate

Did you know that fine whisky can be as zesty as Vodka, as spicy as Rum, or as delicately perfumed as Gin – but always more complex and sophisticated? Like vintage wines, there are infinite variations. Our experts have created this guide so you can discover the spirit of the moment and choose one as individual as you are.


If you enjoy...Red Wine Glenmorangie The Quinta Ruban, 1 litre Our price £52.49 Extra finishing in ruby red port pipes delivers favours of mint chocolate and sweet Seville oranges Glenfiddich Age of Discovery III 19 year old 70cl Our price £85.99 This very special whisky has been aged in red wine casks, which is apparent in the aroma and depth of the flavour.


If you enjoy...Gin Snow Grouse 1 litre Our price £25.99 Designed to be drunk cold. Fruity and floral on the palate. Highland Park Svein 1 litre Our price £36.99 Those who enjoy gin will like the Orange peel, Cassia bark and wintergreen notes in this whisky.


If you enjoy...Vodka Greenore 8 year old Irish Whiskey 70cl Our price £23.49 Gentle, sophisticated and very, very, smooth. This light, triple distilled, Irish Whiskey is especially appealing to the discerning palate. Auchentoshan Springwood 1 litre Our price £40.99 Vodka lovers will enjoy the crisp, zingy, fresh flavours in this whisky that has aromatic overtones of woody vanilla.


If you enjoy...Rum Johnnie Walker Explorers’ Collection Club – The Spice Road 1 litre Our price £32.99 If your favourite drink is a spicy dark rum try this unusual fruity whisky with a long warming finish, full of spice aromas. Woodford Reserve 1 litre Our price £37.99 For rum lovers that like a sweeter finish with plenty of fruitiness and spice, this whisky has a real feel good flavour.

JOHNNIE WALKER rewards the travelling life with duty free exclusives Travel is in the DNA of JOHNNIE WALKER. At the very heart of the brand lies a bold spirit of adventure which has given rise to many epic journeys from the four corners of Scotland to the four corners of the world. From 1820 the Walker family and their agents travelled the world, navigating their way down the famous trade routes of Europe and Asia, the Americas and the Caribbean and from the Far East to the Mediterranean Coast, in pursuit of new business and rich experiences. Their efforts ensured that, by the early 20th Century, JOHNNIE WALKER had arrived in 120 countries and was being enjoyed on the great railways that tracked across continents, on luxury liners traversing the oceans and taken to new heights on early transatlantic flights.

Back in London, close to the shipping houses and docks from which the JOHNNIE WALKER agents journeyed the world, Alexander Walker established the Travellers’ Room where his agents would convene to rest, talk strategy and exchange stories and samples from their travels. These colourful tales of exploration influenced the JOHNNIE WALKER Master Blenders, who began to create different styles of whisky to reflect these exotic stories. Today, this tradition continues and to pay homage to travellers past and present, JOHNNIE WALKER launched a new range of whiskies made exclusively for travellers - the JOHNNIE WALKER EXPLORERS’ CLUB COLLECTION. The first three blends in the collection collectively known as the Trade Routes Series are inspired by the richness that could be found along the old trade routes of the world.

Johnnie Walker Explorers’ Club Collection - The Spice Road 1 litre Our Price £32.99

Johnnie Walker Explorers’ Club Collection - The Gold Route 1 litre Our Price £75.99

Johnnie Walker Explorers’ Club Collection - The Royal Route 1 litre Our price £125.00

First release. An evocative expression of the vibrancy, aromas and spices discovered in the thriving markets around Asia.

Second release. Brings to life the exotic fruit flavours and rich golden colours of Latin America.

Third Release. Inspired by experiences on the royal trading route from the Far East to the Mediterranean coast.




Brora 40 year old

Limited Edition

The Brora 40 year Old Single Malt Whisky is exclusive to World of Whiskies and available for purchase now. With only 160 bottles produced make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to own a piece of this incredible distilling history. As one of Scotland’s first purpose built distilleries, the Clynelish Distillery was founded in 1819 in the town of Brora, Sutherlandshire. The distillery enjoyed increasing success throughout the 19th and 20th century and the whisky made there was so much in demand that in 1967 a new distillery was built on an adjacent site, allowing the original to concentrate on a highly peated, smoky style all of its own. So what was it that made the fabled class of ’72 so special? It was in this year that Brora produced the most brilliant of its highly peated bottlings for which the distillery is now known. In the ten years that followed until the distillery was closed, Brora continued to enjoy what was its final lease of life. Expressions distilled in 1972 and aged for more than 20 years took the whisky world by storm when released as rare malts in 1995. Today, if they can be found at all, those early releases are almost beyond price. There has never, until the present bottling, been a 40 year old. And nothing has been released from the fabled 1972 vintage for over ten years. Now, it is possible for a fortunate few to hold history in their hands once more. Taken at natural cask strength from a single cask distilled a generation ago, the fine pale gold malt in this exquisite crystal decanter is a proud and rare survivor of another age. The decanter bears the golden emblem of the Scottish Wildcat, a now endangered species, which featured on the family crest of the distiller’s founder, the Duke of Sutherland.

