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Miss Whisky’s dinner party Great reasons to explore new flavours STARTER: Talisker Dark Storm Bottle Size Our Price


1 litre £46.99

This rich, intense, sherry-cask influenced Talisker is a powerhouse, smelling of nutty caramel, leather, salt, liquorice and oranges and tasting of creamy hazelnuts, fruit cake, caramel and smoke. Pair with an oily fish like mackerel or a dark meat like roasted duck to keep levels of intensity similar between your food and dram.

MAIN: Glenfiddich Vintage Cask Bottle Size Our Price


70cl £70.99

As a rarity for Glenfiddich, this whisky has a peated, smoky influence mixed in with the more classic apple and oak notes the company’s releases tend towards. Pair this with a char-singed salmon or duck confit with apple and celeriac coleslaw, to work with both the smoky and sweet notes of the whisky.

Whisky Festival 2014