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The contribution Ireland has made to the tradition of whisky distilling is vast. Irish whiskies are easily identified by their fragrant bouquet, faintly oily palate and smooth, firm body. Connemara Irish Whiskey, 70cl Our price £24.99 Tasting notes Smoky peatiness balanced by heather floralness with hints of honey and oak.


Whisky produced in Japan is made in a very Scottish way and is often described as being somewhere between Speyside and Lowland whisky in character. The industry in Japan must be credited to two men: Shinjiro Torii, who founded Suntory and built the first distillery – Yamazaki – in 1923, and Masataka Taketsuru, who travelled to Scotland to learn whisky production, before returning and building the Yoichi distillery. Yamazaki Malt 12 year old 70cl* Our price £40.49 Tasting notes The spiced wood arrives first then dried cranberries with a lasting muddle of orange marmalade and honey sweetness with hints of wood and vanilla *Yamazaki Malt only available through and a clean, dry and lingering wood finish. World of Whiskies

Whisky Festival 2014  

Welcome to Whisky Festival 2014 at Biza Tax & Duty Free. Our annual celebration of the world's most noble spirit.

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