The unique crystal stopper is etched with the number ‘40’ and the decanter has an engraved copper neck detailing the 1972 vintage distillation year. The decanter is presented in a beautiful wooden case, an interpretation of the closed Brora distillery, skilfully handcrafted by the Queen’s cabinet makers at N.E.J Stevenson Ltd. Brora 40 year old Single Malt Scotch Whisky 70cl Our price £6,995.00 For more information visit

World Duty Free Exclusive

The Chivas Brothers’ Blend

The Chivas Brothers’ Blend is a modern interpretation of the famously smooth Chivas style. In tribute to the brothers and their legendary blending skills, this unique 12-year-old blend uses a carefully selected range of malt whiskies, including high proportions of Strathisla and Longmorn malts, in order to recreate that extra smooth taste. Exclusive to Global Travel Retail, The Chivas Brothers’ Blend is a permanent member of the Chivas portfolio.



Bottle Size 1 litre Our Price £40.99 Tasting notes Warm Amber. Bursting with ripe, soft fruits scents including peach and pear, accented with runny honey, marmalade and soft candy. Rich flavours of fresh soft fruits echo the nose, giving way to fantastic sweet, creamy texture. Creamy, round and smooth. Ultra smooth & perfect for sharing.

The Glenlivet

Nàdurra Oloroso Nàdurra. Gaelic for ‘natural’. A non-chill filtered single malt whisky that stayed true to the style of spirit enjoyed in the 19th century. Nàdurra Oloroso is carefully crafted and matured in unique combinations of casks. Only craftsmen who have spent years mastering their art at The Glenlivet Distillery have the skills and knowledge required to create Nàdurra.



Bottle Size 1 litre Our Price £49.99 Tasting notes Bright gold. Aromas of ripe peaches, with gentle notes of cinnamon and rich fruit cake. Soft, creamy toffee, with the fruitiness of juicy sweet Clementine oranges. Long and sweet, leading to a slightly dry, spicy finish. First fill Oloroso sherry casks are famed for imparting wonderfully rich, luxurious flavours of dried fruits and warm spices to single malt whisky. Bottled exclusively for travel retail at 48% abv. Matured in 100% first fill Oloroso Sherry casks.


The NEW Glenfiddich Cask Collection Glenfiddich is one of the few single malt distilleries to remain entirely family owned and is a true reflection of their founder’s integrity and innovative spirit, passed down through the generations. The Glenfiddich distillery, in the heart of the Glen of Fiddich, boasts an unrivalled collection of fine oak casks containing rare and aged single malts. Each exceptional cask has been crafted by their own skilled coopers, and imparts its own unique character and complexity to the world-renowned whiskies.


The Cask Collection celebrates Glenfiddich’s unique Solera marrying process. The magic happens when their hand-crafted Cask Collection Solera Vats marry Glenfiddich whiskies matured in specially selected oak casks to ensure continuity of flavour. The Cask Collection Solera Vats allow the individual and complex flavours found in each cask to marry, mellow and intermingle in our large handmade tun that’s always kept at least half full to create ultimate consistency.

Exclusive 1 litre £39.99


An elegant single malt, matured in specially hand-selected aged Bourbon, European Oak and Californian Red Wine casks and married in our unique Cask Collection Solera Vats for an extra smooth and complex flavour.

Bottle Size Our Price

1 litre £49.99

A rich single malt matured in specially reserved Sherry casks and married in our unique Cask Collection Solera Vats to create this exceptional deep and mellow whisky.



Exclusive 70cl £70.99

A peaty single malt, matured in hand-selected European Oak and Bourbon Oak vintage casks and married in our unique Cask Collection Solera Vats, resulting in a luxurious smoky character and an unrivalled lingering velvety whisky.

Some products are only stocked in selected stores please speak to one of our members of staff who will be happy to recommend an alternative product.

Aberfeldy The hidden gems of Aberfeldy are about to be released with the Golden Dram Sited on the river Tay in the Central Highlands of Scotland, Aberfeldy is a stone’s throw from the birthplace of founder and pioneer of blending, John Dewar. The distillery began production in 1898. Aberfeldy’s house style is rich but smooth and accessible with an emphasis on notes of honey. The distillery is unusual in using 100% Scottish barley. The long fermentation time of 72 hours allows for the creation of additional flavour-bearing esters, which in turn give the whisky fruitiness and recognisable honeyed notes. The pool of the water God, the Pitilie Burn is the source of the distillery’s water. Pure and fresh the burn is known to contain deposits of Alluvial gold. Historically prized for its rich deposits of minerals, in addition to its purity, the water passes over the Falls of Moness and then through woodland known as the Birks of Aberfeldy, made famous by the poem of the same name by Scotland’s national poet, Robert Burns;

Bonnie lassie, will ye go, Will ye go, will ye go, Bonnie lassie, will ye go, To the birks of Aberfeldy!

Exclusive range

Aberfeldy 12 year old 1 litre Our Price: £45.99 Colour: Full, golden amber. Nose: Fragrant with notes of incense, nutmeg, heather, scented honey with a fruity softness. Redolent of cherry, pineapple, toast and raspberry jam. Very light smokiness and a touch of sherry. Palate: Medium-bodied, rounded and syrupy. Lively fresh fruit flavours (tangerines and nectarines), fudge, cocoa powder and the merest whisper of peat. Finish: Full and smooth, long fruity glow of Seville oranges in a slowly dry finish..


Save up to 60%

on duty free whiskies*

Available only if you are travelling outside of the EU 2 FOR





1 litre £13.99 £23.55 £25.10*


on a 2 bottle purchase

Bottle Size Our Price AHSP Save

1 litre £15.99 £32.24 £42.48*

on a 2 bottle purchase





1 litre £12.99 £21.82 £21.64*

on a 2 bottle purchase


Bottle Size Our Price AHSP Save

1 litre £14.49 £29.52 £37.04*

on a 2 bottle purchase


Only for passengers travelling OUTSIDE the European Union



BELL’S ORIGINAL Bottle Size Our Price AHSP Save

1 litre £13.49 £22.78 £19.56*

on a 2 bottle purchase




1 litre £17.49 £29.70 £33.40*



on a 2 bottle purchase

JIM BEAM BOURBON Bottle Size Our Price AHSP Save

1 litre £23.99 £30.89 £35.78*

on a 2 bottle purchase



THE FAMOUS GROUSE Bottle Size Our Price AHSP Save

1 litre £14.49 £24.74 £23.48*

on a 2 bottle purchase

MIX & MATCH *on a 2 bottle purchase versus average UK high street price

Save up to 30%

on selected whiskies*

Available to all, wherever you are travelling 2 FOR






Bottle Size 2x1 litre Our Price £55.00 AHSP £84.66 Save £29.66*

Bottle Size Our Price AHSP Save

1 litre £39.99 £55.58 £51.16*

on a 2 bottle purchase







Bottle Size Our Price AHSP Save

Bottle Size Our Price AHSP Save

1 litre £40.99 £51.32 £32.64*

on a 2 bottle purchase


1 litre £37.49 £47.42 £24.84*

on a 2 bottle purchase






Bottle Size Our Price AHSP Save

Bottle Size 1 litre Our Price £37.99

1 litre £35.49 £46.45 £22.90*

on a 2 bottle purchase





ABERLOUR 12 YEAR OLD SHERRY CASK Bottle Size 1 litre Our Price £35.99

HIGHLAND PARK EINAR Bottle Size 1 litre Our Price £47.99







OLD PULTENEY NOSS HEAD Bottle Size 1 litre Our Price £42.99







DRAMBUIE 15 YEAR OLD Bottle Size 1 litre Our Price £42.49

Bottle Size 1 litre Our Price £40.99


Bottle Size 1 litre Our Price £44.99

*on a 2 bottle purchase versus average UK high street price


WIN a selection of luxury whisky goodies! Be in with a chance to win a selection of luxury whisky products consisting of: • Bottle of The Chivas Brothers’ Blend 1 litre • Bottle of Jameson Signature Reserve 1 litre • B  ottle of The Glenlivet Master Distiller’s Reserve 1 litre • The Glenlivet notebook • 6  The Glenlivet whisky glasses and 6 Chivas tasting glasses

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